Get Shorty (2017) s03e06 Episode Script

Tomorrow They Light Me on Fire

1 Previously on "Get Shorty" There's no report of Budd having left a suicide note, but, given the accusations coming to light, it does seem likely that factored in his decision to take his own life.
Dad? If Mom was okay with it, could I live with you? If you were on the board, dealing with a sexual-harassment scandal, would you want to be looking to a man to take over? What is problematic is you sending out a screenplay describing our investigation.
I wanted it to feel truthful.
It's truthful enough to get people killed.
When we were in Guatemala, under the mosquito net, all we had was each other.
That was good by me.
Some people think my business in Nevada is not fair to me.
That him? - Is that him? - I'm looking.
Yeah, that's him.
Don't start the car till I start shooting.
No, no.
I'm sorry.
Ah, mi cielito.
- Tía, you can't stay here.
- Huh? The hit never happened.
Cuco said Angel fucked up and Matias took him alive.
You know he's telling them where to find you.
Shit, they could be on their way now.
I took a fucking nap, and when I wake up, they all gone Ciro, Ilma.
Yeah, 'cause they know, if they stay, Matias will fucking take them out.
You got somewhere else you can go? There was a whole pollo en jocónin the fridge, - and now the fridge is gone.
I don't run.
So you want to fight them, just you and me? Matias has 100 guys coming after you.
I got guys who can fight in Nevada, in L.
- If you pay them.
- So I pay.
What, so you just have that kind of money? Not here, but [SPANISH CONTINUES.]
you get it for me.
Hey, man, you got to be careful with that.
That is the War Helmet from "Death Eaters", the one that Anthony Hopkins wore.
"This land is our refu-juh".
- Nothing? - Didn't see it.
Laurence Budd produced that and "Sweet Bird of Prey" - the same year.
- Oh, I'll put them in my queue.
No, you won't.
Did you see the e-mail - from Kerry at the lab? - No, I don't think so.
She found single-base gunpowder on Budd's right hand and what could be double-base on his pants Two kinds of gunpowder when Budd only fired one shot.
- They sure? - No.
- Well, then - Can I show you something? Camera's supposed to film people who come to the door, but it's pointed that way.
- Someone fuck with it? - I'm not saying that.
- Okay.
- But if someone did - They'd be on video.
- Right, you would think that.
But the system only archives 48 hours.
Camera was moved before then.
I checked.
- How tall are you? - Why? I'm 5'11", and I can't reach that camera.
Perp would have to be tall.
- Saying "perp" now? - Are we? Front door is a blind spot.
Perp knows that Leaves by edging the house, cutting through the yard.
Yeah, there's another camera at the entry gate, but nothing on the yard, no sight line to the road.
Can't climb these hedges They're 30 feet.
Oh, and it's too dense to push through Except here.
Scale that fence, you're in the woods between the two properties, straight shot to the street.
You're saying this is a homicide? Am I? [PATS HIP.]
This has been a very difficult week for all of us, but this company is larger than one man.
It's all of you, and it's me! So we're not gonna let lurid details in the press drag us down, no.
We're gonna embrace transparency and accountability.
So, if you have any questions, okay, anything at all, just come find me.
Thank you.
- I have a question.
- Oh.
- I didn't mean now.
- Are we folding? 'Cause that's what it says in "The Hollywood Reporter".
Do you want to get back up? Yeah? - No, just No.
Fuck it.
- No? Alright.
Um, we are not folding.
That was irresponsible speculation.
We're just business as usual, guys.
The crews are acting like we're folding.
I've seen fraudulent receipts, unapproved overages.
Are we worried about layoffs? No, we're not worried about layoffs.
Everybody's jobs are totally safe most of them.
If Laurence's victims sue That's enough questions.
We're fine.
We're gonna be fine.
- If the company's liable - We're fine, everybody! Thank you! Business as usual.
Now, I said I need one with lumbar support.
Can you leave this one for now? [CHAIR ROLLING.]
That was supposed to be my victory lap, and not one person said congratulations.
Oh, I wouldn't worry about them.
That's because they're Laurence hires.
They have zero confidence in me.
Is this broken? 'Cause I can't The curtains are supposed to go down.
Can we have a look at this switch, see if maybe we can You know what? I'm sorry.
