Get Shorty (2017) s01e02 Episode Script

Sins of a Chambermaid

1 MILES: Previously on Get Shorty - MILES: You find this job meaningful? - LOUIS: What? When I started off, I convinced myself that this was temporary.
I've been trying to change Katie's mind about our situation.
Whatever I said six months ago, I didn't mean that we would take a break and everything would go back to how it was.
MILES: If I changed my job, she might take me back.
You'd be at all the awards shows.
You get points on the back end.
What the fuck? MILES: How hard can it be? Producing a movie.
We've got a script.
We don't know the first fucking thing.
MILES: So we find someone who does.
Moreweather, I'd produce this myself, but I've never done it before.
So I do the legwork, you advise me.
And we split the profits.
You'd finance one of his movies as a silent partner.
All of that money would be clean.
I'll think about it.
Get Shorty 1x02 "Sins of a Chambermaid" (MUSIC PLAYING) MILES: Hey, it's Miles Daly again.
Calling for Rick Moreweather.
Uh, sorry to leave another message, but I have some news on the film script that we discussed.
Um, better I tell you directly.
So if you could give me a call back, I'd appreciate it.
I'm at 775-127-0432.
All right, thank you.
Ah, look at that, the reception is shite here.
For all I know he's already called.
I doubt it.
Watch the road, okay? (SIGHS) I told Katie I was starting a new profession, she thought I meant I was painting houses or some fucking thing.
She finds out I'm making a movie Assuming this producer calls you back.
He'll call.
And I'll tell him I've got financing.
I mean, that's the hardest part that.
Oh, is it, really? The hardest part, in your experience? (MUSIC CONTINUES) COMMENTATOR: down the right side.
He's hammered.
He had a man.
ED: Get your ass on the ground! - WOMAN: (GASPS) Oh, my God! - MAN: Oh, shit! Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! Whoa! ED: Outside.
- All right.
All right.
- ED: Let's go.
(SPEAKS SPANISH) Go check out that trailer.
Could use some cover.
Or I could just go on my own.
Get him up.
(GRUNTS) Damn, relax, man.
Oh, gold teeth.
So you're a hard fuckin' OG.
- That what that means? - (SIGHS) You sell candy around here, you kick up to Amara.
Listen, man, this is some kinda big misunderstanding, bruh.
Oh, okay.
Well, then I guess we can work this out, right? (GRUNTS) (LAUGHS) YAGO: What do you think, man? (YAGO LAUGHS) MILES: Don't chamber that, shitballs.
I'm cool, man.
Okay, Mr.
Cool, set down your piece.
Put down your shells.
Now step back.
Hands on your head.
- Don't move.
- (CELL PHONE CHIMING) Hi, Rick? Hello? Hello? (SIGHS) Shit! Does the landline work? - (STAMMERING) That - Mr.
Cool, may I use your fucking phone? - Yeah.
- Thank you.
Don't fucking move.
GLADYS: (OVER PHONE) Moreweather Productions.
Hi, this is Miles Daly.
Were you calling me? GLADYS: It's Gladys at Moreweather Productions.
We got all five of your messages.
I don't have Rick at the moment.
But if you got any news about your project, I can pass it along.
Okay, great.
I spoke with Rick about a script, The Admiral's Mistress, um, but since our conversation Move one more fucking inch and I'll put a bullet in your chin.
All right.
I'm not moving.
Since our conversation, I found an investor to finance the movie.
So all Rick would need to do is to help me produce.
- LOUIS: We good? All clear.
Yeah, just hold on.
(WHISPERS) Yeah, hey, go underneath.
Okay, what was that, miss? Yeah, no, I'm, uh, I'm at a play.
Only a half a kilo in the wall, 30 in cash.
Who's in there? Three men, one woman.
Leave the bodies.
We send a message.
(SIGHS) What? They work for Josias.
Estos? Say they thought Josias had an arrangement with us.
No arrangement.
Why Josias fuck with me? He has a problem, he call me.
I don't drive out for this bullshit.
What d'you wanna do? (MUSIC PLAYING) (MUSIC CONTINUES) (MUSIC CONTINUES) Well, this is pleasant.
You're gonna miss me, you know.
You're the one who's gonna be alone in LA.
I got a family here.
(SCOFFS) Yeah, maybe you could pair up with Yago.
You can sit on his lap in the Mustang, and watch Amara light people on fire.
You're using Amara's money to start a business.
