Ghost Adventures (2008) s12e04 Episode Script

Return to the Riviera

1 We are returning to the Riviera! [ Cheering ] People come to Vegas all the time to die, to commit suicide.
There is dark energy here pushing people to thedg ee.
A woman jumped right up here.
This is the casino floor of the Riviera.
BILLY: Something is around you Aaron.
Oh, my God! [ Bleep ] ZAK: There are things in this world that we will never fully understand.
[ Distteord ] Undetarsnd.
[ Echoing ] We want answers.
We have workedea yrs to build our credibility, our reputation, working alongside the most renowned professionals in the field, capturing groundbreaking proof of the paranormal.
It's working! - Whoa! I can't give you an explanation.
[ Birds cawing ] This is our evidence our ghost adventures.
MAN: Four, three, two, one, fire! ZAK: Damn, it's so awesome.
Four floors of dynamite going off in unison.
Guys, unfortunately, the historic Riviera that opened on April 20th, 1955, is next.
MAN: Well, it's the final curtain for a piece of Las Vegas history.
The Rivera is closing its doors in just a few minutes.
We will be live throughout the morning, looking back at a legend.
Before they blow it up and rock this building to the ground, we are gonna investigate it one more time, and this time, thene tire property, because we need to help free these spirits before this happens.
-Are you ready? -Ready.
Let's go.
In Vegas, everything is big, beautiful, and loud.
If your casino is not the latest, it is nothing, and the Riviera is no exception.
Over it's 60-year history, this once-opulent establishment slid into obsolescence.
On May 4th, 2015, its doors were closed for good.
This looks a lot different from when we were here before.
Remember, Aaron? The "Ghost Adventures" crew are back investigating Las Vegas.
This time, we're going to be investigating the Riviera.
Right here, Billy.
-That's where the -- -Yeah.
These holes -The brass.
-right here held the iconic Riviera Bronze Girls.
They were all like this, lined up.
-Thousands of people ea-Yh.
took pictures with this statue right here.
For decades.
This was an iconic statue.
Part of the Las Vegas Strip.
[ Cheering ] This is the last time that we are ever gonna be able to walk - through these doors again.
I'll sayhi ts humbly, but I'll also say this confidently.
We specialize in communication with spirits.
We have excelled in that department in paranormal.
So what I want to do for this very special episode of "Ghost Adventures," is I want to go in here and communicate with the spirits inside this building and tell them it's time to leave here.
And let's see if there's any messages that we can receive because we are the very last paranormal investigators to investigate this building before it gets turned to dust.
You're never allowed to go into a casino when they shut it down.
It's just weird not to see all the machines everywhere and all the people.
There are decades of memories here.
When this place was active, thene ergy here was electric.
The money, the shows.
MAN: Ladies and gentlemen, the Riviera is proud to present the one and only Barbra Streisand! [ Streisand singing ] K:ZA Barbra Streisand shared this very stage with many great entertainers, including Elvis Presley and even Sinatra.
Right here, on the top floor, Frank had his own private suite where he lived and entertained.
But the days of wine and roses are long gone.
All that remains is the massive skeleton of this once-great structure.
I can just imagine how many people were sitting over here, playing blackjack, playing apcrs, playing roulette, and lost all of their money.
And you think about how high those emotions are in people that have been here and that have gambled their lt asdollar.
People kill themselves, kill others, over these bets.
And it's this type of energy that we were not able to investigate when we were here last.
There's no place in Vegas where you're allowed to investigatehe t gaming floor.
But we're very happy that the Riviera allowed us to do this because they saw what we captured when we were here years ago, and they know that there's spirits here.
For this investigation, we have decided to forego intervwsie, focusing strictly on the residual energies of this immense structure.
Look at this, guys.
This picture of this guy coming out the window.
That visually represents how I see this building right now.
I see that as a lost soul trpeapd here, wainntg to get out, jump out, before this place gets blown up.
And that can't look more like a ghost.
It's like that soul is trying to leave that room before this place turns to dust.
And then, over here, this guy, "Call 911.
" It looks like he's holding a gun because he's about to kill this person over here.
And he's thinking, "I need to call 911 because I don't know what I'm about to do.
But I know it's gonna end a life.
" And then, up there, where I says "Help," that's just an innocent person that traveled here from another state.
People come to Vegas all the time to die, to commit suicide.
And they're by themselves in that room.
