Get Shorty (2017) s03e05 Episode Script

The Stick

1 Previously on "Get Shorty" I actually wrote a whole screenplay.
- A movie? - Yeah, but I-I threw it away, 'cause it turns out you're alive.
I want to read it.
I'm getting my shit together.
I'm flying to New York tomorrow to see Gladys.
You decide what you're gonna tell her? I'm gonna lie my ass off.
Miss Egan, you think you can have your way with me just 'cause you're my boss? - This needs to go on your 'gram.
Hell yeah.
Yeah? Yago? It's Amara.
Laurence bought a handgun back in March.
Colt Commander 1911.
Want to come over later? Are you and Judah having a housewarming? 'Cause I think I'm busy.
Just you and me.
$200,000? She had no intention of killing the story.
I had to make it all about helping women rather than her getting revenge.
- It was - You know what? Just fuck it, and let's let's just put this behind us.
I take it you're not a morning person.
4:00 a.
is not morning.
Okay, the nanny is down the hall.
She comes in, you put the phone down.
We start with the East Coast because of the time difference, then Central, and then West.
West Coast ain't awake.
Big news outlets are 24-hour news desks.
You ready? [LINE RINGING.]
- Editor's desk.
- Hello.
I have information that may be of interest to the Times.
- Can I get your name? - Can't give you my name.
I would prefer to remain anonymous.
- What's this regarding? - Film producer Laurence Budd.
In the last decade, Laurence Budd has settled sexual harassment lawsuits with nine different Nine women.
I can get you their names.
Budd was accused of sexual harassment - How did you learn this? - and invasion of privacy - Hold up.
- and he settled out of court for significant amounts of money.
- Hey.
- Hold on.
How'd I learn about this? You can't reveal your source.
I can't reveal my source, but I do have proof.
I can provide HR records containing written accusations.
I'll send you financial settlements.
Shows you how much he paid to keep these women quiet.
And what's the nature of the accusations? Mr.
Budd has a predilection for watching women while they're on the toilet.
if you have a secure connection I can use.
- Like I said - Hello? I think, um would you hold while I get an editor? Yeah if you make it quick.
Good morning.
Russian yogurt, please.
It's Dana in PR.
Uh, I'm having breakfast.
We got a call from the Times, and I wanted you to know as soon as possible.
I mean, we just got off the phone - and told Matt I better call - Alright, yeah, no, slow down.
Slow down.
What was the call about? The Times is running a story about women who according to them about women who accused you of sexual harassment.
The New York Times? As I said, I just got off the phone, and They have names of these women? Uh, yes.
Nine women so far.
Alright [STAMMERS.]
Would you please step out now? Me? No, not you.
You listen to me.
This article is not happening.
You tell everybody in PR.
- You tell everybody in legal.
- I will, but it's already I need to speak with Ben Tandy.
He's the editor-in-chief at The New York Times.
We're friends.
You tell him Laurence Budd wants to speak with him not tomorrow, and not later today, but now! [TELEPHONE RINGS.]
Laurence, I'm sorry.
The story is out.
What does that mean? Four news outlets are already running with it.
MSNBC is doing a segment on their morning news hour.
TV news hour? In 10 minutes.
Sounds wonderful.
Thank you very much.
How many more? Well The LA Times, Deadline, Hollywood Reporter.
I'll take it in the hallway.
You keep going.
Good morning.
You said this was gonna go away.
I wrote a check for $200,000 to the fucking Hope Foundation.
Sorry, did something happen? Only a media blitz where they're saying that I sexually harassed nine women, which is bullshit.
No! Ah, could've sworn that I had Tracy handled.
She's not one of them.
What? So there's nine other women? Where are they getting that number? That's outrageous.
Technically, I settled out of court with Look, the point is, there are documents that were leaked from Human Resources.
Our Human Resources? Ah, what fuckin' weasel would Morning.
Hi, Wyatt.
What kind of fucker would do that? Oh, I'm gonna find out.
Don't you worry.
Got the whole fucking department on lockdown.
But, meanwhile, these women.
If you want my support moving forward, I need you to make good on your promise.
Which promise is that? To fix problems with unorthodox solutions.
Whatever it takes.
I want retractions.
I want apologies.
