Ghost Adventures (2008) s12e02 Episode Script

Secret Scientology Lab

There is a very strong energy resonating from this building.
MAN: Something really bad happened here.
Do you think L.
Ron Hubbard's spirit could abet the Casa de Rosas? It's very likely.
AARON: Dude, something just happened with that.
Oh, my God.
What the Did you try to birth the Antichrist? Show yourself! Oh, my God! What was that?! It said, "Don't do it!" That's really bad, Jay.
Aaron and Billy, come here! There are things in this world that we will never fully understand -- understand.
We want answers -- answers.
We have rkwoed years to build our credibility, our puretation working alongside the most renowned professionals in the field, capturing groundbreaking proof of the paranormal.
It's working! I can't give you an explanation.
This is our evidence, our ghost adventures.
In the gttriy West Adams section of Los Angeles, there sits a property with a very unsettling energy.
Have you ever walked insi odef a building, and it just felt like you weren't alone? And you didn't know anything about the place.
It was just an unnerving, disturbing feeling you got.
Well, that's what happened to me and countless others who stepped foot inside of th pislace.
Th iiss one mysterious building.
Maybe that would explain why people report a dark presence inside, why they see the faces of those who died in here and are terrified of what follows emth home.
The Casa de Rosas compound has played host to decades of torment and misery.
Built in 1893, the property has served as a World War II military barracks, a homeless shelter, and as L.
Ron Hubbard's incubator for the sinister beginnings of Scientology.
It's now a decomposing home to vermin, suspicious fires and dangerous entities.
As I was walking in through the building the very first time -- we just got here -- I heard something in a corner over here.
And it was just very, very uncomfortable feeling, like something was just like "Rrr," like that.
And who was behind me? Were you behind me, Jay? I wasn't too far behind you.
I thought I saw a shadow figure.
Dark energy is coming off of this property in waves [ Man shouting in native language ] affecting even those outside the fence.
I know that this place, in particular, is abandoned for a reason.
In these types of locations, where there's that particular human suffering or there's something that happened there was so traumatic, the building starts to show its true self, if you will.
And that's why it stays in, like, the state of decay such as this building here.
ZAK: When I look at your art, I feel uncomfortable, I feel disturbed.
And that's why I freaking love it.
James Picard exhibits his art in troubled and controversial locations.
He installed his paintings here for his recent Dark and Wounded tour.
You go to a building like this, an abandoned building, and -- and you usually just walk through, and you just feel - what this visually depicts.
That's what it's all about.
As an artist, - I'm looking for that energy.
If someone sits in front oyof u, it's about the energy of the person.
If you look at a corpse, there's something missing.
The soul is gone.
The soul is gone.
Where does that energy go? And in these buildings, the dark pasts and murder, abuse and torture and all these things that have occurred, that energy is still here.
And you can feel it when you walk rothugh.
The paintings arlie ke a veil.
They're like a voice for the energy that's here that never had a voice.
ALVIS: With James' art, there's that connection between energy.
The spirits here saw that and related to it on such a level that everyone there did have an experience.
One of our crew members was up on the third floor.
He runs out.
He was crying.
He was crying? Yeah.
He said it's too much.
The energy in here is just so much.
Really? It got to him? Got to him, totally.
The place became more like a fun house.
It felt more disorienting as the night went on.
I felt dizzy.
- I felt like I was out of breath.
I felt like I - was somehow turned around.
Everybody walked out impacted, like, traumatized.
I went home.
And I had a really, really messed up nightmare.
You know one of those nightmares where you feel like something's in the room and you wake up? - Absolutely.
The feeling was so strong there was somethg inin the room that I literally said, "You've gotta get the [bleep] out of here.
" This is my house.
You need to leave.
" Do you believe in your heart that something followed you home from here? Yeah, I do.
I do.
And it wasn't just me.
It was Brandon Alvis, from A.
His girlfriend and some other people that I know that were here that night all had the same experience.
It wasn't until that night when I started having nightmares.
And I woke up and felt like there was a presence in the room with me.
It was when it kind of clicked in my head that what I experienced in this place was real.
When you match that up to multiple other people that shared the same experience that you did, that's when it's really hard to argue that this wasn't just some kind of weird coincidence.
I'm -- I'm a little shaken up just standing here.
I was really, really impact-- I cannot explain to you how impactful this was.
When you leave, I would suggest you be very clear that nothing follows you.
ZAK: Dennis Griffin, who lives around the corner, takes us to the second floor, where the unsettling energy mounts.
