Get Shorty (2017) s01e09 Episode Script


MILES: Previously on Get Shorty Occupied! Me and Miles have been with Amara for a while.
And we have seen boyfriends come and go.
Mostly go.
You don't know her like I do.
She's a A sensitive, supportive woman.
AGENT WARE: This was a business partner of Amara's.
This was a lover.
You ever want to talk about anything.
Just give us a ring.
HAFDIS: Okay, let's go.
And action! Fuck! APRIL: Who filed an accident report? Becca Morgan did not scratch her cornea! "Gravity International stops production of The Admiral's Mistress.
" We talk to Brandon.
We explain to him, again, that we don't need Becca.
Did Amara just lose her investment? Excuse me? LOUIS: We're outta here, come on! What the fuck just happened? 1x09 "Turnaround" It's not that big a deal.
Much as I admire your ability - to keep things in perspective - Thank you.
in what fuckin' world is this not a big deal? If we don't make it one.
My cousin got pregnant on the pill, so I mean, it happens.
And I don't need you to pay for anything, I just thought you should know.
I'm happy to pay.
Oh, then we'll split it.
Going Dutch on an abortion? (CHUCKLES) That's civilized.
I'm saying I would pay, but shouldn't we discuss it first? I did not expect this.
Is this, like, an Irish Catholic thing? (LAUGHS) I don't know, maybe.
No way you and me are having a baby.
Unless we are.
We have fun together.
Don't fuck that up.
I'm on next.
This would be, like, a different kind of fun.
When I came to the Silver Dust with Georgina, and you were trading punches with some biker Ed told me to kick him out.
I thought, "That Irish bouncer is hot.
" Yeah? "When he is done hitting that biker guy, "maybe I'll get shitfaced with him.
" But I didn't think, "We should raise a kid together.
" You don't think I'm fatherhood material? Hello.
Hey, what if down the line, we get our shit together, you and me? We're gonna wish that we kept the kid.
I'm on.
Katie (INDISTINCT CHEERING) You said you wanted to change.
You wanted to go to college.
Maybe get out of Pahrump.
Yeah, at some point.
We can do that together.
ANNOUNCER: All right, thank you, Misty.
Now welcome to the stage, none other than Candy.
(SIREN WAILING) Make your appointments now, fellas.
(MUSIC PLAYING) (MEN WHISTLING) Miles, you're gonna get me fuckin' fired.
Good, it's a shite job.
MAN: Asshole! Get off the stage! Shut up, you perverts! Go home and play with your wife, you'll be fucked.
Fuck (GRUNTING) Marry me.
What are you doing? Marry me.
Before they fucking kill me.
Ditching the car in LA.
Relocating to another country.
We're not moving countries, Lulu.
- No.
- And we're gonna fix this.
For sure.
If we did leave, couldn't go to Mexico.
You know, I had a buddy who, um, did his mission in Botswana.
Didn't sound bad.
Lots of fresh fruit, it's good fishing country I thought that Brandon understood that Carey Mulligan was pretty much a done deal.
We didn't need Becca.
But I obviously Maybe I need to explain a bit.
Maybe Brandon changed his mind or just hates our movie.
After we spent all that money? How does that make sense? I'm gonna call Amara.
- What? - Put her at ease.
- No, no! - (PHONE DIALING) There is nothing you can say that's gonna put her at ease.
No, I have to call her! - Lulu, it's ringing! Amara? - Do not! Miles, I swear to God Hi.
I'm sorry I didn't call earlier, but it's been a busy day.
MILES: I just wanted to ring and let you know that the movie's gonna be up and running in no time.
Not what I hear.
Well, there's probably a little bit of gossip kicking around, but pay no attention to that, we're good.
You know, we've got the sets built, and the costumes, and, uh, actors.
Studio's not gonna walk away from that.
Also, Carey Mulligan's gonna play Margaret! Yeah, so It's probably good the movie got shut down for a couple of days, to get those details all ironed out.
Much better, really.
So, full steam ahead.
If you have any questions, just give me a ring? All right, bye-bye.
Yeah, that went That went better than I Yeah, glad I (DOG BARKING AT A DISTANCE) (LOCK OPENS) (CELL PHONE RINGING) No.
KATIE: Welcome to LA! Hey, Katie.
- I missed your lips.
- Wow! Sweet place.
It's nicer when you come through the front door.
