Get Shorty (2017) s03e04 Episode Script

What Else Did God Say

1 Previously on "Get Shorty" What do you mean you can't work for those guys anymore? I promised Gladys that I wouldn't risk doing time.
There's this guy at work, made me look like an asshole.
Got to beat him at his own game.
You should go.
I thought we did a good thing just now.
Sorry, I just think you should go.
Let's get the apartment.
What changed? You have the ability to solve problems in ways that are unorthodox, so if you're gonna be useful here, maybe we find something along those lines.
What are you doing?! What Hey! Somebody help [BIRD CALLING.]
It was morning.
That's when they come for us.
We run for three days, no water.
Nowhere I go is safe.
So I just keep fucking moving.
Is only one place for me.
That's here with you, Ricky.
When I was in G in Guatemala, there was a-a mass grave.
I thought you were No, no, no, Federalés, they they come, they they take my money.
They take everything.
But I find a way out.
I always find a way out.
Mi amor, what's wrong? No, it's just it's Wow.
Lot to process.
Who are the guys that picked me up? Ciro.
He's friends with people back home.
And the Feds they they don't know you're alive, right? - They're not trying to - Don't worry about this right now.
I find you, is all that matters.
- Yeah? - Yeah.
- Yeah, you're here.
- Uh-huh.
- You're alive.
- Mm-hmm.
- It's It's amazing.
So, I'll be, uh I'll come right back as soon as I can.
- You're leaving? - Well, I don't want to, but I have appointments and and people are gonna know I'm gone.
- You just get here.
- But it's better that nothing seems out of the ordinary, right? So I'll just go.
I'll change my schedule, and and then I'll I'll come straight back.
- Ricky - I'll ask the guys for a ride.
And I'll throw out the ashes I got from Guatemala.
It's not you in there.
- When you come back? - Before you know it! [DOOR CLOSES.]
- Excuse me.
- Can I help you with something? Sorry, I thought, um I thought you'd all gone home.
Uh, I don't think we've met.
I'm Miles from Ali Egan's office.
Bet you got some stories.
Ah, never a dull moment with that one.
Yeah, I was trying to get out of here, and then she asked me to pull up old crew deals for "W2" budget prep.
Well, believe it or not, she wants the whole 2018 slate.
'Course she does.
Back row is last year.
Check section E.
- Life saver.
- Mm-hmm.
Is Ali making you get her costume for the Halloween party? Bane of my existence.
Wait till you see the contest.
She takes it very seriously.
Yeah, yeah, I'm sure I'll get fired if she doesn't win.
Count on it.
I-I don't know if I caught your name.
- Brandi.
- Brandi.
- Yeah.
- That's a nice name.
Listen, Brandi, I'm gonna be here a while.
You don't have to stick around.
Oh, right.
I'll let you have at it.
See you at the party? I'll see you at the party, Brandi.
That was nice.
You're sweet, you know that? [CHUCKLES.]
The fuck? Yo, it says I got a thousand new Instagram followers.
From my story yesterday.
- I tagged you.
- Oh, shit.
You'd get more followers if you posted more.
Yeah, I will.
Oh, I'm gonna be late for work.
Said you work in trucking? Uh, trucking management.
Are you going in tomorrow? I have a plus-one for this brand event in Santa Monica.
Uh, it's it's a work thing? Companies rent a house, invite influencers over for open bar, photo ops, DJ.
This one's for Benefresh toothpaste.
Yeah, that sounds lit, but I can't go.
Noon is when the tier-1 influencers show up.
My friend Jessie said Redfoo might be there.
Yo, I fuckin' love Redfoo.
Sucks you can't go.
I appreciate you saying that.
We'll talk soon.
Do we need all these pans, or can I Marie Kondo this shit? That was the president of OVUM.
The women's TV network "Where her stories come first".
They want to acquire my company.
Holy smokes.
What does that mean? Uh, basically, they'd take over and finance my projects.
That's great.
Is it? I mean, they say they want edgier material, but most of what they do is so cheesy.
Divorced mom in a small town gets a second chance at love.
And it happens to be Christmas.
Won't everyone think I sold out? You'll help OVUM make better movies.
- A new era of feminist filmmaking.
Might as well hear them out.
Worst case, you can't get your head around it.
Do you need to get that? Nope.
Hey, it's Emma.
Leave a message.
For fuck's sake.
You okay? Not according to the women in my life.
Is Emma still mad about Phat Vapes? [CHUCKLES.]
