Get Shorty (2017) s01e03 Episode Script

The Yips

RICK: Previously on Get Shorty If you're making a movie, it is some kind of racket.
I (SIGHS) It's not.
There's always an angle.
We watched your movie, Sins of a Chambermaid.
You think that we can use two million and make a movie that turns out - Better? - MILES: Right.
Let's get a big studio.
What about that girl that I met at your office, from Gravity Pictures? I hope the project goes well.
I'm not gonna be on it, - but I look forward to seein' it - Whoa, whoa, whoa! at the local art-house.
Lose my number, please.
Open the fuckin' safe! (YAGO GROANS) Get Shorty 1x03 "The Yips" (YOUNG AMARA SOBBING) (GOATS BLEATING) (QUIVERING) Senor.
(GOATS BLEATING) (SOBBING) (MOTHER SOBBING) (INDISTINCT CHATTERING) Who open door for them? You? They had a shotgun on Clipper.
Door locks on the inside.
BLIZ: Yeah, but Clip knocked like usual, and from the monitor I couldn't see the other dudes.
So you open.
AMARA: Who open safe? BLIZ: I mean, they were serious as shit.
(STUTTERS) They was about to put a bullet in his head (SPEAKING SPANISH) (FOOTSTEPS RECEDING) (DOOR OPENS) (DOOR SHUTS) - AMARA: How much? - All of yesterday.
About 50 grand.
And just this safe.
They didn't touch the casino cash box.
Josias is a dead man.
I will personally take him the fuck out, Tia, I promise, okay? I will get him.
(PANTS) - I will - No.
Let me do this Por favor.
- (SPEAKING SPANISH) - (AMARA SHUSHES) I will take care of Josias.
(SPEAKING SPANISH) (AMARA SHUSHES) (SOBS SOFTLY) No, no, no! - (SCREAMING) No! - What the fuck? What? (PANTING) I was dreaming.
(SIGHS) I thought the place was on fire.
(BREATHING HEAVILY) I dreamed Amara was here.
Like, she was in the room? She wanted to see the movie that we made.
I said, "The movie's not happening, "but we'll give you all the money back "except for what we spent on drinks last night.
" And she said, "Well, how many drinks?" And I said, "Two," which was a lie.
And she said, "Okay, two drinks.
"So, I'll cut off your balls and your dick.
" Well, your balls should count for two.
You should be allowed to keep your dick.
It wasn't fair.
Anyway, Amara doesn't want the money back until we've cleaned it.
But we don't have any way of doing that anymore.
The producer quit.
He didn't quit.
It sounded like he did.
(SCOFFS) You should stop dreaming, man.
Makes you very negative.
LOUIS: Whoa.
- Whoa.
- (DOOR SHUTS) Are you saying that you can get him back? MILES: Huh? How are you gonna get him back? MILES: Just gonna have a shower.
(SHOWER RUNNING) (RICK SNIFFS) How'd it go last night? I quit.
Quit what? Quit the movie? Yeah, I sort of implied it.
Did I mention that my paycheck bounced? You can't afford to quit.
I realize that.
GLADYS: I'm gonna get Miles Daly on the phone.
Tell him that you didn't mean it.
I did mean it.
At the time.
This morning A little less so.
But You have to let them know who's the boss here.
You want a good deal on a A car, you walk out of the dealership.
If they go with another producer They don't know anybody.
Producers in Hahrump, Nevada, are cooking meth.
(PHONE RINGS) Moreweather Productions.
Uh, I'll see if I have him.
See? See? Okay.
Well, you him that, uh, tell him I have a busy schedule, but we'll see if we can squeeze him in.
Tell him.
Daly? Mr.
Moreweather is very busy.
We'll see if we can squeeze (CLICKS TONGUE) I offended you at dinner.
I see that.
I hope you'll accept our apology.
(SIGHS) (CHUCKLES) You guys understand what you're asking me to do here.
Make a movie with cash.
Industry people, they like benefits.
Okay, I don't know how I'm gonna get a crew together.
But I'll do it, under one condition.
No big studio.
- Done.
- Wait.
