Get Shorty (2017) s01e04 Episode Script

From Stamos with Love

1 MILES: Previously on Get Shorty - (MUFFLED CRYING) - Fucking Christ.
What? He was talkin' shit! My wife's boyfriend! That's your wife's boyfriend? Get in your car.
I'll move him out.
(CHUCKLES) I think its best you don't tell anyone about this.
Not even Katie.
This is a beautiful story.
It's honest and it's real and I promise when you read it, you'll realize you would've wanted to make this movie anyway.
If you don't, I'll ruin you.
I'll ruin your fuckin' life.
You think you walk over me because I am a woman? You little dick maricon.
Go back up north or I cut your fucking legs off.
Get Shorty 1x04 "From Stamos with Love" (BREATHING HEAVILY) Still alive? I thought you wanted to speak to him.
(BREATHES HEAVILY) If you don't, I'll, I'll finish up.
I come in.
I love.
What's that? Script for my movie.
(SPEAKING SPANISH) MILES: (ON PHONE) Oh, you read the script.
That's great.
Isn't it, uh, it's, it's terrific, isn't it? I mean, I mean, I, I really think How is John Stamos? Uh, we haven't started casting, so I haven't had the chance to meet Mr.
Stamos just yet.
I want a photo.
Okay Stamos.
Should say, "Amara, Que Bella.
With love, John Stamos.
" "With love.
" No problemo.
Um, soon as I meet Mr.
Stamos, I'll have him do that for you.
- Stay in touch.
- MILES: Absolutely, we will.
And let us know the moment that Hello? Every fucking time.
- What'd she want? - Oh, man.
She's happy.
- Yeah? - Very happy investor, man.
She read the script, she loves it.
She says it's "muy romantico.
" Ah! And that's the beauty of a story like this.
You know, even if you're a psychopath, it touches your heart.
I mean, sh She read it? I haven't even read it.
And I wrote it.
What's up, bro? What's up? Not him.
Oh, no, he, he's cool.
Ain't about being cool, bro.
Everyone so on edge, dog.
It's like freakin' me out.
That's how it's gotta be.
Yeah, for how long? If you heard what Amara told Josias? She was like, "This shit is war.
" (SCOFFS) If anyone should be on the lookout, it's me.
Why? I'm a lieutenant.
If they cap you, no offense, but that's not headline news.
They cap me? That's some serious shit.
Oh, the sign looks good.
And professional, yeah.
(LIFT BELL DINGS) Oh, uh, put the plant over by the window, - it'll die slower.
- Yes, ma'am.
Pretty cool, huh? - This is all us? - GLADYS: All us.
I can't find the coffee machine though? Please, if somebody finds it, let me know.
You and Rick have a 2:00 p.
with April.
(SIGHS) Is it just them, or should I Far as I know, it's just producers.
And we need your headshot for the announcement in the trades.
The trades, right.
Trade what? Industry magazines, websites.
His picture's going in a magazine? Yeah, this is what they always do when you have a "Go" picture.
I don't have a headshot, though.
Not one that's, um, that's appropriate.
That's fine.
The studio will set up a photo shoot.
RICK: Gladys, what the hell is this? What, I leave here for one minute and this fucking thing? What movie is that? The biggest disaster of my career.
Like I want it on the wall.
GLADYS: Uh, well, must have been in your old closet.
Get it off.
The guy left.
What guy? - Facilities.
- Well, well (SIGHS) Fuck.
Come on.
God damn it.
Oh, they must've screwed it in when they did.
Except, I don't see any screws.
- How did they do it? - I'll have them come back.
- Please.
- (KNOCK ON THE DOOR) We interrupting? No.
What's up, guys? Amara was hoping to get a signed photo of John Stamos.
It's a souvenir for the investor.
You think that can be arranged? Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Probably get one on Ebay.
Did you see your office? I have an office? (LIGHT CHUCKLES) Next one over.
I'll be in my office.
- Coffee.
- Yeah, get the guy.
So, uh, so my office is, is What, you need one? You already wrote the script.
Can I, uh, use your bathroom? HEIDI: So you must be psyched.
Owen sold his script.
What? Wasn't he working on a script called The Admiral's Mistress? A project with that title got set up at Gravity.
HEIDI: Oh, cute! That's so cute.
