Get Shorty (2017) s03e07 Episode Script

Should Not Throw Stones

1 Previously on "Get Shorty" Help, if you can fuckin' hear me! [SCREAMS.]
- Aah! - [GRUNTS.]
Is she gonna make it? He went back on the deal.
This all you got for us? Portable toilets? - Oh.
- Pull on my hair.
Do it! - Is that enough? - Yes, harder! - Oh! - Well, what do you want?! I'll be senior vice president.
It's Detective Aaron Mischka.
I was wondering if you could maybe come down to the station.
The windows are treated with full-spectrum UV protection.
So direct sunlight won't be an issue.
Have a seat.
I'm Detective Mischka.
Uh, first thing I want to say is I'm a huge fan.
Of? - "Wylderness".
- Ah.
I just learned that you produced that film with Mr.
I did.
That scene on the boat.
I was just watching with my wife, and we were both we were tearing up.
When the dog chases them Ah, you know, a lot of people think that the dog was done by computers, but it was all real.
That's amazing! - Kind of you And Laurence, he petitioned to get you a producer credit? I was grateful.
It says here it was awarded the day before he died? I'm not sure, but that God, that sounds right.
Would you walk me through what you were doing last Tuesday? Sure.
Sure, I was at work.
Laurence didn't come in because he was dealing with that scandal Right, but he called your cellphone.
He did.
That's right.
- Mm-hmm.
- Yeah, he was, uh He was checking up on a film we have in production.
Did you ever work with him at his home office? I've dropped off packages, yeah.
At night? At night No.
No, I don't think so.
Can I ask why I'm here? After reviewing the security footage not only at the Budd property, but of the adjacent property on the northeast side, we felt it was necessary to get a statement.
Security footage.
What's that to do with me? Well, you said that you'd never been to the Budd property at night.
That's right.
Nothing you want to add? 'Cause now would be the time.
Yes, I'll let him know you called.
Okay, I'll admit despite what Laurence did to female employees, which I do not approve of at all in other ways, he's an inspiration to me.
Was an inspiration to me.
Look, I-I don't know what you're looking for, but if there's anything I can do to help, any other questions [WIND WHIRLING.]
Can I have a sip? Hey.
Hey, man.
- Ohh.
Oh, please, can I have a sip? I will suck your dick for a s [CELL DOOR CLANGS.]
Hey! How'd you get in here? Are you alright? [ELEVATOR DINGS.]
Why are you, uh? They don't have my office ready.
I'm sure it won't be long.
If you want to wait in mine Hoping you'd ask that.
Good morning, Mr.
I guess word of my promotion is out.
That's great.
So, uh, I told you to cast this girl for "Making Missy" who looks exactly like Gladys.
- Yes, you did.
- It's a perfect role for her.
Yes, but that role's already been cast.
What? You want me to take a part away from the actress who got it and give it to your wife? - I mean - Lu, look.
Hey, why don't you read through these scripts and find a great role for Gladys that hasn't been cast already and I'll see if I can get her an audition? - Okay.
- Oh.
Check this out.
This is a house I went to see this morning.
- Oh.
- I can rent it furnished.
- View of the Hollywood sign.
- Uh-huh.
- It's all glass.
- Uh-huh.
Real hot in the summer.
It's got a pool and four bedrooms.
Emma's gonna flip over it.
You know, I-I really don't mind you staying with us.
Hey, where were you last night? Uh, cops pulled me in for questioning.
The homicide cops? Yeah, I thought it went okay.
Here we go! Triple espresso, dash of milk.
In four minutes, you're in Conference Room B with Marketing.
I'm trying to reschedule DiCaprio, but they haven't returned.
Hey, I'm Jayson.
I'm Head of Physical Production.
So far today, all production work is on schedule.
Did you hear that, Louis?! - Keys to your company car.
- I have a company car.
BMW 5-Series, in a space with your name on it.
Paperwork for that is on my desk.
Do I have a car? No, but it's so nice to meet you.
Uh, your meeting's now in three minutes.
Alright, I better head in.
Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.
Hmm? Tell me about the, uh, cops.
Trust me, Lu.
They've got nothing.
- We're out of the woods.
- [SIGHS.]
And this is our new playground.
So, the cops do not consider you a suspect.
Oh, no, I'm definitely a suspect.
But if they had anything, like I was on their surveillance video, - I'd already be locked up.
- There's a video? I'll talk to you later.
