Ghost Adventures (2008) s12e08 Episode Script

Hell Hole Prison

1 ZAK: Have you heard rumors about this place being haunted? Oh, yes.
SWAIN: She was screaming to be let out because she wasn't in there alone.
I hear -- Oh, my God.
I hear it.
ZAK: Holy [bleep] Les t'go.
You're going in with me.
-Dude, what was that? -Something touched my back.
-Did you hear that? BILLY: Are you here in this cell with me right now? [Bleep] -Gone! -Gone! ZAK: There are things in this world that we will never fully understand.
[ Diorstted ] Undetarsnd.
[ Echoing ] We want answers.
We have work yedears to build our credibility, our reputation, working alongside the most renowned professionals in the field, capturing groundbreaking proof of the paranormal.
It's working! I can't give you an explanation.
[ Birds cawing ] This is our evidence our ghost adventures.
Opened in 1876, the Yuma Territorial Prison was also called The Hellhole.
We're here to investigate claims of spirit attacks and most of all, the notorious cave called the dark cell, where the residue of torture and death still reverberate through these rocks.
3,069 souls passed through Arizona's Yuma Territorial Prison including Pearl Hart, the famous lady bandit stagecoach robber and member of Buffalo Bill's Wild West show.
Pete Spence, involved in the assassination of Wyatt Earp's brother Morgan.
And "Three-finger" Jack Lostano, called one of the most violent, vicious of the prison's incorrigleibs.
Lostano is one of the 112 who are buried in the graveyard behind the prison.
-Everybody ready? -Rolling.
MAN: All right.
Camera speeds.
I don't know how I can see out of those.
Would you be able to see out of those? No.
I'm gonna have to clean these because I ain't gonna be able to see no apparitions.
I've got this -- see this nice, soft, cotton skirt? Just go for it.
-It's clean.
This is a first.
So have you heard rumors about this place being haunted? Oh, yes.
A lot of people - that have a certain sensitivity pick up - a very dark energy here.
Each individual person that came through here, spent time here, left their lives here, left their bodies here in the cemetery, I can feel them.
I can -- it's just strong here.
These people, many of them were murderers and hardened criminals and some of them were criminally insane.
The worst of them, they were put in the dark cell.
SWAIN: Out of the prisoners, I know of three that left the dark cell and were transported to the insane asylum in Phoenix.
They went crazy in there? So they went crazy in the dark cell.
[ Growling ] ZAK: Over a century later, the dark cell hasn't lost its terrifying power.
A young woman, she was a news anchor here in Yuma, she took the challenge.
She said, "Oh, that's not haunted and that isn't scary and I'll just bring a pillow and blanket.
I can spend the night.
" [ Screaming ] She checked in about 9:00 and about midnight, she just said, "Let me out.
" She was screaming to be let out because she wasn't in there alone.
-This is it, huh? -This is it.
This is the dark cell.
I'll be honest with you, that's creepy as [bleep] in there.
Shall we go inside? Let's go.
You're going in with me.
Oh, my gosh.
You know what? I've been to a lot of castles over in Europe, but this -- this is a true dungeon.
-That's exactly what it is.
This is dug into the side of a granite hill.
Imagine being in here at night, you're in a cage - that's the size of this grate.
-What? -The cage is only 5-foot tall, so if you're average height for a man, you can't stand up.
Oh, my God.
And you're dragging a chain with you.
The only light source was through this vent up here.
It's said if they had a prisoner in the dark cell that the guards just didn't particularly like, they would get up on the roof and drop scorpions ansnd akes down onto the prisoners.
When you talk about the energy left behind, imagine how angry somebody is when they're brought in here and angry anyway.
What was that? [Bleep] Oh, my -- Look at all the bats.
Oh, my God.
If you hold your hand up, they'll land on it.
-They'll what? -They'll land on it.
Sir, what's wrong with you? Remember what you were just telling me about, how men go crazy in here? -Uh-huh.
I think you're starting to become crazy.
You don't want to pet these bats.
They could have diseases.
Most humans have more diseases than bats.
-Let's go.
It's time to get out of the dark cell.
[Bleep] getting weird.
I'm standing at the sally port.
This was the entrance to the prison.
This was the site where four prisoners died during the Gates Riot.
That day was a bad day for superintendent, Thomas Gates, because it would scar him for life.