How's that gonna turn out? Oh, you want to see some pictures? Of what? I got this book about Hollywood back in the day.
There's a bar called the Bel-Air Lounge, you can still get in.
And all the Hollywood stars used to go there.
Spencer Tracy, Katharine Hepburn, uh - Katharine Hepburn, really? - Don't.
It's That's amazing! I know that you're All right.
I'm not moving to LA.
Nobody's asking you to.
I just put a down payment on my condo.
Where I can sit by the pool and enjoy a cold, refreshing drink.
That's all I need.
That's all I need.
That's what people in LA do, if they're lucky.
And you're happy to spend the rest of your life in this town? I am.
ED: That's only three.
One's still inside.
20 bucks, he doesn't make it.
Shit, there he goes.
(GRUNTS) Vamos.
Middle of nowhere, can't even get my fucking station.
(MUSIC CONTINUES) (DOORBELL RINGING) Seriously? With all ringing, I thought someone was bleeding out here.
1:00 and you're in a robe.
- So? - So here's your mail.
Oh, I'm approved for a credit card.
Why are you really here? Should I be looking for another job? Why, 'cause I'm in a robe? I'm working outta my home, that's all.
All right, I'm cooking eggs.
Just come in.
Hate overcooked eggs.
(SIGHS) (GRUNTS) You're depressed.
- What? - Hey, there's no shame in it.
- If you can't pay me then - I can pay you.
I just I gotta get something going, that's all.
Which won't happen unless you come to work.
All right.
What is this, an intervention? I'm coming back to work.
Can I have breakfast first? At 1:00.
(GLADYS SCOFFS) Just have some faith, for Christ's sake! (CLUB MUSIC PLAYING) Here are your drinks, guys.
Hey, what's up, Mano? Pour this man a drink.
WOMAN: Here you go, baby.
Hey, Gillis owns this club, and he's in some serious financial shit.
I mean this place is going into foreclosure, okay? So if you wanna buy in, you in, baby.
It's pretty empty, man.
What do they pull on a Friday night? Look, I don't know, but it's all cash.
Okay? (GILLIS CLEARS THROAT) - Hey, Gillis.
- Hey.
- Yago.
- Man I was telling you about.
You guys doing all right? Just enjoying ourselves.
All right.
If you need anything, another bottle or whatever, you just let me know.
- Okay.
- All right? (BOTH CHUCKLE) (SNIFFING) (SNIFFS) Fuck Miles and that movie bullshit.
Yeah, we could run some serious cash through this place.
(CHUCKLES) Yeah, keep it in the family, you know? That's what I'm saying.
We get some bomb-ass DJs from Vegas.
We get Redfoo, it's wall-to-wall peeps.
Bro, this is all you.
All right.
When I was your age, we didn't have graduation ceremonies for every grade.
Seems awful celebratory for mastering the alphabet.
It's for the parents.
Make them think we got an education.
- Oh! - No, Ben Felder's walking and he almost got kept back.
Everyone except for Andy.
Oh, why not Andy? Got caught shoplifting vodka.
Your friend Andy with the freckles? - He's stealing alcohol? - From Albertsons.
And that's what your buddies do for fun, is it? Hey, it wasn't me that did it, so - What did Mom say? - Nothing.
- Did you tell her? - Yes.
When Jeffrey was over.
I knew she wouldn't freak out then.
(CHUCKLES) What's Jeffrey got to do with it? Mmm, she doesn't get pissed off when he's around.
She just acts weird.
Even her laugh is weird.
Is he over a lot? I mean, I guess so.
They hold hands when they watch CNN.
It's really gross.
What? No, no.
It's fine.
(SNIFFS) BOY: So they departed out of the land of Zarahemla, and took their swords and their spears and their bows and their arrows and their slings.
They departed out into the wilderness to go up to the land of Nephi, to preach the word of God unto the Lamanites.
TOM: We'd like to invite everyone to join us down the hall for light refreshments.
Have a blessed day.
Brittany's laying out food.
Dad, come on.
Hmm, I gotta go to work, so You close on the condo yet? No, but they did give me the keys, so Brynlee's gonna bring the kids over tomorrow and we're gonna check out the pool.
You're gonna love the neighborhood.
Got the Walmart right there, Panda Express.
- Right by the church.
- Dad.
Almost don't even need a car.
(CHUCKLES) Ought to save on gas.
Yeah, we barely go outside a 5-mile radius.
Dad! You see me having a conversation? Hmm? We'll catch you later.
