Get Shorty (2017) s01e05 Episode Script

A Man of Letters

1 MILES: Previously, on Get Shorty You want me to stay out of your way, I'll do it.
But just know that everything I'm doing, all I'm going through right now is so that you can tell people what Emma's dad does for a living.
- Can you just give this to Emma? - It's in LA.
Acting lessons are a bit limited around here.
KATIE: We'll talk about it later.
We can move forward with the movie and Amara's not involved.
She doesn't know she's not involved.
Just don't mention it.
You want to hide it from her? (GRUNTING) I tell you I love the script.
What did you do? You push me out.
- No.
- That's not what Rick tell me.
Get Shorty 1x05 "A Man of Letters" Okay, well, is there a time where he is reachable? - Get off the phone.
- Hold on.
Well, does he check his messages? Yeah, okay.
Tell him I'll call him back.
Thank you.
The hell is this? Whoa.
If I can't trust you, you're a fuckin' liability.
(SCOFFS) I don't All right.
Whatever this is about This is about me telling you not to call Amara.
And I didn't.
Eventually, I did.
Yeah, 'cause I'm a producer.
I gotta check in.
Oh, okay.
Well, now you can check in with the studio and you can tell them thanks to you Amara's investment is now four million.
- Four.
- MILES: Go on.
I (SCOFFS) Gravity Pictures didn't offer a co-production.
And now they don't have a choice.
I not gonna tell you what to say since you're the one with experience in these matters.
And managing cash is about all you're good for.
- Did Amara hit you? - Oh, for fucks sake.
She had somebody hit you? Rick, in my world if you violate the terms of a partnership, you face the consequences.
- (CELL PHONE RINGING) - If I were you, I'd put it on a Post-it and stick it on your fuckin' forehead.
How's it going? We've made Amara money.
Don't forget that.
KATIE: I'll be okay if we leave by noon, right? 260 miles, that's four hours.
I've done it in three.
(CHUCKLES) Going 90? MILES: Are you sure that you don't want to stay at my place? Louis is fine with it.
We're at Charlene's guest house.
The showgirl? Married a lawyer now.
They live in Brentwood.
MILES: Which is? - Nice.
- MILES: Ah.
You're probably gonna be hungry when you get in.
How about I take you both out for a nice dinner? (DEEP EXHALE) Family dinner.
Uh, sure.
Yeah, yeah, family dinner.
It's not a date.
I promise, we'll have a horrible fucking time.
(CHUCKLES) Which ones should I pack? These look exactly the same.
- MILES: How is she? - (CHUCKLES) Excited.
(INHALES) So are we allowed to watch this class tomorrow? EMMA: No parents! MILES: I don't believe we're invited.
(CHUCKLES) All right, see you tonight.
First time here? Yeah, I gotta say, this is a lot nicer than my old church.
(CHUCKLES) Well, thank you so much for joining us.
- I'm Brother Kimball.
- Oh.
Louis Darnell.
- Good to meet you, Louis.
- MATT: The writer? No.
Well, yeah.
I mean, I did write a, um The Admiral's Mistress.
Have we met? Matt Solo, I'm at William Morris Endeavor.
The tobacco company.
(CHUCKLING) You write comedy.
I represent great writers and this guy's script.
One of the year's best reads.
(CHUCKLES) How's pre-production? Oh, I'm not.
Well, they brought in another writer.
- Pretty common, I guess.
- Yeah.
I hope you were well compensated.
Yeah, I mean Yeah.
More than scale? Scale, yeah.
If you want to grab a meal, you give me a ring.
- Mmm.
- Or you can find me here.
Hmm (PANTING) TYLER: Yes! Oh, yeah! Fuck.
- (SIGHS) - I needed that.
(HEAVY BREATHING) - TYLER: Water? - Yeah, sure.
(SNIFFS) Wait No, I'm saying can you hand me at water right there? Oh, yeah.
(PANTING) Thanks.
TYLER: Well (SIGHS) They're gonna need me back on set.