After a high-profile suicide, we just try to get a picture of the events leading up to the death.
We're speaking to everybody in Laurence Budd's inner circle.
Well, I'd hardly call myself "inner circle".
We worked together two years ago for a very short time.
Long enough for you to file a complaint against him with HR.
We noticed that your complaint wasn't leaked to the press.
Only one that wasn't, in fact.
Really? I thought about going public with my story, reached out to "The New York Times", but my boyfriend talked me out of it What is your boyfriend's name? Miles.
Miles Daly? Yes.
Did you see Miles at all the day Laurence died? We talked.
Things were really crazy at the office that day.
The news breaking about Laurence.
You didn't meet up with him for dinner or? Dinner, no.
He had to work late.
He told us he ate at the Normandie Taqueria around 10:00.
That does ring a bell, actually.
Yeah, the Taqueria.
I don't normally eat late 'cause it's really bad for your digestion.
So I wasn't with him.
Hey, this business with Leo DiCaprio - Mm-hmm? - I think we should just bite the bullet, find a new leading man.
Maybe somebody a bit younger? Okay.
- Yeah? - If that's what you want, yeah.
Ali, there's really no reason for you to be afraid of me.
I can tell that you're a bit on the back foot since the whole Blackmail.
We can move on from all that unpleasantness.
Productions are on schedule, nobody's trying to sell the company.
All I want now is to see you succeed.
Because I believe in you.
- Yeah? - Mm-hmm.
Alright, I have a lunch meeting, but since DiCaprio won't do a film with Laurence's name on it and our company is literally named after Laurence, I guess that's that.
You could change the name.
What? Of the company? Can we do that? - Yeah.
Why not? - Um, something less creepy.
Something that says, "We no longer spy on women on the toilet".
We're starting over.
A clean slate.
Clean Slate Productions? Clean Slate Productions is fucking brilliant! That's You see, that's collaboration You and me working together.
Firing on all cylinders.
Do you feel that? [CHUCKLES.]
Oh, I nearly forgot.
This is the next film we're making.
What is it? This is a synopsis of "Wylderness 2", as conceived by the brilliant Charlie Rudoff.
Is this crayon? Lumber crayon, yeah.
She's a carpenter on the side.
I can have Jayson type it up for you if you like.
I'll take a look at it and let you know what I think.
Ali, that's the next film we're doing.
So generate a contract for Charlie.
I wasn't fucking asking.
Clean Slate Productions.
Fucking genius.
I'm really impressed.
- Help! - [SCREAMS.]
- [GASPS.]
Truck rentals? That's it? You know, along with the usual porta-potty deal.
Each truck contract is 10 grand a week, minus expenses.
I'm Head of Physical Production, so I can That's not what you promised.
It isn't? All that time and manpower we gave you, and you come to us with "a number" of truck rentals.
My friend, I saw your photo in "The Hollywood Reporter".
You're a senior executive.
You read "The Hollywood Reporter"? There'll be more work down the line.
I'm not sure what you had in mind.
A couple of menus.
Whatever they like.
It's on the house.
No, no, no.
We're fine.
Yeah, popcorn's good.
I want every contract.
Drivers, equipment, catering.
Plus no-show jobs in every department.
Yeah, I can't do that.
Sure you can.
No, there's investors.
There's a board.
If we're smart and we don't run the studio into the ground, you'll see profits for years to come.
I see, a long-term plan.
I don't work like that.
What if we start with a few no-show jobs? Am I negotiating with him or with you? I'm just trying to help.
Trucks and toilets.
That's what I'm offering.
You feel you've earned more.
I don't know what to tell you.
But I have to go.
You know how to reach me.
I do know how to reach you.
We'll work it out.
Thanks for the popcorn.
We don't like it.
- There's still a bit in here.
- I'm good.
I think Wyatt's more of a malt liquor guy.
Say, "Nighty-night".
Oh, nighty-night, Lulu.
Oh, you mean him.
Hey, Shorty.
Hi, Wyatt! Sorry, scrimmage went into overtime.
God, you look so grown up.
Oh, I'm sorry.
It's just when we worked together, - you were wearing a bonnet.
- Yeah, yeah.
Her, um Her look has evolved a bit since "The Admiral's Mistress".
We saved you a plate.
Yeah, um, can I eat this in my room? I have a problem set due.
Oh, sure.
Just remember that we have to pack tonight.