I'm actually not in touch with Owen.
He basically ghosted me.
I'm sorry.
Yeah, no, it's fine.
I mean, it's fucked, but whatever.
He sold his script.
Maybe not.
Maybe it just has the same title Can you get me a copy of it? I can see if it's his.
RICK: We're here! You can imagine how I've been looking forward to this.
MARCIA: Anyone like water or coffee? Um, that'd be Can I get both? Coming right up.
RICK: I'm, I'm fine.
These are the invites to Brandon's charity gala tomorrow.
Parking passes inside.
You might want to check with me before you go around handing those out.
- Brandon said - Thanks, Marcia.
What's "Cocktail attire"? Means free valet and open bar.
- A suit.
Just wear a suit.
- Oh.
Come on.
Quinn, can I say how excited I am APRIL: No, you can't.
RICK: All right.
Look, I just wanted to say, off the record, I don't care what went on between you two.
Sooner we get through this, the sooner you can leave.
I'm prepping Lethal Limit Four, a project that actually matters.
So, Gravity Pictures is on board.
Only Brandon won't greenlight this unless he thinks there's an audience for it.
More people than would attend, say, a high school production of The Crucible.
The script needs work, obviously.
Does it? I'll set up a meeting with this writer, "Louis Darnell," whoever that is.
You want Louis to rewrite the script? I'm putting together a list of prestigious directors who will want nothing to do with us.
But call them and beg, or this won't get off the ground.
Finally, there's cast.
We have some ideas.
Do you? Well, the investor weighed in.
Well, since we're buying out your investor that shouldn't be an issue.
Right? What's this? It's the first I've heard of it.
Lawyer stuff, I'm not really up on details.
But I do know Brandon is not interested in a co-production.
RICK: Okay, wait, wait, wait.
They're gonna buy out Amara's distribution rights at a profit? - Correct.
- Healthy profit? Lawyer stuff, blah-blah.
I just know your investor's no longer an issue.
(SIGHS) No, it's good news.
- Yeah? - Yeah.
So we're still making the film, but Amara She's, she's made profit already, yeah.
So now she's out.
It's good.
- Amara's out.
- Hmm.
MARCIA: Coffee and water, there ya go! Thank you.
Now that you have your beverages, should we keep going? MILES: This was always the plan, it's just happening way sooner than I hoped.
I mean, we can move forward with the movie and Amara's not involved.
She doesn't know she's not involved.
When she finds out, she's gonna want us back in Pahrump.
Right? - No, no, no, no, no.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
We told her that we were gonna make her a profit on her investment.
Apart from that, we can, you know, do our own thing.
That part? The, uh, "We can do our own thing" part? I don't remember you running that by Amara.
I'll talk to Amara.
- Okay.
And I'll say, uh - What'll you say? I'll say, um Well, I don't know what I'll say.
But she's not expecting to get paid until the movie's in the theaters, which is, what, like, a year from now.
So maybe, in the meantime, we We just don't mention it.
You want to hide it from her? - She's gonna get paid, Lou - Uh-uh.
She's gonna get paid.
In full.
Every penny.
Just, you know, eventually.
Can you just be fucking happy for me? - What? - I'm doing it.
Man, I'm doing it.
Maybe I feel like I belong here.
You know, I'm obviously doing something right, aren't I? People are taking notice.
This was supposed to be low-profile.
Now you're getting your picture in a magazine.
I mean, that could bite you in the ass.
You coming in? I need to get some cocktail attire for Brandon's little shindig.
What? What, now, you have a problem with me buying clothes? I'm gonna wait outside.
Look, I know why you're pissed off, and if it were up to me, trust me, you'd be coming to the dinner too.
That's why you think I'm pissed off? Well? Well Why don't you go buy your $1,000 suit, and then you can, uh, roll up to your big fancy party in that busted rig.
That'll make an impression.
Aw, shit.
No, I'm just messing with you.
- No, you're right.
- No, I'm messing with you.
That car, that's, that's a classic.
It's a classic.
- Maybe I can lease one.
- Will you stop? What up? What do you mean? So what? Yeah, bro.
I gotta go.
See you.
Oh, yeah.
You know, it occurs to me.
Emma's gonna need to do an accent for this role.
She's got natural talent but there's a technique to that sort of thing.
Just have her use yours.
