Ghost Adventures (2008) s12e11 Episode Script

Return to Winchester Mystery House

WOMAN: Stairs to nowhere [Bleep] Oh, my God! Doors that open to walls Whoa! What was that? Secret passageways We're not supposed to be down here.
This is a mysterious place.
I saw a figure.
I saw movement in the room.
There's more - than secret passageways here.
I believe that there is a crossroads of energy.
There's unfinished business.
Is this the room you did séances in? Dude, I can't move! It's behind me, Jay.
- Right? I just heard it.
[ Distorted ] Oh, my God, Jay! ZAK: There are things in this world that we will never fully understand.
[ Distorted ] Understand.
[ Echoing ] We want answers.
We have worked years to build our credibility, our reputation, working alongside the most renowned professionals in the field, capturing groundbreaking proof of the paranormal.
It's working! I can't give you an explanation.
[ Birds cawing ] This is our evidence our ghost adventures.
We've been investigating the paranormal for well over 10 years, doing "Ghost Adventures.
" And during that time, there is only one place that we had to stop investigating, quit our lockdown in the middle of the night, and leave because how the activity interfered and affected my crew.
Did you hear that? Oh, my God! Dude! Oh, God.
- Holy [bleep] We have enough evidence to support - that something's going on.
And at this point, I'm not continuing this.
And over these last few years, I can't stop thinking about this location.
There's unfinished business.
So, ladies and gentlemen, we are returning to the Winchester Mystery House.
This unique home was constructed under the direction of Sarah Winchester, heiress of the Winchester fortune.
The Model 1894 Winchester rifle -- the gun that was said to have won the West -- it was destined to become one of the most popular firearms in history.
This killing machine was responsible for an unprecedented loss of life.
And the responsibility of this weighed heavily on Sarah Winchester.
This tormented woman believed her good fortune was paid for with the blood of those who wound up at the wrong end of a Winchester rifle.
Her devastating guilt drove her to build a beautiful, yet bizarre home, designed much like a labyrinth -- stairs to nowhere, doors that open to walls, and secret passageways, all constructed so that she may elude the angry spirits who were once victims of the Winchester rifle.
Sarah Winchester designed this house with sacred geometry.
And all these different angles are meant to connect with the astral plane of the spirits and victims that died from her family's rifles.
There's more than secret passageways here.
There's secret spiritual portals here.
You can feel them.
Behind four separate locked doors in Sarah Winchester's ballroom sits a safe designed to hold her most sacred possessions.
[ Door creaks ] After her death in September of 1922, it was opened.
[ Door creaks ] Inside was nothing but locks of hair and the two obituaries of her deceased husband and their infant daughter.
It would appear Sarah's connection to the afterlife was unbreakable.
All right, Aaron.
You all right? - [ Laughing ] Yeah.
It's just weird being in here.
This is a mysterious place.
It's a very strange place.
And it's a place - where we decided to conduct one of the most insane experiments that we've ever come up with before.
Tonight, we're having some friends set up shop at the Washoe Club.
We're gonna be communicating with our friend Chris, who's gonna be at - Bobby Mackey's Music World.
We're all gonna be able to see each other at the same time - through a satellite system.
They are going - to tell the spirits there to travel - to the Mystery House here.
And we thought it'd be a good idea to create this man-made portal.
We had some things come through and enter - the Winchester Mystery House.
And I know the effects of what that experiment had on you after it finished.
For a while, it was bad.
You know what happened to me.
I felt an energy around me.
And the energy triggered the Mel Meter.
And I realized the next morning when I woke up that my grandmother died at that same exact minute.
Let's go back and visit these -- these locations - where everything happened.
[ Creaking ] Hold on.
Hello? There's footsteps all around us.
Hold on.
Oh, my God.
Get down here.
Would you get Stay right here.
Come here.
Watch -- watch right there.
What was that? Something moved by the window.
Did you see something walk? Yeah, right past the window.
Aaron? Shh, shh, shh.
Hold on.
Hold on.
Stay, stay, stay.
[ Sighs ] Billy? - Yeah? Come here quick! Uh, Zak, this is the window.
What was that? It was right here.
Did we just see you walk by this window? Feel this.
Did we just receive a response from the figure I think we just caught a glimpse of in the hallway? Did we just see you walk by this window? We just came here to go walk through these different areas and to just recount, uh, what happened.
But we never anticipated this level of activity to start happening.
And I'll tell you right now, um, it just doesn't feel like we're welcome here.