Just Just remind me, why no studio? (SIGHS) Thirty years ago, I tried to make a prestige picture.
Serious film, financed by Columbia.
I wanted to be a visionary filmmaker and, and win awards.
Instead, I had to mortgage my house.
- But I learned a very valuable lesson.
- (CONSTRUCTION NOISE OUTSIDE) - A valuable lesson.
- (WHIRRING) - (LOUDLY) If you wanna make a profit - (WHIRRING) Go low budget, sell overseas.
What the fuck is that? It's an AC unit for the stages.
That'll go off in a minute.
Do we have a deal? No big studio.
Gladys! Get the paperwork.
Okay, as the writer (WHIRRING CONTINUES) you give us an option for the material.
It's pretty straightforward.
(LOUDLY) And, uh, ID badges.
LOUIS: Cool.
Here's the cash.
I'm gonna go (WHIRRING SLOWS) Gonna go back to Nevada now and get the next installment.
Fives and tens.
Mixed denominations.
Easier to spend.
You understand? You tell Josias.
You know, my sister Brynlee called me this morning.
She asked if I'd found a church here in LA.
Told her I hadn't.
Maybe I better find one.
So you can confess your sins? Mormons don't have confessional.
We confess directly to God.
Oh! You must have him on the speed-dial at this stage.
(CHUCKLES) I'm glad that my faith is a source of humor for you.
- (CHUCKLES) - Hey, I'm parked this way.
Uh I'm just gonna settle over here for a minute, outside April Quinn's office.
Wait, who's that? She's an executive at Gravity Pictures.
- Oh, come on! - Look.
We need Rick 'cause he'll use cash.
But his movies are shite.
You saw it.
But if we get a budget and a proper studio Oh! You knew that you were gonna do this the whole time we were in there with Rick.
And you didn't tell me.
You seemed busy.
Look, you're already a producer.
Who cares if it's a good movie? Who cares? Lou, we're making something.
You don't see that? We're using our hands and our fuckin' heads and we're making something.
Well, fine.
But the next time you pull shit like this, you let me know, up front.
Okay? - Done.
- Okay.
So I'm just gonna let you handle this woman by yourself.
And I'm gonna go buy an air mattress that holds air.
Hold on.
How am I supposed to get back to the apartment? I don't know.
Should've thought of that earlier.
Hey! Uh The executive, right? Yeah, also known as April.
I'm sorry, I didn't mean to stop you.
No, no, no.
I'm just coming from a From a meeting.
It's good to see you.
Uh, how's everything at, uh, which studio was it? - Gravity Pictures.
- That's right, yeah.
It's good, yeah.
Can't complain.
Do you, you work on the lot? Yeah, yeah.
I'm producing a film.
But when we met, you said you'd been a producer for three hours.
Nah, that was last week.
I'm pretty much an expert now.
(LAUGHS) Maybe, um Maybe we should get a coffee sometime.
Maybe we should.
I'm actually on my way there now, if you wanna join.
I've got a script I think you might be interested in No, no, no.
No scripts.
Oh, you will love this.
It's a love story, set in England in the 1800s.
- This guy is - (GASPS) Oh, my God, that's perfect.
- Yeah? - Yeah.
I have this special paper-shredder that I use for period dramas.
It sounds like a wood chipper.
It's, like, (VOCALIZES BUZZING) - Got it.
- (CHUCKLES) But we'll get coffee.
Uh, not now, but call my office.
April Quinn, Tepper Building.
We'll do it this week.
I'll do that.
(GIGGLES) I still think you're gonna love this.
No, no.
No scripts.
(KNOCKING AT DOOR) (SIGHS) Went pretty good.
80 grand and some change.
More than they took from us yesterday.
Josias will come back at us.
We got two guys at every entrance.
Is that the movie? Yeah.
I don't get it.
Read it to me.
Me? You want me to read it out loud? From the beginning.
(CLEARS THROAT) "The Admiral's Mistress.
"Fade in.
" What is that? "Ext?" Don't know.
Munro estate, evening.
"Rolling hills give way to chalk cliffs and gray ocean.
