Ghost Adventures (2008) s12e03 Episode Script

Bracken Fern Manor and Tudor House

KELLER: They had gambling here, bootleg liquor, prostitution Three scratches right here, three long scrchates.
ZAK: This could be something evil.
It smelled like rotten eggs.
Oh, my God.
-Something in there? -Two.
-Something just walked up on me! -Three.
-Ohh! Holy [bleep] - What the [bleep] was that? We are not really thinking right.
What? ZAK: There are things in this world that we will never fully understand.
[ Distorted ] deUnrstand.
[ Echoing ] We want answers.
We have rkwoed years to build our credibility, our reputation, working alongside the most renowned professionals in the field, capturing groundbreaking proof of the paranormal.
It's working! I can't give you an explanation.
[ Birds cawing ] This is our evidence our ghost adventures.
ZAK: We're in Lake Arrowhead, California, and in this direction right here, embedded within those trees, we are going to be doing a double lockdown veinstigation of two very notorious haunts.
Welcome to the Bracken Fern Manor and the Tudor House right next door.
This was once a playground for Hollywood elites wanting to escape the public eye.
Built at the height of 1920s prohibition, this getaway quickly became a hot spot for illegal gambling, prostitution, and bootleg booze.
There are unconfirmed rumors of mob ties, underground passageways, and brutal killings.
[ Machine-gufin re ] After reports of strange activity, sightings of apparitions, and a violent scratching and attachment of an employee, people here need our hp.
el So it's time to find out who, or what, these entities are.
There's a lot of mystery surrounding the involvement of the Mafia, and specifically ruthless mobster Bugsy Siegel, in the salacious activity here.
So we arranged to meet a local historian in the Bracken Fern Manor's eerily quiet lobby.
[ Whispering ] - Kind of feels like a library.
-Are you Russ? -Yes.
-How you doing? -Great.
-How you doing? -Hello.
ZAK: We could probably have you get a seat.
What do you want to know? It's like we've known each other for years, eh? We have.
Back during prohibition they had gambling here, bootleg liquor, prostitution.
The stories about Bugsy Siegel building a bordello here, those are folklore.
But the Bracken Fern did have a reputation for being a bordello.
It was known as the "Cat House.
" When Bugsy Siegel came to California, it is factual that he did partake in illegal gambling and all of that other illegal fun stuff.
-And all of Hollywood's elite did come up here.
If Bugsy Siegel did mingle with Hollywood's elite, is it plausible that Bugsy Siegel could have been around town here? That would probably be stretching what's plausible.
We heard there was actual tunnels that go around under here.
Do you know anything, the history of the tunnels, what they were used for? Part of the Bugsy Siegel folklore.
There are no tunnels under the road, no.
All right, Russ, I love your shirt, and it was nice meeting you.
Oh, thank you very much.
-Thank you, sir.
-Appreciate it.
-Thank you.
-Yep, good luck.
ZAK: Russ is in denial, but we'll conduct an in-depth search for evidence to support numerous local reports of a tunnel, Bugsy Siegel's direct involvement, and a very dark history.
[ Machine-gun fire ] The story of a violent murder at the Bracken Fern points to mob-run prostitution.
Ralph was the caretaker here back in the '30s, and the story as it was told to us is that Ralph took a little trip out the window here with the help ofom se mobsters who did not like him fooling around with the girls here in the house.
Supposedly, Ralph was asked to come up and fix this window, and as he got to the window, the mobsters came behind him and threw him out.
[ Screams ] Thrown onto the back of a truck.
Next door to us is a National Forestry, and he went on to be bear bait.
[ Growling ] We had a person stay last month in a room next door, and they were the only person in.
She found what looked like a man sitting in the corner of her room.
And she woke up, turned on the lights, nobody's there.
Russ himself referred to the presence of brutal mobsters in the area.
KELLER: There are stories I've read about a prostitute, Violet.
She was either murdered or she committed suicide after one of her favorite clients was "killed by the mob.
" ZAK: The room that used to be Violet's is now very inhospitable to guests.
Most women have no problem staying in the room, but when men stay in the room, they either leave during the night and go sleep downstairs on the couch or they wake up in the middle of the night with some sort of a female apparition looking down on them.
