Ghost Adventures (2008) s12e05 Episode Script

Chinese Town of Locke

ZAK: The town of Locke is extremely haunted.
There's good and there's bad here.
They don't like ouidtsers.
Some of the girls were killed upstairs.
Something grabbed you by the neck.
Ladies and gentleman, Dylan Dreyer, correspondent for the "Today Show.
" Aah! Oh, my God.
ZAK: There are things in this world that we will never fully understand.
[ Distordte ] Understand.
[ Echoing ] We want answers.
We have worked yearso tbuild our credibility, our reputation, working alongside the most renowned professionals in the field, capturing groundbreaking proof of the paranormal.
It's working! I can't give you an explanation.
[ Birds cawing ] This is our evidence our ghost adventures.
Locke, California, established in 1915, was a sanctuary for more than 1,500 oppressed Chinese immigrants looking to make a new life in America.
This unlikely town and its history has slowly eroded away.
But the spirits who protect and cherish it are still very much present.
This was the first town in the United States built by the Chinese for the Chinese.
And these folks didn't like outsiders messing with their business.
Illegal gambling, opium dens, and brothels -- These were all the reasons why people from the region came to Locke.
And behind all of those illegal activities was the Tong, the Chinese Mafia.
You either stood with them, or you were against them.
And if you were against them, it could cost you your life.
In this special episode of "Ghost Adventures," we'll be inviting Dylan Dreyer from NBC t'she "Today Show" to investigate with us for part of our lockdown.
Clarence Chu is a longtime resident, historian, and preservationist of Locke.
I know that you don't want to speak about ghosts too much, is that correct? Not necessarily.
I do know a person that speak a lot about ghosts.
He used to take care of Chinese elderlies.
So those were, like, the original immigrants that came here when the town was -- And then, after they pass away, he just tell everybody he still see those people.
So I do have a question for you.
- Yes.
And I know you don't want to speak too much about it, but the Chinese Mafia, the Tong -- Did the Tong Chinese Mafia have a presence here in Locke? They will be attached to gambling business.
We do have several gambling houses here.
You have a gaminblg house here? - Yes.
Actually, one of them actually is now converted to be a museum.
Are you serious? So you walk in, there's almost like -- You walk in to an operating gambling house.
This is one of the buildings that you own? That I own, yes.
And we get to investigate it? Oh, yes.
We are standing in front of one of several buildings that we're gonna be investigating, the Dai Loy gambling house.
Was there any murders in town? I don't have that information.
You don't have that information? Interesting.
Why doesn't Clarence want to reveal any details about Locke's dark past? This is like we just went from 2015 to 1920s.
Do people ever report any hauntings in here? And, again, Clarence is terribly uneasy and hesitant to speak of the violence and hauntings that have plagued Locke since its inception in 1915.
Ellen, a fellow paranormal investigator has, unfortunately, witnessed firsthand the aggressive nature of the entities that refuse to leave Locke.
What I'm gonna do is, I'm gonna let you walk in first, just because I want to study you.
And I want to see if your energy is having some type of a reaction with a spirit that's here.
As Ellen enters the casino, she seems immediately infected with a darkness.
You okay? MacFARLANE: I'm feeling really dizzy.
What do you feel when you're in here? I'm a working medium, so I've worked with law enforcement on cold cases and murder cases and things like that.
Um And so I was able to channel one of the victims that was up in the opium den.
So I was actually reliving what she went through, as she went through it.
AARON:ha Wt do you think happened to the girls? They were opium addicts.
The Tong ran them.
When they weren't useful anymore, they overdosed them, killed them, threw them in the Delta.
ZAK: Were there killings in here? Some of the girls were killed upstairs.
Is it safe to be up here? Geez.
We believe the opium den was in this area.
What's back there in the little hall? I think that's where the girls' cribs were, for the prostitutes.
For many lost souls, being led upstairs was the end, the loud casino muffling the screams, the begging for life.
It's easy to understand why Ellen claims that she was attacked in the casino.
Can you tell me where in here you got -- you got thrown up against the wall? Right there.
- Right there? Well, tell me what you were doing.
I was standing here like this, and I was pushed back.
Did you feel anything on you push you? Yeah.
It feels like almost a -- just a pull and then a push in this area.
Aside from prostitutes, the Tong restricted women within these walls.
Ellen's presence in the casino could have blown the doors of evil wide open.
