Get Shorty (2017) s01e10 Episode Script

Blue Pages

1 MILES: Previously on Get Shorty AMARA: You help me find Rick.
I want to surprise him.
GIUSTINO: He's at a cabin in Big Bear.
There is no landline, there's bad reception.
So if he doesn't answer, don't take it personally.
Where in Big Bear? (CAR ALARM BLARING) - (GROANS) - (SCREAMING) KATIE: Who did this? Yago's buddies.
Is it over, or are they coming after you? Not over.
KATIE: We'll get a hotel up north, we'll pay in cash.
MILES: I'm not coming with you.
You should both go up the coast somewhere, and I'll call you when I know things are safe.
APRIL: Brandon isn't putting this film back into production.
Which means the project really is dead.
The fuck it is.
APRIL: Jesus! Miles, why are you bleeding? Miles! 1x10 "Blue Pages" EAMON: So anyway, there was this woman.
Fuck, what was her name now? I don't remember what it was.
You seen that film? What's it called? Here! What's the name of that actress in Temple of Doom? Uh, Kate Capshaw? No.
The pretty brunette with the wee tits? Karen Allen, in the first one.
Temple of Doom was later.
Yes, right.
So, see, when I was his age Uh-huh.
There was this nun at my school.
She looked exactly like Karen Allen.
- God, she was lovely.
- (CHUCKLES) So, see, when I went to that movie with Suzie, I found myself blushing with all of these feelings of lust and shame.
- (BOTH CHUCKLE) - (LOYALIST WHISTLING) I thought you knew better.
What's he doing here? That Loyalist shite.
Come on, lads.
Come on.
Come on! LOYALIST: Hey, where're you goin'? EAMON: Go! Go! Go! MAN 1: Come on! (MEN GRUNTING) (MEN STRUGGLING AND SHOUTING INDISTINCTLY) Here you are, Miles.
(MEN CONTINUE GRUNTING) - What are you wearing? - Who shot you? Why's it so bright? It's not.
Do you have any painkillers? Advil.
Who shot you? Miles This? No.
God, no.
I, um (GRUNTS) I got clipped by a golf cart at the studio.
You said you got shot.
When did I say that? Half an hour ago.
What else did I say? Not to call an ambulance, because you were having a nap.
Then I asked what happened, and you said you got shot.
Must've been dreamin'.
Looks pretty real.
- That my blood? - It's not mine.
Something must have opened up.
I'll pay to have that cleaned.
I saw this steam cleaner on the shopping channel.
It'll get that right out.
I can get water for you Or, you know, vodka works.
- (GRUNTS) - So, look, I don't care about the stain.
I'm worried that you're bleeding.
And when were you "clipped" by a golf cart? After you met me at Gravity? Tell me what you were saying about the insurance claim.
The studio filed one.
You said that they put expenses from other films on there.
No, I can't prove that.
Why do you think that? It's just something I heard about when I was an assistant.
And then I went to go see the paperwork for The Admiral's Mistress, and they wouldn't show it to me.
(SIGHS AND GRUNTS) Give me the details.
Everything you think has happened, and why.
Louis Darnell.
Yeah, I called earlier, they said he was about to go into surgery.
Do you know if he's out yet? WOMAN: Hospital policy states that Well, can you tell me at least what kind of surgery? I am family.
I'm his brother.
For Can you just tell me if he's fucking alive? No.
All right.
Thanks anyway.
Don't wait.
- You need to call within the next 30 minutes.
- (KNOCK ON DOOR) - And we'll include this fabulous total - Yes? - MILES: It's Miles.
- (TV TURNS OFF) It's who? Miles Daly.
Sorry for stopping by so late, but I was hoping we could have a chat.
(CELLPHONE BEEPING) Fucking Miles is knocking on my door.
At the hotel.
- MILES: Amara? - Yes, right now.
(LOCK CLICKS) I'm not armed.
I just want you to know, I can get the movie going again, and I can get you your money back.
Not what George says.
With all due respect to George, fuck George.
Come in.
I can turn this thing around, Amara, as long as nobody else puts a fucking bullet in me.
So, it's complicated.
George says all the money is gone.
Money never goes, it just moves around.