-Yes? I'm Zak.
Nice to meet you.
You had an experience here at Bracken Fern Manor.
-At this particular room.
Do you want to take us inside - Sure.
-and tell us what happened? -Yes.
I'm alone cleaning the room.
I pass the vacuum right here.
-You were vacuum cleaning.
When I pass the vacuum here, I feeling someone grab my leg.
Was it like a hand - came out from under the bed? Like a hand, yeah.
And grabbed you? Yeah.
When I feeling that, I leave the vacuum here and I take off running.
So that scared you enough for y touo -Yes.
-leave the room? Yes.
What do you think this was? I don't know.
- It's something bad in there.
-A negative -Yes.
-entity? -Yes, yes.
ZAK: This hostile spirit could be connected to these violent deaths, but there are more layers to this haunting.
Some say the two houses are linked by an underground tunnel that facilitated illegal activity.
If this is true, what else could lurk in this unseen passageway? -Hi, Zak.
-Nice to meet you.
-Thanks for meeting us here, man.
-Thank you.
Eva's son, Robert, was attacked in the Tudor House basement.
I come upstairs and I told my mom, "Mom, - my arm's burning pretty bad.
" I look and and I - got three scratches right here, three long scratches.
And you never noticed yourself bumping in atonything No.
-or anything like that? -Nothing at all.
Have you notice any changes at all in your behavior, in dreams, - anything like that at all? Yeah.
Every since that day, like, I get angry a lot, out of nowhere.
Yeah, he cnghaed a lot.
-He changed a lot? -Yes.
He's, like, angry.
He's, like, mad.
And he never was like that before.
-So he had a behavioral change? -Exactly.
ROJAS: When I see someone, I want to punch them in the face.
Be my own boss.
I be praying every night, you know, to get it off of me.
You telling me now that you've experienced this anger is more validation that this could be something darker.
If you want to call it demonic, evil.
Robert now takes us to the site of the attack.
The scratches were from like here to like right there.
-Are you serious? -Yeah.
Yeah, it was three scratches.
Three scratches connect to the mocki ongf the Trinity, in which an entity attempts to provoke the Holy Trinity of Father, Son, and the Holy Ghost.
Did it draw blood, or was it on the surface scratch? -It drew blood.
-It did? Yeah.
- Honestly, I was terrified.
How do you feel now, Robert, when you come down here? I don't know, it's just -- it feels like different to me, like -- like I don't feel like myself, you know? I'm shaking, too.
I feel weak right now.
Don't say that.
Don't say you feel weak in the spot where this happened.
Stay strong.
Do whatever you got to do to cleanse yourself 'cause - you being marked like that, it's gonna - stay with you for a while.
-All right.
-So the only way that you can beat it is try cleansing yourself of this energy.
All right.
Just got the, like, image of someone standing - at the end of that hallway.
Whether that was actually something I saw or something in my mind, I can't conclude that.
I'm not a psychic, but what I am is, is very sensitive to energy, just like you, Aaron.
What's that smell? Do you smell that? Yeah.
-Oh, that just got here.
That is gross, dude.
We didn't get -- No, - that wasn't here before.
-No, that was not here.
Smells like, almost like a, sulfur -- -Sulfur, rotten smell.
Strong, rotten sulfur.
Listen, all three of us document right now.
Did we smell this when we walked in? -Oh, yeah.
-Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Now I'm getting chilled up.
There's a static energy field here.
It's, like, right there.
It's an ice-cold pocket of air.
As quickly as the sulfur smell appeared, it's gone.
There's nothing here anymore.
-Nothing anymore.
-Do you smell it? -Not at all.
Right after our interview, Robert's mike captures a distressed conversation with his mother.
George Copp was contacted by the spirit of a Native American woman in the same basement.
She come walking by - and went, like, through my body and I could smell -- -She walked through you? -Walked right through me.
-What did you smell? It smelled like rotten eggs.
Oh, my God.
What did she smell like? Say that again.
Rotten eggs.
What did we just smell in the basement before he arrived? Smells like, almost like a, sulfur -- -Sulfur, rotten smell.
Strong, rotten sulfur.
-She's down there.
-What? She's down there.
