Get Shorty (2017) s03e03 Episode Script

Strong Move

1 Previously on "Get Shorty" When's our next trucking contract? We'll find some business, if that's what you want.
A fuckload more.
Confirm the producers'"Wylderness 2" meeting tomorrow.
Sorry, did you say "Wylderness 2"? Yeah, the sequel.
Is there a script? I'm not exactly in a position to turn down this project.
- No one else will work with me.
- Come on.
'Cause my last two movies were financed with drug money! Is this a game to you? What what are you talking about? I turned down the money you offered for the book option, and Laurence swoops in with an offer and walks away with my project.
You're exactly where you should be working for him.
Two needy, twisted power-hungry douche bags.
What do you know about Kilbaine? - I don't What? - Management company.
They asked if you were open to joining a bigger firm.
These are actors? That I manage? Boy, there's a lot of them.
How'd you get that? You're angry that I saw Amara.
What is problematic is you sending out a screenplay describing our investigation, wearing a wire, other informants.
I wanted it to feel truthful.
It's truthful enough to get people killed.
Can we send some vans over to catering, please? Copy that.
Toilets are here.
- Check they're clean? - Not yet.
Well, Connie Neilsen is not taking a dump in a dirty trailer.
Frank! Strap those wires.
Connie's not using the honey wagon.
Yeah, well, you never know.
On "Rain Man," Dustin Hoffman used it.
Took a shit in character.
How do you know? Man's an artist.
That's all I'm gonna say.
Oh, for Christ's sakes.
What the hell is this? What is this? - The heads you rented, boss.
- No.
I paid for clean toilets.
Pretty sure.
Rickety stairs.
You know the lawsuit I have on my hands if a fucking day player takes a dive? Everything works.
I used it on the way here.
Is that shit? Think it's mud.
No, that is dry shit.
Get this outta here.
I'll use Star Wagons.
Third time you sent one back.
My people won't like it.
Is that a threat? You can tell your people not to fuck with Local 38-B.
While you're at it, tell Miles Daly that I don't use sub-standard, shit-covered trailers.
Get your fuckin' hand off me.
I can't take it back.
I'm calling the cops.
- Don't say that.
- I'm calling the fucking police.
If I was you, I would get this sorry excuse for a crapper off the lot.
I should count myself lucky.
There are guys in here for a year or more.
Don't look now, but the fella behind me.
Once you're out, you won't have people - watching you all the time? - No, no.
After today, I'll be my own man.
We can take weekend trips.
We should take the tram to the top of Palm Springs.
Hey, Dad can I ask you a favor? What's up? It's not me.
It's for a friend.
And there's no one else that can help him, so do you promise not to freak out? What's going on, Shorty? His name is Eli, and he's saving to go backpacking through Europe.
Him and a friend of his were selling Molly at parties.
- And they were buying it from - Molly.
If you're doing Molly, just put a bullet in me now.
I'm not.
People at my school are.
And that's not what this is about.
Go on.
So, Eli is buying drugs from a gang.
- Oh.
- And I I don't I don't know how he knew them.
But Eli's friend got pulled over, and the cops found the drugs, and Eli wasn't even there, so But the gang are worried that Eli is gonna snitch on them.
And you are friends with drug dealers.
He's not a drug dealer.
He's saving to go backpacking through Europe.
Backpacking through Europe.
Got it.
Well, as long as it's in the service of cultural education.
And is this a boyfriend, or ? No.
But, Dad, he's really nice.
And he knows you were in prison.
He just thinks it's - Cool? - Yeah.
He's a filmmaker like you.
He makes YouTube videos.
He's going to U.
Davis next year Okay, I don't need his bloody CV.
All right.
When I get out of here, I'll have a word with him.
Oh, he's here.
You're allowed to go outside, right? He's waiting.
Oh, no.
No, no.
Please don't embarrass me.
Eli, is it? - I go by "Vapes.
" - Vapes.
Short for "Phat Vapes.
" Phat Vapes.
That's a useful clarification.
You mind taking off the cap before you get us all killed? - I hear you're in trouble.
- Yeah, I didn't do anything.
All I did was get some pills off some guys in Chengdu Moon.
Could we just talk for a minute? - Just us fellas? - Right now? Yeah, just one sec.
You got mixed up in Chengdu Moon, and you brought my daughter into it.
Meanwhile, I'm on probation.