Remember, at the beginning, when you trusted me with all of this? (CHUCKLES) It was just about cleaning money, and look how far we got.
Remember? Sitting behind the monitors and watching them filming.
All that shit that was in our heads and it's right there in front of us.
We created that.
Me, and Louis, and you.
- (PANTING) - (COCKS GUN) What are you even doing? Just having a chat.
Okay, remember where you were, and pick it back up after I fucking kill you.
Amara, you gotta trust me on this.
Tia, where do you wanna do this, outside? In the bathroom? I vote bathroom.
- Go get my knife.
- What's happening? My room.
Big fucking knife.
But I don't trust.
So tell me.
How you do this? I could use a few of your guys.
Come on in.
Don't freak out.
Need you to open that gate again.
Some fuckin' view, huh? Miles? Okay, now I'm confused.
Well, don't worry your pretty little head.
We're gonna explain everything.
Is this about The Admiral's Mistress? 'Cause (CHUCKLES LIGHTLY) That would be What would that be? This is a prank, right? I mean, if you want to discuss what happened with the film, and how we can move forward from this point, - I am more than - I'll check the security cameras.
The feed from the cameras goes directly to the security company.
Does it? (MUSIC STOPS) (CLATTERING) And I have people waiting for me at the office.
If I don't show up, they What, you're telling me that they're gonna send a rescue party? 'Cause that sounds silly.
Give me your cell phone.
Do you have a calendar app? Oh, there we go.
Your first appointment isn't until 10:15.
That means you got the whole morning to relax with us.
ED: Cameras connect to a DVR, nothing outside the house.
No feed to a security company.
(SCOFFS) I really thought (GROANS) I've been here two minutes, and you've already lied to me twice.
Is that how you got ahead? Huh? By being a smooth-talking bag of shite? You shut down a movie, because some girl has a speck of dust in her eye.
A speck of fuckin' dust! (GROANS AND GASPS) You want to survive the next couple of hours? You should reexamine your relationship with the truth.
Can you do that for me? Nod your head! And I, in return, thank you for that courtesy.
Let's move this party to the sofas.
You look tired.
(GUNSHOTS CONTINUE) Fuck is it? (GUNSHOTS CONTINUE) Whoo! Baby! (WOMAN CHUCKLES) Hey! Morning! Little target practice, yeah! That looks like fun.
Yeah, it is.
You wanna try? - Maybe later.
Can you speak with Agent Buchholz? Yes.
Yes, I can do that.
Hello, Rick? Agent Buchholz.
Sorry to bother you.
Don't worry about it.
We have questions pertaining to a new case.
Can you come in today? New case? Yeah, a homicide that occurred in Nevada while you were there.
You're not a suspect, and we're not assuming you witnessed anything.
But you were around Ms.
De Escalones during this time period - Okay.
So, wait.
- You can help You're saying that Amara's the suspect here? (STUTTERS) Who did she kill? - Let's not get into that.
- Somebody that I know? You help us, we'll help you.
Can you be here by 2:00 PM.
? Yeah, the address on the card? - That's it.
- (GUNSHOT) (STUTTERS) Is that gunfire? Yeah.
It's just my neighbors.
Okay, so, I'll see you at 2:00 PM then? See you then.
- All right.
- (GUNSHOTS CONTINUE) Stop it! Put out your hand.
(STUTTERS) What, Miles Let's just talk.
We can have a productive dialogue.
No, no, no, no! No.
No, no, no! No! No.
No! Maybe we should take a fucking pinky just to let him know we're serious.
No! No.
No, no, no.
Don't do that.
Don't do that.
- Are you clear on all of that? - Yes.
If there's any funny business, if Ed even thinks that there might be some funny business, then he is just gonna snap those cutters shut.
And once you stop crying, and screaming, and fucking bleeding everywhere, guess what? We're just gonna try again.
I got it.
I got it.
Just be your normal, cheery, stupid self.
(PHONE RINGING) Brandon Fisher's office.
Good morning! Good morning to you, too.
Would you do me a favor and cancel my appointments for today.
DEBRA: Everything all right? Everything is fantastic.
- Okay.
Will do.
- (WHISTLES) And, Debra, we need drive-on passes for three gentlemen on their way to accounting.
Can you give me their names? (PHONE RINGING) Hello.
