Get Shorty (2017) s02e08 Episode Script


1 Previously on "Get Shorty" Laurence wears a wig? It's a medical condition.
He doesn't have a hair on his body.
- Don't use that bathroom.
- Why? Can we talk? I started talking with lawyers.
I'm planning to ask for full custody.
If Katie gets full custody, I worry that she would restrict access to my daughter on a whim.
Miles is a criminal.
He works for a woman named Amara De Escalones.
If he insists on going to court, I'm willing to say all this in front of a judge.
We don't know anything yet.
She didn't come home last night, but that doesn't necessarily mean that Yes, it does.
Yes, it does.
Amara had her taken out.
I got her killed.
Okay, what do I got to do? I don't care what it is.
I'm gonna do it, - 'cause this has to stop now.
- I'm David Oumou's manager.
- I asked you to go over there - and offer a deal on our behalf, and you switch sides! You made me into a rat.
- You know what? - Thanks for stopping by, Lu.
Don't let the door hit you on the arse.
- That's Amara's guys, right? - You see him? Yeah, I better not see him inside.
We agreed to a cease-fire.
Either this was planned, or you simply have no control over those in your employ.
- What? - We require you to leave Los Angeles, effective immediately.
Do you understand? [MACHINE-GUN FIRE.]
How soon can you move in? We can't stand back and watch while they drop bodies.
We will get warrants and coordinate a raid in 48 hours.
Pass that around.
I forget to tell you.
I have some men work on the house today.
Yeah, I see that.
I see.
Wh-wh-what needs work? - Oh, insulation.
- Ah.
- Painting.
- Painting, yeah, sure.
Is okay.
You stay at your house just a few days.
Uh, yeah, no.
I don't mind.
You can come stay with me if you want.
I should stay here Make sure they're working.
Yeah, that's probably smart.
- Okay.
All right, let's do this.
Where's Miles? Ask him.
Can we get this going? I told Gladys that I was going out to get bagels.
See you, guys.
Uh, good luck with the work.
All right, gather round.
I'm only gonna say this once.
This is a lockdown.
No one gets in without checking at the door.
You're out and about, you watch yourself.
You need a piece, take it.
Don't fire first.
But if you're attacked, do what you got to do.
- I'm busy.
- I can't get there now.
That's on you.
But I heard what happened.
Is everything under control? So you don't show, but you want your own private update? Just give me a sense of where she's [CELLPHONE BEEPS.]
Your mother's gonna be here.
Emma, you look fine.
Let's go.
You don't even know what I'm wearing.
You're just walking out so you and mom can have a fight.
I haven't had coffee yet.
You think I want a fight? I told her I want you guys to share custody.
It's better if you just stay out of it.
She's gonna ask about your face.
Nobody cares about my face.
Good morning.
The fight begins.
Could you kindly get in the car? - Can we talk for a sec? - Need to get going.
Please? It's just Just for a sec.
All right.
One sec.
Car crash? - Actually, no, it was more - I don't care.
Katie, tell me you're not gonna pull anything crazy in front of the judge.
Well, you could always sign the papers.
Tick a box that says I don't want my daughter? Do you think that's gonna happen? - Then I don't have a choice.
- The choice to not mention certain people and certain activities - Miles.
- that may result in a certain employer of mine [HUSHED.]
fucking murdering all three of us? And you don't see why you should sign the papers.
The hearing's in five hours.
I'm just telling the judge the truth.
Capotillo office headquarters, De Escalones residence.
Five cars per target, one marked.
Location pending on six individuals Warrants set? - Almost.
- Almost? Finalizing indictments.
We'll be ready.
Stevenson's almost done.
What you need to remember is that when we go in there - Oh, gosh.
Hi, hon.
- Hey.
He up to speed? - Just about.
- Yeah, tomorrow, huh? I-I'm relieved.
I just, uh, I didn't think it would be this soon.
You know, most of our own office doesn't know the day of the raid, so when I say - you cannot repeat this - No, absolutely.