We're picking up the key for the new house in the morning.
You are gonna flip over that pool.
Can't wait.
Bye, April.
Nice seeing you.
- You done? - Yeah.
Oh, Ali tells me that you're gonna get, uh, an official offer this week.
Huh? The board signed off on hiring you, not that it was ever in doubt.
So, I got a visit from the police this morning.
Yeah? What did they want to talk about? My HR complaint.
Guess it was the only one that didn't leak to the press.
That was a bit of luck, wasn't it? Was it luck? I don't follow.
I don't have any friends in the HR department.
Maybe my complaint wasn't filed with the others, or maybe it was held back on purpose? No, I'd imagine whoever leaked those files probably thought they were doing a public service.
- How do you figure? - Well, people deserved to know who Laurence really was, you know? They asked me about you, too.
Did they? - [WATER RUNNING.]
- The night Laurence died, you told them you went out for tacos, but you told me you had to work late.
- Okay.
- So - I just want to know if you - Fucking stop! Please.
Uh If we're gonna be together, you have to know when to just leave things alone.
What does that mean? There are aspects of my life, my business, that you just can't ask questions about.
I realize that's not ideal.
I do.
But, April, I have tried the full disclosure route, and it's fucking poison.
Miles, couples don't keep secrets from each other.
- They don't lie.
- I love you.
I do.
So just trust me.
It's the only way this is gonna work.
I mean, during the harvest, we're out here for six, seven hours straight.
I used to use sunscreen, but carrot seed oil works, too.
Plus you smell like salad.
Rick? Oh, my God! Rick! Wow! Oh, my God! What? You You disappeared.
I thought What happened? Oh, it's such a crazy story.
Do you remember my old roommate? Yeah, I talked to him on the phone.
He was obsessed with paying rent on time.
I had to get out of there.
- Mm.
- How are you? Me? I'm I'm I'm fine.
I'm I'm No.
I really I've been going through a tough time lately.
Yeah, so I came up here just to think about, I guess, what's next.
You're searching.
I was searching, too, when I got here.
And then what happened? Well, I found community.
I learned to focus on friendship and love.
Oh, love, yeah.
That's nice.
And bok choy.
We grow our own.
He should come to dinner.
Oh, my God, totally! Can you? Please say yes! I-I could eat.
I can't believe they just gave you a BMW.
You got Sirius radio.
Look at this interior.
Just You're thinking about April.
I called her twice, no answer.
She'll come around.
I should've played it different.
I should've I just don't want to make the same mistakes that I made with Katie, you know? Hey, have you found a role for Gladys yet? Oh.
Actually, there's one in "Tears from Venus".
Character's Tai Lin.
- Has some cool lines.
- What? - If you'd actually read it, you would know that Tai Lin is an elderly Korean man.
- Does he have to be? - [TIRES SQUEAL.]
- [CRASH.]
- Fuck! - What the hell was that?! Outta fucking nowhere, he just slammed on the brakes.
Oh, shit! No, don't! Oh! Shit! [CAR DOORS SLAM.]
So I guess we know what Hector thought of your offer.
- Okay.
I'm not supposed to be out of bed.
Had surgery for my hernia.
Surgery? Laparoscopic procedure.
Well, you're already up.
How the fuck did you get a hernia? Don't worry about it.
Take it you didn't find cash.
I'm not here about that.
You heard anything that happened with Amara? Why would I? Her burner's off.
I went to the safehouse, door was kicked in.
All I could think is Matias and the crew fucking got her.
Or she skipped town.
Well, why would she do that without telling me? She was waiting on me.
You find cash or not? That was fucked up.
I got stuck in that back room, almost fucking died.
- Back room? - Yeah.
Yeah, telling me that Peewee had it stashed behind the wall? It's all fucking cement.
Cement? Sure you was at the right spot? 32 9th Street.
39 2nd Street.
I should take off.
If Amara's gone, then that money's up for grabs, and I'm the one that gave you the code.
You said there was no cash in it, anyway.
But if there is, I'm gonna be there when you find it.
With this hernia, I can't do stunt work.
I'mma get dressed, but if you split, I'm coming after you.
'Cause I'm afraid of you.
There you are.
I've been looking all over.
- I still don't have an office.
And these bagels are from this morning.
- They're going to waste.
- Listen, I have to head into another meeting, but I need a favor.