I want you to take us right now - Okay.
and show us where you saw her -I will.
Let's go.
-in the basement.
I was back in here, and I came out of here, and she was standing right there.
So I'm looking at her, and she's looking right at me.
She had the long black hair with brown buckskin clothes on.
I can feel her body going through my body.
ZAK: Could this be a spirit from the local Paiute tribe, brutalized by settlers in an 1867 battle over sacred hunting grounds? Right now, things aren't looking good here.
Whatever that sulfur smell was that was right here that gave me goose bumps and my hairs stand on end, could be a demonic entity because that's what they do.
Can this radar - find this underground tunnel? It's definitely a possibility.
What's that? What does that mean? Holy [bleep] Do you see that? Yesterday, we interviewed a colorful character, Russ the historian.
He was a real big skeptic.
What about mobsters having participation in this gambling Unlikely.
Very unlikely.
I'll bet $6 that the mob had something to do with this gambling.
-Okay, I'll match the 6 bucks.
-All right.
There's one mysterious thing affiliated with the Tudor House and Bracken Fern Manor that would give us a solid clue that the Mafia, and possibly even Bugsy Siegel, were here running these illegal gambling operations.
And if they were here, then there would prabobly be deaths associated with their presence here.
That one mysterious thing -- the underground tunnel.
In the basement of the Tudor House, where Robe wrtas scratched, were George felt an apparition move through him, and where we smelled the sulfur smell of a demonic entity, there's a partially covered hole that locals say is the remains of the tunnel entrance.
Russ, the historian, said tt.
There are no tunnels under the road.
We can't go in the basement and start digging, but what we can do is invite this -- Ground-penetrating radar.
-Eric, how you doing? -Good.
How are you? Zak.
So, basically down here, this big orange box -Mm-hmm.
-is an antenna.
It has a transmitter and a receiver, so it send the radar signal down through the ground.
Any time it sees a difference in soils, it deflects off of that, and then it sends it back up and the receiver comes into this monitor right here and it's all live data.
Can this ground-penetrating radar find the remnants - of this underground tunnel? Yes, it's definitely a possibility.
What's that? What does that mean? STEYER: It just means that that area, right here -Uh-huh.
is a different soil composition from the rest.
So it was either disturbed or filled in.
ZAK: We mark the spots where the soil disturbance starts and ends, in order to determine whether this underground anomaly follows a specific path.
So there's a disturbance between these two lines? -Right, running this way.
So going this way? Holy [bleep] If we go in this direction, and those two same dots go over here, then something is running that way to the house, correct? -Correct.
-All right, cross your fingers, Aaron.
Okay, now we're approaching it.
There's a change.
Two bumps, see that? Two spikes.
STEYER: That's definitely a soil disturbance.
-'Cause this is a straight line, and then once it gets to there, it changes.
And then it changes again right here.
-So right where we're at -[ Bleep ] -is a change.
-And then Back to about there.
-Oh, my God.
-Same spot.
-You got to be kidding me.
Same spot, dude.
So, Eric, that means this disturbance is about this wide, connecting these dots, and going this way - straight to the Tudor House? -Correct.
-Which would be a perfect tunnel.
ZAK: As we continue to scan the parking lot in front of the Tudor House, a pattern begins to emerge.
Look what's happening, it's startg into turn.
It's starting to turn.
This is the outside perimeter of this underground anomaly, and it's traveling up this way, curving around that way, and is about that wide.
[ Gasps ] Right to the spot where we had the energy show up.
The path we're detecting is leading us towards what may be the mouth of the tunnel.
STEYER: - So, something was dug here.
It's probably a layer of clay that we are seeing, and as it was disturbed, it changed the depth of it.
Is this an underground sewer pipe? -No.
-It is not? -No.
Is this an underground electrical something? -No.
That would be a rounded anomaly.
You would see it start in the beginning and it looks like a hyperbola.
What is the probability on a percentage that this could be an underground tunnel? It would be 50/50.
If we see something like this on the actual road, that 50/50 has gone up, right? -Probably, yeah.
There's something right here that it actually looks like it's bowed.
Like it might have been a Like it might have been a what? A tunnel.
