Get Shorty (2017) s02e04 Episode Script

We'll Let You Know

MILES: Previously on Get Shorty I just need to get some sleep.
Oh, Miles isn't coming? He definitely wants to be here.
It's his fucking job.
- (CAMERAS FLASHING) - WOMAN: What's wrong with him? RICK: I told you he's acting weird.
'Cause he's high.
You know, stay with him until the red carpet.
Keep an eye on him.
KISBYE: Help! - Somebody, help me! - (GUNSHOT) It was an accident.
I never want to see you again.
Don't do that, Tia, please.
RICK: This was a business partner from ours.
This was a lover.
We just want to make sure that you're being looked after.
So this button here, is a recording device.
Can I trust you? Yeah.
Things you've lost, gone forever.
Everything else, all you have to do is clip.
(EXHALES SLOWLY) MILES: Did Ginny check out this morning? Do you know her last name? Yeah, I'm calling about a novel you published.
I'd like to know if the film rights are available.
I'm a producer.
I have been apologizing to you since the day we met.
But that's done.
And if you want to go to war over our kid, I will make it uglier than you can fucking imagine.
CORTEZ: Tonight, new details on the tragic death of Max Kisbye.
As Showbiz Daily starts right now.
Welcome to Showbiz Daily.
I'm Benny Cortez.
And I am Brooklyn McGowan Hughes.
Did his demanding role in the upcoming period romance, The Admiral's Mistress, lead to Max Kisbye's desolate final days, and the self-inflicted gunshot wound that ended his life? We turned to Showbiz Daily's own Dr.
Pearl for the answer.
The details of Max Kisbye's recent past paint the picture of a man in conflict.
We know from tabloid reports he was just of rehab.
But then Kisbye jumps right into the shoes of a dark, brooding character, "this is Kisbye," head down hours before taking his own life.
Something has taken a toll on him.
That something could be his portrayal of Admiral Felton.
In a Showbiz Daily exclusive, Kisbye's Admiral Mistress's co-star David Oumou.
Spoke to me and Benny about the tragedy, and what it was like for David being thrust into the spotlight.
Is it possible that his role in The Admiral's Mistress caused him to relapse and that in turn led to suicide? David's heartbreaking answer in a moment.
But first, as speculation over Kisbye's death grows, anticipation for The Admiral's Mistress grows along with it.
And the actor's curtain call is teed up to be a hit in theaters, thanks to millions of highly emotional Max Kisbye fans.
YAGO: Check it again.
What the fuck you looking at? Yago.
All right, man, just check the list.
Check it again.
Sir, if you're not on the list, I can't let you in.
It's not up to me.
Miles Daly and Louis Darnell.
Yo Miles, please tell this puto with the list to let me in.
I got this.
What do you mean you got this? Miles, just tell him.
Come on, man.
- Don't make a scene.
- Just a minute, - I talk to her mama.
- Fucked up.
- Ed, come on, it's me.
- Some other time.
Do this for me, Ed.
Come on, man.
It's fucking me, Ed.
- (HELICOPTER WHIRRING) - Come on man.
Come on.
(CELL PHONE RINGING) - This the buyer? - (SIGHS) - Answer.
- We probably shouldn't do business here, right.
This man's funeral.
Rick Moreweather.
Sammy, yeah.
Well, I would.
But I still got offers coming in here.
- Hey.
- (WHISPERS) I got a buyer.
- Okay, good.
- Uh Well, is that your best offer? Condolences, Amara.
And congratulations, since it sounds like we're gonna sell the movie.
You don't come to premiere.
I was in a terrible car wreck, Amara.
Maybe Louis mentioned it.
That's why I'm so banged up.
You seem okay.
Kind of you to say.
Look, I realize these circumstances aren't ideal, but it looks like we're gonna recoup your investment.
Which is good.
I'm gonna grab some coffee.
You want anything? All right, then.
I want cucumber.
