Ghost Adventures (2008) s12e09 Episode Script

The Domes

ZAK: We are in the middle of the Arizona desert, the Casa Grande domes.
Is it true that they used to do satanic worshipping out here? PEER: Yes.
They found a body.
Well, we're talking about human bo pdyarts.
Something knows that we are here.
Heard something behind me.
What? - Oh, my God.
Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil.
Whoa! There are things in this world that we will never fully understand.
[ Distorted ] deUnrstand.
[ Echoing ] We want answers.
We have worked years to build our credibility, our reputation, working alongside the most renowned professionals in the field, capturing groundbreaking proof of the paranormal.
It's working! I can't give you an explanation.
[ Birds cawing ] This is our evidence our ghost adventures.
We're in Arizona at the Casa Grande domes.
The creation of these bizarre structures began in 1982, intended for the manufacturing of semiconductors, but the business failed, and they were left abandoned.
This may be one of the most unusual yet sinister locations that we've ever investigated in erAmica.
These domes are very notorious, because in the 1990s, they were used by multiple satanic cults.
There was blood-drinking, animal sacrifices.
We are meeting with people who believe there was also human sacrifices here.
There e arnumerous reports of cloak-like figures.
I feel like we've just landed on Mars, a barren landscape occupied by cement hemispheres that seem to have risen out of the Earth like the desert brooms that surrod unus.
Suddenly, our Martian gaze is fractured by a figure.
I'm Dan Peer.
- I'm Zak.
Is there a problem, or are we getting shut down, or? No one's allowed to enter the propeyrt until they've had the safety tour.
The safety tour.
We have to make sure you're safe while you're out here.
So that's it? All we've got to do is go on the safety tour? And the other side of the safety tour is you're gonna sign a personal liability release that gives up everything.
What do you mean give up everything? All our money and every -- Oh, hey, that's a good idea.
I hadn't thought about putting that in there, but maybe we should.
AARON: Wait, wait.
- Now, so far [ Laughter ] We get all this figured out before we got here.
- So far, all you have to give up is all your rights to any damages.
Are those damages from physical things or from dark, spiritual things.
Any ofem '.
Is it true that they used to do satanic worshipping out here? Yes.
We have tried to close that down.
I suspect that it wouldn't be easy to sway true disciples of the dark prince to cease worship.
We follow Dan to the first dome.
This is like a flying saucer.
[ Echoing ] This dome is completely round.
It has this reverberation effect more so than any of the others.
[ Echoing ] This one does.
But all of them have it, to a different extent.
How's that sound? Does it sound weird? Okay.
And on this evening's investigation, we come to you from Casa Grande, Arizona.
[ Normal voice ] I'm already captivated and intrigued by the geometry of the domes.
The curved architecture promotes great levels of momentum for energy.
Any sound or entity that has ever been present is put into annf iinite state of movement, its fury growing in speed upon every rotation.
The result could very well be an unprecedented concentration of dark energy, leading us into an immense and sinister void.
When did they start having problems with satac nirituals and satanic cults? [ Normal voice ] About '86.
If you enter this building, it's doubly at your own risk.
Why's that? All the concrete you see laying on the floor was on the ceiling.
So you're telling us that if we enter inside of this dome, our chances are twice as high as dying from something falling on our head than the other domes? PEER: - Probably 10 times as high.
Ten times? Yeah.
Everybody at home says that we don't take extreme risks when we do investigations.
Life and death is definitely extreme.
The chances of us surviving are what? Zero.
[ Echoing ] Wherever you go in these domes, you hear your own voice come back to you, like, tenfold.
And so it's really interesting to me, though, is -- is how will this affect EVP, electronic voice phenomena, spirit voices? It's like hearing a spirit speak in stereo.
[ Normal voice ] After we complete the safety tour, I meet up with an ex-paranormal investigator whose experience her e at the domes became personal.
I've only been out here three times.