Can you guys - just come back later? Thank you.
- Maybe you can just come back later.
Might be - Can't believe I let you - Thank you.
talk me into this face of a failing company.
We are gonna get this company back on track, believe you me, and I'll be right there by your side, making sure that happens.
Of course, if the other employees are gonna respect me, I should really have a promotion.
A man just died.
This is about you now? Okay, fine.
You're, um, Office Coordinator, okay? [INDISTINCT DISTANT CHATTER.]
Ali, that was a great speech.
I know you're feeling insecure and whatnot, but I thought you looked luminous up there and strong a powerful, luminous, lady leader that I haven't seen since Halloween.
What are you doing? What are we doing? [CHUCKLES.]
Can't lower the curtains so maybe some other time.
All that talk of transparency and accountability is a bit rich coming from someone who coerced her assistant into a sexual relationship.
I remember that was highly consensual.
I remember asking you if you thought you could have your way with me just because you were my boss.
I remember you answering yes.
I remember because I have a recording of the conversation, as well as a bit of what came after.
- Oh.
- Pull on my hair.
Do it! - Is that enough? - Yes, harder! Oh! [INDISTINCT CHATTER.]
- Mmm - Oh, yeah.
- Turn it off! - Somebody's getting a rai Are you trying to ruin me? - I hope it doesn't come to that.
- Well, what do you want?! Do you remember Louis Darnell, April Quinn? I think they'd be a good fit here at Budd E.
We can expand our team a little bit.
As for me, I will be your number two.
- Vice president? - Senior vice president.
You tell the board that I'm the one responsible for getting the Jordan Parr feature on-budget.
Also, I have the producing credit now on "Wylderness".
I'm so Do you find this amusing? This company is sinking and no, you have no idea.
We're about to see mass defections and a board that wants to sell us for parts.
So if this is your big move, I say go for it, man.
Well, then let's get the word of my promotion out there, shall we? - Appointment only! - [SHOUTING.]
I'm redoing - my place, and I just wa - [SANDER SHUTS OFF.]
I'm redoing my place.
Alright if I look around? Beautiful stuff.
That's a tool chest from Home Depot.
I meant that stuff.
This is your shop, right? - Are you Charlie Rudoff? - Uh-huh.
There's a screenwriter named Charlie Rudoff Really talented.
I happen to know about screenwriters because I'm a film producer.
- Cut the shit.
- Hmm? Irish guy tell you to come here? He really needs to stop leaving voicemails.
He's a big fan.
And the project he wants you to write is not only classy, it's a franchise.
Must be hard to believe that anyone would prefer to learn an honest craft with creative control than get fucked by Hollywood studios.
Is it alright if I just check out the woodwork? This piece? Mm? That walnut? No.
- Oak.
- Don't touch it.
Yeah? Ah! [HISSES.]
Damn! Look at this! - I know, right? - Yeah.
It's the smallest trailer I've ever seen.
- Well, at least I got one.
So, you doing stunts? - Yes.
- Yeah? What kind of shit? Well, tomorrow they light me on fire.
Light your ass on fire? You okay.
How much you get paid? It's what it is.
The way you said that, it's not enough.
What do you want? Need something from the stash house.
Amara said you got the key.
- Old stash house? - Mm-hmm.
It's a keypad.
You type in a code.
Put the code in the phone.
And what I'm looking for She said there's a wall or Hole cutout.
Back wall, far left side.
But there's nothing in there now.
What she tell you to get? Supplies.
Supplies? She said it was cash? 'Cause we were gonna have Peewee leave some, but that never happened.
Unless it did and you don't know.
Go and look, but Peewee didn't leave shit.
He's in Mexico.
I don't think Amara's thinking straight, mentally.
She's, like, going to war with Matias.
- Yeah? Who's on her side? [CELLPHONE BEEPING.]
There's the code.
Her love is gone, and I'm to blame - Miles? - Yeah.
Come on in.
I got something to say.
So, today, out of the blue, I get a call from Can Can you - Can you take him? - Bath time! - Let's go! - Yaaayyy! I get a call from Ali Egan.
She offers me a job.
She didn't seem to know what the job was, but that aside [SIGHS DEEPLY.]
Man, to have a friend like you who knows that I'm unemployed, and you reach out Fuck.
What? Sorry, go on.
