Get Shorty (2017) s02e09 Episode Script

Safe Space

1 Previously on "Get Shorty" We need to get Amara out of her house and away from her men.
I might have an idea.
If you want to be together Ricky They're gonna shut down the movie.
What? Is everything about you a lie? - Hold on.
- What are you do Even your eyebrows are a lie.
I'm leaving Greg.
I haven't told him yet, but I've decided.
We're stopping through Palm Springs without bringing extra security? It's where we get married.
Some of the things you do to other people they bother me.
Why do you say that now? The Feds promised we won't do time.
Yeah, didn't they also promise that they would wait six months before they moved in? Trust me, okay? Hands, hands.
On your feet.
When did you last see her in this room? A A minute ago! Why do you say that now? - [CELLPHONE CHIMES.]
- Because if I don't say it now, then Then I never will.
Wait outside.
Oh, thinkin' about all our younger years [CELLPHONE CHIMES.]
- There was only you and me - [CELLPHONE CHIMES.]
We were young and wild and free Now nothin' can take you away from me [DOOR SLAMS OPEN.]
- Freeze, freeze! - Search warrant! On the ground.
- Hands.
Show me hands! But that's over now FBI! Open the door.
Hey! Ah, damn it, cops.
What did I do? Hey, get your fucking hands off me! Baby, you're all that I want When you're lyin' here in my arms I'm findin' it hard to believe We're in heaven And love is all that I need And I found it there in your heart It isn't too hard to see We're in heaven [DOOR CLOSES.]
Ohh! Outside, anybody have eyes on her? The alley behind the hotel? [GROANING.]
Bring you up when you're feeling down [GRUNTS.]
Yeah, nothin' could change what you mean to me [SIRENS WAILING IN DISTANCE, HELICOPTER BLADES WHIRRING.]
Oh, there's lots that I could say Oh! Oh.
But just hold me now 'Cause our love will light the way And, baby, you're all that I want When you're lyin' here in my arms - [COUGHS.]
Hey! Hey, help! a knife to my breast What happened? Thank you.
Do you need me to call someone? Ohh! If you keep from the demons who knock at your door Won't you come back to see me again? - Won't you come back someday? - [BODY THUDS.]
Oh, I've tried and I've tried to make my way from here But I'm stuck at heaven's gate [ENGINE REVS, TIRES SCREECH.]
Heard they're calling an ambulance.
Driver had a pickup truck stolen.
We think it was Amara.
- And she hurt the guy? - Critically.
Holy shit.
And And you couldn't find her? How'd she get past all these guys? What was she wearing? Wearing, uh a wedding dress.
That should stand out, right? Her hair's all done up, and Oh.
Oh, my God, the fucking engagement ring.
- The one you bought or - Oh, the line of credit that I opened up for that Okay.
You were in the bedroom, you told her she looked nice.
Then you went into the suite? There was some back- and-forth.
I mean I said I appreciated her.
I don't always like the way she treats other people.
You said that? Yeah, no big deal.
I was just I was laying it all out there.
- Why? - I told her.
I said, "If I don't tell you this now, then I never will.
" I meant before we get married.
Not before the Feds move in.
Don't Don't Stop that look.
It wasn't me that tipped her off, okay? Looking back, will she think that you knew about the raid? What?! No.
Will she? Well, "Wylderness," it's such an amazing project.
I mean, I just I just can't let it go.
So, we on for March, or what? They got a course that's right on the ocean.
I'm still licking my wounds from Augusta.
All right, so, one more thing.
Have you got any updates on Miles Daly? Miles Daly.
He's one of the guys who was indicted.
And Phil was telling me that they're only thinking of pressing minor charges? Well, so so, is he getting off on a technicality, or No, I know, I know.
There's There's There's some things that you can't tell me.
But here's the thing.
Miles was running the operation.
And he was violent towards me, personally.
Now, I can't go on the record, but I think it would be a mistake to to Yeah.
Yeah, you get what I'm saying.