Why the fuck am I talking to you? Emma told me you know what's up.
What you did that got you sent away, - that was some crazy, genius shit, man.
- Okay.
Shut yer yap.
This buddy of yours that got busted, where is he at now? Military school.
His parents don't play.
Shaved his head and everything.
And do your parents know? Nah, 'cause my boy didn't say shit.
Have you heard that if you fuck with Chengdu Moon, they cut off your lips with a scissors and they feed them to you? Uh I mean.
That's why I need help.
I'm gonna level with you, Eli.
I really, really don't like you.
But, for the sake of Emma, I'll think about lending a hand.
Oh, thank you, dawg.
I knew you was O.
Put yer fuckin' fist away.
You guys good? But I think that that feature, if we do want to go, that's a fantastic next step for you.
I really see it, you know? Whoa! Hey! There he is! I'm sorry.
I just found out about this.
- It's all good.
- Wasn't Louis on the chain? He was.
Check your e-mail? Doesn't matter.
I'm here now.
Yeah, yeah.
Buddy, look at this.
You now have a team of managers.
Almost feels embarrassing.
- Louis has done great by you.
- Definitely.
But I think you'll find with all of us merging our resources, we can take this to the Ohh! Ohh! Toastie Pop.
When these are just toasted? The frosting's like molten lava.
You know, you can have any food you want.
The Toastie Popz are for the starving interns.
I'm good with this.
Thank you.
You beat to your own drummer.
I love that.
38 grams of sugar, he doesn't care.
We were going over the "Prince of the City" remake.
I read that.
Read all of it, took some notes And I think we pass.
James Mangold's directing.
Insane cast.
Yeah, but David would only have 62 lines.
Oh, no, he's serious.
He, uh he counts the lines.
Really? Last project, he had twice that many.
Uh I mean, it's not usually how we choose projects.
But you bring a unique perspective, - and we respect that.
- We do.
So, what projects do you like for David? Well, I'm weighing that.
You know, various options.
You read the new J.
miniseries? - Oh, yes.
- Oh, is that the one that's, like, six scripts? The new Carmadelle pilot's interesting.
Lot of lines in that one.
Uh, why don't we give you our recommendations first, and then Louis can give you his thoughts when he's ready.
The J.
project is high-concept, but with a Hello? Hey, hey, hey.
You You sure you got the right house here? 'Cause, no, I didn't hire anybody.
What? No, no, no, no, no, no.
Look, I don't know who you spoke to here, but I don't need the service, okay? Comprendo? Okay.
No, gracias.
- ÿSeñor? Señor? - No, gracias.
Okay, I don't need it.
- ÿSeñor? - Oh, geez.
My father say anything about hiring landscapers? Didn't mention it.
Well, if he brings it up, tell me.
'Cause I'm not paying for that.
Having enough trouble without freakin' leaf blowers.
Look like you're making progress.
This? Is garbage, even by my standards.
I had to lift some scenes for legal reasons.
Now the whole thing's coming unraveled.
We got a world-class filmmaker in the house.
Well, that's nice of you, but, uh I mean your father.
You should let him read it, see what he says.
Uh, you crazy? He's part of the problem.
I already I got his voice in my head, criticizing every word.
We leaving? You said you have his voice in your head, and then Pam, I thought you said we were going out.
When you get your shoes on.
Why don't you come with me so Rick can concentrate.
Ah! What the Ooh! Ah! Whoo-hoo-hoo! Whoo! I like those kicks.
Huh? Jordan 3 Tinkers, restock.
Cousin waited in line on Fairfax for seven hours.
- What? For sneakers? - Limited edition.
Day they drop, you got lines down the block.
Most people wait until they're outta stock to resell 'em.
For how much? Four, five times what they pay.
- Really? - Yeah.
Get his legs, man.
Get his leg.
Wait, wait, wait! Fuck you! Get Get up.
Get! Get! Get him outta here.
Man, this duct tape is sticky, man.
Yo, yo, yo, yo, yo.
- I got money! - Shut up! Get over there! Yo, remember when I first got out and you told me about bringing in business? Innovation? What if I bought, like, 50 pairs of those shoes? Hmm? Sold them for a profit.
You only get one pair per customer.
What if I get people to wait in line for me? What people? Whoever.
I'm not sure you'd make enough profit to justify all that time and investment, but maybe.
