Get Shorty (2017) s01e08 Episode Script

Shot on Location

1 MILES: Previously on Get Shorty We need Bob Grace to sign off on our budget, or we don't move forward.
(GRUNTS) I work for serious people, Bob.
- Nevada? - APRIL: Where we're shooting.
And Rick and Amara got us a deal on local crew.
So all that money goes to the screen! That's fucking brilliant.
Bigger budget.
You could lose money.
I don't lose money.
WARE: Amara de Escalones runs the southern Nevada branch of Los Chapulines cartel.
BUCHHOLZ: Amara is currently expanding her territory to northern and northwestern Nevada.
WARE: This was a business partner of Amara's.
This was a lover.
1x08 "Shot on Location" MAX: Forgive me, my lord.
Lady Margaret and I have been acquainted since our infancy.
I have long considered her a friend.
Some say you consider her more than that.
Still others hint at a history of impropriety.
On your part and hers.
The lady's virtue is beyond measure.
Is it? I've taken the measure of many ladies' virtue and come up short.
I'm quite sure you do not impugn the character of your soon-to-be-wife in my presence.
And if I would? Oh, I would be forced to correct you, sir.
Oh, my lady.
I'd not expected you back in Staffordshire for at least another fortnight.
There's got to be a better way of saying that.
I mean, it's just a bunch of words, isn't it? Words Cut! Cut! Hold your positions everybody.
FIRST AD: Don't break up, people, we'll go right away.
And not again! HAFDIS: Well, I thought it played out pretty nicely.
MAX: As did I.
Until I started vomiting narrative.
Well, we did rehearse this many times.
BECCA: It's not working.
- Another line? - Sounds like it.
"Fortnight" doesn't roll off the tongue.
Yesterday, she wouldn't say "agreeable.
" Okay, just give her a line, huh.
Let's get the scene done.
We're already a day behind.
- LOUIS: I'm on it.
- MILES: Just give us a minute, yeah? (DIALING) (LINE RINGING) HENRY: (OVER PHONE) Hello? Hey, pal.
I just need a real quick line for Lady Margaret.
I'm still at work.
LOUIS: Okay, it's the scene where they're in the garden there's, uh, Felton and the Uh, the other guy, - the Sheridan - 41B.
It's, it's scene, yeah, scene, scene 41B.
Captain, I'd not expected you back in.
(OVER PHONE) What if she just says, "My lord," and we don't know which guy she's talking to.
Do we not need all the other stuff? What about the Staffordshire and all that shit? HENRY: This way she's protecting herself.
Not showing her cards.
- Yeah.
- Let's try it.
Thanks, pal.
Ed, why they waiting? Oh, new line for Becca.
Told you she was no good.
Yeah, you did.
You come to my room tonight.
Yeah, I'm I mean, I wanna go.
It's just the first few days, it's always crazy.
It's been a few days.
Now, you come to my room.
All you have to do is to say "my lord.
" - My lord.
- Yeah.
(MILES GRUNTS) Uh, you're, uh, protecting your cards.
- My cards? - HAFDIS: Yeah.
So, you come out top of the stairs, exactly like before, but "My lord.
" - BECCA: Okay.
- Call it.
Places please, everyone.
MAN: Okay, settle down! HAFDIS: Listen up, we're gonna pick it up from, uh, Sheridan's line "If I want" FIRST AD: Picture's up.
Roll sound.
HAFDIS: Just before Margaret's entrance.
Okay, let's go.
2ND ASSISTANT CAMERA: Baker 41, take eight.
Pick up.
- (NATHAN GRUNTS) - HAFDIS: Okay, action! MAX: I'm quite sure you would not impugn the character of your soon-to-be-wife in my presence.
NATHAN: And if I would? I would be forced to correct you, sir.
MAX: Oh, my lady.
My lord Fuck! - (INDISTINCT CHATTER) - MAN: Hold it down.
- (LOUIS GRUNTING) - MILES: Jesus Christ! LOUIS: That came out of nowhere.
MILES: Oh, fuck off! Shit! (GRUNTS) My aunt makes these strawberry lemon smoothies with like, cayenne pepper and shit.
(SCOFFS) Bro, I can drink those all day.
(CHUCKLES) Yago, right? J.
I hear you up here making a movie, man.
- Oh, yeah? - Yeah.
Where'd you hear that? You know.