Oh, yeah.
No, I would.
Only I'm Irish and the character's British, which is a completely different fuckin' thing.
- Uh, is it? Mm - Black or Burgundy? Burgundy.
I actually picked up a flyer in the lobby.
A guy who, uh, does acting lessons.
"A safe place for kids to connect with their inner artist.
"Study character development and work with an experienced dialect coach.
" Yeah.
Well, I mean, if you think she needs that kind of thing.
If Katie agrees, I suppose she'll have to drive Emma up here for a few days.
- Ah.
I see what you're doing.
- MILES: Huh? Now I know what this is about.
"Acting lessons.
" Right? Oh! Fuck.
I nearly forgot.
You have a meeting tomorrow with April Quinn.
Of what? She wants to have a little chat about the script.
It's not a big deal.
"It's not a big deal?" What's does, what does that mean? The script's already good, right? So, if she wants you to make some changes, I'm sure she'll tell you what.
I haven't read the thing! Here you go.
(SIGHS) This is like a 100 pages.
It's double-spaced.
I have to read this whole thing? Fuck me.
You talk to her? And? She said she can't do anything.
What do you mean? She said the kid didn't work for her.
Yeah, but he worked for me, and I work for her.
So that's it? We just let it go? (SCOFFS) Mmm.
Bro, that is fucked up.
We don't even know if Josias did it.
Who else? Man, they put a hole in his chest! Man, Amara needs to look after her people, bro! I bet Josias looked after his crew better than this shit.
What did you say? (SIGHS) What the fuck did you say? Listen.
Just chill out, all right? Don't fucking talk like that.
Yo, bro, I'm with you all the way.
Amara, too.
You know that.
Glasses Kid, he was my boy, that's all.
(SCRATCHING UTENSILS) What are you doing? Oh.
Hey, I'm just, uh (CLEARS THROAT) I'm just washing the roasting pan.
I feel like it's soaked long enough.
At 4:00 a.
? I couldn't sleep.
So I thought, I'd make myself useful.
I didn't, I didn't wake you up, did I? No, I just The Xanax isn't helping? I feel more calm, but I can't sleep.
I think that's what's killing my golf game.
EMMA: Mom? Emma, go to sleep.
What, what's happening? Nothing, Jeffery's just I'm just cleaning up, sweetheart.
That's all.
Now? Yeah, we'll both go to bed.
Are you sure there isn't anything I No.
You go.
I'm good.
KATIE: Okay.
Nice view? The actor from Ant-Man just went into that porta-potty.
Took a picture for my daughter.
The glamour of Hollywood, right? Listen.
You got a second? - Sure.
- Yeah.
Just, sit down.
(SNIFFLES, GRUNTS) Look, right now, we got buzz.
We're, we're in the trades, people are talking.
This is the time to set up our next film.
So when Admiral's Mistress comes out, you know, maybe, despite all our best efforts, it's not so great Why is it not so great? Or you like it but the critics shit on it.
The world moves on, you get left behind.
That's a sunny prediction.
What we do now is, we go now to Amara and we say, "Congratulations, you made a profit on this last film! "You know, 10, 20 percent, whatever it is.
"Why not put some of that money into another film?" No.
You know, "Given your, your, your passion for cinema," etcetera, etcetera.
We're not asking Amara for more money.
- Why not? - It's a bad idea.
Because Listen, you want to set up another movie? Great, we'll find another investor.
I mean, if you know people, and more It's, it's okay for me to bring you an investor but you don't wanna share Amara? Rick, I'm better off without Amara and so are you.
Is that right? That's right.
All right.
Think about it.
And, Rick.
Let me be the one to tell her about this business with the studio.
Yeah, yeah, you handle it.
All right.
See you in April's office.
Yeah, I'll see you there.
First of all, Louis, it's such an honor to have you here.
And to realize the man behind The Admiral's Mistress isn't British! (CHUCKLES) No.
No, not British.
You must have done a lot of research.
So, my biggest note and I do know writers hate this word.
But in the second half, when Felton becomes the Admiral Is there a way to make that character more sympathetic? Uh, the, uh, character, the Admiral character.
Right, right, right.
So you're thinking More sympathetic.
The Admiral.
Emphasize his courage, the innocence he's retained.