Oh, I saw the schedule there.
Were you in that meeting for "Wylderness 2"? Yeah, the, um, original writers passed on the sequel, so they're, like, taking pitches, and Darin had me take notes.
Any good ideas? No.
It's, like, painful to sit through.
- Really? - Yeah.
You see the first one? Thought it was excellent.
Be a shame to ruin it with a shite sequel.
One of the ideas took place on Mars.
Another one, they take the Navy ship from the end of the original, and they end up in Japan.
So basically an excuse to have samurai.
Jesus Chri It's my mother.
Hey, Mam, you all right? I'm actually at work right now.
I'm giving you a heads-up.
Be quick.
Your man Polito sent back more toilets.
The Party Pooper? The what? The three-unit trailer, that's what they called them.
I spoke with him the other day, but I could try him again.
Party Pooper? Listen, I can't talk right now.
Okay, but we got him here.
I don't know what's gonna happen to him, but You got who there? Polito.
The toilet guy.
You know, he's at the safe-house.
What the fuck are you Hold on.
Hey, Miles.
You have Polito at a fucking safe-house? Well, he threatened to call the cops.
He wouldn't go to the police.
Well, then maybe he shouldn't have said it.
I'm waiting on a call right now to see if we're gonna take him out.
Do you know how hard it was to make a deal with the man? He's the head of the local union.
And how can I send your people business if you kidnap every fucker that I Oh! - Yeah.
No, that's - Sorry.
I was just doing inventory.
- See pink paper anywhere? - Pink paper.
Here ya go.
3-hole punch.
3-hole punch.
Anything else? - All right.
- Oh.
Text me your address.
Soon as I finish work, I'll make my way over to yours.
And, hey, in the meantime, whoever's in charge there, can you tell them to leave Polito alone? - We'll straighten this out.
- I mean, I'll let them know, but there's no guarantees.
"Party Pooper.
" Is it really called that shit? Shit.
You'd be subleasing from me, but we'd split utilities.
And it's available now.
Wouldn't need this many desks.
Neither did I, turns out.
Can I ask what happened to the rest of your, uh Oh, you know how things work in this town.
No, I'm not sure what you I won't get into it.
Let's just say, it's not a positive commentary on the film industry.
About parking I optioned a book.
And a friend of mine well, someone I thought was a friend offered to help me finance, right? Then he and my ex-boss who is a sick, evil pervert stole the book away from me.
Now I have no prospects, I'm hemorrhaging money, and I You asked about parking? No, I I get the gist.
Um, well, there's another office right here in the No, this is this is fine.
Uh, I'll tell the partners about it, and, um we'll let you know.
You sure I can't Thank you! Just reading offers for Oumou.
These are for Oumou.
All of them?! Uh-huh.
And two more I'm printing.
That's good, right? Mm-hmm.
Just when I read, I get a headache.
Hey, my brother gets those.
- Yeah.
- But he's dyslexic.
Oh, shit.
I can't imagine that.
I love to eat.
No, not anorexic.
Like, he has trouble reading? Right.
Uh, what are the symptoms for that? With my brother, he keeps having to start over.
Do the words, like, swim around? I think so.
He uses a PDF reader.
Says it changed his life.
A PDF Will you show me? Yeah, mm-hmm.
- Okay.
- So, mm The essence of Tarkovsky's innovation is that, in a materialist society like the Soviet Union, he made films about non-material things Come in.
the elevation of the human soul, transcendence.
Sounds like a symposium in here.
You'll learn something.
Any of your films in this? Two of my worst pictures.
But even here, filmmakers Hey, Dad, you, uh You remember hiring any gardeners? - Gardeners? - Yeah.
Yeah, I know you like answering the phone sometimes, and that's how we got three years of Motor Trend magazine.
Anyway, um I was wondering if could pick your brain, maybe.
Could we turn the TV off? Just I know you probably didn't notice, but I've been plugging away on this.
I wrote a script of my own.
It would mean a lot to me if you could read it.
What's it about? Werewolves? This one's about me, Dad.
I put my life into that.
Good title.
Yeah? Yeah.
I knew it was good.
Just you know, I wasn't sure.
I'd love your thoughts on the rest of it.
Maybe not total honesty, but but something close.
Like, if you think there's decent writing in there, and then and then you could tell me that.
I'll give it a fair read.
That's all I'm asking.