This is Accounting.
BRANDON: (ON PHONE) This is Brandon Fisher.
Oh, my God.
There are three accountants on their way in, they will need copies of insurance and budget records.
Can you make sure they get everything they need? Yes.
What's your name? (STUTTERS) Uh, I'm Robert.
(CHUCKLES LIGHTLY) I know how hard you guys work down there in accounting, Robert.
So, on behalf of all of us, thank you.
- ROBERT: Thank you.
Uh, so much for - (LINE DISCONNECTS) Okay.
So, we should leave at noon for the whale watch.
Well, don't look too excited.
It sounds cool It's just, yesterday was the first I heard of it.
Well, we should get food.
I'll, uh, I'll grab menus.
Do you have sun stuff? Can I get a couple of menus? Thank you.
And they have fresh watermelon juice.
(SIGHS) You own a gun.
That is real.
Legally registered.
You do not touch it, and you sure as hell do not bring it out in public.
But where did you get it? Did Dad give it to you? Yes.
Okay, years ago Do you know how to use it? Of course.
Look, I I never told you before, because, well, mostly, because I don't like the idea of having it.
Then why is it in your beach bag? Protection.
What? Look, we're traveling alone.
Oh, so every time we travel alone, you carry a gun.
I can't leave it in the hotel room.
I mean, the maid - Tell me what's going on.
- I am.
- Mom - Look, I'm telling you No! No, you're fucking not! Language.
Can I have the key? (SIGHS) Look, Emma No, I want to go back to the room.
Fuck! George is on the studio lot.
(CHUCKLES) Fucking Brandon, no offense, but your DVD collection is utter shite.
I mean Ooh.
Rascals Island, Captain Impossible, Captain Impossible Two.
Thank God.
- Did you make these? - I did.
MILES: They make lots of money? Rascals Island was a bit of a misstep.
Although it did convert in China, so Do you even like movies? How'd you end up in the movie business? I'm serious.
I got an MBA at Wharton Business School.
And I was good with people, good with numbers.
Why not go out to Wall Street, or Silicon Valley? I like the lifestyle.
(CHUCKLES LIGHTLY) But it's just a numbers game.
Have you ever been swept away by a film? Ever been transported by its Do you even know what I'm talking about? It has occurred to me since I've had this job, that I have been less focused on my own experience of a film, and more on what gets other people to go to the movies.
Is it safe to come back yet? Um (STUTTERS) Soon.
Uh, did you call the hospital? Spoke with the ward nurse.
Louis was in surgery, that's all they could tell me.
Also, I, um I brought the .
38 with me.
MILES: Good.
Had it in my bag, and Emma just found it.
Ah, for Yeah.
She's back in the room.
I have to tell her something.
What do I say? Uh, tell her Ah Can it wait till I get there? I don't think so.
Miles, she knows something's going on.
You can't level with her, Katie, she's 12.
She shouldn't have to deal with this shit.
Look, I won't go into the details.
I'll call you after I talk to her.
Hold on.
Katie? What is this? Uh, it's, uh, cold-pressed spinach-ginger-beet juice.
What's cold-pressed? BRANDON: It's when the juice is extracted via pressure instead of centrifuge, or shredder.
You want to try some, there are pouches in the fridge.
Just grab one, throw it in the Juicero machine there, and, uh, hit the button.
Juicero, huh? I don't care.
Hey, uh (CHUCKLES LIGHTLY) Hate to be that guy, but, um, I could use a trip to the restroom? Excuse me.
Did you play football? I don't know, you just seem like an athlete.
Busted my leg, had to stop.
It's old story.
No, I just notice you've a very interesting look.
Have you ever thought about acting? Yo, man, why are you mixed up in this nonsense? For real, brother to brother What's that? No, I was just You know Okay, you know what? Let's not make this about race.
Watch him.
And if he opens his mouth again, shoot him.
Come on.
Come on.
Come on.
Okay! The Fucking burn! (PANTS) (SCREAMS) JIM: Hey.
You got no right to drive on that road.
AMARA: What? This is a private road.
The owner of this cabin knows that this road is off-limits.
