Gentefied (2020) s01e09 Episode Script

Protest Tacos

1 ["Dope Boy" by Classik & Kidd Marley plays.]
Dope boy, dope boy, dope boy All I wanted to be was a dope boy I only hung around on a dope boy My great granddad was a dope boy Dope boy, dope boy, dope boy All I wanted to be was a dope boy Dope boy, dope boy, dope boy - [song ends abruptly.]
- [car hums past.]
[cart wheels squeaking.]
- [street kid 1.]
What’s up, man? - [Erik.]
Sup, homie? Yo, come check out Mama Fina's food tour tomorrow! [distant chatter.]
What you got, little homie? Stephen Hawking, huh? Uh You know what, let's start you off with this one, buddy.
- [Erik.]
See you tomorrow, huh? - [street kid 2.]
See ya.
[man in distance.]
I'll fix it, bro! - And remember! Tell your homies! - [Marie, in Spanish.]
Look! Books for the whole neighborhood but no ring for the baby mama.
[in Spanish.]
I bet he doesn't even know when the baby's due.
Lidia's due in four weeks.
Oh, is that when you're proposing? Is that when your novio's back, Marie? [in Spanish.]
Which one? [both laughing.]
[continued laughter.]
- ["Dope Boy" plays.]
- All I do is ride with that dope boy With that dope boy, Trap, trap, we some dope boys We do it for the dope boy Yeah, yeah, Watch me sell that dope boy [Theme music plays.]
Right! So, I placed a final order for the food tour supplies with Jorge.
So no need to worry.
Everything's under control.
Huh? [cheery gibberish.]
- So now all you need to focus on - [sighs.]
- is having a good time! - [groans.]
[indistinct grunting.]
[in Spanish.]
I don't know how I let you talk me into this.
You agreed the food tour was a great idea.
You're the one who came up with the #tacostienentumbao.
[in Spanish.]
I'm not talking about the food tour.
[in Spanish.]
I'm talking about the date with Lupe.
I'm not ready.
[in Spanish.]
I'm not fucking Drake! I don't know what I was thinking.
You were thinking you were gonna be the star of your own rom-com.
Which you will if you just chill out.
- And you fix that cowlick, right - [Casimiro.]
Ay! [Norma, yelling.]
Hey, Chris! Ah - See what you do? - I was trying to help.
You can help by getting outta the way.
And you can help by getting outta here.
Go, go, go, ándale.
I can handle one Morales man stressing me out, but two? Olvídate! - [in Spanish.]
Calm down, Norma.
- You know what, Casimiro? You clean up pretty nice.
Don't let it get to your head.
Now get outta my kitchen, and go bother another woman for a change.
Ah, your kitchen? [chuckles.]
Your kitchen! - [in Spanish.]
Yes, well - Your kitchen.
[mellow Latin beats.]
You don't know.
You're not her father! [in Spanish.]
This hurts a lot, cabrón! - Hey, Pop, looking good! - [Casimiro scoffs.]
- [in Spanish.]
Yeah, you've looked worse.
- [in Spanish.]
Why are you so serious? Huh? [in Spanish.]
How's Lidia and the baby? - It's nothing.
- [in Spanish.]
Should I cancel the date? - Pop, relax! It's fine, all right? - [in Spanish.]
I can cancel.
Everything's fine.
- [Casimiro sighs.]
- Go on.
Go and enjoy yourself.
[in Spanish.]
Keep an eye on your cousin.
He's already broken three pitchers.
- [honking.]
- [indistinct chatter.]
Never better.
[in Spanish.]
Tell me all the gossip later at the bar.
Tell her not to go to Stanford.
[in Spanish.]
Please, Erik.
I beg you.
Okay, make her change her mind, muchacho.
I told you, Pancho! Listen, like it or not, this has always been her dream.
- We both gotta support it.
- What about my dream? [distant chatter.]
[in Spanish.]
My dream of finally being a grandfather, cabrón.
You're still gonna be an abuelo! No.
She can't go back to San Francisco.
[in Spanish.]
Have you tried the barbacoa tacos up there? - [in Spanish.]
They're barba-CACA! - Listen, I'm not talking her out of it.
- Okay.
- [birds chirping.]
[in Spanish.]
No more free beer for you, dick! You never gave me free beer in the first place! And now I know why! [distant chatter.]