Don't even think of it as your son's script.
I said I'd read it.
of his early film, Andrei Easy, easy! No, no! Fuck! Fuck! Easy! Let him in.
Let him in.
Where is he? Is he okay? Not really.
I asked you to give me a couple of hours.
Just don't kill the guy! A simple fuckin' request! Listen.
This isn't Pahrump.
All right? You have to watch how you speak to me around these guys.
If you need something, I pass it on.
But I work for Capotillo.
Not you.
Okay? Mm.
Miles? This is Hector.
What's up? I was just asking Yago here if this was necessary.
Since I've been seen with Politomore than once.
Who's seen you? You have names? No, no.
I That's not my point.
I'm just saying, if all he was looking for was a clean trailer maybe we should have gave it to him.
Who's gonna clean it? You? He went back on the deal.
So here we are.
This all you got for us? Portable toilets? Word gets out this is how we treat our clientele, then I'm in the process of bringing in some new stuff.
- Mm.
- We just have to be patient.
While you're here, why don't you lend a hand? - Oh.
- Hey.
Just never seen you cook.
Yeah, since there's nothing else going on in my life.
Oh, is that cream? It won't kill you.
You wanna talk apartments? I like that last one we saw.
Pros It's in my building, it's the same layout as my place, but a two-bedroom, so that's like my apartment growing an extra room overnight.
Cons Uh I have no cons.
Sun-dried tomato, bring to a simmer Oh, shit! I didn't grate Parmesan.
Just say what you thought.
I didn't build the place, so I won't take it personally.
The drawer liners weren't great.
Drawer liners.
Is it hot in here? Hey, are you still into this idea? 'Cause If I'm rushing it I I want to live with you.
It's just been a shitty day.
I chased away a potential tenant.
What do you mean? I was rambling about I need to sit.
What were you rambling about? Hey.
Are you okay? Oh, I think I'm having a small panic attack.
You have panic attacks? Apparently.
It's not you.
It's just, everything Xanax helps.
- Do you have some? - No.
Get that bag right there.
Here, here, here.
Hey, buddy! - Come on in! - Thanks for this.
- Oh! - Can't tell you what it means.
All right, well, we got you all set up in the guest bedroom.
Your mattress is brand-new.
Is it Tempur-Pedic? I can only really sleep on a Tempur-Pedic.
It's a, uh I don't know.
I'm fuckin' with you, Lu.
It's just so nice being in a real home with an old friend.
And it comes with the added bonus of me not worrying about getting shanked in my sleep.
Yeah? What's this? Oh.
I had a revelation today.
It turns out that I am dyslexic.
Yeah, that makes sense.
I mean, it does explain why I was never picked to read in church.
This whole time, we've just presumed you were dense.
But with this PDF reader, I can get through 9, 10 scripts a day.
Only you're not really listening to it.
Mm, you'd be surprised how much you absorb.
What's this one about, then? There's this guy at work, one of the managers.
Made me look like an asshole.
Back in the day, I would've pistol-whipped that arrogant fratboy motherfucker! You're more evolved now.
I can see.
I got to beat him at his own game.
Want wine? I think Gladys left a bottle open.
- Please.
- Yeah.
- Mind if I use this? - Yeah, go ahead.
I was up three times last night.
I had no idea Gladys being away would be this stressful.
What're you doing? Looking for videos from a derelict friend of Emma's.
Calls himself "Phat Vapes.
" Oh, Emma's hanging out with derelicts? And she wants me to help him.
And there's not a lot I've been able to do for her lately, so Oh, here he is.
Fuck no.
What's he doing? I think he's just vaping.
It's actually kind of kind of impressive.
How long would it take you to learn something like that? Mm.
You think he has a manager? Unbelievable.
Fuck this.
You're really riveted there, huh, Dad? Page-turner? Come on.
All right, Dad, come on.
Let's go to bed.
Come on.
Dad, let's go to bed.
Come on.
Dad? Downtown rebel Tell me now Tell me now Uptown rebel Tell me now I'm appealin' to you right now Hey, let's live together like brothers and sisters Let's live Live, live, live, live Shit.
Sing if you wanna sing Dance if you wanna dance now Dance, dance, dance How big you wanna love? Fuckin' tricky.
Hey, man.
Edward, good to see you.
Thanks for picking me up.
And don't call me Edward.
You're welcome.
