Get Shorty (2017) s01e07 Episode Script

Grace Under Pressure

MILES: Previously on Get Shorty - Hey! - Owen here? He moved out.
What? Yeah, I haven't seen him in days.
My calls go straight to voicemail.
Rick just told us you were coming, what a lovely surprise.
Welcome to Hollywood.
Have a drink, then come to my hotel.
WAITER: Can I get you anything else? Get me another one of these.
Sir, where's your car? - My what? - You're going downtown.
I didn't know she was gonna stay in LA until five bloody minutes ago.
- Is she here, in the office? - Yes.
I'll call you.
1x07 "Grace Under Pressure" KATIE: Hi, this is Katie.
I'm not in right now, so leave a message.
MAN AT BAR: Welcome back, dude! You see, I don't even want you to answer.
I'm just using your voicemail as an audio diary.
Recording my thoughts for posterity.
(SIGHS) Still sorting out details, but unless it all goes to shit, it looks like this thing's actually gonna happen.
Would be lovely to know if you thought that was great news, or if it doesn't much matter either way.
Okay, I'll try again.
Love to Emma.
(PHONE BEEPS) BOB: Uh, can we get some more nachos here? FEMALE CO-WORKER: Sure.
BOB: Nachos are on me, guys! Okay? Now eat up.
(GRUNTS) Come on, let's go! We'll play teams, all right? You guys are on my team, - bad guys are on the other team.
- WOMAN: No! Yeah, right? BOB: Don't know how to play? I'll show you how to play.
- FEMALE CO-WORKER: That's sweet.
- (BOB LAUGHS) FEMALE CO-WORKER: Very good try! (GRUNTS) - You sure it's his? - Yep.
So what's your in? I don't know yet.
I'm not gonna wait up.
All right! Nachos! Who wants nachos? Nachos! Here, take it.
Yeah, pass 'em around.
Excuse me, is this yours? Yeah, where did you Ah! You set it down, I saw some kid grab it and make for the door.
I said, "Is that your jacket?" (SCOFFS) He dropped it pretty quick and ran off.
- You're shitting me! - Call the cops.
No, he's long gone.
Uh, thanks.
This wasn't cheap.
(CHUCKLES) MILES: No worries.
- Bob! - Yeah? - Buy him a drink.
- Oh! Hey, uh, hey! You want a drink? Oh, you don't have to do that.
No, no, no.
No, no.
Hey, come here.
Um, another round for him, and I'll have a nutmeg ale.
- Sure thing.
- Okay.
- You know us.
Thank you! - Yeah, sure! You guys all work together? Yeah, Gravity Pictures.
These, uh, kids all work in my office.
Oh, they're your minions.
And it's Lindsay's birthday! Oh! What a nice boss, taking them all out for happy hour.
Paying for nachos.
So you make movies, is it? Well, I I manage, uh, productions on a budgetary level.
Ah, you're a numbers man! That's where the deals get made.
Not wrong about that.
Hey, I'm Bob.
Hey, Rudy, how you doing? What you, uh, what do you do, Rudy? I drive for Uber Pool.
Um, you play darts? I'm fuckin' awful.
Perfect! You're up next.
Come on! All right, guys, Rudy, say "hi" to Rudy, he's joining our group.
STAFF: Hi! FEMALE CO-WORKER: Hi, Rudy! FEMALE CO-WORKER 2: Hi, Rudy! Come on! So the landlord stops by, and he's, like, 83 years old or something.
And I say, "Lenny, I'm sorry, but we can't pay the rent this month.
" But my housemate has this big bag of weed.
So I said, "Lenny, can we pay you with this?" So Lenny has a little think.
Then he takes the whole bag of weed and fucking leaves.
(BOTH LAUGHING) - This was three months ago - Yeah.
I haven't seen him since.
So we've either sent him off to an early grave, or he's upstairs getting high.
Either way, we're living rent free, so Oh, nice! Don't ask questions, right? Shi I'm I'm paying rent and a mortgage, killing me.
How'd that happen? Building this big ol' house in Toluca Lake, and the city comes by and they stop construction.
And he tells us He says, "Yeah, you know, you don't the have proper permits "for your infinity pool.
" I'm like, "Wha That was back in March.
" - Ruthless.
- Yeah.
Coming between a man and his infinity pool.
(LAUGHS) MILES: You know, I have a buddy actually, who works for the city, uh, what's it called, where they issue the permits? Uh Uh, the Department of Building and Safety.
Yeah, that's it.
Oh, shit! Uh, yeah.