Ah, how's that even a sandwich? (SMIRKS) So, I got reservations at four different places for tonight, - so that you can pick your cuisine.
- Um - That's fun.
- Um And I'm fine with whatever, though.
I'm more interested in dessert.
(DRAMATIC MUSIC PLAYING) Yeah, yeah, yeah.
No, I'm just We're We're still taking bids.
So just Yeah, give us your best number.
Okay, look forward to it.
Oh, hey, David.
David, how you doing? I wanted to apologize.
At the hotel you said not to leave Max alone.
Oh, no, no.
No, no.
Don't take this on.
I didn't realize how serious it was What are you gonna do? We We're gonna salute his memory now.
That's all.
And also, his last appearance on screen is gonna find a distributor.
So, wherever Max Kisbye is, I'm sure he's gonna be happy about that.
So you'd, um He never said anything to you about owning a gun? - No, not at all.
- Yeah I didn't know about his drug problem either.
Did you think it was kind of weird the way it all went down? - Definitely weird.
- Yeah.
You didn't sense like he was being pressured by anyone, or threatened maybe by someone? Hey! Hey! David, you remember, Louis, our writer? Yeah, lovely to see you.
- Yeah.
- So you havea theory about Kisbye? I would love to hear that.
DAVID: What were you saying? That he was pressured? No, no.
Theory is just No, it's hard to come to terms.
You know, he was so alive.
Now what, now he's I don't know.
We should go see him.
On behalf of all of us, whose lives Max touched, today we say goodbye to an artist, a friend, and all around great guy.
The world will long remember the youngest child of Mildred and Terrence Kisbye, as a talented and Sad day.
It seemed like such a chirpy chop.
Not at the premiere apparently.
I heard you missed it.
I'm sure you had a reason.
Drove into a telephone pole.
Are you okay? Your face.
- You should see the telephone pole.
- Shh! - About the other night.
- We don't have to talk about it.
I was rude and unkind.
I felt bad I had to leave.
But I was rude.
You were.
I hope you can forgive me.
Wasn't a big deal.
(INDISTINCT CHATTER) After my accident, I ended up in this little motel.
Look what I found on the shelf.
Um It's great, right? - It's fucking inspiring.
- (CHUCKLNG) And it will make a brilliant movie.
Um I even called the publishers.
They tell me that the rights have already been optioned by you and your boss.
Yes, which is why I was reading it.
I wasn't just reading to, you know, read.
So are we too late? There's a script but it hasn't been set up.
I feel passionately that this should be my next film, April.
I can see it.
I can see the platform - Miles! - with this piece of Can you just get me into a room with your boss? It's dead! (CLEARS THROAT) I'm sorry.
Look, it's been to all the studios, everyone passed.
It's too dark and weird.
Lawrence couldn't even raise money privately.
So unless you have 30 million it's not gonna happen.
MAN: And telling the world, "break it.
" That's the Max Kisbye - Can you get me a copy of the script? - Shh! - (WHISPERING) Miles, it's a fucking eulogy.
- All right.
MAN: own path into the hearts of millions.
May God bless Max Kisbye, and may he rest in eternal peace.
Max died how he lived, on his own terms.
Thank you.
Coroner's report isn't out, but I'll give you a preview.
Well, I was telling my wife about this room.
(CHUCKLING) She says it goes for 5 grand a night.
- (CHUCKLING) - I can get a discount now.
But don't tell Jane that.
So, what do we got? All right.
Kisbye was here.
Took a shot to the thigh at close range.
Possible he was pacing with the gun and it went off.
If so, he was holding them like this.
(CHUCKLES) Second shot is by the window.
Two inches behind the right ear, slight upward angle.
Boy, you'd have to be double-jointed.
When I tried to demonstrate it to Greg earlier, I think I pulled something.
Well, we still have surveillance to look at.
But for now let's go with that assumption.
Go with That when Kisbye died there was someone else with him in this big ostentatious room.