I have to shower.
Money's on the table.
Okay, cool.
(PANTING) Hey, I tell you my roommate took off? TYLER: Sorry, what? My roommate split town and he actually took my rent money.
You know, I'm not on the lease, they were gonna kick me out.
You believe that? TYLER: Shit.
That sucks.
So if you hear of a place I could crash for a while, you'd You'd let me know? TYLER: Yeah, no doubt.
No doubt.
How's, uh, Lethal Limit? Oh, my God.
It's amazing.
I mean, it's not a big role.
TYLER: But, in a way it kind of is a big role.
'Cause whenever I'm not on screen, the other characters are always talking about me so That's great.
(GRUNTS) TYLER: Also, I have an audition for this dope period film, The Admiral's Mistress.
Like, I probably won't get it.
The producer hates my guts.
- Who? - Rick Moreweather.
I met Rick, remember? I had a good conversation with him.
You think if I stopped by his office, I could score an audition? - Listen.
Uh, bro - Yeah.
I kinda gotta get in the headspace of this new scene.
So Yeah, totally.
I'll catch you, uh I'll catch you later.
TYLER: Peace.
And people, they keep asking me, "Hafdis.
You were at the height of your career, "you won the Palme d'Or in Cannes "and you just leave Hollywood?" You know what I tell them? I left because I was tired of the bullshit.
I was tired of the incompetent producers and those sycophants kissing my ass.
I so get it.
Yeah, good call.
They're all horrible.
This man though? And he didn't know he was talking to a director.
This man was talking to a stranger and he told this stranger an incredible story.
A story about joy and pain.
How they are forever linked.
Now that's how you find a beating heart within a film.
I thought he was a hobo.
Here's the rewrite by Julian Pynter.
You know his work, he's fantastic.
(INHALES DEEPLY) And obviously we'd love your thoughts before he takes another pass.
Nothing like the smell of script.
(SNIFFS) We spoke about, uh, Max Kisbye.
- Yes.
- Now we need Max Kisbye because he's the only one in Hollywood with the anger and the vulnerability we need to create a character of this caliber.
Unfortunately, he's unavailable.
TMZ has photos of him at "Morning Light" rehab clinic.
Agoura Hills? Yeah.
Which means he's not allowed to have a cell phone or internet.
So we could wait forever to get a read.
Okay, so we look at other actors.
So many brilliant ways we can go, right? Mmm-hmm.
Oh, yeah.
A lot of interesting things we could do.
Oh, so you You can just find another actor? Yeah, why not? (STUTTERS) Okay, why don't you find another director? I mean, if we're not having Max Kisbye, what's the point guys? All right.
I'm sure there's a way we can swing this.
Right? I'm on it.
Meaning, you have a way to get to Kisbye? Give me a day and, uh, yeah.
Yeah, I'm on it.
Go mad.
(SCOFFS) YAGO: Go up to that guy, then press "x.
" RISA: I am.
- X! - I am pushing it.
(CELL PHONE RINGING) (SIGHS) Don't start that mission without me.
RISA: Hey, which phone is that? It's a new burner.
Yeah? Josias said he gonna hear you out.
- YAGO: (OVER PHONE) When? - Tomorrow.
You said you wanted this shit taken care of, right? (SIGHS) Okay.
LOUIS: Good morning.
He's back.
You said, "He's back" like you're surprised.
And if that's because they got a new writer, I'm still helping Miles.
I just meant good morning.
All right.
Hey, um, how much does a screenwriter get for a scale? For a scale? Whatever, I mean Any scale.
GLADYS: Depends on the budget.
Mid-levels, maybe low six figures.
Six A hundred grand? For a fuckin' screenplay? You think that's low? Hey, brother.
Oh, you're reading.
I'll let you do that.
But can I ask you something? Well, you said that you were gonna find a job for me on the movie.
- So that I'm not just hanging around.
- Associate producer.
I asked Rick and that's what he recommended.
I love that.
What's that mean? Uh, it means that It means that you gonna help out.
