Ghost Adventures (2008) s12e06 Episode Script

Star of India

1 Have you ever experienced anything on this ship? Sure, lots of things.
ZAK: The Star of India.
I didn't like that cabin.
Why were you acting strange, Captain McBarnett? He cut his throat.
ROAAN: This is, right here, whe erhe died.
BILLY: We're gonna look for you, John Campbell.
ZAK: That's a very hot spot on the ship.
Manifest yourself now.
Aah! ZAK: There are things in this world that we will never fully understand.
[ Diorstted ] Undetarsnd.
[ Echoing ] We want answers.
We have worked years to build our credibility, our reputation, working alongside the most renowned professionals in the field, capturing groundbreaking proof of the paranormal.
-It's working! -What is that? I can't give you an explanation.
[ Birds cawing ] This is our evidence our ghost adventures.
 The Star of India in San Diego has been afloat for more than 150 years.
In that time, there have been many deaths across three oceans.
From a stowaway falling from a mast a crew member being crushed apart by an anchor chain [ Snapping ] and a captain slitting his throat.
The staff know they're not alone aboard this ship.
Tonight, we're sailing on a voyage of the damned.
Since first setting sail in 1863, the Star of India transported hundreds of immigrants, workers, and crew during her 21 grueling voyages around the world.
[ Wood creaking ] In that time, many of her passengers never saw their final destination, only to meet their fate while out at sea.
Since the 1970s, the India has been docked in San Diego as a living vestige to its seaworthy legacy.
And it's the residual ener from the deaths of her past voyages which we're here to communicate with.
-Jim, how are you doing? -Good.
-I'm Zak.
-Zak, welcome aboard.
Why do they call this ship the Star of India? Her first trip was to India.
And this boat is 150 years old? How is this ship purported to be haunted? Well, they transported an army captain back to England.
And he tried to kill himself, and he was in the first mate's cabin when he died.
Can you take me to the cabin where he committed suicide? Yeah, sure.
 The mate's cabin.
There's been lots of different reports of things happening in this cabin especially.
Do you know how he killed hielmsf? He cut his throat twice.
The ship's surgeon caught him in time, fixed him up, and then it's repoedrt that a few days later, he ripped out the stitches and bled to death.
Though the death of Captain McBarnett was over a century ago, it's no surprise the result of his suicide has left an impact on this space, even affecting those who have spent a night on this ship.
It has been reported to me there has been a spirit in this cabin.
One day, we had -- A lady was ihen re, and she woke up, and there was a guy in full rain gear standing over her, - looking down at her like this.
Like, "Why are you in my bunk?" While she was sleeping right here? Right here.
And to substantiate this claim, one local investigator shows us evidence he captured in this cabin, which may be the spirit of Captain McBarnett.
A shadow coming out of the first mate's cabin.
You captured a shadow-figure coming out of that room? We did.
See it? He fades away.
And that's the first mate's cabin? This is something.
We can't argue with the fact that, that, ironically, is the same room where he committed suicide.
 Have you ever experienced anything on this ship? Sure, lots of things.
I'veee sn black shadows on the ship.
With this residual activity experienced in the first mate's cabin, in concert with the shadow figures Jim has been experiencing, we can only ascertain that this may be the spirit of Captain McBarnett.
If so, we also need to understand about the other documented deaths on this ship.
There was a Chinaman sailor that was caught in the chains.
They were bringing the anchor up, and the chains were coming down into the anchor crypt, and something happened where the anchor re-deployed.
[ Creaking ] So he got caught up in the chain, then died.
The only reports I've had of spirits that we can kind of go back in history and find out is the young man th watas a stowaway on board, John Campbell.
The loss of John Campbell is the third documented death on the Star of India and perhaps its most tragic.
Discovered at sea by the ship's crew, the young stowaway was put to work as penance for his freight.
One day while working on the ship's sail, high above the ocean floor he suddenly slipped No! then lost his grip, plunging to the deck below.
Miraculously, he survived the fall.
But three days later, he finally succumbed to his injuries, making this his final charter at sea.
[ laSpsh ] And have there been reports of hispi srit? Back in the day, they used ptolay tag, not like, "Tag, you're it.
" You had to do an "S" on someone b'sack.
There had been many, many reports of people that have felt someone put an "S" onhe tir back.
And we think that that's John Campbell.
-Have you felt it? -Yeah, once.