GIRL: Here, here, here! (INDISTINCT CHATTERING) MAN ON VOICEMAIL: Hi, thank you for calling.
There's a detail message Thanks.
Hi there.
I don't know who I'm calling, um My name is Miles Daly.
I got this number on the back of an old photo.
Long story.
If you could give me a call back I'd appreciate it.
I was hoping that someone might shine some light on anything, really.
I'm at 7751649835.
Thank you.
What's with the ribbon? Lupus.
Helping organize a walk to end it.
It's about time someone ended it.
With a walk.
(SIGHS) You still picking up for pizza tomorrow? I, uh I thought about what you said the other night.
I get where you're coming from, Miles.
I do.
But I'm still asking for full custody.
You weren't talking about fighting this in court.
'Cause that wouldn't go well for you.
Don't put me in that position.
There she is.
Uh, my legs.
- (CHUCKLING) - You gave it your all.
It's all that matters.
- That and winning.
- Yeah, good talk, Dad.
What happened to your book? Ah, yeah, I got a bit wet, I had to use a hair dryer on it.
It's gonna be my next movie, if I can raise the money.
I have $8.
When can you get it to me? What's it about? It's a girl about your age trying to survive the apocalypse.
Yeah? Can I read it? Yeah.
You take that.
I'll get another copy.
- Thanks.
- I'd love to know what you think, actually.
It's a bookmark.
Time to go, Em.
I'll text you.
If I have time for her to see you next week.
How generous of you.
- Bye.
- Bye.
Love you, shorty.
Love you, too.
You smell that? Lapsang soushong.
Gladys got me into it, yeah.
(SNIFFING) Smells like bacon.
Amara wants you to put this on.
What? She has a surprise for you.
And No I'm not good with things on my eyes.
I I suck at pinatas I don't blame you, man.
But it's what she wants.
- Okay.
All right.
- Just get going.
- Okay.
All right.
AMARA: Okay.
Surprise for my Ricky.
- You like it? - Ooh! Ooh.
That's a lot to like.
So This is the surprise? You sell my movie, I want to get you something nice.
65 jets.
It's like a cauldron.
Thank you.
You want to get in? Not with the guys here.
Leave us.
Get undressed.
I'll wait till they're gone.
I want to make it nice for you.
So you don't need to go to your house.
I mean, I hardly go home anyway.
Just to get the mail and Why don't you sell it? (ROMANTIC MUSIC PLAYING) Sell What? My house? You don't need it, huh? You're with me.
Well, I mean, the market's a little soft right now.
(INCREASES VOLUME) Breaking out the hair gel.
Yeah, well.
Hanging out with Gladys, so I thought I got the extra distance.
So it's the fate of my unborn child is at stake.
So, listen, I spoke with April.
Oh, yeah? Oh, about the book? It's good news, Lou.
So her boss is gonna make it into a movie, but we can still get in on it.
You and me, man.
- Make our next feature.
- Huh! No shit.
They even have a script.
I read her on my phone.
It is Everything I was hoping it would be it.
It's beautiful and dark, and different than all the other shite out there.
It's It looks Which is probably why the studio turned it down.
Which studios? All of 'em.
So Did I tell you about this girl that I met at the motel I was at? She was into crystal healing.
(CHUCKLING) Oh, man, people like that.
She told me the past is over, and the future is right in front of us.
All we have to do is reach out and grab it.
Yeah, that's bullshit.
No, no, no.
See it's not.
- Oh, crap.
I thought - 'Cause then I find this book on a shelf.
Turns out it's fucking brilliant.
I mean, what are the chances? Like, it was just sitting there waiting for me to pick it up.
So, what are you saying? Amara doesn't have the 30 million to make this movie.
So who does? Who's in the same business on a bigger scale, who cleans 30 million on a regular basis.
Well, I mean, there's LA, but Fuck no! They got hundreds of shell companies, Lou.
