Ghost Adventures (2008) s12e10 Episode Script

Nevada State Prison

You and other inmates knew that that place was haunted.
Without a doubt.
MAN: The Nevada State Prison MAN: Fifty-four executions on the property.
I'd seen a dark shadow.
It -- it was terrifying.
What do you want to do to Dennis? Oh, [bleep].
What was that? Who do you want to attack? He just lost his mind In there, yeah.
[Indistinct] [Bleep] It says demon.
There are things in this world that we will never fully understand.
We want answers.
[ Echoing ] Answers.
We have worked years to build our credibility, our reputation, working alongside the most renowned professionals in the field, capturing groundbreaking proof of the paranormal.
It's working.
- Whoa.
I can't give you an explanation.
This is our evidence, our "Ghost Adventures.
" In 2012, the Nevada State Prison shut down.
Inmates were terrified of the spirits here.
And even guards, to this day, still claim that demons are haunting them.
Since 1862, this former maximum security prison located in Carson City once implemented several of the harshest punishments by death against Nevada's toughest criminals.
With 54 inmates lethally executed at this institution, we're here to learn more about the restless negative energy that's been brewing within these walls.
Demonic and oppressive attachments that have impacted the lives of several correctional officers once responsible for keeping the order here have lost that balance within their own lives.
Zak, nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you.
So Glen, you worked here in 1973 as a corrections officer.
That's right.
Can you kind of take us back and tell us - what kind of atmosphere was it like inside - of the Nevada State Prison? Uh, it was a really difficult time.
Count time.
There was this low-level conflict existing between staff and inmates.
And, in a lot of cases, that manifested itself in violence.
There were murders here.
There were assaults on inmates and staff.
Did you ever witness suicide? I've seen people who have committed suicide inside of institutions, yeah.
How far is death row from here? The execution chamber is at the top of this building there at the end.
Now, we're not allowed to investigate there, are we? No.
- Why? Because it's still in use.
It's still the place of execution for the State of Nevada.
There have been 54 executions on the property since 1905.
The beating heart of this institution, we can't investigate that That's right.
Because it's still being used.
That's right.
There's no doubt the extreme violence experienced inside this prison has spawned a negative energy so dangerous that it's operating at a demonic level.
Our investigation will take us to three highly-charged paranormal areas.
And, in the cell block, we'll learn how that violent energy is affecting the livelihood of this former corrections officer.
Twice in -- in the years that I'd been here, I'd seen a dark shadow.
When I was working graveyard, I was, uh, doing count with, uh, my partner.
I'd seen a dark shadow.
It was probably about 6, 6-2.
ZAK: Upon learning of our investigation, a former corrections officer comes forth with evidence of a shadow figure captured in the same area where Dennis had his experience.
Our research has uncovered the murder of an inmate who was burned alive in this very cell block.
But what's more disturbing is the trend we see here as this dark shadow figure has victimized two separate prison guards to the point to where it's followed one of them home, a force so manipulative that it has the ability to mimic small children.
Some of them are just child-size, uh, uh, shadows.
Like, one crossed right in front of me between me and the TV.
It was a smaller - Yes.
- And this is why we think that one of the ghosts is a little girl because I've seen her.
And I wanted to get up.
When I tried to get up, I couldn't get up.
It seemed like forever.
It -- it was terrifying.
- Mm-hmm.
It's very common in demonic hauntings for demons to mimic innocent, small children in order to lure in the living victim and prey upon them with terrifying mind games.
This place is very, very violent.
I, uh, witnessed stuff I shouldn't probably ever seen.
And there was several deaths here back in the day.
A notorious place to -- to die.
Randy Howard is an ex-convict who served his sentence here at the Nevada State Prison.
How much time did you actually do right here at this prison? All together, I did about 13 years.
Really? - Yeah.
Can I ask what you were in for? I was in for murder.
When you were here, did -- did you or anyone ever hear about, uh, hauntings or, like, these spirits or anything like that messing with anybody? Without a doubt.