And on the third time, I was out here with a psychic medium, and she said -- She helped me see this dome, in particular, red when I shut my eyes.
Anthd at's to show that, you know, there's been demonic seances here.
And so ever since then, I haven't been back.
Nine years ago- - Nine years ago? - Yeah.
Did this place scar you? Yes, it did.
Why did it scar you? Was there -- Besides seeing the red.
There was - some personal experiences -- a death in the family, relationships ending -- and since then, I was like, "I'm not going back.
" Do you feel that whevater was here and what you experienced came back home with you? Yes.
I would notice that there -- I would see dark shadows.
Talk to me and be as open as you can about changes within yourself after you left this place.
I felt aggression, suicidal.
And this was all - after you left this place? After I left this place.
Co[ ughs ] Man, I've been fine in here, and now I'm starting to get, like I feel it right here.
I do, too.
I do, too.
Right where the heart is.
You started talking about all that.
Like, I started hard to breathe, coughing, and I just started watering up.
It was weird.
- Yeah.
That was really strange.
I would like to go outside and kind of clear things a little bit.
Something happened right there during that interview, and I did not like it at all.
He felt it.
I felt it.
And we both looked at each other at the same time and realized what was going on.
And the interview just ended.
I need to get outside, take a -- take a breather, as well.
Now I meet a U.
Marine veteran and paranormal invesgatitor who has come face-to-face with the mysterious and sometimes violent cloaked figures that I've heard so much about.
There are two different types out here.
There's actually the one -- See the base of the mountain right out here? - Yeah.
There's an actual black entity that haunts the mountain edge.
Here, more likely a demonic presence.
Now, Palmer, I have a question.
I am aware that you have made some disturbing discoveries here of remains, of living things.
It was right in this area.
The remains - are no longer here anymore.
It was -- - What'd you find? An animal sacrifice.
- What? We actually found the skin of a dog, and it had theol clar still on it.
This is an interesting place right here.
I was talking - to a retired police officer.
He was telling me about that he found a body in pieces.
A human body? Yeah, in a black plastic bag.
In this dome? This dome right here.
He said the third dome back was where they found the body.
But they think it was linked To the satanic cults? Yeah, because there was more than just one satanic cult.
So this is serious satanic cult [bleep] We've heard satanic cults, you know, a lot of the places we go to doing rituals, you know, chickens and stuff like that.
But we're talking about human body parts.
- Now we've got human sacrifice.
Well, that changes the dynamics.
This is serious [bleep] here, Palmer.
As disturbing as it is to hear that innocent animals have been sacrificed, knowing that human sacrifices may have occurred raises the satanic severity level to a sickening and chilling degree.
Palmer, out of all four domes, which dome would you say is the most dangerous? We already heard from Dan.
This one right here.
This one? - This one.
Not the one where - the human body parts were found? No.
'Cause this is where all the satanic worshipping happened, in this dome.
Police officers have found hundreds of dead chickens What? blood everywhere.
This is a no-joke place.
This far, far exceeds any location that we've ever investigated in terms of the satanic worshipping ritual side of it.
The guy that I saw The guy that you saw was -- was the entity, right here.
Was standing here? Well, actually, I was sitting here right on this slab.
And I was asking, "Can you give me a sign of your presence?" So I hear what sounds like footsteps.
I'm still sitting there 'cause I'm kind of just, you know, waiting.
Then it walks right here.
This entity's shadow was up to here.
The height of it was about here from standing there.
From standing here.
It was about an 8-foot figure.
The block that it threw is right there.
It threw a piece of block at you? Yes.
It's actually sitting right there.
That's the actual block.
But that was a piece that slid from over there.
Th'sat heavy as hell.
- It slid from all the way over there all the way over here.
This thing right here? That thing right there.
Whatever dark figure is here, we are told does not come out during the day, only at night.
And it has the power to throw 100-pound concrete blocks.