I want to come out of this shit show with my reputation intact.
The fucking president can do it Should we discuss this in person? - Maybe at the office? - No, not at the office.
I do not want this to come back on me.
Oh, right, of course.
That's smart.
Somewhere away from prying eyes, then.
Yes, my house, tonight.
We can brainstorm on that at least nine women have accused - the veteran movie producer - Did I lose you? - of sexual misconduct.
- Got to go.
According to the Times, the women received hundreds of thousands of dollars in hush-money payments.
No más.
- ¿Qué? - No lo quiero.
Oh, you don't got to finish that.
It's about me.
I want to finish.
I spoke to the the Realtor about the place in Idyllwild.
The seller is "highly motivated".
What? I told you I looked at a house for us.
- Ah, yes, the woods.
- We can live there.
You don't You don't have to worry about the Feds.
You can go outside.
You can get fresh air.
I don't have the down payment yet, but I'll I'll find work.
We'll figure it out.
Our little love nest, right? This say I'm "exhausted".
Why? I'd have to read the scene.
Well, read for me.
Okay, but I-I should get to the office now.
This page.
"Amara, exhausted and wary, sits at an impromptu campsite with three of her men.
She scans the woods".
"A shot rings out, and one of her men falls back, screaming.
Amara shoulders an assault rifle".
"Federales burst from the jungle.
There's no cover.
Amara is hit! She holds her ground.
She's hit again and collapses".
Close on Amara as the boots of Federales step into frame".
"She's dead".
You have to change it.
- What? - It's not what happened.
Okay, but but we don't want to do this movie now, right? It turns out you're alive, and we don't want to draw attention.
You finish reading, and then we'll put it away.
Alright, my sweater I got to go.
Hey, yo.
Aah! Whoa, whoa.
What are you doing? Hector sent us 'cause you're fucking up.
Me? What the fuck did I do? You know them? - It's okay - You just walk in on us? Hey, shut the bitch up.
- Excuse me? - Listen, baby.
Let me just talk to them, alright? It doesn't involve you.
Your fuckin' Instagram's gonna bring us all down.
What? Posting shots of collection money.
All over her, the bed You can read the serial numbers.
Oh, shit.
And she did a video while you were behind her talking business on your cell.
You said his name.
You said my fucking name, yo.
And she got half a million followers.
Okay, okay, so so we'll just go on and delete it.
- The Internet is forever.
- Give me your phones.
I'm gonna delete every post and the accounts.
No! You can't have my phone.
- He has a gun - Hey, hey, yo.
What the fuck are you doing? Just put - put that shit away - Hey! You're lucky we don't pop your ass.
Unlock that shit and hand it over.
Baby, just do it.
- Jesus.
Check for Snapchat.
And Vine, whatever the fuck that is Vine is over.
Miley Cyrus just reposted me, okay? I'm I'm an influencer.
It's what I do.
It's time to get a real job.
Delete that.
Yo, delete all that, those.
- Am I in your way? - No.
Uh, I was just surprised since you said you'd be out.
I'm sorry it's such an inconvenience.
It's not.
To have the audacity to be here, considering that, up until a week ago, we both lived here together.
Okay, I'm I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
Can we just talk about this? We talked for three days straight.
I-If we just take a beat and think about it.
Isn't that what people do? Think about it? I don't know what people do.
Really? We're having this conversation, and you're checking your phone? No way.
You know, for someone who doesn't live here, you seem to be quite comfortable.
- Judah, it's my TV.
- from several media outlets.
Laurence Budd's accusers are said to include both film executives and actresses in his films.
We're right now working to confirm these new developments.
Oh, my God.
If recent history is an indicator, - more women will co - [CELLPHONE RINGING.]
Guess you saw the news? I thought he could get away with anything, but the man is going down.
Pretty weird vibe here at the office.
Yeah, I would think.
Whispering, a general feeling of paranoia.
Not a ton of work getting done.
Can I see you tonight? Oh, I wish.
No, I'm gonna be here late, given everything that's going on.
But I could see you tomorrow.
That's a promise.
You alright? Yeah.
I mean, I think so.
Hey, Miles.
Here's your costs reports.
Got it, thanks.
Listen, I better go before Ali comes in.
