Get Shorty (2017) s02e05 Episode Script

Fifteen to Thirty Minutes (Depending on Weight)

1 Previously on "Get Shorty" Marriage is a serious commitment.
By the power vested in me by the state of California, I pronounce you married.
You may kiss your wife.
Why not? Oh, shit.
- What were you burning? - Old photos.
I'm making another movie.
It needs to be privately financed.
How close are you with L.
? You want me to make an introduction.
We believe and our boss believes you could be useful down the road.
So, what are we talking about? - A wire.
- This button here is a recording device.
Oh, okay.
We're gonna need you to work with Miles on that project.
Don't call me, okay? Good luck with your case and the next case! You should probably lower your voice.
Did you go to work today? Yeah.
Yeah, why? Gladys said you never showed.
- I - Who was in the SUV? Who do they work for? [TIRES SQUEAL.]
You shot me? [GRUNTS.]
- Yeah? - Are you alone? Suggestive way to start the phone call, Lou.
If I didn't know you better, I'd I got to talk to you about something.
How soon can you be at Fairfax and Jefferson? - What, now? - Yep.
What's going on, man? It's better if I tell you in person.
Well, that doesn't sound good.
So, there's a pay lot.
It's on the southeast corner.
It's by the locksmith.
I'm at the top, and I'm in the brown van.
- Fairfax and - Jefferson.
Lou, what the fuck is going on? I'll see you when you get here.
What's the emergency then? And why are you in the van? [MUFFLED SHOUTING.]
Holy shit.
- Is that Rick? - Yeah.
Our friend here is working for the Feds.
I saw him get in the car with two agents.
I grabbed him at his place.
He made a run for it.
I put a slug in his shoulder.
I threw him in the back.
I cleaned up.
I figured I should get away from his house.
Where you going? What the [CAN CLATTERS.]
Could you start again? Everything after "Rick's working with the Feds.
" He was meeting with two agents in a parking lot Yeah, got that.
I didn't find a wire on him.
So, now I'm wondering - do we call Amara? - You know, we knew that you were a spineless piece of shite, but this? This?! Normally, we would call Amara, but since we introduced her to Rick Come on.
Maybe we don't mention it.
Just, you know [MUFFLED SHOUTING.]
take care of it on our own.
So we don't know what he gave to the Feds? I didn't have time to question him.
We got to take him somewhere.
Th There's a water-treatment facility that Ed used as a stash house.
I think it's abandoned.
Ed's not gonna walk in on us? I can't promise anything, but it's safer than capping Rick on fucking Fairfax.
What kind of bread was it? Wow! And you helped make it? Oh, you made it all by yourself.
I see.
Oh, was it delicious? We can get a sight line from there.
We might.
Because you have to eat dinner, silly.
Broccoli is fun.
It's It's like little trees.
Hey, kiddo, Gran-Gran's got to go, but I get to see you tomorrow, right? Okay, I love you.
You considering a microwave transmitter? Oh, nicely intuitive.
We'd need a truck on the street.
Or hardwire relay somewhere.
Do you speak Arabic? Oh sure.
You know, last time, we had an agent pose as an electrician.
Which they figured out.
- Not right away.
- Oh, another thing If we could get eyes on Rick Moreweather? He seems to have gone off the reservation.
What'd he do? If you would just check on him.
Of course.
And if you do decide to pursue a transmitter, I'd check sight lines from the residence, and we - She's taking a nap? - It's a micro nap.
13 minutes, she can pull a 20-hour shift without coffee.
I'm trying to train my body to do it, but it's harder than you think.
Okay, I'm gonna check the side entrance.
It was open last time.
I'm not gonna lie, Rick.
I'm very disappointed.
What's that? You're gonna explain everything? - [MUFFLED GRUNTING.]
- Oh, I'm sure you can.
- Oh! Okay, listen, can we talk about this? 'Cause there's a lot of things that I can clear up.
I don't blame you for being upset.