They're crying for help because, now, in life, they're lost.
And in that room, they killed themselves.
Vegas is widely considered the suicide capital of America.
At least once a day, someone takes his or her own life.
There is a security guard off camera that has alerted us that a woman committed suicide here a couple months ago.
A woman jumped, right up here.
And he told us to look for the sand on the pavement, right when you walk outside these doors to the left, with a series of rocks right next to it.
That's where she landed.
And she bounced 6 feet in the air after she hit the ground.
Um, the spot is right over here.
We found it.
This was the sand that was used to absorb the blood from her body when it hit the pavement just a couple months ago.
She was looking down right here.
Whatever pain was in her mind, she wanted to release it.
Once she stood at the edge of that railing, that last thought that was in her mind before she jumped over that rail is here.
 Just a message to anyone who's watching this, out of the million viewers, maybe just one is in a dark place right now.
Remember, dark times pass.
We've all had dark times.
And suicide is not the answer because, right now, you can talk to somebody that can help you.
And that's what you need.
So we're gonna put a number on the screen because, if there is that one person watching this right now, call this number.
They can help you.
Wee 'rlooking for three lucky fans that want to investigate ghosts tomorrow night.
Who wants to hunt some ghosts? Â Who wants to hunt some ghosts? -Picture? -Picture.
The reason why we're here right now is because we're filming at the Riviera.
We're looking for three luckfay ns that want to investigate ghosts tomorrow night.
-What's up, Zak? -What's up? You know, man.
You guys want to hunt some ghosts? All right.
I'm good.
-You're good? Too scary? -No! Would you ladies - like to find some ghosts? -No.
-No? I'm having a harder time finding people than I do ghosts! Who wants to hunt some ghosts? [ Man shouts ] Follow me.
Nobody wants to hunt ghosts.
[ Aaron laughs ] Yeah.
We're filming at the Riviera.
Do you like to hunt ghosts? [ Laughter ] We thought there would be just mobs of people dying for the chance to do this paranormal experiment with us.
We're meeting a lot of fans, but nobody wants to go 'cause they're too scared.
-I'll do it.
-You'll do it? Yeah.
I mean, I have to see the waiver.
Let me, like, read the fine print that I'm not gonna die or anything.
You're not gonna die.
This is, like, - making my life right now, my trip to Vegas, seeing you guys here.
Oh, really? Where are you from? I'm from Milwaukee.
- My boyfriend is over there.
-Are you scared of ghosts? -I mean, not really.
-Are you scared of dark places? -No.
I think I'll be okay.
Are you scared of being alone in dark places? -Maybe a little bit.
-What's your name? -Victoria.
-Victoria? Are you in? I think I'm in.
No, it's no think.
You have to be in.
From this camera - and this camera, for us watching and everybody at home watching from around the world.
-All right.
-There's no thinking about it.
You're either in or you're out.
-Are you in? -I'm in.
I'm in, yeah.
-This seals the deal.
-All right.
You're in.
-She's in.
-I'm in.
We've got one.
-What's your name? ed-T.
What do you do here in Las Vegas? I drive a taxi.
Are you a believer - or non-believer in ghosts? I haven't put much thought into that.
How would you like to be a part of history? I'd love to be a part of history.
What do you say tomorrow night, at 9:00 p.
, you meet us at the Riviera for this paranormal experintme, where you will be spending time in isolation, by yourself, on a floor, in the dark, just for us to see how your energy reacts with the spirits there? Are you in or are you out? I'm in.
That's it.
That's it.
I got an eaid.
What if, since we - found two random people, right? And we need one more.
We need one more.
Why don't we tweet it tonight? -Tweet an announcement? -Yeah.
And then say, "Tomorrow, meet us at at some spot," and then we'll just grab someone from out of there.
Like, pick a card or whatever random and just bring 'em straight in.
We'll find a way to pick 'em, with a deck of cards or something.
Yeah, that's perfect, just straight in.
See who shows up, - and that's for our final person.
That's the final one.
It's our fans.
Because wouldn't you want a chance, if you lived in the state we were at right now, to get an opportunity? This is it.
I like that.
Let's do it.
And they go straight in, straight into lockdown.
They're not even like, "Oh, let me think about it.
" They go right in.
We'll pick 'em Vegas-style with cards.
-Let's do it.
I don't want to brag, but I'm pretty genius.
-That's a good idea.
-That is a great idea.