Yeah? I was looking at my phone earlier, while I was watching them tow my car to the shop, and I started thinking, "How are we gonna handle Hector?" Right.
I think we should take him out.
So, that's the favor? You go to a meeting, and I take out Hector.
Pretty much.
Buddy, I'm not sure that's a good idea.
- I have amazing news! We're in the middle of a meeting.
The Board loves the new company name.
They still have to vote on it, but apparently it's like a done deal.
- Well, that is good news.
- Right?! - Yeah.
Can you shut the door? I'll do that now.
Listen, pal, you got a lot on your mind The whole thing with April and the cops and the guys with baseball bats Oh, do you have a fucking point? After what happened this morning, if you go after Hector, they're gonna know it was you, and we are not picking a fight with the cartel.
Fuck Hector! Fuck him.
Look, he is a mid-level banger who is trying to scare us.
I am actually scared.
And Hector's more like upper-mid-level.
Well, I am, like, upper-upper level of a multi-million-dollar production company, and if we're getting pushed around by a clown like that, then what's the fucking point? Okay, I'm gonna pitch you an alternative.
You go into the books, you see how much you can pull out for Hector without drawing any attention or sinking the company.
Lulu, I'm not an accountant.
Well, you did it for "Admiral's Mistress".
No, no, Rick did all that shit.
We are not hiring Rick.
Absolutely not.
I mean, you hate him more than I do.
There's no question.
I'm I'm just, you know I'm just thinking through our options.
You know.
How's your dinner? - Everything's so fresh.
- Mm.
And the the house is nice, too.
Everybody, uh They They get their own private bedroom, or? We share everything.
I know it sounds a little woo-woo, but it's pretty great.
Folks are gathering to start a fire circle.
Do you want to join? [DRUMMING.]
Will you be partaking tonight? In what, exactly? - [CELLPHONE RINGING.]
- Oh.
I didn't know I got reception out here.
Thank you.
Mmm! It's your turn.
Peer pressure.
It's safe.
I'm not much of a drug guy.
What's in it? Friends, over here.
Gather round.
- [SIGHS.]
- It's love.
Let's have it stay open.
Well, okay, then.
Oh, yeah, I've got mine.
Here it is.
It's behind your ear.
Just back and to the left? Yup.
It was this fucking easy? Home, sweet home.
There's the Hollywood sign.
Wow, I can't believe you have a piano.
Yes, the house actually comes with a pianist.
Yeah, he's just taking a break between sets.
We're not done.
Come with me.
And this is your room.
So cool.
I mean, we'll paint it, do the floors.
Why? It's nice like this.
Eh, could be nicer.
You know, if we build a loft, you could have your own little duplex.
I don't need that.
No, I know you don't need it.
I'm just saying it would be fun.
Can we wait? Why? Just till we know for sure where I'm living.
You're living here.
Or did I get that wrong? I'm just feeling guilty about bailing on Mom and Philip.
So, you might go back? [CHUCKLES.]
Well, poor Philip.
You've known him for 18 months.
God forbid you hurt his feelings.
Dad, it's not about him.
Are you serious with this? Dad.
- Dad.
- Did I imagine it, or did you come to me and say that you wanted this? I did.
I mean I mean, I do.
I want this.
Have you already discussed this with your mother? Even if I move, I'll still be here a lot.
There's the pool, by the way.
I had the guy heat it up just for you.
You should do a few lengths before you abandon me.
You're the one that was gone for two years.
And I am trying to make it up to you, if you'd fucking let me.
No, you're not, Dad.
This house is for you, so you can feel like the big shot.
- Okay, watch it.
- The Hollywood sign? It's a fucking cliché! LA, the movies It's always about you! Your therapist feed you all that? Is that? If you're so miserable, just go be with your mother now.
Fucking go.
Go on.
Give Philip my love.
Shorty, I didn't mean that.
I'm getting a Lyft to Mom's.
Rick? Come join us.
Amara? Is that you? Ricky, my love.
Oh, I killed you.
I'm so sorry.
I forgive you.
I only worked with the Feds 'cause I thought you whacked Banana Girl.
But she's fine.
Be free, Ricky.
Live your life.
Find love.
Are you sure? 'Cause a threesome's it's kind of a lot for a-a rebound.
I release you.
Thank you, Amara.
Don't worry about it.
Seven hundred large, at least.
Can't tell how much the jewelry's worth, though.
This is a fucking game changer for me! [SIGHS.]