[lighthearted acoustic music plays.]
[exhales, sniffs.]
[distant chatter.]
[duck quacking.]
Wow, Casimiro.
[in Spanish.]
How handsome! [in Spanish.]
You look so - You look so beautiful, Lupe.
- [laughs, in Spanish.]
Thank you.
- [flowers crinkle.]
- [Lupe laughs.]
Mm [Casimiro chuckles.]
[in Spanish.]
Relax, Casimiro.
[in Spanish.]
We're going to have a good time.
[in Spanish.]
Let's walk? [in Spanish.]
Give me your arm.
[Lupe, in Spanish.]
Like this.
Let's go.
- [in Spanish.]
Have you been here before? - [Casimiro.]
Eh - [indistinct conversation.]
- [lighthearted acoustic music plays.]
[heavy thud.]
Seriously, Chris? You're really going through with this shit? Look, I completely understand where you're coming from.
You don't understand.
Welcoming outsiders en masse with open arms like this is pushing people out of their homes - and into the tents around every corner.
- I get it.
I've been listening to "There Goes The Neighborhood," all right? - But, Yessika, we need the money.
- Chris, please.
Talk to the organizers! Pull Mama Fina's out of the lineup! - We already printed out the flyers.
- Fuck the flyers! We can find other ways to help fundraise for Pop! Oh, really? By doing what? Selling homemade zines on a sliding scale? [laughs.]
That was a dick move.
- [scoffs.]
- But we gotta do what we gotta do to save the shop.
You think there's only one way to help save the shop? Huh? That your only option is selling out your community? My community? - [snatches paper.]
- We'll see you Sunday.
Wait, what's that mean? - Guess you'll find out.
- No, tell me right now! You're still here.
["Boss Ass Bitch" by PTAF plays.]
I'm a boss ass bitch, Bitch, bitch, bitch, bitch, bitch - [Chris.]
All right, well.
- [speaker powers down.]
As it turns out, Yessika is planning some food tour guerrilla warfare type shit because, apparently, I am responsible for LA's staggering rate of homelessness.
And you you gotta do something about your girl, okay? - All right, all right, deep breaths.
- Okay? - [deeply exhales and sighs.]
- Deep breaths.
- Okay.
So, what is Yessika planning? - I don't know.
Tag our walls? Burn the place down? Release a pack of feral cats? - Ana, I am deathly allergic to cats.
- Okay, dude, she loves Pop, and she loves his shop.
I mean, what is she gonna do? Throw bricks through a window in protest? - Oh, God.
I didn't even think about that.
- Chris! - It was a fucking joke.
- We can't afford new windows, Ana.
It's my girlfriend you're talking about! She practically grew up in Pop's backyard! You know what? We have bigger problems in Boyle Heights right now.
- ["Boss Ass Bitch" plays.]
- I'm a boss ass bitch - Bitch, bitch, bitch - [turns off music.]
Oh, my God, Chris.
I told you [stammers.]
Hey, babe.
- You gotta talk him out of it.
- You know I'm on your side.
- Are you, though? - Yes, of course I am! Aren't you always telling me to set boundaries with my family? Yeah.
With your time and your art.
But this is different! [distant yelling.]
You know, Chris said you were up to something, but, I mean [stammers.]
Are you really gonna protest? Okay, look, I know that you don't like my coconut cousin Chris, but - his intentions are good.
- That's not the point, Ana.
Babe just please, think about Pop.
[continued distant yelling.]
It's just so fucked up! Yeah.
[Yessika sighs.]
[mellow music plays.]
[distant chatter.]
[in Spanish.]
This is fun, Lupe.
[in Spanish.]
Thank you.
[distant chatter continues.]
[birds chirping.]
[in Spanish.]
What's on your mind? [in Spanish.]
Are you hungry? [in Spanish.]
Do you want some real food? Let's go grab a taco at the shop.
[in Spanish.]
You just want to spy on the boys.
[in Spanish.]
I just want to make sure they don't burn the place down! [chuckles.]
[in Spanish.]
If you want to keep working until the day you die, keep it up, chulo.
[in Spanish.]
But not me.
[in Spanish.]
You want the boys to run the shop someday, right? [in Spanish.]
Then give them space to figure it out on their own.
[in Spanish.]
While you figure out what we're doing next.
Hm? - [Casimiro clicks tongue.]