You come driving 35, 40 miles an hour! Why don't you shut the fuck up? Say that again? I said why don't you go drink some moonshine, fuck your sister, and leave us alone? JIM: What are you, some kind of Mexican? How about I kick your spic ass back across the border? Is that what you want? No one here's Mexican, you cracker fuck.
Your house? No.
This It's my dad's.
Not very nice.
I know.
It could use some work.
Don't come here a lot.
Why you run away? I don't know.
(CHUCKLES LIGHTLY) Why you afraid of me? Someone tell you to be afraid? What, no Oh, no, I'm I just I felt really guilty.
I lost your whole investment.
(SIGHS) My movie shut down, then you go away.
Made me sad.
I don't like to feel sad.
Yeah I, uh (CLATTERING) I get that.
Hey, you know what my Tia told me last night? That if the movie does okay, she'll invest in another.
Hell, no.
- I was like, are you kidding? - You said that? Mmm-hmm.
To myself.
And you were supposed to take care of this shit a long time ago.
Until you said back off.
Look at this arm, homie.
- I want him as bad as you.
- (KNOCK ON DOOR) What I say? Here he is.
(GROANS) What's up, son? Yago, Doll A Menu.
This is good people.
(CHUCKLES) Your name is Dollar Menu? "Doll A.
" BLIZ: Hooked him up with the address, got him a picture of Miles.
The rest when it's done.
Bliz'll tell you when.
Why you gotta wait? Timing.
My aunt has money tied up with this puta.
Hey, yo.
Can you make it look like an OD? Or, like, he got mixed up in some LA shit? It can't come back on us.
- I can do that.
- Yeah.
(BLOWS) (JUICER WHIRRING) Pretty much sums up California.
Fresh juice, beautiful house, sun streaming through.
But underneath it's all rotten.
Actually that's fuckin' delicious.
You think I could be in a movie? My whole life I've been watching fools in these scenes, they hold the gun wrong.
Yeah, I mean, if that was something you wanted to pursue, Ed.
Since you already know how to hold a gun.
I was sure Amara was gonna let Yago put a bullet in me, last night, man.
Her and Yago haven't been getting along.
Why's that? Come on, you can tell me.
He's been slingin' in LA.
Yago's selling coke here? Does Mexico know about that? - Shit.
- (JUICER WHIRRING) Him and his band of merry gobshites.
The more Amara backs you, the more you need to watch yourself.
No, she's on my side, now.
Yago's not gonna ask Amara.
He'll have someone else do it.
Who, Bliz? He had his chance.
Hi, there.
Good morning.
I'm George.
This is Sammy.
- And Olly.
- ROBERT: "Olly?" We refer to him as "Olly," the name on his license is "Oliver.
" I believe someone called to say we were coming.
Brandon Fisher called.
He told you we'd be requesting documents? Yes.
Yes, sir.
There's a complete list.
I need you to pull originals, also make copies.
Okay, perfect.
I'll just get my boss.
Hold on.
I was told the only clearance you'd need was from Mr.
Yeah, totally, he's the president.
I just know my boss, she likes to oversee this kind of stuff.
- What's your name? - Robert.
Robert, we'd prefer you handle this alone.
I'll just call her.
(CHUCKLES NERVOUSLY) (GRUNTS) GEORGE: You need another call from the president of the studio to put you at ease? I'm okay.
Then we prefer you handle this alone.
So if all you care about is how much money a movie makes Not exactly what I said.
You said that was your focus.
I'm guessing that you didn't think that people were go and wanna see The Admiral's Mistress.
I wasn't sure.
(STOPS URINATING) Don't stop the flow, let's get this over with.
So what? You didn't like the story? No, the story was fine.
I just wasn't sure about the ending.
You know, someone else said that.
And the writer wrote a different ending.
Where Felton survives, and Margaret goes and finds him.
Oh, see, that, I like.
Ah, fuck, I don't know.
(FLUSHES) Yeah, the original ending is a bit of a downer.
But at least it's real.
Well, real life has happy endings, too, doesn't it? How'd you get interested in movies? Growing up in Ireland, we moved around a lot.
I supp You know what? I'm not gonna tell you my fucking life story.
That is fine.
As kids we lived in Northern Ireland.
During the Troubles.
Saw some ugly shit.
My uncle used to bring me to the cinema, and this one time we were going to some '80s comedy.