You know, I filed a complaint with HR.
The two-way-mirror thing.
I kept waiting to hear my name on the news.
Do you think that'll come out? It hasn't yet, so But should I call the press and tell them myself? I mean, is that the right thing to do? The "right" thing.
Uh, I don't know.
Why Why don't you sleep on it, see how you feel in the morning? Yeah.
I'll sleep on it.
Wait, wait, wait, wait.
Wait, wait.
I know I fucked up.
But we deleted it, right? So we good? Hector gave Chewy the route.
So I don't have collections? Do what Chewy says.
You'll still earn.
Baby, I'm sorry.
You work with them? - Not always.
- You said you were in trucking.
Trucking management.
Come on, baby.
Don't leave.
They They deleted my shit, too.
You have less than 2,000 followers.
And you know what? Your Insta concepts are lame.
Rapping while you give haircuts? Who the fuck wants to see that? I said I was sorry.
No, I couldn't either.
I just meant it felt, like, different than normal.
- But they liked it, right? - They loved it.
They loved it loved it.
Is this where I go for autographs? What? What?! They said I could get a selfie with an actress.
This is my fucking husband! [LAUGHS.]
No way.
Oh, unless it is a hologram.
What How is this possible? Aw, you look so beautiful.
Oh, and I have not seen the show.
I'm gonna see it tomorrow.
My flight just got in.
Where's Wyatt? Oh, shit, Wyatt He's with Reyna in LA.
You came here without my boy? I'm on the red-eye tomorrow.
This is just a quick, surgical strike.
Oh, well, this is this is Brian, my co-star.
Hey, man.
Louis has never been to New York before.
He's only been on a plane a few times.
Hey, you're making me sound like a yokel.
I've been to lots of cities.
Are you hungry? You want to go out? - Oh, I could eat.
- Where should I take him? There's all these famous theater-row spots.
Um, Bar Centrale, Sardi's - Orso.
- Oh.
- I'm good with whatever.
- Yeah? Okay.
Uh, I need to drop this off.
The costume designer needs to fix it, but then we will go out.
Did I mention that this is my husband? [FOOTSTEPS DEPART.]
How's the flight? [EXHALES.]
So, are you the Brian who's in the sex scene with her? [CHUCKLES.]
Well, technically it's a sex scene, but it's hardly anything.
You should go.
Right, right.
You're not serious You see, Brian, I'm not an actor.
I pretty much say what I fuckin' mean.
It was nice meeting you.
Quickly, quickly.
Any press out there? Didn't see any.
- My address is unlisted.
But in the end, they always find you.
Any miserable shit can level, uh, an unfounded accusation.
And that's exactly who does it.
Oh, either it's a-a-a cash grab, or they're unsatisfied with their pathetic existence, and this is their moment in the sun.
Long as it feeds our collective hunger to see someone disgraced.
Entertainment for the masses.
- Exactly.
- Like the village stocks.
Exactly! Exactly, yeah, let's throw eggs.
Let's Let's level righteous, puritanical judgment so we feel better about our own miserable lives.
And if somebody's got money, oh, if he's got position, oh, we can all come together around that.
Mm, roast marshmallows over the bonfire of my career, because God help me.
I have a libido.
I have a libido.
Mea fucking culpa.
How do we handle it? My lawyer will rain hellfire on everyone involved.
That's a good start.
That approach has its limitations.
So the question is, how do we get retractions from nine different women? The carrot or the stick.
The carrot worked with Tracy.
Eh, these women have gone public.
So unless they're broke, I don't see us having much luck with carrots.
So tell me about "the stick".
Either an implied threat of some sort which would never be traced back to you Or ? Unfortunate things happen to people all the time.
This has nothing to do with you.
You and I have never spoken about it.
If it happens to affect the case against you, well, that's just a happy coincidence.
The situation that they have put me in.
They're bringing it on themselves.
I'm fighting for my life.
Let me handle this.
I will use my best judgment.
Trust me.
I will get results without making any waves.
Thank you.
I'm gonna need the details of those women.
I had it all.
You have it all.
Drink? - Please.
This has been a day which requires, as Woody Allen has said, "a promotional-sized bottle of whiskey".
I mean, I'd, uh, avoid quoting Woody Allen right now, - but I take your point.