That name kills me.
Let's go, Wyatt.
Oh, wait, here.
I found his shoe.
Oh, enjoy the early years, Lou.
Before they learn to withhold their love.
Hey, man.
Look at this! Miles said that you were out.
Come here.
Come on, man.
Ah, come on.
Bring it in.
Bring it in.
- Mm! - Hey, good to see you.
So, what, are you just coming by to say hi? Uh Oh.
Is this a secret meeting in my home that I'm not invited to? - It's just - No, no, no, that's fine.
That's fine, 'cause I got to go to work, so just enjoy the facilities.
C Uh, could you hand me my coat? Just right there.
Just Good to see you, Ed.
- He'll get over it.
Alright, it's all in there.
Wait for my text, then call.
I got something for you, too.
From my guy at the gun shop.
Checked the registry, said that Laurence bought a handgun back in March.
Will you look at that Colt Commander 1911, wood handle.
I just hope he doesn't keep it in a safe.
Yes, right Got it.
Yep, I'll let him know.
Thank you.
Hi, sorry.
How long's he been here? - 10 minutes.
- Did you see my e-mail? 'Cause Nathan Harding's been trying to reach you, and I No calls while I'm with him.
- Okay, but - Hi.
When Elena said you dropped down, I said, "Keep him there so I can say hi!" You want a coffee or snacks? Uh, I'm fine, thanks.
It's good to see you.
So, what, are you in the neighborhood? Well, I just thought we should talk in person.
Um, if we can Alright, yeah.
Well, you know, my door is always open.
Right, well, um, first of all, you're an amazing manager.
Aw, thank you.
When we started, you you told me that I should trust my gut, focus on what I want to do.
Look at where it got us.
The thing is, um I think I should stay with Kilbaine.
No question.
Really? You got to stay the course.
Dude, th-that's really cool of you.
When we came to Kilbaine, it was so we'd have more options, more firepower.
But it's still you and me, right? Doing this together Bollocks.
Have they not spoken to you? Who? Mate, uh, you should talk to someone in charge.
- Elena.
- Hm, yep? Who did you say was calling? Uh, Neal Harding.
Who's that? HR.
Am I being fired? [SIGHS.]
Okay, call the guy in props and ask for something less medieval-y.
Less medieval-y.
And, um, in the movie, her skin is emerald green, but this is, like this is forest.
Those are two totally different colors.
Yeah, can you go now and exchange it? I can, but you asked me to take notes on that call.
You weren't here last year, and a lot of people say I should've won.
The contest is tomorrow.
It's now my top priority.
Thank you.
What are you gonna go as? Uh, to be honest, I've never really been into the whole dress-up thing You have to wear a costume, or the entire department looks bad.
I'm gonna think of something.
That's great.
Hello, this is Ali Egan's office.
Hello, this is Hank Curtis calling from The New York Post for Ali.
Yes, of course, Mr.
Now, was that the New York Post or The New York Times? Times, sorry.
Very good.
Please hold.
What? Hey, Ali, I have a reporter waiting on line one.
This is Ali.
Miss Egan, my name is Hank Curtis.
I'm calling from The New York Times in regards to a former employee by the name of Tracy Martin.
Can you verify that Miss Martin worked at Budd E.
Boy from July 2013 until her dismissal in August 2016? Well, I mean, I didn't work with her directly, but, yeah.
Why? What's this about? We're following up about an HR complaint she filed about the company's CEO, Laurence Budd.
Do you have any information? Um So, this isn't my purview, and if you want to know about a dispute, you have to call Human Resources.
I appreciate your time.
Hey, babe.
Hey, babe.
Hey, babe.
Hey, someone's home early.
I thought I'd catch you at the office.
Yeah, um, just working from home today.
Oh, it's nice they let you do that.
It's going well? Yeah.
Working on deals.
How's my boy? He's going down for his nap.
How's my favorite Broadway star? Getting through previews.
I went up last night in the love scene, a line that I never have trouble with.
I totally blanked.
It was so embarrassing.
When you say "love scene", you mean dialogue? I thought you read the play.
I've been meaning to.
It isn't a sex scene right? [CHUCKLES.]
Sort of, but it's way PG.
You're kissing somebody? My co-star.
In bed? Uh, it We're under the sheets pretending to have sex.
It's It's so not graphic.
House lights in five.
Oh, I got to go.
H-Hey, don't worry about that scene.
It's like comedy sex.
Have fun working at home.
I'll try you tomorrow.