They got bars and laundromats and They take people out with chainsaws! There's an upside and a downside, yes.
But I love that you're feeling all inspired.
I am.
But advice from a hippie from some motel isn't necessarily good advice.
I I got to run.
What we do is risky, Lou.
This is just a next step.
I I work for Amara for a decade.
I never got so much a paper cut.
Couple of months of producing movies, I got shot five times.
Look, look, see these? These? Are movie scars.
And I feel shite about that.
We don't know anybody who's with LA.
Yes, we do.
From what I hear he's - He's been running with them.
- Who's that? Yago.
I know how it sounds.
I do.
Lou, if you just hear me out, I've got a fucking plan, when you hear the (DOOR SLAMS) Hey, man.
I don't mean to get on you, but dishes don't be washing themselves.
I got some girls coming by later.
Are you going clubbing? (CHATTING ON TV) Yeah, I get it.
Wouldn't look good to be seen with me right now.
Right? You know, my Tia should be kissing my ass.
If it wasn't for me, Kisbye would still be alive and that fucking movie wouldn't be shit.
Yeah? Well, someone should tell her.
(INDISTINCT CHATTERING ON TV) You ever thought about your own funeral? Who would show up.
What they would say.
Are you okay, man? (CELL PHONE RINGING) (YAWNING) Tired? No, not at all.
I yawn when I get nervous.
Why are you nervous? I'm not nervous, nervous just Not about our date.
We've hung out before.
Well, not since we got married.
Oh, I'm not supposed to say that word.
- Sorry.
- Is this about sex? Are you nervous 'cause we can have sex now? Oh, come on, it's so sweet.
Should we have sex before we go and get it over with? Yeah, that'd work.
De Escalones.
Thank you for waiting.
I pay you in three days.
Yes, I head.
And let me be the first to say we appreciate you clearing your debt.
You sent product, yes? Twice a week.
There's been discussion internally about your history of late payments.
It's not personal.
It's a liability issue for my organization.
- What issue? - Moving forward, we require an additional 5% of gross earnings.
This a joke? It is not.
5%? You like fucking with me, eh? I didn't reach this decision alone.
My feelings have nothing to do with it.
Congratulations on your return to solvency.
Eat shit.
Oh, and for obvious reasons, we need you to pay upfront.
(SCREAMING) (PANTING) Ever had an orgasm before? I didn't have them when I was awake.
I mean, the whole Moving thing, that just takes it to a whole another level.
- It does, right? - Yeah.
Let's not take soaking off the menu though.
It's salty.
That surfing accident did a number on you.
Well, it's Where I was surfing had big waves and rocks.
Lot of rocks.
Do scars bother you? I like a man with scars.
(SIGHS) So, you still want to go out or should we just, you know, cozy in for the night? What? It's just If we were regular dating, which we are, you wouldn't expect to spend a night.
You're right.
You're right.
Yeah, we'll just, you know, grab dinner tomorrow.
I can't tomorrow.
I got a date.
How can you have a date? - We're - Dating! And if we're dating this is way too early to be exclusive.
Well, I just kind of, sort of thought that maybe, you know, since we're married We don't say that word! Well, I guess since you're going on a date, I'll just go home.
Had an awesome time tonight.
Well, hope you and my baby have fun on your date.
Let's get another, I've got a fellow joining me.
I got you your usual.
So you wanna laugh at my face? That's what this is.
Amara is none too fond of me at the moment either.
She doesn't know we're talking? No.
So I'd rather not shout.
Maybe you could sit down.
I'm making another movie.
Good for you.
It needs to be privately financed like I did with Amara.
But we need more than Amara can contribute.
So? How close are you with LA? (CHUCKLING) Oh, shit.
You want me to make an introduction? That's funny.
Can you do it? Can I? Of course I can.
But I won't.
Why is that? Because fuck you.
That's why.
Well, thanks for clearing that up.