I have to be in my Uber in two hours.
It's great to meet you, Bob.
Hey! Yeah, yeah, you too, you too, uh Hey, Rudy.
Rudy! Hey, real quick.
Quick question.
Um Think your friend, uh Do me a favor? I think they're sticklers for regulations down there.
Worst he could say is, "no," right? I guess I could ask.
Ah! Awesome! Hey Can I get a pen real quick? Sure, here you go.
That would be wonderful.
Really, really would appreciate that.
Um, here's my number, and please give me a call after you talk to him.
I'll do that.
I'll fuckin' do that, Bob.
(GRUNTING) Occupied! APRIL: I was rereading the script last night, and I actually got emotional.
I realized I'm excited about this project.
We have wonderful actors, a director.
The director's in county jail, that's a problem.
But I think this movie could be something special.
Doesn't change the fact that my involvement in this was coerced.
And I think you, personally, are despicable.
Sorry, what did you say? Hey! Didn't mean to hold you up.
Come on.
Hey, why don't you sit, uh, here.
You sit over here.
Ah! Here we are! One day from a "go" picture.
Yeah! It's amazing! 'Course we've all seen projects get this far, then take a last-minute nosedive.
- Well - Let's not have that happen! There a problem? We need Bob Grace to sign off on our budget, or we don't move forward.
And we're currently way over our target number.
And I'm gonna handle that.
You said that last week.
Have you met with Bob? We've been trading calls.
Uh, trust me, when Bob and I him roll up our sleeves and get down to dirty business We'll sort this shit out.
- Who's Bob? - He's VP of Production.
What's he need to sign? There's a lot of details that need discussing between today and tomorrow.
Might be easier if Rick explained it to you.
After the meeting maybe.
What's next, April? Louis Darnell.
If you really want him back.
Well, he wrote the first draft, and we all loved it.
He's affordable.
Use him for production rewrites, that's fine.
But keep him away from the press, because for whatever reason, the way he writes is not the way he speaks.
Hold on.
That's Hafdis, I will connect him.
HAFDIS: Hello, everybody! Hey! How are ya? How's everything goin' in there? Well, I haven't been raped yet.
- This is Alec, he's my lawyer.
- ALEC: Yep.
And he says that my arraignment is on Thursday and then I'm out, no problem.
We're glad to hear that.
But the table read is tomorrow, as you know, and it's very important.
Brandon will be there, he wants the director present.
Yeah, yeah, but let's make it during my visiting hours, and we can do it the same way we're doing it now.
Is that okay? I mean, if it's our only option, then MALE GUARD: Time's up.
HAFDIS: What happened to the five minute warning? - Come on, let's go.
- Hey! Are we living in a police state? (CLEARS THROAT) We should all go out and celebrate after the table read.
Miles' family is gonna be here, so you can invite your boyfriend, or I mean, if you have one.
- How long you worked with Rick? - Three years.
- Yeah, you want to be a producer? - I'm a singer.
No kidding! Where do you Do you perform around here? Not currently.
Huh! Well, maybe you'll sing for me some day.
Probably not.
You know, he's a little crazy, but I think that's good for the project, right? (INDISTINCT TALK) RICK: Sure worked up an appetite.
(CHUCKLES) (SIGHS) (CLEARS THROAT) So, um, what did April say? About what? What do you mean, "about what?" About me coming back as the writer.
Yeah, she's fine with it.
Yeah! Hey! Thank you, buddy.
I know that she wasn't too hot on the idea.
These are the notes from the studio.
I need to get 'em done in time for the table read.
(SCOFFS) Yeah, right.
What are you talking about? The table read tomorrow? No, no.
I told you I was gonna get some help.
So do it.
Look, you don't just hand a writer pages, and, like, snap your finger.
You know, it's a process, Miles.
It's a few fuckin' lines, Lulu! Just I'm trying to handle a hundred things at once, I'm trying to focus on Amara in the production meeting, I'm trying not to focus on her in the fuckin' bathroom.
Amara in the bathroom? Close the door.
CALDERON: What's it called? WARE: The Admiral's Mistress.
Sort of a, uh BUCHHOLZ: Costume drama.
- Like Shakespeare in Love.
- My wife's favorite movie.
Great movie.
And De Escalones is producing this thing? Investor.
Strictly money.
She drops twelve bodies in Nevada, and now she's Spielberg.
- Los Chapulines cartel? - Southern Nevada branch.
Got her eye on LA.
She have a place here? Hotel room.
But this is more than a visit.
Or she's really making a movie.