"Reveal Lord Munro, 50s, "handsome despite his lined visa Visage?" Vi-something.
"With him is Lillian, 17.
'Are you certain Lord Culph will attend the ball?' "Munro.
'Quite sure.
' "Lilian.
'I am not so foolish as to hope for an audience, "'but I would lay eyes on him.
'" "Lay eyes?" What it says.
"Munro looks at her with rep Repro" Reproach? Yeah.
"Then produces a snuff box, holding a pinch to his nose.
" Snuff is cocaina? I think.
Go on.
You okay? Don't take it so hard, man.
Like 50K, man.
Shit, that ain't nothing.
I should've been on that raid this morning.
I'm the one got my head cracked open.
Amara's looking after you, cuz.
You get stitches? - Fuck stitches.
- Yeah.
Give me the shit.
(CLICKS TONGUE) Uh, maybe you should chill, you know? Till you feel better.
Don't patronize me.
(SIGHS) (SNORTS, SNIFFS) (BLOWS, SNIFFS) You know what Ed told me this morning? That when Miles gets back from LA, I have to hand that bitch 600 grand.
I said, "We should be running that cash "through the nightclub.
" 600 G's.
How about I stab him in the throat 600 times? Hmm? Does that work? (CHUCKLING) Yeah, that work for me.
(CHUCKLES) What if Miles turns up in the LA river? LA got a river? I thought that shit dried up.
No, I'm saying if he gets dropped in LA, that shit doesn't come back on us.
We say that's LA shit.
Something he got into.
I don't have people in LA, but I think my people got people in LA.
All right.
Well, it's time to get a handle on this situation.
(SNORTS) MILES: I took a cab, in case you're wondering how I got home.
You ever hear of UberPOOL? LOUIS: Yeah.
How is it? Oh, yeah, it's great.
If you wanna listen to a gobshite talk about fuckin' Pilates.
Yeah, everything's different in LA.
TV stations are on different channels.
April Quinn didn't go for it.
- No? - MILES: Nah.
I was thinking I could swing over there, maybe try and twist her arm.
Then I remembered I have to go Nevada for Emma's graduation, so So You want me to go do it? Oh, that's a good idea.
Look, I just don't see why you need a studio.
Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah.
(IMITATING MILES) It's gotta be a good movie.
Just give me her address.
I'll go over there.
I'll smack some sense into her.
Good man.
Actually, maybe don't get physical, unless you have to.
All right.
- What do I I mean how - Just dig up something up that's of use.
Like, maybe she's a cokehead, or she's screwing her boss.
So I'm taking pictures? So, like, I'm climbing up a fuckin' tree outside her window? Nobody's asking you to climb trees.
Just find something that we can use.
All right.
(SIGHS) When we're holding our Oscars - Don't talk to me.
- Okay.
And I'm not going through her garbage! RICK: Six week shoot.
It's all in LA.
I know you're available.
I'm not doing low budget stuff anymore.
Takes too much out of me.
Okay, well, whatever they're paying you here, I can match it.
- My full quote.
- And your guys, too.
UPM, first AD, whoever you want.
If that's true, we should talk.
See? We can work it out.
Yeah, long as they take cash, I will match whatever they usually bring in, after taxes.
Why would you pay in cash? Investor.
Very nice lady, right outside Vegas.
Either you set up payroll, or this is a no-go.
I should get back.
What? Now everything is by the book with you? Come on! One M.
Night Shyamalan movie, now you're too good for me, right? I have 20 minutes.
(PANTING AND MOANING) MAN: Yeah, it was great.
APRIL: That was fun.
Yeah, all right.
Good night.
(SNIFFS) Yago? This is Miles.
I waited around for two hours and you never showed.
You probably know, I'm supposed to get something from you before I go back to LA.
So if you would could just let me know where and when, that's That's gonna happen, that would be lovely.
Okay, bye.
PRINCIPAL: (THROUGH SPEAKERS) Parents and students, please find your seats.
We will begin in just a moment.
Hey there.
Hey, Jeffrey.
Join us.
Could you scooch over? Miles, just Ah, no, it's It's okay.