When I'm speaking to Uncle Louis, you need to let me finish before you pull me away.
His vengeance will not slumber long JEFFREY: All right, Dick, widen your stance a little bit.
Remember, I want you to tuck that right elbow in, your arm straight across your chest.
Now, grip, hip and rip.
- DICK: Oh! - There it is! (BOTH CHUCKLE) There you go.
Good job.
Hey, there.
- Hey! - Finishing up.
Uh, Dick, this is Katie.
- How're you doing? - Hi.
(CHUCKLES) - You play golf with this guy? - Well, I try.
Except I'm so bad, he can't sit back and watch.
Has to keep giving me instruction.
We're approaching the three, and she reaches for her five iron.
I'm like, "Uh-oh!" (CHUCKLES) (CHUCKLES) Hey, grab a table at the restaurant, I'll be right up, okay? Okay.
Um, so you know, I'm back at work in 50 minutes.
- Okay, um - Good to meet you.
Dick, grab your tee.
(CLEARS THROAT) She the one you told me about? With a daughter? Yeah, 12 years old.
Nice kid.
- She's not divorced.
- No, they're separated.
But you know what? They're on good terms.
I met him the other night, he seems fine.
How's he feel about you? Oh, you know me, I get along with everybody.
Let's put it this way.
He's nothing I can't handle.
(CHUCKLES) Hey, you think I should give Katie the script so she knows what the movie's about? Sure.
I sent it over to that producer.
Oh, they got the compressor going, they can't hear us.
I'm gonna text.
I couldn't leave Owen's name on it.
'Cause, well, you shot him.
So I used your name instead.
You what? Oh, it's no big deal.
No one cares who the writer is.
You put my name as the writer? I had to put something down.
So use your name.
It's already done.
(SIGHS) Is it good? - What? - The script.
The fuck you care if it's any good? I don't want my name on a script if it sucks.
Lulu, it's beautiful.
It is.
Don't worry, I'm not gonna ruin your reputation as a fucking writer.
Come on in, I'll get it.
What if Owen showed it to somebody? Right? He had a girlfriend.
That roommate.
The impression I got, he didn't give it to anybody.
Oh, okay.
Well, you know what, it is sloppy.
And I don't want Amara thinking I've got anything to do with it.
You think Amara's gonna care who the fucking script writer is? Come on! All right, you don't mind getting capped over it, that's fine.
Not everybody feels that way.
Hey! Owen here? He moved out.
What? Yeah, I haven't seen him in days.
My calls go straight to voicemail.
What? His friends came by before he took off.
One of them gave me a number, I called it, but it was disconnected.
(SIGHS) I have dated my share of losers.
But this? Taking my car and just like ghosting me? What? He took your car? Yeah.
He said he'd be right back with it, then he turned off his phone.
- That's crazy.
- I know.
You know, I gave him rent money, and the landlord never got it.
I'm not even on the lease.
He stole from both of us.
Wait, do you think he had, like, a family emergency? Why wouldn't he answer his phone? I'm Facebook friends with his sister.
I'm gonna talk to his family, like, now.
Hello? Hello? PAMELA: Is that Rick? Your dad's upstairs, I'm about to bring him lunch.
- You want to say hey? - No, that's fine.
I just, uh, came by to give you this.
That's not all of it.
I'm gonna get you all square soon, I promise.
Small hiccup in one of my projects, but it's all gonna work out.
Okay, Pamela.
Uh, you don't want to go up? Oh.
He heard me.
If he doesn't want to come down, it's fine.
RICK: Well, it's not a cult movie, per Se.
You know what, I'll send the treatment over to you, you can Yeah, no worries, no worries.
No, no, I'm just checking in, that's all.
Say hi to Mary for me.
Too many cult movies in development.
This came from Miles Daly.
Who? Dropped in last week, didn't have an appointment.
He pitched to you.
Oh, no.
No, no, no, no, no.
That guy's not real.
He said he has private financing.
All you gotta do is produce, and you could pay yourself a fee.
(SIGHS DEEPLY) You know, I read it.
It's good.
- You read it? - It's been slow recently.
I've been doing this too long to use spare change from the couch cushions, so Jimmy! Hey, listen.
It's Rick.
I gotta, uh, a thing I want to sneak over to you.
It's this fantastic property.
Little graphic novel called Children of the Wicked.
And it No.
No, no, no, I didn't.
I pitched something different.
I did? (CHUCKLES) Shit! Well, you know, you and I should find something 'cause together Mmm-hmm.