Just go back to work, continue on your daily routine.
I was telling him that we'll arrest him, too, so it doesn't - look like he's in on it.
- Mmhmm.
We put the cuffs on you, you need to look surprised and upset.
"What did I do? Get your fucking hands off.
" Something in that vein.
That's I can I can do that.
I-I There is one thing, and this is our problem, not yours, but if you see an opportunity - Okay? - We need to get Amara out of her house and away from her men, and that is proving to be difficult.
Hmm I might have an idea.
- Down on your knees You're begging me, begging me Down on your knees Already ate.
Appointment in 20 minutes.
- Oh, the OGBYN thing? - [SIGHS.]
Well, I could go with you if you if you want.
No, thanks.
I can just sit in the waiting room.
- That bruise is turning yellow.
- Yeah.
Yeah, well, I won't forget my cane today.
Yeah, no more falling down.
What took you so long? Oh, David Oumou called.
He was upset about his trailer, so I had to go down and straighten it out.
- His career's taking off.
- He's making real money.
Which is good for us.
Yeah, I know.
- So - No.
You know, it's just I always thought that I'd have a singing career then a baby.
You're still gonna be able to sing.
It's just hormones.
I almost keyed a car yesterday for taking a parking space at the Container Store.
I can't be late for the ultrasound.
What is Is that where they show you the kid? Uh, I had two already.
Ultrasounds, not kids.
So you know if it's a boy or girl.
I'm not ready to talk about that stuff with you.
But you know Thanks for the bagel.
- You two have fun! - [DOOR CLOSES.]
Hmm Yeah.
My girlfriend doesn't do understated.
Her taste is, uh, I want to say, big and shiny.
We have something over here.
What's your return policy? A couple days, I can bring it back? If there's no damage.
8 caret, pear-cut, VS-1 clarity.
How much? - 130.
- Thousand? Wow.
It's full refund right? It's not store credit? Refund.
Not that I hope she says "no.
" I mean, God willing, we'll spend our whole life together.
You never know, though, right? Ooh.
Yeah, that's nice.
- Who is it? - Waz.
- Who? - It's Waz.
- What do you want? - Got a delivery.
Last chance to tell me who you are, 'cause I'm not expecting any fucking deliveries.
This shit's from Moises.
Call him.
He'll tell you.
- Yeah? There's a guy outside, says he has a delivery.
It's a housewarming gift.
You sound like you're freaking out.
Well, yeah.
My Tia has shit in L.
, and I'm in the middle of it.
Jacobo said keep the door closed.
Nah, he's paranoid.
I got to run.
Call me after you open that shit.
- Take it easy.
- Yeah, you, too.
Rick? Hey.
I'm Janice, line producer.
Oh, well, nice to meet you in person.
I'll grab Miles, and we'll get started.
- Miles? Miles is - Yeah.
- Oh, you actually showed.
Rick and I worked together on our last film.
Rick hired the whole crew, and they were, - to a man, affordable.
Can I interest you in a beverage, Rick? I'll be in the conference room when you're ready.
Well, uh, I'm ready now.
Hold on just one sec, would you? There's something we should discuss.
I think we both know what's going on, right? Shit's about to get serious.
I don't want it to affect the movie.
Well, I hate to break it to you, but they're gonna shut down the movie.
- What? - They have to.
It's evidence, right? When you say "they," who do you mean? Who do you mean? - Amara? - Fuck's sake.
Oh - Rick, do you know something? - I can't I can't Are you talking about our friends with the badges? No.
No, I'm not.
Why are they shutting down the film? [WHISPERING.]
Are they making arrests? - [WHISPERING.]
- Fuck.
They are.
Jesus, I'm so bad at this.
I told them I wouldn't tell anybody.
You're literally the first person I've talked to.
Why do you say that the movie is evidence? They're gonna confiscate our financing.
All of it? The fuck do I know? They told me they were gonna wait six months.
When are they actually moving in? Couple of days, a week? - Rick! - No, no, no, no.