There were several federal indictments that were issued.
So, everyone I worked with was involved in a massive criminal conspiracy.
Only, I had no idea, because I'm sheltered and naive.
Sorry about the mess.
I've been taking some time off.
Uh, you notice anything odd during production of "The Admiral's Mistress"? Everyone was uptight around Amara, but that's not unusual with an investor.
In Nevada, some of the crew had guns.
Who had guns? All of them I think? And, uh, one of our sets burned down.
Are you writing "She's an idiot"? You should be.
Who arranged the transfer of funds into the LLC? I don't know.
I didn't have nothing to do with that.
De Escalones, not only is your signature on the articles of incorporation The LLC is literally named after you.
'Cause I was set up.
They didn't tell me what I was signing.
De Escalones was manipulated by a sophisticated criminal organization.
I was manipulated.
So, uh these transcripts are, uh Are from recordings made by an operative and a Title III wiretap at Budd E.
Boy Entertainment.
Direct quotes of things that you've said.
February 22nd "I'm supposed to oversee this.
The movie.
I mean, like, the money.
" February 25th "The finances and shit? That all runs through me.
" February 26th "I'm Yago, God damn it! I'm the king of this bitch.
" February 28th Will you excuse me? [BREATHES DEEPLY.]
You holding up? Looking forward to going home.
Who was that? My boss.
Have a seat.
Someone very high up wants to make an example of you.
That guy that just walked out? Someone in the Department of Justice.
They're saying our deal with you was contingent on Amara's arrest, and since that didn't happen Hold on, hold on.
Just so we don't, um [SCOFFS.]
You're standing by the deal that we made, right? No.
I have tried calling in every favor I have.
I've been on the phone for hours.
I should have known.
I should have fucking [CHUCKLES.]
Louis told me.
Oh, he'll love this.
Meanwhile, I'm I'm I'm promising my daughter I'm saying, "Don't you worry, sweetheart" - Miles.
- "'cause this lovely lady cop, she she gave me her word.
And And look! She's number-one grandma, so she won't fuck me over.
Long as I turn rat and drag my buddy into it.
" I will fight to help you on any part of this I can control.
I will insist the terms of the plea deal - be at least as short as - Oh, really? 'Cause you want another deal now.
You want another deal.
One where I go away.
For as short a stretch as possible.
How long is that? The case against you is strong.
But if the only charge is laundering, that's only five years.
- You will be out in two.
- No! - Two years! - No! You'll be out! No.
No! - No! - [CLATTER.]
No! Ah! We're fine.
Are we fine?! Is that what we are?! Please.
We're fine.
I don't blame you, not Fuck you! Ohh.
Oh, bunny, I'm sorry.
From the description of your conversation with Amara, it's possible she has no idea you're working with us.
Yes, and it's also possible she does.
Hard to assess the degree of threat.
There's some indication that she's left the country.
Even if she did, it wouldn't stop her from ordering another hit.
Another hit? Lila Llambias, a cartel member.
We assume it was Amara.
Shot in the back.
Actually survived.
Oh, geez.
It's up to you.
Resume your life, put it out of your mind.
Or there's witness protection.
Oh, and spend the rest of my life in Oklahoma, working at a fucking Jamba Juice? I like Jamba Juice.
Is there a door number three? - Prison.
- Right.
Serve a long enough sentence, no one will know you were an informant.
Yeah, and I get shanked on the first day.
It's You'd be at a minimum-security facility.
King Bush Federal is mostly non-violent offenders, so the beatings and the sexual assaults you're worried about Non-existent.
There's recreational activities.
There's free counseling.
Y-You're actually pitching this? That I choose to go to prison? You asked about door number three.
You got pictures of this place? [JAZZ MUSIC PLAYS.]
Thank you.
Sorry to rush you, but need to know what you're thinking.
Vanilla-flavored creamer.
Who likes this stuff? What did your lawyer say? [SIGHS.]
That I'm fucked.
Fight this, you won't like the result.