How was Ironwood? Yago tells me you turned yourself in.
Got a lawyer first.
Pled it down, did 18 months.
Good man.
Whose Mini is this? Gladys'.
She's in New York.
It's nice.
Listen, before we hit the road, little somethin' to get you started.
Oh, yeah? I have a little arrangement with La Capotillo.
Yago's been acting as a go-between, but I could use someone who's on my side.
There's more where this came from.
Remember we talked about me getting into movies? In what capacity? I saw this thing on TV about stuntmen.
I thought, "I could do all that.
" What, like jumping off buildings and setting yourself on fire and shit? I know about guns.
Fight choreography.
- That's what they call it.
- Uh-huh.
And since you in the business, maybe you could hook me up.
Would this be instead of working with me? No, man.
I'll do both.
Well, in that case, I'll see what I can do.
$250 apiece.
Nobody's short.
I fucking counted.
Now, what's everybody buying? Let me hear it.
- "Off-Whites.
" - Off-white what? It's not a color.
It's the name of the sneakers that are dropping in 20 minutes.
A'ight, you get in line, you buy the sneakers, you come out here, and I give you your $20.
You got it? Let's go.
You can spare a couple hours.
You want to earn some cash? Want to keep his medication? Yeah, no.
No need.
I was gonna say, if you need a reference or anything, just have the people call me, and I'll sing your praises.
Thank you.
You okay? Yeah.
I'm just in shock.
You know? Bad enough I'm a widower.
I gotta deal with all this now.
It's hard to believe he's gone.
You know, I told myself, I said, "I don't need his approval like I used to.
" So I gave him my script.
And you see the the one note he made? He made one note this a red circle.
Who knows what that means? And then he dies on the last page.
He'd rather go to the afterlife than give me encouragement.
I don't mean that.
I know.
I I I sort of do, though.
Come here.
When my mother passed, I thought, "This pain is forever.
" But now I live my life for me.
You're gonna do your best work now.
You watch.
Hey, I need to pee.
Fuck that.
Hold it.
All right, beauties Off-Whites, @StealtoeLA, they're sexy, they're fierce, you've seen them on Hypebeast You know want 'em.
Tag me in pics of your kicks, and don't forget to check out my Outfit Of The Week.
Yes? I'm just watching you shine, that's all.
What's that? For the 'Gram? - What I do.
- Mm.
They give you free shoes? Nah, they won't give me Off-Whites.
Well, Mira, I'll give you all the Nikes in the universe for that smile.
What? I'm serious.
I can't stop looking at you.
- What are you, Puerto Rican? - Venezuelan.
Yeah, I was close.
I don't speak Spanish.
I grew up in Portland.
Well, that's okay.
I can teach you.
I'm Yago.
- Giulia.
- Damn, that is a fly-ass name.
Tell you what.
You want some free shoes, I could hook it up.
I got this whole system worked out here.
- Oh.
- You know Hey! Hey, yo! - Fuck! - He's going.
Take off.
Go, go, go! I found this seminar I can take that teaches stunts for film and TV.
- It's not a scam? - No way.
You get your SAG card, learn stage combat.
Maybe I'll get scuba-certified.
Why scuba? There's a lot of underwater shit in movies.
"Aquaman" Yeah, I think that was computers.
Said these kids are in a gang? Chengdu Moon.
Oh, I didn't mention that? I hate kids with something to prove.
Pop your ass just to show off for they friends.
Just have my back while I have a little chat You lost? This ain't your spot.
You better drive on.
We're looking for Brian Chang.
Who's that? Could you just let Brian know that we'd like to come in and have a little chat? Fuck you doing here? You a cop? - We look like cops? - I said "drive on.
" - Don't mess with the car.
- What was that? Easy.
Think if I drop you, anyone on this street will give a fuck? Capotillo will.
You with Capotillo? See about it, young man.
Hold on.
What do you want? I'd like to talk to you about Eli Schriber.
Who? Phat Vapes.
Oh, shit.
You mean DeadVapes.
Turns out he's sort of a friend of the family.
I can assure you he's not gonna talk to the cops.
Kid is fucking terrified.
Man, I don't know you.
Telling me what Vapes will or won't say Would Chengdu Moon be interested in an arrangement with Capotillo? You make that happen? Can't guarantee it, but I can certainly put in a word.
Instead of fighting over a few blocks, you'd be part of a national organization.