You know what? You ask the Feds what's going on, okay? I'm not saying anything.
I mean more than I already have.
We need to spend the money right now.
We need to pay for the film before the Feds get their hands on the money.
I don't see that happening, okay? So if you'll excuse me, I have a meeting with a line producer.
- April.
- Hi.
I'm Mark, Human Resources at Budd E.
I left a message for you last night, - and I called you again today.
- Right.
- You know Emily.
- Hi.
All right if we come in and chat for a moment? Oh, yeah, of course.
Are we doing this here? There's no perfect place to have a conversation like this.
Believe me, I do not feel good about this, either.
But it is serious.
Well, we agree on that.
Emily? I told him what you told me, that yesterday, at about 6:15, you went into Laurence's office while he was out, - went into his closet - His secret closet.
And you said that there was a one-way mirror looking into the women's room.
I called HR right after, left a message.
There's, um There's still women going in there right now.
- We should really stop this.
- A-April.
Both Emily and I checked inside the closet.
I spoke to Mark first thing this morning.
There is no one-way mirror.
There sure as hell is.
I have photos of every wall.
Right there.
There was a mirror.
If it's not there, then I It's been sealed up.
And when would that have been done? Last night.
- You told someone.
- I knew she'd turn this on me.
April, we have a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to harassing employees.
That includes insulting and defamatory comments - in the workplace.
- Oh, my God.
I'm afraid you're being placed on leave, effective immediately.
Um, are you in on this, too? Be aware that if you continue to share false allegations, you will be legally liable for slander and defamation.
Now, I need you to calmly exit the building.
This is like "Rosemary's fucking Baby.
" Okay, uh, that is just the sort of language we were hoping to avoid.
Fuck you, Mark.
I need a fucking lawyer.
- Uh, heading to lunch.
- I just have a quick question - about the budget.
- I, ah - I'm not your guy.
You need to speak to Janice.
This is more of a big-picture kind of a question.
We've got a lot of stuff in here like locations and actors and catering, and we kind of pay it all as we go along.
- One does in life.
But if we wanted, could we pay them all up front? Well, why would we want that? Our investors.
I-I'm not saying there's a problem, just there could be.
Well, once the LLC is funded, they can't pull that money out.
- In this case - I got a lunch.
Hey, good to see you.
In this case, it's not a matter of the investors pulling money out.
- Yeah, I don't understand.
Uh - It's hard to explain.
I just know that if we want to be sure we can complete production, we got to pay for everything right now.
I don't think so.
I'm sorry if it sounds a bit shady and that I'm not explaining it better but we play this right, we're gonna end up with a beautiful movie.
If not, we could have nothing.
Okay, so you want to issue purchase orders for everything up front, but you can't tell me why? I'm asking you to trust me.
- Okay.
Yeah? I can tell Janice that you're good with this? Yeah.
You won't regret it.
Emily, you seen April? - Think she left.
- Okay.
- Can I have a word? - Yeah, I don't think so.
I'm just here to pick up my client's check.
- No, I'll be one sec.
- Do you want to do this now? [WHISPERING.]
'Cause I will lay you out again.
Only 'cause you had your fucking cane.
Well, guess what, I still got it.
Okay, Lu I don't even know why I'm trying to help you, - but I have information you want.
- [SIGHS.]
If I'm wrong, I'll happily fuck off.
Break it down, bro.
Hey, do the thing, man.
- Come on, show 'em.
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.
- Everything cool? - We go to Nevada.
You want to leave? W-Well, we can pack up, then.
We'll have someone else do it.
We leave tomorrow.
What changed your mind? I let that perra gringa think she push me around.
- When are they moving in? - [SIGHS.]
Hopefully not in the next hour, since I've got my custody hearing with Katie.
I'm thinking if I get dragged away in handcuffs, it might influence the verdict.
The Feds promised we won't do time.
Yeah, didn't they also promise that they would wait six months before they moved in? - Yeah.
- Yeah.
Yeah, I don't know what happened there.
I-I'm I've I've tried calling them.