I'm trying to make this heartfelt thank-you speech, and you say "fuck" like I'm giving you bad news.
No, no, no, it's just ugh Things at Budd E.
Boy are a bit complicated.
Well, how did you get them to, uh, make me an offer? Well, as of today, I am Senior VP.
Ali is the only one above me.
Holy shit! - That's amazing! - Yeah.
Except in the course of getting my promotion, I may have destroyed the company.
- Production has gone to shit.
- Ah.
You've lingered here Maybe it's not such a good opportunity for me, after all.
You went from being incredibly grateful to turning your nose up at this in about 30 seconds.
- You Fucking cheek.
- I'm so excited.
- Heavy-looking bags.
Good thing you're young and strong.
Room's this way.
I cleared out the dresser, and blanket's a bit worn, but I can get another one.
- Put some posters up maybe? - Dad, relax.
This is great.
Where will you sleep? Oh, there's a blowup mattress in the den.
- I can go in there.
- No, it's fine.
You and me under one roof.
If we don't grow to hate each other.
- It'll be great.
- I think it might.
Um, okay.
Well, don't get too settled.
You know, I'm gonna get my own place soon.
Then we can do up your room any way you want.
We can Okay, I'll stop.
- Sorry.
- Yeah? - You with Emma? Yes, we're currently discussing interior design.
I know it's a bad time, but can we chat later? - Sure.
- Call me whenever.
- Who's that? - April.
Work stuff.
You guys talk a lot? [CHUCKLES.]
We do a bit, lately.
I'll let you get settled and make some dinner.
Hey, man, look at this.
An hour after Bud died Picked up a gig.
Here, I'll rewind.
This five-on-five league downtown needs a ref corporate teams.
Yeah, it's bullshit.
Something moves behind the hedge.
- I don't see it.
- The light changes.
Thought we didn't have footage.
Yeah, it's the neighbor's camera archives a week.
Rich people looking out for each other.
Well, they want to know there wasn't a prowler or a "Bling Ring".
Did you see the movie - "Bling Ring"? - I'll put it in my queue.
Wh Go back.
What's that? - [MOUSE CLICKING.]
- Just a coyote.
- Well, that's what was moving.
- Only it's not because - what I'm seeing is taller.
- Well, you're gonna need more than that to convince the lieutenant.
Someone startled the coyote.
That's why it cut across the lawn.
Have you seen my other whistle? [INDISTINCT CHATTER.]
I had to tiptoe past Emma's room.
All this sneaking around, I feel like a teenager.
Should we climb into the back seat? You're Senior VP at Budd E.
You're obviously pleased for me? How did this come about? You know, I just solved some production problems.
- The higher-ups took notice.
What do you have on Ali, huh? Photos in blackface? [DOG BARKING.]
I don't want to know.
Have you spoken with Ali? Yeah, she offered me an executive position - [GASPS.]
- said it was your idea.
The money's great.
You can get back that book that Laurence stole.
And be at a company I detest that, by the way, - trades say is going under.
- We're not going under.
- With you as my boss.
You said yourself I'm a good producer.
And this isn't dealing with Amara.
This is a real fuckin' studio.
We can make ambitious films, whatever we like, but for some reason, that seems to piss you off.
- I am not going to prison.
- Neither am I.
Will you at least take the meeting with Ali? Is there no part of you that would like to work with me? Because I [SCOFFS.]
I got to tell you, I was expecting a different reaction.
You know, Emma's probably asleep if you want to come in.
Good night.
Hello?! [KNOCK AT DOOR.]
Ricky! Amara.
What - Did you miss me? - Of course I missed you.
Here, come come in quick.
- How'd you get here? - Taxi.
Taxi? It's okay.
You're not happy to see me.
No, baby, I-I I miss you.
I'm just I'm going crazy.
It's just the whole FBI thing.
House in Santa Clarita safer.
- I'm so hungry.
- Yeah? Okay, well, I'll make you something then.
And Or, um Yeah, you can look around in there.
Ohhh Oh! [LAUGHS.]
Mmm! [SIGHS.]
So, did you think about the things I was saying the other night [SIGHS.]
about not wanting to go back the way things were? I take care of a little business.
Then I'm with you.
- [SIGHS.]
- Little business.
Mi amor, then it's me and you.
