Ghost Adventures (2008) s12e07 Episode Script

Leslies Family Tree Restaurant

1 ZAK: Leslie's - Family Tree Restaurant.
Is it true your daughters have been attacked? Yes, they have been.
I could feel something trying to pull me off my bed.
CORY: She said that something smacked r heneck.
Does that not look li ake hand print? Burn my ba!ck A Native American Indian could have died on that land.
You the one who likes to attack people? Then do it! Do it! ZAK: There are things in this world that we will never fully understand.
[ Diorstted ] Undetarsnd.
[ Echoing ] We want answers.
We have work yedears to build our credibility, our reputation, working alongside the most renowned professionals in the field, capturing groundbreaking proof of the paranormal.
It's working! I can't give you an explanation.
[ Birds cawing ] This is our evidence our ghost adventures.
ZAK: We're in Santaquin, Utah, small town.
Guys, we have been called by a family because they need help.
They own a small restaurant.
This restaurant has had a reputation for being haunted for decades and they are being attacked.
The owner of this restaurant claims there are 100 spirits that occupy this place.
AARON: 100 of them? -100? -Yeah.
 ZAK: Leslie's - Family Tree Restaurant.
You are the owner.
Yes, I am.
Now, how long has this restaurant been in your family for? The restaurant itself has been here for 30 years, but we owned the bar for, oh, 15 years before that.
-Oh, that looks good.
ZAK: After purchasing this building in the early 1970s, the Broadhead family would soon learn about the dark energies within.
Is it true that your daughters, uh, have been attacked, uh, from forces here at the -- at the building? Yes, they have.
Which one of your daughters had a spirit follow her home and then was attacked? -Bobby.
Do you think you have attachments from this place? Yeah, I've been here since I was 9 years old.
Started with peeling potatoes, doing shdies, um -So they know you? -boxes after school.
Yeah, yeah.
-They know you're here.
I want you to tell me about the time where a spirit - followed you home from here and the attack - of what happened at your house.
I was working late at night and I went and laid in bed, and I could feel something trying to pull me off my bed, um, head first.
Did you feel the pressure on your neck and your head? Yeah.
I thought I was getting pulled off the bed.
But come to find out, when I opened my eyes, I was in the same spot.
And, um, I shook it off and opened my eyes, and I seen this guy on the ceiling.
How does that make you feel, though, when you hear that a spirit has followed your daughter home and has attacked her? That scares me.
I don't like the idea that spirits are attacking people.
ZAK: Bobby's sister Cory has witnessed first-hand multiple serious attacks on other people.
I want to know more about these attacks that people have had.
Do you lead these ghost tours? -I do.
CORY: Why are they here? What is it about this property or this area? It's kind of a place of gatriheng for the dead.
Oh, my gosh.
Look at that.
Who was this guy? He was just doing a ghost hunt.
And where did this happen? Actually this happened in the bathroom as he was getting ready toea lve.
MAN: Oh, my God.
Clara! ZAK: He started screaming.
Yeah, like, screaming for his wife.
And then his wife came in and was like, "You got to show her what happened.
You got to show her what happened.
" Hold on.
-What? -Roll your camera.
What just happened? All of a sudden I just Something hit here.
And before I even said it, I just looked at her and asked her and she started going like this, indicating - that your heart is racing.
And so you feel whatever I'm feeling right now.
What is going on right now? What is this? Who is this? -Yeah.
I don't know who it is.
I believe it's a man.
A male figure, big, bigger than me.
Something with a lot of energy to make my chest, like, just My heart's pounding.
My legs are even getting a little -Right now? -Yeah.
Who are you? Bobby, if you want to say anything, too? Can you tell me why you're standing right here right now? Everybody silence, please.
It's a very sensitive recorder.
Everybody silence, please.
It's a very sensitive recoerrd.
MAN: Get out.
-"Get out.
" "Get out.
" Yeah.
AARON: catch my breath.
ZAK: Everybody silence, please.
It's a very sensitive recorder.
very sensitive recorder.
Where's the most - negative part of the place? -Um, to me, in the basement.
-All right.
Can you take us down the basement? Yes.
Okay, you ready? There's been - a lot of people down here.
They used to do a boxing matches, like, with the gloves and everything.
ZAK: Not only was this the site of a brutal underground fight club, but it also was a place of illegal gambling and prostitution.
