Get Shorty (2017) s02e07 Episode Script

Banana Split

1 Previously on "Get Shorty" You found me.
Pretty easy once I figured out who you were.
So, you know I have a husband? Then why aren't you hanging up? This happens once.
One time and never again.
The Feds aren't after us.
They're after Amara.
They're after La Capotillo, and they're hoping to use my film project to make those arrests.
So, really, we do have leverage.
What if we just stay out of their way while they build their case? I can't be a fucking rat! Even if it is just looking the other way, I can't do it.
Which means you can't do it, either.
Full immunity, in writing, for myself and Louis Darnell, without having to testify.
I had a sit-down with Laurence Budd about "Wylderness" today.
The location that we need is not available until two years from now.
You want a month of full access to an active military base? Well, would you like the usual? You know what? Surprise me.
On Tuesday nights, my housemates and I go to this place called the Smokehouse.
Maybe I'll see you there sometime.
You bought product from another supplier.
You had to know it would end this way.
What did he do? Tried to sell to your auntie, that's what he did.
Does my tia know? She will soon.
Turns out Yago is working with L.
I know.
Why does he work on my movie? L.
is just an investor.
I don't know what their arrangement is with Yago exactly, but we all are in business together.
Athletes, here we go.
In four, three, two, one.
Chest up.
Chest up.
Okay, let's take those RPMs into the 90s.
- Hips back.
Pull 'em back.
Core engaged.
Nice and lifted, hold.
Right there.
- No.
Oh, good.
He's here! [WINDOWS CREAK.]
You made it.
We slept late.
Coffee? Beautiful house.
And I look up, and there's a guy standing in the window.
And the fuckin' guy is me.
So, we take an instant liking to each other.
What does it mean? - Too much rich food before bed.
- No.
It's It's trying to tell you something.
Maybe it's about moving on.
Or maybe your future self in your future house.
That house? Come on.
Why not? 'Cause I'm happy where I'm at.
I don't need to be a Hollywood A-lister.
I don't have the connections, for one thing.
Connections are easy.
- Oh, are they? - Mm-hmm.
You were in my dream.
I just Yes.
I think I didn't see your face, but Yes, from behind.
- He's back tonight.
- The husband? Mm-hmm.
Give him my love.
There is a party that we could go to Wednesday night.
Is that wise? Me and you at a party? Hmm? Well, I'll just introduce you as my friend.
Oh, that's good.
No one will see through that.
I'll text you the address.
So, move the appointment.
I would, but the doctor's going on vacation, and he wants to check the shoulder, X-rays, whatever.
I need you at this meeting.
Oh, no.
You're going to be great.
You got Miles there, April.
Promise, I'm gonna be at the next one.
It's gonna be good.
Hey, Ed.
- What? - L.
reached out.
They know we're doing business with El Paso.
So? They say we need to be gone from L.
by tonight.
Gone from L.
? Said if we don't do business with them, then we lost L.
don't want to fight.
They have more to lose.
We can go home for a while.
Things have cooled off.
And maybe we don't go to this production meeting.
We just lay low for a while.
I am going to this fucking meeting.
All right, honey.
Say hi to everybody, and, uh See you tonight.
I'm Emily.
I'm supposed to oversee all this.
- The movie? - Oversee? No, I mean, like the money.
- You're with the investor.
- That's it.
So good to meet you.
A few minutes and we'll get started.
- Okay.
- Morning, Emily.
- You look nice.
- Thanks.
- Morning.
- Morning, Miles.
Great room.
Can you believe this? - Here we go.
- We got coffee.
We got Yago.
Looking dapper.
Dapper? Are you sure you want to sit there? Amara comes in, finds you at the head of the table That's her problem.
Is it worth it, though? They already saw me sit here.
I'm not moving now.
Thanks so much.
- Louis.
- Hey.
- Hey, April.
- Hi.
Can I ask what what you're doing here? - For the meeting.