Seven prisoners took Thomas Gates hostage, had a knife to his throat, escorted him all the way out here.
But Thomas Gates, the superintendent, as he had the knife to his throat, signaled over to the guard in the guard tower to shoot, shoot, shoot, shoot.
Four of those prisoners died right here.
Thomas Gates, he had a stab wound to his neck.
He survived, but he could never recover from the emotional trauma of that day.
He would eventually commit suicide.
[ Gunshot ] Okay, so right now, we're not in the prison.
We're on the outside.
And that is because we just got a lead on a story.
There is a woman here that is refusing to go into the prison because she had a terrifying experience that left her emotionally traumatized.
In 2006, Patricia Lynn Cody visited the Yuma Prison.
CODY: I got to the last cell on the left-hand side and, all of a sudden, I got almost a sick feeling.
The best way to describe it is sadness, an extreme sadness.
So I left.
And when I went home, I kept thinking about, "Why did I feel that way? What went on in that cell?" So I drove back that night.
Why did you come back? I wanted to see if I could communicate and find out what the sadness was.
-Really? -Yes.
Put both hands on the wall and I said, "If you want to talk to me, I'm here to listen.
" As soon as I did that, this hand went back.
I mean, it was pushed back.
I lost my breath, screamed and took off running.
Opened the car door, got in, locked it and drove away.
So you believe this was influenced by a spirit? Yes, I do.
I did read up on him after all this went down, just the other day.
What do you mean you read up on him? Read up on who? The spirit.
John Ryan, I believe, was his name.
SWAIN: John Ryan was a man that was disliked by the guards, disliked by the prisoners.
Every day was probably living hell in the prison for him.
Do you think his spirit's still trapped here? If anybody was, it would be him.
He hung himself in that prison cell.
What? He hung himself in the prison cell - that you had the experience? -Yes.
-Oh, my gosh.
Spirits can hitch rides on people, okay? Do you think something followed you home that night? I don't know, but my knees are shaking right now from even knowing that.
Would you be okay going back in and showing us this cell? Uh, if you guys are with me.
II don't want him to follow me home.
ZAK: We assure Patricia that our purpose is to appease this spirit.
And she agrees to go in.
You all right? -Mm-hmm.
Do you want to go in there with me? I'll go in with you.
As long as I'm with someone.
John, we're gonna come inside your cell.
And we want to communicate.
ZAK: I'm gonna do a quick recording session, okay? Okay.
I'm gonna let you hold it.
So we're gonna get settled first, okay? And then we're gonna ask some questions.
That's me folding my arms.
Do you want to ask anything? Yes.
Um, John Ryan, when I came, um When I put my hands on the wall We record ourselves trying to communicate -Why did you do that? -then review the audio live.
Um, John Ryan, when I came, um [ Indistinct voice ] Oh.
What the heck? Wait, listen.
John Ryan, when I came, uh [ Indistinct voice ] -Do you hear that? -Yes, I do.
After I say, "Let's wait for that train.
" Listen.
Um, John Ryan, when I came, um Right here.
Oh, I hear it.
I hear it.
Oh, my God, I hear it.
I want to go see what this is.
Like, right now.
Let's go.
Billy, I need you to go analyze that right now.
-There's something there.
It sounds like somebody is saying something like a sentence.
-A full sentence? I could hear it.
There's a message there.
I think this is important.
ZAK: Billy enhances the EVP audio.
And we move to the museum to review the evidence.
So, Patricia, what we heard from the recorder was an unknown voice.
We tagged any contamination that came through.
There is a full sentence being said there.
CODY: Oh, my goodness.
-It's not you and not you.
-All right.
Let's hear it.
You ready? Um, hnJo Ryan, when I came, uh Hold on a sec.
Let's wait for [ Indistinct voice ] I'm trying to remain steady.
- Now the section in question.
[ Indistinct voi ce] Can I tell you what I think the beginning says? What? "This jail is proof that I'm" And then it - makes that noise, pa-choo.
I think he's saying, "Something up.
" "The jabber's up.
" You were asking, - "How did he hang himself?" You did ask.
How did he hang himself? How -- how could he do that? -Maybe he's telling you -"The jail post up.
" Committed suicide by hanging.
-Who wa,hat was that? -I felt somethin g.
-So did I.
ZAK: Give me that full spectrum, quick.
ZAK: In its 33 years of operation, this blast-furnace hot Arizona dertse prison saw 111 wrenching deaths.