Do you feel that? I feel a little uneasy.
I'm sorry to interrupt you, dude.
I'm shaking.
Your neck is red, bro.
Look at that thing.
It's red.
Oh, my God.
- Oh, my God.
What the hell? Yeah.
Hold on, get that.
What do you mean? What is it? When did you notice this on him, Aaron? Just now.
I started getting shaky.
Look at me.
I'm shaking, man.
Like Jay, do you get rashes on your neck and stuff? No.
What's wrong, Aaron? I'm freaking out, dude.
I got to get out of here.
I'm, like, panicking.
The hell's wrong with you? Something happened, and it bumped -- Dude, I'm sh-- I'm really shaky.
Like, look at me.
I'm sweating.
I'm freaking out here.
What's wrong? I don't know.
Was it the ghost? It was when we came out.
Look at me, I'm tripping.
Dude, you are cold! I'm dripping sweat, bro.
Yeah! Look at that! But your skin is cold! What do you guys -- What's wrong with you guys? I don't know.
Hey, it's when we came up.
Yeah, record again.
Hold on.
Hold on.
JAY: Is it still there? Yeah, hang on.
Hang on.
Let me see.
All right, hang on.
Oh, my God.
Dude, I am so [bleep] jumpy right now.
It almost looks like multiple marks going that way, doesn't it? You have something here.
Is it on Right there.
Oh, it's all the way around, like a noose.
Look, it's going all the way around! Do you see that? ZAK: It's like some-- It's like something grabbed you by the neck.
The red marks that have appeared on Jay's neck seem to be a clear warning.
Is this proof that the Tong still run this casino? Could they be reaching their hands from the other side as a reminder that, even in death, they are in charge? We immediately go to the Tong building.
Once owned and operated by the Tong, we're hoping to dig even deer.
pe But considering what happened in the casino with Ellen and Jay, we are on very high alert.
Devin, who works with Ellen, has also been attacked.
He believes that the Tong are responsible.
This is the Tong building.
This is the Tong building.
I want you to tell me exactly what happened, word for word, exact details of this attack.
We started asking about the Tong.
[ Tapping ] The Tong.
The Tong.
The Tong.
We usually can pinpoint the sources of paranormal disturbances, but here in Locke, every instance is bewildering.
So you started talking about the Tong We started talking about the Tong.
just like we were doing.
And then we kept going into the prostitution, the opium dens, the casino.
And, all of a sudden, itid dn't feel safe.
And I was slammed against the wall.
This is the second person that we've interviewed that were slammed into walls in two different buildings.
- Right.
Right next to each other.
- Yeah.
- It's interesting.
I wonder if it was the same spirit.
Well, the casino and the Tong, obviously, it's connected.
Went hand in hand.
- Yeah.
Both Ellen and Devin were slammed against walls in two different buildings with one thing in common -- They werboe th owned by the Tong.
After I was slammed against the wall, I was leaving.
It felt like somebody grabbed the middle of bmyack and just pushed me out the door.
With force? With force.
- Really? We were interfering the business.
They didn't want us here anymore.
They don't like outsiders.
- Right.
After we leave the chilling Tong properties, we head to the Star Theatre.
In the many years I've owned the Star Theatre -- 5 years -- I've only gone upstairs twice.
And I creeped out both times.
It's just a very creepy place.
It's where the opium den was, and there's still the beds there.
Going downstairs is even worse.
It's a very negative vibe there.
I know there were people that met tragic deaths, because at some point, prostitution was -- creeped into this place, maybe in the lower floors.
It was certainly apart of Locke, in general.
ZAK: But buried deep in the negative energy of this building is something bright.
Yovita was fortunate enough to be exposed to the light that temporarily broke through the darkness here in Locke.
Few times I overhear -- It's, like, I heard, like, somebody singing very, very beautiful, very high-pitch, angelic voice.
It was a lady's voice.
As I walked through the streets, I was approaching the Star Theatre.
And I heard -- That was -- The voice was coming from the theater.
And I thought, "That's kind of strange," because I thought nobody is living there.
ZAK: Yeah.
And, as I glanced up, I saw, like, a female appear inside.
And you can know that it is not real person because it was so much light.
So, the figure was resonating light? Exactly.
- That's amazing.
And when I looked at her, she smiled, and then she disappeared, and the door closed.
Experiences like yours veha touched you in ways that you are afraid to speak of it.
But now, it's okay to talk about it, right? That's right.