ZAK: Holy [bleep] Do you see that? STEYER: You can see that this level of soil just drops dramatically down, and then it rises back up over here.
-Does this look like a cave-in? -Absolutely.
Definitely someone dug someinthg there, or tunneled through and then the top caved in.
You can see if there's a tunnel coming this way, it would crumble, d anlook what's happening to the foundation by it.
You said 50/50 over there.
Now what would you say? Up to 75% probably.
Up to 75%.
Looks like you get 6 bucks! [ Laughs ] That's incredible.
ZAK: If this rumor can be validated, what does that say about other well-established claims? Was the Mob behind the gambling, prostitution, bootlegging, and the violence that inevitably follows? Was Bugsy Siegel pulling all the strings? Could this spirit - be using this underground tunnel to go to and from the Tudor House to Bracken Fern Manor? Jay is developing a theory about the felema Native American spirit that passed through George's body.
I don't think it's a Native American.
It kind of freaks me out because I think we have a mimicker.
A mimicker Why would a Native American spirit smell demonic -Right.
-and sulfur? I agree with you, why would a Native American spirit have a putrid, sulfur smell that absolutely connects with demonic manifestations? Right.
-Are you afraid? -Yeah.
Whoa! What the [bleep] was that? Okay, so, right now it is time to investigate two amazing locations.
The Bracken Fern Manor I just love the name of that place.
The Bracken Fern Manor.
-Dude, it's cool.
And then also right over there about 50 yards, we have the Tudor House.
It's kind of like a medieval, like we're in England.
-There is that vibe here.
-There's this weird feel he.
er So because we have two big locations, I decided to split us up tonight.
I want you - to lead the investigation over at the Tudor House.
I want you to go downstairs in that massive basement and get evidence of that entity that scratched Robert.
I looked and I - got three scratches right here, three long scratches.
I want to stay - at the Bracken Fern Manor because every single room in this place has some type of story and very, very strong, compelling paranormal activity affiliated with it.
Are these entities connected? Is it the same entity? -Probably.
Is it using the underground tunnel Right.
that we discovered earlier today? keTa off.
ZAK: As Aaron and Billy begin their investigation at the Tudor House, Jay and myself enter the Bracken Fern Manor.
We will first introduce ourselves to the spirit of Violet, who is said to have been a prostitute that killed herself after her lover was murdered by the Mob.
Hey, Violet, we just want to talk to you, okay? We want to find out if your story is true, if you did commit suicide here.
We're gonna come up to the third floor.
BILLY: I'm heading to the stage right now to turn on the Pilfer device.
I'm gonna turn it on and I'm gonna step back and we're gonna see if it produces enough energy in here to have some stuff happen, so here goes nothing.
ZAK: All right, now we've approached the room where the housekeeper was terrified when she got grabbed in here.
When I pass the vacuum here, I feeling someone grab my leg.
Right now we are gonna go see if we can get get grabbed as well, and try to document this experience.
You knock something on that bed? Come on, you're grabbing women, let's see you grab something on that bed.
It's not cool to be grabbing anybody.
If you want to grab someone, you can grab us.
But we're not gonna run away if you do.
[ Thump ] What was that? -Did you hear that? Yeah.
-Something in this room.
JAY: It was behind me.
Is somebody in this room? Oh, God.
[ Bleep ] What happened? I just felt something come up through the door.
I don't know why, it just felt like a lady coming up on me.
Oh, God.
Jay, I can feel her.
I got to drop this thing.
Hang on.
Dropping, dropping, dropping.
So, I'm gonna try toal vidate this right now.
[ Oscillating static ] Can you talk? Can you say your name? [ Oscillating static ] With no voices coming through, I now head into the bathroom where I just saw this flash image of a woman come through the door at me.
[ Static continues ] Oh, my [bleep] She said, "Hello.
" -It was like a "Hello.
" Yes, a woman said, "Hello.
" Thank you for saying, "Hello.
" You just validated to me that I saw you and sensed you right here.
That's so awesome.
She spoke.
Now I just have a feeling of, like, really big sadness.
AARON: All right, spirits, we're gonna need answers from you.
So what you need to do is come over to this device that we call the Pilfer device, and soak up as much energy as you can.
And in return, you provide us answers and show yourself on camera.
