Gentefied (2020) s01e08 Episode Script

Women's Work

[sewing machines running and clicking.]
[theme music plays.]
[in Spanish.]
Oh, I pray to God you're done, pig.
JLo has the same cup.
I love how it shines so pretty, just like me! [speaking Mandarin.]
You're only pretty because your boyfriend bought you new teeth.
No, he only paid for one crown.
That's why he's my ex-novio.
You need to love yourselves, like I love myself.
[in Spanish.]
Jealous bitches.
You don't know how to enjoy life.
All you do is work.
[in Spanish.]
Mari, you know what? I'm the fucking queen of Los Angeles.
When I get home, my throne's ready with my face masks and my slippers.
You know what, Mari? I don't have time for #metime.
And you know what? I don't care.
I care about "me time" too.
So for me, I’ll let you take this extra work home.
I'm gonna need them by tomorrow morning.
No excuses.
No excuses and no overtime, baboso.
[bell chimes.]
[unintelligible chatter.]
You see? - We need to go to the union meeting.
- Shh! I'm exhausted.
Too much work without any breaks.
My back hurts, thanks to these shitty chairs.
Aye, my back hurts too.
But for different reasons.
[sound of disgust.]
I have heard about these fake organizing meetings to see who they go.
And then they fire the people that go.
I heard that at the bus stop.
The bus chismes, all lies.
They said that Juanga was still alive.
I'm going to the meeting.
- They give free stuff! - I'm not gonna lose my job over bullshit.
I'm not going.
[under breath.]
Oh, please, Beatriz.
They will never fire you.
[speaking Mandarin.]
You're the best patternmaker here.
Why? Why does he have to put arugula on my carnitas? I actually kinda like it.
But, I mean, if you're not into free food Bitch, please.
- I'll never be above free food.
- [laughs.]
No wonder your ass is always hanging out at food drives.
[unintelligible chatter in Spanish.]
What is it? What'd I do now? I get hot sauce in your eyes? - Nothing.
- [text notification sound.]
Just actually really sad about the arugula.
Okay, stop it.
I know you.
I’m just a little stressed, that's all.
Girl, I got you.
What you need is a hit.
- No.
No, my love.
- No? I'm just I'm feeling guilty.
Like I'm out here enjoying the day when there's a long list of people waiting for a miracle.
And that means you don't deserve a break? Babe, self-care is the best care.
I'm pretty sure you taught me that.
And, yeah.
Okay, we can't all be Cesar Chavez, but we're doing our best.
[cell phone rings.]
- That's okay.
You can answer.
- Nope.
I'm here for you.
What'd you need help with? Remember that homeless count I told you about? Well, there's lots to do.
- I gotta do the kits, the volunteers - Okay, great! Let's get this shit together.
I got you.
- Yeah? - Well, yeah.
Let's Cesar Chavez the fuck out of it! [kisses.]
[both laugh.]
- Amá! - [exhales.]
Mommy, can you help me with my multiplication tables? - [in Spanish.]
Your sister can help you.
- Oh, not tonight.
I got plans.
[in Spanish.]
Oh, yeah? Do you have plans to help your mother with the work that puts food on the table? Amá, don't worry.
I can get loose threads better than Ana.
Small hands, remember? #chingona.
Don't brag about child labor, Nayeli.
[in Spanish.]
Well, here.
Imagine this is your art and help.
Okay, don't be mad.
I promised Yessika that I'd help her prep the homeless count.
And Nayeli, you got this! I mean, you can do it! Two plus two equals four, baby girl.
[in Spanish.]
Well, when you're counting the homeless, remember to add us to the count, because if I don't meet my quota, we'll end up on the streets.
Aye, Amá, I always help you.
Look, I just have to be there for Yessi these next few days.
[faucet running.]
[in Spanish.]
You always go out.
Here, there.
And you leave me alone with Nayeli.
When in reality, I need you to be here.
That's not true, Amá.
I'm working hard! And all the work I do on the murals is for all of us, so that you don't have to do this anymore.
[dishes clink in sink.]
It's not right, Amá.
I don't like it.
I don't like how they treat you.
[in Spanish.]
And who does, hm? Okay, look.
I'm really sorry, but I just can't help this time.
I heard Mari's mom said that Juan Gabriel is still alive.
- [in Spanish.]
I'm leaving! - [in Spanish.]
Of course.
Who washed the dishes? Not Ana.
Guess it was Dishwasher Ghost named Nayeli.
[in Spanish.]
Oh, what a funny girl.
I don't need another jokester.
[in Spanish.]
Are you dancing or working? - You need to go pee, don't you? - Yeah.
Me too.
Let's go.
Whoa! Break's in two hours.
Back to work.
- But why? - It's not worth it.
Look, if I let you go, then everyone's gonna wanna go whenever they want! I'm not going to discuss this.
Go back to work! [in Spanish.]
Let's go, Gloria.
Whether now or later, it's the same.
How does it affect anything? I'll tell you what.