Really? - Right over there.
In the bathroom? - Yes, sir.
It's haunted.
You walk in there.
And it gets colder.
Plenty of people got killed in there.
That's where you shower, like 100 men at a time.
Very dangerous because of the steam.
You couldn't see nothing.
And I went in there one time to take a leak.
And, uh, there was a guy hanging in there.
And somebody asked me, "Did he hang himself?" And I said, "No, he -- he was murdered.
" You and other inmates knew that that place was haunted.
Without a doubt.
Without question.
Next, we meet another prison guard who takes us to one of the most highly active areas on the prison grounds, a mountainous rock with a barbaric cell carved from inside its massive belly.
MAN: You hear 'em talking about the hole in prison.
Well, this is the hole.
One inmate spent 7 years in there.
And he was extremely violent, and then came out and had a -- he had to have a lobotomy.
He just lost his mind.
So just imagine that.
A guy that you said was extremely violent Damn.
- It's not me.
Oh, geez.
We're pretty much at, like, 12 seasons.
So you should know to put your phone on vibrate when we're filmin'.
Get it all out.
I got to make a phone call real quick, hold on.
Billy, you want to chime in, or I'm going to make a call real quick.
There you go.
Just call my mom.
There we go.
Everybody got it out now? Can we continue? Oh, my God.
Oh, this is frickin' crazy in here.
It doesn't even feel like we're in a prison right now.
It honestly feels like we're in some creepy ass mine.
What the hell? [ Screams ] What the hell? That's a mummified cat.
Hey, Kurt.
Yeah? I just have a weird feeling right now.
Suddenly, I hit a pocket of energy And immediately, I take out my recorder to see if Kurt, another former prison guard, is attracting a malicious entity just like Dennis has.
Are you here with us now? Are you afraid? Did you spend a lot of time in here? Why are you still here? Am I feeling you? Aaron.
- Yeah? Come here and listen because you have a good ear.
Ready? - Are you afraid? [ Distortion ] "I'm not afraid"! Are you afraid? What did you just tell me about the guy that spent in here 7 years? He was very violent.
And as we listen further, we discover another disturbing EVP capture.
Are you here with us now? [ Bleep ] Oh, oh.
- Yeah.
Did you hear what it said? It says [bleep] you.
We're gonna enhance it.
Are you here with us now? [Bleep] Yeah.
I wonder if it said "[bleep] you" because I'm an officer.
ZAK: Could this aggression geared towards Kurt be the same entity that followed Dennis back to his home? This pattern of dark activity aimed at correctional officers becomes only more apparent when yet another guard, who, under conditions of anonymity, comes forth with confirmation of demonic activity at this prison.
We need to hear about this.
Is it true that -- that, you know, is there demons here at the prison? MAN: Yeah, there're demons all over that place.
We need to come and talk to you.
Okay? We're going to start heading over now.
Right now, we just left the prison.
And we are here at the man's house that does work presently in the prison system, used to work at the Nevada State Prison.
We are going to be preserving his anonymity.
He wants to warn us about demons that are inside the prison.
Are there demons at Nevada State Prison? Well, I know there's at least one who actually contacted me by phone at my prison.
Wha -- what happened? This demon, Dante, calls me at my position where I was working.
What do you mean this -- calls you? This demon calls you on the phone? Exactly.
Does he -- does he have a voice? Does he speak? - Oh, yes.
He speaks very well.
Uh, but What is the voice like? Well, uh, it's [bleep] -- "It's Dante.
" Dante, this demon, resides at the Nevada State Prison.
That's what he says.
So do you think that this demon is aware that we are here? Oh, I'm sure.
And what do you think could happen to us if we call him out at the prison? I just know that he's verbally stated he'll haunt people that come through there.
Are you a spirit from the prison? Who's standing right here? Whoa! ZAK: To understand how the hauntings at the Nevada State Prison affected one of its former corrections officers, we set up an impromptu investigation to see if the claims of rampant activity in his home connect back to the prison.