Take care.
(MUSIC PLAYING ON RADIO) Wait till you see this condo.
Feel like I've already seen it 'cause you've told me so much about it.
It's east-facing, so, you know, you get lots of light.
Pool has 24-hour access.
Partake in a lot of night swimming, do you? It's near my sister, you know.
You know, I was talking to my brother-in-law at church today.
- You remember Tom.
- Not really.
And he was telling me about just how much they love it there.
I mean, they really feel like they found a home, you know.
Everything they need is nearby.
Is that what you really want though, Lu? To be stuck in an even smaller part of an ugly fucking desert? I mean, I get it.
I do.
It's familiar, which I suppose is comforting.
You know I don't think you do get it.
Because you're from Ireland, and, you know, this is not home for you.
For me, it is.
You're right.
Don't listen to me.
I I just wish you were coming with me, Lulu.
(UPBEAT SONG PLAYS ON RADIO) Well, I'm sure this movie thing is going to work out for you.
This condo sounds lovely.
And the noise from the highway doesn't bother you? What are you talking about? Well, it's just off the 160, isn't it? The noise doesn't bother you? - What you mean? Traffic noise? - Yeah.
No! You know I mean, you don't hear it.
- Really? - Yeah.
Hey, Jerry Fuckheimer.
That's good.
That all of it? Except the girls from Bell Vista.
They need another day.
And you gave it to them without checking with me? That is what happened, yeah.
We'll get it to you tomorrow, first thing.
Hmm, great.
(CHUCKLES) Also, um, when you get around to it Would you pull your head out of your ass? - (CHUCKLES) - Hmm? Fucking prick - Just don't.
Okay? Just - I'm not.
I'm not.
You know, I went by the condo three times.
- You don't hear the highway.
- I find that surprising.
You don't hear it.
It's - (CELL PHONE RINGING) - Hold on.
(CELL PHONE RINGING) This fucking guy.
What did I fucking say? Hey, Rick.
No, no.
It's great to hear from you.
Um, I'm in the middle of a business meeting right now.
Um, I could be there tonight.
Where do you wanna meet? Oh! You didn't have to do this.
Wanted to say thank you for taking the time.
Is it too early to open it? (CHUCKLES) Come on.
Don't tell Gladys.
She thinks I'm depressed.
I dunno, it's a long story.
Sit down, sit down.
So, uh, you got a private investor, huh? I do.
I do.
And, uh, what's the budget? How much money you got? How much will we need? Well, script the way it is, you got a lot of period costumes, a couple castles, got over 100 extras.
If you don't go crazy above the line 30 million.
Fuck me! (CHUCKLES) Cheers.
It's Rick, you think there's any way we could do it for two million? Two.
Well You know, a lot of producers would tell you, "Uh, it's impossible.
" I happen to be, not to toot my own horn here, I have a lot of experience in making films like this in that price range.
- Oh! - And there's an art to it.
I don't doubt that.
Now, if we were to take this and rethink some of the elements that aren't essential to the script, I could do it.
That's good.
That's Great attitude.
Also, we're gonna need to make our money back on it.
That's a really important thing.
Yeah, I will.
I mean, if I were to come on.
I would presell to foreign markets.
That's how you do it.
That's how you recoup, okay? Need anything before I take off? No.
Goodnight, Gladys.
- You drinking? - I am.
It's a gift from my friend.
Good night.
Okay, tell me about this investor.
Amara De Escalones.
She owns a casino in Pahrump, Nevada, and she's my boss.
You work in a casino? Indirectly.
And, uh, the writer.
Who's the writer? He He works with us, also.
The writer works at a casino? (CHUCKLES) MILES: Here's the thing about Amara.
She doesn't like to travel, and she's gonna need to meet you before she'll sign on to anything.
So you think you can come out? To Hahrump? Pahrump.
It's just outside Vegas.
Well, production's gonna have to fly me first class.
And put me up.
Best hotel in town.
In Pahrump.
So you're in? (TECHNO MUSIC PLAYING) - Hey, Tia.
- What? I said, "Hey.
" (CHUCKLES) It's nice, right? Got us a private table, champagne, it's Too loud.
You sure, Tia? It's It's Cristal.
So this place does all their business in cash.
At the door and the bar.
No oversight, which means we could make up whatever figure we want.
This fucking music.
We could run all our cash through this company, Tia.
And I'd handle everything, so there'd be no problem with the books.
All we need is the initial investment and I can't hear.
It's too fucking loud.