Is five years the best you can do? Yes.
Can I go home for a couple of days before? If you wear an ankle monitor.
Wherever I do the time, it needs to be somewhere nearby so that my kid can come and visit.
The closest Federal facility is maximum-security.
There is a medium-security.
It's four hours away.
Has to be close.
It's up to you.
I'll get your lawyer.
We'll go over the terms.
You said someone high up has it in for me.
Just me? I'm asking, can you honor Louis' side of the deal? I don't know.
He has a baby on the way.
Be nice if the kid got to know its dad.
He didn't know anything about this until I dragged him into it.
So if you're gonna honor just one of the promises you made - I'll try.
So, the Book of Mormon says no drinking, no pre-marital sex.
But you get a pass on white-collar crime? The reason that they let me off is because I was on the periphery of this thing.
You knew Amara was laundering money.
I just really wanted my screenplay to get made.
It's not a good excuse.
The L.
Times, um they had an article about Amara.
They think that she had people killed.
Yeah, I-I read that and, uh, I mean, I figured she was just a casino owner who was, you know, skirting around the law here and there, but I mean, do I seem like a killer? [CHUCKLES.]
Right? So I know, but there are things that you did know.
And you didn't tell me.
Well, look, on the one hand, I want to be honest with my wife.
That's a tenet of my faith.
But on the other hand, there are times that being honest isn't doing you any favors.
But you're being honest now? I mean, now I am.
Oh, you lied to me for a really long time.
It's hard to get past that.
So, tell me.
What can I do to make it right? I don't know that you can.
No, I'm I'm gonna need time.
Do you have a place to stay? Yeah, yeah.
I'm staying at the Ramada by the airport.
It's It's pretty nice.
I'm gonna get my things.
We have people over.
I didn't realize.
No, it's okay.
They're just Greg's friends.
Just took me a minute to get away.
So this is it? Is it? I was thinking in five years' time, we could just pick up right where we left off.
It was on the news.
Not you, but, um, the case.
Yeah, I know.
Did you [SIGHS.]
I mean, did you know what you were getting into? You did.
- It's complicated.
Seems like there's a lot of interesting things about you that I don't know.
That's a nice way of putting it.
You been to prison before? I got in some trouble in Ireland, as a kid.
Nothing like this.
But I'll be okay.
Did you, um Did you talk to your husband in the end? No, we're not splitting up.
I was, uh I was going through something, and it's better now.
Good to hear.
Yeah? Well.
You take care.
You too.
Hey, hon? I'll be right in.
Here you go.
Look at that.
Yeah, I figured, "Why not?" - With the hot paprika and all.
Trying to fatten me up before I go away.
Bet food's not this good in prison.
In fact, I believe they buy their meat from carnivals.
Tell Dad what you did in school.
Kovach showed us how to melt pennies over a Bunsen burner.
Pour the zinc into a bowl.
- We all got to try it.
Well, glad to hear they're putting the money I sent them - to good use.
- No phones.
- It's for bio homework.
I promised I'd call Marquita.
- All right.
- We'll wait for you.
Just give me one second.
If it were me, I'd indulge myself in one "I told you so.
" Yeah, I don't think I could make you feel worse than you do already.
For what it's worth, which I know is fuck all, I am sorry.
So am I.
- Yeah, strong-willed.
I suppose.
Dad! Well, you'd been going on about it for like six months.
Okay, but that's not my fault! Their ads were on constantly.
I was brainwashed.
Oh, okay.
So, I give in, and we pay for this Frostey Freeze.
- Strawberry.
- And within 30 seconds - No.
Within 30 seconds, the whole thing was gone.
Now, I presumed that you spilled it.
- And then I puked.
- Projectile.
Eww! - [LAUGHING.]
So I So I-I gave the manager 20 bucks.
I cleaned up a bit.
And we got back to the car, and you told me 9 years old and you sa What? I told you what? [SOBS.]
I thought it was gonna work out.
Oh, Dad.