We get a house.
- In Idyllwild.
- Or here in Nevada.
You mean L.
- You said "here in Nevada".
- Yeah.
But we're not in Nevada.
Right? You take such care of me, cierto.
Buddy! You look dapper.
Morning, Reyna.
Hiya, Wyatt.
- The house being torn down? - Oh, I forgot to tell you.
Um, I struck out with the writer, Charlie, so to keep the conversation going, I hired her to build some bookshelves.
- Bookshelves? Lulu, that's brilliant.
Well, I hope so 'cause she's fuckin' expensive.
Hey, that job offer still stands, by the way.
And if you want to help me out today Yeah? you could swing by those productions that are running behind or fuckin' ripping us off, - do what you have to do.
- I can do that.
I even thought of a job title "Head of Physical Production".
Fuck yeah! Yeah.
Dad, can I go for ramen tonight with Kaylee and those girls.
Well, dinner out on a school night.
- Your mother would say no.
- So that's a yes.
- Home by 8:00, no later.
Oh, yes! Yes, shelving here is gonna be perfect.
Louis was always saying, "If only we had bookshelves right there", given the copious amount of reading he does.
It's Charlie, isn't it? It's great to finally put a face to the voice who's been telling me to fuck off.
You know, can I say I think you were right to turn your back on the entertainment business? - What a load of bollocks it is.
- Hold this.
You know, myself and Louis made a film called "Wylderness" Beautiful standalone piece.
And what do they do? Green-light a fuckin' sequel.
You should the ideas that they have for it.
Pure shite.
All we're looking for, really, is an organic story, - something that feels - [SAW WHIRS.]
different than the Feels different but, um [CLEARS THROAT.]
I'm just gonna cue up this DVD version of, uh, "Wylderness".
I think you're gonna love it.
- I'm working.
- No, no, no, it's not for you.
- It's for him.
- Oh, yeah.
No, I-I watch it at least, uh, you know, every couple weeks just 'cause I always find something new every time.
Alright, well, I better head to work.
It's been lovely meeting you, Charlie.
I hope we get to converse further on the topic.
- Hello? - Where are you? - Queso? - Man, you know who this is.
Supposed to be here.
I woke up with, like, my throat burning.
I could come in if you want, but - I might get everyone sick.
- [THUDS.]
Back and to the left.
Back and to the left.
Really? Shit.
Morning, beautiful.
- How you feel? - Slept good.
- Ah, good.
There's coffee if you want it.
What's this? Well, I-I-I know you got your heart set on Nevada, but you deserve a getaway first, like a vacation.
Where? The place I was gonna buy up north? The owner will rent it to us for cash no credit check.
- Totally off the grid.
- I get us a nice house.
- A-A nice house.
I know.
You're under, um, so much pressure always on the look out.
It's driving me crazy.
When Dad was feeling disoriented or anxious, these helped.
I don't want pills.
But if you change your mind, there they are.
Okay, I got to get some more supplies.
Store's in Northridge.
- You're okay? - Sí.
- I'll be fine.
- Alright.
Miles! Dude, congratulations.
Going from assistant to Senior VP, that's, I would think, like, unprecedented.
- Thanks, Jayson.
Uh, yeah, I-I think, like, people don't, um, know yet that you were promoted.
- Oh.
- It was kind of sudden.
Ali sent out an e-mail, but I think with There's so much going on.
So, I have your, um - Do I have an office? - Yes.
- Ah.
- And I'm so honored you chose me as your assistant Team Miles all the way.
And I was thinking, uh, you know, - if the company doesn't fold - Are those police? How did you know they were police? They kind of look like police.
They're not even wearing badges.
They told Ali it's routine.
With these high-profile suicides, they investigate the circumstances.
- So they spoke with Ali? - For awhile.
Good, good.
Yeah, I mean, it's it's good that they follow up even on things like that, - isn't it? - Mm.
- Ali? Hello? She in there? Wait, she said no interruptions.
I'm just gonna pop in.
Ali? Hey, there's been a power outage in here.
What do you want, after what you pulled? Lots to do, Ali.
There's no time to be sitting around in the dark.
Well, did you hear that Leonardo DiCaprio pulled out of "View from Oblivion"? Says he doesn't want to be associated with anything that Laurence touched, says he stands with brave artists taking a stand against blabbity blah-blah-blah.