If I saw the same things that you guys saw, I would draw the same conclusion.
But I am not working with the Feds.
Rick? Are those guys that you saw FBI? Yes, they are.
But that's the first time that I talked to them.
And I told them, I said, "I can't work with you.
There's nothing I can give you 'cause I would never give up my friends.
" So you talked about us.
No, what I-I told them was that I don't know anything, 'cause I don't.
Anything about what? Anything about anything.
I should've never went to them in the first place.
Yes, I see that now.
But I was gonna tell you guys, and then you came over, and you were very aggressive.
That whole Harpo Marx thing, it it made me nervous.
It made [SCREAMS.]
Why would you do that? It's not enough you fucking shot me?! You're thinking to yourself, "What can I say to save myself?" And that's understandable.
But we know more than you think we know, and if you lie to us, Rick [SIGHS.]
despite it being unpleasant for myself and Lulu here, we'll simply have no choice but to shoot you in the fucking head this time.
You with me? You understand? Uh-huh.
Now, what exactly do the Feds have on us? They want Amara.
They think that she killed some of her ex-boyfriends or business partners, I guess.
But they never said that either one of you were involved.
How long have you been talking to them? They approached me, okay? All right? It was before production started.
Who's "they"? Uh, the main lady is some Special Agent Dillard.
Did Dillard ask anything about "The Admiral's Mistress"? They had questions about the cash.
What did you say? They know that we didn't put Amara's cash on the books.
Did you show them the books? - Yeah.
- And there it is.
Money laundering, you Fuck me! [THUNK.]
What else do they know? A little woozy here from you squeezing my gunshot wound.
- Rick! - Listen, I'm sorry, but it's hard to think straight when you're in agonizing pain.
Maybe getting shot's not a big thing for you guys, but this is the first time for me.
Slug went in and out, and I disinfected it.
With Chardonnay.
He poured Chardonnay on it! Whatever.
What's that? Hydrocodone.
It's like, uh, Vicodin.
You just carry those around with you? I have my own medical issues.
Here, stick your tongue out.
- Ah.
- Don't bite me.
- [GULPS.]
- Are we ready? Rick, what else do the Feds know? And don't you dare fucking say "nothing.
" They know about the driver getting shot in Nevada.
The set burning down.
- The hillbillies in Big Bear.
- Hillbillies? The neighbors that were at my father's summer place.
You weren't there for that.
Have you ever worn a wire? - I mean, yeah.
- You did? But nobody talks business around me, nobody.
Did you wear it for specific conversations or every day? - Most days.
- Jesus Christ.
Yeah, there's a recording device in one of these coat buttons.
That coat? You're wearing a wire now? You said you checked! Why didn't you fucking tell me?! Oh, when, when? The five seconds between when you shot me and put tape on my mouth? Which button? The top right pocket.
Can they hear us now? Yes! Yes! The Feds are listening to us right now.
So, if anything happens to me Check him for a battery.
I mean, the Feds, they're probably moving in right now Right now as we speak.
So you, look, let me go.
I'll put in a good word for you.
- Nothing.
- Nothing? Which means there's no transmitter.
Which means they need the coat to get the data.
No, no, no, no, no.
They told me.
They told me [SPITS.]
You remember what we said earlier about us preferring the truth? Yeah, yeah, yeah.
How long you been wearing this thing? I started to record on my phone, and and that didn't work.
So they gave me the The button a couple weeks ago.
Were you wearing it when we spoke about the next project, "Wylderness"? Fuck me! Feds wanted me to take on a-a whole new investigation.
Go after the cartel.
And I said, "Count me out.
" Cartel? They said the word "cartel"? Yeah.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
That's not you.
They never mentioned us in connection with drug trafficking? No.
Why would they? Or homicide? You're not killers.
So, it's just laundering.
That's all they need to put us away.
It's all they fucking need! [CLATTERING.]
Guys, guys, I'm sorry.
It's a bad situation all around here.
I know you're probably thinking, "Is Rick gonna testify?" No, he's not.