(CLEARS THROAT) When did she start wearing her hair up? Her friends do it.
You know, she was talking like she didn't care about the ceremony, then she changed her outfit three times.
(CHUCKLES) I told her you were in LA 'cause you're making a movie.
You tell her you thought it was bullshit? That I didn't know much about it, which is true.
Looks real, doesn't it? That's 'cause it is.
I'll take your word for it.
No, you won't, that's why I have to show it to you.
(SIGHS) I was thinking that Emma could come and watch us film there, when we're up and running.
Well, I'll look at the calendar, but she's got a busy summer already.
Doing what? (SIGHS) Seeing my mom in Colorado.
She's got, uh, camp at the country club.
Oh, golf camp? It's not just golf.
I mean, there's Does she even like golf? - Yeah.
- Oh? Actually, she does.
She's got a natural ability.
Is that right? Well, that's good to know, isn't it? So I can't spend time with my daughter because you're sending her to golf camp.
PRINCIPAL: (THROUGH SPEAKERS) Ladies and gentlemen, please join me in welcoming the Paradise Springs Middle School Class of 2018! (CHEERING) (ENGINE STARTS) (CAR DRIVES AWAY) - (COUGHS) - (GLASS CRASHES) (SIGHS) Okay.
We want things for the table, right? - Uh, nachos, chicken tenders - Yes.
Oh, they're called adobe tenders here.
And I want a strawberry water.
Hey, uh, did you bring my soccer cleats, Dad? Was I supposed to? She left them at your place.
I texted you.
Uh, I think I must have missed that.
JEFFREY: You know what? I'll pick them up.
You live in Pahrump, right? Plus, I owe you a golf club.
Remember, I got that dinner in Amargosa Valley.
It's easy.
I'll pick 'em up on my way out.
- Really? Thank you.
- Yeah.
Of course, it's my pleasure.
Thanks, Jeffrey.
You're a man amongst men.
(CHUCKLES) Thanks, Miles.
- Hey, Dad? - Yeah? Mom said you're making a movie.
- I am.
- Wait.
Like, a real movie? (CHUCKLES) What other kind is there? Yeah, who, who gave you the job? I gave it to myself.
- You can do that? - Apparently, I can.
Well, what's it about? Yeah, yeah.
I'm, I'm curious, too.
Well, maybe we should order first, huh? EMMA: You know my friend Liliana was in a movie once when she lived in Arizona.
She pretended to talk to people in the background and made $50.
Oh, Emma, if there was a role for you in this movie, - believe me, you'd be - Would you flag down the waitress? - Oh, there she is.
- JEFFREY: Ma'am? - Excuse me? - JEFFREY: She (CLEARS THROAT) You know what? There is a part, actually.
Oh! There's this girl, younger, your age.
She's sharp.
She's kinda quick-witted.
Bit cheeky.
You could totally play her.
- Wait, really? - Emma.
You'd be spot-on.
Hold on.
What does the character do in the film? It's a small part, Jeffrey, but, uh, it's, uh, pivotal to the narrative.
It's kind of It's hard to explain if you don't know the story, but it's good.
When, exactly, would this happen? During the summer.
I told you, we made plans.
Golf camp! Oh, I totally forgot, I'm sorry.
No, no, no.
Mom, I'd rather be in a movie.
Mom, please.
Oh, but you probably don't want to disappoint the country club.
Maybe you could visit the set.
Can she visit the set, maybe, for a day or two? How about that? It's not as good as being in it.
You know what? It would be a pretty amazing opportunity.
- Jeffrey.
- Sorry.
Why don't we eat.
(CHUCKLING) And then we can discuss this when Daddy has actual dates for the film.
Let's discuss it later.
Enchiladas look good.
(SCOFFS) RICK: There he is! EUGENE: All right, all right.
I'm okay.
Can I, uh, wha What do you need me to do? Get off me, God damn it! RICK: Can I help you? - No.
I got it.
- Yeah.
You got it.
There you go.
EUGENE: Get off me! AMY: Sit.
Sit down.
Sit down.
Sit right down.