You're using the back 'cause you think someone's tailing you, or watching the place? Uh No, we're just, uh Maybe a bit jumpy, but there's nothing to worry about.
Where's Emma? Already asleep.
So, did you talk to Amara? Yeah, yeah! Explained the whole situation.
Temporary setback and whatnot.
How nervous are we? Scale of one to 10.
- Ah! Um - One to 10? I don't know.
Maybe four.
Look at it this way, if anything happens to me or Lulu, she's doesn't get her money back.
So, as long as there's any chance that the film can go ahead, we're all safe.
Well, sorry, both of you.
I know you worked so hard, it was gonna be a great movie.
- Hey.
- Will be great, I mean.
(THUD) It's Alex, next door.
He's taking out the trash.
Like I said.
We're just, uh, a bit jumpy.
I may be at a six.
(DOOR BUZZES) (DOOR CLOSES) Pajamas? These gentlemen did not give me time to get dressed.
Miles say he can get the movie going again.
Make me back my money.
Your investment was off the books.
Not insured.
Even if Miles were able to set the film up in a new studio, which I believe is unlikely, your investment would not be honored.
You're saying I lost four million dollars? How much I got left? GEORGE: You are financially over-extended.
I suggest at some point, you consider selling or, uh Mortgaging one or more of your assets.
You find Rick? Got someone at his house in LA.
So far, he hasn't been there.
Where else you look? ED: We'll check his offices.
But I think, he's probably out of town.
If you want (VASE SHATTERING) We go to LA.
(SIGHS) EMMA: Dad? Come in, Shorty.
Unless you only hang out with celebrities now.
Mom said the movie might go again.
That's the plan.
Can I see the scene I did? I've got the DVDs of the dailies in the car.
That's the stuff that we shot, before we cut it all together.
Yeah, that's exactly what I want.
Then that is exactly what you will get.
I'm going to Kylie's, but I'll watch tonight.
Mom was saying that you're looking at schools.
You had your eye on some place in Brentwood? Maybe.
I saw pictures online, so now I'm not that sure.
How come? Kids look weird.
Weird, like malformed? Like they have attitude.
All kids look weird.
You look weird.
Dad I'm not sure yet, if I like LA.
I'm right there with you.
I'll tell you what.
Why don't we just take our time, see if it grows on us.
Deal? - Deal.
- Okay.
(MUSIC PLAYING) We keep calling the production office, nobody answers.
We checked the house again.
Search the house on the inside.
Maybe find an address he write down.
Somebody he stay with.
We can do that.
I was good to Ricky.
And he run off.
Don't even call to check on me.
What kind of man do that? I'd kill him myself.
I know this thing is personal, with Rick and I know you're angry.
But Miles, he put you into this movie shit.
That's first priority.
We'll get Rick later.
I find Rick, you find Miles.
Find Miles? We need to take him out.
Okay, I'll handle it.
Is it all right if I take Clipper with me? (SPEAKING SPANISH) (CHUCKLES) You have no idea where he is? Production office is closed.
And we've been focused on Rick.
Don't worry, I'll find him.
Welcome back to civilization.
APRIL: Thanks for the gift basket.
That I could live off for the rest of the year.
(BOTH LAUGH) Hey, uh, I'm sorry about The Admiral's Mistress.
That was a tough break.
Yeah, I've been calling your office about that.
You notice a theme? Theme? The gift basket.
Pineapples, bananas, macadamia nuts.
Bounty from the volcanic shores of Hawaii.
Since that is where we're shooting Captain Impossible Three, and you're our new covering exec.
Jason Statham! I love him.
Exciting franchise.
And now it's in good hands.
Thank you.
Any questions going forward, my door is always open.
And watch out for those macadamia nuts, they are addictive.
Wait! About The Admiral's Mistress, I still don't understand.
We talked about Carey Mulligan.
But we didn't have a contract with Carey.
And then I got that accident report, so I sent a doctor to Becca Morgan's hotel.
You sent a doctor? And he diagnosed a possible scratched cornea.
Becca's reps have called us, they said she's just as confused as we are.
-That she feels fine.
- Well, she's a trooper, isn't she? But when you're talking about the human eye, you don't take chances.
So, read up on Captain Impossible, and let's get you to Maui, yeah? Aloha.
RICK: Yeah, Agent Buchholz, please.
What is this regarding? It's It's a case that he's handling.