'Course they'd expect a slice of whatever you're taking in, but it means that you could expand on your, uh your, uh Sorry.
What is this that you're watching? Is this called "Deadstorm"? Part 2.
Oh, you see, this is a fuckin' sequel that works.
Was just thinking about this film.
- I saw it when I was upstate.
- Hey.
What's up? Yes.
We're, um I was just saying that if you back off Eli, I'll, uh I'll put in a word.
We can talk about that, but first you gotta let us know what the terms Shh, shh, shh! Hold on.
This bit's great.
"Exterior, hillside, same time.
Melquior rises behind his shield " - Yeah.
- " and signals for his men.
" Uh, you don't want me to stay? Uh One of us should have a life.
" is met by a downpour.
" You can speed that up, you know.
"Some of the men are impaled " Yeah, you can make it read faster so you can get through it.
" one through the eye.
" Show me.
Uh So " are cut down in violent waves as Wizards stationed high up on the fortress walls - hurl spells like javelins " - Will it go faster? " across the battlefield.
I mean, you might not be able to make out what it's saying, - but, yes.
- Mm-hmm.
" staring at the large fortress door.
She shudders at the sound of pillaging destruction outside.
Quarledgia whispers, "Turn back" - Yeah? - Yeah.
Good night.
"Running forward, he looks behind him to see a fellow soldier hit by a spell.
" "The soldier " - Now a good time? - No.
Well, you haven't been answering my calls.
Yeah, I was hitting "ignore.
" That's not an invitation to stop by my place.
Listen, I found a great writer for the sequel for "Wylderness.
" What? - Can I come in? - No.
In fact, fuck "Wylderness.
" I'm not setting foot in Budd E.
Hold on, hold it.
Don't you need this film to keep your company alive? Just Just hear my short-but-charming presentation, and then you can go back to hating my guts.
Is Judah here? In a cryotherapy tank in Venice.
'Course he is.
Good man.
Okay, present.
So, I read the story pitches for the sequel, and I think we can agree that they're shite.
Not all of them.
Which one did you like? The one with the samurai or the one that's set on fucking Mars? - Miles - "Deadstorm Part 2.
" It's an apocalyptic world but without any of that fanboy bullshit.
It feels It feels real.
There's grief and joy and hope.
By a writer called Charlie Rudoff.
Never heard of him.
He hasn't worked in a decade.
Probably 'cause he's so tired from writing a great film.
I mean, a sequel that's better than the original? That's some fuckin' "Godfather" shit.
I can't get you a producer credit on this.
- I know.
- So why are you doing it? Huh? For the sake of art? Don't worry about me.
Just watch it, would you? Fine.
Now get out.
What? I didn't tell Laurence to steal that book.
I would never do that to you, not in a million years.
So how did he know about it? My guess, he keeps tabs on you for the express purpose of fucking you over.
So why are you working for him? I I want good things for you.
That's the truth.
Are we done? If you believe me, then why are you still angry with me? You're a manipulator.
Okay? And by the way, it is serious with Judah.
We're moving in together, so stop finding excuses to drop by.
Fucking hell.
We were talking business.
We don't have business together.
I don't want business with you.
I don't want to talk writers or stories.
I want to move on and not think about you all the fucking time.
So, clearly, we put a pin in this Charlie Rudoff discussion.
But if you like the film, and I know you will, I can try and track down his reps.
You should go.
I thought we did a good thing just now.
I just think you should go.
I'll get your coat.
Brother, how's the morning? Yeah, it's, uh Another Toastie Pop.
Strong move.
You're an original.
I love that.
Yeah, I've been reading a lot for David.
Some interesting stuff.
Check out the miniseries? Yeah.
I read all six episodes last night after dinner.
I have to say, I wasn't impressed.
- Really? - No.
- Talk to David? - Not yet.
'Cause he's doing it.
What do you mean? J.
was gonna give it to some Australian.
I said, "Now or never," and David signed on.
Plus, I got an EP credit.
You didn't tell me? I'm his manager.
We're all his manager.
And you were on the e-mail chain How the fuck am I supposed to read e-mails when I read 10 scripts a day?! Chill out, okay? I'm not digging your tone.
You know, you're lucky that you met me now and not a few years ago, 'cause I would've handled this different.
What's that supposed to mean? Doesn't matter.
Tough guy.