I'm sorry to bother you, but there's something you should know.
Actually, I'm gonna shut this.
Uh, has has Ali been in touch with you today? About? Huh.
We got a call this morning.
I-I was on the line, so I heard most of it.
A reporter from The New York Times was asking about a woman called, uh, Tracy Martin? And an HR complaint filed against you.
Uh Yeah, I vaguely remember Tracy.
Uh, I do not remember an HR complaint, and I should get back to this.
Okay, then.
And if you were concerned about that story getting out, I'd do what I could to help.
Mm-hmm, I said there is no HR complaint, - but you bring it up again, so - No, just No, you know how these accusations can get out of hand.
Yeah, I have a legal team.
Very good at keeping a lid on things.
- Sure.
- Including assistants who, uh, listen in on calls.
We'll keep this between us.
I'm sorry.
I didn't, uh I didn't mean to overstep, but I just I figured the fewer people that knew about this, the better, but, of course, the lawyers you have at your disposal, even with all their employees and interns and whatnot, I'm sure everyone will be discreet.
I'll leave you to your work.
I know.
It's a dive bar.
But I believe there's a cocktail menu somewhere.
That's not why I came.
The, uh, movie with the writer you like, who you want to write "Wylderness II" Yeah, Charlie Rudoff, brilliant.
I haven't watched it.
I've been busy.
Ah, with what? Got a call from OVUM.
They want to acquire my company.
The women's network? You're not their target demographic.
Are you? [SCOFFS.]
"Wylderness" was a work of art.
You really want to make holiday movies about the true meaning of whatever the fuck? Come on.
You got better stuff ahead than that.
I can't afford an office behind Food For Less.
Trust me, April.
We are gonna make some inspired work together.
I moved in with Judah.
Can you not see that this you and me this is a good thing? Can you not feel that? - I can't do this with you.
- Why not? Because you're two different people, okay? One is charming and funny So is the other.
The other person blackmailed me, bled on my floor, and spent two years in prison for working with murderers and drug dealers.
You say that like it's a bad thing.
Look, I served my time.
And now I have a real job.
It's my fault for starting something we shouldn't have.
Don't say that.
- I have to go.
Good night.
- Can I get another? - [CELLPHONE RINGING.]
- Hello? Enjoying your Friday night? Not really, no.
Been thinking about our conversation earlier, and I think it bears further discussion.
If you think so.
So meet me here tomorrow, 11:00 AM.
I'll text you directions.
And if anyone, and I mean anyone, asks, you're coming in your capacity as an assistant.
Which is true.
I'll see you then.
Mm, hello.
When you said you wanted to leave last night, I really thought you meant it.
I did mean it.
Is that right? - Mm-hmm.
- Then why are [SIGHS.]
Well, it's a long road It's been a long time coming I got my shoes shined Now the smoke has settled Yeah, and the air is clear I crack a smile in the mirror 'Cause I'm still here Thanks.
Just so I'm clear, Tracy Martin is a real person.
But we're not gonna contact her.
No, no, we just need Laurence to think we contacted her.
I try not to judge people, but spying on women while they're in the bathroom? That ain't right.
Well, would you look at those symmetrical features.
I'd forgotten what you looked like.
It's better, right? I didn't say that.
Will you head into the guest room? I'll be in in a minute.
No, you don't to leave on my account.
Look, I know I made that speech a while back about going straight for the sake of my family.
Which I thought made a lot of sense.
It's a fucking disaster.
Not only do I have zero income, I have more legal trouble than I did with Amara.
About the toaster pastry thing? They're telling me that the guy needs a skin graft.
Jesus Christ.
The point is, I want to come back.
So whatever you got going with Capotillo, whatever you're running at Budd E.
Boy, I am in.
Please, please do not hold a grudge.
- Grud No, it's not - Why would there be a grudge? Look, Lou, I have some big plans, of which you will be part, but now isn't the right time.
- Come on.
- You're a fucking mess.
I'm sorry, but you're a fucking mess.
I have my hands in some delicate stuff, and right now you'd be a liability.
I'm fine.
First of all, you need a lawyer.
You told Gladys you were going straight.
What are you telling her? - I'm not.
- You're n You're just gonna just gonna lie all day every day about everything.
No, that's not a plan.
You haven't thought this through.
Maybe not.
Look, you'll get yourself sorted out, and when you do, I will welcome you back with open arms.
I love you, buddy.
I know.
Let me know how you get on.