Ever since we stepped in here, I've been, uh, just on edge.
It's very uncomfortable in here, not just 'cause it's abandoned.
But it's just, like, uncertainty about the building - and also people around me.
Like, I'm not sure of you guys, even people I know.
ZAK: We pause at the stairs to the notorious third floor.
Most people, - once you get to the third floor, they've felt disoriented.
It feels like none of the floors are level.
Everywhere you walk feels like mush.
You can feel this real sense of claustrophobia almost, where the ceilings - start to come in, the walls.
It's got a really eerie feeling It wasn't until I got to the upper floors is when I started to have the sense of dread.
I would say that something nasty happened here.
Something really bad happened here.
The whole third floor is [bleep] creepy.
Is it? - Yeah.
That's where the wom danied who owned the place.
They found her dead in her bed.
The feelings you get in that room, there's something very heavy and sad.
And if that's the way she was feeling when she passed on, it still - reverberates in the walls.
GRIFFIN: - During the art exhibition, people are wandering around, not many.
There was probably five of us in the building at that point.
And I came around the corner.
Just at the top of the stairs, I saw a figure of a woman walk out of the door and head towards the back room.
And as I came up and walked right back to that back room, there was no one.
Do you know that the lady died up there? Do you know atth the lady You heard that after? - Yeah.
How did you feel - after you heard that after? Um, kind of like it was right.
Uncomfortable in here.
ZAK: We move to the third floor, and I ask Dennis to do an EVP session.
Dennis is compelled to enter this back room.
I was here a couple months ago.
I saw you walking through the hallway.
Can you tell us your name? Can you reach out to us? Don't be afraid of us.
Did something happen to you in this building? I just want to mark that, during that time, I didn't hear any voices come from outside.
We listen to the recording.
And right after you hear my footsteps as I enter the room Right there.
Right there.
Right there.
That's a voice.
There's something there.
[ Baby crying ] Billy? - Yeah? I'm gonna have you take this.
And I want you to put it through your audio software, eannhce it, and let's see what those voices were saying.
BILLY: Absolutely.
This may connect with the woman that was found dead in her room upstairs.
I can't help but matching those two things together.
When we play back the enhanced audio, it seems clear that we were not alone in the room.
Can you hear that? Holy [bleep] What did you ask just before that? Wow.
- Yeah.
So the question was asked.
- Right.
The question was asked before.
It's crazy.
That's a really good EVP.
We haven't got one like that for a long time.
ZAK: Further research tells us thathe t woman who ran the homeless shelter here was named Essie Binkley West.
And she is said to be the woman who was found dead in the building.
Could this be a garbled version of, "My name is Essie"? After our interview with Dennis, one of our crew members sees a light move past a window in the back building.
Aaron, Billy and I go inside to investigate.
AARON: Oh, my God.
[Bleep] Wow.
ZAK: We go upstairs in search of the window where the light was seen.
Is there somebody up here? Probably 100 rooms in here.
Oh, my God.
Police warning? Someone died in here, dude.
What the [bleep] Someone died in here.
That's real [bleep] "Police line, do not cross.
" Something happened right here.
So, right now, we're just trying to find what we saw.
- We're not finding anybody Dude, something just happened with that.
Something just went like this: Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom.
Someone like this.
I swear to God, right here, dude.
It was like this, Zak.
Feel this.
It was like this but softer, not so pointy with a finger.
Oh, my God.
What the [bleep] What would a ritual look like? They were trying to create the Antichrist.
This has a lot of energy of death in it.
If you make a deal with the devil, the devil wants to collect.
ZAK: In the 1950s, L.
Ron Hubbard used the Casa de Rosas compound as a center of operations for Dianetics, the self-help program that later became Scientology.
We travel to the home of Jeffrey Augustine, a member of Scientology who became disenchanted with the church.
His wife, Karen de la Carriere, rose to the highest levels of the Scientology hierarchy.
The church disputes her stated reasons for leaving.
In 1990, - she left Scientology c-word Abuse? - Yeah.
It's a culture of punishment and abuse.
Is it true that L.
Ron Hubbard practiced black magic, sex magic, and dabbled with the occult? I think the most insightful nature into the occult aspect of Scientology is from L.
Ron Hubbard Jr.
because he was there with his father in the '50s.
The basis of Scientology, which is rather hidden and covered over, is, uh, the occult, uh, the deep involvement with, uh, Satanic, uh, powers.
In a Penthouse interview in 1984, L.
Ron Hubbard Jr.
did call his father Satan.