We decide to go in the basement to just conduct -- conduct a K-II session.
While we were down there, we started to get a response.
And in that response, picked up a voice clear as day, and we believe it said, "Orange blood.
" We have a couple different theories.
One is that they used to have a fight club down there and we think -- we were thinking like iodine color, something along those lines.
ZAK: - This happened to a woman right where we're standing, on her neck.
Cory, what happened to this lady? CORY: We was sitting at the table and all of a sudden, she said that something smacked her neck.
You saw this form in front of your eyes? I did.
We saged her to try to make her feel better.
You saged her to cleanse her of this spirit? Yeah.
This is some pretty heavy-duty stuff.
It is, right? I don't know, the one spirit here, I feel like he kind of tries to prove me wrong.
You have red marks right -Yeah, I just noticed that.
Does that not look like a hand print? BILLY: Yeah.
-Like finger marks -Yeah.
On your Have you felt anything? It's hot.
It's super hot.
-It is? -Mm-hmm.
Like a thumb, finger, finger, finger, finger.
-What was that? I don't know.
It sounded keli a man's voice.
Didn't it? That brrr.
It's probably right behind me, too.
Oh, my God.
Did you hear that? Yeah.
Finger, finger, finger, finger.
Finger, finger, finger, finger.
Finger, finger, finger, finger.
I don't know.
And that just started manifesting.
And then we heard the guy's voice.
Is he pissed off? -I feel like he is.
Right when I got back here, I kind of wish I was standing in front of you because I could feel the heaviness.
ZAK: Right before our eyes, a hand print appears on Cory's chest.
You can easily see a thumb and four fingers.
Is this from the same man who followed her sister home once before and attacked her? And could this same entity have attacked yet another of Cory's friends? A lady in her 40s was sitting at this very table when she felt pain on h feringer.
When she looked at her finger, she saw a bite mark.
She was pretty terrified? Yeah, she was pretty scared, pretty shook up.
So we've got bites.
We've got what look like burns, scratches.
These are some pretty aggressive entities here.
I really believe it's new spirits all the time coming and going.
Really? So that would mean that there would be some type of doorway -Yes.
-or portal located here.
And I've been told that there is several.
-In the building? -Yes.
-Several portals? -Yeah.
Is it true you had a psychic medium come here to try - and help you and your family with the hauntings here? -Yes.
Did you get the help you needed? And how has the activity been since this psychic medium and her crew left? Well, to be honest with you, there wasn't a whole lot we could do.
She told us we would have to get a person from every religion, have them come here at the same time and bless the building and she says that's next to impossible to do.
Have you ever had this place blessed by a priest or anything like that? We've done a few Mormon blessings.
And then we've done -- had a few Indians come and they've showed me a couple times, like, how to do things to help spirits cross over.
It felt like it stirred the whole place up, like energies - that we'd never felt before.
I did see an Indian one day, too.
The Native American Indian that you saw, um, I want to know details.
Wha-- what did you see? Where did you see this? I was just going into the storage rmoo when I looked off to the side and I could see him standing right there.
[ Native American music plays ] I'm really eager to find out what exactly happened on this spot of land where this building sits.
-Guys, have a seat.
-We're sitting.
ZAK: I want to talk to you guys for a minute here.
I think that this place there isn't just pinpoint one spirit, two spirits that we typically find.
And when I hear these families say there's 60 spirits here, there's 100 spirits here, I believe it.
I believe it.
They're all fighting for power.
There's different relationships among these spirits in the spirit world, we've seen that.
There's just so much goinong here that we don't know specifically what spirit to try and target.
Who knows who's gonna come through.
When we turn that spirit box on here, instead of going to locations and having that thing run for 20 minutes and not hearing a single voice, I think when we turn it on here, it's gonna be like an open mike.
I think what's lacking her e is the history.
I think we know that the Walker War occurred on these lands.
Let's try to just do some more research on the history and see if we can get specifics.
Let's find a library.
Let's find a museum.
Let's go there and do some of our own research, see what we can come up with.
I'm down.
But I know that from being her e for just a short time that there are some powerful spirits here just like this family says.
This is the very gun fired by the Ute Indian that killed Alexander Keele.
A Native American Indian could have died on that land.
ZAK: Because the owner has seen the apparition of a Native American Indian inside the Leslie's Family Tree Restaurant, we head to a local museum to meet a historian who can hopefully help us to research the history of the land where the building sits to see if this could be a cause for the negative hauntings.