I know he becomes a war profiteer, but maybe he was forced into it? Uh (CLEARS THROAT) So, forced.
No? The reason he's a puppeteer Profiteer.
He's a profiteer.
I think the important thing to remember is where he's coming from, emotionally.
- Right, Louis? - Mm-hmm.
I mean, he's obviously doing it for love.
Yeah, no, I get that.
But I'm sensing that Louis has a different take on this.
- Oh, yeah? - APRIL: Yeah.
How do you see it? Um (SIGHS) Well, that was during the war.
So, I mean, right there.
I mean, the flip side of that coin The flip side of war is peace.
It's peace.
Um, so, basically, when, when you're looking at the Admiral, you, um What was the question? (TELEPHONE RINGING) Moreweather Productions.
He wrote the movie you're making.
The Admiral's Mistress.
GLADYS: Our script was written by Louis Darnell.
CAROLINE: No, it was not.
-Who is this? -CAROLINE: Owen's girlfriend, Caroline.
Or ex-girlfriend, I'm not sure.
Caroline, I'd be happy to forward your information to our attorney.
CAROLINE: (ON PHONE) I have both copies.
Owen's and the one that says "Louis Darnell".
And they're the same script.
I mean word for word.
So, either Owen's using a pen name or you guys bought the script and You know what? I don't care what happened.
I just need to find Owen.
I don't know who that is.
Well, somebody knows.
And they better call me back like today.
What was that number? CAROLINE: It's four-one-five Thanks so much for coming in Louis.
We're all really excited about this project.
Me, too.
Everybody wins! Take care.
Thanks, buddy.
Good job.
I'll see you in a bit.
I have a relationship with Julian Pynter.
Any objections? - Oh.
- Julian who? Pynter.
He's a big deal.
Did uncredited work on Lethal Limit Three.
Wrote Consequence, Braithwaite Park Hey.
Fine by me.
Hold on, are w Are we talking about firing Louis? It's a bit rash, isn't this? Just 'cause he's Yeah, all right.
- GLADYS: Yes.
- Poster.
I left a message with facilities.
Wait, wait, wait.
Look at this.
Look at this.
I can hang from it.
I'm hanging.
See this? Yeah, I think they welded it to the wall.
When did you make that movie? 20 years ago.
Ambitious film, cost a fortune.
Everybody hated it.
But I learned something from it.
I realized, what the hell am I trying to prove? With age comes wisdom, Gladys.
It's good to know.
What's that? List of potential directors from the studio.
I can roll calls.
No, no.
No, no.
I got another call I want you to make.
(PHONE RINGING) AMARA: Yeah? GLADYS: (ON PHONE) I have producer Rick Moreweather calling for Amara.
AMARA: This is Amara.
Amara, hi.
Hi, it's Rick.
Yes, we, we, uh, we met a few days ago.
Listen, I know you're in touch with Miles.
I just thought I would reach out.
Okay, Ricky.
Yeah, well, so, uh, I have a number of projects that I'm producing.
And given how well we did the first time around, and your passion for cinema, maybe you want to produce another movie? Yes.
Yes, okay.
Okay, great.
I have a script.
Uh, it's, um, Gates of Dawn.
This, it's a true story.
It, it's set in Hanoi We do this after we finish the first movie, yes? Uh, well, did Miles tell you Gravity Pictures acquired Admiral's Mistress? Gravity Pictures Yes, you know.
They're, they're buying you out.
They what? They're buying out your, your distribution rights, which, it means you've already made a profit.
We just don't know how much yet.
I'm out? Which is why I'm calling, so we can set up our next thing.
Why am I out? Well, it's, it's complicated.
It's A studio came in, and it became a bigger picture.
And, and they don't want to co-produce, so Does Miles know? RICK: Does he know that they bought you out? Yes.
Yeah, he knows.
He I'm sure he was gonna call you, - and Hello? Uh - (CALL DISCONNECTS) I didn't have time to prepare.
If you'd let me know.
If you'd give me some heads-up, I'd Lulu, Lulu.
Look here, this is how it works, all right? Somebody writes the script and then they get somebody else to do the rewrite.
Why do you care? You could have stuck up for me.
Well, I did think about it.
But then I remembered, you're not a fucking writer.
How are you gonna do a rewrite? Oh, look at that.
That is a beautiful car.