Hubbard was very involved in occult energies, sex rituals involving menstrual blood, semen.
Hubbard did what was called the Babalon Working.
The Babalon Working was the basis of Scientology.
They were trying to create a moon child, which would be the Antichrist.
[ Overlapping voice ] Hubbard's fundamental lust was for power, power over people.
He had mastered the works of Aleister owCrley.
Aleister Crowley started Thelema.
Thelema is about summoning entities, banishing entities, bending entities to your will.
There's a series of affirmations Hubbard wrote when he was in Thelema.
One thing he said was, "All men shall be my slaves.
" Were there specific rituals that he would do? Like, what would a ritual look like? A lot of what he wanted to do was to ask you qstueions, especially concerning your sex life, your secret, what you're embarrassed about.
That's what Scientology auditing is.
What crime have you committed that no one has found out about? What are you ashamed of sexually? What are you afraid that I'll find out about? And this was supposedly unburdening a person of their transgressions.
It was like Catholic confession.
But he would twist it.
- Right.
He would first capture control of your will, often through repetitive processes.
What it would like, I'd ask you to touch the fireplace.
Thank you.
Touch the fireplace.
Thank you.
I'd have you do that for several hours or days.
If I can make you do that for days, I can make you do anything else.
You would be submissive to my will.
So would he put hypnosis on people just to get material benefit from them? Or would he also do something to get their soul? He wanted their soul.
If Hubbard can get you trapped, he can get your spiritual energy.
He magnifies himself as an oracle or a master.
Where do you think his spirit is right now? Do you think he's earthbound? I think, well Oh, that's our [Bleep] - Okay.
[ Man chuckles ] That's the coolest thing ever.
It scared me.
I ask where L.
Ron Hubbard'sps irit is, and a cat jumps out of a freaking chimney.
[ Distorted talking ] Cats -- they have a pattern of doing that to me.
There's a black cat right there.
There is a black cat, really.
See that? - Look, look.
No way.
- Ohh.
On my child's life, I have never seen a black cat in Killakee in 14 years.
And youse guys turupn That is eerie.
This is interesting because this is my cat, Felix.
So when we first rescued her, she was living in the fireplace to be safe.
She hasn't gone up there in months.
She's kind of a mystical baromeret.
She's very sensitive to spirits.
It's just kind of weird, after I asked that question.
It was strange indeed.
There is a very, very, very strong energy that's resonating from this building.
Do you think - that L.
Ron Hubbard's spirit could be at the Casa de Rosas? It's very likely.
His state of mind - was pretty vicious at that time.
The energy was malicious, distrustful, paranoid.
Hubbard would have brought with him all of that occult energy into that building.
Ron Hubbard created something that he became the prisoner of.
If you make a deal with the devil, the devil wants to collect.
And I think that's what happened, and the devil came around to collect.
ZAK: As we wrap up our interview, Jeffrey makes us a compelling offer.
I would be willing to go there with you guys, you know, to kind of get the vibe on it, because it was a very distinctive Scientology energy.
Have you ever been to the building? No, I haven't.
I haven't.
- I've been by it but not in it.
We decide to meet him at the compound to see if he senses any echoes of Scientology.
It's like a Scientology time capsule.
It's like going back to see L.
Ron Hubbard in 1952.
This is a Scientology mausoleum.
You can see, early on, Hubbard had the idea head h to isolate people: Small rooms you could lock people in to interrogate them, trap spirits in rooms.
This is a perfectly designed house of horrors for the Church of Scientology because there's really no way out of rooms like this.
This little closet, you can lock 'em in, not let 'em out.
What they do in the church is you pass a note under the door to them, "What are you willing to promise me if I let you out?" And they have to write a note and pass it back under the door.
This is the scariest damn room in the whole place.
This has a lot of energy of death in it.
As an occultist, this room would have suited Hubbard to do his work in, bending people to his will to twist them up so that, when they pass and they become ghosts, they carry that with them.
This building is not for amateurs.
This is a scary place.
You had better be very, very serious and know what you're doing when you tangle with this beast.
AARON: Did you hear that? ZAK: What was that? Whoa! Bear ceful, man.
It's all around me right now.
Don't do it! It is nighttime.
It is dark time.
And holy [bleep] do I have dirty glasses.
Billy, it's time for Casa de Rosas.
Aaron, Casa de Rosas.
Casa de Rosas.
This is our security guard.
He's gonna be watching the entire perimeter.
This place right here carries with it a mysterious, evil vibe to it unlike any other that we've ever investigated.