It's because we believe you.
And we also believe that the town of Locke is extremely haunted.
But there's good and there's bad here.
Do you believe that there's ghosts in your town? MAN: Oh, yeah.
I could see black erengy swirling around.
I never would've thought there'd be all this energy and all this conflict.
ZAK: There is deep mystery in Locke, California, as we have opened ourselves to the unique energy that hovers here.
We decide to regroup and experience Locke as locals do.
It is Day 2 of our investigation here in Locke, California.
You guys hungry? Yeah.
I could eat.
Here in Locke, guess what kind of food they got.
Chinese! We are gonna go have ourselves a nice meal.
And we are gonna go meet with a man who is the longest living resident here in Locke, California.
He's invited us for dinner.
So what better way to have some food of the culture and learn more history by the guy who knows it best? Dustin, how you doing? Oh, fine.
- Zak? Yeah.
Nice to meet you.
ZAK: I'm glad to meet Dustin, as he can answer all my questions about this town.
I'm also extremely hungry.
Eating soon will help me organize my thoughts so I can get the most out of Dustin's deep knowledge of Locke's dark history.
When Locke was really thriving, like in the '20s, there was illegal gambling, opium dens, and all that.
Now, did the Tong, the Mafia, did they run things here? You had to play by their rules, yes.
You ever heard about any murders in Locke? Someone tried to rob the gambling casino, and that guy went after him with a gun and shot him.
In 1920, after stealing $700 from a gambling table, Fred Chisholm was chased out of the Dai Loy casino and savagely shot in the back by George Shin.
Could the energy of this murder be a sinister factor in the documented attacks here in Locke? We're still waiting for our food, and I am on the brink of passing out.
How's the food? Good? Good.
Still can't wait till we get ours.
Ooh! Oh, I want that one.
It just exploded.
[ Laughs ] ZAK: Being scalded by that pot sticker has jolted my mind back to the task at hand.
You know why we're here, right? You're looking for the ghost of Mei Ling.
- Yeah.
Do you believe that there's ghosts in your town? Oh, yeah.
I heard many stories.
All these elderly folks, you know, said, "Did you hear last night? Oh, there was someone singing" and all this.
So, you know? So they used to hear the singing, too? Yes! Yes.
So there's a lady in town.
Her name's Martha.
Do you know her? - I do.
Why do you say it like that? I mean, Martha's changing the history.
How dare! Why is she trying to change the history? She does not believe there was Chinese here.
What?! [ Laughs ] The basic premise.
Are you kidding me? - Yeah.
I decide to go and speak with Marath to see what Dustin means when he says she's trying to change the history of Locke.
ZAK: It seems that you're a little upset that only the Chinese are given historical presentation here in this town.
That's all that they, you know, tell of the history in the buildings.
So, what about the memorial in town.
ESCH: They're all, basically, the same type of memorials that are exclusionary and fabricated history telling that only recognizes one race of peoples.
And it's just not right.
I'm confused as to why Martha has such a problem with the Chinese history of this town, when it has been proven that this town was built for them.
I'm even more confused why she preserves Chinese artifacts found in her building while still disputing their presence here.
This, it clearly has Chinese writing on it.
And you've got Chinese coins here.
Wasn't only Chinese folks here.
Right, right.
After we leave, we meet a resident who sides with Dustin opposes Martha's existence in Locke, and happened to overhear our interview.
He has chosen not to show his face on camera.
Is what she was telling us incorrect? Is what she doing causing bad energy in this small town? Is it reverberating through everyone? Is there a lot of crazy people in Locke? Are there ghosts here? Do you think that they're having an effect on these people? You do? Really? So, do you think the ghosts, they live in the Tong building? You saw a black fog.
You think that the spirits in this town are angry with her for what she's doing about the history? This small little town, I never would've thought there'd be all this energy and all this conflict.
Dylan Dreyer I'm very terrified.
for the "Today Show.
" ZAK: Bats! AA RON: Quick! Ladies and gentleman, I want to introduce you to Dylan Dreyer, correspondent for the "Today Show".
She is going to be joining us for the first half of our investigation.
How do you feel? My heart's already racing.
I mean, when the sun was still out, I was okay with all of this.
But now that it's dark, it's just a whole different feel.
Whole different vibe.
And that's for good reason.
There is some serious-natured activity going on here.
People are being attacked, and it's pretty severe, because there's attachments that are following the attack.