- They're not calling back.
- That puts my mind at ease.
Look it, there's no reason to think they're gonna go back on their deal.
- And then once Amara's gone - Yeah, j-just whatever.
You know, just [SIGHS.]
Things are good with me and Gladys.
They're good.
This is how she learns about me? I mean, seeing it on the news.
I mean She'll probably never talk to me again.
- They won't let me near my kid.
- You don't know that.
I'm here on business.
I better go.
Hey, Lulu? Good luck, yeah? You, too.
Okay [GRUNTS.]
Shhhhiiit! [GROANING.]
Your Honor, Emma hasn't lived with her father in over a year.
I've been her primary physical custodian since Miles and I separated.
There's no reason for that to change.
That's why I believe it's in Emma's best interest to live with me.
Daly, does Mr.
Daly have any substance-abuse issues - you're aware of? - Not that I'm aware of.
Any instances of domestic violence? No.
He's never hit you or the child? No.
Has he harmed your daughter in any way? I'm failing to see why he's an unfit parent.
Is there a reason Mr.
Daly should be denied joint custody? Ms.
Daly, any reason Mr.
Daly should be denied joint custody? [INDISTINCT CONVERSATIONS.]
- Katie? [WHISPERING.]
You don't need to worry, okay? I promise, I won't let anything happen.
I love loving you Loving you, loving you I love loving you, yeah Greg said you wanted to see me.
Oh, yeah, um, do you book singers? I'm Bob.
I own the club.
Oh, okay.
My wife is a fantastic singer.
Now, I-I-I know you must get approached all the time.
- She have a demo? - Uh, yeah.
I got it on my phone.
No, no, e-mail it to me.
I'll get back to you.
Uh, no, no.
I was really hoping that you could listen to it now.
- Now? - I know, but Under normal circumstances, I wouldn't be so pushy, but she's just She's just an amazing person, and, um, I don't have a lot of time, so You say she's good? - [SCOFFS.]
She's great! - No, I don't need a demo.
Book her for Friday night.
- Really?! - Absolutely.
And then your mom can sing on Saturday, and I'll pencil in your aunts and uncles for Sunday.
Does that work? [LAUGHS.]
Send me the demo or don't.
It's up to you.
The hell's that text? Going to Nevada? - For a while.
- Wh Why? For business.
But I come back.
When the movie's coming good, you come stay with me.
- Nevada's nice.
- You mean, like, visit? - No.
You stay with me.
Are you asking me to To come live with you in Nevada? You don't like it? [STAMMERS.]
Hmm? Amara, I, uh You and I, we've been through so much together.
Uh You're my sol and my luna, my first thought when I wake up in the morning and my last thought when I go to sleep.
So if if you want to be together, if that's what you really want then that's what I want, too.
- Ricky - Yeah.
Fucking Where did you get the ring?! - [LAUGHS.]
- Is that a yes? - I marry you, yes.
- Ah.
Oh, mi amor.
- Hmm.
- Oh.
- Christ - No.
Wait up, please? Just wait.
I'm I'm handicapped.
This is not the best way to get your wife a gig.
- I know.
- Ohh! - Are you fucking nuts? - [CRIES OUT.]
God Ugh! [COUGHS.]
Now, I really do believe that when you hear her voice, you're oh, you're gonna be impressed.
That's her on the ukulele, too.
I remember when you and I - She's terrific.
- Shh.
This is my favorite part.
Were like two clouds kissing in the sky - And the wonder - Yeah.
First, thank you all for coming together on short notice.
- Give yourselves a hand.
Lots of details to get through today, so please stop me if you have any questions.
Priority number one is that we do this safely.
Tonight, we will be hitting nine targets, six in L.
Metro, two in Nevada, one in Palm Springs.
You have been assigned to teams "A" through "I".
Lead agents should be distributing the ops plans now.
Team A, target Roberto Torres, 34 years old, mid-level Capotillo.
He is at Ostrom Avenue.
- Charges - [KNOCK ON DOOR.]