I heard something about a battle that took place here.
This entire land, it was the site of the Walker Wars.
And it was around the 1850s.
It was, uh, basically an ongoing battle between the Mormon settlers -And the Utes.
-and the Ute tribe.
-Right, right.
So this land is literally covered in blood.
So I mean, that could be a reason why there's these such civious attacks going on at this location.
-Hi, Dee, how you doing? -Just fine.
How are you today? -Good, sir.
Uh, thank you so much for meeting with us today.
Um, we are investigating a location in Santaquin.
It's -- it's very strange.
We never really come across a whole family that has physically seen with their own eyes so many different apparition figures of ghosts.
And so one of the images that, uh, Leslie has seen is that of a Native American Indian.
So that's why I wanted to come meet you and learn a little bit more about this Walker War.
STEVENSON: A l ootf skirmishes between the early settlers and the Indians were in this area.
It all started in Springville.
Some of the Indians were trading and wanted to sell for the cabin owned by a James Ivy.
And he was quite concerned they were getting Gonna bring this argument to his cabin.
So he tried to settle the argument and in doing so, ended up killing one of the Indians.
-He did? -And, uh, that really upset the other Indians of the different tribes in the area.
And so, uh, Walker -- His name was Ah Walkara, they called him Walker.
They couldn't pronounce his name very well -- Tried to calm the people down.
One of his sub-chiefs, want to say he's named Darrapein, came into Payson and he killed Alexander Keele who was on guard duty around the fort at this particular period of time in 1853.
ZAK: This murder would be the start of a war that would rage on for over a year, bringing chaos to the valley.
This is the very gun fired by the Ute Indian that killed Alexander Keele.
-So this is it? -This is the very first gun fired, uh, - that delivered the first shot of the Walker War.
To see an artifact that has to do - with this very subject Right.
that really changed a lot for Utah in these areas.
Made a big difference in the whole area for a particular period of time.
-A huge difference.
And to just be able to see instead of just hearing words, but to be able to see a part of that history, that is truly amazing.
ZAK: Are you familiar with the Leslie's Family Tree Restaurant? Yeah, I've been there to eat many times.
-You have? -Uh-huh.
So the land at which the, uh, the restaurant sits, uh, was that land involved in any of the battles whatsoever? Uh, some of the, uh, skirmishes also happened in that area.
-Where the restaurant sits? -Right.
ZAK: As the war progressed, both Mormon and Native American blood would saturate this territory.
So it could be possible that a Native American Indian could have died on that land? Very possible it could have happened.
Before heading back to prepare for our lockdown, we decide to visit the site where the first murder of the Walker War took place.
"In memory of Alexander Keele," the man who was killed by the gun that we just saw.
"A Payson pioneer killed on guard duty near here July 18, 1853, by an Indian feigning friendship, opening of the Walker War.
" You want to do harm to us? If you want us to leave, light that up.
MAN: Oh, my God.
It is time right now to begin our investigation at Leslie's Family Tree restaurant.
Let me explain a little bit what's going on here.
Because all three of you are like a catalyst for the energy in this building, you all have had so many differt enexperiences, we are gonna do a seance, okay? Let's do this.
During this seance, our audio visual tech, Jay Wasley, will be watching our every move from this nerve center set up in a truck outside.
Also our production still photographer, Ashley, will be snapping Polaroid pictures looking for any apparitions that have also appeared in several other photos taken in this restaurant.
So I want us all to just relax.
Take deep breaths.
Just open oursveels up.
Don't think about yesterday.
Don't think about tomorrow.
Just think about this moment right now.
And if there are spirits here in this room, we invite you to show yourse.
lf We invite you to speak to us.
We decide to conduct a group EVP session to see if any of the spirits that have been affecting this family are in our presence right now.
Okay, hold on.
Hold on.
Not recording.
Not recording.
Not recording.
Not recording.
Not recording.
Not recording.
Ash, hold your pictures for now.
Okay, hold on.
That was Ash saying, "Yup.
" So we're gonna go from question from person to person.
CORY: Who are you standing closest to right now? Is there any family members here? BOBBY: Is there a strong spirit holding you guys back? Why are you attacking people? What do you want? AARON: Whose land did this first start out with? Upon immediate review of this session, it doesn't take long before a spirit answers Leslie's question.