(GRUNTING) All right.
RICK: Thank you, Amy.
- Look at her, huh? - Yeah.
When I started, she was a teenager.
First movie I made, about giant spiders.
Oh, yeah.
She says you're looking for a line producer.
I'm a little bit out of the loop, but I could, I could do some research.
I want you to do it, Eugene.
- What? - Yeah.
Get back in the action, huh? Boost up the savings account.
I can't make it across the room.
We get you an office, phone.
You gotta go to the set, the PA brings you.
What the hell do you want me for? I'm paying guys under the table and nobody wants the gig.
But this is For you it's perfect, right? It doesn't screw with your health benefits.
We get Vittorio Storaro as DP.
Vittorio Storaro? The man won an Academy Award for Apocalypse Now.
In '79.
Right? What's he done lately? We can, we can crew this whole project with legends.
And pay their rate.
Their rate as of 20 years ago or adjusted for inflation? I'm providing a service for the elderly, you gonna argue about inflation? How about Charlie Grimes as UPM? Well, I think he's dead, but I'll, I'll give him a call.
This is gonna be great.
Thank you.
- EUGENE: Yeah.
- Wanna You wanna wait for Amy? No, no.
I got it.
This lady, April? All she does is work.
There's no drugs.
There's not a joint in the place.
Barely any booze.
And there's nothing X-rated on her computer.
I have spent two hours looking at fucking selfies.
Is she seeing anyone? She had a guy come over last night, but he's too young to be her boss.
There's no pictures of him in the apartment, so I think it was a booty call.
She kicked him out 20 minutes later, (CHUCKLES) LOUIS: She went back to work.
Here's something, maybe.
What the hell is that? What are you looking at? A photo on her computer.
- LOUIS: Jesus - Wait, you're in her place now? I gotta get a photo of this.
(KNOCK AT DOOR) Uh, listen, I'll call you back, all right? Wait till you see this.
This I mean, it Hello? What the fuck? Hello to you, too.
You brought it to my apartment.
You think that's wise? Well, if you want it, you should invite me in.
(SIGHS) Come on in.
So, this is where a guy lives when his wife kicks him out.
(CHUCKLES) Eh This is pathetic shit.
You wanna give me the cash? Aah, I like a little conversation before I get fucked.
Hmm? (SNIFFS) But, that's just me.
Oh, good.
You're high.
YAGO: And you're a smug little prick.
Got Amara backing you up, so you're the man.
Hmm? Up in Hollywood, hmm? Making fun of me.
You know, if it makes you feel better, I don't think about you at all.
So, how is LA? I hear it's a dangerous place.
You think that's true? Is that a threat? Was it? (SCOFFS) If something happens to me, Amara loses her investment.
Now, if she loses two million bucks, she's gonna wanna know who's responsible.
I wonder, who do you think she's gonna look at first? (SMACKS LIPS) It's funny.
I always forget just how short you are.
(LAUGHING) (CHUCKLES) Hey, you see Amara, tell her I said thanks.
Hey, is that your car? - What? - Is that your fucking juke? Yeah, am I blocking you in? What's it look like? Sorry.
Bad enough you drive around in that fuckin' thing.
I said I was sorry.
I'll it back up.
Yeah, I'll back it up your ass.
You need to relax.
What? (SCOFFS LIGHTLY) You know what? I'm gonna move my car for you, but you could be polite.
As in "please" and "thank you.
" It goes a long way.
YAGO: Please.
Hmm? Please, sir.
Would you move your fucking juke so that I can get out? Thank you so much.
I really fucking appreciate it.
(PANTING) You want me to relax.
Huh? Okay, maybe I am a little tense.
Huh? (GRUNTS) Here we go.
Open your mouth.
- (WHIMPERS) What? - Ah.
That feels good, right? Nice and relaxing.
Yago! Fucking Christ! - What? - You don't - He was talkin' shit.
- That's my wife's boyfriend.
- What? - Neighbors are probably calling the cops.
Juke is blocking me in.
(CHUCKLING) You said that's your wife's boyfriend? Get in your car.
I'll move him out.