When we come back here at night, we're not gonna leave here until we piss off this cloaked furige 'cause if it has the power to do as he says, we'll see what happens when we challenge that power.
Did you suffer any retribution from Satan? I've been attacked by demons in my ro.
om I could not think.
I couldn't speak.
That's the power of the devil.
ZAK: Still hypnotized by the ominous Martian moatsphere at the Case Grande domes in Arizona, we finally made contact with a former satanic priest who released himself from the fierce claws of evil that call this place home.
Can you talk to me about your past? And why did you used to come back to the domes, and were you in a satanic cult at that time? Yes, I was.
I felt like I needed to cause harm to the world.
A friend of mine, he invited me out here, and I came out here, and I was like, "You know, this is an avenue I could pursue.
" Were they practicing satanism here? Yes, they were doing that and witchcraft.
And the dark witchcraft side of it is what attracted me.
A little bit of my backstory -- I'm Native American, Hispanic, and growing up, I was being in an apprenticeship to be a medicine man.
What was the name of the tribe? Tohono O'odham.
- Yeah.
So that always fascinated me, you know, the paranormal and witchcraft and stuff like that.
So I came out here, and it just -- it clicked with me, and I was like, "Okay.
This is a way of I can, you know, get back at people.
" That definitely connects.
And there's a backstory to this place, this land.
When it was Native land, there was a curse put on it by a medicine man.
On this land where the domes are? Yes.
And that was a medicine man from my tribe.
What? Th'sat what attracted all the satanic stuff because it was dealing in the darker arts of being a medicine man.
Aah! How many different rituals did you participate in here at the Domes? 20 to 30 different rituals.
And in those rituals, were you also doing sacrifices? Yes.
Can you share with us why, in satanic rituals, must a life form be sacrificed? It's all in the blood.
See, you got to understand that Satan is a cocapytter.
Everything that Jesus does, he copycats.
Jesus spread his blood for our sins.
The devil wants to be worshipp,ed so it's all that power in the blood.
The power to save people is Jesus' blood.
That's what he sacrificed.
So the devil wants - that same type of worship.
When you do thrie tuals, do you not only call upon Satan, but do you call upon the demons to manifest? Yes.
Are doorways opened to the dark side? Yes, they are.
If you're not careful, the doorways you open can mess you up.
Did you ever witness your fellow devil worshippers become harmed or attacked? Yeah, I seen one guy had a knife, and taSan got ahold of him.
He started just stabbing himself.
Jesus, are you a Christian now? Yes.
What made you go from the dark to the light? The guy that's here with me -- Larry Winchester.
He's my spiritual father.
He came at me in 2002, when I met him.
He seen the demonic forces on me, and he said, "Do you know that God loves you, that he sent his son to die just for you?" That's what reached me.
No one ever came at me with love.
They always came at me with a condemning spirit.
Did you suffer any retribution from Satan? Yes.
He knows I'm a threat because I've been on the other side and now I'm serving Christ.
Do you believe that -- that he is trying to punish you at all for now transitioning to the opposite side? I've been attacked by demons in my room.
The devil hates the name of Jesus.
He fears that name.
- I agree.
Those times when those demons came, I may not have been able to actually talk at the time, but in my head, I started calling out to Jesus.
And those demons fled.
- Mm-hmm.
He's thrown everything at me.
I'm still here.
My God is greater.
What was that? We heard a voice.
Yeah, I heard that, too.
I don't know what the voice was.
My God is greater.
My God is grear.
te My God is greater.
I just totally lost my train of thought after that.
ZAK: I have no idea what just happened.
After hearing that voice, my mind shut down.
I can't continue this inteiervw.
Yeah, it was.
What was that? That's what I heard.
My God is greater.
What was that? We've been filming for quite a while, and we've never heard anything yet, and all my guys were accounted -- You were right here, back behind the camera.
And why did this spirit make that noise when I was talking to Jesus? To bring -- To disturb you.
You saw what happened right after.