I- I can see you.
We can visit.
Everything sucks right now, but it won't suck forever.
I should get that tattooed somewhere.
Dad, you just need to find a way to get through it.
It'll be all right.
Just come home.
Dad Okay.
Why'd you have to crack it open? Searching for a hidden compartment.
Standard procedure.
Yeah, well, it was a gift.
Well, I was in it twice.
Feeling sentimental? That wasn't a joke.
You know Amara had some great qualities.
End of an era.
Make yourself at home.
I figured there was no point renting a place for half a decade.
Since I'll have free lodgings, courtesy of the U.
You're welcome.
- Ginger ale? - Yeah, yeah.
You ever get tired of drinking ginger ale? Oh, I've come to hate it.
But, you know, people get uncomfortable if you don't have a drink.
So, just lay it on me.
- What happened with your deal? - [SIGHS.]
Someone weighed in from the Department of Justice.
Yeah, that's what my lawyer said.
They're They're in Washington, D.
Why are they bothering you? I've been thinking on that.
And? Did you know that Laurence Budd got the movie going again? - After the Feds shut it down.
- [SIGHS.]
Now, who has the power to rein in the FBI? The Department of Justice.
S So you're saying that Laurence Budd got you sent away? He and I had a bit of a run-in.
Yeah? How bad of a run-in? Bad enough, apparently.
- That he'd have you put away? - I'd blame him.
Okay, well, what are we gonna do? - [SIGHS.]
- I'll go over there.
- I'll take care of it myself.
- No, no.
Well, we're not gonna let it go.
I have no intention of letting it go.
I'm saying, for now, we stay clear of him.
I mean, he went this far just 'cause I tore off one of his eyebrows.
Oh, the man has fake eyebrows.
What the f [LAUGHS.]
Fucking [CAN OPENS.]
Hollywood, man.
I mean Wait.
What? I'm just saying, if you don't like your eyebrows, just deal with it, you know? - [CHUCKLES.]
- What? - Well - I mean No, it's a medical condition.
Did you think it was, like, a fad? - Well - [LAUGHS.]
You think that, like, men in Hollywood are going out, getting fake eyebrows, that - There's crazier shit out there.
- No, there's not.
- Ye - That's an insane thought, Lu.
You think that Hollywood men are getting [BOTH LAUGH.]
- I'm so fucked.
And I feel bad 'cause I-I pulled you in.
Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no.
I mean, the only reason that I'm not doing time is because of you.
All that shit I gave you, and [SIGHS.]
now you're the one going away.
It's Well, you got a kid on the way.
Wyatt? Yeah.
I hope you do better by your kid than I've done by mine.
Listen, you've fucked up a lot of things in your life.
Emma's not one of them.
She's amazing.
We're gonna look after each other.
Okay? Wyatt.
- Gates open.
Gates closing.
- How we doing?! - What up, big man?! One at a time, on the footsteps.
- Let's go.
- Move along.
Towels off.
Shake 'em out.
Drop 'em.
All around.
Turn around.
Bottom of your right foot.
- Clear.
Bottom of your left foot.
- Clear.
- Bend over.
Spread your cheeks.
Can I help you? Uh, yeah.
Uh I'm here to go to prison? - [LOCK ENGAGES.]
- Oh, hey.
- Hey.
You must be Rick.
Clifford Bernhardt.
Everyone calls me Clive.
- Oh, okay.
- "Lights out" is in 10, so I'll let you get settled.
If you're hungry, I've got cookies my daughter made.
They're pretty good.
She uses peppermint oil.
Yeah, thanks.
Not feeling that hungry right now.
Well, no worries.
Change your mind, they're in the fridge.
Earplugs on your pillow in case you're a light sleeper.
I've been known to snore.
Amazing what time off can do.
Actually, I've been busy prepping my case against the company.
Except you don't have a case.
My attorney disagrees.
Which is their job.
I just gave the HR department a detailed summary of my version of the events leading up to my suspension.
