Get Shorty (2017) s01e01 Episode Script

The Pitch

I love the sauce.
They're heating it up.
I'll bring it to you.
(TRUCK HONKING) (GRUNTING) (TIRES SCREECH) THUG: Let's go! Let's go! (PHONE RINGING) Hello, Jason? You hear me? JASON: (ON PHONE) No, please! Who you talk to? Tell me who you talk to.
Nobody! Nobody, okay.
You wag your fucking tongue, I cut it off.
Give it to your friend at the bank, maybe he keep his mouth shut.
- No! No! - THUG: Say ah.
(GASPS) You treat a lady so nice.
(CHEWING) - You didn't like it.
- I did.
I did, yeah.
You didn't.
How do you know? I haven't said anything.
That's how I know.
Just didn't buy it.
Which part? Forty guys in a motorcycle gang, and he just brings 'em all down? Come on.
Well, you think it's too violent? The explosions, it doesn't mean anything.
After a while you don't even notice 'em.
- Dad, it's in 3D.
- So? It's not supposed to mean anything.
Remember we went to see Steve McQueen in The Great Escape? Now that was real motorcycles, no computers.
You only like old movies.
- That's not true.
- Yeah.
- Hey.
- Hi.
- EMMA: Hey.
- How was it? - Well, you know.
- Well, I liked it.
(CHUCKLES) All right.
Jump in, kiddo.
Oh, hold on, uh, is anybody hungry? I thought maybe we could go to the Terrace Cafe.
That's fancy.
I'm feeling a bit fancy.
I should get her home.
Uh, I got you something.
What is it? - Um - Mom, just open it.
(CHUCKLES) I want to know what's going on.
As of today, it's been six months.
What has? You said you needed a break, I asked how long, you said six months.
So I don't remember that.
But if I said it, I, I didn't mean Things are better between us, are they not? We, we should celebrate.
I, I got flowers in the car, they're probably wilted.
- Emma, would you wait in the car? - Oh, come on.
- Why? - KATIE: Please.
What's the problem now? Whatever I said six months ago, I didn't mean that we would take a break and everything would go back to how it was.
And we can't keep having this conversation.
We should be a family again.
You know, for Emma.
She is why we can't do it.
And you know that.
Can you just take this? It's a necklace.
It matches your grandmother's ring, close as I could remember.
What the fuck am I supposed to do with it? - I'll see you Saturday.
- All right.
(SIGHS) (PHONE RINGING) MILES: You ever watch Rachael Ray? - LOUIS: The talk show? - MILES: Yeah.
LOUIS: I, I don't make a point of it.
Well, she's good.
She had a therapist on with her this morning, with a book about how to maintain healthy relationships.
- Okay.
- And she said, you gotta work on communication.
You gotta learn how to love yourself.
Love yourself, okay.
And you gotta take responsibility.
And it got me thinking - Give me a hand, will ya? - Yeah.
You know, I've been trying to change Katie's mind about our situation, you know.
But, what if I need to be responsible, you know? What if it's me that needs to change? - How? - Well, that's the problem.
I mean, there's so much she wants changed, I don't know where to start.
Two, three.
(TRAIN CHUFFING IN DISTANCE) The thing I don't feel great about, is lying to my kid, you know.
Saying I run a warehouse.
Not even an exciting conceit.
What am I gonna say? All right, look, everybody lies to their kids.
All right? Fuckin' Santa Claus and Katie doesn't like it.
Doesn't like Emma hanging out with the people I work with.
- Me? - Yeah.
I mean, if you had kids, would you want 'em hanging out with people like you? How you spend your day The same as you.
Fucking exactly.
(CRUSHING) (SHATTERING) MILES: The people we hang out with are predators, knuckleheads.
LOUIS: You mean Yago? (KISSES) LOUIS: Will you do me a favor, please, and show a little respect? (CASINO MACHINES BEEPING) MILES: He gets an online college degree and now he runs the day-to-day? And we're supposed to take him serious? Always trying to prove how hard he is.
LOUIS: He's insecure.
MILES: He's a fucking maggot, that's what he is.
LOUIS: Yeah.
But he's also Amara's nephew, and you piss him off.
(HUMMING) Well, I cut his tongue out.