Deal? One, two, three.
Man, I got to get away from this thing.
This thing gives me a headache.
BILLY: - Yeah, don't get too close.
Are you a mobster? If so, this is your chance to say, "Hell yeah, I was" and be proud of it and tell us, 'cause you can't get in trouble now.
I keep hearing footsteps up here, dude.
That's not -- I'm walking.
I'm walking around.
Okay, okay.
Debunked, that's you.
Okay, the echo through here makes it sound loud.
What was that? -Whoa! -What was that? -Hey, I took a step towards the Pilfer and the Ovilus 5 just said, "Malicious.
" -Whoa.
It could possibly be what's in the basement.
-Ask i t.
-Are you the spirit that travels through the tunnel to the other building? Aaron, the Ovilus - just said "Gateway Lasting.
" Oh, dude, what if that's a gateway? ZAK: Could this be a spirit guide telling the guys that the malicious entity they are looking for, which has also attacked staff members in the basement, uses a gateway in the underground tunnel that we discovered earlier? And is it also telling them that this tunnel gateway will be long-lasting? Do you use thune derground tunnel to go to the other building? A female spirit that I saw with my own eyes just said, "Hello" to Jay and I through the Spirit Box.
We will now to try to communicate with her further to see if she is indeed Violet, the spirit of the prostitute.
Are you afraid? The woman who was in this room, are you afraid to go out here? [ Oscillating static ] Can you tell me what these things are? What are these? Whoa! -What? Holy [bleep] What the [bleep] was that? Oh, my God.
We're gonna have to reviewha tt.
Where were you when I was doing this? -I was right here.
-You were? JAY: I was only right here.
I saw a ball of light travel right over here, bro.
There's a female spirit in this back bathroom.
-I'm feeling a lot of energy.
-Oh, my God! ZAK: In Violet's room at Lake Arrowhead's Bracken Fern Manor, I see a glowing ball of light with my own eyes directly in front of me, which startles me, causing me to react excitedly.
Little do I know, but I also capture this ball of light on my camera.
Meaning not only does it appear in my visible light spectrum, but it can also sbeeen in the infrared spectrum of light, which is compelling paranormal evidence.
That's you, isn't it? [ Oscillating static ] That was awesome.
It went right towards you.
Did you feel anything or anything? I'm just feeling a lot of energy in this room particularly.
I don't even want to say anything.
What, what? -Did you hear a thud? -Yeah.
-I heard that, too.
Is there someone down there? Is there someone downstairs? If there's someone downstairs, make a noise for us.
So, I'm gonna experiment right now.
I'm gonna put the device back in the bathroom, where we believe the most activity's happening right now, and we're gonna listen to see if she comes through again once I do that.
You ready? -Yeah.
Speak to us again.
[ Oscillating static ] Tell us your name! -What was that? -What? [ Gasps ] Oh, my God! Did you [bleep] hear that, Jay? Yeah, I heard something right before that.
Did you [bleep] hear that? God! Something -- Did you hear, she came through again.
Tell us your name! -What was that? -What? [ Gasps ] What? [ Gasps ] What? [ Gasps ] She came through again.
That's twice that worked.
This is proving that there is a female spirit in this back bathroom.
Because there's nothing else that comes through anywhere else hupere.
Thank you very much.
I don't want you to be afraid of us.
If you're hiding out in the back bathroom.
But I feel like you're back there Aaron and Billy now head down into the bemasent to make contact with the malicious entity and locate the gateway it uses to enter the underground tunnel.
BILLY: Hold on.
- This is what Aaron and I see.
Total darkness.
-Pitch black.
Hang on, dude.
-Did you hear that? -I heard that.
-It was like [growling] -Right.
I want to say that was the furnace.
I hope to God that was the furnace.
I want to say that was the furnace, but why - would the furnace be on? It's not cold.
Hang on, dude.
Ha ongn, dude.
Hang on.
Let's find out if there's a furnace around here.
I can't see.
I don't see a furnace thing around us,ho tugh.
It's what I'm getting at.
-You find it? "Please do not touch the furnace.
" That's our noise.
All right, debunked.
Thank goodness, dude.
All right, one more X camera shooting down this hallway we'll get, and then we'll be ready to go.