- Joint custody! - Whoa! [LAUGHS.]
- It's good, right? - I'm so relieved.
You'll see so much of me, we'll be sick of each other.
Did you get my text? I left my history book - in your room.
- Oh, that's what it is.
Yeah, I figured your mother wasn't dropping you over here so we could have this beautiful moment.
No, not at all.
This is Emma.
Emma, this is Jinny.
- Hi.
Nice to meet you.
- Hi.
Nice to meet you.
Let me grab that textbook.
- Be right back.
And he says that you've been He says you're pretty good.
I've been playing since I was 10, so I might be, yeah, I think I am.
- How old are you now? - 14.
- 14, oh, okay.
- Oh, cool.
You guys play on dirt or? I think it's artificial turf, but it looks like a pro's team, so it's okay.
Oh, thank you.
- I'll see you tonight? - [CAR HORN BEEPS.]
Do I need to go out there now and be civilized? - Oh, definitely not.
- Thank God.
Nice meeting you.
- Nice meeting you, too.
I'll see you later.
Kid's cool.
As you'd expect.
I'm gonna head out in a second, too.
Just wait till they're gone.
Probably best.
So, uh, there's something that I didn't want to get into last night, 'cause you just came from court.
I'm leaving Greg.
I haven't told him yet, but I've decided.
And you're just gonna drop that little detail on your way out the door? It's not Okay, it's I'm not leaving him because of you.
I'm not leaving him for you.
It's something completely separate, and I and I don't expect anything from us at all.
Uh, it's just if we're gonna continue seeing each other, then we don't have to sneak around.
But it's no pressure.
Well, you've made that clear.
Does that freak you out? We'll talk about it.
and then lady is going to come by Sorry to interrupt, but Ross just told me that we're stopping through Palm Springs without bringing extra security? It's where we get married.
- Ricky book a hotel.
- Yeah.
The Lightman.
It's where Sinatra stayed.
It's the perfect place.
And since we're going through, why wait? - [CHUCKLES.]
- Love waits for no man, Ed.
But we should bring backup.
Why? We're leaving L.
- Still, if we don't go - I-I-I'd rather it be intimate.
Really, m-my first wedding was so big.
There were people invited there, I had no idea who they were.
- Yeah.
It's ridiculous.
But this This is gonna be nice.
- So nice.
Ed, you want some? There's some glasses over there.
Go ahead.
Help yourself.
So, she's gonna bring the dress tonight, make sure that it fit.
And two ladies to sew, just to make sure.
Yeah, you never know.
This fucking thing is awesome.
She had to leave, all right? It was just a matter of time.
Shit, well, I didn't think she would.
Amara take us on? [LAUGHS.]
Yeah, we'd lay that bitch down, man.
I heard she pulled some guys up from Nevada.
A dozen? Two dozen? Like that makes a difference, man.
Holed up in that crazy house eating canned soup.
Yeah, we smoked that bitch out.
Shit, well, smoke me out.
Now we can relax.
Man, I've been trapped in this apartment for three days.
Well, we go out tonight.
You been to that new spot on Las Palmas? - Mnh-mnh.
- It doesn't have a name.
- [THUDS.]
- It's just Ah, shit! That fucking thing bit me! - [LAUGHS.]
- What? Through the lid! God damn! He can't bite you through the lid, man.
Look at my fucking arm.
- Oh, shit.
- Fucking cobra.
Holy shit.
They can fucking kill you, right? Uh, I'll get an ambulance.
Yo, man, I'm gonna fucking lay down.
How many times you hit snooze? - I stopped counting after six.
- Yeah, long night.
Where were you? - [TOILET FLUSHES.]
- Uh, Madison Bar.
- On Melrose? - Mm-hmm.
Why were you there? Um [SMOOCHES.]
You remember that, uh, demo that you played for me? Well, I played it for the owner.
- I didn't say you could do that.
- Well, you want to be a singer.
The sound is terrible on that demo.
You want to know what he thought? - Oh, these are good.
- Oh, what did he say? Mmm.