Can you be specific? I He knows what it's about.
Just tell him that Rick Moreweather's calling.
Sir, I need to know what this is regarding.
- RICK: Oh, yeah? Who's this? - Sir Look, I'm I got information about some serious crimes here.
Can you be specific? Come I'm in danger, okay? Agent Buchholz is the one who told me that so, if something should happen to me, and whoever's in charge finds out that you're the one who had me on the line, and then instead of getting Buchholz, you asked all these questions, oh, well, I wouldn't want to be in your position.
Sir, what is your current location? Yeah, it's, uh, it's 686 Minnelusa Road in Big Bear, okay? Or I could come to you.
We'll have someone contact you.
- Okay, perfect.
So when do Hello? - (DIAL TONE) (DOOR OPENS) Yo, no one's here.
So we hang out.
I fucking hate driving in LA.
CLIPPER: Miles and Louis both live here? Yeah.
We hang out, wait for them to walk in.
Yeah, yeah, we'll be like, "What's good, fellas?" Search the kitchen, you, the bedroom.
I, uh, I got a text from Gillis.
He says the nightclub is closed, but it's still for sale.
What I told you.
I said, that shit is on sale! Hey, you talk to Amara about that? We don't need Amara.
What we been pulling here in LA? Couple months, we do this shit ourselves.
Me and him, we gonna run the place.
- Okay.
- Mmm-hmm.
Models and bottles, yo.
, bitch! Yeah, fire every waitress that's not a motherfucking 10! There's no trash.
Nothing in the closet.
I can't tell if they've even been here.
Yo, are they staying somewhere else? - (INHALES) - (PHONE BEEPS) I think what it was, we got our signals crossed.
I mean, we told Brandon that we had Carey Mulligan.
- Guys - But maybe we weren't clear.
I feel like if I just get in a room with him I can straighten this whole thing out.
Brandon isn't putting this film back into production.
(SIGHS) Why not? Who knows? He made a decision.
Did he? So, he won't be joining us for this meeting.
Brandon? God, no.
Look, your best option is to put the project in turnaround, take it to a different studio.
A different studio? I called Wes Krupke at MGM.
If you get there by lunch, he can meet with you today.
What, you called them for us? Yeah, she's obviously very keen to help us move on.
So, um, they could pick it up where we left off, right? No.
It's not really about picking up.
This is about starting over.
(BREATHES DEEPLY) Look, I realize this is painful.
No, you seem pained.
What about Carey Mulligan? Yeah, and what about the sets? I mean, one of 'em burned down, but the rest The crew has been breaking down sets as we speak.
Carey's already taking another job, so she's unavailable.
(SIGHS) I know.
(SIGHS) It's a crazy business.
What are you working on? What? Have you moved on to another little project, yet? I'm an executive.
We cover multiple projects.
We put a lot of work into this, April.
We've had, what? 200 people working on the movie now for months.
And Brandon wants to scrap it because some actress got a little fucking sand in her eye? You don't want to talk to him and find out what's really going on? Fine.
Maybe I should.
His office is this way, right? You do not want to do this.
April, fuck off.
Brandon's gone for the day.
Buddy? Hey.
She says Brandon's not even here.
Yeah, he left early.
I don't know.
Hey, look, I know that this is making you crazy.
And it's making me crazy.
But April has set up a meeting at M&M Sounds like, maybe (SIGHS) that's our best shot.
All right? (GAS HISSING) (SNIFFS) (SIGHS) God damn it.
GIUSTINO: I'm reading.
He's reading.
He says he needs to talk to you.
Got a call from a collection agency.
What? Blood test you wanted me to get, that I didn't want? Two-hundred bucks.
Went to a collection agency, now my credit's fucked.
Oh, well, can you pay it? Who's got $200 for that? (SIGHS) Dad, cash is a little tight right now.
Why? I had a setback.
What kind of setback? Just a project that fell through.
I just Whatever.
I'm just saying we need to tighten our belts a little right now until I get something going, okay? And that could be a while.
Like my belt could get any tighter.
Short of eating cat food.
Okay, listen, um, I called to ask you, how do you turn the gas on at the cabin? You're at the cabin? Yeah.
Yeah, I am.
You're broke, but you're on vacation? Are you gonna help me or not? I don't know about gas.
Caretaker does that.
You have a caretaker? Not since we owe him money.
WES: Here you are.