So, with that said, we thought we would have you join us at the building where one of the attacks happened, the Dai Loy Museum.
Let's do this.
Wait, we're going right now? Ye - ah.
I'm, like, really nervous.
[ Laughs ] All right.
- Let's do this.
As we enter the Dai Loy casino, I lead off with the SLS camera, while Dylan operates the Ovilus III device.
We will attempt to make contact with murderer George Shin and his victim Fred Chisholm, as well as the dark entity that has attacked this woman.
Standing here like this, and I was pushed back.
George Shin, I know that you killed Fred Chisholm.
And he was gambling he.
re Let's go back a little further.
Are you trying to figure out how to use this? Sometimes when they try to figure out how to use this, you'll get -- Oh, my God.
Oh, God.
It just said "killed.
" It just said "killed.
" Here, look at this.
Could this be Fred Chisholm telling us he was killed by George? Do you not like us in here? Now, these back rooms here, this is where it all started.
This room? - Yeah.
Can I ask you to do something? I can't go back there.
- Hmm? I can't -- If you're asking me to go back there, I can't do that.
If you don't want to, you don't have to.
Um I don't want to make you do anything that you don't want to.
I haven't let go of you since we walked in here, so I'm very terrified to go back there.
The only reason why I want to send you back there is, I don't want to tell you what happened when we went back there, and I just want to see if it can reoccur again.
So, I'm just gonna go in the dark? Do you want to take this? - Okay.
So, I'll take you -- What was that? AARON: That was loud.
- Okay.
So, I'll take you -- You -- What was that? That was loud.
That was where the bang was.
Let's see if there's weird -- Lookit.
ZAK: Did this spirit just make a noise to get Dylan's attention and enth let her know it can see her by saying "female"? Have you figured out how to use this device? Just so I know that you are here, you're trying to figure out how to use this, ca - n you tell me, what do you want from us? I'm gonna put this on the table.
"Bet"! I just put this on the table! AARON: You put it on the table.
Did you get it? That you would bet on the table.
Look at this.
Look at this.
This is a table, a betting table, a gambling table.
I said, "What do you want?" A bet.
That is awesome.
Thank you.
Seconds before we first entered the casino, you can hear us outside talking to Dylan on this X camera right as it captures a light anomaly on this gambling table on the bottom left of the screen.
After further analysis, we wonder if the spirit that just told me to bet can alsoe bseen here trying to slide one of these casino chips off of the table.
What do you want me to bet? Yours is? - Yeah.
George, are you here? Can you make somethingov me? We will now use the SB7 Spirit Box to see if this could be Fred Chisholm, who was killed here after cheating on his bets.
Can you tell me what your first name is? Whoa! What was that? We hear a man's voice come through, and he tells us to "be careful".
Whoa! What was that? What did you just tell m eto do over here? Her name is Dylan.
The gentleman that's speaking to us.
Same guy.
Same guy.
- Yeah! The same man's voice comes through and tells us that he's dead.
The gentleman that's speaking to us Same guy.
What Dylan is about to capture on the SLS camera may tell us how this spit,ri who we now think is a man other than Fred Chisholm, was killed here.
What's gonna happen if I go iner he? Talk to me.
Come on, George.
We know that you murdered Fred.
Oh, wait.
There was something there.
What's wrong? - Oh, my God.
- I just saw -- I -- I -- I -- I just saw a stick figure thing over on that side.
Are you serious? - I swear.
Where? It was right on the left side of this piece of wd oothing.
You were over here, and it was a stick figure up there.
Up on top of the ledge? - Yes.
And did you see it, did it have arms and legs and everything? It had arms and legs.
It was a full body.
Are you serious? Did you just show yourself? Oh, God.
Aah! Oh, my God! Oh, my God.
ZAK: We're at the Dai Loy casino in Locke, California.
As I enter the money room, Dylan sees a figure appear high up in the lottery room.
After we observed this stick figure more closely, it almost appears as if it's someone who is hung up in this corner.
Co - uld this spirit be giving us a sign that it was killed here by hanging? Earlier during our interviews, Jay felt pressure around his throat.
Red marks began appearing around Jay's neck, as if a rope had been tied around him.
It's like something grabbed you by the neck.
Dylan go in the room.
Oh, my God.
I don't Okay.
But just -- I'm sorry.
I just Okay, be careful.
I'll go init wh you.
It's fine.
