Get Shorty (2017) s02e02 Episode Script

Pest Control

Previously on Get Shorty The fuck did you do? [RICK.]
Nobody panic.
This happens all the time with director's cuts.
We recut the film.
You said there was something you needed to talk about? I'm pregnant.
It's yours.
I don't mean to be harsh, but I really don't want your Mormon opinion on how to handle this.
We just wanna make sure that you're being looked after.
So, this button here is a recording device.
Even if Amara's people do a scan, they won't find it, because there's no transmitter.
6 million in product.
As of today, we have 30 days to pay our supplier.
I see why that's an issue.
I wish I could help.
When can she expect to recoup her investment? [LOUIS.]
You need to take a hard fucking look at yourself.
Meaning what? [LOUIS.]
You and Katie are getting a divorce, but you gotta face it, instead of drinking yourself blind.
You're trying to drive yourself into the ground, buddy.
I'm not gonna let you do it.
Hey, George.
You on my flight? No.
I'm headed over for editing.
I'm gonna sit in with Miles and Rick.
What time is your flight? 10:20.
You're gonna be early.
How I like it.
I heard it was cooler now in Pahrump.
In August, it was hot, boy.
I'd get ice in a hand towel, just sat on my head while I watched TV.
Yeah, I don't miss that part.
This is George.
George, I'm very stressful now.
You know why.
LA don't give us product till I pay for what we lost.
No product, then I don't make money to buy product.
It's a problem.
I understand.
So tell me what to do.
It's your job, no? We were counting on the funds invested in the movie.
Movie's not good.
They work on it, but we don't know.
In retrospect, we should have had more of a cushion.
Cushion? Money set aside for emergencies.
Yes, you should.
My assumption was the financial risk in this case was acceptable George, can you fix this or not? I, uh Well, you said they're working on the movie.
If the cut improves and they can sell it when it's released He don't work for me no more.
George, it's Ross.
She says you don't work for her anymore.
All right, then.
Mmm? It's just as well I'm leaving.
All right if I smoke this? Sure.
God damn it.
George, I feel shitty about this.
Spare me the heartfelt apology.
You can finish the smoke.
If I'd known, I'd have got the expensive ones.
See how long you last working for her.
Forgive me, my Lord, Lady Margaret and I have been acquainted since our infancy.
I have long considered her a friend.
Some say you consider her more than that.
Still others hint at a history of impropriety.
On your part and hers.
Okay, stop.
- This shot.
- [RICK.]
Totally on the same page.
That's gotta be shorter.
- Longer.
- Longer? Well, we agree it's not working.
How many frames you wanna add? [MILES SIGHS.]
- Frames? - Frames.
Yeah, that's 1/24th of a second.
- Let's add three frames.
- Three? You're not gonna even see the difference.
All right, look.
Let's go on a coffee run.
Can we? We're gonna pull an all-nighter here.
I haven't done that since college.
Hey, festival rep from Santa Barbara said they really need the cut.
Are you muted? I can mail 'em a copy.
Here's the problem.
If they get it, they're gonna watch it.
- Stall for time? - Yes.
Hi, Danielle.
See? Better.
Right? That's what's so amazing about this, uh, editing.
You make a tiny change like that, but on some level you just feel it.
Sorry, I haven't actually made the change yet.
- [APRIL.]
Ooh! It smells like people.
How's it going? Yeah, it's Yeah.
So, this is my last day.
I wanted to bring Reed Jennings.
He's taking over for me.
Three days till the Santa Barbara Film Festival.
It's exciting.
You're the new April? [CHUCKLES.]
Bet that's disappointing.
Not at all.
Could be an upgrade.
- [MILES.]
Ah, you brought muffins.
To compensate for abandoning us.
Well, that works for me.
Let me get one.
Uh, I'm on the lot today.
But in case I don't see you guys Thanks, April.
- Okay.
- Good luck.
- Whoa.
- Yeah.
- Listen, you too.
- Thanks.
Lady Margaret and I have been Miles, I'm leaving.
Heard that.
Thanks for stopping by, Reed.