Whatever you kicked up to Josias, you pay Amara, now.
That ring a bell? Oh, you thought because we're down south, you can jack a warehouse and we're not gonna know.
We been straight up with you, man.
"Humble Chef Mini Food Processor.
" With the pasta press and the, uh And a juicer attachment.
And the juicer.
(CHUCKLES) All this come together, or you sell this shit separate? - It's all together, man.
- YAGO: Hmm.
Tia would like one of these, don't you think? Risa, too.
(CLICKS TONGUE) You mind if I take a few? Yo, don't fuck with that.
Don't fuck with it.
(CHUCKLES) (CLICKS TONGUE) Maybe I plug this in, and put the juicer in your ass.
Grab one.
You, too.
- You, too.
- BLIZ: No.
I'm good, bro.
Fucking take one.
No caffeine, remember? It's milk.
Dairy hurts my stomach.
I don't know why I told you that.
(SIGHS) I should get back to set.
You have those nut-free granola bars? Yeah.
Here you go.
MILES: I mean, it's not just that she won't follow the bloody script, I could live with that.
But it's that even when she does, she's shite! Yeah.
Yeah, I mean it's weird.
She was so good in that other movie.
- The New Zealand prostitute.
- (GRUNTS) That was different.
If she just would listen to Hafdis Fat fucking chance.
Excuse me? Is it reasonable to ask why the crafty and transpo guys are packing heat? - Which ones? - All the guys Amara brought on.
Look! See? - Well, you know, Nevada - MILES: Oh, yeah.
It's an open-carry state, so that's just part of the culture.
Brandon will freak out if he sees this.
Liability issues alone Uh, guys, I'm gonna have a little chat with Miss Morgan, all right? Please, be my guest.
It's all right.
It's fine.
- No, it's not.
- Yeah.
I wish I had a gun.
Dad, look.
It's awesome, right? Yeah! Looks good.
Uh, shouldn't you be in costume? Yeah, very funny.
You think it's too much blush? - Hey, Annette.
- ANNETTE: Yeah? Could you tone down the blush a bit? Step back in the trailer there, sweetheart.
- She wouldn't eat breakfast.
- No, she's just nervous.
I'll get her a yogurt or something.
She's almost late.
Katie, you said she'd be on time.
This is my fault? You sent her back in for makeup.
You wanted less blush.
- (SCOFFS AND CHUCKLES) - Fuck! - (CHUCKLES) It's fine.
- Great.
It's fine.
I'll have the PA bring her to set.
I I didn't sleep last night.
I'm more nervous than she is.
She's gonna be great, okay? Wait, where are you going? I I gotta smooth something over.
I'll see you in a bit.
- (KNOCK AT DOOR) - BECCA: Come in.
- Hi! - You okay? Yeah.
The wind blew dust in my eye.
Actually, can you, um, can you see if there's anything still in there? Um (CHUCKLES) You're not gonna see anything from there, silly.
(CLEARS THROAT) Uh What is that? Is that the inside of your skull? (BOTH CHUCKLE) You're funny.
Uh, I just wanted to see how you were settling in? Are you getting on okay with the other actors? Yeah.
I thought Max Kisbye would be more fun, but he's in bed by 9:00.
Oh! Well, I'll fire him and find an actor who likes to party.
(CHUCKLES) I saw your wife with her luggage this morning.
Is she heading back to L.
? She is, yeah.
Well, if you get bored, maybe we could find something fun to do.
- I'll bet we could.
- (CHUCKLES) - About that scene today.
- Yeah? - You're doing lovely work.
- Thank you.
I'm not worried about you at all.
But sometimes, it feels like everyone's in a different movie, you know? - That's not good.
- No.
I had a thought, though.
I wonder if everyone just did what was in the script and listened to the director, would it feel like a more complete piece? (CHUCKLES) I'm so excited to be playing Margaret, - maybe I get carried away.
- (GRUNTS) But I know that this is a collaboration.
So if I get out of line, just look me in the eye and say, "Becca.
" And I will snap out of it.
Your wish is my command.
Well, that sounds dangerous.
(BOTH CHUCKLE) My daughter's about to do a scene.
(SIGHS) You should go.
(CHUCKLES) I'll see you on set.
Not if I see you first.
(CHUCKLES) Good one.
(CHUCKLES) Hope there's not a long line at catering.