If I get on a plane tonight, I'm out of the country.
Never see me again.
Huh? Huh? You never see me again.
Right? I just vanish.
You'll vanish, all right.
Unknown number.
Anyone looking for you, Rick? - Maybe.
- Who's that? Supposed to go to Amara's after.
Don't say a fucking word.
Hello? - Is this Miles? - Who's this? Herb Clark, calling from the Clark Photo Center.
You called about a photo we developed, e-mailed me a copy? Right.
Yeah, thanks for calling me back.
This a good time? Oh, it's a perfect time.
I'm looking at the photo.
I'm afraid I don't recall this one.
I just thought because it's an unusual photo, maybe you'd Oh, we work with thousands of studio photographers, and I'm hazy on the '90s generally, other than they were fun.
Hey, anything printed on the back? Could you just hold on a minute, Herb? It's just, uh, the date and the address of your store.
I wish I could help.
Well, thanks for trying.
You bet.
What's that? What's what, you rat fuck? Looks like Debra Schaffer's kids.
- Miles, can we, uh - Hold on.
Debra Schaffer the actress? - Yeah.
- Miles! Yeah.
We got to decide what we're doing.
Do we tell Amara about Rick? I mean, we can't just set him free.
- He's a Federal fucking witness.
- Agreed.
Angry as I am, the thought of Peewee working on him with his blowtorch The guy from Tucson.
Couple years ago, Amara's ex-boyfriend? The The turquoise guy Oh, God, that was horrible.
- The fucking stink of it.
- But like I was saying before, Amara could blame us for introducing her to Rick.
It's better we take care of this ourselves.
Let her think that he just disappeared.
Went into the Witness Protection Program.
That's what she'll think.
So - Sooner we do it, the better.
- Yeah.
I mean, somebody's probably looking for him The Feds, Amara.
Fucking rat.
We got no choice.
Anyone know that you were with him today? No, I was careful.
- [CLICK.]
- The f - What? What's going on? - Shh! You said this place was abandoned.
I've only been here a night.
That would've been useful information.
If you make a noise, if you try to get their attention - in any way - I get it, I get it.
We're out in the open here.
We could hide behind there.
In there.
What do we do about him? Have to carry him.
Oh, I weigh - No, no, I'm heavy.
- One, two.
- I'm very heavy.
- One, two, three.
Easy, guys.
- Easy, guys.
Come on.
- Shh, shh, shh.
All right.
Put him down.
Water on the floor.
Watch for any wires Exposed wires.
Oh, shit.
- Shh! - Fuck all, this is creepy.
Sounds like a forklift.
Well, there's only three of them.
Well, I hope they leave before they see our van.
Oh, shit.
If they find us We'll handle it.
'Cause that's all we need Three more bodies.
Three more? What do you mean "more"? Here.
Oh, it's a boiler room.
Guys, I'm feeling a little nauseous here.
It's probably the painkillers.
Hey, Rick.
How did you know those were Debra Schaffer's kids? What, the picture? I don't know.
I don't know.
I could be wrong.
Debra had tigers, and she'd let her kids play with them like they were house cats.
It was in the magazines back in the day.
The daughter, was her name Jinny? Oh, I don't know.
How about, um What's Jinny short for? - Virginia? - How about Virginia? Yeah.
Yeah, yeah, that rings a bell.
What are you talking about? The girl from the motel, I thought maybe that was a photo of her as a kid.
Did you hook up with her? No.
But you want to? Maybe we can talk about this later.
Rick says the Feds have got us on laundering, which is bad.
But if that's all they've got on us, white-collar crime? I mean, we're looking at two, maybe three years, and with good behavior, we're out in one.
Best-case scenario.
Yeah, but worst-case scenario - Let's not go there.
- Okay, well, then our only other option would be to run for it.
Ecuador has no extradition treaty.
Can we drive to Ecuador? 'Cause I don't have a passport.