You know, everybody thinks that blazing clipper got taken out by LA.
But you, you know what really happened.
(SIGHS) You wanna know what I think? I think Amara didn't like the idea of you and your buddies stirring up trouble.
She might not harm you, but the other two? Well So you gonna put the whole thing on my Tia.
I don't know.
Do I? All I can do is speculate.
You think I'm suggesting we become best buds? Go to the fucking day spa together and get our hair braided? This is business.
You are a good businessman.
I've seen that.
Fuck it.
If you're not interested I'll find someone who is.
(INHALES DEEPLY) If If I decide to do it What do I get? Amara can't know you're involved.
But if everything goes to plan, you get what she gets.
While you're thinking it all over, please try that drink, it's fucking delicious.
(SIGHS) Stetson or campaign? MAN: Well, Campaign goes with the uniform.
I know.
Except I look like a park ranger.
So, Stetson.
Also there's two feds in the hallway.
What? The Bureau is descending on Santa Barbara.
Just us two.
I'm Agent Dillard.
Agent Stevenson.
- Okay.
- So what's this about? Well, your department was kind enough to share information.
Excellent police work.
And with a lot of media watching.
Well, I'm just a dog with a bone.
And we know you're planning to go public? It could be a 187, so we're gonna put that out, see what we get back.
Sheriff, we would be honored to work with you on this.
- With the Bureau? - Not that you need our help.
But if we could, um, trust you with a big Uncle Sam secret, this is a part of a larger federal investigation.
So, until we can make it air-tight and prove there's a homicide, which I have no doubt you will do.
Till then, we can't alert the media.
Oh, shit.
Ah, well, but I'm afraid you're a little late.
We have a news conference in less than - We called it off.
- Yeah.
So you don't have to worry.
And can I say.
- Yeah.
- That is a great hat.
MILES: Yeah, all of that.
On one level it's a thriller with action and all that.
But it's got deeper meaning.
Like you can watch it two or three times and always find something new in it.
Hey, wait a minute.
You got financing ready? Yeah, I know how to get it.
But it's not from Amara.
She'll be a producer.
Who's giving you 30 million? A private investor.
Who? Who are they? What business they in? They have a portfolio and different sources of income and what-not.
Yeah? How do you know them? They do some business with Amara.
Look, Amara's gonna wanna be involved.
And when she finds out that someone else is financing, that's when you come in.
All you need to do is tell her she can be an executive producer and wouldn't have to invest a penny.
Well, you tell her that.
She, uh, she trusts you, doesn't she? Yeah.
So these investors, they're friends of Amara's? - Not friends.
- Associates.
Like her, but just on a bigger level.
What we did with the Admiral's Mistress, no different than that.
You know what, I would do this.
I would.
But I got projects of my own now that I'm dealing with and I'm not gonna have time.
Remember what you told me.
You said it's good to have irons in the fire.
- I don't think I said that.
- Yes, you did.
I don't think I did.
But anyway, look, you and me, we'll do something but not this, okay? I got to go.
Why don't you hold on to that? Just, uh, think it over.
Good seeing you.
I'll be calling you, Rick.
Well, don't judge a book by its cover unless you have a tremendous instinct about book covers.
He's offering one year.
Anything under 18 months is throwing money away.
Stephen Frears.
Hey, how's your first week going? Getting all settled in? Yeah, I was actually just - getting used - Have I mentioned Steven Frears? Okay.
Well, explain the ramifications of an Oscar to your client and call me back.
All right.
Okay, ciao.
- Benicio.
- Let's get his stuff on a hundred days.
- Amelo.
- Um, tell him happy birthday.
- Clock is ticking for Fireman's Ball.
- No.
We don't want him spooked.
Prune? - I'm good.
Have a seat.
April Quinn.
Is that Irish? It's anglicized from O'Cune? Yes, it is, actually.
Um I wanted to update you on Wilderness.
I know it's a tough one to set up.