- Right.
Can we chat outside? You offered me a job as associate producer.
Which you turned down.
Not exactly.
I thought maybe when you told me to stay the fuck away, - that was a form of a rejection.
- No, no, no, no! Don't confuse my feelings about you personally with this job.
You want me to work with you while also staying the fuck away from you? Look.
Gladys knows I'm not writing anything.
If I'm a producer, she'll stop asking questions.
Yeah, she's asking a lot of questions.
Lu, I would love your help on this.
Even more so if you were just a bit less angry and hateful.
You know what you did.
Look how close we are, man.
And if this all works out if this fucking works out, Lu, Amara goes down, we walk free, just Just think about that future for a second.
You don't know that that could Two family men making movies without asking for permission.
No! You don't get to work shit out with me.
We're not on those terms anymore.
That's disappointing.
I better go in.
You want to work on this movie, you got to read the script.
- Okay.
- All of it.
Why does Yago sit there? Where? At the head? The head.
He think it's his movie.
Or he He just, you know, sat down.
We don't leave L.
We stay here.
'Cause of this? I can get him to move.
Fuck Yago, and fuck L.
I never leave.
Oh, here he is.
Hello, hello, everyone.
And you are? Amara.
- Ed.
- One more time? - Ed.
- Ed.
- Hello, Ed.
And? - I'm Yago.
Unlimited Limited, there he is.
Well, you're all in excellent hands with April, who's the best executive in this company.
- Only I never said that.
And, of course, our amazing director, Cath Nardini.
We are so grateful you're doing this.
Thank you for the opportunity.
And the great cinematographer I don't see Amir.
Amir Khondji.
He went home to see his mom in Iran.
Ended up on the no-fly list.
Our D.
? I've been I've been watching his stuff, he's perfect.
Yeah, I haven't been without him in years.
Well, we have calls into Homeland Security to get him a special visa.
- So far, no luck.
- Yeah, this is disappointing.
I mean, if you want, I can look into it.
Well, uh, you were able to get us an army base.
If you can wrangle us a visa No promises.
Okay, should we talk about casting? Yeah.
Was a long time ago.
- Have good stories.
- Been around.
Thank you.
- Yeah.
Here you go.
- Cheers.
Do you ever open up your eyes in the morning and the first thing you think about is the drink that you're going to have at the end of the day? You know, they have programs for that.
I mean, I was excited about this.
Yeah, yeah, me, too.
So, um, you studied Korean? Yeah.
I wanted to be a diplomat.
Don't laugh.
Oh, you'd be a great diplomat.
Say something.
Say something in Korean.
What does it mean? - I'm not telling you.
So, should we order food this time? Do you think we're ready for that? Yeah.
Yeah, you know what? You decide.
I'm gonna be right back.
But, um, I wouldn't order the fish here.
Rick? What's good? Nothing.
I mean All good, yeah.
- Wh Amara's here? - Nah, she's at a meeting.
Oh, that's right, that's right.
'Cause I went to the doctor's Now I'm just getting a drink alone, yeah.
I mean, lunch.
What about you? My girl loves garlic bread.
Otherwise I don't fuck with Burbank, you know? Right? Enjoy yourself.
You, too.
- Wow, that was fast.
- We gotta go.
I thought we were ordering.
Listen, look, um I like seeing you.
I do, a lot.
Just This is not the world's best idea.
- Well Did I do something? - No.
No, no.
Is it I don't know.
Am I too No, no, no, no.
You're You're amazing.
If it was up to me, I'd do this forever.
You're with someone.
It's It's crazier than that.
It's just Just believe me.
For your sake, we we can't do this.
I get it.
You You You really don't.
Maybe in a couple months.
I'm gonna be on the lot for the next few days if you want to say hi.
You're stocked up.
Church banquet? Carb-loading teenagers.
So So, yes.
So, there's this cinematographer, Amir Khondji.