(LAUGHS) Some good shit, brother.
All day, every day.
- Yo, Leo.
- Mm? What time you work? - Forty minutes.
- Up all night, you going to work? Transpo never sleeps.
He's a driver on a movie, bro.
He works mad hours.
We get four hours of sleep if we're lucky.
Everyone on set.
We don't have flake.
We do whatever.
Adderall, caffeine pills Caffeine pills? You sell shit this good on a lot? You'd make hella stacks.
You know anyone at Gravity Pictures? Was on a show there last year.
Let me grab my shit.
I can get us in that studio.
Bring another key, maybe two.
We're not clear to do business here in LA.
It's not a big operation.
It's just a couple keys.
Yeah, but we with Amara, right? I mean, if Mexico thought Amara had business in LA, that shit would get serious quick.
Mexico? Like you know what the fuck you're talking about.
Little bitch.
Getting coffee if you want it.
I'm good.
Can I borrow you for a second? I'm having a hell of a time with this casting breakdown.
Yeah! Yeah.
What you got? (SIGHS) - You're not working on the breakdown.
- No.
He knows? Yeah? You know, the bolt on that bathroom door, that doesn't slide all the way.
We got to get that fixed.
- Rick? - You think that you locked it, somebody pushes it.
All right.
It was unprofessional.
I can't say I'm surprised, given the amount of terrible fuckin' decisions you've been making.
Hold on, just, can I? Me and Miles have been with Amara for a while.
And we have seen boyfriends come and go.
Mostly go.
And, when there's been a, uh, a break-up? It's our job to pick up the pieces.
So, are you thinking she's gonna get hurt.
Not her, you.
Well, uh, I'm a big boy, guys.
- What? - (CHUCKLES) Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.
Physically? Look, I don't know what went down with you and, uh, the whole face thing, but, that was business.
It's all business with Amara.
See, in theory, we're all in this together.
But that's not the way she thinks.
Stop it.
You don't know her like I do.
(SIGHS) Um No, listen.
Is she a tough negotiator? Yeah.
But under that, that Under that, she's a A sensitive, supportive woman.
Look, I'm sorry.
I'm sorry to bring my personal life into the workplace.
Okay? We'll be more discreet.
The office toilet, Rick? The lock is broke! And knock, maybe.
I don't need a wing man on this one, guys.
Okay? Thanks.
What about this does he not get it? I mean, he's just never come across anyone like Amara before.
Or Maybe it turns him on.
- Do you have a burner I can borrow? - Yeah.
You know, historically speaking, Amara's boyfriends last three, maybe four days, so And if we have to make this movie without Rick, that is what we will do.
Hi, is Bob there? It's Rudy.
He'll know what it's about.
Gonna get a writer.
Roberto! How goes it? Barry? Barry! What are you doing here? It's Nathan.
Yeah! - Owen's housemate.
- Sure! Yeah.
I'm the new PA! Do you work here? Yeah! I, uh I wrote the screenplay.
I thought Louis Darnell wrote the scree Oh! Barry's a nickname.
No, people here, they call me Louis.
Oh! You are so talented.
(CHUCKLES) - Aw, thanks.
- So you and Owen are both writers.
Hey! When was the last time you saw Owen? (BULLET FIRED) Been a while.
Is that Vernon? You remember Nathan.
He's our new PA! Owen's housemate! Oh, would you look at that! You two know each other? They're friends with my housemate.
My ex-housemate.
She got me the job.
Plus, I know Rick Moreweather, so I hope we're keeping you busy! Yeah! Lots to do.
Better get back to it.
Good seeing you, Vernon.
- Vernon? - He's not very bright.
Oh, fuck.
He's gotta be with LAPD or the Fed.
Probably got a wire.
I don't know, he's the one who told me about Rick.
Oh, he has to know that I didn't write the screenplay! Not if Owen didn't show it to him.
Well, that's what you said about the girlfriend, see how that fuckin' turned out.
So what're we gonna do? We can't afford much help.
No way I run the farm by myself.
When you go to LA, I don't know how we get by.
Mom! Do you know how much Jake Gyllenhaal makes per movie? Eighteen million dollars.
If I make half of that, we're set for our life.
Okay, and I'm not saying I get it right away.
But give me a few months, and I'll send you a check.
Like talkin' to a brick wall.
If I may? Everyone likes working with you.
And I like working with you.
But the roles I cast you in, they were small, and the reason you didn't get big parts is You're not good.
If you're not good enough for Dyersville Regional Theater, how do you But you always told us to shoot for the moon, and if we'd missed, we'd end up among the stars.