- Yeah, pass that.
- And not just Talk with Gillian Flynn, our galleys drop tonight at 10:00.
Read 'em.
And let me know if we should get the rights.
Wow! Yeah, I love Gillian Flynn.
I'll call you midnight.
- Okay.
- Oh, right, cool director.
Marlin, can you give me contents people, please.
It says the book is 600 pages.
You want me to read that in two hours? Yes, I do.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Yeah, Naomi.
That's yours.
Mmm Pizza from the Target in Paramount.
- I think it's better.
Hi yourself.
How was your date? Ah.
Just drinks.
Had a seltzer, date was Whatever.
You want to come over? Oh, so, your date didn't go well, so I'm the backup.
I just waltz over whenever you want me there.
What if I'm on a date? - So, you're not coming over? - No, I'm coming over now.
(DOOR CLOSES) He has a girlfriend? He's complicated.
I'm halfway through Wilderness.
- Already? What do you think? - I love it.
Know when they were hiding in the underpass? Ask Mom, I was shrieking.
Shrieking is good, is it? That reminds me of The Six but better.
- What's that? - Western.
You never heard of it? Okay, well, it's about this girl.
These guys kill her family.
So she teams up with a soldier.
- Um - And then they No spoilers.
- What's it called The Six? - Yeah.
Yes! Let's watch it.
Oh wait, there won't be time to finish.
Unless you sleep over.
Mom okay with that? Do you wanna stay? - Yeah.
- Then let's call her.
VOICEMAIL: Hi, this is Katie.
I'm not in right now, - so leave a message.
- Voicemail.
- Okay.
- (BEEPING) Hey, it's me.
So, I'm with Dad, and we're about to watch The Six.
So, can I please stay over so that we can finish watching it? Okay, I love you.
I'll drop her at school in the morning.
You have some time off.
Enjoy a night on your own for once.
I know you wanna get to the biz.
But I got to show you this, eh? Oh, shit! Oh, shit! Ooh.
Ooh-whoo! Yow! - You own a cobra, doc.
- Na, na, na, na, I keep a cobra, all right.
Nobody owns a cobra.
- Yo, what's his name? - Nick.
Nick, that's a great name, Nick.
- Ooh.
- It's a lot of work though.
Get this nigga live mice.
That's an exotic ass pet, you know.
It's not really sanctioned by the city, but, you know, if you want one I got a dude who could hook you up.
Oh, shit.
I mean, I'm staying on my man rasta's couch, but cobra would be fucking sick.
So what's that business prospect you have? I'm about to let you now.
Go ahead and take a picture of this beautiful motherfucker.
Chemistry between the leads is good.
- They were dating on set.
- Go on.
They're broken up now, but there are pictures of them on his boat.
I like how the girl narrates the story.
We could do that in Wilderness.
That's what made me think of it.
See it all through her eyes.
(MESSAGE ALERT) You said you'd bring her home after dinner.
- We decided to watch a movie.
- No.
You don't just decide.
It was Emma's idea.
- Why do I have to justify everything? - Are you trying to revoke me? Is what this is? Last year I felt so guilty, I let you make the rules.
Random fucking rules.
She can't sleep at my place.
I can't pick her up Do you want this to go to court? (SIGHS) You're so sure you're on the right side of this.
So call the cops.
Tell them that you have no custody agreement, and that your daughter is spending the night at her dad's place for the first time in months, and see what they say.
Alternatively, come on in.
Ask Emma how she feels.
I really hoped that we could do this by trusting each other.
Clearly I was wrong.
Clearly you were.
- YAGO ON PHONE: It's done.
Can you be more specific? You got a sit down tomorrow.
As in a couple of hours from now? Yeah, my boy came through.
Listen, you better be ready.
These people are about business, so you got to be the fucking monopoly man in there.
MILES ON PHONE: Well done Yago.
Where do you expect? Mmm? Your date is missing out.