I've been having ideas lately, too.
What I'd do with financial independence, you know? Business prospects.
What about Capotillo? [LAUGHS.]
Fuck Capotillo.
They don't need to know about this.
Alright, then.
So, what are you gonna do with your half? First, we need to figure out how we're gonna split it up.
Well, you take the jewelry.
I'll take the cash.
Like that's doing me a favor? Well, one of the watches could be worth half a mil.
Well, what's your great idea? I got a guy down in San Dimas that can fence it.
Call him and get an appraisal.
Call him.
You two, meet me in my apartment tomorrow.
Let you keep the cash? [CHUCKLES.]
What, you don't trust me? So I'll keep the bag.
Well, now I don't trust you.
Hello? I heard you had some car trouble yesterday.
I'm still finding pieces of glass in my ear.
Well, maybe you thought more about what you bring to the table.
Yes, and I have good news.
Five more contracts, two year-round.
Course, the work will still need to be done in a reasonable fashion.
Contracts for what? Van rentals and greens.
Come on.
I'll have to look at the list, but taken together, it's a significant amount You know what your problem is? You only think about yourself.
All the people that helped get you where you are, you don't give a shit.
Even your daughter's pissed off.
What's that? Don't fucking mention my family.
Emma, right? Yeah, she seemed upset when she left last night.
I hope she got to school okay.
Come on.
Hey, it's Emma.
Leave a message.
Yeah, is is Katie there? This is her ex-husband, Miles.
It's extremely urgent.
She's in surgery.
Can I take a message? Could Well, have her call me the second she's done.
Just Or if she can If you can get her out of surgery, just t-tell her it's an emergency, okay? - Shit.
Excuse the interruption.
Now, collect your murals.
And they all go to the back of the room.
- Hey.
- What's going on? Everything's fine.
Everything's fine.
I just, um I was a bit worried when you didn't answer.
What? I just Oh, I don't know.
I thought something had happened.
You kicked me out of the house.
That's what happened.
I didn't mean it.
I really didn't.
I just You can live wherever you want.
Okay? I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
Dad, are are you okay? Yeah, I'm fine.
You go back into class.
I'll check up on you later, alright? Go on.
Just, um, answer your phone when I call.
Love you, Shorty.
You, too.
Go on.
Very good.
It's in the middle of the field.
Ooh! Pinche gringos are all about soccer now.
Ah, they like to think they are.
They don't have the attention span.
They watch golf.
That shit takes hours, man.
Aah! Make a sound, I'll paint the fucking walls.
Are you really this stupid? Ohh! Face down.
Give me your phone.
Face the wall, count to a thousand.
Do not turn around.
Hands! [GRUNTING.]
- You may notice it's a rental.
- Company car's in the shop.
New ceiling fan in the bedroom.
- I saw that.
- We had it on low, but you can put it on high.
Low was perfect.
- Are you leaving? - Get some groceries.
You like that almond milk, and we're out of eggs.
Mom, you don't have to go to the grocery store.
- I can - Back soon.
Everything alright? Can I ask you about something that you probably don't want to talk about? About when Mom left you? She left.
She came back.
And you didn't want to know where she had gone, who she was with? She's the only one I could see myself with.
Why mess that up? - [CAR ALERT BEEPING.]
- Come on.
This is a big mistake.
Now, you keep saying that, but when I put a bullet in you, won't that suggest that you made the mistake? [GUN COCKS.]
Face the wall.
Cheers, pal.
My pleasure.
Hey, do you have phone reception here? Um Two bars.
I'll text when it's time.
- Hey, you you got a second? - Not really.
I found a role.
Not the time! Gladys is flying in tomorrow, and this movie "Dry Heat" A lot of good lines.
The description is, "Daisy: She's mid-30s, she's attractive" - Oh, my God.
- "vivacious and funny".
- Now, I looked up "vivacious".
- I'll do what I can.
- Yeah? - I can't override the director.
Mm, yeah, you can, 'cause you're the fucking boss.
What the hell is this? Why am I here? It's kind of stuffy, right? It's okay.
We won't be here long.
- Ah.
- Gonna miss your face Ah.
What the fuck?! What the fuck?! What's wrong? This.
This This What did you do to me? Branded you.
Does it still hurt? Yeah, it it hurts.
Of course it hurts.
Does it say "Jim"? Who the fuck's Jim? I'm Jim.
He's the father of our collective.