Oh, kind of like I'm doing already? Arrogant British nob.
What? This sad excuse for a half-assed writer.
Gladys, my love.
Would you happen to have on file a home address for Mister Julian Pynter? - I can get it.
- Thank you.
I told the prick to add a young girl, just a few lines for Emma.
I'd do it myself only we're paying the gobshite a king's ransom already.
You see now? I told you it was bad idea to bring this guy in.
Thinks he knows better, that's what it is.
But he and I are gonna have a little chat.
And if I have to fucking stand above him and supervise every fuckin' syllable, that's what's gonna happen.
- GLADYS: Here you go.
- MILES: Thank you.
I'm gonna send over a courier with a few little notes.
- Want me to arrange? - No, no, no.
I'll handle it.
LOUIS: Hold on, buddy.
Hold up.
If you go over there all worked up like this.
- It's not gonna go well.
- Oh, it'll go well.
Let me handle it.
Okay? I'll make sure he does what you want.
And I'm a little curious.
About what? About how the writing thing works.
- "The writing thing"? - Yeah.
(CHUCKLES) Just a few lines for the housekeeper's daughter.
I can't believe it.
(CHUCKLES) - Well, let's Let's sit.
- Yeah.
(SIGHS) So, how you doing? (CLICKS TONGUE) Uh, generally or the treatment? Both.
(CHUCKLES SOFTLY) Um, yeah, been in 22 days and I feel great.
They, uh, tailor therapy to who you are as an individual here.
And the therapist has actually been through this shit himself.
Well, that's important.
(CHUCKLES) They told me you were here, I thought there was a mistake.
(CHUCKLES) What do you mean mistake? Of course I'm here.
Oh, I just mean you didn't come last time.
Well, I was shooting.
Or the time before, but You're here now.
It means a lot.
I'm sorry.
I haven't been in a while.
Nah, it's fine.
Mom doesn't make it easy for you.
(CHUCKLES) We fell out of touch, it happens.
I get the photos though.
Aunt Martha keeps sending photos like I keep a little scrapbook.
- Yeah.
- Scrapbook? Yeah, your pictures and your sister's pictures.
But this is better, being here.
It's good, yeah.
Wa Was that, uh That guy that just walked out? It looked like Max Kisbye.
Oh, yeah.
He checked in last week.
But - No kidding.
- But I'm keeping my distance.
How come? Well, I'm, you know, clean and he's, uh, relapsed like twice.
(SCOFFS) So, I'm staying as far away from him as possible.
(CHUCKLES) That's a good idea.
KEVIN: Yeah.
KATIE: Oh, my God.
(CHUCKLES) - Five-and-a-half hours? - Fifteen was a parking lot.
I mean, these maniacs drive on the shoulder to get past.
You sound like a local.
Oh, God.
- I missed you.
- Oh, I missed you too, Eva.
(SOFT GROAN) It's Emma.
Emma, See I knew it began with E.
- What happened? Oh, this? Nothing, just some idiot rear-ended me.
Those airbags pack a punch.
Huh? - Mom, look.
- Did you get it checked out? Nah, the car was a bit much anyway.
The insurance actually paid off the lease.
Not the car, I mean, you.
Here, follow my finger with your eyes.
- Hmm.
- (CHUCKLES) Hey, you want to check out the studio tomorrow? - Mom.
- Oh, I told Charlene we'd have lunch.
Oh, okay.
Ah, we're still good to eat now though, right? I got us a reservation in 20 minutes.
A reservation? This place called the Bel-Air Lounge.
I hear the new chef has his own TV show.
So even if the food is shite at least it's famous.
- (CHUCKLES) - I'm driving.
- She's driving? - (CHUCKLES) - Put on your seat belt.
- EMMA: I will.
It's from Guatemala.
Made by gringos, but You needed me? I had them cook dinner for us.
Why? No "why.
" I had them cook chicken pepian.
Oh, with the pepita? (CHUCKLING) Sesame seeds, tomatillos, cilantro, si.