We're just setting up right now trying to figure it out 'cause we're really -- we are not really thinking right.
Did you just talk? Did you just speak? -No, did you just talk? -No.
I head something go "psst.
" And what I heard was a dude sitting here talking right here.
Okay, I thought you were right here.
Hurry up and get the camera and t geover here.
-I am.
-I -- I'm nervou Wait, wait, wait, I have to know that there's no one in here.
Hey! Anybody in here? There's no one in here.
That was, like, 10 feet away from me, I swear to God.
Did you just -- Did you just -- Did you just talk? Did you just speak? No, did you just talk? No! I'm just tripping out over that.
Dude, that was weird.
We still need this covered, so maybe leave that X camera and that X camera.
Well, I was just gonna switch the full spectrum to a different location -Oh, I see what you're doing.
-you know what I mean? -Yeah.
Just to give it a different look.
-Did you hear that? -That was me.
-No, I heard "shh.
" -Again? Yeah, I just heard it.
-Stay here.
-Go, go, go, go.
Can you tell us how you died? It's back.
It's right next to you.
What? ZAK: In the Tudor House basement, Aaron now hears what Billy heard moments earlier.
I just heard what you heard.
BILLY: - Okay, what did it sound like? Sounded like a guy going, "Shh.
" Just to give it a different look.
Did you hear that? -different look.
-Did you hear that? -different look.
-Did you hear that? ZAK: Without being able to debunk this eerie sound, could it be the malicious entity toying with both of them? Things are about to heat up evenor me.
After receiving two female spirit voices in this thbaroom, the activity stops, and she doesn't speak to us anymore.
You know that we heard your voice.
You know we felt you and you know I saw you.
So I want you to follow me, okay? Follow us dostwnairs.
No one's gonna hurt you.
We'll protect you.
We want to interact with Violet more, and we know that she left the bathroom in the bridal suite, so we now make our way to her room on the second floor.
Do you smell that? Thought I got a whiff of perfume.
Jay and I decide to bait Violet's room with all kinds of equipment, including a REM pod that detects spirit energy, the ITC speech device that allows spirits to choose words by using their energy while also documenting environmental data, and the Structured Light Sensor camera.
Okay, right now are you trying to figure out how to use this? JAY: That shouldn't be going off.
Holy [bleep] Stop, move away.
There's someone on the bed next to you.
What are y ou talking about? I've never seen it do it.
It's bending over onto the bed with no head.
And look at the REM pod's going off.
Look at that, Jay! I just said step away, now it's gone.
-So is the figure.
-What? All of a sudden, the REM pod detects an unknown energy around it, and unbelievably, at the same exact moment, an unexplained figure appears in between myself and the other bed.
It seems as though the REM pod is detecting this figure.
Next, the figure climbs up onto the bed, and just as it disappears into thin air, the REM pod goes silent.
Having these two devices detect the same spirit at the same time proves the validity of both pieces of equipment.
BILLY: I tnkhi this is the area over here, man.
There's something going on.
AARON: Do we have a camera shooting wide on all that? Let's use this over there.
Oh, hey 'cause we have three X cams.
Well I'll use this one as an X now, my handheld.
Or is this mine? Yeah, do you want to use -- Wait.
I did.
I heard it, it's upstairs.
-You heard it? -I heard it.
[ Tapping ] Right now, do you hear it? Shh.
That better be somebody.
Let's go, let's go! Go, go, go, go.
ZAK: The full-spectrum camera they have rolling in the basement captures these footsteps even louder.
Someone or something is directly above Aaron and Billy right now.
AARON: Let's go.
Go, go, go, go.
Smell that? Yeah.
-What's it smell like? -Sulfur.
Exactly! ZAK: Just as they're pursuing these phantom footsteps, Aaron and Billy both smell sulfur, which is the smell associated with the entity that's been seen multiple times by people rkwoing here.
It smelled like rotten eggs.
Oh, my God! -Yeah.
-One, two.
Go! Hello? You're not supposed to be in here.
There's nobody.
There's nobody.
[ Thump ] Aaron, did you hear that? I heard a door slam up there.
Aaron, did you hear that? I heard a door slam up there.