Let's do it.
Let's get out of here.
 [ Cheering ] [ Woman screaming ] ZAK: You saw my tweet.
So who's ready to go into lockdown? [ Cheering ] Tonight, we are returning to the Riviera.
[ Cheering ] We are the last paranormal team that will ever investigate this place before they implode it! We are looking for one of you.
If you win, you are going to go by yoursfel with one of our cameras on an entire floor, in the dark, that is known to be haunted.
We're gonna see how long you can last.
Are you ready? [ Cheering ] Are you ready?! [ Cheering ] So we've got some decks of cards.
If you're 18 and over, what we're gonna do is, we're gonna give everybody a playing card.
Okay? And I'm gonna pick a card out.
You guys ready? [ Cheers ] Come on! [ Cheers ] On the count of three, everybody, ready? -Ready.
One, two, three! Four of hearts.
There's one right there, and there's one right here.
Let's do highest card wins.
What is it? -Oh! -Ooh.
Beat that, baby.
Ugh! A six.
Let's give a hand for our winner! [ Cheers and applause ] Do you want to do another one? [ Cheering ] One, two, three! Three sofpades.
She's our next winner.
[ Cheering ] Give a round of applause to our winrsne.
We want to thank all of you for coming down here.
We love the support.
[ Cheering ] These night vision cameras are your only eyes.
I am very likely to be freaked out right now.
-Be careful.
-Good cklu.
[ Ted gasps, bleep ] All right.
Right now, a historic moment for the "Ghost Adventures" crew.
We are getting ready to investigate the Riviera for a second time.
The only difference is that t Rheiviera is completely abandoned.
Right now, it is time for our isolation experintme with just random people we just met.
It's kind of freaky 'cause I've heard a lot of rumors that a lot of people have died here.
So you two are gonna be going on the same floor.
But I will be separating you two, so you still will be in isolation.
I was obsessed with "Ghostbteusrs" as a kid.
I would go around catching ghosts.
And so this is like a dream come true for me.
I've always been into the paranormal.
We're all gonna get on the elevator together.
We're dropping each of you off.
The floor is completely dark.
The esnight vision cameras are your only eyes.
You have no flashlights, nothing.
I'm a little nervous.
I can't lie.
I was freaking out last night.
I struggled to sleep.
Let's just see what happens.
Okay? If one of you freaks out, then I'll feel bad.
If not, then I'm not going to.
You ready? -All right.
I do believe in ghosts.
Never had any experiences, and I'm hoping to get some tonight.
ZAK: So because this is Las Vegas, let's take bets as to which of our guest investigators will tap out first -- number one, number two, number three, or number four.
Place your bets now.
So here's the first floor.
[ Ted chuckles nervously ] -Victoria.
-All right.
-Good luck! -All right.
TED: Good luck.
So here we are, going left.
Think that was just my own shadow.
There we go.
Next stop, floor 44, Taxi Ted.
You owkn how many people want to be doing what you're doing right now? -Have fun with it.
-It's so dark! ANNE: Oh, my gosh! TED: They said let them know if you get any goose bumps or the hairs raising on your Yeah.
That's, like, already happineng.
Oh, boy.
odGo luck.
-Be safe.
Okay? -Okay.
-Can you see me? -Yeah.
-Is that you? -Yeah, that's me.
ZAK: We have a live nerve center stationed on a separate floor, where we will be closely monitoring our guest investigators in case of an emergency.
So this is the room they want me to go in.
I am Definitely got the hair raised on my arms.
Here we go.
This is a 60-year-old tehol.
You know how, when you watch scary movies And what do you do when you're scared? You talk.
You constantly talk, quite frankly.
And I find myself doing that right now.
SAM: We have to look at the doors.
Just keep your camera on me if you need it.
Oh! I hit a wall.
Oh, my gosh.
ZAK: One thing we immediately notice is that our newcomers are having a hard time navigating the pitch-black hallways.
That one's not marked.
-Oh! Whoa.
-Be careful.
SAM: Okay.
This is it.
So do you want to stay? Or do you want -- Yes.
Let me stay because I'm in heels.
- And I'm gonna go walk around.
-Be careful.
-Good luck.
Good luck to you.
[ Ted gasps, bleep ] What the hell was that, dude? Oh, my God! ZAK: This reaction proves that even skeptics exclaim, "Dude," when they're freaked out by paranormal experiences.