- [kids yelling.]
[in Spanish.]
I want more days like this, Lupe.
[serene music plays.]
- [in Spanish.]
Sleeping a lot - [chuckles.]
wouldn't be bad.
[in Spanish.]
Have brunch.
Do you know what "brunch" means? - [in Spanish.]
"BR" is for breakfast.
- [laughing.]
[in Spanish.]
"UNCH" is for lunch.
- [Lupe.]
Ah Yes.
- [laughing.]
[in Spanish.]
Chris taught me that a while back.
[in Spanish.]
What else? [Casimiro takes a deep breath, exhales.]
[in Spanish.]
Maybe take a day off or even the whole weekend.
[in Spanish.]
Or maybe a week for a cruise? [in Spanish.]
If Chris steps up and helps Erik handle the day-to-day stuff at the shop, - then maybe - [in Spanish.]
He will.
[in Spanish.]
I've seen him do it.
[in Spanish.]
I just need to take a step back, a small step, so they can take a step forward.
[in Spanish.]
It sounds like you got it all figured out, Casimiro.
- [serene music continues.]
- [birds continue chirping.]
[cell phone trills.]
[Casimiro sighs.]
- [exhales heavily.]
- [phone clicks closed.]
[in Spanish.]
They need me at the shop.
[curious music plays.]
[Lupe sighs heavily.]
Listen, we gotta do something, Yessika don't play.
Hey, hey, hey Relax! Take a deep breath.
Center yourself.
[clicks tongue.]
Let's just talk to her.
Two words: - [prolonged.]
conflict resolution.
- What the hell's gotten into you? I've been listening to Eckhart Tolle's audiobooks.
My stillness speaks.
Seriously? You've been listening to Eckhart Tolle? You think the path to enlightenment is just for you white-washed Mexicans? - [Casimiro, in Spanish.]
What's going on? - [door shuts.]
[in Spanish.]
I thought it was an emergency.
Yessika came by.
She got in a fight with this fool, and he got scared.
That's not accurate.
She wants to protest the shop over the food tour.
Guys, I was thinking maybe Yessika was right.
Yeah, we need customers, but maybe this isn't the way to do it.
I mean, Chuy finally stopped asking if I could speak Spanish! Oh, okay, Mr.
Identity Crisis.
We'll pay the rent with your Spanish.
[in Spanish.]
Yessika's like family.
She won't protest over one event.
[in Spanish.]
She just needed to speak her mind.
Pop, if she doesn't protest the shop, she'll send her little homegirls to do it.
[Erik sighs.]
Maybe we could use this to our advantage.
[curious music plays.]
Listen, we're not stupid.
We understand what foot traffic in this community does.
We're fighting for our lives here.
We're fighting to save the shop.
[in Spanish.]
But how? - [drums fingers.]
- There's nothing gentrifiers hate more than being called gentrifiers.
That's a good point.
That's exactly what Yessika's protest does.
It'll scare away our hipster foodies by tapping into their biggest fear.
- Brown lesbians? - White guilt.
Oh So, how do we get them to cross the picket line and spend more of their money on our specialty menu? Don't worry.
It was a rhetorical question.
Let's lean into the spectacle of it all.
Create a piece of next-level immersive performance art.
- Ah, okay.
I still don't get it.
- [in Spanish.]
What? Let's make the protest seem like it's part of the food tour! Like George C.
Wolfe's The Colored Museum! [curious music continues.]
Teatro Campesino and it's satirization of the foreman-fieldworker relationships! - Pass.
- [in Spanish.]
I met Cesar Chavez once.
[in Spanish.]
He really loved buche tacos.
Really? I would've thought he was more of an asada man.
- No, no.
- [Erik.]
What do I always tell you to do when you're selling your chocolates for your school fundraiser? Pick a shirt from the bottom of the hamper, don't brush my hair, - look extra poor? - And what happens? I sell out in an hour.
Exactly! It's performance, it's It's a stereotype.
It's a reclaiming of a narrative.
Okay, all right.
I - don't get it yet.
- Of course you don't get it.
Erik, let's school this fool.
[hands clap.]
[knife tapping.]
Bro, we gotta send a signal to the rest of Boyle Heights.
A show of solidarity, like a warning to any other locals thinking about pulling this kind of shit.
You know I love stunting on a megaphone, but this is Mama Fina's.