I meant that, but not for you.
At least, not for this.
You're all looking out for me, which is awesome.
But I, I don't want you to worry, because no matter what, I'm not gonna give up.
I should go finish packing.
Uh, but Gary, don't leave without saying goodbye! I'll be down in a few minutes.
Better he doesn't run the farm.
How come? 'Cause he's dumber than a bag of hammers.
(SIGHS) Why she say "nosedive?" Huh? The lady.
She say we take a nosedive.
Oh, April.
No, she didn't mean it.
But I pay for all of this.
The office, all these people If they don't make the movie, do they give me back my money? You don't have to worry.
I mean, we're full steam ahead here.
What's this? That's a list of areas with tax incentives.
Movie takes place in England, we'll probably shoot in Vancouver, or somewhere like that.
Nevada? Yeah, Nevada, good tax incentive, not a good visual match.
We need English gardens, not deserts.
And there's no crew in Nevada.
I get you a crew.
No, I mean, union guys.
I can get cooks, drivers.
From the casino? I know all kind of people, Ricky.
And I give you a good price.
CUSTOMER: Can I get a decaf macchiato, please? FEMALE BARISTA: Double shot Americano? CUSTOMER: Oh, that's me, thanks.
(SIGHS) What you working on? (SIGHS) I wasn't trying to be weird, I just She thought I was hitting on her.
I just wanted to know what her screenplay was about.
Since I produce movies.
I'm writing a screenplay.
Oh! You ever sell one? Had a few nibbles.
This one's about Dresden in the seventeen-hundreds.
It's called The Rebel of Liebstadt.
That is a good title.
Oh! Quick word about our new PA.
(SCOFFS) You guys are friends, that's so cool.
I'm gonna need you to let him go.
- Why? - It's not working out.
- Because? - Not a good fit.
Well, he's got a good attitude.
Yeah, he does.
Oh, you want me to tell him that it's not working out, - because he's not a good fit.
- Thanks, Gladys.
Holy shit! You answered.
Uh Uh, I'm completely unprepared for a conversation with a real human being.
Um We're coming tomorrow.
Yes, you You're bringing me one of my actors.
She's been rehearsing her lines on an endless loop.
So if she backs out, I can step in.
I'm not sure you could pass as a twelve-year-old.
Fourteen, maybe.
Thanks for being patient.
I'm not being patient, Katie, I just don't have a choice.
There's just some questions I need to answer, for everyone's sake.
I've almost got 'em figured out.
Like, emotional questions? What are you talking about? - Uh - Ms.
Daly? Attorney Bates.
Hi, let me get off the phone.
Miles, I gotta go, I'll see you tomorrow at three.
How are you? Please.
(SIGHS) Oh! Hey, Walon, right? Rick Moreweather.
Listen, um, did you book the conference room tomorrow? Right.
Okay, good, 'cause we need to get in there for a table read, they said you guys don't need it till the evening.
Huh? So, if we could get in there in the afternoon You made those giant spider movies.
That was a while ago.
Ah, that must make for an interesting table read.
Do the actors play spiders? (CHUCKLES) So you guys, you in there for the day? 'Cause, we'll, we'll leave you all set up.
Can't help you, my friend.
He work down there? Yeah, it's okay, come on.
We'll find another place.
Uh, I need you to call me back ASAP.
I have found a writer, got a writing sample.
Title's in a foreign language, so Probably good.
But I need you to check it before we go Hey, you got a call from Uh Sorry.
No, it's okay.
I'm off.
April's office called.
They were hoping to get those new pages from you by tonight.
(SCOFFS) I just got the notes this morning.
Well, they said it was just a few lines.
Oh! Yeah, well, why don't they write it, if they think it's so easy.
You know, I read your first draft, even before Rick got it.
It was wonderful.
I think you're gonna be fine.
Want to get dinner? When? Anytime.
Just, like, tomorrow, or You pick the place, let me know.
Hmm! I'm not sure I understand.
Well, hypothetically, if someone had a business, like, if they were a movie producer, and an investor were using money from an illegal business.
Could that producer get in trouble? Depends on what they knew about the origin of the money.
Or what could be proved.
And if the producer wanted to keep making movies, but didn't wanna be - Legally culpable? - Right.
They'd have to insulate themselves from the source of the money.
And how would they do that? I mean, hypothetically? I'll tell you what he said, but in my opinion, Bob, you don't want any part of this.
- Why not? - I called Danny.