Yes, that is brave.
Can I turn these lights on? And the sets aren't ready on the Parr film, and they've been going to overtime every day this week.
Ali, I couldn't help but notice that there are detectives in what used to be Blake's office.
Yeah, and Blake quit.
Did the cops say what they were looking for? Why Laurence killed himself, I guess.
Seems pretty obvious.
And when you spoke with them, you didn't mention anything about our little arrangement, right? 'Cause that would be bad for both of us.
I didn't say anything.
Let's keep it that way.
We'll leave the lights on, shall we? [GRUNTING, PANTING.]
No fucking way.
Fucking Ed, pieces of fucking shit.
Come on.
No! No! [PANTING.]
- Aah! - [EARS RINGING.]
- Fuck! [PANTING.]
Oh, fuck [PANTING.]
Help! [PANTING.]
Help, if you can fuckin' hear me! - Laurence hired you when? - About a year ago.
He was already in the public eye.
Why wait a year to hire security? There was an incident.
Someone broke into the bathroom of his house, left a penis in a bottle.
We couldn't prove who did it.
- Left a - Penis.
A human penis.
- A real one? - Yeah, it was real.
- In a bottle? - A pickle jar.
I believe the penis was floating in a brine solution, like a well, like a pickle.
Is that in the report? It is not.
Laurence was afraid it would leak to the press, so he could private security instead of involving police.
You said you could never prove who did it? You have a suspect? [CELLPHONE RINGING.]
- Hey.
You with the guys? - Yep.
- We're on the lot.
- Okay, I'm texting you a list of every department that's fallen behind and who's in charge.
Start with construction.
Those fuckers are robbing us blind.
Can I say it feels great - to be back at work? - Glad to hear it.
So, how's your first day as the big kahuna? [QUIETLY.]
Yeah, yeah, I mean, I'd enjoy it more if I wasn't looking at a team of homicide detectives.
At Budd E.
Boy? Yeah, they're talking to all the employees.
Supposedly, it's routine.
They haven't asked to speak with me yet, but they will.
- Shit.
- To be honest, Louis, the fuckin' waiting that's killing me.
Okay, I better get off this burner.
Okay, pal.
Good luck.
This is Yago.
Hit me back.
- Where the fuck are you? Wha Did you find it? Call me.
Idiota pendejo! [CELLPHONE RINGING.]
- Yes? - Guess where I am.
- At your house in L.
- Who is this? It's a real shithole, Amara.
I expect better from you.
- Matias.
- Coming to find you, zorra.
And when we get you, we're gonna take our time while you beg us to kill you.
There's a somebody I'm longing to see I hope that he Turns out to be Someone who'll watch Over me I'm a little lamb Who's lost in the wood I know I could Always be good To one who'll watch Over me Got an ice cream truck and a coffee truck.
They think, "So long as it's someone else's money".
I'm on it.
Take off.
- Time to go.
- What are you doing? - We're getting a coffee.
- Get back to work.
They're blocking? I'm a grip.
- So grip something.
- Are you accusing us of theft? Look, if I was in your position and I thought the studio was going under, I'd do the same thing Pad the time cards, bill no-shows.
Who are you, again? I'm the Head of Physical Production.
- I never heard of Hey! - Hey, hey! - Hey, chill out! - Everybody, take it easy.
This guy's threatening us.
No, I'm telling you what's gonna happen if you don't keep your hands off of me.
- Hands, huh? - Don't touch me.
Oh, yeah? You can't put your hands on [GRUNTS.]
- He's on the inside? - Thank you.
Excuse me.
- What role are you casting? - Are you here for an audition? No, my wife is an actress, and these women look like her.
I mean, it is weird.
So I thought that whatever the role is, she'd be perfect.
I'd say her agent could submit her, but we're seeing people now.
Is it possible to hold off on casting this part? I'm sorry.
I'm Head of Physical Production at Budd E.
Is there someone more senior that I could talk to? When the casting director's free, I can Great.
I'll just wait right here.
I'm trying.
I can't force people to like me.
- Yes? - April Quinn is here.
- Of course.
Okay, I have to call you back.
I'll call you back.
- Hi! Hi! - April - Good to see you.
Have a seat.
So I understand that you are developing some very exciting projects.