What's up, guys? I'm Teala, and I'm here at the Benefresh Hang House with a new line for dental hygiene, and, guys, things are popping off.
We got Lark and Daniel ready for battle with the new Tartarsmart Brush by Benefresh.
You think it's lame.
I mean, who even are these people? That girl three million followers on Instagram, a million more on YouTube.
- Damn.
- My friend Josh, Benefresh pays him 15 grand per post.
Per post? Get the fuck out.
And this mouthwash it's gonna protect you from gingivitis and from tooth decay.
I swear, I use this stuff every single day, and you guys are going to flip for it.
Here we go! [CROWD CHEERING.]
They're paying 15 Gs for that? Not bad, right? Yeah! Whoo! Benefresh! [CELLPHONE RINGING.]
- Fuck you at? - I'm running late.
I told Chewy to start without me.
Not how this works, dawg.
You at a party? It's not even noon.
It's one hour, tops.
I'll be right there.
Hey, you want to meet Josh? - Oh, it's the back-flip guy? - Yeah.
Pff, let's do it.
Lot of graphic novels.
But not none of them are Marvel - Hello, everyone.
- but, uh Ah, Miles.
I'll be right with you.
You hungry? Evette made, uh, Cantonese-style porridge, fish balls - I'm fine.
- Ah.
despite what the Times reporter said, uh, I did nothing wrong.
Oh, I believe you.
But the lawyers don't always keep quiet So, hypothetically, if we wanted the source of the article to retract her statement, you know, how could that be achieved? Better if I don't say.
You need deniability.
As far as you know, it just went away on its own.
W-We're not talking about harming anyone physically.
- No, no.
- Right.
Not at this point.
Well, I mean, if she thought it was on the table, I suppose it would be okay, right? I'll start off friendly, see where that gets us.
Is this still hypothetical? If you get results, okay, what exactly would you expect in return? [SIGHS.]
You know, a guy just out of prison to have the trust of someone like you is enough.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
I mean, I don't believe you, but, uh, that's that's fine.
Her name's Tracy Martin.
She's a vindictive nightmare.
That's her cell number, home, work address, and the sooner this is handled - Agreed.
- Okay.
Well, see you at the Halloween party.
Which, uh, I detest but is good for team morale.
Can't hear me.
Just got to Evette! [EXHALES LIGHTLY.]
Right through there.
Laurence is ready.
Well, that's not the bathroom! There's one by the front entrance.
Ah, someone sent me down this way.
But he was speaking Cantonese.
It's ready! [CLEARS THROAT.]
Ricky! Come in.
What's this? I was thinking about Guatemala and how happy we were, you and me in that hut, and I just thought we could have Guatemala in your room.
Oh, mi cielo.
And I'm sorry I took off the other night.
I'm thrilled you're back.
It's just It's a lot to process.
Being on the run, what that means This house is just for now.
- Sure.
- Mm-hmm.
And, meanwhile, we got the jungle.
After you, m'lady.
I'm glad you called.
I appreciate this.
I'm working through something.
You mentioned a marital issue.
So, lying to your wife is a sin.
Dishonesty of any kind.
But there have to be exceptions.
Like, if the only way you can provide for your family means you have to lie? Why would that be the case? I'm going back into a line of business that I used to be in.
Which requires that I do things that she wouldn't approve of.
What kinds of things? That's really not the issue.
Seems important if you want absolution for a lie.
No, I've already worked that out with the Heavenly Father.
It's the same business that my dad and my uncle were in, and they were very devout If you won't open up to me, I-I can't help you.
It's complicated.
And if you're using God's teachings to justify your sins You mean like you and Elder Kimble's wife taking those long "prayer walks"? We're done here.
I didn't mean that.
That's Bishop? - This is important.
- Appreciate you stopping by.
I am a member of your flock in a time of need, and you're gonna walk away? You want to know the business I'm in? You don't help me, and I'll show you.
I'll help.
I'll help.
We were discussing my wife.
Well, um, in the in the book of Nephi, God says, "All who know their hearts, they are honest and accepted of me".
Meaning that if if your intentions are good Uh-huh then God will forgive? God will forgive? Really? Because I do know my heart.
Well, there you go.
So, um, what else does God say? In the past, I know I've wandered And my love has often strayed I could see my own reflection Miss Quinn? They're ready for you.
In the tears you had to pay Great.