Of course.
Lady Margaret and I have been [TAPE REWINDING.]
consider her more than that.
Tia, where are you going? See my movie.
- Should I come? - No.
But they're going.
Listen, Tia I know we're low on cash right now, so I've been working on this job.
Gunner's brother-in-law is a contractor, and he has these alarm codes, and they Don't tell me.
Yeah, right.
Just know that I'm doing this for us.
I'm trying to bring in revenue.
So can I put Ed up on this? Some of the other guys so that we can get this I don't care.
All right.
Well, I'll circle back on this.
You're in, Manuel.
In on what? Yo, she has me doing the whole house.
Can you help out? [NATHAN ON VIDEO.]
I've taken the measure of many ladies.
I just can't remember what it looked like before.
Hey, hey, hey, everybody.
- How's it going? - Fine.
- Yeah? I mean - Yeah.
Is it better? We're working as fast as we can, Lulu.
'Cause Amara is not in a good mood, and she's, uh, coming over.
- Now? - Here? Ed and Gunner are waiting outside.
I I don't have anything to show her yet.
Really? You've had a couple of days.
- Oh, for fuck's sake.
- Hey, two days is nothing on a feature film.
Okay? I know we're on a deadline, but Okay.
I don't mean to stress you out.
Well, you fucking are.
Let's see the first one.
George is gone.
- No! - That's what I mean.
She's in a mood.
Oh, shit.
Watch this one.
I think I don't know.
I sent you a message.
Maybe you didn't get it.
I got all five.
I don't think I sent that many.
Hey, do you remember what I said? I need to figure this out on my own.
- Can I just talk to you outside? - [CELL PHONE RINGS.]
Hey, it's Gladys.
Maybe later.
I think it's still dragging.
It's still dragging.
This yours? Uh, I don't drink coffee.
Why's that? Honestly, I take Adderall, so I'm already pretty revved up.
You know, I'd just be like [BUZZING.]
Can I have one? [STAMMERS.]
Oh, they're prescription.
I should hope so.
What is it that you do again? I'm the assistant editor.
Ah! Cheers.
Let's just start from the beginning again and see what happens.
Oh, hey! Ah! There she is.
You brought, uh A lot of people with you.
Come on.
This is your chair.
Right here.
Sit right here.
You fix my movie? I mean, it's coming along.
- Definite progress.
- Yeah.
Show me.
Well, we're still going through it right now.
Show me this part.
Okay, Fran.
Just from the top of this scene right here.
But you gotta remember now, it's gonna look and sound - much better once we do the final mix - Much better.
and the color timing.
Let me see.
Lady Margaret and I have been acquainted since our infancy.
I have long considered her [CELL PHONE RINGING.]
Go ahead.
Got a cockroach.
- Where? - Office.
- Just one? - So far.
Oh, I would be forced to correct Stop it there.
So, yeah.
It's, uh, not good.
Well, we're all in agreement on that pretty much.
I think if we shorten this scene like a lot It'll still be bad, Rick.
It'll just take less time.
You don't think there's some dialogue that we could lift? That's to take some words out.
Yes, you can do that.
Yes? Take them out.
Maybe not all the words.
'Cause if the characters don't have any words, I don't think people will know what the fuck is going on.
We could just lift the scene.
Can you stop fucking panicking? We can fix this.
Look, no offense, but you've never cut a movie before.
And you already tried to fix it, and it's not good.
- Cut the scene.
- No! No? If we lift every scene that needs work, this film will have a total of zero scenes.
I can make it better.
I can.
Not just this bit, the whole thing.
I just need a bit of time, and maybe five less cooks in the kitchen.
You want me to leave? Okay.
Hold on.
It's not like he can make it worse.
So, it's just that we're gonna have some buyers at the festival this weekend.
- Oh, cool, Ed's here.
- And we should just let it [WHISPERING.]
You have one day.
Fix it.
Let's go, Ricky.
- Where the fuck are you going? - I'll be right back.
Hey! Hey.
I gotta get back to the office.
No, no.