You haven't been out of the country? - When would I have done that? - That's just sad.
Look, not everybody's a world traveler.
My uncle never left Nye County until he was 60, and that's because he got bronchitis.
Lulu, I can't go on the run.
I did it once years ago.
I can't do it again.
I can't leave Emma.
I can't, either.
Leave the wife and kid.
That's not right.
Wife? You know what I mean.
Is that a figurative expression? Because it's not one I've heard before.
- I mean, it it's complicated.
- Hold on.
You did propose.
- Did she say yes? - [SIGHS.]
- Not immediately.
- Oh, my God.
It's supposed to be a secret, okay? - Jesus Christ.
- I'm not even supposed [MACHINE WHIRS.]
What is that? I think they turned on the furnace.
Ah, yeah, it's already hot.
And when exactly did you get married? I just told you it's a secret.
Huh? What? Rick won't say anything.
Lulu and Gladys had a bit of an onset romance back in Nevada.
Gladys? Whoa, whoa, my Gladys? No.
Come on.
Oh, and he knocked her up.
- Jesus! - No.
And it turns out now they only went and got fucking married.
Oh, no, you're just screwing with me now.
- G-Gladys would've told me this.
- It's just a trial run.
I mean, we're not married married.
Oh, I see.
I didn't realize there were degrees of matrimony.
You got her pregnant?! [MUFFLED CONVERSATION.]
Hold on.
Get the door.
This one? - [MUFFLED.]
That's it.
- Where is it? - Right here.
Not a fucking sound.
I think it's through this one.
Yeah, it's on the other side of [LOUDER.]
Yeah, we should check, but, uh [LOUDER.]
Okay, let me take a look.
And would you to call forensics back and push for an ETA? Then check traffic cams, LADOT, and Caltrans.
Thanks, love.
Anything on Rick? Not at his place or his office.
Is everything all right? We checked the tracker on Rick's car.
Found it parked 4 blocks from his house, driver's side window shot out.
Someone pulled a slug from the backrest.
Bloodstain on the seat.
- Rick's blood? - We're checking.
And would you gather surveillance on Rick's house, Amara's house, and the parking garage? The The garage? Where we met with him right before he went missing? Got it, yes.
Uh was I supposed to check the tracker on his car? Next time, that would be great.
Guess Amara's single again.
When we first saw Rick, he was frightened.
I told him we would use all our resources to make sure he wouldn't get hurt.
I'm sorry.
It's just graveyard humor.
Would you check that surveillance? Can I see that transcript again? I appreciate that.
Thank you.
I think we're good.
Is it just me, or did it get really fucking hot? It's the furnace.
I'm sweating.
Yeah, I'd take my jacket off, but I'm zip-tied to a chair.
Your comfort is not our utmost concern.
Does Gladys know this part of what you do? Not currently.
What does that mean? Nothing, it's just lying to your wife is frowned upon by the Church of Latter-Day Saints.
- I'm not saying it's realistic.
- Take it from me, man.
Honesty is not the foundation of a healthy relationship.
That's a bit cynical.
Says a man who's spying on his girlfriend for the FBI.
Well, I guess if I'm going to prison, she's gonna find out sooner or later.
I just hope she keeps the kid.
I don't know if you guys remember.
But I, uh I got kids, Kevin and Marci.
Yeah, if anything happened to me, it'd be hard on them.
Never seen you with your kids, Rick.
Or heard you talk about them.
Well, we're not as close as I want to be.
That makes it even harder Losing your father before you have time to patch things up with him.
Oh, it's getting hard to breathe.
Yeah, me, too.
Could we crack the door open, guys, huh? - Could we Just a little? - Shh.
I'm gonna pass out here.
Well, do it quietly.
When, uh When you were talking about being on the run before, you mean from Ireland? What about it? You just, you know, never told me before.
- I - No.
I was young and thought I was pretty tough.
Made a mess of things, and I had to leave.
I could go back now, but nobody'd be too happy to see me.
- Yago.
- Yago? No.