You know, the guys saw me do it.
I told him, I was like, "Jason, "give me one good reason to let you go, "and I'll open the door, you know.
" You know what he says? (MIMICKING MUFFLED VOICE) (CHUCKLES) (CHUCKLES FORCEFULLY) (CHUCKLES) I was like, "Come again.
I didn't get that.
" Right.
You, uh, you offended? Laughing on the inside.
(CHUCKLES LIGHTLY) Well, Amara wants you to make a collection in LA.
If the guy doesn't pay, close the account.
We don't really close accounts.
Oh, on this one, you do.
She knows people in LA, right? Maybe she could give one of them a shout.
Why don't you make a list of jobs that you rather not do.
That someone else should take care of.
Wh Uh, what if we wait until things cool down? I mean, Jason was talking to the Feds.
And they know that he handled our cash, - and now he's gone, so - Yeah.
They're probably watching.
Yeah, like someone's gonna tail you assholes to California.
Don't flatter yourself.
Why do you sweep the place, if you're not worried? This came from Amara.
We'll handle it.
Come on, I never been to Hollywood.
- It's in Hollywood? - Yeah.
We'll make a trip out of it.
See some celebrities.
Sandra Bullock will personally give you a hand job.
If I even think we're being tailed, we come straight home.
All right? Sounds like a plan.
It'll help.
- (COUGHS) - (CHUCKLES) You know, it's funny, I know we only met a few days ago.
(SIGHS) But after everything we've been through, I don't know, it feels like I've known you my whole life.
- Me too.
- Yeah? (BOTH CHUCKLING) Here.
(GASPS) (SIGHS) Where'd you go? I'm here.
(CHUCKLING) You're a million miles away.
I can't help it.
I hope you know how grateful I am for everything (SHATTERS) - (SCREAMING) - (GROWLING) - Can we cut? - (SHRIEKING) - MAN: Cut.
- LYDIA: Reset.
Sorry, Lydia.
Lydia, I'm sorry.
I hate being, you know, "that guy," but I'm just, I'm bumping on this.
Yeah? Yeah.
Look, I saved her life twice, but she keeps pulling away.
You know, I don't ask her why she's doing it, you know.
She doesn't tell me.
It's like Honestly, I feel like I don't know, just peace out.
All right, let's talk about it.
- Cut the rain.
- Cut the rain! WOMAN: Cut the rain.
MAN: Cut the rain! Why are we stopped? Tyler.
(CLEARS THROAT) (SIGHS) How long till lunch? Twenty minutes.
Oh, fuck! - Oh, fuck, I got a meeting.
- Okay.
Listen to me, you tell Lydia, I don't care if she does the next three scenes in one shot.
- We're making the day.
- Yeah, yeah.
All right.
Take this.
Take this.
Fuck! We gotta make the day.
Nathan Hill.
RICK: Have we met? No.
I, I, I just wanted to say hi.
I know Tyler.
I, I looked up some of your other films.
Out for Blood and Day of Reckoning.
I They just have really, really great energy.
You know? RICK: (CHUCKLES) Yeah.
See, I'm, I'm an actor.
RICK: Really? Yeah.
I study at Stella Adler so Well, I, I gotta go so Yeah.
I jus I just wanted to say hi.
All right.
Take care.
- Okay.
- (MOTOR CLUNKS) What I think your battery's dead.
- Yeah.
- I can go get help if you want.
I don't have time.
Oh, come on.
Really great meeting you.
RICK: All right.
Should have worn those fucking sneakers.
I was gonna wear them.
Fucking sneakers.
(KNOCKING) It's Nathan.
TYLER: Come in.
Hey, man.
What's up? NATHAN: So, uh, I just had a good talk with Rick Moreweather.
I told him I dig his movies (GRUNTS) This script is a joke.
Yeah? (SIGHS) I mean, it's genre, I get it.
But you gotta give the audience something to believe in, right? I'm sorry, it's just this doesn't feel real.
- I haven't read the - TYLER: You know what it is? They don't want me and Phoebe hooking up till the big scene at the end.
So for the whole movie, she kind of pushes me away.
Like she's not even into me.
I guess, I can play unattractive, if that's what they want.
Or I can do sex appeal.