That's two times I've had something touch my leg.
Could be explained.
Could not be explained.
I don't know.
I am very likely to be freaked out right now.
So didn't feel like a computer touched my leg.
Felt like something else.
Are you sad that they're going to be knocking down your home? So far, I'm not seeing anything at all.
Victoria, you can free float around the hallways.
VICTORIA: I'm sorry.
What's that, roam around? Yeah.
Just walk on the other side of the hallways behind the camera out there.
All right.
[ Thump ] Just heard a thump from down the hallway.
That could be something.
SAM: Do you have something to say? TED: [ Gasps ] What the [eeblp] was that? I just heard a man's voice.
-That's it! -Oh, whew.
ZAK: The night is still young at the Riviera Casino as our guest investigator, Anne, attempts to make contact with the spirits here on the 45th floor.
ANNE: Wow.
The shadow [ Soft whistle ] [ Clank ] Okay.
I heard a door slam.
[ Soft whistle ] Okay.
I heard a door slam.
[ Clatter ] Wow.
What was that noise? Wh-What was that? Oh, my gosh.
What was that noise? Oh, my gosh.
It's a strange noise dnow at the end of the hallway.
Oh, my gosh.
And where's that shadow that was at the door? It's gone now.
Is that you making this noise? Where did you go? [ Grunt ] Okay.
I just heard a man's voice.
I just heard a man's voice.
I just heard a man's voice.
And I heard some loud bangs.
ZAK: At the same exact moment that Anne hears these loud bangs and a man's voice, Sam is at the other end of the floor being extremely quiet, as are the other investigators on their separate floors.
We cannot explain what Anne is hearing.
SAM: Whew.
I can feel -- I can feel an energy change in here for sure.
Do you have something to say? Is there someone in here with me? VICTORIA: Hm.
That's interesting.
My camera just got super foggy.
And now we're back to normal.
So who knows? Hey, guys.
Go ahead, Victoria.
Think I'm ready to come back.
I just got super creeped out up here.
Come again, Victoria? Please hold the button down and talk.
Are you okay? VICTORIA: I think I'm ready to come back.
I'm getting super creeped out in this part of the hallway.
Let's go get her.
Come on, guys.
-She's too scared.
-Go, go.
Super, super uneasy feeling up here.
-What floor is she on? -The lowest one.
-43? -Yeah.
Definitely energy of some kind, definitely, in this acspe.
Scary stuff.
Come on.
They're coming.
And I got a chill all on this side.
So I was like, "Okay, pretty creepy.
" And then, it happened again going the other way.
Like something went through you this way and then passed back? It didn't go through me, but I felt it pass.
Like, it was kind of walking back and forth.
Did it have, like, an energy to it? It wasn't a good energy.
I can te yllou that.
It felt bad? It didn't feel demonic, but it definitely felt -Negative.
-Negative, yes.
-Are you done? -I think I'm done.
ZAK: So with Victoria tapping out early, the guys and I return to base to monitor our remaining investigators.
TED: Goose bumps are subsiding.
I think I've done everything he wanted.
This is the end of this row.
That's another stairwell.
[ Gasps ] What the [bleep] was that, dude? Seriously, come on.
What was that? Oh, my God! ZAK: Through our isolation experiment, we conclude that all of our guest investigators shared personal experiences with the energies or spirits that are trapped here at the Riviera.
I had a couple times where something touched my leg.
And when I looked with the camera, there was nothing there.
It wasn't wind.
I mean, it was like something actually touched me.
I think that there are spirits here and that they - are trying to communicate.
And they want us to know that they are here.
I agree.
I definitely -- I didn't feel like we were alone.
ZAK: It is now our turn to investigate and take this even further in trying to free the spirits before this building is imploded.
Billy has his dog, Sophie, that we rescued a couple years ago when we were filming in Mineral Wells, Texas.
Now she's all grown up, and we've turned her into a paranormal investigator.
She has a full-spectrum GoPro camera mounted to her.
A lot of people love dogs.
So she should be able to invite esthe spirits in closer for - a therapeutic-type interaction.
Good luck.
You guys take off.
Aaron, Jay, and myself head outside to the pool area to set up a thermal imaging camera in the exact spot where a woman landed after committing suicide just a few months o.
ag Right now, we're gonna go up to the 20th floor and investigate the suite that she jumped from.
BILLY: I'm letting Sophie just go wherever she wants to see if she comes in contact with any type of energy.