(LAUGHING) Go! Jeffrey? I need to move your car.
Can you give me your keys? Thank you.
"The wild estate of the manor, "now a reminder of a more innocent time.
"Track with Margaret, walking to the cliffs.
"Camera rises up.
"As the sun sets on the day, and on a lifetime of regret.
"The end.
" The end? Well, she's angry because she thinks SARAH: She's not angry.
She's gonna kill herself because her heart, it's breaking.
- Why? - The family made her marry that man.
Lord Sheridan.
The Lord.
But she doesn't love him.
GEORGE: Well, it was an arranged marriage.
The Lord paid a dowry to her parents.
SARAH: And then the boy she loves, he comes back to her but it's too late.
She has to marry the rich man.
SARAH: It's sad.
MILES: Drink this.
(TAKES DEEP BREATH) That guy was He was He was (COUGHS) Breathe.
(COUGHS) That guy You know him? Uh, he's a neighbor, I think.
- He's got mental health issues.
- He was gonna kill me.
I think he was just, uh, showing off.
But, um, I'm sure it was scary.
Why are you sorry, Miles? You saved my life.
(GRUNTS) Oh, fuck.
Ah, I pissed my pants.
I ruined your couch.
I'm sorry, I ruined your couch.
It's a shitty old couch.
Don't worry about it.
Listen, Jeffrey? I think its best you don't tell anyone about this.
Not even Katie.
I mean, she wouldn't tell anyone but, what if she did? You don't want that guy in your life.
I'm not I'm not gonna tell Katie about this.
(BREATHING HEAVILY) What about the cut? Can she see the cut? Your hair covers it.
I was driving over here and I was I was angry at my boss.
(SCOFFS) 'Cause he won't let me run the fall tournament, and I was livid, like that was the most important thing ever.
(CRYING) And then two minutes later, there's a maniac and he's gonna blow off my head.
(GRUNTS) It puts things into perspective, you know? - (CELL PHONE RINGS) - (SNIFFS) It's Katie.
I'm I'm gonna talk to her tomorrow.
I think that's probably best.
- Am I late? - No.
You're I mean, you're 12 minutes late, but its fine.
(SIGHS) How's your day so far? Crazy, but good crazy.
I won't bore you.
Next week I scout locations in the Grecian Isles.
(CHUCKLES) I know, right? We're doing a month-long set piece.
Speedboats, helicopters, very large egos.
Oh, you're right.
That sounds boring.
(BOTH LAUGH) Do you wanna get a coffee Inside? Uh, something I should run by you first.
Thanks for meeting me, by the way.
You're obviously a very cool person.
I think you're a cool person.
I'm about to ruin that.
Oh, please, don't pitch anything.
I'm not gonna pitch anything.
Open this.
Don't let anyone else see.
So mysterious.
(CHUCKLES) Where did you get this? I had someone break into your place.
(CHUCKLES) Careful or I'll think you're serious.
MILES: I am serious.
He broke a little window in your back door.
You probably haven't noticed it, but you should definitely get it fixed.
And I'll pay for that.
The good news is, I'm not gonna show that picture to anyone.
Not as long as your studio produces my film for $30 million.
(LAUGHS) (BOTH LAUGH) This photo? Is seven years old.
And it was taken at a costume party, on Halloween.
That's the point of a costume party.
You dress in a fucking costume.
And Oprah is the reason I got into show business.
She's an inspiration.
I believe you.
Blackface isn't offensive in Ontario.
It is here.
My number's on the cover.
"Moreweather Productions"? Rick Moreweather? He's helping me produce.
Uh, well, you can tell Rick that there is no way I convince Brandon to make this film.
- Not in a million years - Ms.
Quinn, this is a beautiful story.
It's honest and it's real and I promise when you read it, you'll realize you would've wanted to make this movie anyway.
If you don't, I'll ruin you.
I'll ruin your fuckin' life.
But it won't come to that, because you're a go-getter, and this is a lovely piece of writing.
I'm gonna go now.
I feel like the coffee date's a bit awkward.
But I'm excited to work with you.
Let's talk soon.