Our research also uncovers the recent loss of a volunteer on the Star of India, whose shocking death mirrors the fate of John Campbell.
And I've also been shoved.
You have? Where were you shoved? Going in mtoy office down below.
DAVIS: - I was coming down here once, and I saw a black shadow going in here, and then I also had a black shadow come out of here and go all the way down to the other end.
I was walking in my door right here, and as I walked through, goI t -That hard? -Yeah, I was pushed.
It was not the moving of the ship.
I got shoved.
You felt hands on your back pushing you forward into your office.
-Like that.
-Really? Yep.
Do you keep anything in your office that is precious to this ship? Yes.
It's not the type of object you'd think.
-Really? -Years ago, we were putting in another water line, and we had to put a hole into the hull.
And I said, - "I want to have that plug.
" -Oh.
-So it's an original piece of the ship, and I have it in there.
-Can I see this? -Yeah.
We'll wait out here.
He doesn't want us to go in the office.
It's filthy in there.
What if the hole he made, the spirits are all like, "No!" -and they're trying to fix it.
-That's what I'm thinking.
-That's what I'm thinking, too.
-That's it.
This is how thick the hull is right up by the main deck.
That is an original piece of the Star of India, and it's mine.
[ Laughs ] Do you think - that this has anything to do with the shadow figures that you're seeing going in and out of your office, and you getting pushed two weeks ago? The only thing that I can think of is, things have kind of been more active, I would say.
-Been happening.
ZAK: Of the three documented deaths on this ship, we wonder if one of those spirits is responsible for attacking Jim.
If so, I suspect one of them is an attached, un-rested entity who is possessive of this ship.
So, John, how long have you worked on this ship for? Well, as of next week, it will be 38 years.
I started when I was 15.
I used to be - a night-watchmen on board.
I lived on this ship for about 5 years.
You believe - that there are hauntings here? Oh, yes.
Very much so.
I have felt the feeling of being watched many a time, felt other presences.
I did see a gentleman with a top hat, a full silhouette apparition, wa dlkown that short hallway, turn, and disappear into the first mate's cabin.
So that's a very, very hot spot on the ship.
Everything centers - around that room, pretty much.
Yeah, there's been - several people seeing things or felt things, and what we believe would probably be more than one entity.
How many? - Four to five different entities.
And, John, are they here? I believe they are.
Next, we interview a maintenance worker who shocks us with a disturbing detail of how the dark energy that's festering on this ship may have impacted a member of its former crew.
When I was living in the cook's quarters, which is in the middle of the boat, I didn't feel anything, but I had two friends that definelity didn't like that cabin.
I found out after a while, the cook had, on a couple of occasions, either injured or raped passengers in his cabin.
[ Woman screaming ] Something is going on that's not a normal thing.
 ZAK: Just being on this ship, it feels like someone is following you.
These aggressive entities, they seem to be the most active.
I really want to know if this guy that slit his throat, is his spirit here? I bet it is, and he may be really pissed off.
I, mysf,el have had a few incidents with Johnny Campbell.
We need an old compass.
You got work to do.
AARON: Oh, my God.
ZAK: With our investigation of the Star of India under way, we're called back to this historic haunted vessel because sometimes in order to investigate a location, you just have to work for it.
We're here on day two.
We got a call from the first mate and said that because we are allowed to film and investigate the ship, that we had to do some work today.
We were given these clothes to put on.
You men, get on over here! How you doing? We don't shake hands.
You got work to do.
Now, you men are gonna be working on sail.
First thing you're gonna be doing is raising the sail.
Ship doesn't go anywhere without raising the sas.
il -Is that clear? -If we get tired, -can we take a break? -If you get tired, you keep working, - 'cause the sails don't wait.
[ Seagulls crying ] Man the line.
Now start putting your bac ksinto it.
That's it.
All right.
-Heave! -Ho! -Heave! -Ho! -Heave! -Ho! -Heave! -Ho! -Heave! -Ho! AARON: Oh, mGoy d! -Heave! -Ho! -Heave! -Ho! Hold that steady! MAN: The main toaspmt staysail weighs approximately 400 pounds.
When raised, its primary purpose is in aiding with the ship's propulsion.
All right, you lubbers.
it's time to man the capstan.
The capstan is a man-powered axle-based machine, which assists in the raising and lowering of ropes, anchors, and sails.
And begin.
That's the way, lads.
That's the way.