This was the headquarters of L.
Ron Hubbard.
Earlier, we interviewed an ex-Scntieologist.
He gave us just a tiny glimpse about what went on in this building and why we need to be on guard because even L.
Ron Hubbard himself got creeped out when he lived here.
So whatever he was dabbling with, whatever these rituals, black magic these portals could still be open, bringing a lot of these entities through them.
As we begin setting up our X cameras, Aaron is in one of the back buildings when he sees someone walk by in the background on a camera that we haven't started rolling yet.
Hold on.
He saw something? - Hold on.
Dude, you could feel this energcoy me on.
Then we saw this guy creep around a corner, looki.
ng ZAK: All of us are accounted for, so we don't know if this is possibly a homeless person or a ghost.
We do know that the entire perimeter is secure.
What we do is, is we go to one camera, we set it up.
And when he sets it up, it's not rolling.
But I can still see the live feed here at nerve.
Aaron saw a shadow figure walk acrs osthe back there.
Tall, human, - shadow-figure-looking thing.
The other building Billy's at, setting up this next camera that's not turned on yet.
And when you were standing there, I coulda sworn I saw something.
Then you saw me reactot o, probably, right? And dude, you could hear someone, like, running.
It was like big, loud footsteps, like rushing-ish.
Then, all of a sudden, dude See, here comes the second I could just feel like setomhing just shot down, like an energy just shot through the hallway.
Then I thought it was one of you guys looking around a corner right at me, where the camera is based on the tripod.
I was like, "Holy [bleep]" I had to get out of there.
It was scary.
With our senses extremely heightened, we finally get all of our X cameras recording.
Then I decide to remain back at nerve center to see if I can spot this figure again and capture it on video while I send Aaron and Billy off to investigate the front building.
AARON: It's the door.
I'm, like, hesitant to go .
in Billy, if you feel anything or sense anything, tell me.
Okay? - I will.
Hello? Try to investigate the woman who died right there in that room.
It's a -- Dude, watch me go in there.
ZAK: Aaron and Billy decide to use the SB7 spirit box to see if they can make contact with the woman nicknamed the Angel of Skid Row, Essie West, who operated this building as a homeless shelter and is said to have died here in 1976, right in this very bedroom.
There's nothing coming through.
[ Oscillating static ] Mr.
Hubbard? [ Indistinct voice ] What? - Oh! What was that? That was a woman's voice.
ZAK: For the first time tonight, a woman's voice comes through, but it's hard to make out any words.
Hubbard? What? ZAK: Aaron now tries calling out the spirit of L.
Ron Hubbard.
Or maybe not even you.
But, like, something happened here.
It has to deal with -- I'm gonna say it -- black magic.
Be careful, man.
That's what we're here for.
I know.
[ Oscillating static ] Did you hear that? Some door just slammed, bro.
Aaron, Aaron, cold air.
Cold air in this hot-ass room.
Hot-ass room.
Hot-ass room.
Did you hear that? Some door just slammed, bro.
Over here.
Whoa! Oh, my God.
That's freezing.
It's cold, man.
Is that you? Aaron, this could be where she died, bro.
This could be where she died.
Whoa, whoa.
Can you feel how cold it is right here? It is all around me right now, bro.
ZAK: Aaron and Billy both feel an extreme cold spot hovering above the bed at the same time this orb of light appears at the bottom of the screen.
Soon, this ball of light will make another appearance with even more compelling characteristics.
All right.
Calm down.
Calm down.
Keep talking.
I'm sorry.
It'sot h over here.
It's cold over there.
Anybody here? Who's protecting you from talking? I said black magic.
Does that have to do with anything? Keep talking.
Don't do it.
It said, "Don't do it!" Who's right here with us? What the [bleep] I wanna watch you and see if anything manifests around you.
Oh, my God! What was that? ZAK: It's quiet in downtown Los Angeles, but the spirits are waking up at the Casa de Rosas.
[ Oscillating static ] Keep talking.
It said, "Don't do it!" Keep talking.
ZAK: All of a sudden, out of the blue, a man's voice comes through and says, "Money.
" L.
Ron Hubbard was once quoted telling his wife that, "The only way to make any real money is to have religion.
" In 1952, the popularity of Dianetics had passed, and L.
Ron became desperate for Come on! If you can't show yourself right now or talk through this device and say your name, that's pretty Not that powerful.
ZAK: As Aaron challenges the spirit to signal its power by showing itself, look closely at what manifests behind him.
This ball of light makes its second appearance, although only for a mome.
nt We debunk this as not being any explainable dust particle or artifact.