Not some new brunch spot serving 18-dollar churro waffles.
Okay, but we can't make an exception when it comes to accountability? How many of our parents call Pop compadre? How many times did we go there after school growing up? [distant chatter.]
How many of us knew we could be queer, brown, and badass thanks to Norma? This isn't about Pop or Norma.
This is about coconut-ass Chris crossing a line.
- This is about Pop trying to survive.
- Yeah! But at our expense! Yessika, this is our neighborhood.
And what they're doing is putting us at risk.
Ana has to do something.
- [birds chirping.]
- [knife tapping.]
[cell phone buzzes and chimes.]
[Connie sighs heavily.]
[phone screen clicks open.]
Oh, shit.
[in Spanish.]
What? [Chris.]
Mm-mmm - [upbeat music plays, scratches suddenly.]
- [gasps.]
Oh, my God! - [coughs.]
It's Mama Fina's! - [mariachi music plays.]
[indistinct yelling.]
[in Spanish.]
No justice.
No tacos.
[in Spanish.]
Eat shit, Christopher Columbus! That's right, Christopher Columbus! [indistinct yelling.]
- [Chuy, in Spanish.]
Eat shit! Get out! - [in Spanish.]
Hey! Get out! [door whooshes open.]
- What's up homeboy? - Oh, you're a cholo.
You tired of Echo Park, huh? Over the breweries in the art district, in Boyle Heights? 'Cause you heard Mama Fina [yelling.]
has the best tacos in LA! - Well, you heard right, fool! - [gasps.]
This Sunday, come take a bite of Boyle Heights before it's gone forever.
- [Chris.]
Ah - [Casimiro chuckles.]
[in Spanish.]
Please - [ding.]
Not only do you get to go on a food tour, you also get to participate in a sweet-ass live protest, which means you get to help out a small family business [surfer voice.]
while also checking your privilege! - Go get your tickets now - [dinging.]
on Eventbrite down below! - [mariachi music continues.]
- [surfer voice.]
Below! [Chris.]
And we'll see you at [all together.]
Mama Fina's! - Fuck.
- Now do you get it? - We have to do something about this! - [phone screen clicks closed.]
We don't have to stop eating there, though, right? [birds chirping.]
- Right? - Girl.
Natalia! "Before it's gone forever!" Shoot.
There's like a fine line between satire and stereotype, and they crossed it.
Ain't nothing funny about that shit! - Okay, wait, but this is my family.
- And this is our neighborhood.
They're just trying to make a buck.
We get it, they're trying to survive.
But this isn't the way.
Why are we surprised? They're a bunch of sellouts.
- [in Spanish.]
Like their vendida cousin.
- No, bitch.
Don't call her no sellout.
If she wasn't your girlfriend, would you be saying that? [kids playing in the distance.]
I know how this looks, babe.
But this is Chris's doing.
He's not from around here.
He doesn't know any better.
Look, I can't tell Pop not to do what he needs to do to save the shop.
Just like I can't tell you not to do what you need to do to defend Boyle Heights.
- I'll see you later.
- [kisses.]
- [inspirational music plays on phone.]
- Today is a new day at Mama Fina's.
The day we stake our claim to victory.
All the hard work, the sacrifice has led us to this moment.
But make no mistake.
It will take everything we got.
- [box slides.]
- And I mean everything.
- Including these brand-new uniforms.
- I am not wearing that bougie Mangiashit.
- Yeah, hard pass.
Hard pass.
- I'm not taking fashion advice from you.
Okay, but it looks clean, it looks great.
I was trying to pump you guys up.
Come on.
- [hushed.]
Hold on.
- Come on.
Come on - It's one small step for man.
- [inspirational music continues.]
And woman.
One giant leap for Mama Fina's.
[Velcro tears.]
- Thanks.
- I got you, Li' Bro.
I'm gonna airdrop the playlist, so you guys can dress up to it.
Okay? [music on phone becomes background music.]
Golly, we are a good-looking group of bunch of peoples! [laughs.]
Okay, let's get it! Morales on three! A-one, a-two Okay, we're done here, fool.
Let's go, come on.
Do I even look like a Morales? - Oh, mijo.
- It's all right![laughs.]
Ain't nobody gonna bring me down! I am pumped! I am ready for battle! Let's go! I can high five myself! Let's get it! ["1969" by The Red Pears plays.]