So right now, we are getting ready to investigate Dennis behind me.
He's a retired Nevada State Prison guard.
And this is the house that he has experienced a ton of activity.
And we are trying to see if this entity has any connection to the prison.
It's basically mostly in the, um, master, uh, bathroom, master bedroom, occasionally in -- in the, uh, front room, in the living room.
I do want to tell you that we are going to try to communicate with the entity.
That's your cat.
And as far as apparitions figures, shadow figures, you have seen them inside the house? Correct.
Good luck, guys.
Your house is now ours.
We start by setting up X cameras throughout the house.
Next, I will conduct an EVP session in the master bedroom where much of the activity has been reported.
If there is a spirit here and you followed Dennis home from the prison, I want you to show yourself to us now.
Show yourself in front of me.
Speak into this in my hand.
What is it that you want from him? Give him a message right now.
After several minutes and dozens of questions, we capture no EVPs.
We just reviewed the recording session.
And we got, uh, zero EVPs.
Okay, so what I want you to do is, Billy and, uh, Jay, you two guys stay there, monitor this kitchen.
If you hear a cupboard, a drawer open up, call me.
Aaron and I are going to go back to the master bedroom together.
And I want us to just, kind of, hang out back there in the bedroom.
Look, feel, sense anything, call me.
Okay? - All right.
You're somewhere in this house, aren't you? It feels weird right here.
What is your name? Are you a spirit from the prison? [ Distorted ] Whoa.
What was that? Are you a spirit from the prison? Tell us the name of the man that lives in this house.
What do they call you? What do you want to do to Dennis? [ Distorted ] What do you want to do to Dennis? Why do you want to hurt him? Who are you after? Why are you here? [ Warble ] Wait, the girl who said Whoa, [bleep]! - Zak.
Whoa, bro.
Oh, my God.
Keep going.
Aaron, stop.
There's somebody right here, bro.
Right after we hear this spirit identify itself as the devil, I sense a strange energy from the hallway.
To confirm this spirit's identity, I ask its name a second time to see if we can get a similar response.
Who is standing in this room? It -- it -- it -- it spooked me.
Somebody came up behind me.
And I know somebody's standing right here.
Put that over there.
What is your name? Who's standing right here? [ Warble ] The devil.
- Oh, my God! The devil.
- [ Bleep ] That thing just said the devil.
[ Bleep ] Who's standing right here? The devil.
- Oh, my God! The devil.
Turn it off, dude.
This spirit just validated its identity by stating its name twice on cue.
This is very compelling but, for Dennis, very terrifying evidence.
With our evidence now documented and analyzed, we call Dennis back to the prison where we reveal to him some disturbing EVPs we captured in his home.
I want you to listen to a particular voice.
We started using the spirit box.
I was in your bedroom.
And I was standing with my back towards your -- your -- the door to the hallway.
I felt something behind me.
I do want to tell you, this is a little disturbing.
And this is what it identified itself as.
What's the name of whatever energy is affecting me right now? Holy crap.
That's pretty clear.
Yeah, that's real clear.
You can't get any clearer than that.
What's the name of whatever energy is affecting me right now? Now, to make - this even more compelling, I want you to remember the tone of that voice.
And I want you to listen to the second time we captured.
Who's standing right here? Yeah.
Same thing but just a little bit lower in tone.
A little bit lower in tone.
- Yeah.
Who's standing right here? I -- I don't think - the devil is in your bedroom.
It could be a human spirit That doesn't want you there.
That doesn't want us there Okay.
- And is trying to scare us.
We had a couple - different spirits come through, a man and -- and a female.
Here's the female getting kind of smart with us.
What do you want to do to Dennis? Can you tell what they're saying? Bend over.
- Bend over.
Oh, God.
Could this be something connected to you working at the prison? When you're - strip-searching inmates, you tell 'em to bend over, spread their cheeks, and cough.
Whatever spirit that is, is -- had the influence of the prison.