No, not at all.
How you doing, man? Pretty good.
How you doing? - Good.
John Freitas claims to have seen a figure that we suspect may be similar to what we captured upstairs.
What was that? So where are we headed right now? So, we're heading - down to the basement right now.
Watch your step and your head, okay? I like when you come here to the Winchester Mystery House 'cause you can walk like a medieval hunchback monster.
And it's perfectly okay.
Doesn't look weird at all.
Ugh! - Oh.
All right, dude.
Come on.
MAN: Are you okay? No, he's not okay 'cause he's gonna do this all the time.
- First.
Come here.
Ow! - Oh, jeez.
[ Laughing ] God.
You just pushed me into it.
- I know.
I did that one.
I -- I -- I got -- I got mad at you for this one.
I did that one.
Now it's even.
Why would you get mad 'cause I hit my head? - Shh.
It's all evened out now.
I got mad at you for this one.
I created that one.
Yeah, perfect.
I feel great.
What's your name, again? Uh, my name is John.
- John, okay.
Is it true that they say a construction worker died down here during the making of it? Um, there is a story about the wheelbarrow man who's usually down here, down Steam Alley.
There's some tour guides that actually call him Clyde.
He's actually in the photograph of the carpenters.
Where did you see this wheelbarrow man? I was standing right here in the basement, studying my Behind the Scenes Tour script.
And while studying, I saw that man, the exact same description, right there in the boiler room.
See the -- where the ash sifter is at right there? ZAK: Yeah.
[ Static ] Did you see details, clothing, or anything like that? Yeah, he actually wore a white overalls.
He wore a hat and a mustache.
Jay? - Yeah? The figure I saw looked like he had overalls on.
But that's - I definitely saw the hat.
- FREITAS: Yeah.
He definitely wore a hat.
ZAK: Later, we will analyze this figure with John to see if it's the same wheelbarrow man he witnessed down here.
What you came here to tell us has already happened to us earlier tonight.
I'm eager to know - the next person we interview, what experience they had, Aaron, and if it connects - to what we just experienced.
I think our return, we planned it.
But I also think the spirits here also planned it.
We're in the sewing room right now.
- Mm-hmm.
So tell me what exactly happened.
You were walking by this room.
And did you see something? KEVIN: Um, I thought I saw a figure.
I saw movement in the room.
And this is, like, a Plexiglas door.
It's always locked.
There shouldn't be anybody in here.
- But as I was walking by, I saw a figure, - saw movement in the room.
So I peeked in, - and I saw this rocking chair rocking back and forth.
[ Creaking ] ZAK: Is this the first time that you've ever had experience in the house? Um, first, like, notable thing.
I mean, I've been around the house my entire life.
- Really? My parents both used to work here.
- And both my parents said while they were working here, they've heard their names called.
- Mm-hmm.
Um, a lot of people would feel something around.
And, like, I've gotten that same feeling, too, where you just feel - like there's something extra Mm-hmm.
- present in the room, but nothing out of malice -- just, like, another presence around.
That's what we did, is this a direction Holy [bleep] - Right? This is the room, right? Sarah Winchester's room.
Sarah, I know - that for the last few years since we've been here, I have had guilt.
We were inviting negative spirits here.
I don't feel that that was right.
Something was here.
Something was dark.
And I just want to apologize for bringing that negativity into the room where you died.
But I will say we want to investigate your home again -- this time, no special guests, just us and the victims - from the Winchester rifles.
We are gonna go inside Sarah's séance room.
Whoa, look! - Whoa, whoa, whoa! It's in the room behind you over there.
What the hell? ZAK: Before we begin our lockdown here at the Winchester Mystery House, we asked John Freitas to review the evidence we captured yesterday just before his interview.
During our interview last night, you told us - that you saw an apparition down in the basement.
- Yes.
And you believe - this apparition was a man that apparently died while constructing the mansion, right? I believe so.
- Okay.
I want you to watch very closely at this screen.
I want you to give us any information at all if this is the same figure that you saw in the basement.
Go ahead, Billy.
Been following us this whole time.
I just saw Oh, my God.
Get down here.
It's weird 'cause - I thought I saw something.
Watch right here by the lights.
What was that? Oh, my goodness.
It is the guy.
- What? Are you serious? - Yeah.
I saw him downstairs right near the boiler.
He actually wore the white clothing.
ZAK: When we enhanced the video, you can see a figure pass by the window.