Let's do this.
Bring it in, bring it in.
Remember, this is our community.
It's not theirs, it is ours.
Let's shout at them, let it be known.
Gente sí.
Gentrify no! [all together.]
Gente sí.
Gentrify no! Gente sí.
Gentrify no! Gente sí.
Gentrify no! Gente sí We're live in Boyle Heights at a beloved taco shop - that's serving up some controversy.
- [chanting continues.]
Gente sí.
Gentrify no! Gente sí.
Gentrify - [music stops abruptly.]
- [honking.]
[mariachi music plays.]
Ready? This is, like, so cool.
- We can get tacos and make a difference.
- [man whooping.]
Gente sí.
Gentrify no! [all together.]
Gente sí.
Gentrify no! Gente sí.
Gentrify no! Gente sí - [chanting continues outside.]
- [man sings in Spanish.]
[indistinct chatter.]
Well, you've got your watermelon radish carne asada.
You know, you look like a vegan barbacoa and brussels kinda guy.
Try the Masala Morales.
[kisses fingers.]
The best! [continued singing in Spanish.]
This is definitely our new Taco Tuesday hang.
Why do we eat so much at those other spots? These are amaze! [continued singing in Spanish.]
- Order up! Seventy-nine! - Seventy-nine! [indistinct conversations.]
Yeah? Okay.
[hand slams.]
[man, chanting.]
Gout is not contagious! This is outrageous! Gout is not contagious! This is outrageous! - Please take my resume.
I have references! - [indistinct chanting.]
[laughing, cheering.]
Will carne asada tear this neighborhood apart? Find out more at eleven.
- [music fades.]
- [chanting continues.]
[in Spanish.]
I think we didn't make enough for the tour, son.
Well, they're not all from the tour, Pop.
If people see lines out the front door, they wanna get in them.
Psych 101.
[drawer rattles open.]
[drawer closes.]
Get a job, losers! [indistinct yelling, chanting.]
- [crowd.]
Gente sí.
Gentrify no! - [Chris.]
I feel bad.
Gente sí.
Gentrify no! - [cars honking.]
- What? Connie's been a regular at Taco Tuesday since I can remember.
- [chanting continues.]
- We gotta do something.
Send the old guy and the cute kid to make nice.
Real original, cuz.
[cheery music plays.]
Free horchata! Mama Fina's loves you all, even if you don't love us back! [crowd chanting in Spanish.]
[in Spanish.]
Drink one.
It's hot out.
Natalia, don't you dare.
You know I have to hydrate every 37 minutes or I get faint.
- Oh! - Ay! [chanting continues.]
Sorry, Pops.
[in Spanish.]
We defend the hood! We don't sell it! [in Spanish.]
We defend the hood! We don't sell it! [in Spanish.]
What are you doing? [in Spanish.]
Yessi, seriously? [chanting in Spanish continues.]
[in Spanish.]
I care about this community, Pop.
[in Spanish.]
So do I.
I'm part of the community.
[in Spanish.]
Then why bring these people here? [in Spanish.]
You're better than this, Pop.
[in Spanish.]
Look at them.
[camera shutters.]
You're selling our soul, and they're buying.
Yessika! [in Spanish.]
This is wrong.
[in Spanish.]
Maybe you don't see it now, but in the short or long run, - this community will suffer! - What the hell are you doing? None of this started happening until you got here.
You think this is happening because of me? I told you, the landlord tried to evict us.
Oh, did the landlord create this fucking food tour? Did the landlord create that dumbass video? No! You did.
It was my idea! - What? - I came up with the video.
And it worked! Listen, if it's us against them, I choose us.
You got a problem with that? I do.
- Hey, what the hell is going on? - Why don't you ask your girlfriend here? [mellow music plays.]
[chanting continues.]
[crowd, in Spanish.]
We defend the hood! We don't sell it! [in Spanish.]
We defend the hood! We don't sell it! [in Spanish.]
We defend the hood! We don't sell it! [in Spanish.]
We defend the hood! We don't sell it! - [engines rumble.]
- [mellow music continues.]
Yo! Even with Yessika acting all Norma Rae, we cleared three times what we expected.
We made enough rent for next month.
What? Yo, we do this a couple more times, we can stash up enough cash.
Lock in the new lease at the same rate.