But those days are gone forever And our love can start anew From a girl who brought you heartache You're so sweet, you're so fine I want you all and ev'rything just to be mine 'Cause you're my baby, 'cause you're my love Oh, girl, I'm just a jeepster for your love You slide so good With bones so fair You got the universe reclining in your hair Miles! Miles.
What are you What are you, just a chest of drawers? I'm a one-night stand.
Get it? Kind of, yeah.
That's cute.
Hey! Oh.
Ali, holy shit.
I mean, am I gonna win this holiday or what? To think we almost went with a different body paint.
So glad we went with the emerald.
So, are these safe to open? [WHISPERING.]
Or you going commando? Anybody want a drink? [LAUGHS.]
impressed, maybe both? Have a good time.
Okay, now what's I don't What is this? I spoke to Tracy.
It was definitely her that called the Times.
Alright, let's talk about this later, alright? Okay.
Yeah, no, that's fine.
But it didn't go well.
Tell me.
I tried to talk her down, but, Jesus, I mean, she is out for blood.
- Shit.
- She just kept saying, "He has to pay.
He needs to pay".
I thought she was gonna ask for money, but I think she just wants she just wants to see you crucified.
If she wants war, I will go after her, her family, her pathetic fucking career Annette.
Annette, how's it going? - How you doing? - Good.
This is my husband, Brad.
- Husband Brad, how are you? - Good to see you.
Hey, be careful of this one right here.
- Happy Halloween.
- Yeah, you, too.
Tracy doesn't want your money.
But you could make a charitable donation, maybe to a cause that's for women? Interesting.
We did a Christmas drive for a-a women's shelter or "Hope Foundation", something like that.
Yeah, write a check for 10 grand? $20,000.
You tell Tracy that I will give her $20,000 if - [MICROPHONE FEEDBACK.]
- Yeah, okay, quiet, everybody.
It's time for the costume contest.
Here we go.
To be continued.
Before we start, we're gonna have a few words - from the president - Excuse me, excuse me, - excuse me.
- Laurence Budd! [CHEERS AND APPLAUSE.]
You know, uh, everybody talks about the Oscars eh, Oscars, right? But I think we've got the best party in Hollywood here tonight.
- - Oh, Ricky, you even did the candles.
Electric ones.
Real ones would be a hazard with this net here.
You know, um, when I came back from Guatemala, I made a list of all the things that I loved about our place.
I want to see the list.
Well, I actually wrote a whole screenplay.
A movie? Yeah, yeah, but I-I threw it away, 'cause it turns out you're alive, and we don't draw attention to ourselves.
I want to read it.
Okay, okay, but that's not my point.
I had an idea.
What if we found a version of our hut right here in California? Somewhere remote, in the woods.
You could go outside without being spotted.
In the woods.
With me.
I love being with you.
Hey, also, um and this is your call we could sell the engagement ring and then use all that money Oh, I give it away.
What do you mean? The people who bring me to the US, I had to pay them.
With that ring? Mm-hmm.
Uh Uh, I mean, it was worth 130 grand.
- No.
- Yeah.
I mean, it's fine.
- It's fine.
- Oh, shit.
- Know what? It got you here.
- I did not know this.
No, no, it's good.
It's good.
Okay, well I have prospects.
I can take care of you for a change.
Yeah, commute from LA, and you could tend the garden or whatever.
You are such a nice man.
There she is, our silver medalist.
I'm not doing this again next year.
I'm done.
What? You got second place out of the whole company.
That's That's a big deal.
Janet did Cruella De Vil two goddamn years ago, meanwhile I'm out here giving a shit.
This whole thing is just a popularity contest.
Well, I don't know how that can be true, since you are extremely popular.
I'm not.
And more importantly, they respect you.
I know you're trying to make me feel better.
It's very sweet.
Look, Janet won because the accounting department has more people and they pooled their votes.
Let her keep her $50 fucking gift card.
You are one of the most admired executives in town.
And, for the record, you look fuckin' fantastic.
You're right.
Screw this party.
Ah, there she is.
I mean, Laurence didn't even spring for passed hors d'oeuvres.
What a stingy cunt.
The money he makes, he must spend it all on wigs.
You're really something.
You're not nothing, yourself.
I'm gonna go back to my room.
And I'm gonna order a whole bunch of food.
And I think that you should join me.
You know, I just had a bunch of those pigs in a blanket.
Kind of stuffed ooh.
Then we'll just skip right to dessert.
Oh, boy.
Look, you've been doing an amazing job.
And I think that you deserve a little reward, don't you? [EXHALES SHARPLY.]
