Get Shorty (2017) s02e01 Episode Script

And What Have We Learned?

Previously on Get Shorty How hard can it be? Producing a movie.
We don't know the first fucking thing.
So we find someone who does.
I'd produce this myself, but I've never done it before.
So, I do the legwork, you advise me and we split the profits.
What's it called? [MILES.]
The Admiral's Mistress.
And Escalones is producing this thing? [AMARA.]
You come to my room tonight.
It's been a few days.
You have nothing we could use against her in court.
We believe you could be useful down the road.
- What are we talking about? - A wire.
So, you've never had sex? That is correct.
It is a gray area.
- Kids call it "soaking.
" - [GASPS.]
So, how is LA? I hear it's a dangerous place.
You think that's true? Is that a threat? Was it? [GUNSHOT.]
Hope you know it's nothing personal.
I told my Tia, me and Miles, we can put this behind us.
- Hi, Bliz.
- [YAGO.]
We're businessmen.
- It as just business.
- That's exactly how I feel.
You've always worked with people like this? For a while now.
So you've been lying to me, basically, my whole life.
I need you to stay away from us.
I'll still see Emma.
Of course, I've known for a little while.
Miles? - Speaking.
- Hey, it's Wes from MGM.
I have a script.
And we're looking for a producer.
I was wondering if you wanted to give it a read.
What made you think of me? We need someone persuasive.
Well, I can be very fucking persuasive.
Deputy Reiger here on the 161 near the bypass.
Got an 11-83.
11-83 copy.
Do you need me to send an ambulance out to your location? Stand by.
- Anyone hurt? - [MAN 1.]
We're all fine.
[MAN 2.]
My fault.
Didn't see him.
As long as everyone's okay.
Take your hands out of your pocket for me.
You got license? Yeah.
Do I? Yeah.
That guy say he didn't see me.
How much you had to drink today? Nothing.
Stay here.
Do not move.
I can call you a tow truck.
Just, uh, swapping out this tire.
It was our fault.
We told him we'd pay for the damage and gave him our information.
- Hey, lemme get that.
- No, no.
Don't Please don't bother yourself.
- [WOMAN.]
He's got it.
- No, I'm a one-man worker.
What's that? [MAN 2.]
What's what now? [GUNSHOT.]
[MAN 2.]
Hold on! - You ready? - No! I'm not ready! Hold on! [VEHICLE APPROACHING.]
On the ground now! Whosever in the RV, we need you to exit the vehicle with your hands on the air.
Exit the vehicle! Yeah, and the thing that I hate is name-dropping.
- Totally.
- Right? I mean, you know, I wouldn't talk about Sean Penn if I'd only met him once.
I'd only bring him up if I knew him or I represented him.
You rep Sean Penn? No.
I'm saying that's why I don't talk about him.
I mean, I did, uh, I did meet him once.
But that's-that's not the point.
Gentleman over the bar sent this over with his complements.
- Who sent that? - Uh, at the end there.
What's his name? He said it was Miles.
I don't know him.
Think he's an actor looking for an agent? Hmm.
Could be.
Oh, he's coming over.
Hello, there.
Hey! We were just discussing this.
Oh, least I can do.
Wayne and I have been trading calls.
- Have we? - [MILES CHUCKLES.]
We met at Zinc.
Have you been to Zinc? Oh, very trendy.
Brussels sprouts, all that shit.
You mentioned that Amy Adams was a client of yours.
Now, I'm a film producer.
I have a new project at MGM.
And I told Wayne about it and he said it's a home run.
I don't remember that.
Yeah, you said that Amy would love to read it and that I should send a copy of the script over to your office.
Hey, look, uh, maybe we did have that conversation, I don't remember, okay? You were with a different girl.
But let's keep that between us.
Okay, look, I'm having dinner here, okay? - So, why don't you try me at the office - I did try that.
Well, have a good night then, okay? [CHUCKLES.]
Hey, hey.
Maybe you had a few drinks and it slipped your mind, but you don't wanna be known as a man who won't keep his word.
Do you, Wayne? Hey, you know what? Get your hands off of me.
- I'm not someone you tell to fuck off and I just fuck off.