You know, even if you do lease, I don't know see how you can afford that.
And I would not go electric.
What happens if the battery runs out? You fucking charge it.
What if there's no charger? Seriously, I mean you got to You know, you got the suit and the car and the I think you're trying too hard.
Well, no one's gonna accuse you of that.
What's that mean? Look, you don't like the whole LA thing.
But if this is gonna work at least one of us needs to raise our game.
Okay, well, I said that I'd come out here until you were on your feet.
And clearly you are.
I'm not even the writer anymore, so maybe I'll head back to Pahrump tomorrow.
Ah, no.
Hold on.
Hold on.
Mercedes makes a jeep? Now that's a fucking car! - Good Afternoon.
- Hey.
Thank you.
AMARA: I call to see what's happening with my movie.
You want an update, uh, of course.
Um, let me think, we brought on a new writer.
Yeah, I mean, the script was solid but there's always room for improvement.
And I thought it would be a good idea to make that Felton character a little more sympathetic.
That got me thinking of Julian Pynter, I don't know if you're familiar with his work.
He's a big, award-winning writer and, uh, Julian said yes.
So that's exciting.
And, um That's pretty much it.
That's it? MILES: For now, yeah.
Thank you for telling me.
MILES: Sure.
I'm Miles.
Hi, Miles.
Nice to meet you.
I'm Sarah.
Sarah? I feel like we've met before, no? You seen the bathroom here? The urinal is an actual waterfall.
Don't Why would you - Oh.
Was I interrupting? - Yeah.
She's not your type.
Look at this.
Here you go.
From Stamos, with love.
- Wait.
This is, this is great.
- Mm.
Ah, thanks for doing, it's not fucking real, is it? Like Amara's gonna know the difference.
Did you at least go online and see if that's his autograph? You're over-thinking it.
Come on, let me introduce you to a few folks.
I can't give this to her.
Your forgery standards are much higher than mine, I guess.
How about this place, huh? Fucking crazy.
When did men get so pretty? Oh, the, let me get rid of this.
Thank you, guys.
Hey, who's the, who's the bald guy over there? He looks important.
That guy Yeah, he used to run Warner Brothers.
We don't get along, me and him.
Come on.
Oh, this woman here in the blue - Yeah? - She's the, uh, VP of Fox Searchlight.
- MILES: No shit.
- RICK: She slapped me once.
(MILES CHUCKLES) Listen, I overheard two conversations about our movie, and someone's already threatened to sue us.
This is how you know it's hot.
It's hot now.
Someone want to sue us? Yeah, some, uh Thank you.
Whacko called the office.
You know, "Boyfriend wrote the script "and you're stealing it from us.
" Did she leave a name? The boyfriend's name? I don't know.
Owen, or something.
Gladys took the call.
MILES: That's funny.
And that happened today? - RICK: Before.
When we were - APRIL: Look at here! The creative dream team! - Ms.
- Enjoying yourself? Oh, celebrating the week I've had.
Maybe you heard, Brandon took me off Lethal Limit Four.
Why? Well, to focus on The Admiral's Mistress, silly! Since that's where my passion lies.
(CHUCKLES) And he doesn't want me spreading myself too thin.
- Shit.
April, I'm sorry.
- No, you're not.
You have a schadenfreude hard-on.
That sounds painful.
Excuse me, guys.
I gotta see what it feels like to piss in a waterfall.
You're indispensable to that company.
In another week, you're gonna have a big film.
Yes, I will.
And you'll still be a sad, washed-up hack living in your father's shadow.
Do you want another martini? I'm gonna get one.
Was that necessary? Wait.
Does she think Owen wrote the script or can she prove it? No, she seems pretty sure.
You wanna handle it? I think Gladys has her number.
Hey, asshole.
You want to conduct business? I think you should go somewhere else.
Fuck off.
Give Gladys a call and get right back to me, okay? Problem, old man? I come here to look at the ocean, now I'm looking at you.
You stand before me talking on the phone, like I need to hear that kind of bullshit.
Well, I'm off it now.
Yeah, so why don't you move along? If you want to get a better look at the ocean, I could always pitch you over the fuckin' cliff.
Yeah? That's your house? No, I'm at a party.
I hate parties.
Well, you seem like such a people person.
I am.
I'm sorry.