But it's like I mean (CHUCKLES) You can't have it both ways.
Oh, yeah, you can't.
(CHUCKLES) (TYLER SIGHS) Tell me if I'm being a Prima Donna.
No, you Look, you're just trying to Trying to play a human being.
Just trying to play a human being.
I can relate.
To What are you To the story? As an actor.
You know, I'm, I'm doing this scene in class, you know.
- I play this ex-cop - Right.
who gets fired because he's an alcoholic.
- My scene partner he's - (CHUCKLES) Right.
TYLER: Same as last week? Huh? Sorry, I just caught a peek at the time.
- They're gonna want me on set.
- NATHAN: Okay.
- TYLER: Thanks, bro.
- No worries.
All right.
(SNIFFING) Gladys? Have I got a shirt? Not to my knowledge.
RICK: Wh (SIGHS) GLADYS: And April Quinn is here.
Just, uh, tell her to wait.
By "here" I mean, here.
Hello, hello, hello! (LAUGHS) RICK: April.
Come on.
Come in.
Come in.
RICK: I would have came to you.
No, this is perfect, I have a meeting around the corner in 10 minutes.
Thank you, Gladys.
Sorry, I keep rescheduling lunch, it's just, working with Vin Diesel.
You can imagine.
I can.
(CHUCKLES) What's the budget on that project? - 180 million.
- (EXHALES SHARPLY) I know, it's ridiculous.
Four hundred grand for fake snow.
How are you? I'm doing fairly good.
I'm, I'm, I'm Of course I still have no personal life, I mean zero.
Mom got me tropical fish, I didn't have time to feed them.
Every morning there was another one just floating on top.
I'm rambling, had a double latte.
Come to think of it, I never had a personal life working for you, either.
APRIL: Six years ago! Isn't that insane? Sit, sit.
Uh, I'm shooting a movie.
Tyler Mathis, he's the lead, and, and we're behind schedule.
The problem is he leaves in two weeks to shoot a very small part in your film, Lethal Limit What, Three? - Four.
- RICK: Four.
Which means I'm screwed.
Unless, you can schedule his shooting days later.
You understand.
Of course.
Thank you.
No, no.
I mean I understand, but that's not my call.
That's Brandon's call.
(WHIRRING) Will you talk to Brandon? All the time.
About this.
I mean, I'll do my best.
But, sorry, - I gotta go.
- RICK: Okay.
So, it was, it was really good to see you.
You too.
We'll do lunch next week, okay? Or, soon! (MUSIC PLAYING ON RADIO) This guy's been on us a while.
Is he tailing us? No.
We're good.
But I'm jumpy.
I'm fucking jumpy now.
I hate that.
It's a condo I'm looking at.
Oh, yeah? How'd you find it? One of the elders at church is the building manager.
Lot of Mormons there.
Well, you'll be right at home.
One, big, Mormon block party.
You gotta be kidding me.
This is the Hollywood Walk of Fame? - That's what it says.
- This? It's a walk, it's not a fucking cathedral.
I know.
But compared to Vegas, this is embarrassing.
I thought they made big movies here.
Studios are all in Burbank.
Well, how do you know? At the end of a movie, it says where they filmed it.
LOUIS: I hope Burbank is better than this.
'Cause this is bullshit.
- Owen? - NATHAN: Hello? - Hi.
- Hey.
Owen, uh Owen's not here right now.
- Oh, okay.
- Oh.
Well, we're friends of Owen's from back in the day.
- Nice.
- Yeah, I'm Barry and this is Vernon.
That's right.
We thought we'd, uh, swing and say hi seeing that we were in town.
I Yeah, I He's probably with his girlfriend.
I'm not sure.
Oh, well, we don't want to impose.
Do you think you could text him? Yeah, maybe just find out where he is.
But don't tell him that we're here.
That's right.
We'd love to keep it a secret.
- Yeah.
- (CHUCKLES) Okay, cool.
Wh (STUTTERS) What do you want me to say, exactly? Oh, God.
I don't know.
Maybe tell him that you got a spare ticket for, uh - Dodgers game.
- And maybe if he was free.
Uh, we don't really hang out a lot.
So, I mean he might not get back to me right away.
We'll wait.
- Do you want to wait inside? - That'd be sweet.