Either you make good on your promise, or you'll wish you had.
So lovely bumping into you like this.
What are the chances? Lovely to meet you, Helen.
Enjoy your champagne.
Let me know how Amy finds the script.
using as a plan A and we have a B Am I late? I thought we were No, we're just catching up with Agent Dillard.
- Hi.
- Oh.
So, you wanna take us through? She's familiar with the case.
We're not replacing you.
We're just here to help.
Uh Okay.
Our informant, film producer Rick Moreweather, he's wearing a wire, but won't testify against Miss de Escalones.
How useful would you say he's been? So far, Amara won't discuss business.
Pretty much all they do is make small talk.
- And have sex.
- Two or three times a day.
These are homicides we think are tied to Amara or the organization.
Most of the evidence is circumstantial.
These are recent? Two men in Amara's organization.
Originally, we thought they were taken out by a rival gang.
Now we're not sure.
So, you've got a case for laundering but not homicide? - At least we get her off the street.
- For a few years.
I think you have done excellent work.
But Amara is now in business with the Capitulo Cartel, which is potentially a bigger case.
Much bigger.
So we're not moving on this.
It's a fallback position.
We, uh, strike out, we can always bring laundering charges against Amara.
And who are those other guys? Miles Daly and Louis Darnell.
They're filmmakers.
Kubrick and Coppola.
Oh Are you fucking [COUGHING.]
Morning! Hey.
Did you forget I was here? Wait, if you're not cool with this, just, you know, tell me.
I just can't handle stairs.
No, you're fine.
So, who was the girl? Huh? Naked girl came out of your room? She grabbed her stuff and left? Night before last? Ten minutes ago.
Seriously? You have no recollection? Uh I was in a bit of a mood last night.
Katie wants me to sign the divorce papers.
When did this happen? Right after a conversation about Emma's trip to the science museum.
She was like, uh, "Don't forget the permission slip.
Also, when you have a minute, lets get divorced.
" - Buddy, I'm sorry.
- No, it's good.
Better than dragging it out.
I My kingdom for an aspirin.
Yeah, you've been going through those lately.
Look, I know that you had a difficult night.
But you've been doing this a lot.
What's that? Getting blackout wasted.
Says the Mormon teetotaler.
Look, you're going through some shit, okay? If there's anything you wanna talk about, you know, just - Katie, the divorce, anything - There's nothing to talk about, is there? I'm late to pick up Emma.
Oh, hey, we got the publicity shoot for the movie this afternoon.
We were together since last October.
But then she stopped texting me.
I was like, "What?" 'Cause I didn't realize that this bitch has serious emotional problems.
Yeah? Definitely.
You and me should go to Casa Mi tonight.
Come on, man.
Wednesday's 18 and over.
Hmm? Come on, man, you never been.
I was there last weekend.
- With who? - Dicky.
You went with Dicky? Okay, thanks for inviting me.
Pacey called.
We lost the RV.
- What? - They never showed up last night.
And Pacey found out one of the drivers shot a fucking cop in Goodsprings.
So, they're in custody.
We lost the shipment? - I mean, the drivers killed a cop.
- But that's a two month supply.
This is Oh, shit.
- Who were the drivers? - Gringos.
- All right, we'll get them lawyers.
- We did.
Who did? Pacey called me, so, like, I called George.
You were on the call talking to George and not me? I tell you who to fucking call.
So, don't get the lawyer? Yes, get the fucking Yes, Gary, because I told you to.
Does Amara know? Call should come from you, right? [SPANISH SONG PLAYING.]
Cami made French toast.
You like that, don't you? Oh, gosh.
What's the matter? This toothache all of a sudden.
- Oh, you can't eat? - It's throbbing like crazy.
No, I-I'll try.
Don't move.
Ah, Okay.
- You're not having some? - Oh No syrup.
- All right.
- Try that piece.
- What? - That one in the middle.
What is that? For you.
- Wow.
Wow! - That's - [CHUCKLES.]
- That's very, very nice.
- Hmm.
- Why would you buy me a car though? - Why? - Well, I got the Mercedes.
- Oh, it's too old.
I don't like it.
- Don't like it? - They get rid of it.