We're waiting for the movie to start and this bunch of Loyalists came in, and they had it in against my uncle.
They saw him and I thought, "They're gonna fucking kill us both, right here.
" And they just walked past to their seats.
'Cause no one wanted to go at each other in the movies.
Safer than a church, really.
People wanted to lose themselves and forget the mess outside.
BRANDON: There's a happy ending.
MILES: Couple of weeks later, someone stuck a knife in Eamon's heart.
Same guys, different guys, I don't know.
It doesn't matter.
But the last thing I remember of my uncle, he was laughing his ass off at Steve Martin.
There are things me and Dad don't tell you.
Not because we don't trust you.
We sometimes think it's better not to bring you into it.
I bought a gun, because Because I'm scared of some people Dad knows.
What people? From Nevada.
I just talked to Dad.
We're okay But this morning, I was scared.
That how he got hurt? He was in a fight.
You call the police? We can't mention this to anyone, definitely not the police.
Why? (SIGHS) Because he could get in trouble.
For what? Look, most of what you want to know, you gonna have to ask Dad.
And I guess he'll, um, he'll tell you what he can.
Juice? Ah, thanks.
(CELLPHONE RINGING) Mmm, what is that, beets? Sweet roots.
That's my favorite so far.
I have the documents.
Okay, hang on.
I'm just gonna put you on speakerphone, so our host can hear what you have to tell us.
GEORGE: (ON SPEAKER) I have before me an insurance claim submitted by Gravity International, to obtain reimbursement for expenses incurred during production of "The Admiral's Mistress".
Nearly two million dollars of these expenses do not appear on the original film budget.
They appear on the budget for a different movie, Lethal Limit Four.
And receipts were billed to this film.
And what would that be called in a court of law? Proof of felony insurance fraud.
(WHISTLES) And who signed that claim? Budget and claim paperwork were signed by the President of Gravity International, Brandon Fisher.
Also There's more? Were a forensic accountant to examine the records here, I suspect this type of fraud would prove to be pervasive and ongoing at Gravity International.
Pervasive and ongoing.
Holy shit! Thanks, George.
(SIGHS) A long-winded way of saying, do what we tell you, or you are fucked.
(SIGHING) (SNIFFS) Anything I can do? (SIGHS) Are you afraid of me, Ricky? Yeah.
I mean I mean, come on.
Uh, look at those guys.
You're capable of resorting to I'm gonna say, extreme tactics.
Uh No judgment.
That's apparently, that's the way it is in the casino business.
But you put money into our film and it went to shit.
However, when I saw you come through that door today I thought Partly I was scared.
But I also thought "Holy shit, "I am crazy about this woman.
"I'm totally crazy about her.
"What the hell took her so long to find me?" (SPEAKS SPANISH) (PEE-WEE SPEAKS SPANISH) Ricky.
Come on.
- CLIPPER: Good night.
- (DOOR OPENS) Good night.
Good night.
(DOOR CLOSES) Come to bed.
(BREATHES HEAVILY) (MONITOR BEEPING) Well, I don't know, was it just me, or was that a blue-ribbon evening? (CHUCKLES) Not much sleep.
No, like a couple of teenagers.
(CHUCKLES) Put your things in my car.
Well, I got to take the rental back.
Clipper can take that car.
You come with me.
Yeah, sure.
Give me the keys.
Clipper! Hey! What are you doing up here? Huh? You got loose? Okay.
Aw, I'm your friend now all of a sudden, huh? All right, come on, come on.
You got to go back.
Come on, buddy.
Come on.
Jim! Hey, Jim! Found somebody (COOPER WHINES) Ricky.
Let's go.
Morning, April.
Heard some exciting news.
(CHUCKLES) Staff nature retreat, huh? No, I heard you're putting The Admiral's Mistress back into production.
Isn't it? And surprising.
Considering the day before yesterday, you said it was totally dead.
Always thought it had potential.
And with the revised ending, yeah Re Revised ending? Miles pitched it, actually.
When? You know I've been thinking about this, and I would rather you didn't split your focus.
So you're saying that I'm not on the movie? Captain Impossible is a huge enterprise.
- So I have to choose? - No, no.
(CHUCKLES) Thank you.