What? All right, well, then, maybe we'll talk about it tomorrow, because this is a good opportunity, Tia.
Yo, yo, yo, yo, why is she taking off? She's into it, right? JEFFREY: Hang on.
I was expecting UPS.
You're Miles, right? Jeffrey.
Katie here? No.
Uh, no.
She'll be right back.
She just took Emma to school and then she's gonna run to the grocery store.
Do you wanna Do you wanna wait inside for her? Yeah, that'll be good.
I'll text her.
I'll tell her that you're here.
Was she expecting you? No.
(DOOR SHUTS) Um Hey, Miles, I'd love to offer you an espresso or something, but I cannot figure out how to work this machine.
I know how to work it.
But no thanks.
All right.
Let me get these on.
(CHUCKLES) (JEFFREY SIGHS) This is weird, isn't it? Yeah.
I guess it is.
What do you do, Miles? Katie didn't tell ya? (SCOFFS) Yeah, of cour (MUMBLES) Right.
She said you worked at a casino.
The Silver Dust, in Pahrump.
How about you, Jeffrey? I'm a golf pro at Sandy Springs Country Club.
You know, I'm teaching lessons and holding tournaments.
So it's a lot of paperwork, too, actually.
- I'm at a desk a lot - May I? Yeah.
Of co Yeah.
Very nice.
Do you golf? (CHUCKLES) No.
Not really.
Well, what you're holding there is an adjustable golf club.
You can actually change the, um, the angle of the face.
Whoa! (CHUCKLING) Whoa! Adjustable, huh? Yeah.
I I can get you a free one, if you want.
- Come on.
- No, seriously.
They send me stuff all the time for promotions.
I got a couple of those gathering dust.
Miles, you should have one.
Ah, it's wasted on me.
No, it's not.
Listen, golf, it's the game of kings.
Here, you just You gotta go easy on your backstroke.
Hold a second.
See where your hips are right now? Okay.
What that is, is a reverse pivot.
It's gonna make it really difficult for you to control the distance and the direction of the ball.
So Here.
There you go.
Widen your stance.
- All right? - Well, a little more.
- Widen your stance.
- Okay.
Relax your arms and your hips here.
- Hey.
- Hey.
You get the idea.
What the fuck are you doing here? What? I needed to talk, and then things got No.
You need to call before you come over.
(SIGHS) He seems nice.
Glad you think so.
And that's who you want to be with? Arnold fucking Palmer? Well, at least, I can tell people what he does.
If you weren't with that guy, we'd be making fun of that guy.
Hold on, hold on.
Reason I came over I know that for this to work, I need to make changes, and I've been doing that.
I have.
I We so can't do this now.
Look, call first, we'll talk.
(DOOR SHUTS) (INDISTINCT CHATTER) BRYNLEE: Just be nice to your sister, you hear me? LOUIS: Hey, sweetie.
Why don't you get your uncle one of those root beers? Oh, I've been waiting for this.
Just lie back and soak up some rays.
Does the freeway bother you? What? You can hear it.
I didn't till you mentioned it.
But now that I did? Who cares? It's a two-bedroom place with a pool.
You can raise a family here.
(SIGHS) I guess, yeah.
When you meet the right girl.
Hmm? (CHILDREN SPLASHING) Who the fuck put that there? Language.
Bobby, you keep splashing your sister and you are out.
So Tom told me that ever since you guys moved here, you don't ever go anywhere.
Well, we got the Walmart.
Maybe that's not a good thing.
- (CHILDREN SCREAMING) - Bobby! I am warning you.
(DANTE GROANS) I could do this all day.
(SPEAKS SPANISH) Come on, man.
My brother don't talk to me about this shit.
That's too bad.
- (GRUNTS) - (GROANS) Don't kill me.
Josias's saying Amara's out of control.
Out of control how? That she She's dropping bodies every week.
She's got feds watching.
You fucked with Josias' business, so now Josias's moving on Amara's territory.
What else Josias got planned? DANTE: I don't know.
Call your brother, we'll listen.
I can't set him up like that.
He's one of ours.
So? So go easy.
I am going easy.
(ED SIGHS) When you spoke to Amara this morning, she say anything about the club? No.
'Cause that was a slow night.
We get Redfoo up in there.
That place is gonna blow up.
Listen, I know she's meeting with this movie guy.
But we can't get involved with that Hollywood shit.
It's not my business.
Let's handle this.
MILES: Rick.
How was your flight? It was on that.
It's the only direct flight.