- Tia.
- (AMARA LAUGHING) Remember when you were a boy.
I say it make you strong.
Now look at you.
Man, these dishes are crazy.
What are "frizzled leeks"? Oh, yeah.
Those are those special, uh, seahorses in a cabbage broth.
- They're not.
- (CHUCKLES) I'm so hungry that actually sounded good.
Hey, there.
We've been waiting a while now.
Uh, Friday nights are busy.
And there's an after-party for the awards show.
- What awards? - Excuse me.
Hi, can I get your name? MAN: Reynold.
Part of two.
(CHUCKLES) Sorry, no smoking.
But he can do that? Vaping? Yes.
What are they eating? Um Could be, um, spring pea shoot and minted yogurt soup? They give you hammers.
Oh, my God.
(CHUCKLING) They do give you hammers.
What? It wasn't so pretentious last time.
I love that we're here.
Are you kidding? - This is amazing.
- Yeah? Yeah.
Well, full disclosure Since I've been in LA, I only come to places where they give you little hammers.
- (CHUCKLES) - Mrs.
Thomas, one moment Hey, hey, hey, hey.
I had a reservation.
And I've been patient.
But if you seat those people before us, things are gonna get really fucking bad for you, really quickly.
Do you understand? Or I've $100 in my pocket.
Your call.
- There's a table opening up.
- Is that right? I'll clear it and we'll seat you now.
- All good.
- They're ready for us? (AMARA SPEAKS SPANISH) (YAGO SPEAKS SPANISH) I hear you hungry lately.
What? You eat at Raleigh Pupuseria.
Where'd you hear that? Is it true? Food is good.
Chicharron con jalapeno.
Forty miles.
You drive 40 miles for chicharron? I wanted to try it.
Is Josias's place.
I didn't know that.
You didn't know that? Um, I do now.
I saw his guys around.
(SNIFFS) Ooh, pepian is spicy.
Josias's men.
They talk to you? They said shit.
I didn't listen.
They talk about me? You? No.
Sure? They wouldn't say shit.
Believe me, I would set them straight.
We have platanos en mole.
Oh, yeah? That's great.
I'm just gonna use the bathroom.
(JULIAN SIGHS, SNIFFS) Script notes from Gravity Pictures.
Thank you.
Oh, I need you to sign.
So, uh, let me find the ol' clipboard.
What? Where was I think your wife's calling you.
(CHUCKLES) Excuse me? Yeah, I thought I heard someone.
I certainly hope it's not my wife since I'm divorced.
Huh, housekeeper? - No one here but me.
- Really? Oh, here we go.
There we go.
Just, uh, sign at the top there.
- (SIGHS) - I need a pen.
Oh, uh.
Damn it.
(SIGHS) Hold on.
(SIGHS) Oh, Jesus.
(GASPS) Did I scare you? I just didn't want to make you go back up to the truck.
(CLEARS THROAT) Just sign at the top, right? Whatever.
Thanks again.
So how's the script coming? What? Told you, I got notes from the studio.
Yeah, I have them.
I know that you have them, 'cause most of those notes are the ones you got the first time around.
You just need to do them and I'm here to make sure that that happens.
(CHUCKLES) This is a joke? No, sir.
What's your name? So do you have a home office, or do you just work at the table there? 'Cause, I mean, however you want to do this is, you know Who told you to come You know what? Doesn't matter.
You need to leave.
I will.
As soon as you take No, no.
Get the fuck out of my house or I'll call the police.
Hey, you don't need to be like that.
We're both professionals.
(DIALING) (GRUNTS) Don't be difficult, Julian.
(GRUNTS) Help! Help! (SCREAMING) You know, what? You're really making a big deal out of this.
All you have to do is take the notes.
And you're a badass writer.
I'll bet if you put your mind to it, you can knock this out before lunch.
(SCREAMING, PANTING) You don't work for the studio.
Who are you? LOUIS: Don't run out on me, Julian.