Booya, Rob! - [in Spanish.]
May God hear you.
- Hey, nothing talks like money.
- Proud of you, cuz.
- Hey, what are you talking about? - [hands slap.]
- It was your idea that got attention.
[in Spanish.]
I'm proud of both of you.
[indistinct groaning.]
[Erik sighs.]
Oh, okay! Okay - [Chris.]
What's wrong? - I gotta Uh - Come on, man.
- I gotta - I gotta return the camera we borrowed.
- Okay, come on.
We could've hugged a little longer, bro.
- [laughs.]
Come on.
- [door closes.]
[in Spanish.]
Sit down.
- [in Spanish.]
I want to talk to you.
- [sighs heavily.]
Everything all right, Pop? [in Spanish, labored.]
Today was hard, son.
[Casimiro exhales in relief.]
[Casimiro, in Spanish.]
But we got through it.
Yeah, we did.
- [in Spanish.]
You did this.
- No! We all did, together.
[in Spanish.]
I always hoped one of you would step up and take over the taco shop.
[in Spanish.]
Like a real partner that I could rely on.
[in Spanish.]
But that never happened [sighs.]
[in Spanish.]
Until today.
[in Spanish.]
I know you want to be a prestigious chef.
[in Spanish.]
With everything.
But why not do all that here, son? [serene music plays.]
[in Spanish.]
You and Erik worked together really well.
[in Spanish.]
Why not do that every day? [in Spanish.]
So I can sleep in once in a while? [laughs.]
I don't I don't know what to say, Pop.
[in Spanish.]
Say yes.
[in Spanish.]
Make this old man happy.
[Chris sighs, sniffles.]
[Chris sighs.]
- [Chris exhales steadily.]
- [sighs.]
Like, I don't understand.
How could you step to Pop like that? He asked me to come talk to him.
What was I supposed to do? Say no? It would've been better than yelling at him! I wasn't yelling at him, Ana.
I was trying to talk to him, and then Thing 1 and Thing 2 jumped in and came at me like I was being court-martialed.
And then you joined the fucking battalion, and y'all treated me like I'm some angry black girl? [laughs.]
Let's be real.
Your family has never accepted me.
- Yessika, that's just my mom - No, it is not! No, it's not! Erik has never been down for us! And Chris? - He just got here, but he still doesn't - I don't care what my family thinks! Yes, you do.
You're always putting them first.
You're always running to go help them.
And when it's not them, it's running to go do work for Tim.
That's what this is all about.
This is about Tim.
And you not supporting the fact that I'm finally doing the shit that I've dreamed about for years.
I finally have someone who believes in my work! I've always believed in your work.
Yeah? But I'm finally getting paid.
Your little white savior is tearing up our neighborhood block by block.
How many people in the homeless town were displaced due to his beautifying projects? Hmm? Face it.
You are part of the problem, Ana.
And you can't separate the two.
And if you think he is just your benefactor, [yelling.]
girl, wake up! Homeboy is your pimp.
You are just the latest flavor of the month at his fucking paletería.
And he's just gonna keep showing you off until he wears you out and discovers a new little token to claim as his latest find.
Next week he'll have some gender-fluid, one-eyed, albino Korean to showcase in his traveling fucking circus.
Fuck you.
[sharp inhale.]
Fuck you! I'm done.
[mellow music plays.]
- I been done.
- [sniffles.]
- [Yessika sighs.]
- [sobs.]
[door slams closed.]
[sharp inhale and exhale.]
[bus rushes past.]
[distant chatter.]
Big day, huh? Sorta.
Heard you're gonna be on the news.
- I hope they get your good side.
- [clicks tongue.]
- They're all my good side.
- Oh, word? [laughs.]
You know.
Your dad came by yesterday.
Oh, God.
He's having a hard time since you accepted Stanford.
You know my dad.
He loves to jump to conclusions.
I mean, I haven't even said yes yet.
But I want to.
Of course.
[both groaning.]
I'm huge.
- You are.
- [laughing.]
[birds chirping.]
I've been thinking.
[distant yelling.]
[takes a deep breath.]
Come with me to Stanford.
[curious music plays.]
I [Lidia.]
I think my water just broke.
Oh, fuck.
- [curious music turns into lively music.]
- [man singing in Spanish.]
[continued singing in Spanish.]
[song fades.]

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