I don't think it'll match with Emily's.
Speaking of your uncorroborated story the whole "two-way mirror" thing You realize that sounds insane.
I also had a chance to research drywall.
Turns out every board has a stamp of when it was made.
So the drywall in that closet won't match the drywall used to seal the mirror.
What do you want? Money? - No.
- I'd offer you back your job, but your history of working with convicted felons I would rather drink bleach than be your executive.
So? I'm staying on "Wylderness" as a producer, like it says in my contract.
You don't think that could be awkward, us working together? Not if you stay out of my way.
Anything else? [SIGHS.]
Actually, yeah.
Come on.
We've talked a lot in here about emotional triggers, things that might upset us, cause us to make bad decisions.
Triggers can be situations, places.
Even people in our lives.
Can you give us an example of something that triggers you? Oh, uh, yeah.
No, thank you.
I- I don't feel like sharing right now.
Well, passing is discouraged in group.
Why don't you give it a try? Uh, well, I guess, uh my dad.
He can get under my skin sometimes.
Can you tell us a little more about that? [INDISTINCT CONVERSATIONS.]
So, are we enjoying our stay so far? Not in here.
I'm not gonna joke with you.
Have you figured out who's who yet? - What? - Latvians.
Skinheads behind me.
And Capotillo over there.
I don't want to be seen talking with you.
Who runs Capotillo in here? - Swayze.
- Swayze? Can you point him out? I don't see him.
Please, sir, can I have some less? Can I give you some advice? L.
runs this whole place, and they know you ran with Amara.
So if you want to get through, find some people.
Like, find a Scottish gang.
Thanks for the insight.
Yeah, move, move! Fuck you doing?! Eating lunch.
Not with us, pendejo.
I was running with L.
on the outside Walk away.
Fuck you looking at me for? [INDISTINCT CONVERSATIONS.]
'Cause I know you, they think we're together.
- Oh, is that what happened? - Yeah.
'Cause I was part of your stupid movie.
We got no one.
They're gonna fucking take us out.
So we need to smooth things over.
Do they call him Swayze because he styles himself like Patrick Swayze? Why? 'Cause I think I just found him.
Yeah, that's him.
Like I-I could make "Casablanca" tomorrow, and Dad still wouldn't say, "I'm proud of you.
" I never get his approval.
And then then I blame myself.
How fucked up is that? Like it's my fault his career ended.
Ever talk to him about this? No.
Okay, pretend he's sitting where I'm sitting.
What would you like to say? [BREATHES DEEPLY.]
Well, I would say, uh Eh I don't know, I don't know.
This is, uh It's okay.
This is a safe space.
Tell him how you feel.
Dad, I-I-I-I I got to stop taking on your bullshit.
You want a real father-son relationship, okay.
Okay, I'm here.
And And And I love you.
But I gotta stop trying to please you.
That was really good.
Really strong share, Rick.
Please journal on that later.
I feel 10 pounds lighter.
We package five kinds of souvenirs Snow globes, keychains, T-shirts, mugs, and Oscars.
First, bag the item.
Line up the edges of the bag.
Hold it.
Break one, let the guard know.
They count 'em before we leave.
They think we're gonna steal these? Guys sharpen the Oscars.
Make 'em into a shiv.
'Course they do.
Doesn't look anything like a real Oscar.
I heard someone call him "Day and Night"? Life without parole.
Take someone out for a cup of ramen.
I heard Swayze has guards on the payroll.
Actually, I heard one of the Latvians was talking shit about Swayze.
Got his throat cut.
Then the other Latvians, Swayze sent them a pickle jar, and on the inside Their boy's dick and balls.
- Come on.
- It's what I heard.
Why in a pickle jar? That's what you want to know why a pickle jar? Well, it's just so random.
I mean, the the dick and balls I understand, - as a form of humiliation, but - Get to work.
Still a long way to go.
We'll get there.
Oh! Eight hands in a row, motherfuckers! - Yeah, right.
That's cold.
- Yeah.