Why don't you try acting like a team player? And that shit's disgusting.
Get off! Get off! Aah! Aah! Ow! - What happened? - I don't know.
He burned his face somehow.
- Aah! Aah! - Evan! You okay? Get it off! It's burning! - Oh, my God! - Oh.
Get that Ohh! Ohh! Eli, would you come out here? - Eli.
- Yeah, need a minute.
Eli Baruch Schriber, get out here now! Phat Vapes.
No way.
I've been watching your videos, man.
Big fan.
Hey, beauties, as promised I'm at Aperture about to try their infamous Banana Pudding Pie.
Can't wait, looks awesome.
What font neon or typewriter? Neon.
Man of my word.
Yago, right? - Mm-hmm.
- How'd you find me? Well, that's what you do all day, post where you're gonna be.
It worked out with the sneakers? Looked like it wasn't going so well.
I wouldn't say I made money, but I didn't lose much.
You saved me a pair.
Yeah, I let you eat into my profits.
That's how much I like you.
You wanna sit? What's this? Can't eat it 'cause it's not Keto, but I said it was dope, and I already got 112 views.
Can I post this? Shit yeah.
Tag me.
- What's your handle? - YagoRhymes69.
Hey, you've reached April.
I'm not available Hello? - Is this Miles Daly? - It is, yeah.
This is Charlie Rudoff, Rudoff Woodcraft, returning your call.
H hello, there, uh, Miss Charlie Rudoff.
Uh, I I'm calling from Budd E.
Boy Productions in Los Angeles.
I'm a big fan of your film "Deadstorm Part 2.
" This about movie shit? It is, yeah.
Have you heard of a film called "Wylderness"? Not interested.
Hello? Hey, just firing up the glutes.
Let's get the apartment.
What? The one in your building.
Let's do it.
With the drawer liners? Can't even see those.
What changed? I don't know.
It's what I want.
The apartment, me, you, the glutes.
Let's go for it.
Are you fucking kidding me? Fuck you.
Uh, guys, come on.
What is this, déjà vu? Guys, I I said no, thank you.
No es trabajo.
- What? - Por favor.
What is that, a contract? 'Cause my father Hold on, hold on.
Let me see this.
You see? Yeah, what is this? That's not my What are you what are you doing?! Wait! Hey! Somebody help! Help! Gentlemen, this is Ed.
He used to move with Amara, and now he's with me.
That gonna be a problem? Well, I don't know.
Will you be a problem? Not if I can help it.
You must be Don.
- Who're you? - I'm your new associate.
This here is Edward, and this basket has your name on it.
Congrats taking over for Vic, wherever he is.
He mention we have a deal? - What's this? - He rents loos from us instead of those cunts over at Star Wagons.
What we call being exclusive.
Is that good with you, Don? We'll take care of all your lavatory needs, and in return, you'll fill your coffers.
I don't know what Vic had going on, but I run a clean shop.
Got it? Thank you.
We don't have to make a big deal out of this, Don.
Take the basket, get the hell out.
What the fuck is this? What the fuck? I got nothing to do with this.
Get the fuck get the fuck off Come on! Fuck you guys! - Hey, Shorty.
- You told Eli's parents? I told you not to do that! I understand you're angry His parents took him out of school! And I told him you were helping.
I saved the kid's life.
I feel like that should count for something.
Now he's not answering my texts.
He trusted me.
Now he thinks I'm a fucking narc.
- Hey, language.
- Fuck you! - Fucking cunt! - Hold on, hold on.
Help! Help! Help! Fuck! God damn it! Listen, Shorty, Eli thinks he's some kind of gangster because he sells party drugs to high school kids, but if he keeps going like he's going, he's gonna discover what that really means.
Trust me, I did him a favor, and I'm doing you a favor.
- Me? - Yes.
- No.
- Look, I Look, I don't have time to get into this right now.
But come on, Shorty.
You you're too good for a kid like this.
Don't call me Shorty.
No, no, no, no! Help! Help! Help! Fuck! Stop! No, no, no, no! You gotta be fuckin' kidding me! Well, have you had time to reconsider? No, no, no, no, no, no! Help! $300 a day in your pocket, and you take any old crapper that they send you.
If it flushes, you take it.
Okay! I'll make the fucking deal! Ugh! It's okay, it's okay.
Venga, venga, venga, venga! You miss me, Ricky?
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