And when you're working this around, you're pulling up the anchor, or you're pulling up a sail.
How much longer? Hands on your bar.
What are you thinking? And that'll do.
Did we work hard enough to You worked hard enough to do your next job.
Which is investigate for ghosts? That would be it.
-Hip, hip! -Hooray! -Hip, hip! -Hooray! -Hip, hip! -Hooray! -Hooray! -He didn't say, "Hip, hip.
" ZAK: As we're about to leave the ship, one of its workers asks to speak with me privately about his recent paranormal experience.
What's up, man? I, myself, have had a fewincidents with Johnny Campbell.
The stowaway? I've seen him with my own eyes, on the deck, maybe 10 feet away.
I think he was saying hello, 'cause he's realized I've been here for a while.
So he was speaking to you? A lot of other groups that have been here have picked up more with ls esequipment.
-Really? -You guys should probably go as bare minimuwim th your electronics as possible.
Should we try to use, like, maybe some primitive equipment? I'd say - go as primitive as possible.
 All right.
There's a guy that works here that I was just talking to.
He saidod n't use a lot of electronic equipment, but he was very adamant about this.
ea-Yh? Do you think that you could call Bill Chapel, see if he has any ideas for any, like, primitive paranormal equipment that we could build? Like stuff - from the turn of the century? Yeah.
People use compasses, 'cause that's all magnetic and stuff.
That's a good idea, but we need an old compass.
Before we do our investigation, what do you say we go hit some, like, antique stores around town and see if they got any primitive equipment that we could use? We got some antique shopping to do.
[ Bell jglines ] Â Lookit.
Looks like the Star of India.
I think we found the right place.
[ Horn honking weakly ] Oh, my God.
- That sound's like Zak's ass.
[ Laughter ] JAY: There's a harpoon gun.
I think that would be rather dangerous.
Yeah, we shouldn't have a harpoon.
"Ring bell for service.
" [ Bell clinking ] -Hi.
How are you doing? -I'm good.
How are you? Good.
Let's see, here.
I don't know how to put this.
But, uh, we are, - um, looking forghosts, uh on the Star of India ship.
[ Aan rolaughing ] So let's say - this is the Star of India.
What we are looking for are pieces of equipment that would have been on this ship, that we can also use as paranormal equipment to try to see if these spirits will interact with us through the equipment.
Do you have any old, like, nautical cpaomsses for sale? Yeah, we have lots of very old compasses.
You do? -Yeah.
-What are we talking, here? We have some that are around $200, all the way up to $1,400, $1,500, -Okay.
-in the $2,000 range.
Yeah, that range? No.
We have a budget.
This is one I thought about.
It floats! It works! -Yeah, it's a working compass.
-Bill, what do you think? -That's cool.
-That's early 1900s.
That would be perfect.
So, how much is it? It's $250.
How's $195 sound? It sounds not very good to me.
-I think $225 is good.
-Would you go $200? [ Cash register dings ] No.
[ Buzzer ] I think it's a very good price.
We try to price our items to sell, so How's $220? [ Cash register dings ] Okay.
-Thank you.
Thk anyou.
Thank you.
ZAK: Captain McBarnett, can you talk to me? Manifest yourself now.
-What was that? -Something moved.
Okay, right now, we are getting ready to embark on this massive ship, the Star of India, a 150-year-old ship, the oldest iron-hull ship that's still sailing today.
We got several different spiri that we're trying to make contact with.
One of them was a first-class passenger, a military captain that slit his throat, and his spirit has been tormenting the living ever since.
-You ready? -I'm ready.
You guys ready? Let's go.
As we board this masvesi ship that is completely dark, every inch of it is pitch black.
We do have a series of night-vision cameras rolling throughout, including the first clascas bin, the tween deck, and the lower deck.
Okay, I'm gonna start off by wearing this chest-mounted full-spectrum camera.
I love this camera.
And this is a recorder.
It's actually just gonna be recording my voice.
So I'm gonna start off by going in the first class cabin.
And a lot of the people that we interviewed earlier said that when they try to lay down or sleep tinhat bed, we've heard one has been choked.
Other people have seen shadow figures and even captured shadow figures going into that room.
Watch those cameras, guys, okay? Yeah.
We're watching you, man.
AARON: Be safe, man.
 It's said that you were acting really strange in the days leading up to your death.