- Who did? - The car people.
- You wanna get in? - The Mercedes, it's gone? I mean, this is great.
This is great.
- I thought you'd like it.
- Yeah.
Vibrant color.
So, w-what was it, a dealership? 'cause I had CDs, I had a sweater in there.
You should take it inside.
Thank you for this.
It's amazing.
- It's open! [DOOR OPENS.]
Sorry, a bit late.
She'll be right out.
Heard you're going to Don Cuco's.
For a nutritious meal of fried cheese.
That sounds fun.
You look tired.
You're working late, or Yeah, you know, now and then.
Hey, did the school call you? I mean, it's not a big deal, but, uh, the check you gave them didn't clear.
Ugh, shit.
I-I must have used the wrong account.
'Cause, you know, I was thinking, there's no reason that you should be paying for Emma's school and our rent.
- I don't know why - I'm glad to do it.
- Please just let me - Katie.
Everything is coming together.
You know, tomorrow we're screening the director's cut of The Admiral's Mistress.
Great! That's awesome! Also, got this new MGM film.
Did I tell you about this? I'm getting a read from Amy Adams.
- Oh, God, I love her.
- Yeah.
That's gonna be great.
- Congratulations.
- Hey, you hungry? Does it matter? Don't need to be hungry for fried cheese.
- Bye.
- See you later.
You know, I got this big raise.
I just explained to you how well things are going.
Both of your projects sound amazing, but is there any money coming in yet? - Because I can - [SHARPLY.]
Can you fucking let it go? I wanna take care of you both.
Give me that at least.
I'll be back by 5:00.
Down button, basement level two.
There's a car waiting.
I told Amara that my appointment would only take an hour, so Whose Hummer? She gave it to me this morning.
Not really my style, but Mr.
Moreweather, we haven't met.
I'm agent Clara Dillard, you can call me Clara.
And I see you've already met Ken.
Yeah, okay, what happened to the Oh, uh, Agent Buchholz and Ware are still on this case, we're just here to help out.
We wanna make sure you are being looked after.
So, how are you doing? - Uh, with the case? - No, you.
How are you doing? - I've been better.
- Oh, tell us.
Well, for one thing, I'm not sleeping.
Oh, I can imagine.
You're handling it so well.
I'm trying.
- Jacket.
- Jacket, yeah.
It's good.
So, this button here is a recording device.
Oh, okay.
Even if Amara's people do a scan, they won't find it, because there's no transmitter.
But every few days, we'll need to swap jackets and retrieve the recording.
Well Okay, but I, uh I have a mustard stain.
Just, it won't come out when you wash - Ken.
- Add a stain.
We know how difficult this is for you.
We wanna do everything we can to make you feel safe.
I appreciate that.
And the agents you've been working with are very good, but Maybe, as a woman, I could share insights in terms of how to get Amara to open up about her - professional life.
- No, listen.
I don't know about that because she never wants to talk about it.
Well, let's try doing a role-play game.
You be Amara and I will be you.
You're me? Amara, it kills me to see you so upset.
Are you okay? Is there anything I can do to help? - You're Amara.
- Yeah, I get it.
If you need a shoulder to lean on, I'm right here.
I know how much you have going on.
Is it Is it business, or is it personal? All right, look, if I say that, my head ends up in a garbage bag.
We need this case to be airtight so you don't have to testify.
Or go into witness protection.
Just one second, all right? Because Buchholz and Ware, they promised I would never have to testify.
And we really want to keep that promise.
So, you'll be Amara, and I'll be you.
Ready? [GLADYS.]
This is nice.
Yeah, yeah.
So, uh, that's where I stay.
Right under there.
'Cause I'm not so great with, uh, stairs.
I wanna get my own place though, as soon as I can get around better.
Yeah, easier to house hunt when you can When you can walk? Yeah.
So How about you? Y-you like living alone? Why would you ask me that? - I just - I do like it.
So, uh You said there is something you needed to talk about? Not really.
On the phone, you said that there was something Yeah, but you just got out of the hospital, I'm not gonna Uh, I just wanted to say hi.
These flowers are nice.
Yeah, uh, my agent sent those over.
He wants me to get another writing job.