Brother Rick.
I'm so glad you could join our family.
I'm not your brother, you sicko.
The pain goes away.
It's an initiation that we all go through.
- I've got one, too.
- We all do.
It's a symbol of love.
No, this this This is This is what you do to to cows! Not people! I was drugged.
You people drugged me.
You're gonna hear from my lawyers.
- Hey, chill out, man.
- Rick.
- Don't touch me! - Stay for breakfast.
Fucking maniacs.
- We have quinoa.
- Chill out.
- All of you! - Rick.
Fuck it.
Let him go.
Well, my daddy told me of plenty good people And my mama, she told me more And she said, "Son, if you don't quit your rowdy ways" "You'll have trouble at your door" [CELLPHONE CHIMES.]
Lotta drinkin' and a-shootin' and a-gamblin' Home I cannot Alright.
Let's go.
You want to see the sun come up, you better drive me back.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Get up.
And if you have family, you better think about Ohh! [WHEEZING.]
If you're gonna puke, do it now.
These are my favorite boots.
Table for Miles Daly? Oh, I-I see them.
It's a-a smaller story, which, of course helps in terms of keeping our budget down.
Señor Rosas? Hector.
You know, Hector is a fellow restaurateur.
He owns a bar and grill on the East Side.
I'm sure you know, but Mr.
Rosas owns this hotel.
Owns the chain.
Owns this chain of hotels.
And they do an amazing high tea.
I think that's for the You got a little Can we offer you some tea? Oh, I can't have caffeine.
We'll take a pot of peppermint tea and, uh, one more of the Earl Grey.
Thank you.
Cucumber, salmon, coronation chicken.
Chicken sounds good.
Miles was just telling us that he offered you nearly $100,000 in monthly ongoing contracts.
I-I still felt that there was And you turned this down without consulting Señor Rosas? Sandwich? As a sign of good faith, I have offered Mr.
Rosas back-end points on all my films.
This should ensure that we all profit from the success of Clean Slate Productions.
I'm accepting the offer, unless you have a problem with it.
If that's what you want, it's good with me.
These are amazing.
Which? The salmon? Give me one, will you? Hector, would you like a scone? A scone? No? You're missing out.
Hey, your boy's running late.
Probably hit traffic in the valley.
You got anything to eat? There's a Burger King around the corner, serves breakfast.
Go get us some.
Like I'm gonna run off with the cash in 10 minutes? [POUNDING ON DOOR.]
Motherfucker, where you been? Uh, I was gonna come through last night, but [COUGHING.]
I've got the flu.
- Open the door.
- I don't wanna get you sick.
Man, I don't care if you have Ebola.
Let me in.
If you're so sick, why is he here? You having a fucking slumber party? What is that? - Yeah, it's just stuff.
- Ooh! Puta madre.
You've been holding out on me, huh? I mean, yo, this This gotta be like Hey, hey, hey! Don't fucking move! I'm not.
You going for your piece? No.
Bitch, that is it.
- Last time you - [GUNSHOT.]
Oh, shit! Yeah.
Lock the door.
ME's report on Laurence Budd.
Ruling it suicide.
- Are they? - Almost released it without us.
Commander thinks they're pissed 'cause we beat 'em at softball.
Keeping the case open? Well, I mean [EXHALES.]
gunpowder, prints, security footage is all inconclusive.
There's the employee, Miles Daly.
Circumstantial, right? Take another run at the girlfriend No, I'm saying we're good.
I'll tell Dolan we rule out foul play, and good work.
Copy that.
Thank you, Sarge.
You good with that? I bet you 20 bucks we reopen the case by Christmas.
Based on what? I don't know.
We're missing something.
I just don't know what.
Doubt me? 20 bucks.
First new message.
Hey, Rick.
It's Miles.
I hope this finds you well.
So, I have a new gig at the soon-to-be-called Clean Slate Productions, and I could use someone to manage the financials, someone with a creative approach [SCOFFS.]
like we used on "Admiral's Mistress".
So, give me a call.
- The sooner the better.
To listen to your message again, press 1.
To call the person who called you back, press 2.
To hear message details, press 3.
Or to return to the menu, press star.
This is Miles.
Leave a message.
Playing phone tag.
Yeah, I got your message.
Congrats on the new job.
I'm kind of, uh, in between things at the moment.
Anyway, uh, we'll talk.
Hello? [GASPS.]