Really? Wh-Wh-Which ones? Um [CHUCKLES.]
Well, you know, I'm over here doing production, but I've got Miles tracking development, and he's singing your praises.
Well, I did actually have one film that came close to going.
- Oh.
- "The Girl in the Canyon"? - You heard about that? - No, tell me.
Well, I spent two years - queuing it up - Mm-hmm.
and then Laurence poached it.
Uh um Wow.
I don't mean to speak ill of the dead.
Oh, that's fine.
I mean, you know - it's a crazy week.
- Ohh.
Just never saw him as somebody who's gonna take his own life, you know? - Interesting.
- Over bad press? Does that sound like the Laurence you knew? No, actually, now that you mention it.
If anybody would fight this thing to the end, you think it'd be him, and then you see the news, and it just doesn't make any sense.
But it's like they say you never really know a person.
No, I know Leo is having second thoughts, but it doesn't mean anything.
"View from Oblivion" is moving forward.
Yes, I have total confidence.
Miles Daly.
No, no.
Thank you so much.
- Jayson! - Yeah? What the fuck is going on with DiCaprio? I don't know.
No word from his agents.
He's got to stop making statements.
- It's fuckin' killing us.
- Yeah.
Okay, find out where Leo hangs out, what events he's attending, what fuckin' I don't know clubs that he goes to.
I'll try and get past the security, have a conversation.
Or call him.
Would DiCaprio take my call? Yeah.
You're the Senior VP of the studio he was partnered with until a couple of hours ago, so of course.
Jayson, would you try Leonardo DiCaprio for me? Right away.
Guys leaving? Yeah, thanks again.
Take care.
You nervous? I'm alright.
Well, you should be nervous.
This is Doc Suzzie, set medic.
- Yeah.
We met.
- Hi.
- We'll put you out.
- She'll check for burns.
Remember, the worst thing you can do is breathe.
- Don't breathe.
- If you breathe, you'll cook your lungs from the inside out, stop absorbing oxygen, suffocate.
Now, I had a rookie once that Yeah, well, I'm not gonna freak you out.
Just - don't breathe.
- Alright! Places, people! Okay.
Here we go.
Alright, here we go, people.
Look sharp.
- It's go time.
- Alright! We're gonna do this! - Okay, we're a go.
- Alright.
Here we go.
Here we go.
Soon as he's done with the gel bucket, light him up.
Light him up! - Ready, set, action! - Three, four, five Alright, up.
And panic.
- Move to your right.
- six, seven To your left.
Keep flailing.
- Alright, on the ground.
- Cut.
- Out, out, out! - Go, go, go! We're good! Clear! All good? Hot spots? - Good.
How'd it look? - Yeah, they got it.
Ladies and gentlemen, that is a wrap on our man Ed! [CHEERS AND APPLAUSE.]
Good job, bud.
- Pain or discomfort of any kind? - I feel great.
No injuries.
Now go put all this on ice.
- What I need is a drink.
- I hear you.
You want? I have tequila back in my trailer The Clooney shit.
I'm not off work yet.
Let's see how we go.
No, no, no, no, no, no, no.
Come on, bitch.
There we go.
Come on.
Come on.
Bitch! Aw! Fuck! [EXHALES SHARPLY.]
This is Miles.
Hey, DiCaprio's assistant called.
He said Leo feels this is a very sensitive issue and he'd rather not discuss it over the phone.
- So we're done? - No, I mean he wants to talk in person.
He's busy till 10:00, then he's on a flight to Vegas.
They're asking if you can take the meeting on a plane.
- Hello? - Wh-What plane? To Vegas.
I-I think he's flying private.
My daughter's here.
I can't just leave town.
Um, they said, if you want, they can turn the jet around and bring you home.
You'll be back before midnight.
Can I confirm? Please tell Mr.
DiCaprio I will clear some time in my schedule to join him on his private plane to Vegas.
Back to you with details.
- Emma! Guess where I - [DOOR SLAMS, RATTLES.]
Holy shit.
That's intimidating.
Should I send you a bill or you can write a check? Um, Charlie, I'm I'm just gonna I'm in a rush.
I'm just gonna say this.
You're fuckin' brilliant.
"Deathstorm" is beautiful.
You're such a talented fuckin' writer.