You know, they keep saying that I could cut in front of the extras, but I just don't wanna act all entitled.
It's just, they They run out of some of the entrees pretty fast, you know.
(BABBLING) (GRUNTING) God damn it Whoo! (CHUCKLES) We pop a tire? - (GUNSHOTS) - Oh, my (GRUNTS) (YELLS) It's hot! Hot! Hot! (NATHAN SHRIEKS) (INDISTINCT CHATTER) - Thank you.
- MAN 1: Picture's up.
RICK: Okay, here we go.
WOMAN: Roll sound.
MAN: Nineteen baker, take one.
A and B mark.
MAN 2: Camera speed.
WOMAN 2: Set.
Ready, and action! They said you'd gone.
Kitty, might I ask you to deliver a letter before I leave? To Lady Margaret? Aye, yes.
Is it a secret letter? MAX: That will depend on the lady's response.
EMMA: Let me read it.
Got a problem.
MAX: Will you simply hold it to the light of the candle? EMMA: I would steam it open with a kettle.
So as not to burn it.
MAX: Well, I'll save you the trouble.
It's a declaration of sorts.
Of my great affections for her.
EMMA: Course I know that.
HAFDIS: And, cut! - MAX: That was really nice.
Well done.
- EMMA: Thank you.
- HAFDIS: Let's do that again.
- (KATIE CHUCKLES) You notice my daughter's in that fucking scene? (MUTTERS) WOMAN 3: Oh, do we have a PA with this on his account? I'll be right back.
You're leaving? I I won't miss it.
I'm just gonna watch it from another monitor.
- MILES: What's his name? - ED: Big Mike.
Well, were they shooting at Mike, or were they shooting at us? Anyone go check? Or is there a sniper behind a fucking sand dune somewhere, gonna keep firing shots? We got guys clearing the area.
Witnesses? Actor was in the van when it happened.
Lord Sheridan? Oh, fucking Nathan.
We can't have Big Mike just bleeding out here in broad daylight.
Stick him into the producer's trailer.
I'm gonna go and talk to the Lord.
LOUIS: All right, Big Mike, you're gonna live, but this is gonna hurt.
(GRUNTS) Come on, Ed.
(GRUNTS) (SHUDDERS) - (KNOCK AT DOOR) - Yeah? (DOOR OPENS) Bit of excitement, huh? That was totally crazy.
I mean, what the hell? Someone was shooting at us.
Shooting at you? Why would anyone do that? I don't know why.
But, like No, no, no.
(CHUCKLES) That's funny.
Sit down.
We're using historical muskets for the battle sequence.
Oh, wait till you see them, they're beautiful.
And the guys were doing a test in the desert and they didn't see the van coming until - (IMITATES SHOOTING SOUNDS) - No way.
MILES: Yeah.
Oh, the special effects guy feels terrible.
But the driver's gonna be fine, he's on his way to the hospital to have a few stitches.
'Cause he's a really nice guy, too.
Should - Should we send him a card? - Huh I think it's probably better if we just keep it between ourselves.
(SIGHS) Insurers can get a bit jumpy.
It'd be terrible if they shut the movie down and you couldn't play this great part.
- Could that happen? - Not if we keep it quiet.
Whoa! (EXHALES DEEPLY) Did you get lunch, by the way? No, no, not yet.
The guy was driving me to catering when he got hit by a bullet.
Why don't you run some of your lines, and I'll have a PA bring you some food.
- Okay.
- I hear it's steak day.
(CHUCKLES) Steak, that sounds awesome.
I love steak.
(SIGHS) Hey, why did the van driver shoot back? What's that? The van got hit, and he pulled out a gun and was like, bang, bang! Ex-marine, I heard.
Probably a bit confused by all the fire.
Also, Nevada's an open-carry state, so it's part of the culture, isn't it? Right.
You're doing a great job on the movie.
Everybody's talking about you.
- Really? - Yeah.
Um, I mean it feels I'll let you keep working on it.
(NATHAN SIGHS) (INDISTINCT CHATTER) AMARA: You got somebody angry at you? I don't think so.
(DOOR OPENS) MILES: How long till we can get him out of here? Guy's coming to patch him up, then we'll move him.
Want to fill me in on why people are shooting at us? Someone don't like your movie.
I only ask 'cause I'm trying to protect Amara's investment and I didn't factor in the possibility of fucking snipers.