I'll tell you what I'm gonna put ice on your hand there, and then we're gonna get to work.
Okay? Thank you, sir.
Sign this? Ooh Cool name tag.
(INDISTINCT CONVERSATIONS) You checking out the competition? That guy over there, he's on The Thundermans.
He's a real actor.
You're a real actor.
You are.
Who do I have the pleasure of speaking to? Em Emma Daly? Are you asking me, or are you telling me? She's got butterflies a bit.
(CHUCKLES) Acting is playing.
Let your imagination run riot, you'll have nothing to be nervous about.
Welcome, everyone.
I'm Francis Knox, SAG-AFTRA, AEA, SDC.
Now if the parents here could please excuse us? It's time to start our work.
Thank you.
Huh? So each of these cards is a scene in the screenplay? Yes.
Do the colors mean something, or Each color is a different storyline.
How do you know what order to put 'em in? (SIGHS) I ask myself what happens first then what happens in reaction to that.
(CHUCKLES) That's a lot to figure out.
It is.
Hey Did you always want to be a writer? (SIGHS) When I was ten, I was at a very strict prep school in Sunningdale.
The only discipline that afforded any sense of freedom was writing fiction.
So I became a man of letters.
What's that mean? (SIGHS) A writer.
Um, I don't mean to seem rude but I generally find it easier to work when I'm not engaged in conversation.
Oh, yeah, oh Do your thing, man.
I'll be quiet as a mouse.
Very kind.
(CHAIR SCRAPING) (CLEARS THROAT) Can I help you? I'm Nathan Hill.
I met Mr.
Moreweather a while back when he was shooting The Hunting.
Really cool guy.
So I heard he's doing, uh, this new film and I'm working on the lot today so I thought I'd stop in.
Score an audition.
(CLEARS THROAT) Who's your agent? I don't actually have one.
Well, the only way to get an audition on this project is through representation.
Yeah, yeah.
That makes sense.
(CHUCKLES) Do you need a PA? Or I could work in casting as a reader.
Yeah, why don't you just fill out this application.
I'll keep it on file and I'll let you know if anything comes up.
Thank you! Very cool.
Uh, can I just take a pen? - Yeah.
- Thank you.
Thank you.
(NATHAN SIGHS) Oh, I don't have a current address.
Can I just put down my name and cell number? - (TELEPHONE RINGING) - Uh, sorry.
Yeah, yeah, that.
(CHUCKLES) Admiral's Mistress.
Yeah, let me see if I can get him.
No calls, okay.
I'm going to see Kevin now.
Amara? GLADYS: Says she got your package.
And if you're not here, she'll call back.
Is Miles here? GLADYS: No.
(SIGHS) Amara! Hi.
- Hello, Ricky.
You tell me I'm out of movie.
But guess what? You're back in! Huh? Yeah.
How about that.
- You would be sad to lose me.
- RICK: I sure would.
And listen, we got a great director, Hafdis I can't say his last name, but he's great.
We're thrilled with him.
So, when do I see the movie? You know, what? As soon as that premiere comes out, I'm gonna personally escort you down the red carpet.
Show me Hollywood.
RICK: That's right.
You send more scripts, eh? Yes, I did.
I did.
But that was, uh That was earlier.
And you're still investing in The Admiral's Mistress.
So you know, what? That stuff can wait.
I got money.
You show me what you got.
Well, I sent you three scripts, right? The first one is Swamp Children.
Oh, it's based on a graphic novel.
Miles took us out for this fancy dinner last night.
Wanted to give us a tour of the studio.
He's showing you he's changed.
(SIGHS) Has he, though? Take it from a girl who used to wear a feather bikini to work.
The overnight success thing is real.
Especially, out here.
Sorry, sorry.
- Hi.
- (KISSES) Closing went late.
Buyers were arguing over a roof replacement.
It's like they have five million for the house and they can't spare 20 grand for shingles? I mean Nicole.
Katie, guest of honor.
- BOTH: Hi.
- Nicole sold me the house.
- Oh.