This isn't about you being preg Pregnant.
This You need space to decide what's right for you.
I respect that.
Thank you.
This is an intense situation, and, uh, we don't know each other well, but life is short, so I'm thinking, what if we just ignore that issue - and hang out? - We can't date.
You're Mormon, so no sex before marriage.
You think sex is part of dating? Yeah.
Having the option, yes.
So, my idea Just bear with me.
If we get married? I know that sounds crazy, but we get married, and pretend it never happened.
You just put it out of your mind.
Then we're just like two people going on dates with the option to have sex.
Except I'd be pregnant and married.
No, but don't think of it like that.
Just, you know, give it two weeks.
- Two weeks! - [CAR ENGINE STARTS.]
And if you're not feeling it, then we'll just get divorced.
Just think it over.
It was in my office? So maybe there's more? I checked the whole house.
We're out here to be safe, just in case we missed something.
So what are we doing about it? We'll take a harder look inside.
Check cars.
Swap the burners and the SIM cards on the smartphones.
Someone is always home.
How did the Feds get into my office? Think of everyone who has access.
- There's us - Ross, Gunner, Nick Benny.
So, one of us is working with the Feds? Just looking at possibilities.
There's Tammy.
What about Rick? Rick don't go in there.
He has access.
You think Ricky do this? No.
But you can't So ask him.
Yo, this job you wanna pull, we can't fuck with it.
Not with this going on.
We never talked about it inside.
- It's not a good time, bro.
- Shut up.
My Tia wants this to happen, and she wants you to help.
Comprende? We're gonna check it out.
I'll keep it close to my heart.
They've released the moorings.
That shot feels weird.
Now, I'm taking notes from you.
I'm sorry.
I was just trying to I like it.
You know, she turns away, we see his expression.
- It's good, right? - Yeah.
You know, we realize he's lying.
Thank you.
Robert, come and sit with me.
I was thinking, when she turns away, that's when we jump back.
You go a little wide.
Yes, the wide.
The wide.
Fran, go to the fucking wide.
Feel her loneliness Yes, good instincts, my man.
I'm just reacting to your vision Give us another one of those pills, please.
I'll keep it close to my heart.
Play it again.
Can you put your fucking phone away? It's really distracting.
I'm texting Gladys an apology.
We went outside and talked, and I really put her on the spot.
Oh, man! Okay.
We'll talk about it when you're finished working.
- Yeah, that'd be better, wouldn't it? - Okay, Yeah.
They've released the moorings.
- She took it wrong.
- Unbelievable.
Like I was proposing.
Which I was.
But, I mean, that Proposing? Proposing what? Marriage? You asked her to fucking marry you? She drove off, so it's probably a no.
- You think? - [FRAN.]
- I don't wanna distract you.
Yeah, it's a bit too late for that, isn't it? - It's Katie.
- On that phone.
- Katie.
- Your cell is off.
- Got this number from Production.
- I'm in editing.
Can you fit five in your car? The girls decided to meet up here.
Did they? Field hockey.
You forget? No.
No, no.
Field hockey that I'm taking the girls to.
Um, I'm kind of under the gun here.
Is there any way that you could do it? I'm scrubbing into surgery in 30 minutes.
You said you could drive them.
Yes, I did.
I did.
I said that.
And I'll be right over.
Fuck! Fuck.
So that's the house I'm talking about.
Owner's not there.
And he's got a dozen contractors doing the remodel.
They all have the alarms codes, so he can't tell who did it.
Yeah, but you don't know what's in there.
But they got something.
Room in the back has a reinforced door.
Industrial lock.
I'm thinking like jewelry.
It could be wine.
Wine? [SCOFFS.]
Yeah, maybe.
Who do you know that's gonna fence a bunch of expensive wine? Maybe it's diamonds.
I mean, why the fuck are we talking about wine? Is this about Nevada? Amara blaming you for the RV? She doesn't blame me.
Why, what did she say? You wanna make it up to her? There's probably an easier way.
Man, we're fucking broke.
You culeros wanna bring in revenue? Or you got an angle that you haven't told me? Yeah, that's what I thought.