Fuckin' brilliant, this guy.
You should watch his stuff.
Uses nature a lot in his work, really captures the beauty, but also the danger of the world - Wait, wait.
- Yeah? Do you have something that's relevant to the case? Without the film, there is no case.
Amir, he's on the no-fly list.
Stuck in Iran.
Director won't work without him, so Pretty essential.
You said the army base was essential.
- It was.
- Okay.
Remember, you don't move in until we're done shooting, right? This investigation is going to take six months, probably longer.
- Sweet.
- Hold on! Hold on.
So, I'm telling my boss that you want a work visa for an Iranian national on the no-fly list.
I do not take it for granted.
Every summer on vacation Oklahoma was the destination [ENGINE RUMBLING.]
Baking Grandma's pecan pie Fireworks on the 4th of July Up all night and no one gave a darn - What the hell?! - Hey! Hey! Hey.
Something green on that plate, please.
Tim was telling me about a training camp.
Summer club.
Changed Vanessa's game.
You think Emma should go? Depends how serious you want to get.
Well, if it's something the other girls are doing.
Summer conditioning's what you bring to winter.
- D3 coach told me that.
- Huh.
What are you talking about? - [CELLPHONE RINGING.]
- You going to supper club.
- What? - Summer.
Summer club.
Hello? Yeah, hold on.
One of the other parents can't seem to find a building.
Tricia Hunsacker? She couldn't find her way around a rotunda.
Truck full of product coming to us from El Paso.
They blew that shit sky high.
You sure it was L.
? They warned us to leave by tonight.
Then fucking leave.
Amara has no reason to be here.
- She thinks she does.
- The The film? Look, no offense, but Amara's hardly essential to the day-to-day.
So tell her.
The fuck I will.
Tell her she can still be a producer from Nevada, and she can come back when she's ready Ed, Ed, this has zero to do with me.
You got Amara and L.
producing your movie.
Yeah, but that's not what they're fighting about, is it? Man, I need your help with this.
Hold on.
- Fresh air.
- Mm.
All that freaking estrogen in there.
You know, I used to have a bachelor pad like this.
- Can I just have one sec? - Sorry.
- Just - Yeah, go ahead.
- Still there? - Mm-hmm.
See if you can back channel with L.
, negotiate terms, and then tell Amara that it was L.
that reached out.
So you won't talk to her.
I'm trying to help.
Man, fuck you.
You got a light? Gonna kill half this doob.
Thanks, bud.
Hey, there.
How was your day? Oh, it was, uh Yeah, I just, you know, trying to set up a couple new projects, get more than one thing going.
How about you? I am very stressful.
Really? How come? Don't matter.
I'm just glad to see you.
That was nice.
Yeah, yeah, oh, yeah, no, real nice.
I've never heard of this movie, but the photography is beautiful.
Feels like I'm back in Tora Bora.
New task force? Agent Buchholz and Agent Ware were they were helping me decide if I should pass a request along.
From Miles Daly.
Doesn't need the U.
Capitol building, does he? No, but, uh, he'd like a visa for a cinematographer.
Iranian named Amir Khondji.
What's a cinematographer do again? A person who oversees lighting, stuff.
I made a folder.
Aren't there people in this country who can do that job? Yeah, it's, uh, just When we took a look at Khondji's work, uh He He's good.
Does his being good advance our cause in some way? That's Probably not.
So, let's stay focused, shall we? Yes, ma'am.
Was it everything you hoped? Totally.
Thank you for hosting.
Trying to be one of the dads.
Trying? You know that I actually am your dad, right? No, I mean, like, field-hockey dad.
It's not an insult.
Starting now, I intend to be a proper field-hockey parent.
Chatting about D3 coaches, and summer club, and tactics You have that thing with Mom tomorrow? With the lawyers? Uh, yeah.
Well, you don't You don't think that's what this is, do you? That I'm only showing an interest so I can use it in court? Jesus, Emma, that's rough.