Who are you standing closest to right now? Is there any family members here? -Oh, you hear that? -Yeah, "I'm next to Bobby.
" That's what I heard.
ZAK: Can you make any sense out of that? Is there any family members here? -"I'm next to Bobby.
" -"I'm next to Bobby.
" -"I'm next to Bobby.
" -Yup.
-That's what it just said.
-Really? ZAK: A spirit is telling us that it is standing right next to Bobby.
And I will remind you this spirit voice was captured only moments ago during complete silence.
Is there any family members here? AARON: We're gonna be patient.
You know what I mean? Yeah.
[ REM pod beeping ] -Whoa.
BILLY: That's the first time that's lit up.
WOMAN: Thank you.
I was like, "We're gonna be patient.
" ZAK: Hold on.
Just when I said that -I just got chills, too.
[ Beeping continues ] Oh, my gosh.
Are you kidding me? That's been siinttg there for how long? We've set it theren ahour ago.
Thank you.
Step away.
Step away, please.
Thank you.
-What? -Thank you very much.
-That's awesome.
ZAK: Could you stop that now? sWeee you.
Can you move away, please? [ Beeping stops ] -I can feel the energy, man.
-Thank you very much.
Light up two colors if you hear my voice, please.
Two colors.
Two colors.
Green an-- green and yellow.
ZAK: As I try to establish if this is indeed a spirit through intelligent direct response, I ask it to light up two colors on the REM pod, and it instantly does just that.
Are you a female? Yes, light it up.
Are you a female? Are you a male? -Dang.
ZAK: Okay, thank you.
We got it.
You're a male.
Could you step away? Now if you're a male, are you, uh, a Native American Indian? LESLIE: Is it family that's here right now? Make it light up if it is.
Are you a negative? Do you want to do harm to us? BOBBY: Is this Henry? If youan wt us to leave, light that up.
We begin another EVP session to determine why this spirit wants us to leave.
And what we capture is once again disturbing yet incredible.
Ask like who is here with you.
BOBBY: Who is here with us right now? I know somebody is trying to communicate with us.
Can you tell us wh-- what you want? You said you were standing next to Bobby.
Are you a family member? If so, it is very nice to meet you.
Can you please tell me your name? All right.
Let's check it.
a family member? If so, it is very nice to meet you.
Can you please tell me your name? Can you please tell me your name? MAN: Get out.
-"Get out.
" -"Get out.
" AARON: I heard that clear.
Are you a family member? If so, it is very nice to meet you.
Can you please tell me your name? ZAK: Matt, get your camera.
It came out of nowhe.
re Are you the one who likes to attack people? Then do it! Do it! ZAK: Something is openly communicating with us here at the Leslie's Family Tree Restaurant.
Are you a family member? If so, it is very nice to meet you.
Can you please tell me your name? Get out.
We believe this may be the aggressive spirit that followed Bobby home and attacked her alonwig th many others at this restaurant.
And it isn't long before the activity level increases dramatically.
AARON: Whoa.
I just had static on the top of my head.
I'm excited.
That is really cool.
That is really cool.
LESLIE: That's what I was getting, like a Oh, my God.
It hurt.
It hurt.
- I was like static eltrecicity just right over the top of my head.
BILLY: You felt static on top of your head? -Yeah.
-What was that? ZA OK:kay.
Can you make another one light up, please? Are you a spirit that I've came in contact with before? If you are, give me some kind of sign.
-Cory, can you go over there? -To the corner? -Yeah.
Total cold spot over here.
-Yeah? -Yeah.
-What? -What? -What's wrong? -One of these.
ZAK: Pull the photo out of her hand.
BILLY: Which one is it? Take the photo.
What was that? Those -- that's -- that'she t floor.
-It's the floor.
ZAK: Take the photo out of her hand.
Pull it.
Dang, it is freezing around you, Ash.
ASHLEY: I can feel it.
-You all right? -Yeah.
ZAK: Out of nowhere, our photographer feels an unseen force taking a photo from her hand.
And when we approach her, there's an ice-cold energy surrounding her.
At the same exact moment, directly in front of where Ashley is standing and facing our X camera captures two strange light anomalies that appear to hit each other and then shoot off in opposite directions.
Seemed like it was gtietng dark.
BILLY: The feeling.
The feeling.
-Are you guys good? -Yeah.
Do you guys want to go ahead and take off? Yeah.
And we're gonna take it from here.