There's my boy! [LAUGHING.]
Hi! - Ohh! - [BOTH LAUGHING.]
Oh, good Oh, did Daddy help you make that? Well, he helped me pick some of the colors, right? Ohh! [SMOOCHES.]
You gonna explain that massive bookcase? - Oh.
You like it? - Yeah, we will talk.
Are you Are you bigger? You bigger? Yeah, no, he sprouted up a whole inch.
And he's learned some stuff, right? Wyatt, one - Two.
- two, three - Oh, my God.
- four, five! No way! [LAUGHTER.]
- Come on.
- Oh, no way! - Oh, that is incredible.
- Yeah.
Oh, honey, what's wrong? I've just missed so much.
And I-I already have to leave again tomorrow.
What if you don't have to go? [SCOFFS.]
What? Okay, there's a role in a movie that we're producing.
It's "Dry Heat".
It's a it's a great breakout part.
And I've already got you a straight offer from the studio.
Wait, no, an offer? For me? You'll be spending your days shooting in LA and your nights here with us.
Hello? Mr.
Daly, it's Lila.
I wanted to follow up on our meeting.
Yes, thank you for your help with Hector.
I'm sure our collaboration will be Señor Rosas has invested in you.
He wants to protect that investment.
And he can't guarantee that Hector will stand down.
You were pretty clear with Hector.
He'll probably follow orders.
But he might plead his case with Mexico - [SIGHS.]
- in which case, we couldn't stop him.
You're saying he's gonna come after me? Not necessarily.
I used to think that attaining a certain status meant you were safe.
Actually, it makes you a target.
I say that from experience.
So, what are you suggesting I do? Take precautions like the rest of us.
Alarm your house, hire security, and when you're home, stay away from the windows.
Stay away from My whole house is fucking windows.
I need to go.
"Stay away from windows".
Find it okay? Yeah.
Fancy shmancy.
Want some wine? [WINE POURS.]
We need to talk about this? [HIGH-PITCHED VOICE.]
I was gonna make you a cake, but I ran out of worms! [DEEP VOICE.]
You don't need worms to make a cake.
Don't tell me how to run my bakery, you gobshite! This is actually the plot of Miles's next film project.
- You producing? We heard you're taking a job at Budd E.
Clean Slate Productions.
I'm thinking about it.
Did he just tell you? While you were getting wine.
I am working on keeping her in LA.
How's that going? Both of my men are real persuasive.
Is that a yes? Well, we're not rushing her.
Alright, party boy.
Okay! It's bedtime! It is! Your room is at the end of the hall.
I put some pillows on the edge of the bed in case he rolls off.
- Emma's room? Yeah, Emma's at her mother's.
- Can I help you put him down? - More the merrier.
Since at this point, I don't think he knows me, anyway.
You remember Mommy, don't you? Kinda? I'll be right in.
That look you're giving me is rather unsettling.
I'm happy for you, buddy.
And I'm impressed.
I'm skinny-dipping in that pool later.
No, you're not.
We are making our next movie, and with April.
I was trying to be encouraging, but I did not think that she was coming back.
You were not that encouraging.
Just take a moment.
Savor this.
Uh, see, the thing is, Lu, it's not really Wyatt wants to say good night to Daddy.
Oh, damn it.
Kids are so needy.
Right? [LAUGHS.]
Look, I know you don't want to talk about this right now, but wait till I put the script in front of you.
It's absolutely perfect.
It's absolutely perfect.
Well, just plug me in Just like I was Eddie Harris You're eating crazy cheese Like you would think I'm from Paris You know I get fly You think I get high You know that I'm gone and I'mma tell you all why So, tell me who are you dissing? Maybe I'm missing The reason that you're smiling or wilding So, listen In my head, I just wanna take 'em down Imagination set loose, and I'm gonna shake 'em down Let it flow like a mud slide Oh, when I get on, I like to ride and glide I've got depth of perception in my text, y'all I get props at my mention 'cause I vex y'all So, what'cha, what'cha, what'cha want? I get so funny with my money that you flaunt I said, "Where'd you get your information from, huh?" "You think that you can front when revelation comes?" Yeah You can't front on that So, what'cha, what'cha, what'cha want? What'cha want? So, what'cha, what'cha, what'cha want? What'cha want? So, what'cha, what'cha, what'cha want? What'cha want? So, what'cha, what'cha, what'cha want? What'cha want? Quality.

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