MILES: Thanks for seeing us on short notice.
Oh, sure.
Thank you.
You know, April raved about you guys, I'm a huge April fan.
Hold on one second.
You guys mind if I eat? 'Cause I'm going right back to set.
- Oh, you go ahead.
- You want anything? - Uh, no, we're good.
- No.
All right.
So I read the script, I don't know, some months ago, you know? I just like to know what's out there.
And of the two hundred or so scripts I got through last year, Admiral's Mistress has gotta be top three? Wow, man.
Thank you.
Yeah, I mean that is, it's epic.
It's the kind of film we make at this studio.
Well, just let us know when it's finished then.
(ALL LAUGHING) Uh Can I ask you guys, um, are there any attachments I need to know about? You know, actors, producers, other than yourselves and Rick Moreweather that we'd have to keep on board.
Yeah, there is, um, her name is Amara De Escalones, she was an early investor.
She'd probably need to get paid back.
Her money back from the last production? Right.
Um, yeah, well, we don't really do that.
Um, but hold on, we're getting ahead of ourselves, so let's Let's not.
Let's talk about the story, which, as I said, is marvelous, aside from the ending.
You don't like the end? I don't.
Um, I mean, it just sort of ends, you know? I mean, she walks out to the cliff, maybe she jumps, maybe not.
It's, you know, copout.
- Really? - Hey, look, I do not want you to sell out your ending.
But, I mean, what I'm thinking, maybe there's an uplifting place to leave this story that's also complex.
What would that be? Well, that's the question.
Hi, there.
Can I see the insurance claim paperwork for The Admiral's Mistress? I'm the covering exec.
- Sure, yeah - I can help with that.
APRIL: Oh, great.
Can I ask what this is for? Just being thorough.
So I will put in the request with Brandon's office and the minute they sign off, I will give you a call.
I can't see the paperwork for my own project? Aren't you on Captain Impossible? Congratulations, by the way.
Jason Statham is awesome.
(CHUCKLES) (PHONE RINGING) April Quinn's office.
WOMAN: (ON PHONE) Hi, Miles Daly please? - Can I ask who's calling? - It's his wife.
He left his cell phone at the house earlier.
Probably thinks he lost it.
He just left.
Um, do you know where he's headed? I was supposed to meet him for lunch later.
He has a meeting at MGM.
Oh, yes.
That's right.
You wouldn't happen to have the address, would you? (CELL PHONE RINGING) - Yo.
- RISA: (ON PHONE) He's at MGM Studios.
Address is in Beverly Hills.
Text it to me, okay? Just did.
Fucking love you.
(GRUNTS) What'd she say? She got it? They're going to MGM.
Nice, son! So, we heading out? I can't go.
Tia wants me to go to the hotel.
She's fucking freaking out about Rick.
But you gotta be there when we take Miles out.
He's in an office full of people.
You're not gonna shoot the place up.
Sammy, you stay here in case they come back.
You two, go to this address.
All right? I'm gonna send it to you.
Don't let them spot you.
When they leave, see where they go.
Then take 'em out.
Call me and then I come over.
Yeah, right.
Don't let them fucking see you.
We can do that.
Fucking go! Hello? (GRUNTS) Anybody? Friendly neighbor here.
Hey there, sir.
How are you? - Hey, I don't know if you know I'm - (BARKS) Oh! Okay! Okay, okay! Oh, shit! Oh, God damn it, Cooper, come on! Get back in the house.
Get him in the house.
Oh, sorry.
Startled me, startled me just a little bit there.
He's pretty though.
(SIGHS) Anyway, I don't know, uh, if you know Giustino, I'm his son, Rick.
What's your name? Jim.
Oh, it's nice to meet you, Jim.
I actually may have, uh, met you a couple times before, I don't know, I haven't been back here in years.
(SIGHS) Anyway, I'm having a little bit of trouble turning that gas on.
I don't know, I see the thing, the pipe, and I don't know what to do, you know? I don't want to blow the place up, I thought maybe You got no right driving on that road.
What? Uh Huh? Told your father when he came up here with that black maid, or girlfriend, whatever she is.
I said, you cannot drive across my property.
Oh, didn't realize.
Come down here doing 25, 30 mile an hour, throwing gravel all in the weeds.
Who do you think pays for that gravel? We do.
We do.
Oh I just, thought that was the only road that came in here.
Far side of your cabin there's this path that takes you all the way down to the 38.