- Oh, that's exciting.
- Yeah, yeah.
So Maybe I'll write another movie.
But I don't like meetings.
So I told my agent that if I can get a job without having a meeting, that would be better.
You should, you should take those.
- No, you don't have to - We're not flowers guys.
I don't want them! - Okay.
Sir, I'm Detective Torann, LAPD.
Is Miles Daly around? The quesadillas with chorizo, and cameranos for sure, and, and the poblanos.
Dad, I can't eat all that.
You take the rest of it home.
And a steak, thank you.
Oh, and, uh, two horchatas.
It's the best part.
- What were you saying? - I asked what's going on with you.
Right, yes.
Um You know, just busy, working.
How's, uh, how's field hockey? I already told you.
And when I ask what's going on with you, you won't talk about it.
You pulled out of my movie, Emma.
And now it's coming out.
And I'm betting you don't wanna hear me banging on about it all day.
You think I made a mistake.
No, no, that's not what I'm saying.
Okay, okay, Dad, I am happy to hear about it, but I'm not asking about the movie.
What happened to the guy that shot you? I never - I never said I was shot.
- Do you work for those people? Shorty, you wanna know what's gong on with me? The Admiral's Mistress.
That's it.
That's it.
If that's not what you wanna talk about, then, I'm sorry.
For example, I'm getting interviewed right after this.
You ever watch the IFC channel? They're doing a whole feature on my movie.
That's great, Dad.
It is.
You know, you could come watch if you'd want.
- Mom wants me back.
She won't mind.
- Yeah? - Hey, buddy, um I'm at your place and there is an LAPD detective here who would like to speak with you.
Is that right? [LOUIS ON PHONE.]
Yeah, he says that he would like to get a statement, but he won't say what's it about.
I'm having lunch with a pretty girl right now.
Okay, well, I just thought that this would probably go easier if you just talked with him.
Do you mind if I take this? I'll be one sec.
- Hello.
Daly, this is Detective Torann.
How are you today? That depends what this is about.
We had a Mr.
Wayne Kinnian file a complaint accusing you of assault and battery.
Said you confronted him last night at Lazario's restaurant.
Me? No, that doesn't ring a bell.
You sure he doesn't mean someone else? Yes, sir.
Mind of I ask you a few questions? Go on then.
Miss de Escalones, I'm Rafael.
I'll be taking you in.
So do it.
I'm only authorized to take Miss de Escalones.
Who can authorize for the rest of us? Afraid that's not possible.
If you don't wish to meet, I can always relay that to my employers.
I don't like it.
Not gonna stand here and talk about it.
I wanna go in.
This way.
Would you like some sparkling water? Or do you have a parking that needs validating? So nice to meet you.
So, the drivers.
The RV? We got them lawyers.
The drivers were eliminated.
We apologize for not conferring with you before we made the decision, since they were your employees.
But we discussed internally and decided that their arrest left us exposed.
Also, you asked us to split the cost of the confiscated product.
Uh, our answer to that is no.
You packed the RV.
You accepted the shipment.
And when the arrest occurred the RV was 11 miles across the border.
I don't know you.
Really? Oh, that's That's disappointing.
All right, uh Thank you for the update.
All right.
The Kilner piece has already been optioned.
Did you make the offer? I was, uh, waiting on legal to finish our bid.
Corey, would you pull over here? Thank you.
Thank you for the work you've done over the past Well, whatever it's been.
- Laurence.
- Please get out.
Get out here? Fuck.
First of all, the trailer is amazing, right? And I saw a clip of the battle sequence, it's breathtaking.
I agree.
Flattery gives me this feeling in my stomach like I need to use the restroom.
- Oh, I should take this.
- Hello.
- It's Emily in Laurence Budd's office.
I know you have a meeting scheduled with Laurence in a few weeks.
Any chance you'd be able to meet sooner? Like today? Today? Our Executive VP of Development is moving on, and Laurence is looking to fill that position.
Are you still there? Uh, yeah, I thought this was about co-productions, not me leaving Gravity? [EMILY ON PHONE.]
So, you're not interested? - I am - April.
- Hey.
- Oh, hi.
- Do you remember Emma? - Hang on a sec.