- Yeah.
That'd be great.
- NATHAN: Oh, cool.
Um, yeah, so I'll text him.
Um, we'll see what he says.
I'm Nathan, by the way.
- Oh.
- Hey.
Nathan, you a model or something? No.
An, an actor.
- Oh, no kidding.
- Yeah.
Oh, yeah.
Five minutes in Hollywood, and already we know an actor.
So, you're, you're friends with Owen, right? You from Houston or (SNIFFING) Something smells good.
- Is that chili or something? - No.
It's, it's stir-fry.
- Oh.
- Can I check it out? - Yeah.
- That is Oh, yeah.
Barry's a real foodie.
- Oh, really? - LOUIS: Oh! Oh! You could sit Yeah.
What are the, uh, white things? Um, uh, water chestnuts.
That's sharp.
LOUIS: See, I would never think to do that.
I would never think to cook with chestnuts.
NATHAN: You want some? - You sure? - Yeah.
Thanks, man.
You're a prince.
Zsolt and I hear you're the focus of a Federal investigation.
Is that true? I like this ride.
You wanna take me? Mrs.
De Escalones is not under investigation.
Then why not launder? Invest your money through your own casino? Wouldn't that be easier? My casino is small.
But I have a lot of money.
My banker, he don't work for me anymore.
I have three parks, attendance is phenomenal.
Concessions, merchandise, half the ticketing is cash-based.
We can handle any amount you bring us.
But, we have to be compensated.
- 12%.
- Eight.
- FARKAS: Our bottom line.
- I talk to him.
You know this business.
My business, I know.
You and me have a drink tonight.
We decide how to work together.
Okay? Oh, it's gotta be fun to be an actor.
You do movies? Or just TV? I No I'm taking classes.
You know, studying.
But I was on a movie set at, uh, Gravity Studios today.
No shit.
I, I'm friends with this actor.
His name's Tyler Mathis.
- Oh.
- You know him? No.
He's good.
Um, then I hung out with Rick Moreweather, he's the producer.
They They're making a film that's called The Hunting.
Oh, that's a good title.
The, the script has a few problems.
Oh, is that right? Yeah.
It's about a guy and a girl in a motel.
They don't get together till the very end.
I, like, she, she pushes him away for no reason.
Oh, I hate when movies do that.
Right? Yeah.
The guy in the story, what's his job? Kills aliens.
So his life is dangerous.
Maybe the woman wants to be with him, but she can't be.
NATHAN: Because? She has a 12-year-old daughter.
Has to put the kid first.
(CHUCKLES) That's good.
- A little complicated, but - (PHONE ALERT) Life is fucking complicated shitballs.
Oh, he's at his girlfriend's.
Where's she live? I don't know.
But, uh, that's her, right there with him.
Oh, there's Owen and his girlfriend.
NATHAN: Mmm-hmm.
Well, I guess we gotta be going.
- Oh! - Yeah! - So fun.
- Yeah.
- So fun.
- Yeah.
- Well, listen - Oh, look, great.
Oh! LOUIS: Look, we're gonna be in town for a bit.
Uh, but we still want to surprise him - Hmm.
- so mum's the word.
- Got ya.
- Yeah? Got ya.
- That's all right.
- Oh.
Best of luck with the whole acting thing.
Thank you.
Lovely meeting you.
Have a good one.
(MUSIC PLAYING) Jesus, get some air in here, will you? Toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant.
(GRUNTING) Our guy come home? (SPITS) Might have while we were sleeping.
(GRUNTS) Why didn't we get a hotel? (GROANS) My fucking neck.
You find this job meaningful? What? Fulfilling spiritually? It's a job, man.
In a tough economy.
When I started off, I convinced myself that this was temporary.
Katie was 19, back when she thought it was sexy to be with a tough guy.
But it's not fucking sexy.
Limping back to your apartment and scraping blood from under your nails.
Opening a beer, and watching fucking Storage Wars.
(SPITS) She was okay with it.
Until Indian Springs That freaked her out.
But if I changed my job, she might take me back.
Just tell Amara you want to quit, see how that goes.
(SIGHS) MILES: Maybe I skip town with the family.