So he thinks that you burned him on purpose with a Toastie Pop.
Was it on purpose? If I wanted to hurt him, would I use a toaster pastry? - How did it land on his face? - I can't explain physics.
I mean, I stopped, and the Toastie Pop just kept going.
I wanted to tell you, but not over the phone.
And they fired you? Yeah.
Not a good week.
And I really haven't been myself lately.
Juggling work and taking care of Wyatt Wait, you're not saying that this is my fault? No.
It's a lot to ask for me to do this play, but to say that it's my fault that you maimed someone with a fucking Toastie Pop Where are we? Still Times Square.
So, you don't have a job, and I don't make enough money to support us.
I'm still gonna make money.
I just need to run the business my way.
What does that mean? Kilbaine was not a good fit.
I do better when I, you know, use unconventional methods.
I just do what I do best.
I need you to be okay with that.
Whatever works.
Oh, uh, Brian and his boyfriend want to meet us at Sardi's.
Brian's boyfriend? Yeah, sounds great.
Okay, here's all the info on my accusers names, numbers.
I got home and work addresses, Social Security, got passports Passports? Yeah, probably not useful.
Alright, banking, mortgage information, two of them are in financial trouble Oh, before I forget, I wanted to say thank you.
Why? I got a call from the Guild.
They tell me I'm getting a producer credit on "Wylderness".
You already got it.
Did I? I was gonna tell you, but, uh, I was a little distracted.
So I don't have to sign anything? No, it's a done deal.
Well, I appreciate that.
You're welcome.
Alright, let's let's try a carrot with, uh, Margaret Shifrin and Helena Worrick.
We could, uh, write a personal check to them or to their favorite charity.
I don't give a shit.
What about the others? A stick for Brenda Carp.
She's in a custody fight, might be leverage later on.
Everly Rittman worries me.
Why is that? [FADING.]
She's well-spoken.
She's got a good reputation.
Needs to be taken down a notch.
And if I'd known Alice Tucker was a vindictive [THUD.]
Are we good? Think so.
Change your clothes? Not yet.
You okay? Yeah.
I mean, you know.
What's with the BAND-AID? Oh, just a scratch.
I'm taking a stunt work seminar.
Are you? The coordinator you told me about? I called him, and he thinks that he can get me work.
That's great.
That's Congratulations.
He says my pictures look more like Ronny Simonds than the stunt double he uses.
Ronny who? The actor.
From "Bad Boys III".
Missed that one, I think.
Yeah, he says the guy Ronny uses his head's the wrong shape.
And your head's the right shape? Yeah.
That sounds like a solid lead.
Hello? Hey, Reyna.
It's just me.
I-I I'm gonna jump in the shower.
Dad? Hi.
What What What are you, uh I tried calling, but you didn't answer.
Reyna did, too.
Uh, I must've had my phone turned off.
Could I stay here tonight? Everything okay? She got here an hour ago asking for you.
Everything's fine.
Me and Mom got into an argument.
She treats me like I'm 12, but it wasn't a big deal.
I just think it'd be better for everyone if I stayed here.
On behalf of everyone, thank you for that assessment.
Does your mother know that you're with me? I texted.
She said that you could sleep over? She didn't say I couldn't.
Okay, as much as I enjoy your company, I'm not getting in the middle of this.
Thanks, Reyna.
She with you? She is.
She say how horrible and cruel I am? Well, we knew that already.
I take it you want her back? Not really.
- No? - She's all about the drama.
If I flip out and I drive over there, I'm playing into it.
Would Louis mind if you keep her for the night? Louis is in New York.
She's got her school stuff, but if you need me to drive her Nope.
I'll do it.
Alright, then.
Have fun.
- Can we watch a movie? Just, uh [BREATHING HEAVILY.]
Mi frijolito, it's me.
I have to see you.
Tía I sent someone, bring you to me.
Mi amor, I need you.
I got scars from when you tried to take me out.
Is that how you show love to family? Cariño, you hurt my feelings.
But that's over now.
You forgive me.
I got a new crew, so Do they know you? What? Mi amor.
I need you.
There's no report of Budd having left a suicide note, but, given the accusations coming to light, it does seem likely that factored in his decision to take his own life.