[ Sophie growls ] What? What is it, Soph? She's growling at something.
Whoa! Sophie, what is it? I feel it too.
So this is really strange.
We just came into this room on the 28th floor.
Sophie paused, and then she growled just now, right there.
And instantly, I got hit with this weird, like, static-y energy.
So What? What is it, Soph? She's -- She's frozen right now.
Sophie, it's okay? This is crazy.
She felt it, then I felt it.
ZAK: Aaron, Jay, and myself reach the 20th floor and start looking for the room where the woman jumped to her death.
Hello? It's got to be right here somewhere, maybe this one.
That's it! Shh, shh.
This is the casino floor of the Riviera.
-Hello? -Something is around you, Aaron.
-Dude, I can feel it! -Whoa! ZAK: We're at the top of the Riviera.
And I just experienced something rastnge just outside the suite where a woman recently jumped to her death.
I don't kn wowhat happened right there.
I was right behind you.
I just had a real bad feeling, Aaron.
I got -- Like, it was -- That was a weird energy.
It's just, like, - not negative, just, like -Strong.
-Like, somehow, like, that's the room she jumped from.
The window's open.
-It's shut.
-Son of a [bleep].
Just before the door slammed shut, we see that the window is wide open and lines up with where the woman's body landed 20 floors below.
This is the room from which she jumped.
And I can feel it.
The door is now locked, and we have to get inside.
JAY: It's almost like it locked on purpose.
Yeah, exactly! It's almost - like it locked on purpose.
And now, the door was open.
It was just like this.
It was open.
And now, it's locked.
-Oh, my -- -Whoa! Whoa, dude.
We tried pushing that door open, too.
This is the only room that the window is all the way opened.
I mean, it's obvious that she got a running start and jumped out.
Hello? Look, I'm sorry that you did this.
I'm sorry that you had to do this.
It's just very eerie right now that that window is still wide open.
This is what she saw.
Spirit, if you can hear my voice right now, say something in this digital recorder that I'm holding.
Tell me your name and who you are.
Man, I have never felt the prickly, static-y feeling like this ever.
This is I'm just wondering if it's something that's ZAK: Just as Billy is feeling an intense static chgear in the environment, which is typical during spirit manifestations, Sophie captures a light anomaly around Billyn o her full-spectrum GoPro camera at the exact same moment.
BILLY: I'm just wondering if it's something that's It's in this area right here.
It is ssotrong.
You ready? [ Oscillating static ] [ Indistinct voice ] Did that say, "I jumped"? -Sounded like it did.
-It did! It sounded like it just said, "I jumped.
" "I jumped.
" Did that say, "I jumd"pe? Why did you jump? Hello? [ Indistinct voice ] Whoa! You feel me! It goes, "You elfe me.
" Oh, my God! Hello? Whoa! You feel me! -I did feel you.
-Yes! When I opened this door, I felt you.
Can you tell me, - do you regret what you did? At the same time we are receiving amazing communication responses, the thermal imaging camera directly below us captures some very strange activity.
If you look closely to the center of the scrn,ee you'll notice a dark, mist-like mass moving just beneath one of the doorways in the background.
We debunk this as not being any type of tarp or cloth blowing in the wind because there is nothing over there.
We have no idea what this is.
The four of us meet back up and decide to switch partners.
Jay and heI ad off to investigate the old Crazy Girls Theater while Aaron and Billy return to where Sophie and Billy were just experiencing all kinds of strange energy presences to see if they can communicate with these spirits.
This is crazy.
This is the casino floor of the Riviera.
And there's nobody here but us.
Before we reach the theater, we leave a few X cameras rolling here on the casino floor -- one in the cashier's cage, one covering this bar, and one on the caso infloor.
Being in the Riviera right now, with no one else here, just doesn't feel right.
It's as if we're in an apocalyptic movie, where we're hiding from zombies.
-Oh, yeah.
-Yeah, this is it.
There's the room, right there.
See the mark, the stick? Oh, yeah.
Yeah, man.
I can feel it.
- I'm starting to get the chills.
Move that way now.
Just tell me if it gets more intense.
Whoa! -Can you feel it, dude? -Dude, I can feel it! We have to document or debunk whether or not this is man-made.
Is there some sort of a weird disturb-- -Man.
-I got a Mel Meter.
We'll go in the hallway.