Of course I do.
We've missed you.
- Hey, Emma.
- [APRIL.]
No, I am interested It's good to see you.
Uh, Amara wants to talk.
Um, I need to go and get cleaned up real quick.
Are you okay here? Can you do me a favor? Can you just look real miserable and try not to have any fun? - Got it.
- Perfect.
What's up? - What did the detective say? - Ah! Fucking talent agent, he said he gave the MGM script to Amy Adams and then he brushed me off.
I barely touched the guy.
I should've scared the piss out of him, then he wouldn't have gone to the cops.
- [SIGHS.]
What did the detective ask - I don't wanna talk about it.
Come on.
It's hard to feel like a man when you're wheeling a fucking walker.
But it's the way that you use it that I find irresistible.
I think Gladys is gonna dump me.
Were you two going steady? Maybe just 'cause I don't have another movie lined up, and she thinks I'm a one-hit wonder.
You're a no-hit wonder.
She doesn't know that.
- Tell them.
- Yeah, sure.
Amara, she wants to know, and, uh, I think it's a reasonable question.
When can she expect to recoup her investment? [CHUCKLES.]
Movie's not out yet.
- We haven't even seen it.
- Exactly.
Yes, I told her that once the movie gets released, she'll get paid.
When it's released or will she need to wait until production costs are recouped by the studio? Yeah, yeah, I mean, once we sell the foreign rights Does she need the money right now, or can she hold on for a bit? - Ricky, wait outside.
- Sure.
Rick, your jacket.
- Excuse me.
- Sorry.
An RV? $2.
6 million in product.
As of today, we have 30 days to pay our supplier.
I see why that's an issue.
I wish I could help.
What you do is make movies.
When do you make a new movie? I'm working on that.
When do I get my cut from this next one? You don't.
What? You get a return on movies you've invested in.
We'll have to see if there's an opportunity to invest.
I never agreed to that, did I? Not to my knowledge.
Is Miles in Oh, well, hello.
- Hey, you're ready for your close-up? - Yes, I am.
I better go.
Max Kisbye's next big screen turn finds him fighting for the love of Sofia Borenstein in The Admiral's Mistress.
As a director, I was drawn in by the world of our story.
Well, Max and Sofia, they, they put themselves in the mindset of that period.
And when you're working with a director with this level of creative vision, you just have to step the hell out of the way.
The Admiral's Mistress is due for release this fall.
And for Kisbye fans, that's not a moment too soon.
So, my history teacher, - Uh-huh.
- She's totally strict But we found out that on weekends, she's on a roller derby team.
- Your history teacher? - Yep.
Well, you're getting a well-rounded education.
You better go in before your mother yells at me.
- This was fun.
- This was fun.
Thank you.
You know, tomorrow, we're having a screening.
Gonna watch the whole film, if you wanna see.
I'm seeing Helen after school.
Is she a new friend? No, my therapist.
I thought Mom told you.
Why are you seeing a therapist? Mom just thought it'd be nice if I had someone to talk to.
You know, about everything.
About you.
Is it helpful? I told her you lied to me.
And she said that if you don't feel good about your life or yourself, and you lie about it, it's not my fault.
And I should forgive you.
- Good luck at the screening.
- Mmm-hmm.
See you Wednesday.
Sorry, can I get a Guinness and a Green Spot? Double, please.
How's life at the big studio? It is good.
We got a lot to talk about.
Got a good feeling about this project, Wes.
Me too.
Hey, what happened with Wayne Kinnian? Uh, Amy Adam's agent.
He stopped returning my calls.
I heard something about an argument.
Oh, yeah.
Hey, what happened? Just a bit of a miscommunication is all.
I felt bad about it.
I actually just sent over a gift basket to his house.
To his home address? Yeah, got the details off the guard who was filling in at his desk.
There's cheese, lovely bottle of vino, and the whole nine yards.
Yeah, I mean, I probably would have sent it to his business address so he doesn't think you're, like, messing with him.
But I'm sure it was appreciated.
- Cheers.
- It's okay.
- Cheers.
- Oh, yeah.
Gladys! Thought that was you.
Where are you coming from? Uh, interview with IFC.