You know, I have a cousin who sells carpets, and he's convinced that if you have even a basic understanding of fiber density, like polyester versus nylon and whatnot, you can move anywhere and make a living.
Even if Amara didn't find you? Six months of fiber density, and you'd jump off a fucking roof.
(SPITS) Yeah.
(SIGHS) Everything cool, dude? Uh, sorry.
Uh TYLER: That's cool.
You want to, uh (CLICKS TONGUE) Commence? NATHAN: In the movie you're doing right now, what if the girl wants to be with you, only she can't.
And the reason is TYLER: She's got a daughter.
What? She's got a 12-year-old daughter.
That way, even though she's aching to be with him, I mean, obviously, you know, she's gotta put the kid first.
It does make sense.
Wh Other than rewriting and reshooting the entire movie.
- I mean, but it's doable.
- Ooh.
We lose him in two weeks! Yeah.
But only for a month.
Oh, okay.
So we just wait till you're available, and then reassemble the sets, the crew and locations.
If that's what we gotta do.
(CHUCKLES) In order for you to, to track your character's motivation while you run from aliens.
Rick, Rick, Rick, um, I have script approval.
All right.
We don't need to go there, right? I mean, we'll work something out.
Look, man, it's in my contract.
So you guys just let me know when there's something to approve.
Okay? Oh, shit.
I just thought the idea Shut up, Lydia.
OWEN: (ON PHONE) What the hell is that? Uh, vocal warmups.
OWEN: I got home and I saw your note.
I can't read your writing.
Does this say Barry and Vernon? NATHAN: Yeah.
They didn't want me to tell you, but I was afraid they'd leave town and you'd miss them.
I don't have friends named Barry and Vernon.
Really? OWEN: Maybe they found the suitcase.
What did they look like? NATHAN: Ah, big guys, one of 'em is Irish, you know, but really nice.
Owen? Owen? Ugh.
Hope you're not pissed, they wanted to They wanted to surprise you.
I gotta go.
(PANTING AND WHIMPERING) (PANTING) (SMACKS LIPS) Would you like a hand with that? (WHIMPERING) (PANTING) Argh! Do me a favor and just scoot over that way.
Why? LOUIS: Well, cleaning your brains off that bookcase is gonna be a hassle, whereas there, all I need are paper towels and garbage bags.
You got paper towels? That's a real question.
Alternatively, you pay what you fucking owe, and no one has to clean up your, you know, uh, bits.
I just I don't have it right now.
MILES: There must be some money you can get from somewhere.
Twenty grand even? He owes 50.
I realize that, Barry.
I'm not saying he's off the hook.
My car.
LOUIS: Which is? Honda Civic.
(EXHALES SHARPLY) LOUIS: Well, that's 500 bucks.
You only got 49,500 to go.
What were you thinking, taking a marker for 50 grand? I'm such an idiot! (SOBBING) Trying to finance a movie playing blackjack.
What's that? A movie? OWEN: Ten years writing, I couldn't catch a break.
Then I write that! It puts everything else I've ever written to shame.
And my stupid agent dumps me, I can't sell it.
But if I can produce it, I'm telling you, it's gonna win a fucking Oscar.
LOUIS: And we give a shit.
What's it about? It's about Georgian England.
OWEN: A love story.
It rips your heart out.
(SIGHS) Hey! Hey! You want something of value? I'll make you both producers.
Movie sells, you make (STUTTERS) Ten times what I owe.
Just cut it out, man.
You either you got the money or you don't.
OWEN: Just hold upon it What? Yeah, yeah, yeah.
What does that mean, producers? Your name's in the credits.
You'd be at all the awards shows.
You get points on the back end.
(GUNSHOT) (EARS RINGING) MILES: The fuck? What? We're having a conversation, man.
I thought you were finished.
He was fucking mid-sentence! Well, how great of a writer can he really be, living in this shithole? He said he had paper towels.
He's got trash bags.
Here we go.
(MUSIC PLAYING ON RADIO) You've been working for Amara too long.
Hit a lull in the conversation and you think, "Well? Might as well shoot him.
" Jesus.
Wants us to check in at the casino.
- Huh? - Drive an extra 40 minutes? Can we not just call him? Telling you what it says.
Owen's roommate, Nathan.
He said he knew a producer over at Universal.