What I recommend is I think it's a really, really, really good idea for you to get your house completely blessed Okay.
- By a priest.
- And just see how that goes.
If you need help, if you need a priest or somebody like that, we can help you out.
- I can find somebody for you.
If you want to stay in this house, I think that's the only way it's gonna leave.
I think I probably will.
This is the ultimate lockdown prison.
Is there anybody here? Who do you want to attack? Come on.
It is time.
Lisa, you are with the Nevada State Prison Preservation Society, a board member.
You are going to be locking us in.
- Now this is the ultimate lockdown prison because we are really locked down in here.
And we cannot escape whatsoever.
Billy, get in there.
Jay, Aaron, let's go.
From our nerve center, Jay Wasley, our audio/visual tech, will be watching several X cameras: one covering this cave also known as the hole, this old bathroom where multiple murders have taken place, the mess hall and a thermal imaging camera covering the yard.
How [bleep] cool is this? We're just going to walk out into pitch blackness in a prison yard that just shut down a few years ago.
This massive prison complex is all ours.
And it is dark out here.
That's how dark it is.
Pitch black.
Right here.
See those windows on the top floor right there? That is the execution chamber.
That is the only part of this entire prison that we cannot investigate or go through the doors up there because that execution chamber, ladies and gentlemen, is still being used to this day.
Man, the second you walk in, it's just like an instant change of vibe Yeah.
From outside.
All right.
Right now, we just reached the spot where an ex-guard told us that a man was burned to death, right here.
So we're going to set up a camera.
Hey, Billy.
- Yeah? Get your Ovilus V.
Is there anybody here? If you hear me, make a noise in your cell.
If you can hear me, make a noise.
Is it saying anything, Billy? Nothing.
Oh, "attack.
" Holy [bleep]! It says attack.
It says attack? As soon as you said that, it said attack just now.
Who do you want to attack? Geez.
That's a crazy message.
As soon as you said that, it said attack.
After receiving this threatening message, we take caution in proceeding through the cell block to determine if what this spirit just told us will actually happen.
You want to say something else? Go ahead.
Who's the one who said they wanted to attack me? I'm going to go farther down here.
- Come on.
Keep talkin'.
Who do you want to attack? You can attack those two guys back there.
It's silent, Zak.
Come on! "Slain.
" Slain means to kill somebody.
Yes, slain.
- For real? Billy receives the word "slain.
" Is this a message from a spirit who was slain here? Or is it saying it wants to slay us? Oh, man.
I'm getting chills, dude, on the back of my neck.
There's something behind me.
Is that you, spirit? It's someone They're giving us messages, Zak.
Rolling, rolling, rolling, rolling, rolling, rolling.
You told Billy that you wanted to attack.
Who do you want to attack? You cannot [bleep] use my body.
It says demon.
Oh, [bleep]! ZAK: After receiving a barrage of violent threats, we move deeper into the main cell block of the Nevada State Prison to uncover its source.
Who do you want to attack? If you watch closely, you'll notice a strange irregular shaped, mist-like anomaly manifest and then disappear near the recorder.
And at the same exact moment, we also capture this spirit voice.
I think there's a lot of emotions trapped in these cells, dude.
Think of the year -- all the years Oh, God.
With this intense energy around me, a strange ball of light suddenly manifests, shooting towards my body.
And at this moment, I feel my emotions take a turn for the worse.
How -- what are you feeling right now? You all right? What'd you have? Was it rage? Oh, my God.
Was it that cell or this cell? It was this cell.
This cell? I didn't go in there.
Only you did.
Aaron immediately hands me the SLS camera to see if I can map in this evil spirit that's affecting me.
Who's in here? Who's in -- who's in here? If you're threatening to attack me, go ahead.
Holy [bleep].
It's right here.
Right in the hallway.
Get the [bleep] out of me.
Did you hear me? Get the [bleep] out of me.
Do you understand me? I know.
It's the exact same spot.