Among the causes -- Snake bite, tuberculosis, hangings and brutal violence.
All this death has led to some very mysterious sightings.
Some tourist took a picture and a figure appeared in, like, a cell doorway.
MAN: You can see so much detail in 'em.
MAN #2: But he has, like, a hood on his face.
Do you notice that? There's a hood.
Maybe he got hung.
What's awesome about this is how old it is and how long people have been coming here just to see if they can see this apparition.
The most haunted place is the cemetery.
People see an apparition in a floating form.
What's unique about this cemetery, nobody knows who is buried in which spot.
Because they're alunl marked, right? Yeah, they're all unmarked.
They're forgotten.
They're at unrest.
These apparitions that they're seeing over there, maybe they're being seen because they want closure.
We consult the roster of inmates buried in the cemetery, hoping for an understanding of the intense activity here.
[ Gasps ] Holy [bleep] CODY: John Ryan, I believe is his name.
He hung himself in that prison cell.
1900 -- Sent to the dark cell for three days for fighting.
Sent another three days for insubordination.
1903 -- Committed suicide by hanging.
Could this be the spirit of John Ryan inadvertently captured on film? I think we need to investigate the cemetery.
-And try to make contact.
BILLY: Zak, you know what we could do? Maybe take one of our devices the EMF detector, mesothing to maybe, you know, tell us -Pinpoint where his body is.
to say, you know, "Tell us where you're at.
" ZAK: Right .
Who knows.
Maybe just by doing that, we can free this guy from here and get him to stop attacking and affecting innocent people who tour here.
We decide the cemetery is worthy of a preliminary lockdown-style investigation.
Aaron and Billy canvas this cemetery with the thermal camera, looking for unusual heat signatures.
All they find are rocks warmed by a day's worth of sun.
Jay and I take the full-spectrum camera to try and capture any visualvi edence.
[ Camera shutter clicking ] Nothing appears.
We all move to the highest point of the cemetery where a plaque lists the deceased prisoners' names.
"The remains of 104 unfortunate souls are interred in this cemetery.
" JAY: Wow.
Right here, look -- John Ryan.
Standing in the vicinity of his remains, we try to contact John Ryan.
Do you see us, John Ryan? We heard your voice earlier.
If you see us, manifest yourself.
Stand above your grave.
That way, we know what to label it so you're not unknown.
Are you aware, John, that we are after you? -You hear footsteps? -Yeah, I do.
Right over here, on my right.
AARON: Like, ckro footsteps.
Not like -- not like -Something walking through rock.
-Show yourself.
You must not want anyone to know where you're buried, right? -Whoa, shh shh shh shh.
-What was that? BILLY: That was Aaron's foot.
No, no, no, no, no.
What was that? I felt something.
Yeah, so did I.
Just an energy wasn't it? -Yeah.
ZAK: Did you feel what I felt? I just felt like something came up and just Absolutely.
-Like, not angry but kind of.
Like, "What the [bleep] are you here for?" ZAK: Absolutely.
It was a little spooky.
I'm not gonna lie, that was a little spooky.
Like, it was just something, like, out of a haunted house, like, on you, like If you're here, stand next to this guy right here.
He's here to tell you something.
Can you put your hand in my hand? Was that you that we felt? Was that you that we heard? I just got an uneasy feeling, dude.
Whoa, what was that? Here, give me that therm-- Give me that full-spectrum.
You see a black figure up on the hill? Are you rolling thermal? JAY: Yeah, right along top of the hill.
-Here, focus it.
-Okay, ready? ready? ZAK: See him? Are you sure that's a [bleep]er pson? I don't know.
Now -- now he's disappeared.
Now he's back.
Now he's gone.
Now there's a head.
Now he just formed again.
Maybe he's walking behind something.
We're starting to think that this is a human being that's walking behind some type of a low fence or a wall up there.
It's just somebody that's watching us.
Looks like he gets super tall almost, like he's Oh, look, look, look, look.
All right, now we're tracking him.
And it looks like this person just got into a car.
Sure did.
So we go from chasing ghosts It's like an FBI.
To now tracking a suspicious Night-vision.
individual that just left in that car.
JAY: That's weird.
So if you are that person that was spying on us, you are now on camera.
And what you think -- you were being secretive watching us, now there's millions of people watching you.
-It's like a tomb.
-Someone screamed.