Billy, I want you to head to the third floor and do an EVP burst session.
Aaron, stay on the bed there.
I wanna watch you and see if anything manifests around you.
You're drawing us down here to this end of the building.
Why? Is there something down here we're supposed to see? Is this where you were killed? MAN: Dictionary mode.
Right when I turned it on, it said, "Paranormal.
" I just heard a woman talk.
Aaron, we just heard a woman talk in your room, very clear, in your room.
Right when I turned it on Right when I turned it on Right when I turned it on, it said, "Paranormal.
" I'm gonna roll.
So I have a digital recorder rolling next to me and an Ovilus going right now.
No voices.
[ Oscillating static ] Who's right here with us? Come on.
Female! Female! The devices are wor-- talking right now, man.
I'm gonna put this right here on the bed.
Female teacher.
Didn't she have something to do with helping people and the kids? Kindergarten! Were you here for the kindergarten experiment? ZAK: This building originally opened as an experimental kindergarten.
Could this spirit have been a female teacher at this school? And is she trying to give a final message to the children? Were you here when the kindergarten experiments happened? Video! I'm shooting video, yes.
Are you aware of what's goingn oright now? ZAK: Is this spirit telling Aaron to watch his video camera because she's about to give him sia gn? Aaron? I just heard my name.
[ Thud ] Oh, my God! What was that?! Did you hear that? I heard .
it It sounded like something got thrown at him.
Something's happening to Aaron right now.
What the [bleep] was that [bleep] man? Sounded like something got thrown at you.
I know, man.
I don't know what it was.
I heard it.
What the [bleep] Dude, this has been downstairs! It was this.
You kidding me? [ Indistinct voice ] Aaron, are you okay? I'm clear at the other end of the building.
Soldiers! It just said, "Soldiers"! Hold on, man.
Something just got thwnro at me.
It was talking about a female.
Then, all of a sudden, I heard my name.
This gets thrown.
I come over here, and it's talking soldiers and teacher.
Dude, it's relating to everything happening inside this place.
Holy [bleep] ZAK: This building was once used as a military barracks for soldiers during World War II.
What the [bleep] I immediately run over to Aaron.
What was that? - We heard something get thrown.
Oh, dude, this.
A doll? They want our attention, throwing this.
What? What the [bleep] You tried to birth the Antichrist? What the [bleep] was that? I'm a little on edge now.
Aaron and Billy, come here! ZAK: As Aaron is showing me what he found that caused the noise in his room, we all hear a very loud whistle that we can't explain.
They want our attention, throwing this.
What? attention, throwing this.
What? attention, throwing this.
What? What the [bleep] ZAK: This doll that appears in Aaron's room isn't visually captured on our X camera, only the audio.
So we cannot conclude that it was thrown.
Oh, my Oh, my God! What was that?! ZAK: However, we can nccolude that the doll appears out of nowhere in the middle of the floor.
What we're gonna do right now is, we are going to send someone on a solo mission.
When I say solo mission, that doesn't mean that they're gonna have their night-vision camera to where they can see the LCD screen and night vision and see where they're going.
That means wearing - the full-spectrum GoPro camera that have invisible - infrared lights to his eyes.
He won't be able to see a single thing.
He will have - to see around with his hands.
The reason why I'm sending you into these back buildings, the one with all the little, teeny, tiny rooms with the police line, is because you're the one who dug up all the dirt on L.
Ron Hubbard, and the ex-Scientologist who came through here said that he could sense the spirit of L.
Ron Hubbard here at his old compound.
It's like going back to see L.
Ron Hubbard in 1952.
If something happens, we only got one camera in those back buildings.
So if we hear you, - you're in distress, scream.
Dude, I can't see a thing.
Are these the rooms you would brainwash people in? You wanna try to brainwash me? I'm aware of a lot of beliefs.
I've studied a lot of different theories.
Did you perform black magic in this building? Did you try to birth the Antichrist? [Bleep] What the [bleep] was that? Oh [bleep] [ Tappin g] [Bleep] Oh.
That was loud.
What was that? You a trapped soul? Can you show yourself? Can you tell me the name of your leader? Come here.
Come here.
Aaron, Billy! That was up there.
Come here! What happened? As soon as I wald keout, there was, like, a huge bang up there.
Wait, where? I thought you were [bleep] up there, and you're [bleep] right here, dude.
It's a red mark.
Holy [bleep] After we hear the second loud crashing sound inside the building where Jay just left, Jay complains of feeling a painful, burning irritation on the back of his neck.
