Gentefied (2020) s01e10 Episode Script


1 - Go, let's go! - You got this, all right? Excuse me! Excuse me.
Lidia Solis, 36 weeks pregnant, contractions are 10 minutes apart.
She is allergic to penicillin, nuts, and toxic masculinity.
I'm really scared.
Hey, hey, hey, hey Listen to me.
Our baby is a badass, all right? She's gonna be okay.
And I got you always, all right? - All right? - Okay.
Get this woman some drugs now! Get her some drugs! Stat! Look over here, darling.
This This is where we'll put your statement piece, lady.
Speaking of which, I know people-of-color-time is a thing, but we're cutting it kinda close here.
When's the masterpiece coming? It's sort of the anchor to our entire show, babe.
Yeah, tomorrow morning.
I just - I just need a little more time.
- Ana! Thank God that you're a star worth waiting for.
So fine.
I'm so excited to meet all of your friends and your boo.
They're gonna get to see you walk out of anonymity into curated culture.
" Ana-nymity.
Oh, my gosh! That should've been the name of the show.
Why was I not this genius last month? Okay.
Tell all your little friends.
And do not forget to leave a review on on on Yelp.
And if you don't like the food, don't tell anybody, cabrón.
We know people.
Dangerous people.
Got it.
Love the tacos or else.
No, they're not being serious.
It's part of the, uh the color here at Mama Fina's.
What color? - I'm the boss here, cabrón.
- Yeah.
Hey, look, I get it.
My dad still posts his Google searches to Facebook.
Don't worry.
You're gonna get five stars from me, señor.
Best damn tacos on the East Side.
My friends call me Pop.
Thanks, Pop.
All right.
See, abuelo.
A little ass kissing goes a long way with these folks.
- Hello.
- Hi.
Is this Casimiro Morales? Hey, didn’t I tell you to put me on the "Do Not Call" list!? No, this isn't a telemarketer, sir.
This is Cortez Realtors.
I'm calling on behalf of Rob.
We've yet to receive this month's rent.
Okay, okay, okay Pero, I just mailed it.
Why didn't Rob call me? Is he sending the new lease? Of course, sir.
We're drawing up the paperwork.
Cortez is just expanding and isn't able to handle the day to day like before.
- We'll connect soon.
- What the hell.
- What happened? - Now that we actually have money for rent, these idiots are taking their sweet time with the lease.
Of course.
I'm going to get some air.
Then I gotta call Ana.
I have to let her know Lidia’s in labor.
Erik’s probably going crazy.
And we’re running out of tortillas! Sí se puede! Sí se puede! Yep.
Yep Miss Solis, the pre-eclampsia is definitely back.
It's contributing to your premature labor, so this is it.
We're gonna have a new mom on our hands soon.
What? But she's four weeks early, right? Well, yeah, she's early, but it's nothing I haven't seen before.
- You're in good hands.
- Okay.
- I got this.
Yeah, I got this.
- You got this.
She's got this, doc.
Thank you so much.
Bitch, I don't got this! I still need my overnight bag, and I need her clothes.
I need her blanket She can't be looking all raggedy in those hospital onesies! Dammit! We forgot her car seat! They're not gonna let us take her home without a car seat.
- Okay.
I'm here, okay.
- Is my granddaughter okay? - Everybody relax, okay? I'm - Why is he here? What are you doing here? I told you I'd call you when it's time to come.
You better give her the best drugs from Obamacare! Because I can't afford it.
Relax, honey.
Breathe, abuelo.
Breathe, okay? - She's not coming now now.
- Are you sure? Babies come when they want.
It could be five hours from now.
- It could be two days from now.
- You sure? Okay? For now, - all the ladies in the room are good.
- Okay.
Okay, okay, okay, okay - So, take a seat, abuelo.
- Yep.
- Breathe.
- Okay.
- Breathe.
- Yep.
We got backup.
- I'm gonna be right back, hermosa.
- Okay.
- With everything my ladies need, okay? - Okay.
- You got this.
- Yep.
I got this, baby.
- Wait, wait, wait! - What happened? Can you get me a burrito, baby? And five al pastor tacos for me.
No onions.
- So it doesn’t smell.
- Thank you.
Thank you.
Oh, God Trash.
All of them.
- Paint Frida like everybody else.
- What am I, an Etsy hack? Don't know.