IFC? That was two hours ago.
Yeah, well, you know, I was just hanging out, 'cause, uh I wanted to talk to you.
I kind of feel like, maybe you wanna stop hanging out with me.
I mean, you haven't said that.
And you don't need to explain it.
I mean, there's plenty of reasons that two people might not Wait.
I'm pregnant.
It's yours.
I haven't had sex with anyone else.
It's been a slow month.
And that's why I've been weird around you.
I wasn't sure whether I was going to tell you, or Is this because we were soaking? Precum.
And I'm guessing as a Mormon, you're pro-life.
Maybe you've got family - pushing you to have lots of babies.
- I do.
So, I don't mean to be harsh, but I really don't want your Mormon opinion on how to handle this.
We've hung out a little, and you seem nice, but I don't I don't know you, and I can't get to know you because we can't date.
Not the way that I think of dating, because you won't have sex until you're married.
I was just gonna go to the clinic and deal with it.
And then, my sister got in my head.
She said that at my age, I have geriatric eggs.
Whatever that means.
And that this might be my last chance, - which is ridiculous.
- Yeah, it is crazy.
Because it is LA and women have kids in their 50s here.
Anyway, I'm gonna make a decision about this, and I will try to keep you in the loop, okay? - Sure.
- We'll talk.
- We will.
- Thanks for understanding.
Oh, I wouldn't suggest that's budgeted wrong.
If there's actually two in there, they're only pulling out one.
Excuse me.
Can I get a, uh - What is that? - Oh, no, thank you.
- Hmm? What's that? - I have reading to do.
- This? - Yeah.
- Octopus.
- It's what it looks like.
Uh, can I get you girls another drink? That's okay.
We're good.
Can we get another round for the ladies here, please? Miles.
- Amy.
- Amy.
- Monique.
- Amy and Monique.
What's you plan for the evening, girls? Uh, this is it.
Oh, but this place, this place closes early.
Myself and Wes here Wes is a big shot.
We're gonna go in search of a place with less fucking suits and wannabes.
- I gotta take off.
- No.
Yeah, yeah, ton of work to do.
Um, have fun.
- I mean, I'm trying.
- Good night.
- Good night.
- [MILES.]
Good to see you.
Amara? Hey, I got news.
I just made a bunch of calls this afternoon.
I just got an email back from a film financing company.
Guy willing to buy your points.
What does that mean? That means you're gonna get your money back immediately.
- Huh? That's good, right? - Ricky.
I mean, we'll talk the numbers after he sees the cut, but he's gonna, he's gonna - Oh [CHUCKLES.]
- Yeah.
Just know that if you would wait till the movie gets released, you'd make more.
I need money now.
Gotta tell George.
You know, I'm here, if you ever just want to talk.
With the whole money crunch thing, like Is it personal, is it business? What? I'm just wondering if The business, it's okay? Yes, it's fine.
I just wanna make sure you're good.
And you are.
You are.
Let you get back to it.
Miles? [CRASHING.]
Oh! Miles.
What are you doing? What time is it? Miles [URINATING.]
Really had to go, huh? The bathroom is ten feet away.
- Aah! Yeah.
- Shit.
- Yeah, shit.
No, no, no, no, no.
You just go to bed.
- Yeah, just get in the bed.
- Yeah.
No, no, no, Miles, get up.
- Go to bed.
- I just gotta Get in your I'm just gonna lie down here for a second.
- Okay.
Here you go, you fucking idiot.
Oh! Ha! Oh, shit.
I didn't see you there.
Amara is grateful for your help and emotional support.
But outside of people she works with, she can't discuss casino business.
You don't have a problem with that, do you? No.
No, I mean No.
I hear you.
Okay, thanks.
Rise and shine, pal.
Let's see those baby blues.
There they are.
All right, well Now that you've had a luxurious night of sleep, you are ready for the day.
Screening's in an hour.
Yeah, yeah.
So, if you need to take a shower, or wanna get a change of clothes, now would be the time.
Hey, here's your aspirin.
Here's your coffee.
Lulu, do me a favor, will you? Uh, throw some ice in the sink and run the water? You mean this sink? The one that you pissed in last night? Oh, fucking christ.