I shouldn't have told you.
Measured him more like a guy.
Guys lie more than girls.
Uh, I'm thinking about Rick.
The way he No, I shouldn't talk about this.
I mean, it's just us girls.
Rick keeps disappearing at work.
You know, acting squirrelly.
Squirrelly how? A woman calls, unknown number.
Says it's his dentist.
And bam, he's out the door.
- This has happened more than once? - Totally.
He's gone for hours and then he comes back with this story about his tooth.
(CHUCKLING) You think he's having an affair? Think he was acting funny at the memorial? - The memorial? - Mmm.
I don't know.
It's always the same woman? Yeah.
And then we got a card in the mail from his real dentist saying that he's overdue.
- Hmm.
- So, he's not getting his teeth cleaned.
He is getting his pipes cleaned.
All right if we come in? It's not a great time, I've got the kid asleep upstairs.
We'll be quiet.
All right.
It's just the kid's a light sleeper, so How old is she? She's 13.
That's so young.
Wilshire Pizza Company.
Man, I head that's the shit.
If anyone would like a slice, I could heat some up.
You live good, eh? Sit.
You work for me? My understanding, we have an arrangement.
You work for me, yes or no? Yeah.
But all you do is make a movie.
No collections.
Just one movie.
Plan was I bring projects to you, you decide if you want to be involved.
You only just made back your investment.
Tell me about - What is it? - MGM.
Tell me about MGM.
You heard I had a film with them.
Well, I heard, guy at the funeral.
And you told her.
Well, I'm glad that everyone's in the loop.
You don't tell me.
What Ross here fails to realize, despite him clearly having his finger on the pulse of Hollywood, is that I'm no longer pursuing that project, Amara.
I found something much better.
I was going to tell you when we were a little further along.
Tell me now.
Is it true that LA is charging more for product? Who said that? It's not a secret, is it? For those of us who work for you.
What's your point? What if we tell LA that we can clean 30 million of their money? No fee.
We use that to produce a movie.
You get a cut of the profits.
You risk nothing.
And you make money off them.
It's called Wilderness.
What kind of pizza? (SMIRKS) Um Pepperoni.
I don't like it cold.
I can heat it up for you.
Then we talk.
(SIGHS) (CELL PHONE VIBRATING) Whatever you have to say, say it fast.
I have to read five pages a minute for the next 45 minutes.
A very small-time.
MILES ON PHONE: That's a page every 12 seconds.
Yes, you see my dilemma.
Hey, that book that we talked about, could I ask you to take it off the table for me? That $30 million? I just might.
I'll call you.
We could be working together again, April.
How exciting for you.
You still there? You should get back to your reading.
By the time we hang up you'll have cost me three-and-a-half pages.
Good - bye - Okay, fuck off.
RICK: Yeah, he's going on and on about this book and what a good movie it would make.
He says he already has investors.
I say, "who?" And Miles said, "We're gonna do it just like the last one "which means laundering cash.
" And I say, "No, thank you.
" (CHUCKLES) All right? I mean, I don't need that again.
Laundering Amara's cash? No, that's the best part.
Not Amara.
Some larger organization.
Probably the cartel.
Right? Capileri or whatever you told me.
Did he mention the cartel? No, he didn't.
But that what it sounded like.
I mean, look, we only made our money back on our last film because of what happened to Max Kisbye.
Uh (SIGHS) Jesus Christ, right? Poor Max.
You think he killed himself? Okay, that's a loaded question.
I'm Look, I'm not accusing Amara.
Why would she do that? Why would she want him dead? This star of her movie.
- Mmm-hmm.
- Nobody knew it would sell the film.
If she knew that - then she's a criminal mastermind.
- Rick, we're gonna need you to work with Miles on that project.
What? We're gonna need you to say yes.
I understand your reluctance - after everything you've been through - No, you don't understand! I talked to my superior at the Bureau, I briefed him on all you have endured, your bravery - The ingenuity? - Yes, and how lovely you are to work with.