Do Etsy hacks make money? Go choke on a Taki, Nayeli.
Anger, textbook.
I am not angry.
Okay, I got a show.
I am fricking blessed! - I'm living my best life.
- She said angrily.
You know, I hear denial is one of the seven stages of grief, sis.
You sure you don't want to let it all out to Dr.
Nayeli? Nayeli, you're not allowed to watch Dr.
Phil anymore.
My style is more Iyanla Vanzant, baby girl.
A surprise? But it's not my birthday.
It's something I owe you from a long time ago, abuelo.
We owe you way more.
How are you, beautiful!? How have they treated you? How I've missed you, my love.
Look at this.
Yo, Mama Fina's.
How can I feed ya? Your dad! You know what? I think that fool went to go see the new Wes Anderson movie.
Yes, I'll tell him.
Yes, sir.
Yo, why are you avoiding your dad so bad? He has assets.
You should be kissing his ass.
What if he died tomorrow? You need to be on that will, baboso.
Here, let's call him back.
Tell him Tía Norma needs a new Beemer.
Why? So I could hear him bitch about how he didn't cosign my student loans - so that I could be flipping tortillas? - That fool cosigned a loan for you? Can he cosign for me? Forget about the Beemer, I'll just take whatever's for sale at Toyotathon.
Güero sounds like you got it good.
- Why you hate him so bad? - Because I'm tired of hearing for the millionth time that I'm gonna end up a dishwasher at a fucking Denny's.
You want me to call Nayeli? I hear she's giving out free therapy.
He just doesn't respect my dreams.
Your dream is to run a taco shop in the hood? Okay, okay - Burritos, tacos - Dude, did you just rob a daycare? Hey, let me do it.
- Let me do it.
Let me do it! - You don't know how she likes it.
Just Yo, come on, relax.
- Drop it.
Just drop it.
- Real quick Relax.
Jeez! Come on, man.
Is Lidia doing okay? She's awesome.
She's amazing.
She's going to Stanford with my baby.
Oh, shit.
She got the Stanford gig.
- You knew? - Oh, don't punch me.
- She asked me to go with her.
- Like, right now? How am I supposed to leave, huh? - Take a U-Haul.
It's not that expensive.
- I've never left.
Fuck, man.
Just change my whole life and not know what can happen? - How'd you do it? - Hey, you know what? First time, I didn't even have a choice.
All right, so it sucked hard, but when I decided to come back Well, when you have a dream, you do whatever it takes to get it, man.
You know what? You're gonna make a real good manny, chulo.
Dreaming of you when I'm alone Baby, don't trip I'm coming home Kick it with me, I don't care if the sun gone My God! How many times will you listen to that song? I'm gonna go deaf! This is for you - Baby, listen, it's your song - Sweetie, Norma got me a cleaning job tomorrow.
It's for a rich family, and it pays really well.
It's the same time as your show, so I won't be able to go.
'Course, Amá.
We need the money.
- Lost in the words that you say to me - Wait.
Can you leave the food? I'm on top of the world Babygirl, can't you see I found my perfect girl? I wanna make you my queen Time and time again I can be feeling real sad 'Cause mi sueño no se ha hecho una realidad Pero el tiempo dirá, el tiempo dirá If we go spend our lives together en lo que el mundo gira I promise I don't want nobody else To be around me but you And nobody's touch and nobody's lips Can make me feel like yours do Fuck it.
I got this.
I can paint something else.
I'm a motherfucking badass! Lemme find out that you think You're what you're not Everybody say you're wack But you think you're hot Playa hatin' on the floor 'Cause you on the spot Lemme find out, lemme find out Lemme find out That you ain't got no class Always trickin' on your knees When you want some ass Forever ridin' in my car And never payin' for gas Lemme find out, lemme find out Fuck.
Shit! What's all this? I thought you were against dumpster diving, sweetie.
I need a statement piece.
You can definitely make a statement with all this.
Something like, "I don't give a shit.
" Your grandpa is right here.
He knows a thing or two about broken hearts.
No, I'm not worried about anything but today.
My show is all that matters.
You know what, sweetie? Sometimes when the heart says no, everything else says no.
Then we get scared that if we move on too fast it'll all come rushing out.
But we can't stop feeling.
If we stop feeling, we can't move forward.
I miss her.
Yessika? Mama Fina.