Can't you say congratulations? 'Cause we are about to watch a movie that we made.
And if I'm honest, I never thought that we'd be here.
You should have some breakfast.
Fuck no.
You think Gladys will come to the screening? - You are hung up on this girl.
- She's a nice person.
She's easy on the eyes.
She's fun.
She's carrying my child.
What's that now? Yeah, that's what she told me.
In my experience, people, they have to have sex to get pregnant.
Yeah, technically, there was Technically, there was no sex.
It's called "soaking.
" A man puts his penis in the vagina, but he doesn't move it around.
He doesn't move it around? I can see why you never mentioned it.
Yeah, she I mean, you know, she's She hasn't decided if she's having the kid.
She said she'd keep me in the loop.
Oh, that's big of her.
I don't know, I just can't stop thinking about her.
I mean, I can't I'm kind of freaking out, man.
I mean She doesn't want me to pressure her while she's making her decision, but in my faith, abortion's a fucking sin.
You don't seem to mind putting a bullet in someone.
Like that's the same.
I don't shoot babies.
Anyway, look, I mean, it's not up to me, so You know I'm just gonna put it out of my mind.
This bears further discussion.
- But, uh, I'm gonna - Yeah, go shower.
I got an update for you.
'Cause you didn't hear what Ed said this morning when I wasn't wearing the jacket.
He said, "Stay out of Amara's business.
" So they're suspicious.
As if this This whole thing wasn't dicey enough.
From now on, I'm not digging around for information.
No, if I If I happen to be wearing the jacket when somebody says something, okay, all right, fine.
Otherwise, you're on your own.
Amara may not be, uh, a good citizen by most people's standards.
You know what? She's good to me.
And you got me sneaking and lying around.
I feel like a, uh, duplicitous piece of shit.
Not that you would care.
What do you care? I'm talking into a fucking button.
Well, no, I mean, as far as screen time goes Hey! Here we go.
- The moment has arrived.
Did he tell you I'm gonna get my money? Oh, yeah, I found a company that's gonna buy her points.
That's That's great news.
What have you got on your legs, Rick? - It's a gift from Amara.
- Lovely.
Lovely gift they are.
Yeah, they really catch the light.
- Hey, is Gladys here? - No, she said she couldn't come.
- Not sure why.
- [MAN.]
What do they sign ever? - [MILES.]
My beautiful Viking.
- Oh, hey, my friend.
Been a long road.
Oh, I'm so proud of what we have accomplished, man.
Brilliant writer.
- [ROARS.]
- My God, easy.
So, when are we gonna do our next movie? - Soon or what? - Yeah.
I'm so excited.
Now take your seat.
Take your seat.
- Good luck.
- Yeah.
Break a leg.
Yago, didn't expect to see you here.
My Tia wants me in LA.
Discuss some business.
- Hey, Pee Wee.
- How are you doing, Louis? I am great.
- Thank you for asking.
- No problem.
You know, I'm excited about the movie.
Hope it lives up to the hype.
I just hope it's as good as the other English period dramas you like.
I heard things aren't going so well in Nevada lately.
- Yeah? That's what you heard? - Hmm.
Excuse me, I would like to take a moment to show my love for each and every one of you in this room, because this is not my movie.
This is our movie.
Yeah, yeah.
Okay! Let's turn those fucking lights off! Let's roll.
- The fuck did you do? - What? You fish-eating Scandinavian cumbucket! [INDISTINCT YELLING.]
You think you know art when you see it.
Are you fucking kidding me? This is the best movie I made whether you can see it or not.
When this move wins an Oscar, I won't be thanking you, you fucking peasant.
- All right.
Fuck! - Hey! Enjoy your afternoon! Chill.
I mean that was - Wow - [ED.]
You stay out of it.
I'm with Miles on this.
- That was just, uh I don't get it.
- [APRIL.]
I don't get it, I saw the ocean battle last week, it was great.
The trailer's great, then you see the whole film It don't make any sense.
The scenes are all jumbled.
What's with all the shots of clouds? - The voiceovers.
- That was not in the script.
Am I gonna get my money? Okay, all right, look, nobody panic.
This happens all the time with director's cuts.