You can clearly see a face, a hat, and what we believe to be white overalls.
It gets better.
I want you to listen to an EVP, a spirit voice that we receive once we hit that exact same spot, trying to debunk this figure, which we couldn't.
Bring up the audio file.
[ Click ] Did we just see you walk by this window? [ Indistinct voice ] Can you go back? Did we just see you walk by this window? [ Indistinct voice ] We thought we heard, "That was me.
" Listen.
Did we just see you walk by this window? We don't really capture, you know, full-bodied apparitions like this a lot.
I mean, so to go back there and try to investigate this further and call the spirit out and to get an intelligent response, Yeah.
- Taking credit for it just really helps to prove that this is a spirit that just answered our question.
This is really shocking.
[ Laughs ] Yeah.
- Wow.
We haven't even started our lockdown investigation yet.
And we're already capturing this caliber of evidence.
So with that said, close this.
And it's time to go to work investigating.
This is an original Winchester rifle from the 1800s.
This is what caused Sarah Winchester to build this house, from all the hundreds of thousands, millions, of people that were killed by these rifles.
So, what we're gonna do right now inside Sarah's séance room, where she communicated with the dead, we have a table set up with two chairs, one for her and one for us.
We have a structured light sensor camera.
We have a thermal imaging camera, night vision, and full spectrum.
We are gonna go there and bring this with us and try to communicate with Sarah and these spirits.
Once we pass through that door, all the mysteries surround us.
And this time, we're going to complete our investigation no matter what happens.
Damon, the director of operations here, I want to say a huge thank-you for allowing us to return.
Gentlemen, on behalf of Mrs.
Winchester, the house welcomes you.
As we make the long journey through this 160-room, 24,000-square-foot mansion, we finally reach nerve center and notice Billy is in the séance room, setting up one of our cameras.
And he has no idea that something is in the room with him.
That's good.
That's good.
Leave it.
BILLY: Yeah, it's Whoa! - Whoa, whoa, whoa! Keep it still! There's a shad-- there's a spirit.
There's something sitting in that chair right now.
There's a guy, somebody standing in that chair right now.
BILLY: What the hell? Yeah, I can see that.
Holy [bleep] Bill, um, sit down in the chair with that figure.
See what happens.
AARON: No, no, no, no.
It's really cold right here, super, super cold right here.
And now it's on his head! Look at that.
It's like ZAK: Oh, it's standing on your lap.
Dude, it's standing on your lap.
BILLY: There's really cold air right here.
It's standing on your lap.
That's what you're feeling.
You're feeling the spirit.
This figure appears to step over him, then stand on his lap.
Remember, Billy cannot see this figure.
But what he can do is feel an ice-cold pocket of air exactly where this figure is seen on the SLS camera.
The figure that's in the room with Billy, can you, uh, can you move? Can you go to the other chair? Can you go sit down in the other chair and get off Billy's lap? It's gone.
BILLY: It -- it's like a refrigerator right here.
[ Indistinct voice ] Yeah, it's back.
It's standing on your -- on your hands.
It just went in that room behind you.
It just disappeared into the room behind you.
Oh, I saw a little figure right back there.
I saw it.
Yeah, it's in the room behind you over there.
That's where it's at right now.
That cold air is gone, by the way.
Watch the other cameras.
You guys see anything on thermal or anything? AARON: No.
Can you please come back in this room? We know that you went in there.
Can you -- Cold air.
Cold air right here.
Just as he says that, it comes back! Cold air.
Just as he says that Just as you said that, it came back.
I just got My arm hair's standing up on end.
And at the exact same time Billy feels the cold air mass vanish, then as the figure reappears on cue, Billy feels the ice-cold blast of air return.
And he feels this before I even tell him that the figure has reappeared.
Whoa! Cold air right here.
This is like a refrigerator right here.
I'm not kidding.
Just -- - It's just a blast of air.
And it just sits.
- Put your hands right here.
Holy [bleep] It's not joking, man.
That's incredible.
- It's Oh, my God.
- Ice-cold.
'Cause all the energy is being drawn from right here.
It's like sticking your hand into an ice chest.
How many spirits are in here with us right now? Let us hear your voice.
MAN: Whoa! ZAK: With an unknown figure being documented in Sarah Winchester's séance room, Billy and I now try to establish communication.
Whose photo is this right here? Dude, just put your hand over here.
Feel the air.
- Tell me your name.
[ Indistinct voice ] Holy [bleep] Oh! A man responds.