Right now, I'm baselined at zero.
Now, it's a one.
I walked in, and the light went on.
And there's a one.
Now, there's a two.
-Hold on.
So, the hallway's 0.
0, and this is a 0.
3 up here.
Hang on.
Maybe it is electrical.
You have a 0.
0? I have a 0.
That means something is around me, dude.
Something is around you, Aaron.
We just found the very historic Crazy Girls Theater.
BILLY: That spirit is following us, Aaron.
ZAK: Whoa.
Did you do that? I'm being touched right now.
ZAK: It's 3:37 in Las Vegas, Nevada.
Jay and I been walking for a long time.
And we just found the very historic Crazy Girls Theat.
er JAY: It is like someone just came in and destroyed the place.
ZAK: Oh, my God.
Is there someone here? [ Thud ] Whoa.
Did you do that? -What happened? -Look at that.
-Are you filming that? -Yeah.
ZAK: That thing - just swung completely.
JAY: I heard something hit the ground.
No, it hit this.
What we both think is an unexplained force swinging this cable can actually be debunked.
After reviewing the video footage, we determine that the cable I'm carrying.
After reviewing the video footage, And as I reach the stage, it come free and swings back, creating a loud noise.
-Oh, it's a 6! It's a 5! See, I'm tellin' you, man.
-Around me, it's a 0.
-What the hell? ZAK: As the guy continue feeling a strong energy, they begin using the Ovilus III device and eventually receive a name.
Were you a female or a male in here? Veronica.
What did that say? -What'd it say? BILLY: Veronica? Did you die here on this floor? Is that what what we're sensing? I think I get why we got that static electricity in certain areas.
And it wasn't around you.
It was around me.
Maybe it could have been a female trying to -- You know, who knows? It's going, "Hey, hey! Help me.
Help me.
Help me.
" What'd it say? Saw.
I was just talking - about how it saw you and me.
And it said saw.
Hang on.
Oh, my God, dude.
-Saw, observe.
-It saw, observed us.
ZAK: Aaron and Billy decide to head over to the Sinatra suite to see if this spirit will follow them over there.
And as they reach the suite, they receive what they've been hoping for.
It feels like there's spirits in here, and they're having their little pow-wow.
The elite spirits would hang out up here, you know? Yeah.
What'd it say? Veronica.
-No, it didn't! -Yeah, ainga.
That spirit is following us, Aaron.
ZAK: Is there someone in the projection booth? [ Gasps ] Jay, my left arm just got -- Come here.
I'm being touched right now.
Can you feel this over here? Oh, my God.
You're freezing! -You feel that? -Do you feel air moving up? ZAK: It's hot in here.
There's no air conditioning.
It is an ice cold Like someone just took an ice chest and just put it right here.
And now it's gone.
I immediately try to communicate withhi ts spirit by conducting an EVP burst session.
Can you tell me who you are? I felt you.
Did you like watching the Crazy Girls? Are you wondering where they are? I review this audio session right here on the spot, and I'm surprised by an intelligent answer to my question about who the spirit is.
Can you tell me who you are? [ Click ] I felt you.
-What was that? -I don't know.
Can you tell me who you are? I felt you.
I highly doubt that God is hanging out in the Crazy Girls Theater.
So is it possible this spirit is jt usbeing a wise-ass? As Jay and I make our way back to base camp, dweecide to investigate the bar area after a very loud crashing sound isap ctured on camera.
Then, as we reach the bar area, watch very closely behind me in the background, as the camera captures what appears to be an unknown figure walking by.
As Aaron and Billy are in a completely differe bntuilding at the very top floor and all of the security officers are outside, we cannot explain or debunk this mteysrious figure captured on camera.
Since the statue's not here anymore BILLY: Yeah.
I thought that we could reenact it.
Ready? Come on.
Turn around.
No! It's, like, up against the wall.
Whoa! Now I got touched? I'm touching your shoulder.
Come on.
All right, man.
All right.
Hey! Whoa, whoa, whoa! Wait a minute, dude! Talk about -- That's what they did! -Dude.
-That's what they did! They're girls though.
They're a bunch of girls, with hot -- Hot-lookin' girls.
Look, I'm gonna show you a picture of it.
Got to be like this.
And then, - you're leg's gonna go in Dude, that's just -- -We've got to do the statue.
-This guy, huh? They're like this, and then we got to intertwine like pretzels, Likeguys?