They're always rocky.
W-we recut the film.
Yeah, yeah, Hafdis does not have final cut.
No, he doesn't.
So, let's just get our notes together April, you go to Gravity, and What? No? Uh, yeah, no, I'm-I'm happy to give my notes, but in terms of working with the studio, I'm actually, uh, starting a new job at Budd E.
Boy Entertainment.
Laurence Budd? [CHUCKLES.]
- Good for you.
- Thanks.
The timing is unfortunate.
I know, but you're gonna have Reed Jennings, he's gonna take over.
He's senior VP at Gravity.
He's really great.
So, you know, if you need anything, he's He's gonna be here for you.
Sir, I need you to come to the station with us.
- Yeah? - Yeah.
Since you and I spoke, we've obtained security footage of the confrontation between you and Mr.
You're under arrest for battery.
Would you turn around, please? Hey, uh, you know, I'm gonna go stay at my place tonight, I think.
A lot of work to do the next few days.
- I should probably just get - You wanna go, go.
You, uh, you all right? It's been a hard day for me.
Yeah, the movie.
I do business with people in LA.
Not movie people.
They don't respect.
Push me around like a, like a pequena puta.
Maybe I should be in Nevada.
Come on, I I get that all the time.
People just throwing their weight around and trying to prove something.
You're better than that.
You see, once you get through all this, trust me, you're gonna have their respect.
- Thanks.
- Mind driving? No.
From now on, Hafdis doesn't come anywhere near the editing room.
I'll tell him myself.
You and me, we're gonna sit down with the editors.
Okay, before we get into all that, can we just take a moment and talk about what just happened? - You were in county lockup.
- For assault.
Okay, maybe that wasn't a big deal, but It's a warning.
From the universe and the city of LA that you need to take a hard fucking look at yourself.
Meaning what? You and Katie are getting divorced.
- Oh, for fuck's sake.
- Okay.
I mean, I can only imagine how bad that hurts.
But you gotta face it instead of drinking yourself blind.
You know, you're bringing these girls home and you don't even know their names.
I mean, usually, I don't object to that.
It's just It's part of a bigger pattern.
- Spending money.
- Why are you worried about this? Because you have zero income.
Correct? And you're renting this big place.
You're paying for Katie's house.
Emma's school.
Everywhere you go, you pick up the check You're trying to drive yourself into the ground, buddy.
I'm not gonna let you do it.
You are absolutely right.
I'm just fucking spinning out, man.
I can't seem to catch a breath.
But those words of Honesty, that's what I needed.
You are a true friend.
Thank you.
Listen, I know that it's not your style.
I wish you'd come to church with me sometime.
Like, someday, you know? Just show up, and see if, you know, maybe you didn't - Where are we? - Can I borrow this? What? No, no.
Miles! Fuck! Miles! Miles! [DOG BARKING IN DISTANCE.]
Miles! Miles! [POP MUSIC PLAYING.]
- Hey.
- Anyone else home? Oh, shit.
- No.
- Hello! Security cameras? - Do you have any fucking security cameras? - No.
No, no.
- What's your script about? - Look.
I'll do anything you want, okay? Okay, so, tell me what your script's about.
It It's a thriller.
Uh, set in Georgia.
It's a mix between The Exorcist and Gone with the Wind.
Fuck! Oh! Shit! [GROANING.]
Oh, shit.
Oh, God! Wait Is this the fucking wine I sent over? You cheap Did you open this before you had the police pick me up, or did you save up for this little celebration? - Cunt.
Now, I'm not a Hollywood blowhard like yourself.
I'm part of a much bigger organization.
I get locked up, somebody else is gonna pay you a visit.
And if you are lucky, the visit will be quick.
You follow me? [WEAKLY.]
Now, about that read from Amy Adams Yeah, okay, I-I'll give her the script, okay? I-I'll tell her it's a great project.
You are the only one with the tenderness and the inner strength to pull this off.
- That's what you fucking say to her! Uh, fine.
Yes, yes, yes.
We should go.
- What the fuck did you do? - I handled it.
Lulu, all that stuff that you were saying about your church and what-not, that was beautiful advice.
I'm gonna think on it.

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