My hands are a little clammy.
You know, so You from around here, Hafdis? Yeah.
That way.
That way? HAFDIS: Yeah.
And, you, you're entertainment business, right? I'm pretending to be a movie producer.
Yeah? How about you? I was in New Zealand for quite a while.
Now I'm here, trying to outwit the hounds of folly.
How's that going? How's the movie-producing going? I don't have a fucking clue what I'm doing.
But it doesn't seem to be a problem.
(HAFDIS LAUGHS) You want a smoke? I got these.
But he's not a bad doctor, he's just behind the curve.
And the Gummy Bear option is more cohesive.
It's form-stable.
But Consadine goes with the traditional implants, always.
You know, like there's one answer for all the different women who come in.
(CRIES) What? (GRUNTS) No, I'm good.
I'm good.
Stop saying you're good.
You are not good.
I'm fine.
(SIGHS) Jeffrey Something happened.
What? When I went to Miles' place - Fuck.
What did he do? - He didn't do anything.
- Be honest.
- And Miles is the one who saved me.
He had this, um, like, a neighbor.
And I blocked the guy in with my car (DEEP BREATH) And he went insane.
Like, he pulled out a gun.
And then Shit.
The TK-five-oh-nine.
- What? - That's my golf club.
He jammed the grip into my mouth (SNIFFLES) I can still taste the Gortex.
(SIGHS) It's about how we all carry around this image of a, of a better person.
You know what we think, "If I can be that person, I'll be happy.
" But all it does is fucking drive us crazy.
You know? The Admiral's Mistress.
Sorry if this is boring you.
I better take this.
Yeah, please do.
KATIE: (ON PHONE) I can't do it, Miles.
What? KATIE: This, I can't do it.
I can't.
It seems like every time I get this far, we're back - All right.
Slow down, Katie.
- KATIE: I talked with Jeffrey.
I know what happened with the golf club.
And don't tell me it was a neighbor.
- Miles - It was Yago.
It was Yago.
But I stopped it as soon as I could.
I know that you're trying.
I know it.
But I I can't have this in my life and neither can Emma.
All right.
Well, um, let's, let's talk about it.
KATIE: We have.
And we've tried the separation thing, but maybe it's time for lawyers.
No, no.
No, no, no, no.
Hold, hold on.
Hold on, Katie.
We'll get into it later, but that's what I called to say.
- MILES: All right.
Just wait.
- I'm sorry.
Katie? Katie? - Fuck.
- It was, uh - Nice meeting you, too.
(DOOR OPENS) Got an address for the girlfriend.
We should head over before it gets late, or she's not gonna answer the door.
Uh, Lulu What? Uh, maybe we don't drop another body right now.
You know? Could make things trickier down the line.
Fuck yeah, it could.
Believe me, if we had a choice, I Listen, the girlfriend didn't call the cops, did she? She called the fucking movie studio.
Which is not usually how you behave when you think someone's killed your boyfriend.
I don't know.
She thinks that somebody stole his script.
So all we need to do is come up with a reasonable explanation for what happened.
Okay, you're making this more complicated.
So we tell her, um No, I can't come with you.
- Come on.
- I can't, I've to drive to Nevada.
- Now? - For fuck's sake! It It's all gone to shit with Katie, and I feel like if I don't If I wait, I don't know what's gonna happen.
That's fine.
That's You go take care of Katie, and I'll handle the girlfriend.
I'm sorry for that nonsense at the car dealership.
That was, you don't need to up your game.
Your game is up.
Don't worry about it.
You should go.
Four hours.
And it's bullshit that they brought on another writer.
It is.
Just stick around, Lou.
We'll find something else for you to do on the movie, okay? It's up to you.
So, wait, wait, wait, now What am I telling this woman? You're the writer.
(DOOR OPENS AND CLOSES) (LINE RINGING) Just had dinner at Molly's.
Guess who I'm lookin' at right now? WOMAN: (ON TV) My question is to you, is how do you find your inspiration? (KNOCK ON THE DOOR) Who is it? LOUIS: Louis.
Uh, you don't know me.
I, I'm a friend of Owen's.
Caroline? Yeah.
I know that you're looking for Owen, and I owe you an explanation.
How'd you get my address? Well, from your phone number.
I tried call you How'd you get my phone number? You gave it to the production office.