The does plan checks for residential inspections, and I said, "Danny? "I have a man trying to build his dream pool, "and he needs our help.
" Danny says, "No problem.
" - Really? - And he can get permits inside of a week.
- Holy shit! - But then, then Danny said I can't believe I'm repeating this.
He said, because his job's at risk, he wants ten grand in cash.
- Oh! - That's what I said.
I said, "Bob will not want to have any part of this, Danny.
" - Seems kind of shady.
- Oh! Extremely shady.
I mean, truth be told, I, I Yeah.
Spend that much in rent and attorney's fees in a month.
Yeah, you're not gonna wanna get involved in this kind of thing at all, Bob.
- Yeah Shit No Hmm.
- I mean, I can't believe it.
I mean, if I had thought that Danny would pull this kind of shit, I would never have brought it up.
- The food here is good value, isn't it? - Yeah.
This is not a reflection of your performance.
I mean, I thought the job was longer than a day.
But I met some really cool people so Thank you.
- Please don't thank me.
- Yeah, I'll clear out my desk.
I don't have a desk, but I'll just grab my backpack.
Thanks again! Comin'! What's up, dog? Hey! Oh, I thought it was room service.
Okay, uh, she's in the shower.
No, no, no, no.
I want to talk to you.
Come here.
Listen, you know I've been really busy, so I haven't been involved in the whole movie thing.
- Huh.
- But last night I was watching Paranormal Activity.
You ever seen that shit? I don't think so.
You, you gotta check that shit out.
Anyway, I realized that being around artistic people, like you, - that's some interesting shit.
- Yeah.
And I heard my Tia say that you have some table meeting? I really want to go.
To the table read? - Table read, yeah.
- Yeah.
And I wanna invite my buddy, Bliz? Oh! Yeah! Yeah, okay, it's at 3:00.
- I'll get you a drive on.
- That's very cool.
- Thank you, dog.
- Mm-hmm.
I'm looking forward to that creativity.
Yeah! Me, too.
(NERVOUS CHUCKLE) Oh! - All right! - All right.
You must be Bob.
Danny, right? Hey, thanks for helping me out.
Yeah, we're helping each other out.
Here's a little, uh, little something for your effort.
Yeah So what kind of a, uh Timeline we're looking here? - Rudy was saying that we - Yeah.
(MILES BLOWS) (CAR DOOR OPENS) (SIGHS) Five seconds with that guy, I knew he was a shit bird.
(SIGHS) Should we go on, maybe? (SIGHS) Man, the writer still hasn't sent the pages.
I fuckin' hate deadlines.
I mean, he was at his day job, earlier, but, I mean, he's been home for two hours! What's his day job? Valet.
He Well, at least if his writing is shite, it's not like Brandon will shut down the movie, and then Amara will have us both killed.
- Yeah, okay.
I - Oh, no, wait a minute.
That is what will happen.
I'll call him as soon as we get back to the apartment.
Okay? A fucking valet? Quit bugging me, man.
Got a lot of stress.
(CAR DRIVES AWAY) (SIREN WAILING) Front desk called, said she's on her way up.
You sure about this? I'm curious.
(KNOCKING) Hello, Amara.
Thanks for seeing me.
Miles give you my phone number? I've had it for years.
AMARA: Lots of men work for me.
I don't talk to their wife.
Then I'm glad you made an exception.
Can I sit? I have a lot to say.
(KATIE SIGHS) It's great, what you're doing with the film.
It's exciting, and I'm, I'm sure there's a practical benefit, as well.
What do you know about it? I came to say, I think there's an opportunity, moving forward.
For you and for Miles.
And you? For all of us.
(ELEVATOR BELL DINGS) Oh, hey! Thanks for letting us use that conference room, really.
Okay? We're gonna keep it spick and span, trust me.
- Yeah, it's all yours.
- Okay.
Whoa-ho! What happened? Uh Uh, I was coming down the stairs in the parking garage, and I twisted it.
Oh, stairs in the back, right? And I hate those freaking stairs! Yeah, this whole place is a death trap.
Lindsay, right? Yeah.
We met at the bar the other night.
(CHUCKLES) That's right.
Good memory.
Hey there, Bob! - Wait a second.
- Cheers, Lindsay.
(DOOR SHUTS) BOB: What are you doing here? Just dropping in.
And, uh, I thought I'd run something by you.
How'd you get on the lot? Gate three.
- But don't you - You have no windows, Bob.
(CHUCKLES) You might go a little mad down here, with just filing cabinets and spreadsheets.