I'm in room 315.
Why don't you just hang back, just for a minute.
And then come find me.
Have a great night.
Thanks, boss.
Perfect timing.
Why? Well, this is our last box, and then we are officially moved in.
No way.
So, how'd it go? My meeting? Yeah, your huge acquisition meeting, yeah.
I turned them down.
I guess they just don't make your kind of movies.
Not really.
Well, that sucks, but at least now you get to focus on your next move.
Whatever that is.
Okay, big moment.
Drum roll, please.
With this fork, I officially dub us moved in! Judah.
I want to break up.
Too bad for you.
You already signed the lease.
Are you my one-night stand? [LAUGHS.]
- Sorry - Someone had to say it.
So, I took it out of the toaster, and Evan was running past, so maybe he was late or He was definitely in a hurry and I was like, "Whoa!" and the Toastie Popz just hit him right in the face.
Uh, Mr.
Fonseca believes you burned him on purpose.
First of all, I like Evan.
And what type of person would intentionally [DOOR OPENS.]
Could you just give me give me a sec? It's a childcare thing.
I'll be right back.
Uh, when Reyna gets back, could you tell her to, uh, keep Wyatt at the park? What the fuck's this? Oh, it's the Toastie Popz thing.
They just want a statement.
I called a great lawyer, so this is a formality.
What is this? Is this green paint? Uh, don't ask.
Buddy, I'm getting my shit together.
I'm flying to New York tomorrow to see Gladys.
You decide what you're gonna tell her? - I'm gonna lie my ass off.
- Right.
'Cause I know what's in my heart, and I want what's best for Wyatt and her.
I better get back to this.
Oh, Jesus.
Miss Egan, do you think you can have your way with me just 'cause you're my boss? Just take this thing off before I dock your pay.
Could've picked this up later.
Had to make sure you were feeling okay.
You know, when I call a junior lieutenant, usually, they fucking answer.
I was caught up doing that new thing I told you about.
And I thought it was cool to delegate.
Hector don't see it that way.
I miss one day and Hector knows? I'm out here trying to disrupt shit, like you said you want me to do, right? Do it on your own time.
This can't happen again.
Hijo de puta.
What you got? Handling some business.
Fives and singles.
High roller.
Yeah? How's this? [CHUCKLES.]
Hmm? Huh? Oh, my God.
This needs to go on your 'gram.
Hell yeah.
Let's be all artistic and shit.
- Hoo, hoo! Yeah.
Yeah? Yago? Is Amara.
Yeah, right.
Mi frijolito.
It's really me.
You got two seconds to tell me who the fuck this is, puta.
See? I'm in LA.
Are we taking this photo? This cash is grossing me out.
I presume this is a butt dial? Hey.
Hey yourself.
Want to come over later? Are you and Judah having a house-warming? 'Cause I think I'm busy.
Just you and me.
I can be over there by 7:30.
See you then.
- $200,000? - The number she gave.
I said $20,000.
How did it get to $200,000? I have no idea.
I-I don't know where she got that figure from.
I mean, it wasn't easy, either.
She had no intention of killing the story.
I had to make it all about helping women rather than her getting revenge.
It was 200 grand.
We could counter.
You know what? Just fuck it.
Fuck it, and let's let's just put this behind us.
Soon as the check clears, she'll retract the statement.
Yeah, they better name a fucking shelter after me.
Oh, my God.
Alright, well, this this calls for a Sunday cocktail.
Scotch? - Lovely.
- Yeah.
You weren't such a bad hire after all.
So, anybody at the office ever ask about our history, working together? Don't think anyone knows.
How could they, since I don't have a credit on "Wylderness"? Ah, okay.
Okay, so that's what this is about, huh? You want me to restore your producer credit.
Didn't even know that would be possible.
Mm, yeah.
I still don't believe you, but, uh, I'll make a phone call.
No promises.
That'd be fucking brilliant.
Thank you.
Got to get another glass.
Everything okay? Just Ali stuff.
It can wait.
I'm impressed you've lasted this long with her.
Seems like a real handful.
You have no idea.
You're back here.
Don't have any furniture.
I don't care.
Well We're going up and down Over and over Over and over It's the same old thing Up and down Over and under Under the radar Over everything Well, we're up and down Over and over Over and over It's the same old thing Up and down Over and under Under the radar Over everything Way up I got tears to cry Start to make Things I got to get done Snow on the roof I got winter in my beard But I'm turn-key, baby I'm ready to run Quality.

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