All right.
Well, that's what I'm gonna use.
You do that.
All right.
Take care.
Be over later.
What? Help you turn on the gas.
Hey, Tia, what's this? Stuff we got at Rick's house.
Laptop, Rolodex.
See if we can find where he's staying.
He's working on the laptop password.
Wait outside.
- Yo, wait outside.
- Mmm-hmm.
Closing in on him, huh? AMARA: You mean Rick? Miles, too.
He's at a meeting at MGM right now.
I have a couple guys tailing him.
Sammy's at the house, just in case Didn't call you about Miles.
Mexico is angry with me, 'cause of Josias.
Now I'm in LA, they're afraid I'm gonna do business here.
I say, "Don't worry.
I just make a movie.
" They can't complain about that.
(CHUCKLES NERVOUSLY) But if you're selling cocaina? Somebody say I'm selling in LA? I'm not stupid.
Seriously, someone said that shit? What are you doing? Tia, what do you mean, what I'm doing? The only reason you're alive is 'cause of me.
You keep selling Whoever said something got bad information.
It's like, fake news.
I'm not dealing in LA, all right? And whoever said something better watch their fucking mouth.
(DOOR CLOSES) Hey, yo, deal with this while I call.
No, we pay on the way out.
No, it says we don't pay on the way out, we use the machine.
What, you ain't got a credit card? Damn, bro.
I see you.
Give me good news.
BLIZ: (ON PHONE) Yo, sorry, bro.
They already finished the meeting.
They took off.
How do you know? It's what the lady said at the front desk.
Lady at the studio? So she can fucking ID you? Man, what else were we supposed to do? Wait outside all night, not even know if they left? (SIGHS) (MACHINE WHIRRING) Hey, Clip.
I didn't know you were in LA.
Oh, shit.
(BLIZ GRUNTS) (TIRES SCREECHING) (HORN BLARING) (GROANS) Fuck! Shit! AUTOMATED VOICE: What can I help you with? We need directions to the nearest hospital.
Getting directions to the nearest hospital.
Lou, you need to apply pressure to slow the bleeding, okay? Lou? Louis! - In half a mile, turn left on 3rd Street.
- Yeah.
Fuck me, you didn't want any part of this.
You said that this was all gonna turn to shit and I didn't listen.
I'm sorry.
I'm fucking sorry, man! (GRUNTS) Working on this movie is the best thing I ever did.
They used one of my lines.
They did.
A line that you wrote.
- Get out of the fucking way! - (HORN HONKING) AUTOMATED VOICE: In a quarter mile, turn left on 3rd Street.
Yeah, he didn't like the ending.
What's that? The guy at MGM.
He said the ending is a downer.
It is a downer.
Don't worry about that now, man.
We'll find a different ending, okay? In 500 feet, turn left on 3rd Street.
(PHONE RINGING) Fuck off! Hi.
It's April.
Hope the meeting went well.
There's something we should discuss, but I can't talk about it at the office.
Call me.
AUTOMATED VOICE: You have arrived at your destination.
Hey, there's a man in this car, he's been shot, he's bleeding out.
Get us some help, please! Now! Okay, Lulu.
They're coming, they're gonna fix you right up, okay? What if, at the end What's that? End of the movie.
Margaret goes and finds Felton, at the hospital, she saves him.
- That's a happy ending.
- Yeah.
(CHUCKLES) Yeah, I like that.
We'll go with that ending, okay? PARAMEDIC: Sir? I got it.
Let's move.
Katie, you better take it.
Oh, you can bring her in.
Well, if someone's gonna drop her, I'd prefer if it was you.
(MILES CHUCKLES) Welcome home, Shorty.
(SHUSHING) (PHONE RINGING) - Oh, I gotta take this.
- Okay.
Hey, how's it going? - MILES: (ON PHONE) Been better.
- Oh, meeting went bad? Uh, not so much that, as getting shot on the way out.
What? Yeah.
I, uh I need help.
Okay, tell me exactly what happened.
Uh, a bullet on the left side.
Not too deep.
I think it went in and came out.
It's hard to tell.
- EMMA: Dad? - Shit.
EMMA: I heard you come in.
Thought it was Mom.
Uh, hey, love! I'm just taking a bath.
- A bath? - Very relaxing.
- KATIE: Miles? - (WHISPERS) Hold on.