(GRUNTS) What did you want to run by me? Oh, yes.
I need a favor.
You have a project here called The Admiral's Mistress.
I hear it's great.
I need you to sign off on the budget, so they can start production.
What's your connection? I just thought, seeing as I'm doing you a favor, helping you to bribe a government employee, which I think is a fucking felony, Bob, I just thought maybe you could help me with this.
(BOTH CHUCKLING) When we first met at the bar, you knew who I was? You told me who you were.
You're helping me out, and I, I appreciate that.
But what you're asking is, you know (INHALES SHARPLY) You want tickets to a premiere, um, I'm your guy.
Um, box set of, uh, DVDs The production budget, Bob, would you say that's in this office or would Lindsay have it in one of her filing cabinets? Thanks for stopping by, Rudy.
You want to call me later, let me know.
Sit down, Bob.
Who the fuck do you think you are, huh? Get out of my office.
- Hey, Lindsay! - (THUDS) I work for serious people, Bob.
LINDSAY: It's locked.
You play games with us, we'll bury you under the fucking foundations of that fancy house you're building.
- (GRUNTS) - LINDSAY: Did you need me? Say you want the budget.
- Lindsay? - LINDSAY: Yeah? Could you bring us the 2D version of The Admiral's Mistress production budget, please? LINDSAY: Okay.
Now you can sit down.
(KNOCKING) Oh, perfect! Thank you! Oh, can I borrow that pen? Cheers, Lindsay.
(THUD) It's a good investment, Bob.
In more ways than one.
- (PEOPLE ALL CHATTING) - MAN: April, how are you? EMMA: Dad.
Hey! You're over there, with the talent.
What if I mess up? Well, your dad's the producer, so you're probably not getting fired.
Go on.
- There's a lot I want to say.
(SIGHS) - Mm.
Maybe at dinner? That sounds daunting.
Any chance we might enjoy ourselves? I'm planning to enjoy it.
- How'd it go? - Good, I think.
Well, I'm glad, 'cause we've got a situation.
What? - (WHISPERS) What the fuck? - (GRUNTS) Mm-hmm.
Gladys! May I ask, what the fuck Nathan is doing at the table? Lord Sheridan is a pivotal fucking role.
We had actors who were unavailable, so I guess casting got readers to sub in.
Why are they using him? GLADYS: He must have volunteered before I fired him.
Have you heard him speak? He sounds like Spicoli.
Everybody, uh, why don't we get started, huh? Please, you've, you've got your assigned seats, we're all here.
- It's okay.
- RICK: And, um We're happy you're here.
And tell you what, we're gonna turn it over to your director now.
Hafdis! - Hey! - Yeah, whenever you're ready.
HAFDIS: (STUTTERS) Can you hear me? Yes, we can hear you.
Okay, great.
Well, welcome everybody.
So glad you can, yeah, all join us on this very special day.
Such an exciting project, I'm so thrilled! (CHUCKLES) But now, let us begin.
(PEOPLE CHUCKLING) - Great! Let's go! - (CLEARS THROAT) AD: Exterior, Munro Estates, evening.
Rolling hills give way to chalk cliffs and gray ocean.
Reveal Lord Munro, handsome despite his lined visage.
With him is Lady Margaret.
Are you certain Lord Culph will attend the ball? Quite sure.
Lillian is not so foolish as to hope for an audience, but she would lay eyes on him.
His Lordship has many obligations, she is not among them.
You, on the other hand Felton approaches Margaret and her smile betrays her pleasure at seeing him.
I hear my lady is to attend a ball at Sumerford this evening.
A recently-acquired cough may prevent me from attending.
- A cough? - Margaret gives a fake cough.
- (COUGHS) - (ALL LAUGH) - MAX: Sounds serious.
- (ALL CHUCKLING) But if I were feeling well enough to take a walk later, and you were to leave your mother's house to get some air, it isn't impossible that we might pass each other by.
They're interrupted by the sudden appearance of Kitty, a servant girl carrying a basket of laundry.
Felton! Kitty drops the laundry and embraces Felton.
Margaret looks on wistfully.
They said you weren't coming back, but I wouldn't believe them.
Kitty, dear, not in front of the lady, it's over-familiar.
- Sorry, milady.
- BECCA: Nonsense.
You wish to embrace an old friend.
Who could blame you? Blushing, Kitty picks up her basket of laundry and excuses herself.
Unable to contain her smile, Felton watches her go and slowly turns to gaze upon the house.
In here.
Two grand, right? Is this a police station? Eighty-Eighth Precinct on Compton Justice.