He also seems very out of it.
Wow! See that [bleep] Yeah AARON: - It goes skinny from here, and it gets wider and wider and wider.
That's pretty bad, bro.
I've never seen one like that.
That's really bad, Jay.
Give me your phone.
I'll take a picture.
Holy [bleep] You all right? That's -- that's not good.
No, that's not good at all.
I didn't hit anything at all.
AARON: Here's the first one, right? Now, if you go all the way to the other one, look how red it is now.
MAN: It's getting redder.
The difference between those two -- This is strawberry red now compared to just dark red.
It's weird.
I've never seen - anything likthe at before, dude.
That's -- that's crazy.
ZAK: This very strange red mark is growing in size right before our very eyes.
Jay seems regretful of some things he said while deep in L.
Ron Hubbard's old compound.
Is there anything that you could have an allergic reaction to? I've never had one.
I've never been allergic to anything.
Were you touching stuff? You know - What II don't even know if you guys realized.
I have a pentagram right here.
And it looks like it's going down towards it.
What do you mean, you have a pentagram right there? A tattoo? A tattoo.
- Where? On my shoulder, right here.
[Bleep] serious? - Yeah.
Oh, no.
- Oh [bleep] It's heading towards it, yeah.
It's pointing towards it.
ZAK: Show me a sign! Stay still.
Stay back.
What the [bleep] is that? ZAK: Something at Casa de Rosas has aggressively marked Jay.
Well, the dude - was saying something about The pentagram.
- having to have a complete pentagram to be able to do theag mic or something like that.
Thelema is about summoning entities, banishing entities, bending entities to your will.
That's why the magician in Thelema or any other magic tradition has to lock the pentagram to do spa ell.
You all right, dude? I'm -- I'm a little on edge now, honestly.
It freaks me out.
- I wanna know what it is.
I wanna know if I [bleep] up 'cause I was calling it.
I was like, "Brainwash me.
" JAY: You wanna try to brainwash me? I was going on.
I don't know if you heard everything.
But I was saying, "Did you tro birth the Antichrist? Did you do this?" - ZAK: What? Did you try to birth the Antichrist? ZAK: I immediately grab the thermal imaging camera and head inside with Billy and Aaron to pursue whatever made these loud banging sounds and determine if something not of this material world just marked Jay.
Is there somebody upstairs making all that noise? Are you hiding in one of these rooms? Did you not like what Jay wasay sing? What made that sound? Do it now that we're here.
Did you like - what our buddy was saying? Or did that make you angry? Did you scratch his neck? Whoa.
MAN: Whoa.
Did you hear that, dude? Whoa.
Wh,oa did you hear that, dude? AARON: It's down the hallway.
At the end of the hallway.
That's where the noise meca from.
Dude, I'm creeped - the [bleep] out right now.
Show yourself! Step out of the room.
Quit hiding.
Why is there -- What is that? It looks le ikit.
It looks like a reflection of t dheude that would be sitting in the chair, yeah.
Sitting there.
- Yeah.
It's like, - you don't see him on the chair, but you see him through the reflection.
And he moves once in a while.
Looks like his head's moving, doesn't it? Yeah.
Hello? We see you.
Should I go over there? Stay still.
Stay back.
Just keep the shot - in case it moves away and runs.
What's there? Dude, there's nothing here.
Right in front of you.
Can you come over towards me and move out of the reflection? He's, like, right in front of you.
It's like a guy with a t-shirt shirt on, looking over at you.
What the [bleep] is that? Turn your light that way.
Oh, wait a minute.
That's what it is.
What? Right here, that hole.
[ Gasps ] No way.
Remember I said it looked like it had horns on its head? And there's actually the -- Oh, wow.
What's through the other side of this wall? It's the tub.
And you know what you're getting? Yeah, right there.
We are getting heat from the, uh, actual tile in the room, from the heat from L.
So this is all, like, warmer in here than it is out there.
From back there, it looked like a guy was, like, sitting behind this wood and just like this, just, like, rocking his head back like that.
And here it is, is that hole in the wall and the heat coming behind it giving it that heat contrast.
So that was debunked.
[ Chuckling ] Debunked, man.
We knew the Casa de Rosas compound had a dark history.
Something nasty happened here.
Something really bad happened here.
ZAK: But we couldn't have known how dark It's all around me right now.
how haunted Aaron and Billy, co hmeere! or how hostile ZAK: - That's really bad, Jay.
this abandoned and forgotten place would turn out to be.