- He loved it.
- Shut up.
He said you were a revelation.
- Don't fuck with me.
- No, you're on tonight.
- Tonight? - Tonight.
- To sing? - No, to wait tables.
Oh, my Okay, I don't even have a set prepared.
Honey, honey.
You are so beautiful and talented and you've been waiting for this.
- Tonight.
- Mm-hmm.
Louis Darnell you are a wonderful man.
Just got word.
Our undercover officer, Agent Cousins He's in a medically-induced coma at Cedars.
- No.
- I'm sorry.
He was with Yago De Escalones and several Capotillo members.
He's our inside man.
Do we know how he got made? Uh, actually, it looks like sort of a freak accident.
He was bitten by a snake.
I'm sorry, he w It was a cobra.
Somebody's pet, I guess.
The guys brought him into the E.
, probably saved his life.
Make sure Ruben gets this list as soon as possible.
- Thank you.
Lila? Hi.
Josh? You look nothing like your picture.
April? Why are you heavy-breathing? I am on a treadmill burning off 600 calories worth of rage.
- Why's that? - 'Cause I got fired.
What? How did that happen? Laurence.
But before I tell you, I have to increase my pace - to handle the additional rage.
Can I help? Laurence and I have a bit of an understanding.
- Hold on.
Are you ready for this? - Ah.
- Huh? What'd I tell you? - [LAUGHS.]
- It's beautiful, right? - It's very nice.
- Yeah.
- Best suite in the hotel.
Third floor, great views.
Mexico's on the phone.
- Oh.
- Oh, I'm gonna go check us in.
Hello? [CHUCKLES.]
Hey, Janice.
Hey, are you, um, making those payments? Actually, no.
Why not? Laurence told me to stop.
That's, uh I specifically spoke with him about it.
He He also told us you wouldn't be involved with the production.
What? Mr.
Mark from Human Resources.
You have a moment? Uh, not really.
My office is down the hall.
All right, then.
Lead the way.
I was just about to call you.
Now here you are.
Just as well you came in.
I think sometimes on the phone, it's easy to misinterpret the tone of a convers Hi.
Uh - H-How did you get in here? - Do you have a second? A-Are you coming through the courtyard? Did you hop the fence or? - There's a gate.
- Is there?! I don't remember I think that we can both agree that when you said you trusted me, you were just trying to get me out of your hair so you could go for lunch.
Yeah, I think there's been a-a fundamental misunderstanding about the nature of our relationship.
- Ah, has there? - Yeah.
You know, I didn't have enough time or, uh Or information to continue our conversation.
I checked with Legal.
There's no danger of an investor pulling that money out of a fully-funded LLC.
So you didn't trust me.
Well, when you employ as many people as I do, you learn to recognize who's gonna be trouble.
And, uh, most people show their true colors pretty quickly.
- And I am? - Oh, disruptive.
You'll still be a producer on the project, but in a silent capacity.
You'll retain profits and points, attend the premiere.
In the meantime, I've hired somebody to be a little more hands-on.
- April? - Uh, no.
Really? - Why not April? - Well, I felt she's - Hey, have you always enjoyed watching women on the can? Like, was that something you did as a kid, or did you develop a taste for it in later years? HR will walk you through this.
Enough of the phone.
And if you raise your voice, I will put you through that glass wall headfirst.
Do you understand me, you entitled fucking pervert? [CLICKS, GEARS WHIR.]
Well, this is shaping up to be the biggest mistake you ever made.
Why's that? 'Cause you're Captain fucking America with your big white teeth and your head of fake hair? Is everything about you a lie? Hold on.
What are you do Even your eyebrows are a lie.
The fact that you're wealthy and well-connected, it protects you from people Normal people who rely on the justice system and common human decency.
It does not protect you from my people.
They can find you anywhere.
They can get you in your fancy fucking house, on your remote fucking holiday island, and they can leave you in a sticky pool of your own blood.
Ah, yeah, that's that's pretty.
As a producer, I plan on being very hands-on.