Why were you acting strange, Captain McBarnett? Was there something else with you on the ship here that told you to kill yourself? I'm going to go inside your room, Captain.
Just heard something in here.
Yeah, that's exactly where it came from.
Just heard something in here.
All right.
I'm gonna go inside your room, Captain McBarnett.
Hello? Â I can't see in here, either.
You guys, is the boat swaying right now? All of a sudden, I start feeling vertigo, and it's as if the ship is in hey avseas and severely rocking back and fourth.
I don't believe this to be any medical issue but more of a residual energy, possibly a spirit that was thrashed around in these cramped quarters during a violent storm.
[ Breathing heavily ] Hey, guys, I'm -- I swear to God, it felt like the boat was just, like, in a hurricane.
-Did you hear that? -I heard that.
-I think he heard it, too.
-Yeah, he heard that, too.
ZAK: I hear a voice right next to me, but through our audio, it sounds different from what I hear with my own ears.
I swear to God, it felt like the boat was just, like, in a hurricane.
What? [ Quiet squeak ] You hear something? It's like a woman or someone talking.
-It's a little girl crying.
All of a sudden, I hear a crystal-clear little girl coming from the adjace rntoom where the doll is located.
And what's weird is that her voice snaps me out of this trance.
Here's the replay from the audio recorder that's strapped to my chest.
All right.
Walking, walking, walking.
Captain McBarnett, can you talk to me? Do you not want people in your room? [ Quiet clatter ] [Bleep] -What was that? -Something moved.
[Bleep] -You guys heard that.
-That was loud.
Somebody just turned this.
Do you not want people in your room? [Bleep] [Bleep] Come through, Captain McBarnett! I demand you to manifest yourself now.
I could hear his voice.
There's a little girl on the ship.
That's the area where Gouwap was killed.
Oh! ZAK: As we continue our investigation of the Star of India, I conduct an EVP ssieson in the first mate's cabin I demand you to manifest yourself now.
where a passenger named Captain McBarnett is said to have had committed suicide.
I immediately review my recordings and discover a spirit telling me that he gave up.
Come through, Captain McBarnett! I demand you to manifest yourself now.
What the [bleep] is that? Manifest youelrsf now.
Is this Captain McBarnett telling me that he gave up on his life, and that's why he slit his throat, and is this the source of the sadness that I felt before this EVP was captured? There was a voice.
I could hear his voice.
After capturing that voice, alofl a sudden, I'm overcome by very sad emotions.
These feelings are not my own.
I believe I am feeling the pain that Captain McBarnett had before taking his own life.
Are you okay? Oh, my God.
Listen to isth.
-We heard a voice.
-We heard the girl.
-You could hear the girl, too? -Yeah.
-Crazy, dude.
-Do you have a -- a thing? [ Girl speaks indistinctly ] Oh! There's the girl! It's her.
There's a little girl on the ship.
This cerama -- It's being moved.
She's sad.
She's crying.
She's lost.
Because the little girl's voice I heard in the first class cabin is now being captured on the tween deck camera, I send Aaron and Billy to investigate that area, while Jay and I monitor the X cameras for further activity.
-What's going on? It's like I just walked into a different wall, like this is a different area than in erthe.
Hey, Aaron, right where you felt that, that's the area where Gouwap was killed, remember? -Oh, yeah.
-There was a Chinaman sailor that was caught in the chains and died.
This is right here where he died.
Give me the spirit box.
[ Oscillating static ] [ Static skipping ] ZAK: - What did the voice jussat y? Did you say it just said, "Gotcha"? BILLY: Oh, maybe it's saying -- playing tag.
Oh, like, "Tag.
You're it.
" Yeah.
Trying to play hide and seek with the kid.
Where's he at? Whoa.
What was that? ZAK: Could this be the little girl or the spirit of John Campbell, who was a stowaway on this ship in 1884, and was only discovered after falling to his death from a 100-foot mast? We were told earlier that his spirit loves to play tag here.
There have been many, many reports, and we think that that'soh Jn Campbell.
He's playing tag with you.
AARON: Campbell! BILLY: "I can't find you!" Did you hear it? It said I can't find you! Campbell! Campllbe! "I can't find you!" Did you hear it? Come find us, John Campbell.
[ Oscillating static ] [ Static skipping ] Whoa.
Oh, what the [Bleep] was that? Oh, I just bumped -- What Aaron initially think s is someone grabbing him is actually just this old wooden post.