Did you just show yourself to Dylan? JAY: "I did.
" It sounds like he said "I did.
" "I did.
" Did you just show yourself to Dylan? "I did.
" "I d.
"id It sounds like he said I did.
Tell me your name.
There it is.
ZAK: I know Dylan is not going to like this, but right after she asks the spirit what its name is, we receive an intelligent response saying, "It's the Devil.
" Tell me your name.
There it is.
As this may not be the Devil himself, could it be a sardonic spirit trying to make Dylan even more afraid than she already is? I feel now is the perfect time to send Dylan on a solo mission upstairs into the old opium den.
I can't be left alone up there.
I'm sorry.
What if you go up there but Aaron will stay here, down the stairs.
AARON: I will be down here.
And the only reason why we do this -- This isn't, like, a dare.
It's meant to isolate us, make you more vulnerable.
As I begin attaching the full spectrum GoPro camera to Dylan's body, this happens.
So, what we're going to do is Shh! That's the noise I heard.
Somebody there? We all hear an unexplained hissing sound come from the corner of the room.
Justec sonds after this sound, a very strange, slow moving, hovering ball of light manifests behind Aaron's back, then disappears.
Could this be what just hissed at us? We immediately try tdeo bunk the hissing unsod but cannot find anything explainable.
AARON: [Bleep] [ Laughter ] It didn't come from over here.
We would of heard their feet.
- AARON: Yeah, you would have heard walking.
All you heard was a hiss.
[ Hisses ] You are awesome right now, because you are gonna go by yourself.
This light up here shoots a red light, so it doesn't interfere with the full spectrum.
Billy, you and I are out of here.
Aaron, escort her to the stairs.
No guarantees on how far I can go.
I'm gonna do my best.
Just push yourself as hard as you can to go.
Aaron will remain at the bottom of the stairs in case of an emergency while Billy, Jay, and myself head outside to Nerve Center to watch with Dylan's proderuc from the "Today Show".
Oh, gosh.
AARON: Yeah, up those stairs.
I'll be right at the base.
I'm really sorry to bother you.
Um, I'm just coming up here to say hello.
Is it okay that I'm here? Do you mind that I'm up here? It's okay if you want to talk.
Okay, I'm all the way upstairs.
Is it okay that I'm here? Hello? Do you hear all that? ZAK: Dylan hears a faint groan that we are unable to debunk.
Is it okay that I'm here? Hello? Do you hear all that? DREYER: Oh, God! I just -- I just heard -- It's like something was coming up behind me.
There's nothing there.
I'm just gonna try to calm my nerves a little bit, because it could be fear.
[ Sighs ] Can you talk to me? Aah! Oh, my God! Oh, my God! Do you hear that? Did you see that? You're here withs, u huh? That just scared the [bleep] out ofe.
m ZAK: As we monitor from Nerve Center, our guest investigator from the "Today Show", Dylan Dreyer, seems to have just had a frightening experience in the Dai Loy casino.
Aah! Oh, my God! Oh, my God! AARON: What happened? The whole camera just turned and followed me into the other room.
Oh, my God! Like, move, like the camera moved on its thing? The camera turned.
Because that's a motorized head.
Oh, my God.
[ Laughing ] No, you're okay.
- Oh, my God.
While Dylan has an absolutely terrifying moment, we are able to debunk the cause.
We are very sorry, Dylan, because we forgot to tell you that the X camera is on a motorized head, enabling it to follow you around the room.
With the "Today Show" leaving the lockdown, it is now time for the four of us to investigate the other buildings.
Aaron and Billy head off into the Star Theatre in an attempt to document evidence of Mei Ling, the dancing opera singer who mysteriously vanished, while Jay and I head over to the Joe Shoong Chinese school.
We have red lights on these REM pods over here.
These REM pods don't have any lights on them.
Can you wave your hands on all the little red lights, like this? Can you do that? What is that? - JAY: Did you hear that? atWh the [bleep] is that? It's like something moving over here.
What is that? Did you hear that? What the [bleep] is that? Turn on your flashlight, quick! Holy [bleep] That just scared the [bleep] out of me.
Right? It was right here.
- Yeah.
Look for an animal on the ground.
What was that? That was so weird.
Hold on, hold on.
[ Shushing ] Are you a little kid? Listen.