(SIGHS) Okay, that's it, right? Where are we? - Sound.
- Sound, Zach Schaffer.
"A" camera Sam Connell, who actually worked on Gunsmoke.
- Can you believe that? - I do.
APRIL: Hello! Hello! RICK: April.
(CHUCKLES NERVOUSLY) Hi! What Wanted you to know I am going to the police tomorrow to press charges.
You no-talent, valley piece of shit! - I'll be at my desk.
- What're you talkin' about? I thought I was the one mad at you.
- For what? - For tankin' my movie.
- Oh.
That's what this is about? - What? I thought to myself, why would Rick target me, huh? Because I got a job in a real office? When this one looks like a sick cat who stopped grooming itself? Hello, April.
I don't know what the hell you're talkin' about.
Bullshit! And blackmail is a felony.
- Blackmail? - What would you call it? (STUTTERS) I'm not blackmailing you.
I've never blackmailed anybody.
Uh, what? That distributor thing, that was not blackmail.
Your ex-wife.
Minor blackmail.
Tomorrow I'm going to Brandon, I'm gonna tell him everything.
He knows me, he'll give me the benefit of the doubt.
Zero idea what you're talking about.
And then I'm going fucking police, okay? So you and Miles can have fun producing your Georgian romance at San Quentin.
- Miles? - Have a nice life, Rick.
I'll see you in 10 to 20.
You okay? Yeah.
No, no, no, not really.
Get Miles on the phone.
JEFFREY: It's okay.
All right, hold (STUTTERS) Step out, Leo, let me show you.
I'm gonna relax and focus.
Remember, I wanna use my body to power the swing and not my arms.
Okay? Take a nice deep breath.
Remember, grip, hip and rip.
Ha! Okay.
Well, see? Even I get a miss-hit from time to time.
So that when I do I'm gonna I'm just gonna go back to basics.
I'm gonna take a nice, deep breath, going to, uh, make sure that I get a 45-degree angle to my left arm and the club shaft.
And then, grip, hip, rip.
What the hell! All right.
Son of a (CHUCKLES NERVOUSLY) That doesn't happen.
This is where we're havin' meetings now? Yeah.
Well, this won't take long.
Got a message from April Quinn.
- What? - (CLICKS TONGUE) She's going to the cops.
It's all there minus a non-refundable cash advance to some crew members.
- That's the cost of doing business.
- What happened with April? You tell me.
No, don't.
Less I know the better.
All right, let's not panic.
Here, listen there's no way Rick, Rick, listen.
People in her position, they never go to the cops.
Oh, she's goin'.
Okay, fine.
You wanna make the film for cheap? Let's do it.
Lots of good movies were made that way, Rocky, uh, Mad Max, the uh - That Blair Witch thing.
- Uh, the Blair Witch thing.
You think I wanna quit the project? I don't! I got us a cutting-edge crew.
I ain't going to prison for a fucking period film.
And if this is how you do business, you're not my people! Listen, April will cool off, Rick.
We all will.
And then we'll make a fucking movie together, man.
Rick! Rick! Cunt! Fuck! - Okay.
- Ah For your sake and mine, we gotta get out of town.
And we're gonna pay back every penny to Amara with interest.
- Yeah, I'm not leaving.
- The cops could roll up any minute.
She's not gonna call the fucking cops, Lou.
- Maybe she already has! - (CELL PHONE RINGS) - It's Katie.
(SIGHS) - Don't answer that.
- Do - Hey.
Well, so much for golf camp.
- MILES: What? - Like you're surprised.
But I want exact dates and I wanna know where Emma's gonna stay, what she's doing when you're not filming, all that.
Actually, uh Here, she wants to talk to you.
Told Denise I was gonna be in a movie, she freaked out.
Hey, shorty.
EMMA: Hey, when can I read it? Let's, um Let's not get ahead of ourselves.
Uh, once I have the shooting dates, I'll I'll tell you.
Are you sure I'm good enough? I'm more than sure.
But, uh, sweetheart, it's not a great time right now.
Can I call you back tomorrow? - Okay.
Good night.
- Night-night.