News correspondent Caitlin Waters [TELEVISION SHUTS OFF.]
Hey, how'd you sleep? Good.
You want to get breakfast on the way? That place with the ricotta pancakes If Mom was okay with it, could I live with you? Heh You don't like the idea.
No, I-I do.
I do.
It's just, um Well, it's not my house.
Would Louis mind? We could ask.
There's only three bedrooms.
I mean, unless you'd be happy sharing with a two-year-old Oh, well, there's that office, and we could put a futon in there.
Until last night, you weren't answering my calls.
I was angry.
Yes, because your good friend "Phat Vapes" Well, I'm more angry at Mom and Philip.
Dad, I have a 4.
0, and I mess around way less than most of the kids I go to school with.
But Mom doesn't trust me.
She just doesn't get what it's like to be 15 right now.
I mean, I don't know if I do, either.
Well, at least you've been through stuff, so you understand.
You mean prison? Listen, Shorty, if it were up to me, I'd say yes, of course.
But I can't see your mother going for it.
Could you ask? If, after breakfast, you and I are still getting along, then maybe.
Just days before his suicide, Laurence Budd donated $200,000 to a charity for women's shelters.
Whether this was an act of philanthropy or to distract from the serial harassment of women - remains unclear.
Among the most pressing questions not [TELEVISION MUTED.]
Hello? This is Ted Varney with The New York Times.
Is April Quinn available? This is April.
You left a message with our tip line.
Uh, you said you had information on the Laurence Budd story.
- I did call.
- Great.
If you don't mind, let's start with an overview.
- How long did you work - Sorry.
I no longer want to comment.
Uh Can I ask why you changed your mind? I mean no.
Well, uh, you have our number.
If anything changes and you decide [CELLPHONE BEEPS.]
Why are we whispering? I don't know.
Everybody else was whispering.
Is that your résumé? When the ship sinks, I just want a life preserver.
So weird, right? It's, like, hard to believe he's gone.
How's Ali doing, today? Freaking out.
Oh, Ali, Jesus.
So sorry to hear the news.
At least you didn't waste eight years at this company, like yours truly.
Yes, it's very sad.
Got that right.
Oh, do you mean Laurence? Yeah, that's It's very sad.
And also what it's doing to morale out there.
And there are executives running around like headless chickens, sending out their CVs Maybe I should just go home.
You could join me You don't have time for that.
Why not? Because you're the only one who can run this company.
Might be your last opportunity to be company president.
Oh, okay.
I would - I wouldn't become the president.
- Yes, you will.
No, because there's like eight other executives ahead of me.
But they're all men.
Now, if you were on the board, dealing with a sexual-harassment scandal, would you want to be looking to a man to take over? Oh, my God.
What could we, um You should call every line producer we're working with.
Tell them that nothing has changed.
Production calendars, call times, they all stay right on schedule.
Then you should send an inspiring e-mail - to the whole company - Wait, wait.
- This This is - And don't call it a scandal.
It's a tragedy.
"Our hearts go out to the poor women who have been victimized.
And also to Laurence, who is a victim of his own tortured mind" We should write this down.
Hello, and blessings.
What is your gift? My gift? I'll go.
My gift is "I Am Graceful".
And you? I just want a burger.
This menu's confusing.
He will have "I Am Fulfilled".
Thank you.
Your gifts have been consciously received.
Man, just go with it.
Yo, did you order me a burger? It's like a burger.
I don't want like a burger.
You will have to reprogram your body, then you'll crave the nutrients your body needs.
Yo, when did you get like this? How about you just tell me what's so important that we got to talk.
Amara's in L.
Man, Amara's dead.
I just said she's not.
If she was dead, why the fuck did she call me? Said she need my help and some other shit I don't want to get into, but she messed with my head.
She called when? Last week and again last night.
Amara's alive? - Damn.
- Yeah.
So, what are we gonna do? - "We"? - Yeah, you worked for her.
Two years ago.
If she called me, I'd say I'm busy.
Stunt training seminar or something.
Getting in shape.
So, what? Am I supposed to say that I'm busy? Doesn't matter what I think.
You'll go see her anyways and tell her what we talked about.
"Ed said stay away from you, Tía, but here I am".