That was loud as [bleep] Okay, it is time for the four of us to be locked down inside of this prison.
It's a litaler lockdown.
-Oh, yeah.
-Literally a lockdown.
-Oh, yeah.
In a prison known and called by the inmates as Hell Hole Prison.
While the four of us are locked down inside, our audio/visual tech, Jay Wasley, will be moniritong a live nerve center set up in the museum section of the prison.
Aaron, Billy and myself decide to begin our investigation by using the structured-light sensor camera to try to capture the famed apparition seen here in this 1940s photo.
So what I'm gonndoa is just kind of ambush style shoot the SLS camera in the cells and see if there is an inmate in any of these cells.
If there's somebody in here, can you show yourself? I'm not here tjuo dge you.
We're not guards.
AARON: The cells are open if you want to come out.
Somebody in here? BILLY: Anything yet, Zak? It's like, we're looking in these cells.
Where's the last person an inmate would be in an open cell? Not in a cell.
-That's rit.
gh John Ryan, show yourself.
John Ryan committed suicide in this very cell and his spirit traumatized this woman who we interviewed earlier.
This hand was pushed back.
You in there, John Ryan? Anything on SLS? We continue investigating John Ryan's cell, but it seems he's not here right now and we receive no evidence on the SLS camera.
But as we begin walking back towards base camp, we all hear something terrifying.
[ Girl screams ] What's going on? Is someone screaming? -That was a scream.
Over there.
On that side, someone screamed.
That was a little girl.
It sounded like a little girl screaming.
Jay, come in.
Go ahead.
Did you hear that? Yeah.
- It was a terrifying scream.
Drop what you're doing.
Come here.
Where did you hear that at, Jay? It came from, like, the back area? The audio I had on was the camera looking down the long hall.
And it echoed through here.
That's what we just heard.
Did u yohear that? -Yeah.
It was loud.
-That was loud.
Jay heard it, too.
Just in pure terror.
What's going on? Is someone screaming? ZAK: We race towards the entrance to the dark cell, where what sounded like a little girl screaming in terror came from.
Earlier, we interviewed Don, who told us a little girl's spirit haunts the dark cell.
The dark cell is rumored to be haunted by a young girl who went down to the river to play and fell in and drowned.
Hangvi checked the outside perimeter of the prison and finding no one around the train tracks, we conclude that this mysterious scream cannot be debunked.
Listen, listen.
Come here.
Come here.
Come here.
We got to split up, okay? I want to split up so we can cover this whole prison.
That was loud as [bleep] Billy? -Yeah? I want you to use the Ovilus.
Try to go after, like, "Three-finger" Jack.
-Oh, yeah.
-See if his spirit's here.
-Go down to the end of the cell block here, pick a cell, stay in there and use your Ovilus.
-Aaron? -Yeah.
Go to the other side of the prison.
Through the yard, there's a bunch of cells over there.
ntCoain yourself in there.
We haven't even been over in that area.
I know.
Go check it out because the scream may have come from over there.
I'm gonna go in John Ryan's cell.
AARON: I don't want to go in here.
Oh, it's like a tomb.
John, you remember me? I'm the guy you spoke to.
I was with the lady that you terrorized.
I'm in the cell where you are hung, where you hanged yourself.
[Bleep] It's [bleep] creepy in here.
-D yidou just hear that? I felt something just touch my back.
[Bleep] ZAK: As Aaron walks the grounds, Billy and I are both trying to contact infamous former inmates of this hellish Arizona prison.
BILLY: Three-finger Jack, are you here in this cell with me right now? William Lestano, prisoner number 2029 William, are you here? Or do you prefer to be called Jack? Ooh.
Just now the Ovilus said, "Me.
" Does that mean that you're here? William, are you here? Can you hear me? Jack, if this is you, is there anything that you want to say? I mean, is there any ecspific words you want to put on this screen so that I can understand your message? Do you have a message? It looks like you're trying to say something.
Is that you? At least give me that.
Peter? Is this another spirit? ZAK: On December 2, 1883, Peter Deraux jumped from a train in an attempt to escape his sentence here at Yuma Territorial Prison.
As he jumped, he hit his head on a rock and immediately died.
Could his soul still have been sent here to serve out his prison sentence? thWi myself, here, in John Ryan's cell and Billy investigating this cell, Aaron is secluded on the other side of the prison when he sees an unexplained figure with his own eyes.