A guy called "Rick" something.
Why didn't he just give the script to him? (SIGHS) To who? I guess Owen and Nathan weren't too tight.
(SIGHS) Is it any good? I don't know.
I get carsick if I read while I'm driving.
Also the pages are stuck together.
(GRUNTS) How hard can it be? LOUIS: (PANTING) What? Producing a movie.
Ugh, Jesus, you still talking about this? We've got a script.
You haven't read it.
Owen said it was good.
(SIGHS) You need money and actors and, you know, lights.
I mean, you can't just go to Home Depot and pull that shit off the shelf.
We don't know the first fucking thing.
(PANTING) So we find someone who does.
(PANTING) Okay, you talked to a writer for three minutes, and then suddenly you're Marvin Scorcese.
- Martin.
- Hmm? Martin Scorcese.
Well, forgive me for thinking I can do something meaningful.
Something that lasts.
What are you rambling about? The old movies I used to watch as a kid? I watch the same movies now with Emma.
(PANTS) Whereas all you and me do, is bury shit.
Now maybe in a movie, digging a hole would be exciting.
There'd be a soundtrack and actors and a plot.
It would lead somewhere.
But in real life, digging a hole is pointless and unpleasant and boring and a pain in the ass.
LOUIS: You okay? Not usually this quiet.
MILES: What kind of an idiot drives a car like that? LOUIS: Think maybe he's compensating for something? MILES: Goodness.
Makes us drive out here to check in and he wasn't gonna fucking wait for us.
LOUIS: Easy.
YAGO: If I'm around definitely invite me to that shit.
MILES: You told us to check in.
And you did.
Where are you going? Where am I going? To your mother's for a rim job and a slice of pie.
Thanks for asking.
What a cunt! See that? - What was that? - Huh? You wanna tell me something? Not a big deal.
No, what's not a big deal? The scratch you put on his truck.
Guys, I don't even care.
It was already scratched.
Doesn't matter.
Oh, shit.
That little mark? Did I do that? Yeah, you hit it with your clown car.
Huh, so maybe I should give you the papers to my insurance company.
Or maybe I should get on my knees and buff it out.
Is that what you want? Up to you.
(GUNSHOT) ED: Come on, man Who the fuck you think you are? Don't point that at me.
YAGO: Mmm-mmm.
You don't tell me what to do Yo! Yo! (GROANS) Shit! Motherfucker! You're a dead man.
You're a dead man.
Yo! Hold him.
(GROANING) For when he calms down, yeah? YAGO: Get off! Give me your piece, Ed.
Give me your piece, Ed.
Give me your fucking piece.
- What did I say? - We should probably go.
What did I say? - What did I say? - (GUNSHOT) Treat him with respect, just show him respect, you don't have to respect him.
Just show him respect.
God! Is that so hard? Motherfucker, God! - ED: Hey! - I'm the one out of line? LOUIS: Yeah! You're out of line.
ED: Hey! (INDISTINCT YELLING) I'll smooth things over tomorrow.
LOUIS: Oh, yeah, sure.
YAGO: Puta.
EMMA: Please don't be offended If I preach to you awhile Tears are out of place in eyes that were meant to smile Here's a way to make All of your biggest troubles small Here's the happy secret of it all Look for the silver lining When every cloud appears in the blue Remember somewhere the sun is shining And so the right thing to do Is let is shine for you A heart full of (INDISTINCT CHATTER) You were this whole other person up there.
- I forgot who I was watching.
- Oh, come on.
(LAUGHS) I did.
I'm serious.
That's a real talent.
- Hi.
You were so great! - Hey.
Thank you.
- Hey, kiddo.
- Hey.
Thank you.
I'm Jeffrey.
Did you have a kid in the play? - No.
- He came with me.
Can I talk to you, please? KATIE: Just a second, sweetheart.
JEFFREY: Oh, my gosh.
- (EMMA CHUCKLES) - JEFFREY: Um You brought a date.
I thought you were out of town.
You banging this guy? None of your business! The fuck it's not.
I, I know him through friends at work and I, I I've started seeing him.
I should have told you.
It's just, it's still new.
You brought him to her play.
He wanted to come.
And far as Emma knows, he's a friend.