Fuck you.
I wouldn't do that.
My tía tried to have me taken out.
What, you think I can't make my own decisions? Excuse me.
Can I have a basil lemonade? Absolutely.
Thank you.
Oh, Ilma.
Could I borrow a-a-a big saucepan? Yeah, I'm gonna cook my specialty.
- You cooking now? - Yeah, yeah.
Cheese rarebit.
It's cheese and wine on toast.
Doesn't sound good, but you got to try it.
Ricky, I love it.
Oh, you finished? I read twice.
Well, I'm glad you like it.
Now just put it away.
I have an idea for the end.
Okay, but it doesn't make sense to rewrite it now.
I tell you.
Amara don't die.
She come back to the U.
The guy in Nevada who steal from her? Take her money, her business It don't end good for him.
- Uh-huh.
- Okay? It end real bad.
Amara take back her business.
She and Ricky buy a house.
It's a nice house.
That's it.
We're talking about the script, right? [DOOR OPENS, CLOSES.]
Oh, Angel.
Yes? Hi.
I'm Angel.
Is Ilma's nephew.
We be right out.
Plus, you promised you'd help me rehearse for that big audition.
I have been so stressed.
Sandy, you're always stressed.
Maybe you should talk to someone.
I tried.
I just don't think a therapist should say "wow" that many times during a first session.
- What's the audition for? - "Juliet's Curse".
A-A musical continuation of "Romeo and Juliet".
To sell tickets, they cast a reality star to play the lead.
That sounds horrible.
Yeah, the actress playing The Nurse got "injured".
Gulp, gulp, gulp.
They're already in rehearsal, so they're desperate.
What's the scene? [WATER RUNNING.]
Hey, I just got your your message.
You once told me that you have no interest in office gossip.
I don't.
- Bullshit.
- Right.
You are a duplicitous shit-weasel who makes a point of knowing everyone's dirt before ratting them out to the highest bidder.
So I'm fired? Fired? Fuck no.
No, you're exactly what we need.
You used to be on Dan's desk, so you're used to dealing with the Board of Directors.
We need to know who's pulling the most weight, who's teaming up with who, where and when they meet.
Yeah, I-I know some things.
- Hold that thought.
You get my message? She wants to live with you now? Yeah, I mean, that's how she's feelin' this week.
But it's not her decision, is it? Look, we can't have her thinking that she's the one calling the shots here.
That'd be a fuckin' disaster.
On the other hand, she is angry with me, pretty much around the clock.
Sounds like it's a little easier with you? I mean, I guess.
I-If we force her to live with me, is that healthy? Are you Are you saying you want her with me? Not unless you like the idea.
For a month or two, then we reassess? Clearly, you're getting your life together.
And we were looking at shared custody.
Yeah, yeah.
I mean, it's your call.
It's No, it's I mean I mean I've been hoping for something like this, but when I had my own place.
Will Louis mind? Probably not.
He's a bit lonely since Gladys went to New York.
And Emma's already picked out her own room.
Why don't you talk to Louis? See what he says? Yeah.
I'm trying to take it slowly I'm trying to be my best I'm trying to be more holy Less bitter and depressed I'm reading Eckhart Tolle He makes a lot of sense I bought a Buddhist bowl He says it helps you be less tense [DING!.]
That doesn't do a thing for me! I sit there on the floor And watch a vivid sequence of humiliating incidents From my past go by and think "What kind of masochist Keeps coming back for more When she knows it's gonna happen 'Cause it never doesn't happen 'cause it always - Sandy.
- Always - Sandy.
- Michael, no! I know it's gonna happen, don't tell me that I don't And don't say that I'll rise to the occasion 'cause I won't And don't say I've got talent, and don't say I've got heart And don't say that I'm clever, 'cause I know I'm pretty smart It's hard enough to know that I'm too stupid to admit You can't survive a diet that consists of eating shit The trick is knowing when it's time to pack your bags And say, "That's it" You know it's gonna happen I know it's gonna happen Ugh! Here's what's gonna happen I quit! I quit! I quit! [CHEERS AND APPLAUSE.]
- Holy shit.
Good "holy shit"? Oh, amazing! I have never seen a musical that was that Have you ever seen a musical? [STAMMERING.]