- What did you say? Tell me what you said.
Right after that? - "Oh, I lost my train of thought.
" Wow, I just totally lost my train of thought after that.
I couldn't think.
That's what he did.
I could not think.
I couldn't speak.
That's the power of the devil.
Something doesn't want us here.
Yesterday, my interview with Adam ended abruptly.
I would like to go outside and kind of clear things a little bit.
I need to get outside, take a -- take a breather, as well.
And now my interview with Jesus is unable to continue due to the possibility of having heard Satan himself alert us to his presence.
This only fuels my desire to explore these domes in the deep dark of the night because something very bad and very powerful is here.
And I'm ready to fe acit.
Something knows that we are here.
Hold on.
- What was it? I heard something behind me.
All right.
Right now, we are literally in the middle of absolute nowhere in the middle of the Arizona desert.
Billy over here is actually doing a drone shot right now.
BILLY: A nighttime drone shot.
And you can actually see us right there just to show you how absolutely -- There's nothing around us whatsoever.
And because of that, that gives us more dangers than just the demonic, dark-natured spiritual stuff that is affiliated with the domes here.
Do have to be careful of other people, other cults dropping by.
So while we are investigating tonight, we do have an RV.
We've got it hooked up to a generator.
We have a live nerve center inside with a nimotor.
And what's really cool is there's four dos.
me We have four cameras, one in each dome With that said, it is now time to begin our investigation of the Casa Grande domes.
We start our investigation at this particular dome where we interviewed an ex-satanic priest who performed several rituals here.
And during our interview, a dark eitnty made its presence known to us.
You will not, you shall not, you cannot manifest, in the name of Jesus.
Turned his back on Satan and found Jesus.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Hold on.
What was it? Looked like there was a [bleep] person standing right in that doorway.
Hey, when you guys were walking that way just now, I was standing completely still, and I heard something behind me.
But it could be the acoustics 'cause this is really weird in here.
While Billy first thinks he hears a voice behind him, we have to be careful because the acoustics inside of these domes can bounce our own voices in all directions, giving the impression that someone is speaking right behind us.
Aaron? - Yeah.
If I get too deep and too carried away with things that I'm saying, I want you to stop me.
- Okay.
Something knows that we are here.
Is there someone in here with us? Are there ports alhere? What are you? What is that? What? Did you -- Did you hear that? I didn't hear anything.
Growl-- No, there was a growling noise right over her What? - Just now.
And I actually heard the growling over there when all that was going on.
It was [ Growls ] I could hear it in my right ear.
As all three of us are dead-silent, Billy hears a disturbing growl-like sound that Aaron and I do not hear.
He captures this growl on his camera's audio.
What are you? What is that? - atWh? Did you -- did you hear that? Right over here, where you guys were sitting during the -- Hold on, hold on, dude.
My left arm.
There's something touching my left arm.
Right after Billy hears the growl sound, something touches my left arm, causing it to go partially numb.
I immediately review my recorder and discover a distinct voice that was captured only three seconds after I first feel this unexplained touch.
I don't know.
Hold on, hold on, dude.
My left arm.
There's something touching my left arm.
Hey, guys.
I thought one of you were back in the big dome.
I saw -- It looked like a bright I.
light shining up against the wall.
But then I saw all three of you in the UFO dome.
I don't know what it was.
Oh, yeah.
It's on.
It does not make sense.
JAY: And the camera just started freaking out.
What? I don't know whathe t hell it is.
ZAK: We're investigating the domes in the Arizona desert, and as Jay monitors from nerve center, he observes something interfere with our cameras.
BILLY: Oh, yeah.
It's on.
The motion-activated game camera that we've set up outside the largest dome has just been triggered by something.
And during this moment, the focus of our X camera rolling inside of the dome seems to go berserk.
Something is interfering with our cameras both inside and outside of this particular dome.
[ Radio chatter ] JAY:I don't know what the hell it is.
All right.
We're on our way.