You're the reason why we're out here sitting like ducks, bitch! - AMARA: Callate.
- Bullshit.
Josias had friends and family up around here.
They weren't happy about what happened at Indian Springs.
Went to make a collection, they were gonna jump my ass.
So, in hindsight, maybe not the best idea to film here if we knew it was gonna be a war zone.
Thought it was under control.
When you say "friends and family of Josias", do, uh Do we have actual names? No.
And are they targeting the movie, do you think? 'Cause I got the head of the studio coming tomorrow.
It'd be lovely if he didn't notice the crew was full of fucking bullet holes.
Can you have your guys keep watch while we're filming? Also at the production office and the hotel? Oh, so you're gonna tell her what to do now? I take care of it.
(INDISTINCT CHATTER) Hey, can't go in there.
Uh, it's a producer's trailer.
Here, remember me? Producer.
Can't go in there right now.
I gotta piss like a fucking racehorse here.
That honey wagon's all the way down at Jesus Christ! What happened to him? Nothing happened to anybody.
EMMA: Your letter will be most appreciated.
Well, go.
Before the cook sees you.
- Go.
- (EMMA CHUCKLES) - Cut! - Cutting.
MAN: Cut! - Think we got it.
- (CHUCKLES) Yeah.
WOMAN: All right, moving on.
That's a wrap on Emma for today, everybody.
Where did you learn to do that? - Was I okay? - Oh, you were wonderful.
EMMA: It all went by so fast.
Did you see it? Oh, was that you up there? I was checking football scores on my phone.
You were amazing.
Oh my God! So much sparkle.
She can have champagne, right? (EMMA AND KATIE CHUCKLE) - Did you enjoy it? - Yeah.
MILES: You made it look so easy.
Well, the first time I was trying to remember lines.
But the second time, it was like I was actually talking.
(CHUCKLES) Oh, and I had to keep reminding myself that was our little girl up there.
She's dressed up and talking funny, but that's her.
(KATIE CHUCKLES) EMMA: I'm glad I have another scene next week.
- Hold on, hold on, hold on.
- Don't want it to be over.
Let me get the door.
EMMA: Thanks, Dad.
MILES: (SIGHS) Well done, you.
(EMMA CHUCKLES) - Safe flight.
- (SIGHS) Call you tonight.
My interview's at four tomorrow.
With Doctor Seu Doctor Seuss! Yes, I remember.
Can't believe we'll be in our new place without you.
But have a fantastic week of filming.
- I love you.
- And I love you, too.
(KISSES) (KATIE SIGHS) Well done, Shorty.
(ENGINE STARTS) Two steps this way, would be easier for lights.
(SPITTING) Let's continue.
You are a scoundrel, sir.
One who is to share a bed with you tomorrow.
And grab her arm and kiss her.
No, but that's what I'm saying! I don't let him actually kiss me.
I mean, why would I do that? It's the point of the whole scene.
You see, it says here, "He kisses her.
" Then you have a line that says, "If you do that again, I shall scream.
" Yeah, but I don't let him, I pull away, right? What if I didn't grab you, - would that help? Oh.
- Can I talk to the director? Okay.
(GRUNTS) If you don't mind, the whole idea with this movie - Mmm-hmm.
- it's a period piece, - right? - Right.
Back then, women didn't have much power.
And that's your character's predicament.
- You want to save your family.
- Mmm-hmm.
- That's the tragedy.
- Okay.
Yeah, got it.
It's just That's not a story that interests me.
Well, now why the hell did you take this part? You didn't hire me to just read what's on the bloody page, okay? I am trying to inject life into this thing.
If he doesn't kiss her, the scene doesn't make much sense.
- Please, everybody jump in.
- MILES: Okay.
Anyone else want to share thoughts, yeah? Can I just say one thing? Becca Jesus Christ, you can't just touch me like that.
- What? - That is totally inappropriate.
- There was no touching.
- Everyone saw you.
Well, no, he didn't mean it that way.
Now you're both ganging up on me.
MILES: Oh, for fuck's sake! I don't feel safe.
You can just shoot this fucking scene without me.
WOMAN: Thank you, everyone.
Let's take five.
HAFDIS: Yes, take five! MAN: Yeah, take five, everyone.
Let's take a five.
Please tell me she's not filing a sexual harassment claim.
There was no touching.
Not in the way that she means.