-Stay here.
-I just heard it.
-Stay here.
-Go, go, go, go, go.
Go, gogo, .
Violet, thank you very much for coming down into this room.
This is absolutely amazing what you're doing right no You showed yourself.
You turned that on.
Can you tell us how you died? JAY: It's back.
-It's back? -Yeah, it's right next to you again.
Are you okay? She said fine.
-Really? Yeah, jitust said, "Fine" like she's fine, she's okay.
That's awesome.
That was so cool.
-It was.
It was next to you again for a second, and then it went off that way, towards the bathroom.
-Are you serious? -Yeah.
Did you just go in the bathroom? "Probably"! -Probably? I just said "did you go in the bathroom," and it said, "Probably.
" Just as Jay sees the figure appear again, I receive a direct intelligent response to my question on the ITC device, from who we believe is the spirit of Violet.
You'll also notice that the figure stands up directly in front of the ITC device right when we received this response.
[Bleep] Did you get it? Violet, how were you killed? Tell me how you were killed.
"Axe!" -No way! -It just said [bleep] "Axe.
" -No way.
Give me that, give me that, give me that.
It just said, "Axe" Jay.
BILLY: - You got me down here alone now.
ZAK: Why did they kill you? -Dude! -What the hell was that? ZAK: Back in Violet's room, a spirit seemso tbe telling us about its death.
Who killed you with an axe? It's right in front of you.
Right in front.
-What if it's -- -Someone little.
-Where at? -Right in front of you.
Right in front of the EVP machine.
Why did they kill you? "Money.
" It just said, "money," Jay.
Did you owe somebody money? Oh, my God, dude.
Aaron runs upstairs to inveigstate the mysterious door slam, but discovers nothing unusual.
-Was there anybody up there? -No.
So he and llBiy go back down into the basement to continue their search for the gateway where they believe the malicious entity appears from.
BILLY: - I'll tell you where I think that this thing might be.
-What? -Is in the this little storage room that we haven't gone in.
AARON: Here's what we're gonna do, Bill.
You're going in there.
-Me? -Yeah.
This could be - where the whisper came from.
I'm gonna use the Spirit Box some, okay, Bill? Okay.
Well, you got me down here alone now.
All right, you have us alone, like Bill said.
[ Oscillating static ] And we have two different devices you can communicate with us.
" Oh, my gosh.
We found him.
Let's go, Billy.
Are you tricking us? [ Oscillating static ] Found what? What have we found? Dude! What the hell was that? What was that? Dude, something just walked up on me! For real? Up the steps, I felt the stair things press down.
And it says, "malicious.
" And "found.
" That was so loud.
Hey! You don't understand.
I walked up esthe stairs, and I felt someone step on that step behind me.
Oh, my God, bro, I'm so [bleep] out.
And the Ovilus said, "found" like "you found me.
" ZAK: A split second before Billy feels the floorboards move beneath him from a sudden, unexplained pressure, as if someone just stepped next to him.
Listen closely to the Ovilus 5 say, "malicious.
" Dude! What the hell was that? ZAK: Jay and I now head down into the bowels of this old bordello to try and find the darker spirits that we feel are keeping Violet trapped in this building because she seems to be the only spirit we are contacting on the upper floors.
Can you talk to us? Were you killed by the Mob here? Because we received no EVPs during our first session, Jay and I decide to change our strategy.
Instead of asking questions, we will talk amongst ourselves about robbing the casino at the Tudor House next door to see if that will provoke the spirits of the Mob.
Let's get guns and go over there and take all the money when they're not looking.
JAY: - Let's take all their women, too, at the Bracken Fern Manor.
There's a pretty girl named Violet I've seen.
Let's take control of everything here.
This time, upon live playback, we capture an amazing class-A EVP.
Who is that? - That's a dark as hell voice.
That's screaming at the recorder.
[ Indistinct ] "To catch" "To catch the woman"? Look at this, holy [bleep], right here.
I mean, you can hear you talking calmly in the bagrckound and this is screaming over you.
Is this the spirit that either killed Violet or is currently guarding her? And it is telling us that earlier, it saw us trying to catch Violet? Or is this spirit telling us that it is the one that's trying to catch Violet?