- So what do you do, Katie? Uh, plastic surgeon's assistant.
Woman after my own heart.
Buried in silicone as it may be.
I couldn't tell.
Oh, please.
I keep meaning to have them replaced.
Only I can't spare the recovery time.
You're a C, right? Oh, my God.
I love her.
You know, you could switch to a teardrop shape.
Less projection, we don't put it under the muscle.
You'd be back at work in a week and a half, tops.
Better consult than Dr.
Soo gives me.
- Leonard Soo? - Yes.
I've been trying to get my doctor to use his implant.
Well, then I should introduce you.
I would love that.
Only We're only here a few days.
Well, if you ever decided to stay (SIGHS) - Lulu.
It's great.
- Yeah? Oh, three little scenes for Emma, not too many lines.
It's lovely stuff.
I You know, I had him read Emma's lines out loud so I could hear 'em.
You did good.
Thanks, buddy.
You know, I can tell that he was working fast, 'cause there's a lot of typos.
Yeah, well, he only had nine fingers to work with.
I didn't cut anything off.
I just broke a finger.
One finger.
What? An A-list writer and you broke his finger.
Oh, he's not gonna tell anyone, he was scared shitless.
(GROANS) Oh, come on.
You know, if you'd gone over there, you would've skinned him alive.
I saw that look in your eye.
Which is why I let you handle it.
You managed to deal with that girlfriend of the writer, how the fuck did you pull that off? Lulu.
You said that you convinced her with your words! (SIGHS) I did convince her with my words.
And then, as I was leaving, she came at me with questions.
Fuck's sake.
So you took her out.
And what's worse? You lied to me about it.
I didn't lie.
I just didn't tell you.
Because your family was coming, I didn't want you to get you all stressed about it Oh, much better to handle it this way, and wait till they're actually fucking here to tell me.
Jesus Christ, Lou.
Do I need to do everything myself? You know what? Fuck you.
People all over this town make movies without breaking fingers or shooting every fucker they meet.
Well, you oughta work with those people.
I will.
Look, I know that Katie and Emma coming here is a really big deal for you.
But for the good of humanity, why don't you have a drink, get laid or go for a run or do something.
Because you have been wound tight all day and it's getting on my nerves.
(CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) Noah, Emma, hop on up.
And remember, show us your EIS.
Which stands for ALL: Energy! Imagination! Sparkle! Begin.
I like your wide and sassy smile.
That makes me feel happy.
Okay, slow start.
Step it up.
Really show us that imagination, Emma.
I like your clean new sneakers.
Better! That makes me feel pleased as punch! (STUDENTS CHUCKLING) I love your super-stylish hair.
That makes me feel Happy? (CHUCKLES) Emma! That had zero sparkle.
Zero! Lilah, hop on up.
Show her how it's done.
Thank you, Emma.
I like your wide and sassy smile.
There's my superstar.
Can we get out of here? And don't call me that.
Would you stop running please? I'm not running.
What's wrong? I was the worst one there.
What? No, you weren't.
Look, I've seen you on stage and you were bloody wonderful.
Okay, I don't wanna talk about it.
- Hey, come on.
- No.
Okay, it obviously didn't go well.
- We can find you another - I don't want to be an actor.
And I don't want to be in a stupid movie.
Ah, you say that way now, but Dad, do I have to be in it? Of course not.
Will you get pissed off with me if I'm not? No.
I really don't want to be in it.
(SNIFFS) Fine.
Let's get back.
Can I watch TV? Sure.
You hungry? No, not really.
I got pizza.
It's a couple of days old but that adds character.
Hey, where's the remote? MILES: Um, not all together sure, lad.
You are pissed off.
No, I get it.
I don't know a lot about acting but it seems like an unpleasant business.
People pretending to be other people, that can't be healthy.
Mom won't come to LA unless I'm in the movie.
Right? All right.
Let's get one thing straight, shall we? You were bloody wonderful in your play and you'd be amazing in the movie.
That's not me speaking as your dad but as As a movie producer.