Is there no way I can interest you in my film? Send me the bill, then.
Best of luck with the intimidating furniture.
I have to head out tonight, but I'll double your rate if you keep an eye on Emma for me.
She's not home.
Said she was going to dinner with friends.
I told her to be home by 8:00.
Fuck's sake.
You don't need to go bigger.
What's that? [SIGHS.]
People think a sequel should be big, but it's really what you do with the small moments.
Emile and Zoe think they're the last people in the world, right? They got all the food they need, they got each other, then they spot other survivors.
Now, these newcomers, they could be friendly, or they could steal everything.
Our heroes have to decide do they play it safe and close themselves off, or do they take a chance to build something bigger, something lasting? A future.
Um, what do they choose? I don't know.
Not my problem.
I'll send you the bill.
Eh, Charlie? Guest room could use a wardrobe.
Maybe while you're working on them, you could write down what you just said to me, expand it a bit? I'd be very grateful.
Oh, yes.
Oh, yes.
Oh, yes.
Oh, fuck me on the wall.
- Wall? - Yeah.
- Oh.
Oh, my God.
- Oh.
Oh, my fucking God.
Don't stop, Daddy.
Don't stop.
- No, no, no, no! Oh, shit! - No, no! No, no, stop.
- Okay.
- Stop.
Stop, baby.
Uh holy shit.
I think I broke something.
- From sex? - Hold on.
You're the doctor.
Okay, okay.
Here, let me see this.
- Come here.
- Okay, okay.
It could be a hernia.
I can call the first AD.
Aw, come on.
Fuck fuck the AD.
Call an ambulance.
Call me a hospital! Oh! Oohhh! [GROANING, ECHOING PIPES.]
Hello? - In here.
- Oh.
Car's all loaded up Canned goods, propane, and, uh, check this out.
How do you like me as a blonde? [QUIETLY.]
Wow Look at you.
You had all that stuff here? I read your script.
Again? This one was in the bathroom, behind magazines.
And in this one you work with the FBI.
In the screenplay, you mean.
Yeah, that was a That was a first draft.
I was trying stuff out.
That FBI shit's Yeah, it's all made up.
You still work for them? I never did.
And when you say you love me, is that also a lie? [WHISPERING.]
I love you.
With all my heart.
Me has traicionado.
- No, no, no! You don't understand! I had no choice! Mentiroso! [GRUNTS.]
Are you okay? [SHOUTING.]
Aah! Aah! [GRUNTS.]
Amara, stop.
Let's talk about this.
Let's Stop.
Stop it! [SCREAMS.]
- [GASPS.]
Oh shit.
Amara, don't No, don't move.
- Ohh.
- Okay.
You're gonna be okay.
I just gotta I got to get you taken care of, that's all.
Oh, Jesus.
It's okay.
- It's okay, Ricky.
- We're gonna get you help.
- Stay with me.
Make my movie, Ricky.
It's gonna be okay.
It's all gonna be okay.
Promise me.
I promise.
I love you, mi amor.
I love you, too.
What's your emergency? I-I need help.
Hello to you, too.
- Dad, it was just dinner.
- I told you to be home by 8:00.
- Whatever.
- Sorry, do you have something - to say? - If you knew what half of the kids I go to school with do, you would understand.
You seem to forget that I did meet your friend Phat Vapes.
Next two weeks, no friends, no dinners.
You come straight home after school.
- Seriously?! - Actions have consequences.
- Sooner you learn that - Hold on.
Yeah? - Miles Daly? It's Detective Aaron Mischka.
Do you got a second? Actually, I was just heading out the door.
Yeah, I know it's late.
I just got a few questions.
Uh, I was wondering if you could maybe come down to the station.
Not tonight.
Uh, I'm happy to help, but I have this meeting.
Yeah, I'm afraid you're gonna have to miss it.
What's that? If it's helpful, I can send a cruiser to pick you up.
- Amara.
- Hello, Rick.
When did you get here? [INDISTINCT CHATTER.]
H-How is she? Is she gonna make it? - You take care.
Days come and go, dear I miss you so I always long for you near me We were so happy Not long ago When you were there Just to cheer me Hold me gently in your arms Just as you used to do Give me all your wondrous charms Say that your love is true Songs in my dreams, dear Are always of you Say that your love is true
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