- [GIRL 1.]
Oh, no! - [GIRL 2.]
Did this really happen? - Alright girls.
Come on, shake a leg.
Everybody in the car.
Who's gonna help me sing some Taylor Swift? - Boo! Are you kidding me? - You don't like Taylor Swift? What's wrong with you people? Come on, let's go.
Okay, I'll be DJ.
- Okay.
- Okay.
You're sweating.
Oh, fuck.
Uh, I've been rushing around all day.
I got a deadline on the movie.
Actually, come on, let's go.
- Let's go.
Move along.
- Okay, okay, okay.
Miles? Can I give these to you? Sorry, there's no good time.
You don't have to read 'em now.
This is the divorce papers? So we can avoid lawyers.
You know we both want that.
I've, um, filled everything out.
You can just look it over when you have the time.
Fuck! There's a part about custody on page two.
We said we were sharing custody.
Well, you'll still see her as often as you want.
I mean, maybe not overnights right away.
Hey, but you will always be an important part of her life.
It's just, you know, with everything that's happened, I thought this was the safest arrangement.
I thought you would agree.
- Miles - Full custody? You're gonna take her away from me.
- No.
- Are you? Miles, I would never do that.
Not ever.
- I promise.
- Yeah.
I'll I'll get these back to you.
Thank you.
All right, girls.
Load 'em up.
What are we gonna listen to? Justin Bieber, is it? [GIRL.]
What's all this? Pest control.
You know, mice, roaches.
Really? Huh.
I never saw anything.
All right.
Hope you're not spraying that counter.
I'm gonna be eating food here.
You must agree the view of my estate is quite impressive.
Quite impressive.
Quite impressive.
Oh, 5:00.
Where did the fucking day go? I think I got it.
- I play it from the top? - Mmm-hmm.
These muffins are delicious.
Do you think maybe I should send a box to Gladys, with a note that says like, "I'm sorry I put you on the spot"? Can you stop it there? Am I going fucking banan Did I not just cut that line? Which one? The li The The line, which if I'm not mistaken, you came up with when we were on set.
And apparently you snuck back in when I was out taking a shit.
I like it.
- What's that now? - The line.
It helps establish a certain Did anybody ask you your opinion? Did somebody say, "Oh, you're the editor's assistant.
I wonder what your take on this line is.
" Did you hear anybody saying that, Robert? No.
My name's Roger, actually.
Will you please excuse us, Roger? Play it again.
Leave the line in.
This wasn't my intention! This wasn't my intention! [ECHOES.]
My intention! [GARBLED DIALOGUE.]
Is it just me, or is it not flowing? - I'd better go.
- Hold on.
Go where? Ed has me on a job.
He didn't give me any details.
He just said, "Be there at 8:00.
" Wait You can't leave.
Honestly, man.
I'm not helping you.
I've never edited anything.
And neither have I, Lou.
Well, that's true.
What the hell's that supposed to mean? You don't like what I'm doing? No, I like You said that you've never tried, I said that's true.
And what did you mean by that? You need to lay off the pills, man.
- You're getting paranoid.
Editing? [LOUIS.]
I gotta go.
Go, then.
Wes Krupke for you.
- Good luck, - The fuck is that supposed to mean? - [SECRETARY.]
Hold for Wes.
- Wes.
My brother.
Your cell's off.
- Yeah, 'cause I turned it off.
Run that again.
- Run that again.
Hey, I just got off the phone with CAA, and Amy Adams is reading.
So I guess you straightened out whatever's going on with her agent? Yeah, it was just a bit of a misunderstanding.
He's dropping the charges.
What do you mean charges? That's good.
I like that when you put it there.
- [WES.]
- Huh? What? [MILES.]
I like that Miles, look, I'll let you go, but I'm gonna see you tomorrow, right? I got a list of directors.
We're gonna go over it.
Yeah, yeah, fantastic.
See you then.
Yes, then we'll go to the wide shot of the estate.
That's what I fucking thought.
You see, now it's got that bit of shape to it.