But now on a separate note, would like you and your mom to be with me here in LA? Of course, I would.
But let's not confuse the issue.
What? I'll be in the movie.
No, no, no, no.
That's not what I'm saying.
Just don't give me too many lines.
You don't have to do this if you don't want to.
I said I'll do it.
So, don't talk me out of it.
I won't.
Francis said I don't have sparkle.
No what? Found the remote.
(CHUCKLES) KEVIN: So we all We all have negative feelings.
But the goal is to allow ourselves to experience those feelings, without allowing it to trigger addictive behavior.
- Ah.
(CHUCKLES) - What's that? Ten minute warning.
Sorry, I've been going on for hours.
Hey, we're catching up.
Hmm? (SIGHS) Well, before you go, tell me about the new movie you're working on.
Oh, well, change of pace for me.
- Actually it's a period thing.
- Okay.
And it's funny you bring it up, 'cause I was leaving the house today and I was thinking, Max Kisbye would be perfect for this lead.
He Oh, dead on.
- Really.
- Yeah, I actually, uh I grabbed a copy of the script.
I know you're not You're not tight with him but you see him at meals or group therapy and, uh - Dad.
- Yeah, maybe it comes up organically.
Like he's wondering what movie am I gonna do when I get out of here.
(CHUCKLES) You're incredible.
What? Coming to check on me.
As if that made sense.
If you don't want to talk to him, that's fine.
Don't act like you just thought of this, this morning.
First time you came here, you kept looking over my shoulder.
I thought, "What's he looking for?" Not true.
As if Max Kisbye would do one of your movies.
Actually has a A pretty decent budget.
- Great director.
- You should go.
(SIGHS) Okay.
Don't Come on, don't do that.
You're right, I came here to see if you could help me with this.
Yeah, I'm a piece of shit.
But when I got here and you started talking and telling me everything that you're doing, I forgot about Max Kisbye.
I was just happy to be here.
(SIGNAL BEEPING) All right, well Can I get a hug? Okay, I'd like to come back.
I'll leave it up to you.
Take the fucking script.
Knock, knock.
You're the father of? Emma.
Ah I'm sure you're trying to get out of here, but do you have a quick minute? (SIGHS) You want to know why Emma was so upset.
(EXHALES SHARPLY) I've been at this for a long time and if you encourage a child who doesn't have what it takes? You're not doing them any favors.
So, on her first day of acting lessons for little kids, you made her cry.
But it was for her own good? I have an eye for talent.
And she's has no future in this business.
She's 12.
That's lots of time for her to find something she's good at.
(CHUCKLES) God forbid, she's not made for this.
(GROANS) She might end up in a shithole in Burbank crushing kids dreams for fifty bucks an hour.
(SPITS) Whoa, whoa, whoa! Wait, wait! Let's go.
Oh, shut the fuck up.
Nice shirt.
(INDISTINCT CHATTERING) Which do you like better? Marine? Or Pool Party? I'm redoing my bathroom.
(SMACKS LIPS) Pool Party.
I like Marine.
It's more peaceful.
Are we gonna talk business? You want Amara gone? I can make that happen.
This woman is family.
By marriage.
You'll kill your aunt, Thanksgiving is gonna be awkward.
(INHALES SHARPLY) So what's this about? Did she not give you the keys to the station wagon? I got my own car.
So get rid of her.
Why come to me? It's like that Star Trek shit.
The enemy of my enemy, is my friend.
(CHUCKLES) That's not Star Trek.
It was in Star Trek.
That's some Indian shit.
Some old Indian saying.
Listen, I know how this works.
All right? You clear shit with Mexico, verdad? Well, I don't have the connect.
You do.
So what do you want? Amara's territory, everything across the 95.
Except Reno, that's your shit.
And I'll kick up 10% across the board.
(SHARP INHALE) (SUCKS TEETH) I can walk on my own.
Let me get a smoke.
Smoke in the car.
With a bag over my head? (SIGHS) It's menthol.