- What? - Shit.
said they'd put the money up for the movie.
You went to L.
for that? I begged you not to.
It doesn't matter now, does it? Guess not.
This was it, man.
This was the one.
Now it's not even a movie.
It's a sting operation thanks to this cunt.
- It's so hot, man.
- Shut your yap.
Yeah, okay, you're over there.
- I'm 5 feet from this boiler.
- And if you don't shut up, I will tie you to the boiler face first.
What's with you, man? $30 million in financing and a brilliant fucking book, but what would you know - about that? - Keep it down.
'Cause you make movies about giant squid.
- Okay.
- Alien fucking spiders.
- Fuck you.
- Fuck me? You think I would have worked on "Admiral's Mistress" if I knew what I was getting into? You're why I'm mixed up in all this, why the Feds are after me.
It's your fucking fault! [WHISPERING.]
Quiet! No forklift.
No voices.
- Let's check.
- I'll turn off the lights.
You get the door.
Oh, that breeze.
- No lights on out here.
- All right, let's look.
Guys, don't leave me in here, guys.
No, no, no.
They're gone.
Let's get Rick.
We got to get this over with.
Who's gonna do it? Odds or evens? Odds.
Once, twice, thrice.
- Fuck! - [SIGHS.]
Not in the boiler room.
There's a drain right here.
Grab the stuff.
Oh, fresh air.
Whew! It's It's bad in there.
Like the surface of the sun.
What's with the tarp here, huh? Oh.
Hold on, hold on.
No, no, no.
No, no.
Hold on, hold on.
No! Not like this! Please, not a bullet! No! I want the Hemlock Society method, please.
- Not a bullet! - Wait.
- What? - What's the Hemlock Society? - Don't draw this out.
- No, no, I saw it.
I saw it on "60 Minutes.
" It's the easiest way to kill yourself.
Just Just pills and a plastic bag.
We have neither of those.
I got pills.
- You fucking kidding me? - Guys, come on, come on.
All that we've been through? Let me just Let me choose how I do this.
I mean, why not? If that's what he wants It's It's It's online.
There's instructions.
Please don't Google that.
It's all right.
It's a burner.
The browsers take forever on those things.
Okay, is it hemlock like the plant? Exactly, yeah.
Yeah, I saw it on TV.
And I-I just thought if I got to go, that's the way I want to do it.
Oh, okay, here it is.
I got it.
"Just make sure you leave room in the plastic bag to keep away from your face.
The goal is slowly passing away from carbon dioxide poisoning, creating a sleepy, - lightheaded feeling - What the that gives way to unconsciousness.
If the pills fail to cause terminal overdose, the plastic bag ensures that you don't survive in a damaged state.
" Mm, yeah, I can see why you'd prefer that.
That sounds lovely.
- What are you doing? - I'm checking my pills.
Rick, you don't want to die with a fucking bag over your head.
I don't want to die at all, but if I got to go, yeah, yeah, I choose the bag.
Okay, it it says it takes 15 to 30 minutes depending on weight, and I got I got six pills.
- Yeah, but I already took two.
- Yeah, so that That makes two, so that's That's eight, so that's four times the prescribed dos - That ought to do it.
- Okay.
I can't take them dry.
All right, sure.
Just give them to him.
I got to go find a plastic bag.
There's got to be one somewhere around here.
This is insane.
Open up.
Got to chew them.
Can't believe this is really happening.
If Gladys had left that "Admiral's Mistress" script in the fucking trash I'd be doing "Mace of Spades 2" right now.
Be going home, watching TV in my slippers.
All right, here's another one.
My first wife, she wanted me to go to Minneapolis, get a job being a doctor.
Imagine that? I almost did it.
I almost fucking did it.
But no, I had to Had to get all hung up on trying to prove to my dad that I could make it in the film business.
You ever been to Minneapolis? - No.
- It's really nice.
This time of year, it's really nice.
What happens, huh? I just disappear now? My kids are gonna think that I-I gave up on them.