I'm not I'm not saying that.
I mean, I was, but I wouldn't blame you.
One thing has nothing to do with the other.
Okay, Dad.
Ah, very nice, thank you.
Hey, look at this, huh? - Continental breakfast.
- Mm.
I don't even know what this is.
You happy? Yeah.
I mean, I should eat more fiber, but but yeah.
Happy with me? Yeah.
Yeah, of course.
- So much business.
- Mm.
I have to make time for Ricky.
But when the love is strong the man gets scared.
Is okay.
What are we talking about? You have nice clothes, nice car.
Girls throw themself at you.
Oh, well, that's That hasn't been my experience.
Where I come from, the woman fix the problem.
But there's no problem.
What? No rush.
When you get a minute.
She call you? No, her people reached out.
What does that mean? All I know is they're willing to sit down and negotiate.
If we sit down, I bring backup, or I don't go.
So, you want me to call them back? [SIGHS.]
One second, one second.
Uh, the girl that works here.
- She said she'd be here today.
- I don't know her, man.
I'm normally up in Thousand Oaks, and she didn't show.
Did she call in sick? No.
She flaked.
I can't get ahold of her.
Yeah, well, hey, if you reach her, tell her she's working for me this weekend.
How can I help you? [CHATTER.]
- Hello? - Hey.
Oh, someone's there.
- This the banana people again? - Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Sorry to bother you, um I told you, she didn't come home.
Didn't come home? - Who's this? - Her roommate.
Who's this? Done.
What do you think of the tank scene? Oh, it's great.
There is no tank scene! It's so long.
Can we just move past this? How can you work on a film if you don't know what it's about? Is there even gonna be a film? What does that mean? Did you hear what L.
did to Amara's truck? We've already got financing.
If the producers want to shoot at each other, I say have at it.
Really? We should be thinking about what comes next, 'cause in six months' time, they're all gonna behind bars.
That's an interesting point, though, that you make about the script, in terms of the length.
You wanted these for David Oumou? - Our Oumou? - Yeah.
We made him an offer to play the lead role in the film.
- Huh.
- He hasn't responded.
You should drop these over.
- Me? - Yeah.
I'm the associate producer.
Shouldn't you get a P.
to do something like Ah, but he loves you.
Ever since your words turned him into a star.
Yeah, you should drop these off, tell him that you're now working on "Wylderness," and see if you can get him on board.
Yeah? Can you tell Louis where to go? All right, cheers.
- Hey.
- You speak with Laurence? What about? He was amazed you got the visa for Amir.
Between that and the army base, it's really impressive.
Kind of to the point of bewildering.
Just made a couple of calls.
To Homeland Security? Yeah.
Anyway Uh, we should go over this budget.
Sounds exhilarating.
We could make it fun.
Get takeout, a bottle of wine I'm afraid I-I can't.
I've got a thing.
A date? [SIGHS.]
That's great.
Um Good.
Well Another time.
- Another time.
- Yeah.
Have fun.
This is premium stuff.
How'd you know I like biscuits? Ah, just, you know, remembered.
Is this an espresso machine? Yeah, can you believe it? One week, I'm making foot-longs at Subway, the next, I'm a gangster.
Bloody love America.
Hey, you deserve it, buddy.
Huh? Yeah! Hey, can I have a cookie? Yeah, go for it.
Anyway Yum.
- About "Wylderness.
" - Yeah.
Um, I hate to disappoint, but my reps don't want me to do it.
Good script.
Lot of words.
Yeah, I love the script.
It's just, my agents want me on the superhero stuff.
You know, like like Cumberbatch.
Don't know what "Cumberbatch" is, but you have got to do things you love.
- You got milk? - Yeah, yeah, it's just in the fridge.
Yeah, I hear you on the love thing.
I just can't go against my reps when they're breaking me.
How much do you pay them? 10%.
Of your money? Well, that's the game.