Oh, this, this could have been the best movie I ever made, and she just destroys everything.
Maybe when it's cut together.
No, are you watching the same dailies as us? - She's a train wreck.
- (APRIL GRUNTS SOFTLY) Can we not just Can we get somebody else? Yeah, what about, uh, Carey Mulligan? I know her manager.
She's in my trampoline class.
Okay, are we forgetting that Becca's pay- or-play? Even if we fire her, we gotta pay her full quote.
There's no money for anybody else, unless Brandon wants to pay extra.
That's not gonna happen.
So, we're just gonna flush the movie down the toilet? Now this is the real tragedy.
(GRUNTS) You know everybody up north.
Well, I mean, I know people.
(CHUCKLES) So tell me who shoot at us.
I ain't heard nothing, yet.
But you can't hide for long, out here, so I'll get a name.
And I swear on a Bible, when I know, you'll know.
You know, there's times I thought what Josias' doing ain't right.
Like when he leaned on you? Then I heard he was gone, and I thought, hey, amigo had it coming.
That's what you thought.
You're the one running things now.
I'm just glad we got to do a face-to-face.
All of us.
(INDISTINCT CHATTER) So where's the movie happen? Set's over here.
Very cool.
What's it about? It's about medieval times.
- Like dragons and shit? - No, no, no.
It's more like "my lord.
" Yeah.
(CHUCKLES) Yeah, like, "You must marry Lord Sheridan," and some bitch is in love with some dude and That kind of shit.
That's what makes this shit real.
All those details.
YAGO: Yeah.
(AMARA SIGHS) (SIGHS) Crazy day.
(SIGHS) Becca walking out, Hafdis losing it.
We'll work it out, I just mean (GRUNTS) My head is still there.
It's still in production.
(SIGHS) It's got nothing to do with you.
Oh, no, oh, no, you're a very sexy woman.
You just need to relax.
Yeah, yeah.
See? That's nice.
- Uh-huh.
- Mmm-hmm.
RICK: Yeah.
(GRUNTS) - RICK: That feels good.
- Mmm-hmm.
(SIGHS) AMARA: Mmm-hmm.
You know what, I I don't think that my head I just Ah, what you're doing, uh, that's great.
That feels very nice, it's just My head is, it's still Your head is in production.
We got production for a month.
Yeah, but it's gonna get much easier.
It's always crazy in the beginning.
(GRUNTS) "If I'm acting out, just look me in the eye and say my name.
" That's what she told me.
Why did I believe her? When she's on screen, I never fucking believe her.
How many guys does Amara have watching the hotel? I mean, not that it matters, 'cause if that sniper, if he's got a high-powered long-range scope And then if I fire her, we still have to pay her! What kind of business model is that? I'm talking about us getting shot, and you're worried about some actress.
I'd rather take a bullet.
I would rather take a bullet than watch Becca Morgan butcher another fucking scene.
LOUIS: Well, tough, we can't get rid of her.
Well, I mean, we could Could get rid of her.
Just You don't usually suggest that.
MILES: I know.
And I hate to say it but that is a very bad idea.
In this situation.
- Becca's famous.
- Yeah.
The bad publicity would probably shut the whole movie down.
We do not want to go down that road.
Definitely not.
(SIGHS) But if we looked down that road for a second Yeah? What if she ran off? She went missing.
She had a little accident.
That's the way to go.
The cliffs that we drive past on the way to the hotel - That is what I was gonna say! - There's no guard rail there.
What if her car just went off, just (IMITATES SCREECHING AND EXPLOSION) A sad mystery.
(GRUNTS) (SIGHS) But we're not gonna do that because that is a bad idea.
- Terrible.
- Yeah.
I'm glad we agree.
- Do we know - No.
Not really.
I'll call Brandon's office, tell him not to come.
- No.
- RICK: Good idea.
No, do it.
- No, fuck that! No! - We can't have him see this.
We have three days' work in the soundstage, starting this Friday.
Let's shoot it today.
Am I right? I could call the AD, and see how long it'll take him to rig the stages.
What actors play in those scenes? RICK: Uh, Sheridan, and Lady Saxon, Munro LOUIS: They should all be there, anyway.
MILES: Okay, so we can do this.
RICK: Gotta push the call times.
MILES: Fine, wake up the AD, tell her that we're moving the trucks to the stages.