Oi, 10-high straight on the river.
Well played.
I'm sorry to interrupt, guys, but this stuff is for you.
Only three books, but you can share that out.
Candy bars.
Where would we be without ramen? Lime chili shrimp and chicken picante.
I haven't tried them myself, but I hear they're tasty.
Man, shut the fuck up! What do you want? I was hoping to, uh, talk to Swayze.
You think we're so impressed with your noodles and candy that we gonna bring you right to him? This is just a token gesture.
I'm hoping to work out an arrangement, moving forward, that's gonna be good for everybody.
Fuck it.
I'm losing anyway.
You want to talk to Swayze, huh? I'd appreciate it.
Hell, no.
Wait a minute.
Oh, fuck.
You brought that movie to Capotillo.
You know how many of our people got sent away? - Hold on.
- 22.
- $30 million.
- $30 million.
Well, they're still making the movie.
If the Feds hadn't ruined it for us, we'd be away.
- They bugged our office.
- You think I did that? I've been in that office once, and there wasn't time - [GRUNTS.]
- Fucking rat.
Hold on.
Hold on.
Hold on.
I'm serving a five-year sentence.
You think that sounds like someone - who's made a deal with the Feds? - Five years ain't shit.
Okay, A-Amara started a war with Capotillo.
You got arrested, I got arrested.
And she just walks away? You think that Amara can just shake the Feds on her own? Or maybe there was some quid pro quo, huh? Meaning He knows what the fuck that means.
God, it's so good to see you.
You look all right.
You look a little smaller.
I think maybe you've shrunk a bit.
How was it, getting in? They made one lady totally strip.
Freaked Mom out.
But we were okay.
Mom didn't want to come in.
Said you'd understand.
Did you, uh [CLEARS THROAT.]
You tell your friends where you were going? Yeah.
Everyone's been pretty cool about it.
Are you okay? - Never better.
- Don't do that.
I mean, I wish they'd switch the entrées up a little bit more, but can't have everything.
What do you do all day? [SIGHS.]
They keep us busy.
Yeah, we're, uh, packaging souvenirs.
Little Hollywood snow globes.
They're made in Taiwan, where apparently they think it snows in Los Angeles.
I read about "Wylderness" online.
They cast Amanda Rhodes.
The The girl from the Disney movies? - Yeah.
- Why are they using her? - I thought it was a good thing.
- No.
No, she's Ugh.
She's all wrong.
That That's not the movie.
You could tell them not to use her.
I mean, I'm I'm not exactly calling the shots from in here.
You could talk to April.
- I could call her.
- That's Just tell me what to say, and I'll pass it on.
That's a lovely idea.
I just I don't think April wants to hear from me just now.
Even if it does come from a beauty like yourself.
Don't You know what? Tell me about you.
I don't have anything interesting.
The more boring, the better.
For a while, I thought, "I can't raise a baby on my own.
" Not and have a singing career.
But that's actually bullshit.
There are plenty of single moms who have demanding jobs, - and they make it Hold on.
- [SIGHS.]
- I was saying.
- Lots of single moms.
And that made me think about my dad.
'Cause on paper, my dad seemed okay.
But he screwed around, he didn't talk much to me or my sister, and then, he just left after my mom got sick.
He sounds like a real piece of - Yeah.
- Yeah.
He was the worst.
That's why I dated so many assholes in my 20s.
I'm not saying that your criminal baggage doesn't matter to me, because it does.
But you are, by far, the kindest, most caring guy that I have ever been with.
You'll probably make a better parent than me.
Oh Definitely better than my dad.
Are you saying that I can come back? If this shit with Amara is really in the past It is.
then yeah.
You lie to me again, I will fucking kill you.
There's something you need to know.
I will never leave.
Thank you.
No, I mean the ankle monitor.
It'll be illegal for me to go more than 20 feet from the apartment, so I mean I can't leave.
- Come on, man! - [INDISTINCT SHOUTING.]
Yo, do it, man! Good job, man.