And you do all the work? No, they they do some work.
I think.
I mean, I don't know what my manager does, but he gets 10%, as well.
Holy shit.
Shouldn't they be asking what you want to do? [SOFT MUSIC PLAYING.]
So between you and me, I'm not exactly chuffed.
I'm getting offers.
I just need someone to negotiate.
Mmm, you got to try these.
These are ridiculous.
- Sorry, that took a while.
- Yeah, what did you find out? - Why don't you sit down? No, no, no, no.
Tell me.
We don't know anything yet.
She didn't come home last night, but that doesn't necessarily mean that Yes, it does.
Yes, it does! That's what it means! Amara had her taken out! 'Cause of me! I got her killed.
You can't blame yourself.
If that's even what happened.
We don't know anything yet.
This girl she was the sweetest kid.
She didn't have anything to do with anything.
Except serving me a fuckin' banana.
Amara's gotta be stopped.
- We're working on that.
- Okay, whatever I got to do.
I don't care what it is.
Tell me, and I'm gonna do it, 'cause this has to stop now.
- Hello.
- Hey.
A couple of things.
- You look beautiful.
- Thank you.
This place is amazing.
And the guy over here at the table.
Is that that producer, uh, Evans? Robert Evans, yeah.
This is his house.
- Shut up.
- Yeah.
- Actually, Bob.
- No.
Yes, come here.
Bob, this is, uh, Miles Daly.
- Hello.
- Oh, hello, Miles.
How do you know Jinny? She's a friend.
You know, when Jinny was 5 years old Oh, this story.
we were having an Easter-egg hunt on the back lawn.
Except the adults were - You're up.
- Uh, to be continued.
- Want a drink? - Please.
Bob, we'll be back in a second.
So, you used to come here as a kid? Yeah.
- You know my mom? - Debra Schaffer.
Yeah, well, she and my dad used to bring us here and let us fend for ourselves.
That is my mom.
With Jack Nicholson? Mm-hmm.
I mean, I knew she was a big deal, but this is You grew up with these people? [SIGHS.]
Must have been fun.
Sometimes it was fun.
No one is looking.
Let's get you drunk.
The drinks are in here.
- All self-serve.
- Nice.
What are you doing? Just got off a plane, came straight here.
I'm starving.
Ohh, come here, you.
These are weird leftovers.
Uh, I'm Miles.
Hi, Miles.
Where are you from? Here and there.
Ireland by way of Nevada.
Am I right that in Ireland, it's rude to ask, "What do you do?" [CHUCKLES.]
Yeah, a bit.
Miles is a producer.
He did a film called "The Admiral's Mistress.
" Did you work on it? No, sadly.
- She is a brilliant designer.
- I believe that.
Well, congratulations on the film.
- Is it good? - Yeah.
You She hasn't seen it.
It's what I would call the the result of hard work and ruthless determination.
- Mm-hmm.
- Brian's a director.
Anything I might have seen? "Scarface," "The Untouchables," "Carrie" You're not [CLEARS THROAT.]
You're Brian De fucking Palma.
That's, uh I'm Miles.
I already told you my name a minute ago, so Didn't need to do that.
That's cool.
Big fan.
You know, there's a film I've been trying to get made for like 10 years, and, um Well, I could use a producer with ruthless determination.
Want to hear what it's about? Do I wa [CLEARS THROAT.]
Would you like to start? You ask for meeting.
I'm sorry, I was told this was at your request.
Que? It's not important.
We're both here, and I assume we both want to resume a business relationship.
Is that correct? Maybe.
Well, would you like to begin with your terms, or should I lay out ours? Up to you.
You first.
Let's start with our original agreement.
That we would be the sole supplier via trucking routes from the West.
I always wanted to check this place out.
Yo, Jacobo's down with the owner here.
Really? What's up, kid? How you doin'? Hey, these guys are with me.
What's happening? Shit - That's Amara's guys, right? - Shit.