[ Indistinct talking on recorder ] What was that? What's puzzling is that we hear voices that aren't ours, and when we think back to the exact time when this was captured, which was only moments ago, we hear nothing with our own ears, meaning this is legitimate electronic voice phenomenon.
Aaron and Billy will be using a talking EVP device that not only allows spirits to choose words from a database but also simultaneously gathers environmental data.
Spirits and gentleman, I think we're ready to, for our entertainment, enjoy the show.
All right, Mei Ling, please come up and stomp.
See what's happening right there? Can you do that? Just belt out the bestoi vce you have, and we're gonna sit here and be as quiet as we can, okay? We'd love to hear you sing.
Love to hear you sing, and we're all here waiting to hear it, so please show us what you got.
Whoa, did you see that? Yeah, it lit.
- It just lit.
We're both sitting here.
Whoa, it lit again! Okay, it might be happening.
Mei Ling, there's a device -- Whoa, it just got really cold.
It got really cold.
It's not cold over here.
Yeah, it's cold right here next to me.
Mei Ling, if this is you -- Can you feel the cold air? Yeah, I know, it's right here.
I know.
- Oh, dude! Can you feel the energy? It's -- Yes! You're here with us, huh? Aaron and I are white, but we're not a threat to you.
What if we leave the area so that the Chinese spirits here can watch you perform? Would that make you more comfortable? You go to the basement [ Laughing ] Oh! "All right.
" Oh, my God.
We were just talking about leaving.
Talking about spirits showing up, and -- They want us to leave.
So we'll let you perform, and give a good show, okay? Hopefully, we get to hear you sing.
" [ Gasps ] We're next to a river.
Wait, she disappeared.
Mei Ling, was that how you died? Is your body in the river? We asked, where's your body? How'd you die? Mei Ling, what happened to you? Where's your body at? ZAK: We were told earlier by Ellen that many of the Chinese girls that worked as prostitutes and entertainers in Locke were believed to have been killed and disposed of in the Delta.
MacFARLANE: They overdosed them, killed them, threw them in the Delta.
Me - i Ling, did you -- Were you thrown in the river? Wow.
Upstairs and downstairs is totally negative.
AARON: I know someone's up here.
It is damn scary.
ZAK: With Jay now back at Nerve Center, he will be watching me investigate the Tong building.
And for this experiment, I have multiple questions recorded in Cantonese to see if I can get a response in the same language.
After about 30 minutes, I capture no voices in Cantonese answering any of these questions.
This building also feels completely empty of energies, a complete contrast wtohat we experienced in the Dai Loy casino.
I just saw a stick figure thing.
So now, we're leaving positive.
And I heard that upstairs and downstairs is totally negative.
Look! I know someone's up here.
This place seriously is about to fall over.
Hello? Is there anybody down here with me? It is damn scary down here.
Um, this All right, what I'm gonna do right now is just roll and ask some EVP questions.
Trying to be as quiet as I can so that downstairs, Mei Ling can do her show.
Why is it so negative up here? What happened up here? ZAK: At this exact moment, Aaron captures a response to his question, although we can't make out the exact words.
Why is it so negative up here? What happened up here? Look.
I understand that you probably don't want me in here.
I'm a foreign person that just showed up in your space, and that's -- That would piss me off.
I'd be like, "What are you doing in my attic?" We live in a day and age now where everyone gets along, or is supposed to be getting along.
Oh, my God.
It just felt like -- felt like spider webs coming over my fingers.
And it felt -- I swear, it felt like someone was touching my hand.
ZAK: Just as Aaron feels something touch his hand, the digital recorder he's holding captures an unexplained sound that also contains distinct vocal tones.
We live in a day and age now where everyone gets along, or is supposed to be getting along.
Are there any Chesine down here with me? Mei Ling, can you hear my voice? Speak to me.
Use your voice through this device.
ZAK: After about 20 minutes of using the Spirit Box, Billy receives only one voice, and it's a female.
Speak to me.
Use your voice through this device.
ZAK: Then, right after the female voice comes through, we capture an anomaly leaving the Spirit Box.
Coincidentally, no more voices come through the device.
Did Billy just make contact with the spirit of Mei Ling, who may have also given he and Aaron information about her body being dumped in the river? Mei Ling, did you -- Were you thrown in the river? The souls in Locke still very much remain What is atth? - JAY: Did you hear that? What the [bleep] is that? and I believe that the tight grip of crime and suffering that has held this town in its fist won't let them go anywhere anytime soon.