That you've gone above and beyond.
That's right.
Above and beyond.
That's right.
And now I'm done.
That's not how it works.
She wants me to sell my house.
You know.
You know.
You're sitting there and taking notes.
You don't know.
This is my life.
Let's switch places and she can sell your fucking house.
Every Every time you tell me just Just a little bit more and then I'm out.
And now Now, this week you're just moving the goal line again.
I'm not gonna spy on the cartel.
I'm not gonna do it.
It's not enough you're gonna get me killed, you're gonna get me tortured, - then killed? - Oh, we're not gonna let anything happen to you.
We are using all our resources - to ensure your absolute - Well, thank you for that.
- But I am out.
- Okay, let's stay calm.
I'm done, okay? Don't call me.
All right? Good luck with your case and the next case.
- You should probably lower your voice.
- You know what? I want my real jacket back.
'Cause the ones that you give me? Cheaply made.
See? Right there.
Look, loose threads.
Take some time.
Cool down.
When you're ready, you (CAR BEEPS) You can sit right over here.
My name is Rafael, if there's anything that you need.
All right.
I'm good.
An espresso? Rafael, that would be great.
We'll be right with you.
No worries.
Good morning.
We'll be good now.
Why don't you start? Well, I don't know what you've been told about why We know what you're proposing.
We need specifics.
Um Well, I did some research and Turns out more money moves through the Hollywood film industry than moves through all the casinos on the Vegas strip combined.
So, for an operation like yours We know the financial side, and what you did for Amara.
- Okay.
- We're in LA.
We know the entertainment business.
And as far as we can tell, you would have lost Amara's investment if one of your actors hadn't made headlines.
By dying.
(CHUCKLING) You should that every time you make a film.
Yeah but this, uh This will not lose money.
It's from a book, uh, which has won all kinds of awards.
What's the story? It's uh (SMIRKS) I I was told we were gonna talk finances.
So I'm not But yeah, it's about a girl who's trying to find a better Uh It's It's also about, um I'm gonna start over.
There's been a breakdown of society.
And we it all through the eyes of this 13-year-old girl.
She comes across a man - who's horribly wounded.
- Can I look at the script? Yeah.
The girl and this stranger, they don't trust each other.
But they stay together to fight off the gangs and the thieves and, you, know, the cannibals.
But it's not about all that stuff.
It's It's about more than that.
- A metaphor.
- For what? - That if we work together - Let him answer.
It's about being tough on the outside, while you try not to lose yourself.
It's about what we hold on to if anything is to have meaning.
It's about how hard it is to love another person.
And the life that we are leaving for our children.
It's really something.
That's all the time we have.
We'll let you know.
Um Should I leave the script? - Hello, again.
- Hey.
Do you have parking that needs validating? (SIGHS) Yeah.
What? Lost your voice? You want to come in? Okay.
What's What's up? What's with the Harpo Marx routine? Freaking me out.
Stan Getz.
Yeah, he's one of my Oh, really? You're gonna put that on right now? Well (JAZZ MUSIC PLAYING) What are you doing? Hey, buddy.
Ah, there it is.
Sorry about that.
We have to talk.
All right.
You wanna turn that down? Did you go to work today? Yeah.
Yeah, why? Gladys said you never showed.
You checking up on me? I went to work.
I didn't go to the office.
I worked at Amara's.
Did you go out? Why? Just asking.
Did you go out? Went to the dentist, yeah.
Tooth in the back, it's fucked up.
Who is in the SUV? What? You heard me.
Are you following me now? Come on.
Those guys, they're old friends of mine.
Who do they work for? Stay away from me.
Stay away! Stay away from me.
Stay away from me! Shit! Help! Help! Shit! Shit! (TIRES SCREECHING) (GUNSHOT) (GRUNTS) You shot me? (GRUNTING) No!
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