- They your friends? - Not anymore.
Yeah, better not see them inside.
We got a sitdown going on, all right, man? Just cool it.
Yo! You gonna get us in? Sorry, man.
Is that my shirt? What? That is my shirt.
I've been looking for that.
This is not yours.
Label say "7 Diamonds," right? I kicked you out, you went into my closet and took my shirt? Man, that's fucked up.
Well, you didn't kick me out.
I moved out.
- Yo, yo, yo.
- What's he saying? Nothing.
Some bullshit.
Let's go.
You got something to say? - What? [SPEAKING SPANISH.]
- Come on, come on.
Hey, hey, hey, hey! Hey, hey! Break it up! [INDISTINCT SHOUTING.]
- Heffa! Heffa! [GRUNTS.]
Your friends are dead, man.
- They're not my friends.
- I don't know! We need a fucking ambulance, man.
- Stay still, man, stay still! If a probationary period is genuinely on the table, - we opt for six months at 5%.
With all due respect, you're in no position to negotiate terms.
There was a shooting at the club.
We agreed to a cease-fire.
Either this was planned, or you simply have no control over those in your employ.
What? We require you to leave Los Angeles, effective immediately.
Do you understand? I'm gonna miss these delightful conversations.
Tomorrow I get to tell Emma that her dad is kicking around an idea with the man who made "Scarface.
" Well, he did tell you that he's been working on it for years, so, it's Are you jealous of how close Brian De Palma and I have become? Is that what this is? You have fancy friends.
Yeah, I guess so.
I take it they all know your husband.
They do.
Can I ask an indelicate question? Are you trying to break up your marriage? Probably.
You'd like Greg, actually.
He's funny.
Successful [SIGHS.]
Can't tell if I'm falling out of love or I'm too fucked up to be happy.
I mean, my parents, they didn't even hide their affairs.
But if I'm imitating them, then how boring is that? - [CHUCKLES.]
- I got to go.
Hold on.
Thanks for tonight.
It was fun.
Congratulations on the film.
Oh, thanks, Brian.
You think I should send Emma to summer club? Well Summer conditioning is what you bring into winter.
That's what I've heard.
Oh, I love your house.
This isn't my house.
Sure it is.
You made it.
Thanks, everyone, for your time.
This meeting represents the last opportunity for both parties to work things out in the hopes of avoiding going before the bench.
Daly, we'll start with you.
My position's been the same from the start, really.
I just, um I believe Emma would benefit from having her father in her life.
If Katie gets full custody, I worry that she would restrict access to my daughter on a whim.
For any reason Miles is a criminal.
He works for a woman named Amara De Escalones.
She runs a Nevada part of the Capotillo Cartel.
Miles hurts people for a living.
He's been shot at least twice, that I know of.
Keeps unregistered guns in his home in case people come after him.
If he insists on going to court, I am willing to say all of this in front of a judge.
Katie, have you lost your fucking mind? What are you doing? This is your decision, not mine.
Do you have any idea what will happen if you follow th Your decision.
No Ah! - Emily.
- Yeah.
Um Uh, don't use that bathroom.
Why? Can we talk? - Just waiting on the relay? - Yes, sir.
Got a call from Homeland Security.
The Iranian cinematographer is off the no-fly list.
Didn't think you would grant that request, but you changed your mind.
The quality of the movie is irrelevant to the investigation.
But if it's being made anyway That was my thought.
- It's a good script.
- Very good.
The last bit at the end, with the girl She reaches the coast.
Very moving.
The cinematographer, Amir Khondji.
I don't know if you had a chance to look at his work Oh, it's beautiful.
His use of contrast.
I don't know what they call it, but he feels right for this project.
Totally agree.
Let's keep this between us.
No question.
And we're up.
Live feed from in her kitchen.
So, where is fucking Peewee? He tell me what happened, or I come after him.
Lu? I assume you still have a key.