And we think he's telling us that his name is Russell.
We will now replay the voice.
See if you can make it out.
Put your hand over here.
Feel the air.
Tell me your name.
Is this the room you did séances in? [ Indistinct voice ] The same voice again.
"Of course.
" Did it just say, "Of course"? That's what we heard, guys.
That's what we heard.
"Of course.
" I thought it was, "Of course.
" Is this the room you did séances in? The same voice again.
I know, dude.
It feels so bad right now.
How many spirits are in here with us right now? [ Indistinct voice ] "Seven.
" "Seven.
" Seven spirits.
How many spirits are in here with us right now? "Seven.
" Focus all your energy on this.
- Yeah.
And I want you to think as hard as you can about this picture on this table of Sarah Winchester.
One, two, three.
BOTH: We invite you here, Sarah.
Sarah, you did séances in this room to contact the dead, just as we are doing now.
Let us hear your voice.
[ Indistinct voice ] Did you hear it say, "Bring -- bring 'em"? ZAK: Instead of hearing Sarah's voice, we hear a very calm male voice say, "Bring 'em.
" Let us hear your voice.
Is this male spirit referring to other spirits? As Billy and I leave to head back to nerve center, the figure reappears.
And what's shocking is that, as it tries to lift itself up off the chair, a voice comes through and tells us to wait, as if it needs help.
It's -- it's standing up.
It's like half-dead.
What do I have in my hand? What do I have in my hand? [ Cocks gun ] Whoa! - Whoa! Whoa! We just lost everything.
No, it's still there.
We lost all of the IR light.
How is that possible? ZAK: Guys, I just saw a bunch of flashing lights in here.
Nobody's talking anymore.
The SLS is frozen.
I saw that happen the second that I pointed this and cocked this.
The camera's completely black.
As I bring in the Winchester rifle and point it, two of our cameras malfunction.
The SLS camera freezes and so does the thermal imagining camera.
Could this have been caused by the spirits of those who were murdered with Winchester rifles? And as they saw this gun, did their reaction cause an energy shock wave that disabled our equipment? [ Gunshot ] All right, we just experienced absolutely incredible activity in the séance room.
So, let's take this up another level.
Let's split up.
Aaron, Billy, you two go down into the basement, explore down there.
Jay, you and I, we're gonna start over and investigate this side of the house, okay? JAY: Yeah, it sounds good.
Good luck, man.
Good luck, man.
[ Squeaking, slam ] JAY: Whoa, whoa, whoa! Zak, Zak, Zak! ZAK: Whoa, whoa, what? Come here.
I just heard a doorknob.
Is there a like someone Hold on.
I swear I just heard a doorknob click, like someone's opening doors.
- BILLY: I heard that, too, Jay.
There's a door right here.
And there's a door on this side.
One of these doors was just starting to open or close or one of them.
Whoa, whoa, whoa! Whoa, whoa, whoa! Zak, Zak! ZAK: All right, guys.
All right.
This place, we already know is alive.
Be on guard.
Be careful.
Aaron and Billy immediately head down into the basement to begin their investigation, while Jay and I set up an X camera, covering these mysterious stairs that lead to nowhere.
And there's actually a mirror right with the stair that leads to nowhere.
So this could be specifically designed by Sarah Winchester as some type of astral plane staircase for the spirits.
So we're gonna leave an X camera to see if this may be a portal.
And we can see any spirits coming through.
At this exact moment, I take the camera off night vision so that I can get a good look at the staircase before we leave.
And as I get close to this mirror, I capture something truly astonishing.
This very fast-moving white mist can be seen at regular speed.
But when we go frame-by-frame, this anomaly appears to manifest into a hand that's moving upwards, as if this spirit is trying to get our attention by waving at us.
We believe that we are partially seeing into a portal, a spiritual doorway.
And this ghostly hand is one of our most prized visual captures in recent years.
Aaron and I are in the basement underneath the Winchester Mystery House.
ZAK: These weird, little, tiny hallways were built for the spirits.
BILLY: It's getting really spooky right now.
ZAK: Oh, my God, Jay! ZAK: The night is young.
And we have already captured compelling evidence here at the Winchester estate.
Right now, - Aaron and I are separated in the basement down here underneath - the Winchester Mystery House.
And the feeling is that we're not supposed to be down here.
Aaron's clear at the other end of the basement right now.
I'm gonna do an EVP real quick.
We got orders - from Mrs.
Winchester herself.