So with the circle remaining open, we escort the women out of the building.
Then all of a sudden, I receive a frantic call on my walkie talkie telling us to get back in the banquet room.
-You okay? -I'm fine.
ASHLEY: My body's sort of, like, freaking out right now.
It's just, like, I can't, like It's, like, it shakes, like, but I'm, like, having trouble grabbing things.
BILLY: Mm-hmm.
And focusing on this, in a way, it's just sort of, like, I don't even want to leave the room.
Probably should geoft here then.
That's a sign, ain't it? -Yeah, just to get out.
Uh, you can hear me on this.
seems like it's, like, almost, like, a mild panic attack like symptoms.
Zak said hold on a second.
ZAK: Aaron, get your camera.
It's like a very mild panic attack feeling.
Body is, like, randomly shaking.
I get, like, these really cold chills like you have the flu.
ZAK: When did this start happening? Umafter the photo thing, actually.
-What? -What? ASHLEY: Whew.
After you guys left, I did take four more photos.
I justLike, I had four more on the cartridge.
So I asked them to come and show the -- You -- I can't even talk right now.
Sorry, um You all right? -Yeah.
-You sure? It's just like it came out of nowhere.
-You know? Do you feel it? ZAK: Yeah.
Who are you? Who are you? Are you the one who likes to attack people? Then do it! Do it! Do it! Attack! I saw the pictures.
You like to attack people, attack their neck and bite 'em.
How angry are you right now? Can I get out of here? BILLY: Yeah.
That might be best.
ZAK: Who are you? All of the sudden, I'm overcome with intense anger, which makes me use strong provocation, something I haven't done in a very long time.
We get Ashley outside to safety, then take a moment to decompress.
-Man, Zak, that was -Something came through you.
BILLY: Definitely.
You look like you're out of it to me.
I just don't I don't know.
I'm just in this one rtpaicular dark mood.
And I just cannot think.
I don't kn - owwhat I said a minute ago.
It's strange.
Typically, when I come outside, it can just lift right off.
But it's staying with me.
It's really heavy, but Let's see what else can happen.
See who it is.
Definitely an impressive spirit in there of some sort.
BILLY: Yeah.
I can't stay outside and let this negative entity bully anyone around.
As an investigator, I want to see how much further I can push this entity into giving us more evidence.
This is where the guy got all those burns on his back.
MAN: Oh, that's right.
Oh, my gosh.
I want to see if you can mark me the way you did the other guy.
I'm gonna walk all the way back here to you blind.
I can't see anything.
You want to burn my back? Huh? Burn my back! That sounded like a dude breathing, bro.
I'm feeling things touch my back, man.
Hurt my back.
Let me see how you did that.
Holy [bleep] I want to see if you can mark me the way you did the other guy.
We're here in Utah at the Leslie's Family Tree Restaurant.
And I'm about to provoke a spirit that has burned a man.
I can't see anythi.
ng You want to burn my back? Burn my back! Come on.
[ Thudding ] Did you hear that? -Yeah, what was that? Shh.
That was in the bathroom, right here.
-Did you hear that? =Yeah, what was that? Shh.
That was in the bathroom, right here.
I can't see anything, Aaron.
Where's the bathroom door? To the left, not too far away.
It attacked him in the bathroom here.
Stay there.
I just got to get a shot if you go in.
Burn my back Let me see how you did that.
Why can't you do it when I ask for it? There it goes again.
I'm feeling things touch my back, Aaron.
Whatever you do, don't touch your back.
-I'm not -I'm just saying.
I'm just saying.
- I'm gonna go off night vision for a sec just to see.
Uh, so far nothing.
-So far nothing? -So far nothing.
Wait, did you hear that? Is that a guy breathing? Yeah, I [bleep] heard that.
That sounded - like a dude breathing, bro.
-I heard that in front of me.
Wait, did you hear that? Is that a guy breathing? Yeah, I [bleep] heard that.
Show me how you burned this man's back.
Do it to my back.
Do it! I have not provoked and have used this much provocation in a very, very long time.
And I was not planning on doing any of it here.
But there's something in here that ismaking me have aggression.
Not possessed, but just very, very strong waves of aggression.
AARON: He's here.
I don't know if he can actually scratch your back on camera.
You want to have him try to do that? Go ahead.
I can hear you back here.
Do you want to do this, Zak? This is not the smartest thing to try to .
do -I don't care.