Yo, for real? My mom's be watching that show.
(SIGHS) Got any movie or TV friends need a hookup, tell them to give us a shout.
- Cool.
- Hey, y'all.
Check it out.
They got me, bro.
I'm looking at some serious time.
A 12-year-old stable boy readies a horse.
Behind him, Lord Henry Sheridan enters.
Oh, shit, here we go.
Outwardly handsome but with something dark at his core, dressed in full riding gear, Sheridan approaches.
Oh, fuck's sake! - You.
- Yes, sir? I wished to ride the bay, but now I find the roan has been saddled.
The stable master gave you instructions, still you saddled the wrong horse.
Is it me? Or is he all right? - I mean - Yeah.
- BOY: I'll fix it, sir - I did not say you can move.
Look at me when I'm addressing you.
(SIGHS) AD: The boy forces his gaze upwards.
Please, sir, it will not happen again.
No, it won't, as I shall whip you bloody in order to fix the incident in your memory, and ensure you don't disappoint me next Sunday.
Take off your shirt.
AD: Weeping, the boy pulls off his shirt.
Since I have made your daughter's acquaintance, I cannot sleep.
I cannot eat.
I am a shadow of my former self.
If the lady does not return my affections, I ask her to put me out of my misery.
I think you will be very pleased with her answer.
(SIGHS) Sheridan bolts the door behind him, Margaret starts to back away.
Do not come near me.
A man may treat his property as he desires.
He may shatter a dish, he may beat his dog.
And he may bed the woman who's to be his wife, with force, if necessary.
You are a scoundrel.
One who is to share a bed with you tomorrow.
He's pretty fuckin' good, isn't he? Track with Margaret as she walks to the cliffs.
Camera rises up.
As the sun sets on the day, and on a lifetime of regret.
The end.
(ALL CHEERING) Beautiful.
Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful.
Hafdis, anything? That was beautiful.
Thank you! - Yes, I know.
- Shut that off.
Shut that off.
Hey, everybody, there's plenty of lunch here that's gonna go to waste.
Thank you very much.
(ALL CHATTERING) - That went okay.
- Those new lines really worked.
Right? Read like a house on fire.
Don't you think? - Yeah.
- And how about our new Lord Sheridan? Uh, no, no, he's just a reader.
No, no, not anymore.
He's twice as good as the actor we had.
We're not doing this, right? I don't know I mean, his roommate wrote the fuckin' script.
- How long before he puts the pieces together? - I don't know, Lulu.
Don't do this.
He was fuckin' brilliant! We can't go back to the other guy now.
- Yeah, we can.
- We gotta do what's best for the movie.
- Hey.
- That was fun.
Can't wait to do it again.
(CHUCKLES) It always ends really well for child stars, right? Come on, let's get you a donut or something.
(KATIE CHUCKLES) The great cast, the ocean battle, the drama It left me wondering Why was it so fucking boring? I told you that wasn't my experience.
(SIGHS) I wanted to crawl under the table and go to sleep.
I still think there's a built-in audience for this.
Yeah, well, Bob Grace agrees with you.
- What? - Messages? Bob ran projections for domestic and international, says there's a significant upside.
(SCOFFS) Beats the hell outta me.
- Look at these heavy hitters.
- Fantastic.
You liked it? All I have to say is, "Let's make a movie!" - (HOOTING) - Yes! All right! (LAUGHS) (ALL LAUGHING) Let's sit down, talk about a start date.
You know, I've never even been to Nevada.
Mm? Nevada? Where we're shooting.
Yeah, I've been CC'ing you on all those emails.
The locations with rebates.
He actually lives in Nevada.
MILES: Uh, yeah, it's just, um England is very lush and green.
Nevada is a fuckin' desert.
RICK: With rebates.
And Rick and Amara got us a deal on local crew.
So all that money goes to the screen! That's fucking brilliant.
(PHONE RINGING) TV PRESENTER: Three questions, from me to you.
For each correct answer about a travel destination.
- Hello? - NATHAN: Mom! Mom! - Hi, honey.
It's Nathan.
- NATHAN: I got a part! A what? Yeah, I'm playing the lead! Says he's playing a lead.
What's that mean? Dad's asking, what's that mean? Oh, that the producers liked me, so they're giving me a big role.
I know I said it would happen sooner, you know, and it's already been nine months.
But they're paying me scale.
And I can send you 60 grand 60 what? Thousand, thousand.
(BATTERY LOW INDICATOR BEEPS) Uh, hey, my phone's dying, I, I got to find somewhere to charge.