Did you see the dailies I left by the telly? Stack of DVDs.
- EMMA: Awesome.
- KATIE: Miles.
Emma's home? She's supposed to be at Kylie's.
She didn't see anything.
(SIGHS) Okay, I'll be there as soon as I can.
(GAS HISSING) - That's it.
- That's it? That little freakin' knob? Oh, my God.
I ate a cold can of ravioli, that's how desperate I was last night.
Ravioli's pretty good.
Even when it's cold.
- What is this? - (COOPER BARKING) Your friends got no right to be driving on this road.
Yeah, yeah, they're not my friends, they're cops.
What? Yeah.
Don't worry, they're not gonna arrest anybody, they're just Hey, guys.
Oh, boy.
I'm glad to see you.
Okay? So, what do you What do you wanna do? You want to come inside, or should I go with you? We'll come inside.
(SIGHS) What do you mean, I'm not a witness? I I witnessed, for one thing, a guy who got shot.
But you don't know who shot him.
Okay, well, Amara had my producing partner beat up.
All right? If you'd have seen his face You have nothing we can use against her in court.
Oh, well, if I have nothing you could use, why'd you drive up here? We believe, and our boss believes, you could be useful down the road.
What are we talking about? A wire Oh, no.
No, no, no, no, no, no, no.
The technology these days is really cool.
You can record with a credit card The SIM card in your phone.
Guys, I lost four million dollars of her money.
Those pictures you showed me of her ex-boyfriends with their heads cut off? They probably forgot her birthday.
Look, we appreciate how much danger you're in.
It's impressive that you've lasted this long.
But ensuring your safety will be expensive.
Our boss won't sign off unless you make a contribution.
(SIGHS) Jesus.
So, will you help us out? Take a minute.
Think it through.
If I could pull the whole thing off, but, I'm a terrible liar.
People see right through me.
Good luck.
Oh, come on.
Come on, there's gotta be some other way that I can help here.
Huh? Really? You're gonna leave me here.
If I were you, I'd keep a low profile.
Lower than this? Oh, hey, oh, thanks.
Okay, guys.
Thanks! Thanks a lot.
Yeah, thank you.
Thanks for everything.
(COOPER BARKING) NURSE: (ON PHONE) He was listed in critical condition - when he was admitted.
- But is he alive? He was listed as critical, that's all I can tell you.
Thank you.
(BREATHES HEAVILY) I know what you're thinking.
You gave me this shirt, and now I've only gone and fucking ruined it.
You need to lift it up Easy.
(MILES GRUNTS) Emma? All right.
Downstairs, totally engrossed in your movie.
Here, take these.
(BREATHES HEAVILY) - I'll numb you up, abrade the wound - Ah! then close it with derma-glue.
The fuck is derma-glue? Superglue for the skin.
(BREATHES HEAVILY) Fuck it! Valium will help.
No, it's not that.
(BREATHES HEAVILY) Lulu's in the hospital.
He got shot-up real bad.
What hospital? Mount Olympus.
(BREATHES HEAVILY) Okay, I'll call when we're done, talk to a doctor.
Thank you.
Oh, fuck.
So, you know, a real doctor would keep you in bed for a week.
What is that stuff? That is fucking brilliant! (KATIE GASPS) Who did this? Yago's buddies.
Is it over, or are they coming after you? Not over.
I'll get you bandaged and we'll leave.
We'll get a hotel up north, we'll pay in cash.
I'm not coming with you.
If they come looking for me, I don't want you guys around.
You should both go up the coast somewhere and I'll call you when I know things are safe.
I thought things would be different here in shiny LA.
I did.
It's just a nicer bathroom for you to bleed in.
- Katie.
- We'll talk later, I need to focus.
(BREATHES HEAVILY) What the fuck is that? Hold on to something.
Don't watch.
(GRUNTS) MALE DIRECTOR: And action! LORD SHERIDAN: (ON TV) Might I ask you to deliver a letter before I leave? They said you'd gone.
- Hey, I had a thought.
Hello? Mom! I just got a call from work.
They screwed up my schedule and now they're saying I don't have to work till next week.
Why? I don't know, but since Miles is working, I thought you and me could take a trip.
Drive to Santa Barbara, we could, uh, stay at a hotel.
We could go whale watching.
Whale watching? - Yeah.
- (SCOFFS) When? Tonight.
Tonight? Uh, no.