Can we even fix this set in three days? One thing at a fucking time, okay? Call Brandon's people, tell them to bring him straight to the stage.
Far as he knows, we're right on schedule, okay? Okay.
Even if we keep a lid on this, it's just gonna keep happening, right? Why would it? Yeah, could be somebody dropped a cigarette, right? Or, or maybe it's connected to that fucking guy bleeding in the trailer.
This is cartel shit.
LOUIS: Why do you say that? Rick, have you been talking to somebody? What? No.
What are you going on about? I'm saying, crazy shit's happening.
If you ever say that again, if you even think it I can't help you.
He can't help you.
Do you understand? (CAR APPROACHING) Do you understand? Yeah.
I did? How's that? Didn't tell me to watch for nobody here.
You don't got security? We're not sure what happened.
But my movie's okay? If there's no more fires, or shootings or anything of that nature.
MILES: Yeah.
No, I've got the last of the trucks heading over now.
How's everything going your end? Okay.
Well, I'll be there in a bit.
BECCA: Why am I just hearing about this now? So I just came in all the way.
If I don't answer a text, it's 'cause I didn't get it.
Okay? Bad enough, you don't have someone pick me up.
But I am second on the call sheet? I mean, what the fuck? The least you can do is get a message to the fucking hotel! Oh, hi! Hi! You seem a bit unhappy.
God, nothing compared to you.
God, the AD said it was an electrical fire.
Seems that way.
We're getting it sorted.
God, you poor thing.
Have you been here all night? MILES: Most of it.
BECCA: Well, if, um If you're heading back to the hotel, I could give you a ride.
A ride? Yeah, I mean, it's better than waiting for a van.
(CHUCKLES LIGHTLY) I'm a bit smoky.
I could do with changing my clothes.
Take a shower.
(CHUCKLES) Which way do you take? - Over the hill is fastest.
- Oh.
You know there's a spot on that road, you get out, it's a beautiful view.
You'll have to show me.
Yeah, wait till you see it from the edge.
Should I bring a blanket? In case we want to hang out.
That's a nice idea.
(CHUCKLES) (BECCA SIGHS) (SIGHS) It's like Margaret.
How's that? At the end of the movie, she's thinking about throwing herself off the cliff.
But I don't think she does it.
Really? See, I think maybe she does.
(INDISTINCT CHATTER) They ruined our little party, didn't they? Yes, they did.
Let's go back to the hotel.
WOMAN: Honey, grab that.
So Brandon will be here any minute.
We're setting up at the soundstage, it looks like that's gonna work out.
Okay, I'm heading back to the hotel, but I'll get there as soon as I can.
- Something else.
- MILES: What's that? I think I got Carey Mulligan! MILES: What? APRIL: I called her manager after we spoke yesterday, she'd already read the script.
Loves it for Carey.
I said it was time-sensitive.
Then I got a call this morning saying Carey read it, and she wants to do it! Holy shit! Holy shit! We could even try getting her for less than her full quote.
You think Brandon will pay for it? APRIL: With Carey, I think we have a shot.
We should tell him together.
BECCA: Let's go! MILES: Yeah.
That's fuck You did this! You did this all on your own.
You saved the fucking movie! And without anyone even making me! - Who'da thunk? - (CHUCKLES) (SIGHS) Okay, well, I'll see you soon, you beautiful thing.
- News from set? - Unbelievably good news.
- Was it? - Yeah.
But it does mean I have to go back to the soundstage right now.
You're not serious.
You want me to drive 20 minutes that way? (CHUCKLES) I'll have a PA pick me up.
Suit yourself.
Drive safe.
NATHAN: Maintaining a property this large has its drawbacks, especially on 20,000 pounds a year, but despite all that, you must agree the view of my estate is quite impressive.
Oh, indeed.
Hey we can see .
- HAFDIS: Cut! - WOMAN: Cut! Cut! That's a cut! Didn't we see that during rehearsal? (SIGHING) There's no time to re-light.
Hey, Louis, do you think that we could have a new line? So he doesn't have to open that shade.
Doesn't open the shade.
- Yeah, in the carriage.
- Yeah.
Got it.
(CELL PHONE RINGING) What a surprise.
Hey, bud.
I need a quick line.
HENRY: Hey, you ever read Screentrader? - LOUIS: What? - Um, industry blog, pretty informative Okay, look, do you have your script? Because it's scene 23A.