Why don't we use that one? That one? No.
That That one's just for us.
And it's stuck to the wall.
No, it's on plywood.
I can take it down really easy.
And of all your work, this one’s my favorite, I have no problem sharing it with the white folks.
Eh? It's beautiful! Uno, dos, tres This is Ana Morales, an upcoming artist who will give you something to talk about.
She is iconic.
She is queer.
She is Latinx, a rose that grew from the concrete.
Her mother's a garment worker.
Her grandfather immigrated here with, like, five dollars in his pocket.
Her cousin survived gang life.
Ooh! Did I mention her mom works in a sweatshop? She raised her little sister.
She's basically a teen mom.
Ana, tell them about how we had to fight off Ofelia, okay? Goodbye homophobes! You know what? I heard on Telemundo that this piece has already tripled in value.
I heard that Cheech Marin is going to snatch it up! - Really? - Mm-hmm.
Well, not before me.
Where's that cabrón? - I'll kick his ass! - That's how you sell - to white folks.
- Cheech from Nash Bridges? - We should put in a bid immediately.
- Is that what my jawline looks like? Damn, I look good.
Don't flatter yourself.
You're a poor man's Mario Lopez at best.
Oh, yeah? Well you're a dollar bin Dora, so Man, all this is incredible.
Ana’s a badass.
Shooting her art all over the place, like a lesbian Spiderman.
Imagine what it feels like to accomplish your dreams, huh? Imagine.
God, that one is so beautiful.
Ana's so talented.
What do you think she was thinking about when she painted that? Probably that beauty can be found in places where people aren't looking.
That our gente's joy deserves to be captured.
It's worth capturing.
Maybe she was thinking about a burrito.
For real.
That bitch can eat, man.
Yeah, burrito, definitely.
Final answer.
You could totally get into Stanford.
- Stanford, huh? - Yeah.
I wouldn't just be your manny? Stop it.
Erik, I believe in you.
I always have.
- You wanna know what I see? - What? I see me a tenured professor at Stanford, helping beautiful brown babies turn into radical thinkers.
And you You own your own bookstore.
But at home, we raise our little niñita together.
And you teach her how to be a woman who is kind and generous and as as curious as you are.
She'll probably be as stubborn as you too, - hopefully not.
- Probably.
And she'll love driving down the 101 to visit our abuelos.
Oh, God.
They will hate us for feeding her vegan because, let's face it, the Bay Area will brainwash us with their granola ways.
That's the life I see for us.
Because, Erik, you're it for me.
Miss Solis, hi.
I'm concerned the baby's heartbeat is slowing.
She's working really hard in there to get here, but she's really struggling.
So I need to start prepping you for cesarean.
Wait, no.
My birth plan was to do it naturally, and I'd really like to try.
I know, sweetie, but if we wait, it can be dangerous for both of you.
Okay? Now don't worry.
We're gonna get little momma here safely.
Okay? All right.
- What if something happens? - Hey, hey, hey! Our baby's an overachiever.
Como her mommy, all right? - Right? - Mm-hmm.
I know our baby girl, she's gonna get an A+ in being born.
You're gonna be fine.
The baby's gonna be fine.
I'm really happy you're here.
There's no other place I'd rather be.
I thought you would have painted me angry and yelling.
I can hardly believe all of this is for you.
It's for you too, Amá.
Look, I know you don't always understand me, but you put food on the table.
You put a roof over our heads.
All of this is thanks to you.
So this is our show.
Our success.
Just remember that I can't paint, so don't ask.
I've seen your stick figures.
Thank you.
Thank you for being here.
Sweetie? The baby's coming! - What? - What? Now? Your grandpa will go first.
Imagine how crazy Erik must be.
You know I'm the only one who can calm him down.
Ana, darling.
- Go, girl.
Get to work.
- Okay.
I cannot end the night without having you meet Vivian.
She is such an important member of the gallery’s board of directors.
- Viv? This is Ana.
- Yes? Incredible fucking work! - My God! Just gorgeous color palette - Yeah.
and such powerful imagery of a changing community.
Sweetheart, we are just so goddamn honored to be hosting your first show.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
- Ana's a queer chicana - Lovely.
- from a low-income community.
- Beautiful.
So how do you know each other? We know each other from, uh real estate - and the art world - Come on, she's a burner.
Okay, one party.