Doesn't really have a first class.
Oh, let me get that.
RICK: That? That's the casino? MILES: She'll ask about money, all right? How much, and when.
Yeah, yeah.
I know the drill.
Don't worry.
I'm gonna give a little bit of Hollywood sizzle.
Okay, don't get cute.
She looks like a silly old woman, but believe me, she is not.
Also, she likes John Stamos.
(SCOFFS) For this? Know him? Oh, that's our writer.
Of course, it is.
- You're the movie guy, right? - That's me.
Hey, great job on that script.
(CHUCKLES) Thank you.
It means a lot.
Uh, before you talk to Amara, could I have a word? Sure.
Hang steady, Rick.
What's up? You and me have been working together all this time.
And I realized that for your sake, I cannot let you go to LA without backup, right? I mean, especially now that I'm the writer.
That's right.
You're gonna come with me? Just till you get on your feet.
You worried about Amara? Okay.
Well, as long as she knows that this is your thing, - and I'm just coming along.
- Hmm.
You got a place to stay, right? Just a furnished place I found online.
There's only one bed, but we can get an air mattress.
Well, I can get my down payment back for the condo.
It's a nice place, but if I go to LA, I mean, if that's what ends up happening, I'll just walk away from it.
Thanks, man.
Come on, now.
You're my boy.
Two million? MILES: (CLEARS THROAT) Well, we don't have a budget yet, but it'll be in that neighborhood.
Well, that's thorough security.
(CHUCKLES) It's a casino.
Yeah, it's It's beautiful.
Rick Moreweather.
A pleasure.
AMARA: So you move to LA? MILES: Financially, I'll be responsible.
So yeah, I'll have Louis there for back up, and Rick will help produce.
Which movies you make? Oh, uh, I don't know if you've heard of them.
Day of Reckoning.
Out for Blood.
MILES: Hmm Of course, this one, this is a totally different tone.
He looks like John Stamos.
Yeah? Yeah, little bit, yeah.
His cousin, maybe.
I just saw Stamos.
Where? DMV in Studio City.
You guarantee this investment? Well, "guarantee" is a A pretty strong term in the movie business.
We're going to lean on foreign sales to recoup We will absolutely recoup.
My last 18 films have made a profit.
I don't know even know another producer that can say that.
I'll cut a check for 200 grand on the books.
Then, we'll hand-deliver three payments of 600,000 each, in cash.
Cash? Three payments.
Yes, but In cash? That a problem? It's perfect.
It's perfect, isn't it? Rick.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
Who doesn't like cash? (CHUCKLES) (CHUCKLES) (INDISTINCT CHATTER) Two million, holy shit.
We're actually doing this.
That stuff about the recoup, Rick, that was perfect.
Okay, I gotta go home and pack, and say goodbye to my sister.
Rick, it was very nice to meet you.
Looks like we'll be working together.
- Yeah, I guess so.
- (LOUIS CHUCKLES) Why don't you get me a cab, and I'll, uh, go to my hotel now.
Uh, no need.
We can walk.
Best hotel in Pahrump.
RICK: Oh, no.
Doesn't look like much, but it's actually real, real nice inside.
You hungry? I'm hungry.
MILES: Steak and fries from Lucy's Diner.
You will not be disappointed.
Tomorrow me and Louis can get the money, and we'll drive to Los Angeles, meet you at the Bel-Air Lounge to celebrate, all right? You know the Bel-Air Lounge? - It's an old Hollywood hangout.
- Yeah, all right, all right.
Can we talk about what's really going on? What do you mean? What is it? Tax evasion? Is that it, huh? 90% off the books.
And Okay.
I may look like a small fish in a big pond, but I am strictly legit.
If I'm liable Liable for what? I don't know.
Then what are we talking about? You're funny.
(CHUCKLES) It's $2 million to make a movie, right? How is that not legit? Oh, okay.
So what you're saying is the less I know Is that what I'm saying? What do you do, again? Have a steak, Rick.
There's ketchup, steak sauce.
Glass of brown liquor.
Okay, so So what? Tomorrow we're gonna get 600,000 in cash? Huh? In what, a A paper bag? If it makes you feel better, I'll put it in a briefcase.
Eat your meat.
It's getting cold.
No, you don't mess with Amara.
I love and respect that woman.
But her judgment Exactly.
I'm not saying she's going senile.
But running our money through Miles and some half-assed movie because she wants to meet John fucking Stamos? Fucking Miles, bro.