What happened? - Did you trip over something? I just backed into this.
Okay, Billy, I got an idea.
Stay there.
Don't do anything.
m I'on my way.
Because we feel that the spirits of John Campbell and other children are playing games with us, we decide to conduct a two-part experiment using an old nautical compass that we purchased earlier, along with a homemade electroscope, as we were told to do so by a staff member.
I'd say - go as primitive as possible.
John, you were playing tag with Aaron and Billy.
You were having fun.
BILLY: Whoa, dude.
-Why is it spinning? -I don't know.
Yeah, why is it spinning? Why did it just go to south? The ship's docked, - so this should not be moving.
Why is it moving? Why is it moving back? I don't know.
Hey, John, I know you like to play games.
-He is here, man.
-Oh, my God.
Feel that.
Aah! It moved again! ZAK: After documenting activity of the young stowaway, John Campbell, on the Star of India, we head below deck to set up a primitive-style experiment to further lure inis h spirit.
Hey, John, I know you like to play games, so I got another game for you here.
We now see if John can also manipulate this homemade electroscope.
If there's static electricity in the air, it will be drawn into this copper antenna.
It'll bypass this metal through this cork and the two different pieces of aluminum foil that are hanging there, because they're different type of metal.
They'll react to static electricity, and they'll separate.
And so, in essence, what this is, is a primitive version of, like, the Mel meter, the EMF detector.
Did you hear that, John? Can you come over here and wave your hand - over this little copper wire? It just got really cold in here.
Did you feel that breeze? Yeah.
Oh, my God.
Feel that.
I know.
Maybe he's trying to focus his energy.
-Whoa, right there.
-We made this just for you.
We've been sitting here setting this up for 20 minutes, -and we've never felt that.
It just started moving .
It just started moving.
-Are you serious? -It just started moving.
It's sealed inside the glass.
That's the whole idea.
I'm just showing you, no wind is gonna make that go out.
[ Blowing ] No.
-John, focus your -- -Is this you, John? Focus your energy - around this antenna right here.
-Feel this.
-It's so cold right here.
That is crazy.
John, move the compass like you did earlier.
AARON: I'm starting to get that rocking-boat feel.
That's what I was just gonna say.
I put my head down - 'cause I felt the same way.
I started spinning.
It's like this cold air's coming in.
He is here doing something, bro.
We never felt that, Aaron.
But we've been here 30 minutes setting this up, and we didn't feel that.
Aah! It moved again! It movedga ain! -Are you serious? -It just separated right now.
It just separated.
Thank you.
This is fun for you, isn't it? -God.
-You feel that, Aaron? -Yeah.
-Right around this, o.
to -Wow.
-It's amazing.
Moments later, the cold air mass leaves.
The static charges vanish, and the electroscope stops detecting energy.
This leads us to believe that John Campbell is now hiding from us.
So we decide to now split up in order to look for him.
Billy, stay down here.
Go all the way - in that back section over there.
-Aaron, go up on the tween deck, and I'll go up on the main deck, and let's try to look for him.
-Use your Ovilus.
See if he can communicate with the Ovilus.
BILLY: We're gonna look for you, John Campbell.
ZAK: John Campbell, where you at? Â Totally different when you're alone down here.
ZAK: What? I swear to God.
I was walking up, and I just got, like, right here in my chest, got pushed back, and I grabbed this.
-Let's split up here.
-Dude, that was weird.
My chest hurts.
-What's wrong, man? -My chest hurts, dude.
I just caught something go right towards you.
Man, I'm telling you.
I just got pushed.
I just saw something flash right over to Aaron on my camera.
ZAK: After Aaron feels something push him on the chest, he experiences severe chest pain, which concerns me.
And then this light anomaly seems to shoot right at him.
It hurts right now, man.
It's, like, sore.
-You oka y? -Yeah.
There is no reason for it to be sore.
[ Breathing heavily ] Right now, I'm gonna use Bill Chapel's Ovilus V to try and elicit answers from the stowaway, John Campbell.
We're playing a game of tag.
Maybe he can talk to me through this device.
John? John, are you down here? "Akasha"? ZAK: And it's the first material element created in the astral world.
In modern Paganism, Akasha the spirit is the fifth element.
Akasha, are you here? If you are, choose another word from this device.
-Um Explain.
Oh, man.
I got weird chills just now.
Why would you choose that word? What are you doing on this ship? Why are you still here? Come on.