You feel that? That's momentum.
- No! No! - What? What? The drive's crashed second time.
I gotta I gotta reboot.
What does that mean? It means restarting everything.
Reloading, uh - It could take about an hour - Oh, for - [MILES.]
Oh! - [FRAN.]
No! Mmm-mmm! [RICK.]
Whoa! Hey! Hey! Excuse me.
That's my stuff there.
There's no roaches in there.
- Can I come in? - Is he with you? He's almost done.
Can we talk? What? Here.
Have a seat.
When was the last time you were in Amara's office? It's locked.
So you tried the door.
Did I? I don't know.
I don't know.
I'm here a lot and I look around.
You been in the office? Uh No.
What if you found a key and just looked around? What key? I don't have a key.
I wasn't in the office.
What, somebody steal something? Has anyone approached you? Maybe they had questions.
Approached me? What the All right, look.
Amara know about this? You going through my stuff like the Gestapo? We just need to take care of [MUTTERS.]
We're done.
We're done.
That's my underwear.
That's right.
Having fun with that? Okay.
Amara! - Yes? - I'm out of here.
I thought you work here today.
Why do you leave? Well, I don't have to, but There's a guy going through my underwear drawer right now.
Ed's in there.
He's giving me the third degree - like I'm stealing silverware.
Seriously? What? I did something wrong? I don't know.
Did you? You know what? A relationship, it's based on two-way trust.
It's like a canoe.
If a person gets out, it flips.
Or it goes in a circle or something.
I don't know.
What I'm saying is, if you're not gonna trust me, I don't know how this is gonna work.
Ed, tell Tony to get out of the bedroom.
These guys will be gone soon.
You can work upstairs.
Unless there's a reason you don't want to stay.
I'll be upstairs.
Tammy said she let an electrician in the office a couple of weeks ago.
She thought we called him.
You think she's working with the Feds? We find out.
How's it going? Mmm.
Turns out you can only watch something three or four thousand times before you lose all perspective.
I heard there was a coffee incident.
That was unfortunate.
The drives are running again.
I just watched the last scene.
It's good.
But? You're focusing on characters who are talking.
Isn't that how it works? It's more interesting what Fulton and Margaret can't say.
So focus on the looks between them.
Do you want me to come? It's your fucking note.
You was driving with a fucking cane? Maybe you didn't hear, but I sustained nerve damage kinda getting shot.
It'd be nice if you got an automatic.
- Well, let's go.
- I can't lift anything.
- Doctor's orders.
- No, no, no.
- Fuck that.
- No.
Driver just drives.
What the fuck? This is from movies.
Whoever owns this house got a lot of damn time on their hands.
But, I mean, it's worth money, right? Maybe if it's like sports memorabilia.
I bet this shit's worth something.
What are these movies? "The Maltese Falcon.
Breakfast at Tiffany's"? Has anyone heard of this shit? It's old movies.
Maybe that's good.
I mean, it's like antiques, right? Just load the van.
Ricky! What? You sleep already? Ah Long day.
- Just kind of took it out of me.
- Ah.
Yes? [ROSS.]
We've been working on the housekeeper.
She's not with the Feds.
Just made a mistake.
Letting in the electrician? Yeah.
You still want us to handle this? What do you think? Mmm.
Shit! What was that? It was the Maltese Falcon.
From Star Wars? No, that's the Millennium Falcon, pendejo.
We can actually get money for that.
Hey, grab what you got and let's go.
Hey, are we done? We would be, if you did anything.
- Hey, there.
- Hey.
Sorry to call so late.
Is this an okay time? Uh, I mean Sure.
Thanks for the muffins.
- You like them? - They're yummy.
I was confused by the note, which said they're from my mother.
Oh, that was to throw off Rick.
You know, if he knew they were from me, he might get suspicious.
Just my mother died when I was 15.
Shit! It's weird to get muffins from her.
- I'm sorry.
- It's okay.
There's stuff you don't know about me.
That's what we're dealing with.
You know, and some guys, if they got a girl pregnant after a night together, they wouldn't be so nice about it.