My dad won't even notice until PGE shuts off his power.
Serves him right.
Last two.
My kingdom for a glass of water.
Is that a hacksaw? Hey! No, no, no, guys! No! Guys, I'm claustrophobic! Take it off! No! No! Listen, listen! When I found out the Feds were going after you two guys, I was very upset! You know, we approach things differently, but you have to admit, we're a great team! Just relax, buddy.
There's nothing I can say that can change this? I'm afraid not.
Then I got a favor to ask you.
What's that? When Amara finds out that I went to the Feds, she's gonna think everything was a lie.
Like how much I care about her.
But I wasn't lying about that.
We'll tell her.
I mean, she's She's a sociopath.
But if you put that aside, she's a special person.
Oh, painkillers.
I haven't been this high since I had my wisdom teeth out.
Plastic fucking bag? Just making him suffer.
Usually I would say no, but it's Rick.
His last request.
How long you say it takes? 15 to 30 minutes.
Gladys is gonna lose her healthcare.
- What? - Rick is her employer.
When you change jobs, the insurance carries over.
Does it? Pretty sure.
- Hi.
- Hey.
So, they're signing up parents to host post-game dinners.
Are they? Yeah, every Tuesdays and Thursdays, and I can't work around Mom's schedule, so are you okay with hosting one? The team comes over, eats pizza.
Super easy, that's it.
- Why not? - Really? That's great, Dad.
How about Thursday the 17th? I-I don't have my day planner on me right now, but I-I'm sure that's fine.
It'll be super fun.
I believe you.
Thank you, okay? I got to go.
I love you.
Love you, too, Shorty.
How much you think you get paid to work here? I had a cousin who did eight years at a sewage plant.
Now, that is a tough gig.
Can you tell if he's breathing? He's not moving.
Well, guess it hasn't been 15 minutes.
You okay? I've been fighting with Katie over how much time I get to spend with Emma.
Been telling her she needs her father, you know? Now I get to call her and say, "Turns out I'm gonna be in prison until Emma's in her 40s, - so don't worry about it.
" - No, no, no, - don't don't talk like that.
- Worst-case scenario - Stop.
- they hit us with RICO or homicide, or someone flips.
Rick said they got us on laundering charges.
- That's it.
- And if he's wrong? We've already talked about this.
We either do the time, or we run.
Those are our choices.
Just hold on.
I'm gonna go check on him.
The Feds aren't after us.
They're after Amara.
They're after La Capotillo, and they're hoping to use my film project to make those arrests.
So, really, we do have leverage.
Only we're not working for the Feds.
I'm not suggesting we do.
Not exactly.
Okay? What if we just stay out of their way while they build their case? Tell them that we're not gonna blow the whistle.
Buddy I know things are tough, but we got to keep it together, okay? You see Rick there with a bag on his head? That's what happens when you work for the FBI.
You're either dead or you're in Witness Protection, which is worse.
You think Emma and Katie are gonna come live with you in Nebraska while you work as a park ranger? - No.
Had me worried there for a minute.
I mean, I get it.
I mean, this is this is happening fast.
- It's - What if we tell the FBI to arrest us along with everyone else, and then down the road, they can release us on a technicality? You called Rick a spineless shite.
- How's that different? - I told you, I We're not going to give them anything - that they don't already have.
- I'm done talking about this.
- No one will know.
- Don't.
We'll demand full immunity.
We won't have to testify, and we'll make the film.
I can't be a fucking rat! Even if it is just looking the other way, I can't do it.
Which means you can't do it either, see? What are you doing? Stay away from that bag.
I fucking mean it! No fucking way.
I can see him breathing.
And I'm gonna make a deal.
So if I were you, I'd make sure he's still breathing when the Feds come.
You're not going anywhere.
You gonna shoot me, Lulu? No, I'm gonna shoot him, and you can explain that to the Feds, 'cause we're in this together, pal.
I'll do it.
That's on you, then.