So does April, when you give her her job back with a nice raise.
And given you're so eager to use the phone, why don't you give Janice a call, tell her to write those purchase orders? I'm sure she can get them in by the end of the day.
Ladies and gentlemen, the Madison Bar would like to welcome Gladys Parrish.
- You're gonna blow 'em away.
- [SIGHS.]
Thank you.
By the way, it's a boy.
I remember when you and I Were like two clouds Kissing in the sky Then the wonder Turned into thunder First the boom And then the crash Followed by a lightning flash That was so shocking We stopped really talking [BEEPING.]
- Thriller? If that's what you're in the mood for, I'm sure I can handle it.
- Jinny was really cool.
It's funny.
She said exactly the same thing about you.
You guys serious? You know how people say "it's complicated"? Well, this is highly complicated.
I'm thinking I should get a new place.
- Why? - Closer to your mother.
You know, you misplace your history book or whatever, you don't have to schlep across town.
You want to help me find somewhere? - Yes.
- All right.
- How 'bout that? Looks kind of shite.
Good shite or bad shite? - Do it.
You know what'd be great? Rose petals for the bed.
- Definitely.
- Yeah.
You mind, uh, running out, 'cause, yeah, that'd be romantic.
I'll text Ed.
All right.
You know, the truth is, I'd like a little bit of privacy with my fiancée.
Huh? You understand? - I'll be outside.
- All right.
- Fitting's It's all done? - She looks beautiful.
Is bad luck.
Yeah, yeah, I-I know.
I just, uh Is it bad luck to say that you look amazing? No.
Well, y-you look incredible.
- Thank you, sweetheart.
- No, thank you.
You are very good to me Supportive and loving and you always had my back.
You know, before I met you, I-I-I didn't realize how much I needed that stuff, and I'm grateful.
Okay, all right.
I'll let you get changed.
Although you're not that good with other people.
- What? - It's just some of the things you do to other people, they They bother me.
They bother me very deeply.
Why do you say that now? - [CELLPHONE CHIMES, BUZZES.]
- Because if I don't say it now, then Then I never will.
Wait outside.
- Freeze, freeze! - Search warrant! On the ground.
Show me hands! In the bedroom.
In the bedroom.
FBI! Open the door.
Hey! Ah, damn it, cops.
What did I do? Hey, get your fucking hands off me! - Open the door now.
- Just do what they say! Bring in the ram.
Who's sorry now? Who's sorry now? Whose heart is aching For breaking each vow? Who's sad and blue? Who's crying, too? Just like I cried over you - [NO AUDIO.]
- Right to the end - [NO AUDIO.]
- Just like a friend I tried to warn you somehow You had your way Now you must pay I'm glad that you're sorry now Right to the end - Can I at least finish the song? - Afraid not.
Just like a friend At least let me walk out without handcuffs on.
I tried to warn you somehow Okay.
You had your way Now you must pay I'm glad that you're sorry now [APPLAUSE.]
Nothing here.
Outside, anybody have eyes on her? - The alley behind the hotel? - Wait, wait, wait, wait.
- She's not in here? - When did you last see her - in this room? - A-A minute ago! She She didn't jump, did she, right? - She can't survive that.
- Did she say anything? - Like what? - Was there any indication - she knew we were coming? - No.
- Did you say anything to her? - Uh Rick.
Rick, we need to know the conversation you had, word for word.
What exactly did you say to her? - [KNOCKING ON DOOR.]
- FBI! Search warrant! Open up! - What's happening? - I got my daughter with me.
It's okay.
Look at me.
This is gonna seem real bad, but everything will be fine, - and I'll be okay.
- You understand? - Dad, why are they - Open up! - Say you understand.
- I understand.
- Stay right here on the couch.
Call your mother.
Trust me, okay? Hands, hands.
On your feet.
- Yeah? - Yeah.
Do not move.
Stay right there.
Shorty, remember where we were in this shite thriller, and we'll pick it up when I get back.
Dad? Don't finish it without me, Shorty.

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