HENRY: Article this week says, "The Admiral's Mistress, written by Louis Darnell, budget $30 million.
" LOUIS: Okay, okay, Henry, I I really don't have time You're getting paid at least scale, that's 130 grand.
You gave me $500.
And I'm gonna double that.
HENRY: Fuck that.
Henry? Shit.
You little fuck (PHONE RININGING) (RECORDING) You've reached Henry.
Leave me a message.
(SIGHS) Shit! Shit! Louis? Okay.
(SIGHS) So So, they're in the carriage.
Sheridan, the lady and he's just talking about his big ol' house and he's thinking, "Hey, I'm gonna get laid tonight.
" What's the line? Just So Okay, so he's He says, "The view of my estate is impressive.
" (BABBLES) But he's looking at this hot girl next to him, and he says, "Its beauty is nothing compared to yours.
" Give him the line.
You're gonna use it? Yeah.
Well, I mean, yeah, that's the line.
My line.
Hey man look, you don't need to touch my place okay.
I'm not the one after Amara.
Listen, man, I didn't want to say this before, but, you know, those people in Winnemucca, they been talking all kinds of shit.
You and I, we can work this shit out.
We can figure it out together.
Smell this.
(SNIFFS) Smells like smoke.
(CHUCKLES) Come on, man.
(SNIFFS) That smells like barbecue.
Don't smell like barbecue.
Man, I'll show you, all right? It's right back here, I was just cooking on it.
(CHUCKLES) (INDISTINCT CHATTER) BRANDON: When I'm in a landlocked state, I don't order fish.
I know it's probably the same salmon they're eating in Tokyo, shipped on dry ice, but somehow - That's smart.
- Yeah.
Why didn't we invite Becca Morgan, tonight? She's fantastic, isn't she? What a "get.
" About that.
APRIL: We know you love her.
And we were excited, too, going in (CHUCKLES SOFTLY) Oh, boy.
But now that we're seeing what she's doing with the role, - turns out - She's pretty much shite.
She's compromising the film.
No kidding.
We do have a possible solution.
Turns out Carey Mulligan wants to play the role.
Carey Mulligan is fantastic.
- We think so.
- Mmm-hmm.
But Becca is pay-or-play.
Carey might be willing to do this for less than her quote.
Her manager says she would get on a plane this weekend, be ready to shoot by Monday If you're game.
Uh (CHUCKLES SOFTLY) (LOUIS GRUNTS) I'm just getting ice.
(GRUNTS) (CLICKS TONGUE) So So you've never had sex? That is correct.
(SIGHS) And your Mormon friends? I mean, unless they're married, none of them, none of them have had sex? You You must jerk off all the time.
It's not allowed.
Come on! Sex is the sacred expression of love between a husband and wife.
You break that covenant, and you're on the Holy Ghost shit list.
- (SIGHS) - I've heard you swear.
Isn't that a rule? Look.
I've kind of made my own agreement with the Lord.
You know, I mean, there's some give and take.
But not with sex.
Not really, no.
Not really? There is a gray area.
It's not sanctioned by the church, but the kids call it soaking.
Go on.
Um, the man puts his penis in the vagina.
But you don't move around at all, you just leave it in there, and you stay real still.
As long as you don't move, in theory, God doesn't notice.
(CHUCKLES) That is dirty.
You don't like? Ah, it's okay.
What's wrong, Ricky? I'm fine.
Tell me what's wrong.
Eh! Just Little worried about us.
Why? Oh, I mean, things are great between us now.
But we all have our ups and downs.
We're down? We are not down.
We're up.
Very up, I think.
But maybe when you get to know me, there's something you don't like I'm just afraid of getting hurt.
Don't worry, Ricky.
You don't hurt me, I don't hurt you.
(RICK CHUCKLES) It's just nice.
(CELL PHONE RINGING) Yeah? ED: You were right.
(SIGHS) AMARA: Is he there with you? - Yeah, he is.
- (GROANS) Do it.
I don't know what that means.
Oh! (GRUNTING) So he's chewing his steak, and we're waiting on an answer.
I mean, at this stage, I'm convinced it's gonna be a no, because, you know, it's gonna cost the studio a pile of money, but then Brandon looks at us and says, "Fantastic.
Let's do this!" (SIGHS) That is so great! Now I just need to give Becca Morgan the news.