And you are, so thank you.
Thank you for thanking me.
- Night.
- Oh, yeah.
Let's go.
Hey, what about this? There's no room.
I'm yours.
And yours alone.
You wait till you've got a foot out the door, and then you give a good note.
- Ah! - Just to irritate you.
You're not leaving.
Uh, yeah.
We've recut the entire film.
Yeah, maybe I'll make changes to the changes.
No, we've gotta render edits, and we've worked 20 hours straight.
All right, go on.
Get your beauty sleep.
Tell Robert that when it's done, I want it to start from the top again, - so I can take notes.
- Yeah, I'll tell him.
You need some rest.
Yeah, I can't fucking sleep.
Look, from the bit I've seen, you did great with this cut.
At least, given what you had to work with.
You excited about the new gig? Uh, nervous.
I've been working my way up at Gravity for years.
This could be a mistake.
I've actually been reading this book.
It's about getting lost and finding your way out.
It's called Wilderness.
You should read it.
Are you saying I'm lost? What? No.
I am.
I fucking am.
I don't know what I'm doing.
I don't know if the movie makes any sense.
I don't know if it's any good.
And if it's shite, I don't think I can handle it.
You know, when I first met you, I assumed you were just some Irish conman.
Turns out you're a producer.
An excellent one.
I'm sorry I'm leaving while you're in post.
It's really shitty timing.
No, it's how it worked out.
Right? Um Thanks, you know, for everything.
Yeah, it was a good collaboration.
You know, other than when you blackmailed me.
I nearly forgot about that.
- Take care.
- Yeah.
You all right? Hard to trust people in my business.
If I do and I'm wrong, that's it for me.
So I'm gonna ask you.
Can I trust you? Yeah.
You can trust me.
What time is it? Do you think this scene could use different music? Did you sleep? - I'm gonna shut the door.
- Please do.
Clean shirt.
Amara is pulling up right now.
Yeah, so, you know, you might wanna get dressed.
- [MILES.]
Get me the editor.
- Right.
So how was it seeing the cut again? I didn't Didn't get through it.
It'd be good to have your take on it.
Oh, um I can't stay for the screening.
Really? Yeah, I'm sorry.
It's my first day at the new job.
But I'll check back in later to see how it went.
Maybe tomorrow night if I don't work too late? Don't trouble yourself.
I'll see it as soon as I can.
Maybe later this week we can grab a drink? I'm sure you'll be busy with your new gig.
Good luck with it, by the way.
Very exciting.
- Yeah.
The big screening.
Yes, it is.
Ah, there he is.
- Morning.
- You sleep much? Not funny.
Ah! How you feel about it? You let me know what you think.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- After you.
- No, I'm not gonna come in.
Let me know when it's all over.
You coming with me? You can handle it.
Tia say anything? About how good we did? All that shit bringing in revenue? Yeah, of course, she didn't.
She did.
Yeah, right.
That's the address.
Take him all the movie memorabilia.
Name is Moyseth.
He's with the LA.
They're gonna deduct it from what we owe.
No way! Does my Tia know about this shit? It was her idea.
Man! Fuck LA, man! If I was you, I would go to the U-Haul, get a dolly.
Those boxes are heavy.
They're, uh They're at the end.
I'll never leave.
Not for anything.
I'm yours, and yours alone.
Get the lights.
Fucking hallelujah! [AMARA LAUGHING.]
Hey What you pulled off right there, that's a - A Christmas miracle.
- Yeah? [RICK.]
I never, in a million years, did I think you'd get it to there.
Very impressive.
- You think it's good? - I think it's fine.
- Fine? - Yeah.
Come on.
You took a one, and you turned it into a solid five.
Out of fucking ten? - We can sell it? - Are you kidding? I sell B movies.
This This is a totally adequate mid-budget drama.
If we do promotion, there's no question it sells.
But it's not good? It It's good.
It's got a lot of great scenes.
It's better than so much of what's out there.
Is it gonna win an Oscar? No.
- But it's a totally respectable - [GROANS.]