You're on Captain Impossible.
I've put Reed Jennings on the other one.
I thought Reed was an assistant.
Not anymore.
So, hold on, so what's it called? My garment.
(CHUCKLES LIGHTLY) But really, it's underwear.
At the ch You get it from the church.
You buy it through the church.
You know when we hit the road from Nevada? I left everything behind, including my garments.
And the next day we went to MGM, and I didn't have anything clean to wear, so I went commando.
- (SNORTING) - I never do that.
You went commando at MGM? I knew that it was a bad idea.
It was a big mistake.
You think maybe you got shot because you weren't wearing your magic underpants? - Yeah.
- Okay.
You want me to go and get them for you? I can do that.
I'm not going to touch them, but I will bring some kind of tongs and I shall deliver them to you.
LOUIS: Hello.
Why, hello.
How are you feeling? - High - (SNORTS) Yeah.
For a guy who's never had caffeine or alcohol, what's it like to be on morphine? Uh, like the Angel Moroni.
Yeah, the big pair of wings, just flying around.
Who needs magic underpants when you've got opiates? - (CELLPHONE RINGING) - Sorry.
(GLADYS CHUCKLES) Hi, uh, I'm in a hospital.
I'm not really supposed to be on a cell phone.
Why are you in a hospital? Um, annual colonoscopy.
Doesn't matter.
I'm calling to say congratulations on The Admiral's Mistress.
And that I want to be involved.
- Wonderful.
- No, I'm saying, I'm not involved, but I'm hoping you'll change that.
- Isn't that Brandon's call? - One would think.
But I know you spoke to Brandon, and suddenly the movie's back on.
Isn't that something? Last time you and I spoke, we discussed the insurance claim.
What are you getting at? I'm just wondering if you used the same method of persuasion with Brandon that you used with me.
Probably wouldn't want that getting out.
April, are you blackmailing me? I am very impressed.
(CHUCKLES LIGHTLY) I look forward to our collaboration.
How's Louis? On the mend.
Thank you for asking.
That's good.
Mmm, I feel bad about what went down.
That's nice to hear.
Hope you know, it's nothing personal.
I'm sure you feel the same way, right? Sure.
YAGO: I told my Tia, me and Miles, we can put this shit behind us.
We're businessmen, it was just business.
That's exactly how I feel.
You two need to get along.
(MILES SIGHS) - Miles? - Of course.
- Yago? - Yeah.
You tell him I'm going to Nevada? I need someone there.
At the casino? That's great.
You know, I was talking to my Tia.
It really is a good idea.
The whole movie shit.
- Oh? - YAGO: Yeah.
It's really gonna pay off.
(CHUCKLES LIGHTLY) And I can't wait to see how it turns out.
Oh, you're gonna fucking love it.
I will.
So break a leg.
Isn't that what they say? That is what they say.
I hear you have questions.
(SIGHS) Who'd you get into a fight with? Some people I knew in Pahrump.
Their names really don't matter.
People you worked with? Yeah.
What was the fight about? Money I suppose.
And you didn't tell the police, 'cause you could get in trouble? Why we came out to LA? To change that part of my life.
Are you selling drugs? No.
Were you Don't ask those kind of questions, okay? Did you get shot? Or stabbed or something? I'm okay now.
You're not gonna talk about that, either.
All right.
- Well, can I see it? - (SIGHS) Yeah.
(GRUNTS) Have you always worked with people like this? For a while, now.
(SNIFFS AND SOBS) So you've been lying to me, basically my whole life.
I love you more than anything in this world.
But, yeah.
I was thinking about Rusty.
What about him? You got stitches after he bit you.
You made all kinds of excuses for him.
I stole his favorite stick.
For a dog, that's a pretty good excuse.
But then he bit Emma.
Not badly.
You drove off with him.
I thought you were giving him away I found out you shot him.
When you loved him more than anyone.
Because you were protecting Emma.
But we're not in danger.
We're not.
Katie, Amara's happy.
Her investment is back on track.
We're setting up that shell company like you suggested, - so good thinking on your part.
- Miles Yeah? (DEEP BREATH) I wanted this to work.
- I really did.
- I know.
- If it was just me - Yeah? I need you to stay away from us.
- I'll still see Emma? - Of course.