And the camera just started freaking ou [Bleep] ZAK: We begin using the full-spectrum still camera to see if we can capture thene tity that many have seen inside of this dome, includgin this U.
Military veteran.
This entity's shadow was up to here.
'Cause we couldn't debunk that, I want to use the full-spectrum still in here.
Show yourself.
AARON: - Gonna blind you in a sec.
You better turn it down.
This light.
Yeah, Jay.
All three of us are in the big dome.
What? JAY: I just ran outside and did a loop around the RV.
There's no one around here.
All right.
Wonder if you'll be able to hear the knocks on the RV from the camera.
Did you capture it, or no? I heard it.
I mean, it would be on the camera.
As we replay these knocking sounds on the RV, you will hear our voices coming from the TV speakers as Jay watches us live.
AARON: - Gonna blind you in a sec.
You better turn it down.
You better turn it down.
You better turn it down.
Jay still appears disturbed by what he heard banging on the RV, so I decide to stay with him for a moment to review the full-spectrum photos we just took inside the large dome, and we are all unprepared for what we are about to discover.
This is when we went to the big dome.
[Bleep] Looks like a dude.
Look at that.
It looks like a body and two arms.
When did -- When did -- Head right there.
Yeah, and that's the head right there.
It's twisted.
Yeah, it's coming out.
Nobody was ever -- - What? Nobody was ever absolutely behind the camera.
We are all stunned to see a black shadow figure standing in an unusual posture directly in front of the camera.
And I was just rapid-firing pictures.
I was filming you do that.
There was nobody ever behind me, filming me, to cast a shadow this way.
You know what I'm saying? If there was somebody behind me shooting this direction, you would see the camera, the tripod, everything here.
But this is a really black shadow.
Well, it doesn't make sense, though The shadow is blocking some of thlie ght from the full spectrum but not this bit of the light.
So it's translucent.
Whatever the shadow is isn't just a solid figure.
Well, like, it doesn't make any sense.
I don't remember seeing this, you guys.
I was just boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, just rapid-fire.
I wasn't even paying attention to the LCD.
Doesn't make sense.
It does not make sense.
We decide to immediately head back to this dome in order to try to debunk the shadow figure.
Right now, we're trying to re-create this black shadow man that just appeared in front of the full-spectrum camera.
When I was taking otphos, where were you guys at? Remember, I was - on the other side, over here.
You were over here.
And I was right here over your shoulder.
And you were there the whole time.
Let's just say you went behind me.
So go behind me and shoot.
You're directly behind me.
- Yep.
Correct? - Correct.
I'm taking photos.
I'm gonna keep moving.
I'm moving.
Photo after photo after photo.
And the eris nothing.
Go ahead and watch.
Zero shadows.
Keep going.
There's -- It's [bleep] zero shadows.
There's a lot of weird stuff going on right now.
Oh, my God.
Are there dark spirits here? ZAK: As things heat up in Casa Grande, we are baffled by what has appeared on the full-spectrum camera.
And after countless attempts to re-create this shadow figure, the final verdict is that we are unable to debunk this evidence, making it an extremely compelling and concerning capture.
I decide that now is the perfect time for Aaron to stay all by himself in this dome while I send Billy to the smaller UFO-shaped dome.
I want to watch these X cameras closely to see if this black figure will return.
Right now, I'm sitting in this circle alone.
If you wanted to talk, I'm here.
You wanted me, I'm he.
er BILLY: So Zak just sent me to come over here to the spaceship, or this flying saucer-looking dome by myself to do EVP.
And I'm definitely on edge.
I'm not comfortable here.
I'm not comfortable with satanic-ritual-type stuff.
That is not -- I've been apprehenvesi all day.
There's some other things that have happened that I haven't really told the other guys about.
Last night at our hotel, for some weird reason -- We were at our hotel last night, around the campfire, and underneath Aaron's chair, he was sitting on this.