I'm just so proud of you.
I'm I'm fuckin' speechless.
Thank you.
You are a great actor.
I'd never know that you were gay.
High praise.
I knew that you were talented, but, honey, this is a whole nother level.
The rehearsal scene is funny, right? Oh, my God.
I was sitting there, and I was just like, my mind was blown.
And then, I thought, "Why would I keep looking for actors to represent when the best actor I have ever seen is my wife?" What? No, why would I bust my ass trying to get somebody else a job when I can do that for you? No, I have an agent.
Not a manager.
Uh, well Maybe we should finish this job before we start talking See, that is why actors do not represent themselves.
It's all about striking while the iron's hot.
I mean, well, you know, we're married, so maybe that's enough.
Well, when I get you a studio feature that shoots in L.
, you're gonna thank me.
That's perfect, thank you.
So, Charles Kerriman will be at Hamilton's at 7:00.
She's having second thoughts.
We don't have time for those.
Just, do I want to be the face of a company while it's making national no, international news as a place where men watch women taking shits? I think it was more just women sitting on the toilet.
I don't think it was specifically - that they were doing shits.
- Yeah, that's what I thought.
And if the board wants a female president, which, admittedly, makes sense, they're gonna want a name.
Dana Walden, Nancy Cotton Have any of those women been working here for eight years? Do they know the nuts and bolts on every project? Where the bodies are buried.
No, they No, they don't, and you need to point that out.
You need to go to Hamilton's and to talk to - What's his name? - Charles Kerriman.
You need to tell him to promote a CEO from within.
Someone with dedication, passion, and loyalty.
And you want to throw your hat in the ring.
I don't know.
I don't know.
I believe in you, Ali.
Jayson believes in you.
I do.
- Ugh.
- This might be your last chance.
What are you gonna do? Are you gonna jump up and grab that brass ring, or are you gonna let it slip through your fingers? Gonna grab the ring? I never try this.
You don't like it, we'll just order a pizza.
It's the only thing my Dad could make.
As a kid, I hated it, but, uh, then it grew on me.
Sit, let's eat.
What? When we were in Guatemala, under the mosquito net, all we had was each other.
And that was good by me.
Maybe you don't feel that way.
Why you say this? Maybe you miss the the big house and and clothes and guys with guns.
That's not what I want.
If you're going back to that, you have to tell me.
Some people take my business in Nevada.
Is not fair to me.
So you're gonna take it back? I should go.
Don't leave.
I I love you, Amara.
You took care of me, and now I want to take care of you.
But you got to choose.
When you do, then then let me know.
- Ricky - Good night.
Won't you tell me What you really want? Can you turn down the music? to ask ourselves, what's the real tragedy? That Budd took his life? Or is it overshadowed by what he's done to these women? News correspondent Caitlin Waters is with us tonight, on site.
This is Miles.
Leave a message.
- It's Louis.
I've sorted things out on my end, and now I'm watching the news.
Buddy, we got some things to talk about.
I'll see you soon.
Oh! Charles! What a surprise.
Do you belong to this club? - I do.
- Ali Egan.
Wow, it's been a while.
What a week, am I right? Yes, it's really been Do you have a minute? [KNOCK ON DOOR.]
Yes? El esta aquí.
Mi nene.
Um I almost didn't come.
Why? I don't know.
I talked to Ed.
He said it was a bad idea.
But you are here.
I needed you, and you came.
Mi cielito.
Mi cielito, mi amor.
Thank you.
All right.
Dynamite shrimp, black pepper chicken Which is the spicy one? Ah, Dan Dan Noodles not for the faint of heart.
You want a beer? Definitely.
I can't stop thinking about Laurence.
I mean, for two years, I was hating on him.
Waiting for karma to bite him in the ass.
But to shoot himself Guilt does strange things to people.
Is it weird for you? [BOTTLE CAPS POP.]
No question.
But then I think about what he did to you, and what he did to me, as well You're not saying he deserved it.
You know, my mother used to say not every tragedy is a death, and not every death is a tragedy.
So I'm saying we should move on, 'cause we've got better things ahead.
What are we watching? Let's see what's on.
Questions linger about exactly what happened No more news.
with the hush-money payments.

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