Should erase that cocksucker.
I'm serious.
Yeah, so am I, bro.
Look, I got people, all right? You just give the word.
That couldn't come back on us.
That's what I'm saying, all right? - We get one of my boys - Mmm-hmm.
What you say? The fuck! How long you been there standing behind us? You wanna get shitfaced, don't do it here.
Don't tell me where to drink.
BLIZ: This man here? He can drink where the fuck he want.
(BOTH CHUCKLE) Shit! He hear what we say? Fat ass fly on the wall.
Nah, nah, nah, he just walked up.
(SNIFFS) Hey, can we get another round, or you gonna make us beg? Hey, who's gonna pay for the Bel-Air Lounge tomorrow? Is that from the bag of cash? MILES: Business expense.
RICK: I got you something here.
That's a movie I made in '93.
(MILES READING) Don't think I have a VCR.
Could maybe pick one up at a pawnshop.
That's a period drama that I made for cheap.
Uh-huh, one location.
No No horse-drawn carriage bullshit.
Added sex scene in there.
Nothing graphic.
Enough to sell it overseas.
And it turned out good? Well, "good," that's It's a subjective term, right? No, but you're saying if we do ours like this, it'll be good.
You ever hear of, uh, Giustino Morrongiello? Um RICK: He directed Death in New Orleans.
Oh, that's a great fucking movie.
Giustino is my dad.
No shit.
Your dad directed that? Okay, despite all the The critical acclaim, he was always broke.
We got evicted two times.
Not that he cared, he was off.
He was making a film somewhere.
The last film he made lost so much money, he bankrupted the fucking studio.
And now, guess who's paying the mortgage? I bet he's proud of you.
Proud? Look, the point I'm making is you wanna make your money back? (SCOFFS) Have to.
Don't get hung up then on that "quality" thing.
Uh, yeah, uh, just have him wait in the lobby.
It's crazy, I know, but I got my hands on this script.
Long story And I I think it's amazin'.
So I got it to this producer that I met in LA, and I said, "You gotta read this, man.
This has got to be made.
" You're You're making a movie.
(CHUCKLES) - This is happening.
- It is! (STUTTERS) And why would Amara let you just walk away? I I'm still working out the final details over, but it's not gonna be a problem.
We're driving to Los Angeles today.
You're moving? Not moving I'm just For a bit.
Well, thanks for telling me.
You forget you have a daughter? For fuck's That's That's why I'm doing this, so we can be a family.
When school break's up, I thought that That you could both come to LA.
We can't come to LA.
Why not? My job.
The The house.
The guy I'm seeing! The golf pro? That fuckin' polo shirt with the turned-up collar? Not a turned up collar.
Well, what about Emma then? I I don't like this crowd that she's running with here.
Excuse me? Andy, with the fuckin' freckles, steals vodka.
Which means that he's drinking at 12 years old.
I know that she told you about this.
(SCOFFS) You're worried about her deviant 12-year-old friends.
Your friends are a fuck of a lot worse than Andy with the freckles.
God, if you're making a movie, it is some kind of racket.
I (SIGHS) It's not.
There's always an angle.
A shakedown.
That's not what this is.
It's a real It's a real movie! I swear! It's an amazing story, Katie.
This guy, this young Irish guy, he has to go to war to redeem himself.
To the woman that he loves.
But then he returns home and he realizes that he's been cuckolded.
And he doesn't know how to deal with it, so I'm sorry.
Miles Uh (CLEARS THROAT) I have to get back.
Don't forget Emma's graduation.
(DOOR OPENS) (DOOR CLOSES) Listen to the birds.
It almost sounds as if they're talking.
(BIRDS CHIRPING ON TV) Well, they are talking.
Those are whip-poor-wills.
They'll be making their nest now.
Hey, hey, buddy.
What do you say we broaden our fuckin' horizons, huh? BARNABY: (ON TV) Welcome the pigeon-doves.
How do you know about such a thing? - LOUIS: What's this? - MILES: Movie Rick made.
LOUIS: Oh, how is it? Worst thing I've ever seen.
So stop watchin' it.
We gotta go.
We got a four-hour drive.
Katie said if I'm makin' a movie, it must be some sort of con.
And I said, "No, it's not.
" And then I come home and watch it.
Are you watching this? Uh, no, not really.
Every time the door shuts, you can see the walls shake.
I mean, if this is the kind of movie we're gonna make, then the whole thing is a con! I mean, that's all it is.
I don't follow.