That Louis.
Your name is on the screenplay.
You know where Owen is? Uh, can I come inside and we'll talk? Mm, no.
Well, so I'm, I'm a screenwriter.
- Uh-huh.
- And Owen was a friend of mine.
And I used to give him all my screenplays so that he could read them and just tell me what he thought, and (SIGHS) I found out that Owen was He was taking my scripts, and he was giving them to girls.
You know, to get laid What? So when you called the production office, I just figured I should tell you.
Okay, then.
All right, sorry.
Take care.
You came here to give me that story? I mean, that is fucking ridiculous.
I'm just telling you what happened.
Well, then I have questions.
(KNOCKING) - (WHISPERS) Come outside.
- No.
I drove from LA.
What the fuck? I didn't wanna wake Emma.
Jeffrey is here.
He's in bed? Yes, in bed.
He's sleeping.
I didn't see his car.
Come outside and talk to me, will ya? No.
Well, I'm not going anywhere until you do.
- Whose car is this? - I leased it.
(SCOFFS) Call this, seemed like a good idea at the time.
And the suit? I was at a fund-raiser in Malibu.
And tomorrow, I have a photoshoot for the Trades which is like with - Miles.
- I'm sorry about Jeffrey.
- He's traumatized.
- Yeah.
Takes him two milligrams of Xanax just to fall asleep.
- And that's terrible.
- Yes.
Which is why you and Emma should come to LA, to get away from lunatics like Yago.
It's not about Nevada.
It's about you.
(KATIE SIGHS) I always thought we'd make it.
You know, even when I moved out I thought, "No, they'll be "It'll all fuckin'" You want me to stay out of your way, I'll do it.
I promise, I will.
But just know that everything I'm doing, all I'm going through right now is so that you can tell people what Emma's dad does for a living.
And I'm sorry about Jeffrey, I am.
I don't know what to do.
Maybe I could send him a gift basket.
- A gift basket would be nice.
- (CHUCKLES) If you're in love with this guy then I don't wanna be the one who fucks it up.
In love? (SCOFFS) Aren't you? I'm just trying to get over you.
So, you're not over me? Should we make out now? Or is it a bit strange with your boyfriend in bed? - Hold on, Katie? Katie? - Goodnight.
Can you just give this to Emma, will you? What is it? Acting lessons.
Thought it would, you know, help her confidence before the movie.
It's in LA.
Acting lessons are a bit limited around here, so We'll talk about it later.
I think when he found out that my movie was getting made, he knew the jig was up.
And that you were gonna find out the truth.
So he split.
When did he start showing your scripts around, do you know? Oh.
It's been happening for years.
I mean, there'd be a, a different script for a different girl.
You know.
Oh, God.
I'm sor, I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to offend you.
I'm sure that whatever was between you and him that was really special.
What a psychopath.
I mean, if you'd seen him talking about character arcs and research.
So creepy.
I blame myself.
Why? Because I knew what was happening, and I called him on it.
But I just thought, you know, as long as he's just giving the scripts to these girls, eh, you know, I mean What's it matter? But I see now that it was really causing damage.
Real damage.
I just hope you can forgive me.
Well, I'm glad you came by.
I still don't know where my car is, if you can believe that.
But, um Thank you.
(CHUCKLES) All right.
Be well, Caroline.
Okay, you too.
(SIGHS) Hey.
My grandmother used to say, "Choices are like the branches of an oak tree.
" Ah, that's nice.
Yeah, it's in the script.
I mean, Owen got that from me.
So, like, how did it (DOGS BARKING) (GROANS, SIGHS) (GRUNTS) (BREATHING HEAVILY) Still alive? I thought you wanted to speak to him.
If you don't, I'll, I'll finish up.
I come in.
(GRUNTS) (YAGO SPEAKS SPANISH) (COUGHS) YAGO: Someone's here to see you.
I tell you I love the script.
Muy romantico.
And what did you do? You push me out.
But Rick tell me She's the first to put money into your movie, stupid.
Before the studio.
I, I didn't know it myself until recently.
I don't think that they sorted out the details yet, Amara.
George? We verified with Business Affairs at Gravity Pictures, the budget is now 30 million.
They're planning a full buyout of Amara's distribution rights at 16 percent above her initial investment.
You made money.