One fucking party, he thinks I'm a burner.
He keeps trying to pull me into his tribe.
- Well - And I keep saying, you know, I can't keep blowing on molly if I want to die a rich bitch with a trophy husband imported from Italy.
It's very important to me.
- Work hard, play harder, love.
- Yeah, okay.
Yes, Ana, so I just swooped up this adorable place, and it is in major, major need of your orgasmic work all over the walls.
- Please say yes, please say yes.
- Of course! I'd be happy to! Okay, perfect.
Now, it's not gonna be ready for a couple months.
It's this taco spot on South Reyes.
Oh! - Rob sold it to me.
Do you remember him? - Oh, Rob He's the cutie with the booty, - who you swore you would - Oh, yeah.
Mama Fina's? Yes! Yes.
You know it! Yes.
It's the perfect, perfect place for my theme pop-up food experience.
It's very Saved By The Max but with Fuller House.
- Oh, yeah.
- I just need the lease to be up soon, and then I can make the transformation.
One minute, lovelies.
I'm sorry, BRB.
So, what do you say, hon? Are you in? Whoa, whoa, hey, hey.
What's the matter? You look like Like I'm about to do something really fucking crazy? Uh Yeah, that sounds about right.
- Hello? - Pop? I need you to go back to the house and pick up the car seat.
What the hell? I’m on my way to the hospital! Sorry.
Lidia's freaking out because I forgot it.
Goddamn it.
Okay, you got it.
Thank you.
Good evening, ladies and gentlemen.
Thank you so much for being here.
It is so lovely to have so many colors of the rainbow under one roof, right? Okay.
Now let's make some noise for our incredible artista, Ana Morales! Ana? Y'all gentrifying motherfuckers can kiss my ass.
I'mma go meet my new niece.
Go choke on your manchego cheese, bitches.
Ah, shit! She's Banksy-ing this mother! Get it, mija! Is this wall for sale.
Where do I bid? Is she quitting her job? Ana, come back here! I'm gonna give you a whooping! Ana! I think I love her.
Chuy, you idiot.
What did you do? Is this your vehicle? - Yes.
- Are you Casimiro Morales? Yeah.
We have a warrant for your arrest for an outstanding fine on a vandalism charge from six months ago.
I don't know, but I can pay it.
Are you gonna say something, Chaka Jr.
? I'm kinda worried you're gonna spray paint the baby.
Yessika was right.
I have to tell you something.
- About the shop.
- Hey! Hey Tía Beatriz and Nayeli are about to come out, so y'all can go in.
But you gotta hurry, we're about to go into surgery.
- Are you freaking out? - Are you okay? Of course I'm freaking out! I'm about to be a baby daddy! - Okay.
- And, and they're about to cut open the love of my life.
And I'm supposed to stand there and be like, "Oh, don't worry, chula.
The nice doctor's just gonna slice you open like a fucking turkey and pull out a human is all.
" I mean, should I be calm? All right, maybe slice is not the right I don't think she's gonna like being called a turkey, but Okay.
What if I fuck her up? Ah Lidia's used to you fucking up.
Not her, the baby.
What if I fuck up the baby? I have no clue what it's like to be a good father.
- You are not your dad.
- I'm not? I'm a stoner that lives in a garage.
What the hell do I have to offer anyone? Hey, stop it.
Look at me.
You're pretty damn smart.
And you're loyal.
And the way you show up for everyone, it's everything she needs, primo.
So just change your deodorant, handle your BO, and you'll be fine.
Glad you're here, man.
Me too.
Excuse me.
Were you being attacked by a gang? Don't believe everything you see on Primer Impacto, all right? - They were protesters.
- Christian, you're wasting all of my sacrifices just so you can end up like my brother or like Erik.
Is that what you want? You want to end up a nobody? God, you're such a jerk.
I like it here.
And that's as close as I'm gonna get to the dream right now.
Not if I pay for cooking school, mijo.
I'll send you the money.
I'll send it right now.
What? Get her head, okay? Hi, baby.
Hey, want to meet your primita? What's her name? Her name's Delfina.
Come here! Get over here.
You see this Ricky-Ricardo-looking fool right here? That's your Uncle Chris.
I'm coming with you.
Hey, where's Pop? - I I don't know.
I'll check.
- Él no estáaquí.
Let's close it up.
Let's move!
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