KATIE: Right, this is your shot, and you made it happen.
So, if she's not playing nice, get her the hell out of there.
You are harsh.
I'm just proud of you.
How'd the job interview go? KATIE: (SIGHS) We talked for an hour, he let me sit in on a consult.
And then I got the gig.
- Seriously? - (CHUCKLES) That's great! Way to bury the lede.
Letting me prattle on.
Eh, it's part-time.
MILES: Well, that's good.
So, now we're living in L.
, and you're in Nevada.
I was thinking I might stay here, actually.
I could move in with Jeffrey.
You know what? On that note, I'm dealing with the movers.
- Let's talk later.
- Give Shorty a kick from me.
And well done.
I didn't even know you could get a degree in "vocal performance.
" - (CHUCKLES) - Well, there's no money in it.
I had to pay off my student loans somehow, so here I am.
(CHUCKLES) Did you always want to be a writer? Uh Well, I thought it would be less stressful than my last job.
I know, being on-set writer is a lot.
But you're doing great.
(CHUCKLES) I'm gonna get some water.
You want some? No, thanks, I'm okay.
Hey, for what it's worth, I would pay to hear you sing anytime.
Once upon a time there was light in my life But now there's only love in the dark Nothing I can say Total eclipse of the heart Turn around, bright eyes Every now and then I fall apart Turn around, bright eyes Every now and then I fall apart Once upon a time I was falling in love But now I'm only falling apart There's nothing I can say Total eclipse of the heart.
That was incredible.
(CHUCKLES) MAN 1: Pull! MAN 2: Fire! Fire! MAN 3: Reload! HAFDIS: Cut! - MAN 3: Oh, that's a cut! - Perfect, guys! Gotta do it again.
FIRST AD: Resetting, quickly, please.
RICK: We don't need to do it again but LOUIS: Should've written more cannon parts if I knew it was that cool.
(INDISTINCT CHATTER) I've got a call scheduled with Becca's reps.
You want to break the news to Becca, or should we flip for it? Oh, no, I'll handle that.
(CELL PHONE CHIMING) Quickly, we're shooting.
What? We're ready to roll, guys, can you please put the phones away and focus? Did you know we were getting shut down? - HAFDIS: Huh? - It's on Deadline.
What the hell are they talking about? Hold on, okay, here's Deadline.
"Gravity International stops production of The Admiral's Mistress.
" APRIL: Why am I hearing about this now? Who filed an accident report? Accident? Is this about the fire? No, no, hold on, the fire didn't stop us shooting.
Becca Morgan did not scratch her cornea! The speck of sand under her fuckin' contact? She was fine! She shot a scene the same day.
Marsha, have Brandon call me the second his plane lands.
That Kiwi cunt.
She knew.
She knew we were getting rid of her, and she's trying to bring the whole thing down.
No, Becca couldn't do this on her own.
It's happening too fast.
LOUIS: What do you mean? Brandon must have known.
Okay, here it is.
"Studio head Brandon Fisher released a statement, saying, "'The moment we learned of Ms.
Morgan's injury, we stopped the production.
"'At Gravity, the safety of talent and crew is our first priority.
'" But, hold on, we told Brandon that we already had Carey Mulligan.
Who cares if Becca's got fucking dust in her eye? This doesn't make sense.
Well, you're the one who's in touch with him.
I don't know what's going on any more than you do! We keep shooting? (SIGHS) HAFDIS: They're shutting down my movie.
Well, fuck 'em! Let's go home, folks.
FIRST AD: All right, people, that's a wrap.
MAN: Great! WOMAN 1: Stop what you're doing.
WOMAN 2: I needed this job! (INDISTINCT CHATTER) Okay.
Okay, so, we talk to Brandon.
We explain to him, again, that we don't need Becca, we can sort this.
- Buddy, where's Amara? - Right? Hey, did she come with you? She's at the hotel when I left, so Okay, this means Amara lost money, right? Did Amara just lose her investment? Oh, fuck! APRIL: Where is he going? - LOUIS: Here, come on! - APRIL: Why is he running? We're outta here, come on! Where are you goin? It's okay.
We'll tell Amara that there's no problem.
That we can fix this.
Tell her from the road, because we're not gonna be here when she shows up.
April! Thank you for everything! - (ENGINE REVVING) - (TIRES SCREECHING) LOUIS: Keys.
Fucking keys.
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