But I don't want to be out.
You did it behind my back.
I didn't.
I just, I didn't have a say.
AMARA: George? GEORGE: As executive producers, you and your partner formed an LLC.
It's your decision.
Well, I wasn't aware of that George.
I'm pretty new to this, you know? YAGO: Are we done? We're done.
Amara? (SCATTING) Fuck! Stamos! I got a photograph of John Stamos.
He, he, he signed it for you and everything.
Amara? Huh.
Give me the knife.
AMARA: You got a photo? Yeah.
In my pocket.
(COUGHS) Autografo.
"Amara, can't wait to meet you.
"Rick" What's this? - "Sings your praises.
" - Sing your praises.
"Rick sings praises.
All my love, "John Stamos.
" I like this.
(SIGHS) I'm glad.
(COUGHS) Movie is 30 million now.
How come I only can put in two million? I don't follow.
I want to put in four.
- YAGO: Tia, you joking? - Shh! Yes or no? Bigger budget, you could lose money.
I don't lose money.
All right, then.
I mean, if it's up to me like you say then I'll just call the studio and I'll say Amara's back on, and now she's in for four million.
No problem.
Seriously, you gonna throw away your money like that, Tia? (SPEAKS SPANISH) (SPEAKS SPANISH) (SPEAKS SPANISH) John Stamos is a nice man.
He's a sweetheart.
You looking for Rick? Mm.
Rick! RICK: Huh? What? Oh, hey! Okay.
Well, look, you don't gotta apologize.
- We've all been there.
- APRIL: Apologize for what? You don't remember? What little I remember is plenty.
Yeah, well Uh, oh.
Uh, the poster? Yeah, yeah, in that office.
Right there.
Guy holding a rooster.
Get it the hell outta there.
- Okay - Hafdis Snaejornsson.
- What? - Director Snaejornsson? Uh, no one says it right.
He hasn't made a movie in 10 years, but the last one he did it got a standing ovation at Cannes and won the Palme d'Or.
Well, from the sound of it I don't think he He asked for the script.
- No kidding.
- Hmm.
Miles pitched it to him yesterday on the beach according to CAA.
Hafdis thinks it's something he might direct.
Can you follow up? - Okay.
- Ah, thanks.
Should we call CAA? No.
Oh, not now.
Not now.
You're working on pitches for movies that aren't set up and this director could move on.
No, he's never gonna do our movie.
He won the Palme d'Or.
- So? - So, so I have work to do.
Call CAA.
Don't hit me in front of the guy.
Albert, would you excuse us? No.
Don't, I want that down.
And would you please close the door? Come on.
You made an ambitious movie a hundred years ago and it shit the bed.
So what? You should be proud that you tried.
Now call the famous director and stop being a pussy.
Hey, hey, hey.
You work for me.
You got that? So don't talk to me like that.
- Pussy.
- Don't.
Stop that.
Stop! All right, stop it! I'll call! I'll call, okay? I'm calling.
I'm dialing.
See? Yeah.
You can stop with the guidance counselor bullshit.
Get the guy.
Albert! Please, continue.
This is Rick Moreweather for Manny Yablonz.
Uh-huh, I'll hold.
Hey, yeah, yeah.
You know what, just leave it.
Leave it.
It's okay.
Yeah, yeah.
Let's just, let's just leave it there.
Thank you.
(DOOR OPENS AND CLOSES) Food's good here.
What do you like, uh, the cabeza tacos? Probably exactly why you came, ain't it? I wanna make a deal.
You wanna make a deal? You know last time we sat down, Amara was talking about cutting all of our legs off.
So far, so good though, right? Except for your boy.
You know, the one down there slingin' on Oakridge.
He ain't doing too good, is he? I'll give you Amara.
If she's gone, most of her men will flip.
I hand over business and the crew.
But I need a sit down with Josias.
Work out my side of this.
I can't sit here all day.
What's it gonna be? Just do the best you can with it.
Daly, have a seat.
PHOTOGRAPHER: I should see the other guy, right? I was tied up.
The other guy's fine.
PHOTOGRAPHER: Let's try those glasses.
Move that light over a little bit.
(CAMERA CLICKING) PHOTOGRAPHER: Movie sounds great by the way.
- Yeah? - PHOTOGRAPHER: Congratulations.

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