Talk to me.
ZAK: The voices stop coming through the Ovilus, so we meet back up, and I decide for all three of us to return to the firstla css cabin whe erwe first heard the little girl and Captain McBarnett speak to us.
Come on, little rlgi.
Come play with the doll.
Can you get on the hory?se -Billy? -Yeah.
Come here.
Come back in again.
 I heard you.
Now I want to see you.
I feel like we sulhodn't be in here.
It's right in front of you, Zak.
I had full-body ilchls.
Show yourself right here, Captain McBarnett.
ZAK: We return to the first mate's cabin on the arSt of India, where earlier, I detected the spirit of a fema clehild, while we continued to look for more evidence of the spirit of Captain McBarnett, who died in this room.
Show yourself right here, Captain McBarnett.
BILLY: - Dude, there's a little figure right next to your left knee.
It's there now, and it's not mapping you.
Look at that, Zak.
-Can you see it? -Oh, yeah.
Can you see it? It's not mapping Zak.
It's right in front of you, Zak.
-It's right on your -- -It's gone.
Are you right below me, little girl? That's weird.
I begin to wonder if this little girl likes to hang around Captain McBarnett.
Could she have died here during the time when the Star of India transported immigrants? We now decide to go into three separate cabins to see what will happen next.
You like us in youcar bins? How you feeling in that room, Bill? Uh, it's kind of weird to get acclimated to.
It's -- I don't -- I don't feel, uh I don't feel like I can -- I can relax, really.
-Oh! The Ovilus just said, "Slave".
-Are you serious? -Yeah.
And then it said the word contrition, which I don't know what that is.
Jay, can you lk ooup contrition? JAY: Contrition means sincere and complete remorse for sins one has committed.
-Killing himself.
Wo Yw.
eah, Aaron.
I feel like we shouldn't be in here.
That's what I feel like in this room.
I'm gonna check my heart rate, man.
-This is -- -What's wrong, Billy? I feel, like, shortness of breath, but my heart rate's fine.
It's 85.
-The Ovilus said, "Grace.
" Grace.
Is there something bad on this ship? Did something drive you to insanity to make you kill yourself? What is here with us right now? -Funeral.
-"Funeral"! -It just said, "Funeral"? -Yes.
He had a funeral at sea.
-He did? -Oh, yeah.
ZAK: I begin reviewing my EVP session, and I'm blown away by a class-A voice I just captured.
He had a funeral at sea.
You hear that? He had f auneral at sea.
-And you know what that means? -What? That's when you were relaying all the information to me from the Ovilus.
-Oh, yeah.
When you were piecing it all together.
-So everything you just said -- Is what he's trying to say.
-Exactly! -Man.
-"Right on, Zak man.
" I just found an act of contrition prayer.
I don't know if maybe his spirit is still there.
That's what he wants you guys to do, is to do this prayer of saying grace.
He's a slave - because he killed himself.
That's right.
And the reason he's talking about his funeral, is it wasn't done right.
He needs this prayer said so that he can be freed from here and not be a slave anymore.
So, what do we say? "O, my God, I am heartily sorry for having offended you, and I detest all my sins because I dread the loss of Heaven and the pains of Hell, but most of all, because they offended you, My God, o whare all good and deserving of all my love.
I firmly resolve, with the help of your grace, to confess my sins, to do penance, and to amend my life.
" ZAK: Captain McBarnett, I hope that prayer releases you now.
Whoa! This thing just said, "Heard.
" -No! -Shut the [bleep] -"Justice.
" -No way.
Hey, man.
I'm telling you, with every word of his prayer, -I had full-body chills -Wow.
as if, like, I'm the one -[Bleep] -Wow.
I'm the one delivering the words.
You guys were figuring it out.
Jay handled the prayer.
It's de.
on It's done.
ZAK: Just as we are closing this investigation, which has been one of our most powerful conclusions to date, right after we leave the first class cabin, we capture an unexplained light anomaly.
This anomaly is about 6 feet above the ground, at the same height as we imagine Captain McBarnett to be.
Could this be his spirit finally moving on from this ship? From stem to stern, the Star of India is overrun with residual energy, proving that it still carries the spirits of its ill-fated passengers to this day.
Our investigation has shown we've made contact with tho sseouls who are lost within a paranormal sea.
Aah! It mod veagain! And we only hope our time on this ship has helped them find that final port and resting place they were in search of.