Why don't you go to your house where you can shit and piss in your own bathroom whenever you want? Leave.
You're fired.
[in Spanish.]
And you? No.
I like these bathrooms better.
I'll wait for my break.
We shouldn't have to raise our hand to pee.
Maybe I'll invite him to wipe my ass next time I take a dump.
[Bachata music plays from device.]
[in Spanish.]
Thank you.
- [in Spanish.]
Old lady.
- [snickers.]
Let me get my beer.
I got something else for you if you keep looking as fine as you do.
[in Spanish.]
Don't trick me into giving you a fifth baby.
Ew, uh-uh.
[in Spanish.]
Don't be rude, Dad.
I already fell for your brujería with the first four.
[in Spanish.]
Hey, give me another one.
- [Mrs.
Castillo chuckles.]
- Y'all are really cute.
Huh? Not as cute as us, though.
Hey, I'm happy you're here.
[in Spanish.]
Hey, how's Pop? Chuey's driving Pop's truck para Uber.
[in Spanish.]
What happened? Uh, you know, they just got some sort of arrangement.
But it's all good.
And Erik and Chris are actually, like, hyping up the shop.
You know, they have like Bite Heights, or whatever.
[in Spanish.]
Tell me when.
[in Spanish.]
J, it's not the white folks' fault they like Mama Fina's Barbacoa.
I drive to Inglewood for Little Kingston's curry goat.
How very capitalist of you, Papi.
[in Spanish.]
[cell phone rings.]
[in Spanish.]
Hey, Amá.
What’s up? [in Spanish.]
I need you to pick up Nayeli after school.
It's your turn to pick her up.
I'm helping Yessika, remember? [sighs, in Spanish.]
Ana, I need your help, okay? Just do it, please.
It's okay.
If you have to go, go.
You know what, I'mma stay.
I'll just I'll call Chris.
He can pick her up.
It's no problem.
I'm here for you.
[funk music plays.]
- Cool if you hang out here, homegirl? - Yeah.
But don't call me homegirl.
We're not there yet.
Oh, let me know when you are.
[in Spanish.]
Hey, cutie! [kisses.]
You know what? Dinner rush is gonna hit soon.
Let's go to the kitchen.
- Okay, Pop.
- [in Spanish.]
Come on.
Has anyone talked to Rob? No? He's not answering my calls.
Watermelon radish smoked brisket.
- My mouth and my eyes already love it.
- All you're doing is listing ingredients.
Like, the Big Mac was just a burger until they hyped it with "Big" and "Mac.
" What do you wanna do about it, Erik? You wanna call it the Big McTaco? Does the watermelon radish even taste like watermelon? You're just making a taco of McLies.
Rob, this is Casimiro.
Call me back por favor.
You said you would have the new lease for us by now.
When are you coming? Tell me! Ay, Nayeli! You're in the way, girl.
- Look.
- [food sizzles.]
Take my phone, go to the back, and go play Candy Crush.
Hey, don't roll your eyes at me.
Hey, escuincla.
What you up to? Homework.
You hungry? I can make you a huge burrito.
I may even add a chile relleno for you.
- How far is Bakersfield? - Bakersfield? Woo! [exhales.]
Like, two hours? What you know about Bakersfield? - Well, Danny lives there.
- Oh.
So does Dolores Huerta.
She's the one who came up with the [in Spanish.]
"Yes, we can!" Yet, they can’t correct the history books.
He says they have rows and rows of fruit trees.
I wanna go pick some one day.
I don't think they're gonna have a problem with the brown girl picking fruit.
That's an interesting town.
I once met a strong woman there who gave me a weekend I'll never forget.
What's her name? I can't remember.
But the bus ride was worth it.
One big-ass burrito coming right up.
[in Spanish.]
You deserve more.
When they don't pay you overtime, the employers can be fined.
By law.
- [in Spanish.]
It's reserved.
- [in Spanish.]
Oh, Mari.
Beatriz? I didn't recognize you.
[slurps loudly.]
Just because you don't have a US passport does not mean you are worthless.
You have rights.
You have the right to fair wages.
You have the right to be treated equally and to earn enough money to care for your family.
You have the right to live with dignity and hope.
[in Spanish.]
Ma'am? Did you sign in? [in Spanish.]
Thank you.
Every signature gets us closer to our goal.
To fight for what we deserve.
[Norteño music plays softly.]
- [in Spanish.]
And Nayeli? - [in Spanish.]
I don't know.
[Erik, in Spanish.]
What's wrong? Where the hell is Nayeli? Oh, shit.
Bakersfield? [street sounds, siren.]
Excuse me, ma'am.
Is this next bus going to Bakersfield? Oh, no, baby girl.
It's going to Alameda.
Oh, okay.
Guess I'll wait for the next one.
Hi, Pop.
Who runs away to Bakersfield? I'm not running away.
I'm just visiting my friend, Pop.
Are you going to make me go home? [in Spanish.]
I'm not here to stop you.