I made plans with Kylie for tomorrow.
And we just got back from Nevada.
We won't have a chance to do this for a while.
Let's make the most of it, huh? Did you and Dad get into a fight? - No.
- Then what's going on? Nothing.
Just I'm going upstairs to pack.
I get no say in this? You'll love it when we get there.
Come on, throw some clothes and a bathing suit in a bag.
Let's get on the road.
(MUMBLING) Can't believe the fucking I can't believe this.
(BEEPING) I fucking hate I'm expecting to see photos of whales.
- I love you.
- Love you.
(SIGHS) - Giustino? - GIUSTINO: What? Some people are here to see you.
- Friends of Rick's.
- Mmm-hmm.
- Okay.
- Amara.
Nice to meet you.
This is Ed.
I'm old friend of Rick's.
But we lost touch.
So I look for him.
Try his cell phone.
He got new number.
What? He's had the same number since they invented the cell phone.
Rick make this movie? That? (SCOFFS) No.
Rick makes different kinda movies.
That one's mine.
You make movies? Yeah, back in the Jurassic period.
(SOFTLY) Jurassic? Dinosaurs.
You help me find Rick? I want to surprise him.
Leave your name.
I'll tell him you dropped by, okay? I gotta get back.
I invest.
You what? Rick sent us two movie scripts for Amara to consider, Swamp Children, and Sniper at the Gates of Dawn.
Sounds about right.
Amara's interested in producing these films.
If she can find him.
He's at a cabin in Big Bear.
There's no landline, there's bad reception.
So, if he doesn't answer, don't take it personally.
Where in Big Bear? YAGO: How the fuck did she find out we were slinging? Shit.
You don't think it was Clipper who Told Amara? Nah.
(MUSIC PLAYING) Shit But can we see that flake out of here? If Mexico knows, I mean I saw a picture of what they did to some dealer.
Got a thousand kitchen knives and they stuck it in this dude, all over his body like a fucking porcupine.
(WINCES) Oh, man.
I should go to a hospital.
No, no, no, no.
Rupert's on his way.
No, man.
That dude, he is not a doctor.
He gave me antibiotics once.
That shit was expired.
You go to the hospital, cops start asking questions.
They're looking for a shooter, right? Right? (SIGHS) Amara knows Miles took off? Nah, I didn't tell her.
Conversation was bad enough.
But we'll find him.
We'll find him and we'll fucking end this.
Get out of LA.
Amara comes back to Nevada.
You know what? It's gonna work out, right? Shit! (COOPER BARKING) (BLOWS) (KNOCK ON DOOR) - Who is it? - MILES: Miles.
I got your message.
I meant, meet me at a coffee shop.
Not come to my place.
What time is it? We have a lot to talk about, April.
You have any drink in here? So, overall, the guy at the studio.
The, um What was his fucking name? - Wes.
- Wes! Wes is very interested.
Very, very interest He has some issues with the ending, but we can work on that.
If it means that we can get things going, you know? Okay.
The reason I called you? Ah.
So, Gravity filed an insurance claim on The Admiral's Mistress.
Back when I was an assistant, I heard I mean, I never actually saw proof, - but I think that it happens - What's that? Studios pad insurance claims with expenses from other productions.
I can't actually prove that it happened in our case.
So, you think Brandon pulled the plug because he was trying to bail out another fucking movie? Well, it wouldn't be a lot of money.
Our budget wasn't big and Brandon was never a fan of The Admiral's Mistress.
Oh, okay.
All I know is, he doesn't want us to take this movie anywhere.
He wants to close the books, which means the project really is dead.
The fuck it is.
Talk to Brandon.
- There's always a way - No, not this time.
I need this to work.
I know it's hard You don't fucking know! Don't forget I have a picture of you playing dress-up, April.
And I will send that to Brandon so fast Seriously? I will drown the fucking Internet in that image.
You think the only reason I fought for this movie is 'cause you were threatening me? Absolutely.
I do.
Fuck you.
(SNIFFS) That's the spirit.
I'm trying to help you.
Well, you're doing a horrible fucking job.
Were you already drunk when you got here? (SIGHS) Painkillers.
What painkillers? Oh, just shut up.
Just let me fucking lie here for a minute.
I'm so tired No, no, no, no, no.
Come on, come on, get up.
Come on, off the floor! Get Miles? Why are you bleeding? Miles? Miles? Miles!
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