That was weird.
I thought saI w someone way back on the wall just kind of, like, walking slowly and then like this.
And I can see the whole wall.
There's nothing.
ZAK: Aaron has no idea that the X camera shooting just outside the doors from where he saw this shadow figure does indeed capture something unexplained.
With everyone confined to separate cells and Jay back at nerve center, we are all accounted for.
So whose black shadow could this be? [ Breathing heavily ] ZAK: After Aaron reacts to seeing this shadow figure, he suddenly feels something touch his back, causing him to feel strangely ill.
I felt something just totally just touch my back.
I keep seeing this orb and I'm following it, right? ZAK: Aaron now tries to communicate with the spirit using the SB7 Spirit Box.
Was that you? ZAK: The orb of light that Aaron's been seeing with his own eyes suddenly appears on camera right where he felt it touch his back only moments ago.
Was that you? BILLY: If you feel like you have to stay here, you don't.
You can leave.
You died here, but your -- you can go to another place.
You don't have to stay here.
[ Cell door opens ] ZAK: Billy hears a cell door open and I also hear this door open somewhere in between where he and I are located.
You don't have to stay here.
As I go outside to investigate this sound, something scares the absolute crap out of me.
[ Clattering ] Aaron and I now head off to investigate the dark cell -- the place where men were chained inside of a cage, then tortured in this pitch black cave while the guards dropped snakes and scorpions on them through the air hole.
AARON: - God, it's quiet in here.
Rolling, rolling, rolling, rolling.
I'm in the dark cell.
Oh [bleep] These have never done this before.
-There's something in here.
-Did you hear that? Manifest yourself! ZAK: We're in the Yuma Prison's dark cell now, and it's living up to its reputation.
Oh [bleep] What was that? What is that, Aaron? AARON: I heard it, but I don't see anything.
Whoa, it sounds like footsteps.
-I know.
It's right there.
I don't see anything.
Whoa, it sounds like footsteps.
-I know.
Who are you? Me moving.
It's me moving.
What are you? Are you a demon? Are you a demon that feeds on all the pain and suffering that is stored in this cell, this cave? Did you hear that? What was that? is stored in this cell, this cave? Did you Did you hear that? -What was that? It was like knocking on iron doors.
Manifest youelrsf! There's something in here, Aaron.
You can feel it.
Did you lose your [bleep] mind? Did you go [bleep] crazy near the prison [bleep] [ Recording playing back indistinctly ] Did you hear that? -What was it? It was like knocking on iron dos.
or MAN: Choo, choo, choo.
-Dude, what was that? -[Bleep] It was like knocking on iron doors.
MAN: Choo, choo, choo.
Choo, choo, choo.
It was like knocking on iron doors.
MAN: Choo, choo, choo.
It sounds like it goes, like, "Choo, choo, choo, choo.
" ZAK: Upon immediate review of our recording session, it sounds like we capture unexplained grunting or laughing afr temy taunt.
Listen closely and you'll be able to hear it very easily.
It was like knocking on iron doors.
[ Recording playing back indistinctly ] Whoa, whoa, whoa.
All right.
That's right at the end.
ZAK: As we continue to review the recording, this time we capture a very distinct voice and it just might be the same entity that just laughed at us.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
All right, that's right at the end.
So what do you think it's saying? Post your guesses on twitter right now using #GhostAdventures.
As we return to base camp, we all begin to hear something from this X camera's audio.
[ Piano music playing ] That's a piano.
It's piano music.
Like saloon music.
Yeah, old saloon music.
-[ Humming ] -Right.
Sounds like old saloon music.
Yeah, it stopped.
Right after we all hear what sounds like old saloon music playinneg ar the prison cells, one of our production lights that we use to light nerve center begins flashing for no reason.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
What is that? MAN: It's our red ambient light we had in the background.
-Why is it -James, does that do that? JAMES: No, it just dies.
Look, half the panels are out.
I've never seen it do that.
I've seen 'ejum st die.
MAN #2: Look, it's staying on.
Now it's blinking off.
This is one of the little, like, panel lights that we use when we set up a nerve center so it's just not black wall.
And thesehave never done this before.
-You feel that? -I just got chills.
Oh, my God.
ZAK: Unprecedented things are happening at the Yuma Territorial Prison.
Thesehave never done this before.
Come here and look at this.
Come here and look at this.
So we were just hearing old saloon music.