Buddy [GUN COCKS.]
you take one more step This guy entered the parking structure on foot four minutes before Rick drove in, left two minutes after he exited.
- We have an angle on his face? - No.
- Okay.
- But this one's interesting.
This 2008 Dodge Avenger drove in three cars behind Rick, left one minute after he exited.
- Plates? - California.
We're running it.
A Subaru Outback Go back to the guy in the hoodie.
What's that by his leg? - A railing? - No, he's holding onto it.
It's a cane.
A cane.
- Oh, would you get that? It could be a cane, yeah.
Yeah, it's definitely a cane if you look down there.
May I? - Yes? - Do you mind? - No.
- Okay.
- Uh-huh.
- If we follow Miles Daly asking to see you.
- Asking for me? - Yes.
- By name? - That's interesting.
I'll take it in here.
I mean, he's here, in the lobby.
Hey, there.
Tell me your name again? You know my name.
Just, if you could spell it.
You know how to spell it.
What can I do for you? I asked to see a female special agent named Dillard.
- Dillard with a "D"? - If every time I say something, you pretend that you don't know how to spell it, it's really gonna slow us down.
What's this regarding? Your investigation of Amara De Escalones and the Capotillo cartel.
You're using my next film project to bring them down, and I'm okay with that, as long as you can meet my terms.
I'm not aware of any investigation.
- Is she in there? - Who? Agent Dillard.
Here's what I need.
Full immunity, in writing for myself and Louis Darnell.
Of course, you'll have to arrest us with everybody else and then cut us loose without having to testify.
That's important.
My next movie, "Wylderness," we finish filming that before you guys move in.
How's that sound? Um, so, first, as as I said, I'm not aware of any investigation Can I speak with Agent Dillard, please? Just Just wait.
Um, so, what makes you think that the individuals you mentioned are under investigation? Why is that? Uh All right.
Uh, Mr.
Daly? Oh, you do know my name? - [ZIPS JACKET.]
- Just hold hold hold on.
Just hold on a second.
Excuse me.
Daly? - You Dillard? - Mm.
- I've heard so much about you.
- Let's talk.
You gonna be more helpful than your colleague? 'Cause I was just heading out.
I wasn't going to mention it, but you're actually not free to leave.
Might as well talk.
I got it.
Think you heard what we were discussing.
- We all want the same thi - Where's Rick? We'll get to that.
I need to start with that.
He was doing all right, last I saw him.
Where? Can't remember.
You've come to us, which I consider an act of good faith, so it wouldn't be fair if I didn't tell you what you're up against.
We have copies of the LLC paperwork of "The Admiral's Mistress" with your signature, security footage of you with cash given to you by Amara De Escalones and then transported across state lines.
We have transcripts of eyewitness testimony.
And if you've tampered with a Federal witness, - much as I would like to help - Rick is fine.
I can't discuss this any further for myself and Louis Darnell.
With the evidence I've described, do you think the Bureau is gonna offer immunity? You haven't made a single arrest.
Why is that? What are you waiting for? You tell the Bureau that I convinced the fucking cartel to run $30 million through my film.
You get names, banks, account numbers.
I'm the only one who can pull that off.
But if you try and arrest me or I leave here without a deal, everyone from Hollywood to Juárez will know what you're up to.
Sweetheart, work with us.
Don't try and blackmail the Bureau.
I know the director of the L.
He doesn't respond to being pushed around.
I'm thinking of this as a collaboration.
Films fall through, - and if this doesn't come to - It's already done.
I'm saying if something happens, the Bureau will punish you, and I won't be able to help.
Clara, this is gonna be a beautiful film.
Wait until you see it.
Excuse me.
It's a hard pill to swallow And I know you been doin' me wrong It's a hard pill to swallow And I know you been doin' me wrong It's so hard to leave you And it's even harder to be alone It's so hard to leave you And it's even harder to be alone It's so hard to leave you And it's even harder to be alone Whoa, yeah Quality.

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