Good job, man! - Yo, take it! - What the fuck was that?! Honestly, no one was gonna see the movie anyway.
You never even read the script.
Some bitch walking in the woods, finds a boat.
So you did read it.
I was waiting for the cannibals to fight, right? Except it's just some girl talking shit.
It's not about the cannibals.
It's about trust and hope and how those fuckers can betray you.
At least it was, before they turned it into a Disney movie.
Why do you care? 'Cause my fucking name's on it.
Shit! Hey, maybe I could get some notes to April.
If I were you, I'd focus on staying alive.
- Whoo! - Ay-yi-yi! [WOLF-WHISTLES.]
- Ohh! - Whoa! Shit.
- Mamacita! - Yeah, boy! Ooh! - Oh! - Whoo-whoo! [INDISTINCT SHOUTING.]
- Whoo! - Whoo! That's Swayze's girl.
And that's a conjugal visit.
Tough to get unless you're connected, but, uh, they give you like 12 hours.
They got a playground where you can ditch the kids, bang one out with the wife.
Isn't that romantic? Whoo! Whoo! - Whoo! - Oh! Yeah! [INDISTINCT SHOUTING.]
I'm starting to think my prison experience isn't all it could be.
Yeah, you can tell her to come by my room later.
Swayze's got lots of girls.
I like her the best.
She's on Instagram.
Shows people how to put on makeup.
You know her name? Natasha.
What's that? That's for not stabbing me in my sleep.
Also, I have a buddy I really need to call.
Five minutes.
Darnell Talent Management.
Hey, Lu, it's me.
Hey, pal! Oh, so good to hear your voice! Hey, listen.
Can you get to a computer real quick? I can, seeing as how I'm now at Gladys' full time.
- Well, how 'bout that? - Yeah.
Yeah, I'm actually starting to get a little bit stir crazy.
Bit of a time crunch here, Lu.
Well um So, what, you need a recipe for prison wine? No.
I need you to look up the girlfriend of a Capotillo member.
Goes by the name of Natasha Style-X.
She does, like, makeup tutorials on Instagram or some shite.
Is "Style-X" one word? Fuck knows.
Oh, wait.
No, here it is.
It's "Style-underscore-X" Mm, okay.
She's got a video.
Hey, guys! Natasha here.
Today, I'm gonna show y'all how to do a super-pretty, natural-looking contour that's perfect for a night at the club - or a hot date.
- Who watches this shit? Is there contact details on there? What are we doing here? Okay, your client David Oumou, he's going to insist that Natasha does his makeup on the movie.
I only use Shade-Stix by Bella Ross.
I mean, you know, makeup's makeup, I guess.
Keep it moving.
He'll kill you, man! Shit! Hey! Hey! [INDISTINCT SHOUTING.]
Get down! Get down! Get down! - Get down! Get down! - Get down! - [ALARM BLARING.]
- Get down! Against the wall! [HANDCUFF CLICKING.]
Oh! That's yours.
- I got it.
- I got it.
- That's you.
That's all you.
- Whoo! - [LAUGHING.]
Ooh! All right.
Oh, there you go! [BUZZER, DOOR SLAMS.]
You gotta get me out of here! Come on! Come on! [CELL DOOR SLAMS.]
Get me out of here! [GROANS.]
It's me, motherfuckers! Come on, man! [WIND GUSTING.]
Still a long way to go.
We'll get there, Shorty.
You and me.
How? Fuck if I know.
But we will.
Come on! Get me out of this hole! I'm starving! This is so sick! ["I'M MAKING BELIEVE" PLAYS.]
I'm making believe That you're in my arms Though I know you're so far away Making believe I'm talking to you Wish you could hear what I say And here in the gloom Of my lonely room We're dancing like we used to do Making believe Is just another way of dreaming So till my dreams come true I'll whisper, "Good night" Turn out the light and kiss my pillow Making believe it's you Ah, making believe Is just another way of dreaming Making believe it's you
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