We couldn't explain it.
No distant bars, no nothing.
That, right there, - was the Yuma Prison Band.
Lookit -- - they had brass instruments.
They had everything.
-That's what it sounded like.
Someone playing a beat like he was practicing inside the cell.
He was practicing.
This was known to have a lot of music.
-And we were getting it.
-And we were hearing it.
And that's probably the one thing in the entire prison that was just an absolute luxury and a release.
JAY: Whoa.
I just got chills.
You owkn what? We hear music.
The light draws us over here, we see this.
[ Gasps ] That's right.
AARON: Whoa.
Good call.
It's almost like they were trying to get us to notice that.
Oh, my God, dude.
That's right.
Like, we were totally -- nerve center's right over there.
We have no reason being over here.
BILLY: Good one, Jay.
We hear the music, we come over here.
The blinking light, which is right next to the case that displays the prison band and the instruments.
This is probably where they played, too.
-Look at this theater room.
-Back here, right? That's probably where they would play.
-It's weird in here, dude.
-It is.
Do you feel that now? ZAK: The environment inside this museum theater is electric, so we immediately grab the SLS camera to see if the old prison band is possibly still performing here.
And what we are about to capture is truly astounding.
Felt like there was electricity in here.
Whoa, wh, oawhoa.
There's a figure on the stage.
-No way.
-Oh, yeah.
JAY: Holy crap.
BILLY: There's three figures on the [bleep] stage.
Looks like this one right here is playing a drum or something.
It's a [bleep] band.
There's a fourth one.
Another one.
Now there's a dancer.
There was a fourth one that was dancing.
ZAK: As we begin mapping these three figures on the stage, it almost appears as if they're playing instruments.
Then this fourth figure enters frame right like it's jumping in to do a quick dance before walking off again.
BILLY: Look at that one over there, dude.
It's like, playing drums in the middle.
ZAK: Holy [bleep] They're on stage, they're performing -Dude, think about it.
-They're performing.
AARON: Everything that Jay just said, they came so we can watch -Look at the one on the right.
He's playing a god [bleep] guitar.
Bro, he's playing a [bleep] guitar.
Look atht e one on the right.
Look at his -- look at his arm.
He's, like, strumming the strings.
Oh, yeah.
See that? This one right here.
He's strumming the strings of his guitar.
The one in the background -- oh, wow.
-That's -- that is so cool.
Can you wave to us? Bravo.
Can yoliu ft your hands up in the air? ZAK: Both of these figures raised their hands on cue.
Lookit, now it's just the one.
Look at 'im.
He's tap dancing.
-He's solo.
-He's tap dancing.
-They're clapping.
-Thank you.
-Look -- it bod.
we -It bowed.
-Oh, my God, dude.
Holy crap.
-Oh, my God.
-It's bowing.
Oh, he's totally just changed after you started clapping.
Oh, I got chills.
Yeah, he's, like, totally bowing, dude.
-He totally bowed.
-He changed.
AARON:ho Sw us your dance moves, buddy.
-There he goes.
-Oh, look, wow.
-[Bleep] -Yeah.
-Oh, my God.
-Dude, yes.
-Oh, my God.
-You are amazing.
-"Show us your dance move" and look what he's doing with his legs.
-What the hell? -He's [bleep] tap dancing.
Yeah, now he's doing that, like, low, like, hoo.
-Gone! -Gone! -Thas,nk buddy.
-Just disappeared.
-That was awesome.
-Oh, my God.
-What a great show.
-Holy [bleep] Totally disappeared.
That was so si.
ck -He even bowed.
-That was sick.
He was like, curtsy, and then he starts dancing like this.
And he did this on command.
It was, like, "Dance.
" And he was going,  da da da da da  And you go -- - and you started clapping.
He immediately stopped and just went like, bowed.
And we got a GAC first.
We got ghosts dancing for us.
That was awesome.
h,-O yes.
-That was awesome.
They did a performance, dude.
And then they just disappeared.
Then they just -- all of 'em disappeared.
Disprove that.
ZAK: Inmates lost their freedom, their dignity and their lives at the Yuma Territorial Prison Their spirits are still chainetod this hellhole.
Did you hear that? -Something just touched my back.
ZAK: still clinging to the one thing that gave them a precious moment of distraction.
They're on stage.
They're performing.
ZAK: Bro, he's playing a [bleep] guitar.