Scratch my back.
Burn my back.
Come on.
Do what you did to that guy.
Do it right now.
You know you don't like me.
Why can't you do it on camera? Show him what your made of.
Just as I'm getting ready to put my shirt back on, Aaron suddenly notices something that he didn't see before.
Is there nothing? -Nothing.
-Check it.
-Again, let me check again.
Yeah, there's nothing.
-What? Look.
-Hold on.
-Whoa, whoa.
BILLY: Don't move.
Dude, dude, dude.
It's welting up.
It's welting up.
Put your finger there.
Put your finger there.
Oh, yeah.
BILLY: It starts, goes right through the skull on your tattoo almost like it's crossing it out.
It's just[whistles] -Are you being serious? -Yeah.
I'll take a picture with my phone.
Hold on.
Hold still.
Hold still.
-Is it back here? -Yeah.
Don't touch.
Don't touch.
It goes from there, down through Look at that.
-Oh, my God.
-It's a welt.
Holy [bleep] That's not part of my skin.
No, that's what I saying.
Now it's getting bigger.
So it [bleep] did it? -Yeah.
-It [bleep] did it? -Yeah.
-It [bleep] scratched me.
-It scratched you.
-Are you kidding me? ZAK: There is no explanation for this scratch appearing on my back.
I haven't touched my back.
I haven't backed into anything.
And I have been on camera this entire time while making very small movements.
Here is a shot of the same exact spot on my back only seconds before this, proving the scratch wasn't there before.
I can now officially say that I am part of countless others who have been physically marked at this location, which is an extremely awesome feeling.
He's captured a scratch on command.
-That' ls,ike, first ever.
-That's pretty badass.
-Badass, dude.
That was [bleep] Whoa, that really [bleep] just happened.
Well, I got scratched on command.
I heard it.
- I couldn't see you guys, obviously, but I could hear it.
Just sitting there with my hands up against a [bleep] wall.
When it happened, I heard you say, you're like, you know, "There's a scratch appearing.
" There's a voice.
erThe's a voice.
There was a clear voice that happened right when that happened.
Beyond this cavern, that's where we heard it from.
AARON: This is what we're seeing right now.
Ready? That.
BILLY: Who's tormenngti this family? ZAK: We are now deep into our investigation.
And I have just become a victim of an aggressive spirit here in Utah.
Just before I received this scratch, Jay and Ashley hear a voice come from the main room of the restaurant just a few feet from where Aaron, Billy and myself are standing.
I now send Billy on a solo mission into the basement to investigate where they once held underground fights.
BILLY: Is anybody down here with me? I'm all alone.
Who's tormenting this family? Who's following them home? Aaron, go down and join him.
AARON: Coming down, bro.
God, it is pitch black.
You have night vision.
I have no vision.
I know.
I'm just saying, dude.
It is so dark.
Show everyone what you're seeing.
This is what we're seeing right now.
Ready? That.
There's nothing.
This place is just -- It's a different feeling than anywhere in the whole place.
As soon as you step on this ground, it's almost daring you to keep going.
And do you get that feeling ea-Yh.
I'm gonna do some -- Use a recorder right now and see if we can't talk to some spirits.
Listen, I know the spot that we need to go to.
Where? Right straight back there where you thought that doorway that -- that the prostitutes came in? Oh, yeah.
All right.
Rolling, shuffling, shuffling.
Here we go.
Was there a lot of money lost down here? Did you hear that? -Mm-hmm.
We kw nothis was a gambling hall.
You don't have to hide.
You don't have to hide that there was a boxing match.
We know.
How many people bled down here? ayPl it back.
Wait, start that over again.
-Yeah, you hear that? -Did you hear that? Right at the beginning.
Start it over.
All right.
Rolling, shuffling, shuffling.
Whoa! -What did it say? It sounded like a real deep voice.
ZAK: After we enhance and analyze this EVP that Aaron and Billy just captured, we determine that it is a very clear spirit response that we believe is saying, "We're coming back.
" For two days following this investigation, I have a very negative attachment which causes me gtoet into several heated, unprovoked arguments with family and friends.
And both nights I also have nightmares of being trapped in a building filled with dead bodies.
I have to conduct a series of blessings, prayers and cleansings until eventually this negative oppression lifts off of me.
Something truly powerful resides at the Leslie's Family Tree Restaurant here in Utah.