There's some -- something about it - because it happened as soon as you came - out of the cell, right here.
You changed.
ZAK: Concerned with my current mood, Aaron grabs the SLS camera.
And at this moment, he sees something shocking.
I said, "You cannot use my body.
" Do you understand that? It's out.
It's out of me.
But it's still here.
Don't Oh, man.
Why'd you do that? It was right in front of the door.
And it -- it's gone.
Suddenly, a figure appears directly in front of me then disappears inside the next cell.
It was right in front of you.
Stay there.
Who are you? It was in front of you, dude.
You cannot use my body.
You understand that? You can't use my body.
Oh, it jumped out.
As soon as you said that, it jumped out.
That's crazy.
As soon as I tell the spirit that it can't use my body, my own skeletal figure leaps out of my body and literally breaks on cue.
That's crazy we documented that.
Get back into your cell.
Oh, he's in front of the door.
Get back into your cell.
Get away from me.
Just as I tell the spirit to get back in its cell, the SLS camera documents this figure doing exactly that.
Get back into your cell.
It's not there anymore.
It would disappeared out of you, jumped in front of the cell Jumping in and out of the cell I can tell tru-- trust me.
You cannot use my body.
Do you understand that? [ Indistinct ] I'm still here.
[ Indistinct ] [ Warble ] Oh.
- What was that? Listen.
Get back in your cell.
What are you? Demon! It says demon! It said demon.
What are you? Oh, my God.
A demon, just declared demon.
Crystal -- crystal clear.
What are you? This place is no joke.
And the energy is felt.
And it's saturated into these walls.
And we're all feeling it.
As we leave this cell block, shaken from what just occurred and the evidence we documented, I receive one last message through the Ovilus device.
I know I put it Look what it just said.
"Hang yourself glance.
" This is unbelievable.
What do you think? Come out and talk.
[ Bleep ] Footsteps just walking on the side of the wall.
ZAK: With extreme levels of dark energy documented in the cell block of this infamous prison, we return to nerve center to start planning out our next move when we hear strange sounds coming from the prison bathroom.
That was a voice.
What the [bleep]? What was that noise? I don't know.
Been hearing some [bleep] like that the whole time.
I'm shaking.
He was singing.
There were times I was about to run out there because I seriously thought there was somebody in there.
Aw, Billy, do you have a, um, camera? What the [bleep]? ZAK: Based on this activity, I sent Billy to investigate the prison yard bathroom where, earlier, an ex-inmate told us about its history of murder and hauntings, while Aaron investigates the hole, armed only with a full spectrum camera mounted to his chest.
Hello? Eugene? Are you down here? Someone told us that's your name.
They had a guy in there whose name was Gene Austin.
Is that true? I'm not hearing any of the noises that Jay claims he was hearing at base.
It's dead silent in here.
Anybody in here? This right here is the talking EVP device.
We've used it quite a few times.
We're going to see what's going to happen here in the shower.
[ Mid-pitch warble ] Okay.
It just said "hell.
" It just said hell as the first thing that it said.
It's been running.
It says hell.
[ Bleep ] I first got in here, like, it's just crushing anxiety.
And it feels like that right now.
There were people hung in here.
This is If you wanted to kill somebody, you'd come in here.
And you'd kill them.
This is the perfect opportunity.
There aren't guards in here watching you shower.
The steam would fill up.
And you'd just get shanked and be killed.
I'm going to set my camera down.
And I'm just going to kind of feel it out, see what's going on.
Heard you were here for 7 years.
Is that true? What's that? I heard footsteps towards the face of the entryway.
Can you holler as loud as you can? I've come a long way to figure out if you're in here, man.
Come out and talk.
ZAK: Aaron captures an EVP at this exact moment.
It's getting very different-feeling in here.
It's really hard to breathe.
Beginning EVP session: Billy by himself in the shower.
They say that there are spirits in here that are trapped, someone who was killed in here possibly.
Tries to ring the buzzer to get out.