Miles, nothing happens to him.
He gets hit by lightning, I will know it's you.
Listen, I'm making changes in my life.
Career changes.
Exciting ones.
I mean, it's It's all a bit hush-hush right now, but, Katie (CHUCKLES) Okay.
Well, I think that's great.
For your sake.
Uh, we left Emma standing there.
Do you want to go get something to eat? Yeah.
Let's do that.
You wanna eat something? The shrimp you like? I am fine.
So, let's agree on a number.
We're asking for 12.
You were going to sleep on it.
(SNIFFLES) No sleep for me.
GEORGE: We did our homework.
Attendance at your parks is excellent.
Problem is the water quota.
Since the drought, you get fined by the county every month.
They're raising the price per gallon, and you're losing money.
Which means you need us.
Hold on.
Can't go above five.
ZSOLT: Five? No, no, no.
You promised.
AMARA: Sweetheart.
He does numbers.
I have built this company over 20 years.
I am not about to risk it over this bullshit.
And you (BREATHES HEAVILY) You can go fuck yourself.
Because from now on, I sure as hell won't.
We could go higher.
He don't want to do business with me.
That's okay.
(SNIFFLES) (INHALES) How could she be so blind? (HORN HONKING) Driver's license.
My assistant forgot to put the appointment in my phone and now I can't reach her.
She just got back from her honeymoon.
I think her head's still between the sheets.
Anyway, I'm meeting a producer called Rick something? He's making a film called The Hunted.
Hold on.
Rick Moreweather.
That's it.
Okay, his office is just past the water tower.
Uh, but I'm not seeing your name here.
- Do you have a drive-on? - I do.
What's a drive-on? Okay, sir, you're gonna need to pull around the booth and exit this side.
What are they doing? How's it they're all getting in? They're here to see Rachael Ray.
Shut the Rachael Ray films here? Yeah, West Coast taping, but, sir, there's people behind you.
Can I get a ticket for Rachael Ray? Okay, there's a standby list.
But right now, you're gonna need to make a U-turn.
Sir, there's people behind you.
Miles Daly for Rick Moreweather.
GLADYS: Do you have an appointment? Nobody called about you.
Uh, you know what it is? My assistant, Clarisa.
She going through a break-up.
It's messed up my whole week.
You think there's any way that Rick might be able to see me since I'm here? Oh, he's got a full schedule.
But have a seat, I'll check.
Mister Miles Daly.
Thank you.
(SIGHING) You an actress? Me? God, no.
(CHUCKLES SOFTLY) I just figured anyone attractive in LA is an actress, but not in your case.
What do you do? I'm an executive.
- No shit.
- Yeah.
(SOFTLY) What does that mean? - What's an executive? - Mmm-hmm.
(CHUCKLES SOFTLY) Uh, well I oversee producers who make films for my studio.
Which is? Gravity Pictures International.
- Oh, right.
- Yeah.
What do you do? I'm a film producer.
As of three hours ago.
(BOTH CHUCKLE) And, uh, how's that going? - Good.
- Yeah? (CHUCKLES) GLADYS: Miss Quinn, you can go on in.
Well, good luck.
Maybe we'll work together sometime.
You never know.
It's a small town.
RICK: Ah, what a happy surprise.
Come on, grab a seat.
Oh, no, I'd love to stay, but I can't.
I just wanted to tell you I tried to move Tyler's work.
Made a dozen calls.
At least two calls.
- And? - Oof.
So many moving parts.
We've, uh, we've got a location in Minsk.
The Pentagon is loaning us a submarine.
So, you know, we got to get that back - April, sit, sit, sit, sit.
- I can't, I No, just for a second.
Come here.
Come on.
Sit down, all right.
Okay, I'm not happy saying this, but just as your friend.
You don't want Tyler in your movie.
Why not? Did you know he brings gay prostitutes into the trailer? Yes.
And he does hard drugs.
What kind? What kind? Opium.
Yeah, he smokes it.
(SCOFFS) I know when you're bullshitting, Rick.
No, no.
I worked for you.
- I got to go to this screening now.
- I'm not bullshitting.
Let's get lunch next week.
No, no, no.
Not next week.
I'm gonna have Marsha set it up, okay? It was great to see you.