But not for a little while.
And it's better if she doesn't do the movie.
Hold on.
(SIGHS) It's just a few days, you know.
- And her heart is set on it.
- Miles It was her idea to drop out.
But she needs you to tell her that it's okay if she does.
She doesn't wanna do my movie? She's afraid.
Well, it's It's new, you know.
It Give her a couple of days I do not want her to get used to being afraid.
(KATIE SIGHS) You two should stay in the house.
I'll rent somewhere.
- Find a place for us.
- Katie, just Stay here.
Okay? Thank you.
(BOTH GRUNTING) - This wasn't my intention.
- Is that so? (GRUNTS) I didn't come to challenge you, I came out of an obligation to Lord Munro.
(GRUNTS) NATHAN: And for Margaret, yes? (NATHAN LAUGHS) (BOTH GRUNTING) Stay down! And cut! Great job, guys.
- Yes! Yes! - (APPLAUSE) NATHAN: That was fun.
That was great.
- So much better.
: Thank you, first team.
Let's get second team in here.
The last line as a threat.
I don't know.
I think, I think we could use some more moves.
Right? HAFDIS: No, no.
No, no.
It's perfect.
Love it.
I I can't tell you how hard that scene is.
- I'm so glad.
- It's amazing.
You know, the, uh, choreographer, he did, uh, Master and Commander.
- The flight guy.
- (GASPS) - Yeah.
- This so good.
I want to meet that one.
- Kisbye? - Yes.
I'll introduce you.
(CHUCKLES LIGHTLY) - (LAUGHS) - You know, excuse me just for one second, all right? I'll be back in a bit.
- AMARA: Hi, April.
There are period costumes but these are not antiquated themes.
Oh, April, this is Dan from the Hollywood Reporter.
- Nice to meet you.
- You too.
Yeah, I was just telling Dan what makes this film so special.
Yes, it is a treatise on the power of love.
But there is a complexity and a nuance that one can only find in film making of this caliber.
(SIGHS) (FLUSHES) More, more, more struggles.
Now, drop him.
(BOTH GRUNTING) (PANTING) Would it have been anyone but you.
(PANTING) Only, I'm not the man I used to be.
I've seen enough blood this year as I should see in a lifetime.
So, I'm asking you, leave this place But go in peace.
(BREATHING HEAVILY) I'll give I'll give you whatever you need.
Okay? Whatever you want.
Just let me know, I'll get - Where's the coke? - I got it.
I got it.
- Yeah, get it now.
- Okay.
(SHUDDERING) (CLATTERING) Take it all out, put it on the table.
Here it is.
Measure up an eight ball.
- What? - Did I fuckin' stutter? Okay.
Okay, I'm sorry, I'm just gonna set this down right here.
That should be good.
That should be good.
That should be good.
- Is that right? - Yeah.
- You sure? - Yeah.
It simply can't.
It is I, my love.
I have found you.
(EXPLOSIONS IN DISTANCE) But at what cost? It doesn't matter now.
I am here.
And I will never leave, not for anything.
I am yours.
And yours alone, forever.
- And cut.
- (BELL RINGING) - Let's get tighter.
: Cut.
Going tighter.
I'm digging the new ending.
It's not so bleak.
- (CELLPHONE RINGING) - It's growing on me.
Yeah? - WES: (ON PHONE) Miles? - Speaking.
Hey, it's Wes from MGM.
- Wes.
How's it going? - Good.
Congratulations on Admiral's Mistress.
That was a nifty little trick.
Yes, it was.
Uh, look, I know you're busy, I have a script that is very interesting, very original, and we're looking for a producer.
I was wondering if you wanted to give it a read.
What made you think of me? Well, it's not the easiest project to set up, and we need someone persuasive.
Well, I can be very fucking persuasive.
So I hear.
(BELL RINGING) Wes, I can't talk right now.
But by the sound of it, I'm your man.
I'm gonna have my assistant set it up (LINE DISCONNECTS) Picture's up.
Roll sound.
HAFDIS: Camera.
And, action.
MAX: (ON SCREEN) It can't be.
It simply can't.
PLAYING) I came to L.
to be rock and roll Along the way I had to sell my soul I made some good friends that make me say I really wannabe in L.

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