The Godfather.
Right? Raging Bull.
Taxi Driver.
That's the kinda movie you wanna make.
Not this horse shit.
So you work your way up to that, right? But you make your money back on this one.
- I - And Amara lets you live.
Hey, that's a bonus, right? And maybe next time, it's, you know, the The Taxi Drivers.
It's one driver.
LOUIS: Come on, man.
I come in here, I'm all excited, and you're just a Debbie Downer.
I can't keep up.
Shouldn't we at least go before traffic fucks us in the ass? (KNOCKING AT DOOR) (BUZZES) - (LYLE GRUNTS) - BLIZ: What the fuck? LYLE: Open the safe.
- (COCKS GUN) - Open the safe! I don't know the combo, okay? I swear to God! Who does? Oh, shit! What up, bro? You remember me? Yeah, I'm the one you asked about my teeth.
Asked if they made me a gangsta? (YAGO GROANS) (GROANING) (PHONE CHIMING) Hello? CAROLINE: (OVER PHONE) Well, we can stop worrying about Owen.
Piece of shit is on a beach, drinking cocktails with little umbrellas.
NATHAN: How do you know? (SCOFFS) Got onto his email account and found the receipt for his flight to Mexico.
One way to San Felipe.
Yeah, wow.
And And what did he do with your car? Probably sold it.
And then got a new phone number.
I think I was dating a professional thief.
(PANTS) He seemed so Nerdy, right? He was staying with me three nights a week.
Asking me for my opinion on his stupid scripts.
And I thought I knew him.
I was, like, supposed to meet his aunt.
His favorite aunt.
Who was coming back here from Thailand.
MILES: Look at this place.
It's just like the book.
It's great, isn't it? LOUIS: Yeah, it better be.
20 bucks for fuckin' parking.
MILES: Rick.
Oh, gentlemen.
All right, you made it, huh? (CHUCKLES) So did these, uh, famous actors really eat here? They did.
Bob Hope, uh, threw up on that wall.
- LOUIS: Hah! - (RICK CHUCKLES) Well, I don't see anybody famous now.
Let's get a bottle of good champagne.
The expensive one The cheaper expensive one.
Ginger ale.
I'm good for now.
Thank you.
And this is for you.
It is a paper bag.
It's, uh, 600,000? Minus expenses for myself and Louis here.
All right.
Well, let's eat, huh? What do you want? They make a very good bouillabaisse here.
They got, uh, veal, if you're a veal guy - Mmm.
Oh, yeah, look at that.
- Mmm-hmm.
We watched your movie, Rick.
Sins of a Chambermaid.
Wow, good.
It's great that you made it for cheap, - and then you got your money back on it.
- RICK: Hmm.
- Impressive.
- Thank you.
But you think with our movie that maybe we could use actors that are better at Acting? (CHUCKLES) MILES: Also, the sets were a bit wobbly, and the costumes were (CHUCKLES) I guess, my point is, you think that we can use two million and make a movie that turns out, I don't know Better.
You know, guys, you You brought me a period drama.
Okay, you can make, uh, Juno for two million, not Sense and Sensibility.
Not Atonement.
I haven't seen those, have you? (STUTTERS) What was that last one? Yeah, these are movies that They're made by big studios.
Ah! So let's get a big studio.
Well, you ever tried to ask somebody for 30 million? Hmm? It's not that simple.
I managed to get us two million.
What about that girl that I met at your office, from Gravity Pictures? Uh, Ms.
April? No, no.
She seemed nice.
No, we're not gonna work with April.
Come on, guys, huh? I helped you get the money from the The old lady, right? That's what I do.
Let me do my job.
He's got a point.
But all that effort and sacrifice, you don't wanna make any old thing.
You wanna make something that you're gonna be proud of.
You know, his dad directed Death in New Orleans.
This isn't that film.
But that's what I'm talking about.
A film that makes you feel something.
I know, I know.
You wanna feel something.
That is what your dad did so well.
Leave my dad out of it - Making something of substance.
- Okay? All right, you know, good luck, guys.
Because this is a mistake for me, uh - What? - RICK: I hope the project goes well.
I'm not gonna be on it, - but I look forward to seein' it - Whoa, whoa, whoa! at the local art-house cinema.
I'm sure it's gonna signal a A whole new golden age in Hollywood! Okay, what's happened? What's happening? Lose my phone number, okay? I don't know what I said Rick - Thank you for the drinks! - Hold on.
Is that Drew Barrymore? Quality!