Um, I'll call tomorrow? Uh, love to Dad.
Bye, bye, bye! (KISSES) (SIGHS) - Sends his love.
- Mm.
He says he's sending us $60,000.
He sound high? Maybe.
At least he's not dead.
There's that.
(PEOPLE CHATTING) Lot of old people here.
And tourists.
But I dig it, and you were very sweet to take me.
(INHALES SHARPLY) That's a nice red, it's not too expensive.
Oh, yeah, you have it, I don't drink.
AA? No, no.
I'm a Mormon.
(SNORTING LAUGHTER) Are you? Uh, I mean, Mormons are fascinating.
Um, I'm glad that you think so.
(CHUCKLES) No coffee, and no booze, right? Well, no smoking, no caffeine.
No premarital sex, no drugs.
Those are the biggies.
(CHUCKLES) No sex? No premarital sex.
You just make out? You can't make out? You can, uh, just without a lot of intensity, or for very long I feel like you're bumping on this, uh So what is all of this leading up to? Well, ideally, a very intimate friendship.
And, well, if things progress We get married? (LAUGHS) (BOTH LAUGHING) Let's not get ahead of ourselves.
So, I should just say, the whole "not having sex" thing, that probably won't work for me.
(CLEARS THROAT) EMMA: I was so nervous, and then Max Kisbye came over and he was so nice! But it was so weird, because I'm used to seeing him in, like, all of his movies? - And he's really different in real life.
- Who's she talking to? - Every 12-year-old in southern Nevada.
- (CHUCKLES) EMMA: acting, I said, "Am I into acting?" Weren't we gonna have a conversation? After dinner.
(CLEARS THROAT) After dinner, before sex? Or after dinner before an argument? (EMMA CHATTING IN THE BACKGROUND) KATIE: You still have that house? Are you saying you want to live with me? 'Cause to be honest I'm kind of enjoying the setup that myself and Lulu have here.
Yeah, I get it.
MILES: It's a lot of good amenities, on site dry cleaners, personal hairstylists.
Have you run this by Emma? Well, I thought we'd do that together.
I mean, let's be honest.
If she doesn't want to move, we're still gonna make her, she's fuckin' 12.
Something else.
You want me to see if I can bring the hairstylist with me? I knew you were gonna ask.
About Amara.
(SIGHS) Okay, look, if your job really is making movies, and you happen to be using Amara's money? I can live with that.
But realistically, there's no way she lets you walk away when the movie's done.
Didn't you just say that you were happy to live with me? (SIGHS) Well, Amara being involved isn't a deal-breaker.
I mean, people in her position don't last forever.
But if she goes down, I don't want you going with her.
So I met with a lawyer Ah, come on And he said if Amara forms a shell company and an LLC Whatever the fuck that is.
Well, it's what she does with her casino.
Then she can fund as many movies as she wants, and you're not implicated.
I mean, she lets you be a full-time producer.
We don't know if she's gonna agree to that.
She will.
She did.
I mean, we didn't get into the details, but she liked the basic You spoke to Amara? In her hotel.
Are you out of your fuckin' mind? I'm trying to get us away from this woman, and you're having chats with her at the hotel? Did you bring Emma, or was she having a smoke with Ed in the fuckin' lobby? If I'd told you, you wouldn't have let me! No, shit.
Katie, you think you understand this woman, you're out of your depth.
If I want to be with you, I don't have a lot of fucking options here.
Baby At least it gets us out of Nevada.
Did I mention where we're shooting the movie? What? EMMA: Are we celebrating or not? EMMA: Hello? (MUSIC PLAYING) (KNOCKING) Mr.
Moreweather? Agents Ware and Buchholz, FBI.
You have a minute? Could I see that badge again? - That's real? - Yes, sir.
Yeah, I'm, uh, expecting company, so How long do we have? Uh 20 minutes.
Better get to it.
Is it all right if we sit? Yeah.
Amara de Escalones runs the southern Nevada branch of Los Chapulines cartel.
Heard of Los Chapulines? Guardianes de la Muerte? - (CLEARS THROAT) - Mr.
Amara is currently expanding her territory into northern and northwestern Nevada.
She had 12 men shot to death in Indian Springs.
And before that WARE: This was a business partner of Amara's.
This was a lover.
(RICK GASPING) Thanks for your time.
We'll let ourselves out.
You're leaving? Yeah, we're just bringing you up to speed.
You ever want to talk about anything.
Just give us a ring.
Uh But I'd burn that before she gets here.
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