No, wait! I, uh I spent three years getting this film going.
I've nothing in development.
If If I shut down now, I lose investors.
April Please.
I'm sorry.
I am.
But you'll figure it out.
I know you will.
- Take care.
- Thank you.
See you.
(CLEARS THROAT) Any word? Like I said, he's got a full schedule.
I'll give him a try.
I appreciate that.
Is that him? Uh Okay.
Moreweather, I'm sure you're really busy.
But I have a script I just know you're gonna love.
Leave it with Gladys.
It's quicker if I just tell you about it.
So the story takes place in the olden days, in Europe.
And there's this young guy, an Irish guy actually.
And he's in love with this beautiful girl.
But he loses her because he has to go to war.
And he sees some terrible shit.
And he does some terrible shit.
And by the time he comes home looking for her, he's too fucked up in the head to connect.
So he needs to find that part of himself that remembers how to love.
And you know, there's funny bits.
- Who are you? - Miles Daly.
Did you eat off it? Look, Miles, it's a bad time.
Listen, Rick.
I'd produce this myself, but I've never done it before.
And I thought, who'd be into this? Rick fuckin' Moreweather.
So I do the legwork, you advise me.
And we split the profits.
I make straight-to-video movies.
Budgets of 5 to 10 million.
Stuff that sells in Germany and Japan.
I can't finance a period drama.
If I did, I'd lose my shirt.
(ENGINE STARTS) Best of luck.
I mean that.
Everything all right? I haven't seen Yago.
But we got work at the warehouse.
Can it keep a few hours? LOUIS: (ON PHONE) I guess so.
Amara met with a new business partner.
Didn't work out.
MILES: (ON PHONE) Who? Potential front for our cash, now that Jason's gone.
That's what Ed told me.
So what happened? LOUIS: I don't know.
Where are you, anyway? I'm heading back from LA.
LOUIS: LA? Why the fuck are you in LA? I'll tell you when I get there.
Is this a bad time? For what? Uh, I just wanted to talk over something with you.
An idea.
In the car.
You're in front.
Oh, I'm not angry.
- No? - (CHUCKLES) No.
It's water under the bridge.
Get in.
You know, uh, we can always do this later.
I should really get to the warehouse.
We drop you off.
(ENGINE STARTS) (WHISPERING) (SIRENS WAILING) So? So, um Yeah, uh, I know we're not running cash through the casino, because of the Feds.
And I heard the new guy didn't work out.
But I met a producer in LA.
He makes movies, nothing you'd have heard of.
He had investors who front the money, maybe 5 to 10 million per movie.
And he sells it overseas.
And I thought, could be a good way to make your cash flow legit.
I don't understand.
Um You'd finance one of his movies as a silent partner.
And he'd sell it, you'd recoup.
You'd pay tax on those earnings, but that money, all of that money, would be clean.
And this is your idea? Yeah.
What movie? I like John Stamos.
Excuse me? AMARA: You know John Stamos? The actor? Could he be in this? Yeah, definitely.
Good idea.
(PAPERS RUSTLING) I'll think about it.
(DRUM MUSIC PLAYING) LOUIS: It's such an unbelievably terrible idea.
I I really don't know what to say.
You'll be in business with Amara? Maybe.
How'd that work out for him? Hey, buddy.
Do you think this is a good idea? Everybody in show business has a different story about how they broke in.
Maybe this is our way.
- "Our" way? - Yeah.
No, no.
You know what, I don't even wanna hear about this.
You know, when it's you on that tarp, I am gonna be sad, but it won't be me.
I'm gonna make a call.
Hey! Just saying good night.
And how amazing you were in your play.
(CHUCKLES SOFTLY) Speaking of which, I told you I was going to Hollywood, right? Well, I met an actor and, uh, and a writer and a producer.
Where? MILES: Uh, people like that are all over LA.
KATIE: Who's that? It's Dad.
Well, tell him you're going to bed.
Bye, Mom.
Hey, um, I gotta go.
And I'm sorry about Jeffrey.
I I didn't know.
MILES: Listen (SMACKS LIPS) Me and your mom are having a few little issues at the moment.
But I have a feeling that everything's gonna work out fine.
Night, shorty.
Love you.
Love you, too.
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