But there is nobody there.
[ Warble ] "Felon"! Are you serious right now? God! This is -- this is unbelievable.
"Felon" "Felon.
" ZAK: Just as a strange anomaly makes a 90-degree turn near the talking EVP device, a familiar prison term comes through it.
God! Oh! And you can feel -- you can totally feel the emotion in here.
Gene, is that you trying to get me out of here so you can be alone? Come on, Eugene.
I'll get out of here as long as you just start running around and making a ton of noise.
I'll give you that respect and get out.
There's footsteps right down near the wall.
There's footsteps right there.
Dude, there was [bleep] footsteps just walking on the side of the wall.
There's footsteps right down near the wall.
For the spirit that's here in this shower, that's stuck here, whether you were killed or murdered here, you don't have to stay here.
You can leave.
You're not in prison anymore.
That's my con-- that's my consoling you.
I'm telling you "Helpful.
" Yes.
I'm trying to be helpful to you.
I'm going to open the door to this shower.
I know it's closed.
I know that the door is shut.
But I'm going to open the door.
And when I do, I want you to leave this place.
You don't have to stay in here anymore.
I'm trying to help you.
" Yes, like a brother.
I'm letting you out.
Whoever is in here, come over here.
You're free to leave this place.
You don't have to stay here anymore.
The door is open.
You're free to go.
Are there any spirits in the mess hall here with us? Come talk to us now.
Run! [Bleep]! ZAK: For the final leg of this investigation, we shift our focus to another extremely violent area within the Nevada State Prison.
Billy, I want you and Jay to go into the mess hall.
Use the PILFER device.
- Okay.
Create that energy field around you Mm-hmm.
- And see if those spirits flock to that energy field.
Ready? One, two, three.
Are there any spirits in the mess hall here with us? You want that energy? Come and get it.
Oh, oh, oh, oh.
What is that? To the right, towards Bill.
Hey, guys.
Guys, guys, we've got a -- an anomaly that was literally floating between the tables as if it was walking towards you, Billy, when you started doing that.
-Really? -Yeah, it was really cool.
It started over by Jay's table.
It -- it basically walked through the table, slowly moved, anomaly, all the way down through over there towards you, Bill.
Holy [bleep].
-Maybe because I was yelling.
Jay, what are you feeling like? -I'm feeling a lot of energy starting to build up around me.
You can really feel this thing intensify the energy around me.
Come on.
Use that energy.
- You know what? Me and this guy right here, we're in charge of this prison.
We run this place.
If you have a problem with that, you come talk to us now.
Come on.
We have the energy.
Come Whoa.
- Whoa.
It's just chilling.
He goes, "Come take it.
" And look at it.
Look at that.
It's just hanging out.
Now it's going around.
It's gone.
That was weird.
That was weird.
He goes, "Come take it.
" Come on.
We have the energy.
As Jay is provoking the spirits to manifest, another light anomaly appears and seems to stop near him for a moment before completely changing direction.
We believe that the PILFER device is altering the atmosphere and allowing these anomalies to manifest.
Another anomaly, too, as soon as you guys started, uh, yelling.
Another anomaly came in and hovered right near Jay's head, then went around him and floated away.
It was crazy.
Come on.
- Come on.
Do this [bleep].
Let's raise some hell.
Let's get out of here.
How are you feeling, Jay? I feel a little shaky.
I don't know if it was just the PILFER or if it's something else.
[ Clang ] Come on What -- shh! What was that? Guys, it just sounded like something got thrown in there.
That's by the spirit.
Turn off the PILFER.
Turn the PILFER off.
What is that? Jay and Billy immediately search the area for anyone or anything that could have thrown something at them.
There's nobody out here, Jay.
We have investigated several prisons.
But this one that's in our home state has delivered activity on a whole new level.
Nearly every device we used yielded incredible evidence of something dark that lingers here.
And we also encountered spirits who were killed here but, most importantly, needed to be set free.
The door's open.
You're free to go.