I'm here to help you.
You don't want to end up in Riverside.
What's in Riverside? [chuckles, in Spanish.]
Exactly! Exactly.
Are you hungry? Don't tell Chris, but I think his new tacos sound weird.
[in Spanish.]
I do too, kiddo.
But new things are good.
Like you traveling by yourself, that's something new.
I just need a break from them.
Not that anyone would notice I'm gone.
[in Spanish.]
Ah, now I understand.
It's a revenge trip.
I'm going to tell your mom to not let you watch so many novelas.
It's not revenge, Pop.
Like don't you wanna leave when Chris and Erik fight all the time? [in Spanish.]
Yes, but fights are temporary, sweetie.
And family is forever.
We always stick together.
Through thick and thin.
But this is real thick, abuelito.
Like peanut butter.
Mama Fina would know what to do.
[sighs, in Spanish.]
But you know what? The people we love turn into angels, so they can help us when the peanut butter gets too thick.
Do you miss Mama Fina? [in Spanish.]
Yes, sweetie.
Of course.
Me too.
[in Spanish.]
You're stronger than you think.
We're both strong.
The last three buses were wrong.
Maybe I should try tomorrow.
[in Spanish.]
Good idea! I'll come with you.
Come on.
Let's go this way.
- What's up, man? How you doing? - All good.
[mutters under breath.]
Wait, did I say 76 or 66? Think you were counting in your head, babe.
Um - Yo, how's Nayeli? - Oh, she's gone.
Yeah, Pop took her home after she tried escaping to Fresno or some shit.
Your mamma was not happy.
- Fresno? What the fuck? - She's safe now.
Anyway, hope your mom doesn't kill you! Don't tell her I was involved.
Bye! [phone hangs up.]
Babe, so I think Nayeli tried running away to Fresno.
- What? Are you serious? Is she OK? - I mean, who the hell runs away to Fresno? And I don't know, but I think she's okay, but [sighs.]
I gotta go home real quick.
- Are you gonna come back? - [sighs.]
I just gotta check in.
I mean, my mom is going to be so fucking pissed.
Like, I was was supposed to be watching her.
- Keep it down! Trying to sleep.
- [sighs.]
But, look, you gonna be okay? Doing the count without me? I mean, I know you said 25 people RSVP'd And four showed up.
- It's kind of how volunteering goes.
- [sighs.]
I'm gonna be right back.
- I promise, trust me.
I'm sorry.
- It's okay.
- Go.
I'll see you soon.
- Okay.
Seventy-six? Sixty-six? - Sixty-seven? - Oh, my God! It was 76! Thanks, dude.
[door opens then closes.]
Is Nayeli okay? [in Spanish.]
Really? Mom, I told you I had plans today.
I mean, Chris was supposed to help, but - I just can't be in two places at once.
- [in Spanish.]
Well, I can.
Like a fucking magician.
I'm here.
I'm there.
I'm everywhere! Abracadabra! OK, Amá.
Well, I'm here now.
I can help.
[in Spanish.]
Really? You're gonna help me? Great.
Now I can do backflips because I'm so happy you're going to help me with the work that pays for your house, clothes, and food.
I swear, you treat me like I'm not supposed to have a life.
Like I'm supposed to be working all the time to make you happy.
[in Spanish.]
I'm so sorry, sweetie, if helping your family survive - is too much for you.
- Aye, mamá, I'm doing my best.
Look, I have to balance my life at the bar, my murals, Nayeli, Yessika, and helping you with everything else.
- I'm trying! - I'm trying my best too! [in Spanish.]
But multiplied by 100 since I was five! - And if I can do it, you can too! - Yeah, Mom? But that was back in Mexico.
Isn't that what you came here for? So I wouldn't have to do all of that? Huh? Or are you just leading the exact same life that you sacrificed everything for? Is that what you want for me and Nayeli? Because if so [sighs.]
you can keep that life, Mom.
I pass.
I have a leftover burrito if you want it? It's okay.
[whimpers, sniffs.]
- Hi.
You're welcome.
- Thanks.
Thanks a lot.
Volunteer number five is back! [chuckles, kisses.]
[Yessica sighs.]
[woman speaking in Spanish.]
Thank you.
[street sounds, unintelligible chatter.]
[clears throat.]
Um, I don't mean to be disrespectful, jefe, but I was thinking if I can talk to you.
Sure, that's what I'm known for: chit-chats and bathroom breaks.
Is it okay if I can finish this pile tomorrow? I can't keep asking my kids to help me to finish my work.
It's just It's not their job.
Well, if you can't finish it tonight, then maybe I find women who can.
But Alma and Mari are twice as fast with the loose threads.
So I should put them on thread trimming all day, instead of sewing.
I knew you already thought about this.
And that way, you can complete your quota on time.
You're such a smart man.
[Frank chuckles.]
And I can leave this pile here.
Um Uh Fine.
[upbeat percussion music plays.]
["Word Up" plays.]

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