He's not getting what I'm saying? Buddy! Hey, you did it.
We're out of the woods.
Miles! How'd you get all this? Went in and took it.
Man! You got dresses and little ray guns.
You some hard motherfuckers.
I'm fucking with you.
I know you real.
Yeah, how's that? Amara's nephew, right? I saw you with some buddies down at the Mai a while back.
Blazing Clipper? Yeah, maybe you heard what happened to them.
They were here slinging in LA, and they got dropped.
By us? [LAUGHS.]
If we'd done that, it's to send a message.
Right? I would tell you.
I seem like I'm afraid of you? So why would I lie? Strawberry, watermelon.
Be careful though, man.
They strong, all right? Oh, uh, easy with that.
How much do you think this shit is worth? Couple hundred Gs.
Yeah, right.
Seriously? At least.
This right here, look.
It's from Some Like It Hot.
Marilyn Monroe.
Yeah, man.
This shit is worth bank.
You did good.
Is Miles okay? Uh, he didn't seem okay.
Um, so your So your suggestion.
Yeah? Is that we get married, so that the religious restrictions are out of the way, and then we get to know each other? Right.
I mean, it would have to be a secret, or else everyone will treat us like we're really married.
Oh, we don't tell anybody.
I read online that Mormons can't get divorced.
You're not Mormon.
So you can divorce me.
There's nothing I can do about it.
I also read about some ceremony where they rub oil all over your body.
That's in temple.
We can get married at the courthouse.
No wedding dress.
Shit, you can wear those jeans.
- Let's do it.
- Yeah? - Mmm-hmm.
- Great.
Uh, we should work out the details, because The sooner the better, right? - Yeah, I'm open to - Tomorrow? Tomorrow.
I'll call City Hall.
Although I don't think we need an appointment.
Great, great.
I should go.
But I'll call you later, and we'll just - work out the details.
- Uh-huh.
Here you are.
- Wesley.
- Hey, hey.
I heard you got the movie into Santa Barbara.
That's great.
Ah! You know what I'm excited about? Our film.
Yeah, yeah.
That's gonna be some beautiful shit, man.
It is.
Have a seat.
So you've got a list of directors, is it? You tell me who you think would be a good fit.
Miles, do you know Ellen Vernoff? Ellen Vernoff? Uh Oh! Did she do that thing with Christian Bale No, she's not She's not a director.
She was on a date with Amy Adam's agent in that restaurant last week, where you had the altercation.
We worked through all of that.
She is Bruce Vernoff's daughter.
Bruce Vernoff is my boss' boss.
Okay? She told him all about it.
And she gave him your name.
Ah! - So now you're caught in the middle of it? - Yeah.
Shit, I'm sorry.
- Well - That's You know what I'm gonna do? Give me his number, and I'll call him and sort it out myself.
- What was his name? Bruce? - No.
I I can't.
So, I'll I'll call the niece.
That's even better.
Actually more personal.
Bruce Vernoff phoned me today from Paris.
I mean, he pulled me out of spin class, I almost shit in my bike shorts.
What I'm saying is, you can't fix this.
I can't even fix it.
So? So you're off the movie.
No, I'm not.
I'm not off the fucking movie.
Look, I'm doing the right thing here.
I called you and I wanted to talk to you in person.
Did I not get the script to Amy Adams? - You did.
- Did I not do that? You told me to be persuasive.
Yeah, like with your words.
Is that what you meant, Wes? Are you frightened of me? You fucking should be.
Jesus Christ! Calling me brother and pal! You gotta calm down.
You smug fucking company boy.
What are you telling her? Did he tell you to call someone? Put the phone down! Put the fucking phone down, or I swear to God I'll [DOOR CLOSES.]
I'm gonna call all the buyers I know and make sure they're at that festival.
We could get a bidding war going.
That's when you make big money.
Ah! Ricky.
You did good.
Let's celebrate.
- Champagne? - Anything you like.
She don't work here no more.
Oh? Oh.
Oh, that's too bad.
She made great pancakes.
Bring the champagne to the bedroom.