Hey! JOSIAS: Thanks for coming.
How's Edna? She's good.
Thanks for asking.
Did you talk to Mexico? JOSIAS: They wanna keep business smooth.
What happened between you and me, I told 'em we put it behind us.
But you got the Feds watching you.
So? They want you to back off until things cool off.
I'll handle the territory north of Indian Springs.
I'll kick back 30%.
That's fair.
Feds can watch you all day, they get nothing.
When they stop watching, I give everything back to you.
It's best for everyone.
- (SCOFFS) - (CHUCKLES) "It's best for everyone.
" So, you agree? Me and Josias, we fuck one time.
He's this big.
It's very sad.
You think you walk over me because I am a woman? You little dick maricon.
You have one hour to go back up north or I cut your fucking legs off.
You know Frank.
Told him he had to read what you said in The Hollywood Reporter.
I said, "Frank, listen, she hit the nail right on the head.
" Turns out, he was on his way to meet with Abby in sales.
- Who just told him the - Can I just Uh, sorry (CHUCKLES).
It's okay.
Yeah, I There's just There's something I've been putting off saying and I should really just, you know, throw it on out there.
You know me.
The kind of person I am.
So I can be honest with you about About About? BRANDON: April? We need a prestige picture.
- Yeah? - Of course it's important to develop a franchise.
But now and then, we need a traditional period drama with crossover appeal and awards buzz.
I know you agree.
To attract serious filmmakers and for the sake of our brand.
BRANDON: We already have that, don't we? The Le Carre Bleu The Silent Footstep.
That's a best-selling novel.
Have you heard of The Admiral's Mistress? Remind me.
A Georgian romance set against Napoleonic wars.
It has heart-breaking romance.
Social commentary.
It will set the standard for cultural and intellectual drama.
- The Admiral's - APRIL: Mistress.
It has a lot of buzz already.
Not even I don't Not a lot just, uh, a ton.
There's so much buzz going around and I can't promise anything, but if we act fast, there's a chance we could get it.
So can I give you the script? (SIGHS) (DOORBELL RINGS) (KNOCK AT DOOR) (SPITS) MILES: We know you're in there, Rick.
You parked your fucking car outside.
Holy shit.
Okay, I'm not talkin' to you anymore.
Okay? This relationship is Don't come What are you - Okay, now that's trespassing.
- Morning, Rick.
No, no.
Got some news to share with you.
I told you, I don't want anything to do with Listen.
The studio's in.
Yeah, right.
We're meeting with the head of, uh, Gravity Pictures in - What is it? - Thirty-six minutes.
Thirty-six minutes.
You're invited.
You're meeting with Brandon Fisher? - I think uh - Hmm.
That was his name.
- Yeah, Brandon.
Yeah, that's it.
- I believe that's his name.
(SIGHS) So April folded? Okay, well, you, you got the studio.
What are you coming to me for? Wouldn't be the same without you.
You want me to You want me to hide the cash, okay? Forget about it.
No way! Suit yourself.
I already told you.
I I know what you people do so (STUTTERS) You think I would work with you people? I'm a professional with a reputation, okay? (CAR ENGINE STARTS) - It's so white.
- It is.
Now, how do they keep it clean? Can't be easy.
I've never seen trees used for decoration like that.
- Have you? - No.
I mean, look at that.
It's like they Do they cut it or MILES: This is us.
(MILES CLEARS THROAT) Look at these two heavy hitters.
Brandon, this is our producer, Miles Daly.
Hello! Um, and, uh, this is Our writer, Louis Darnell.
Louis, such a pleasure.
Sorry, guys.
Phew! Busy, busy morning.
Brandon, it's been a while, huh? - (PANTS) Rick Moreweather.
- Yeah.
Yeah, producer.
Let me tell you something When I got this script, first thing I thought was there's only one executive that we would wanna partner with.
That's it.
April Quinn.
He picked me.
(CHUCKLES) Well, she's passionate about it.
I feel chemistry going on here.
The secret to this studio? Talented people who love working together.
(BRANDON CHUCKLES) And this right here, this is only the beginning.
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