It's a card with a picture of Jesus on it.
Now, what's weird about this picture of Jesus, which is weird anyway, is that it's a card in remembrance of someone's funeral, and the date is 2006.
So this thing is almost 10 years old.
But for some reason, it ended up on -- deunr Aaron's chair.
And there's a passage on the back.
And there's a lot of weird stuff going on right now.
Right now, Aaron's over in the dome, sitting in the middle of the pentagram with the ZAK: As Billy just told us ouabt a Jesus prayer card that Aaron was unknowingly sitting on at our hotel, listen closely for what message he is about to receive through his Ovilus device.
AARON: I'm here.
This is a -- "Sit.
" I am sitting right now.
You wanted me.
I'm here.
I didn't want to do this, but I did.
Was it exactly the way you wanted it? "Jesus"? It's a card with a picture of Jesus on it.
For some reason, it ended up under Aaron's chair.
" "Disaster," "Jesus.
" You don't like Jesus in this area, do you? To you, that's a disaster, right? Did someone come in here and do something and you don't like that? Like, did they cleanse something or do something with Jesus? Am I right or wrong here? I'm not alone, am I? Literally, I can feel you.
God, I can feel you.
[ Exhales deeply ] Was something created here? Was something dark, through a ritual, born here? "Demon"? Oh, my God.
" It just said "demon.
" - Geez.
Do the rituals -- Do you call upon the demons to manifest? Yes.
Who are you? Are there dark spirits here? I'm gonna try something.
So I'm sitting here in the very center of the spaceship, on the floor.
I'm gonna read the passage.
"The Lord is my shepherd.
I shall not want.
" "He restoreth my soul.
" "Righteousness, for his namesake.
Yay, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil.
" I can't breathe.
What the [bleep] is he doing? They're losing their min.
ds Yeah.
Whoa! ZAK: The dark Arizona desert falls silent as Billy reads a bible passage in an attempt at waking an entity.
BILLY: "Yay, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for thou art with me.
Thou" -- I can't breathe.
Do you not like that? You don't like to hear the Lord's prayer? Does that piss you off? Whoa, whoa, what is he doing? He startedun rning.
He just ran out of there.
What the [bleep] is he doing? I just heard some [bleep] out here.
[ Sighs ] It's like - they're losing their minds.
Where's Billy? - He's out there.
What is he doing, dude? He's not saying anything.
He just ran off.
This is why I like - to send people on solo missions, because they don't have the energy of me or anyone else around them to distract their senses.
And I'm concerned about Billy right now.
I don't know what is going on.
Do you know -- Where did he -- Whoa! [Bleep] [Bleep] [Bleep] Don't [bleep] do that.
Did you guys leave this trailer at all? No.
Phew! [Bleep] I'm equally as shook up as you guys are, okay? We thought you were right out the flying saucer dome, bro.
I thought that maybe you guy-- [Bleep] Did you see what I was doing? You were reading a prayer.
So I get halfway through it, and I feel, like, stabbing pains in my stomach.
I can't finish the prayer.
So I -- You got stabbing pains in your stomach as y wouere reading that? Stabbing pains as I'm reading the Lord's prayer.
Like someone was trying to stop you from reading it? Yes.
Did you feel the energy when he opened that door, too? Yeah.
There was, like, a blast came through.
Where did he -- - Whoa! [Bleep] I mean, I felt a ripple right through my body.
AARON: All right.
I'm gonna turn this on.
It's gonna make a noise.
Use this device.
Use this equipment sound, okay? [ Oscillating static ] Go to Aaron.
Go to Aaron.
Go to Aaron.
What's wrong? What's wrong? Dude, I just saw this showad, horn -- horns, everything, man.
Dude, I just saw this shadow just saw this shadow just saw this shadow ZAK: Like shadows that stretch across the desert, these domes seem to have an infinite reach.
There's something touching my left arm.
Although we are physically leaving, the darkness that lives here will never let us go.