You wanna bitch or you want a smoke? (GUNFIRE) (PANTING) (SCREAMING) Tia, I got to talk to you.
AMARA: Tell me.
When I was at the pupuseria, one of Josias's guys came over.
Said he wanted to have a sit down with me.
What did you say? I said, "Are you crazy? Get the fuck out of here.
" And I didn't say nothing because I knew you would freak out.
Thinking I wasn't telling you the whole story.
But I swear to God, that's how it went down.
(AMARA SPEAKS SPANISH) It's good you told me.
And now, you call him back.
I told Josias you weren't worth shit.
(SHARP INHALE) Get your piece.
We ordered Indian food.
KATIE: Did you? There's a curry up there with your name on it.
(LIGHT CHUCKLE) You look relaxed.
What's that? Nicotine vape.
All the rage apparently.
We should head back to Charlene's.
Or you could stay a while? Yeah, Mom have some food.
Uh Don't try and hate yourself, Wyatt.
I'm not.
I'm the same man that's wanted in three states and five territories remember? Tell me, am I Oh, no more for me, not if I'm gonna drive.
WOMAN: (ON TV) Not yet.
(CHUCKLES) What are you trying to say? Oh, nothing.
It's just, Charlene called and she said that our house was on fire.
Yeah, she sounded pretty distressed.
Probably because of the fire in her house.
Well, nice of her to tell us.
WOMAN: (ON TV) I'll see you around.
What kind of business? (KISSES) Hey, about the bed.
You may notice a quite severe dip in the middle of the mattress.
That's fine.
So, Louis won't mind sleeping out here? Let's not ask him.
I'll help you make up the couch.
(CHUCKLES) This place.
It's classy, right? I think they call it extended-stay chic.
Bedsheets are made from genuine boxer shorts.
- Cashmere? - I needed new clothes.
What that I That I managed to buy a hoodie all on my own? Less than a month, you got a fancy job.
A new place to live And you're jealous? Little bit.
Hey, I'm doing a shite job of showing off LA so far.
But I swear, Katie, it's a hell of a town.
Well, it turns out it suits you.
It's just that it's a bit lonely.
What about Louis? - He snores.
- (CHUCKLES) And he's a rubbish lover.
(CHUCKLES) Airbag? As God as my witness.
(KISSING) (MOANING) (MOANING) Shh, Emma can't hear.
RICK: (ON ANSWERING MACHINE) Hey, Kevin, it's Dad.
And, uh, look I know they don't let you use the phone there so you probably can't get your messages.
But, uh, when you do get this Um, I just I feel shitty about today.
It's It's good to see you doing so well and, um Yeah, keep it up.
Great, thanks.
Good night.
That was Scotty Walker leaving word.
- Who's Who's that? - Max Kisbye's agent from CAA.
Get him on the line.
Call her.
(TELEPHONE RINGING) Hey, Rick Moreweather.
AMARA: Hello, Ricky.
GLADYS: It's not Walker, it's that investment woman Okay.
Thank you, Gladys.
Amara, hi, wow! Boy, I was just heading out.
How are you? You gonna show me Hollywood? Sure, yes.
Soon as you get to LA.
When do you want to meet? What? I'm here, Ricky.
What do you mean? In Hollywood.
And so far I like it.
(SONG: The Devil by Mary Lou Williams) The devil is a woman with a red dress on A gleam that flits across a rolling eye The devil is a hand that moves along a satin sheet A softly whispered, sweetly whispered lie The devil is a window filled with fancy clothes Through lips that part and slide and grieve a sigh And open doors some place where lips that shouldn't go there goes A word that touched the heart and made it cry Where are you gonna run? Where do you think you're gonna hide? What makes you think you're slick enough To take old satan for a ride And you never took a notice That no matter what you do Our old friend Mephistopheles gets there just ahead of you The Devil never rest, come day, come dust, come dawn You compromise and wind up sold in parts So don't it strike you funny when you look him in the eye The Devil looks a lot like you and I
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