- Hey, man.
- You've actually stopped by.
Should I take that as a good sign? [SIGHS.]
Oumou is over the moon about the script.
I think he'll do it.
Ah! There it is! Why didn't you say that on the phone? There's details we need to go over.
Ah, man, that's fucking that's great! I'll tell April to get in touch with his reps.
- We should celebrate! - I'm his reps now.
I have ginger ale.
I'm David Oumou's manager.
You're what? Yeah, we were We were talking over cookies which were fucking great and David was saying that, uh, he can't stand his agent, or his manager.
Job doesn't sound that hard.
So I said I'd do it.
Be his manager.
Okay, this is a little awkward.
Um I know how bad you guys want him for the movie.
It's a $30 million film So, I'm guessing you could cough up a million bucks for Dave.
Oh, and I need an executive-producer credit.
So, uh Should we talk about it, or? Gonna say Yago was there? I think so.
Fucking idiotas.
Why they keep fucking up over [GLASS SHATTERS, MACHINE-GUN FIRE.]
- You all right? - Fuck.
Fucking people.
Is everyone all right? - Yeah.
- I'll check outside.
Tell Inez to clean all this up, huh? Now.
Before Ricky gets home.
And somebody fix those windows.
Do it! How soon can you move in? A drive-by shooting.
We can't stand back and watch while they drop bodies.
No, of course not.
Just, we thought we'd have six more months.
- We have a choice? - No, sir.
Uh, we will get warrants and coordinate a raid in 48 hours.
Whole new crew.
People they don't know.
Why the fuck would we pay that? Because he is worth it.
I I asked you to go over there and offer a deal on our behalf, and you switched sides! You said I should think about my future.
If I had known that your future consisted of fucking me up, I would've said nothing.
You are one to talk.
- Okay.
- Oh, yeah.
- Here we go.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
- You made me into a fucking rat! You know what? Thanks for stopping by, Lu.
Don't let the door hit you in the arse.
I leave now, offer's off the table.
And I will take it up with his actual manager, whose number I have upstairs.
She doesn't work for him anymore.
- We'll see about that.
- Yeah.
Yeah, we will.
Fuckin' snitch.
Hey! Okay.
You don't want to be part of this deal with the Feds? Fine.
I'll let them know you'd rather do the time.
You do that.
You'd rather spend 15 years upstate while your child grows up without you and your "wife," if that's what we're fucking calling her - Hey.
- You think that you have the marital foundation that she'll hold out? That she'll spend the prime of her youth waiting for you? Or will another man end up raising your kid? After you've gone And left me cryin' After you've gone There's no denyin' You'll feel blue You'll feel sad You'll miss the bestest pal you ever had There'll come a time Now, don't forget it There'll come a time When you'll regret it Someday, when you grow lonely Your heart will break like mine And you'll want me only After you've gone After you've gone away [SIGHS.]
Oh, shit.
After you've gone And left me cryin' After you've gone There's no denyin' You'll feel blue You'll feel sad You'll miss the bestest pal you ever had There'll come a time Now, don't forget it There'll come a time When you'll regret it Someday, when you grow lonely Your heart will break like mine And you'll want me only After you've gone After you've gone away, way, way, way Hey! After you've gone And left me cryin' After you've gone There's no denyin' You'll feel blue You'll feel sad You'll miss the bestest pal you ever had There'll come a time Now, don't forget it There'll come a time When you'll regret it Someday, when you grow lonely Your heart will break like mine And you'll want me only After you've gone After you've gone away After you've gone and left me cryin' After you've gone After you've gone away After you've gone And left me cryin' After you've gone There's no denyin' You'll feel blue You'll feel sad You'll miss the bestest pal you ever had There'll come a time Now, don't forget it There'll come a time When you'll regret it Someday, when you grow lonely Your heart will break like mine And you'll want me only After you've gone After you've gone away, way, way, way Hey! After you've gone After you've gone away
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