FREITAS: Spirits, if you can hear my voice, come speak to us.
We want to tell you about the new plans for construction.
ZAK: Earlier, we interviewed this tour guide, who has seen the apparition of one of the workers who was killed during the mansion's construction.
I was standing right here in the basement.
I saw that man - right there in the boiler room.
AARON: Are you standing in this hallway? BILLY: - I'm headed your way, Aaron.
Hurry, man, because it's getting really spooky right now, dude -- no joke.
There is this -- - Come here and feel this energy.
Hold on.
I'm coming.
I'm coming.
Dude, hurry, man.
I'm freaking out.
I-I-I don't know where you're at.
Just keep going straight.
Keep going straight.
It's like a maze, man.
Right here.
What happened when I was saying that? Dude, when I was standing where you are right now, Yeah? - it sounded like you were right behind me and went right -- right up to me, like you're gonna get me.
What is this? Right? - What is that feeling, right? What is this? [ Indistinct voice ] Right now.
[ Indistinct voice ] MAN: What was that? What was that, dude? BILLY: Did you hear that? It was like -- hang on.
[ Indistinct voice ] Yes! - Did you hear that? Yes, I heard that.
It went, "Ooh!" [ Indistinct voice ] MAN: What was that? BILLY: What was that, dude? It was so weird.
- I felt this energy coming.
I'm, like, I hear it.
And then I hear that - "Ooh.
" Yeah, and it had a little tone to it, didn't it? Yes, like distress or something Yeah, like - Or someone's hurt or something.
Whoa! What was that? Dude, something just flew by my ear.
- What? Something just -- Oh, my God, bro.
There's nothing down here.
- Shh.
There's nothing down here.
ZAK: I can't describe to you in words what it feels like to walk around this mansion in complete darkness with its never-ending hallways and secret passageways.
We have no idea where we are right now.
Whoa! [Bleep] It's got to be a motion sensor, right? Yeah.
- [ Laughs ] Is it this way? Wait.
I don't know what's down there.
I feel so lost in here.
I have no idea - where we're at right now.
Is it through there? Hello? So, right now, we're in these weird stairs.
And they go in two different directions.
These weird, little, tiny hallways and everything like that were built for the spirits to travel through.
As soon as I stepped here, I just felt like this was a crossroads for the spirit world, like the astral plane.
I just want to do some readings right here.
So, I got a baseline 0.
0 milligauss on our electromagnetic energy detector.
I just got really dizzy, Jay.
Whoa! Oh, my God, Jay! Where's Jay? Holy [bleep] What was it? - Oh, my God.
ZAK: What'd you see? [ Thud ] It's right there.
I heard it.
What'd you see? It's right there, I heard it.
It's right there.
I heard it.
Oh, my God.
Did you [bleep] hear that? Yeah.
When I was standing there, I felt something hit me.
And then I heard a hissing sound.
Whoa! - Like a "Hhh.
" Oh, my God, Jay! Where's Jay? And when I turned and looked down there, I swear to God I saw a little child standing there staring at me.
Why would a little kid be hissing? Exactly.
- That's not a good sign.
I swear to God, Jay.
Which way was he? He was right over here to the left.
Yeah, down to the left? Down to the left.
That's where I thought I heard it come from.
ZAK: Right now, Aaron and Billy are in pursuit of whatever just made this strange moaning sound.
What was that? BILLY: What was that, dude? Dude, it was down here.
It was deep.
It's freezing, freezing cold right here.
I know.
It's so cold down here.
Whoa, whoa! I just caught an anomaly shoot out of you.
Seriously? - Yes.
Dude, there's someone with us.
Wait, wait, wait.
They went that way.
- If that was you, come back.
ZAK: Aaron and Billy immediately review their footage to analyze this light anomaly that appears at the same time that Billy feels an extreme cold spot.
AARON: Right here.
Whoa! Did you see it? That was big! Did you see -- I know.
I know, right? [Bleep] Right? That was a huge anomaly, shot out of you.
I can't wait to see that in slow motion.
Man, did you see that, dude? Wow! What's crazy is I could feel the static building up.
And it got really cold.
And then that thing just shot out of you.
I don't know where it went.
ZAK: Jay, you know what I'll do? This new Mel Meter device JAY: Mm-hmm? it has a laser grid attached to it.
What I wanna do is -- I swear I saw this with my own eyes.
[ Tapping ] It's behind me, Jay! I just heard it, too.
We just found Sarah Winchester's bedroom.
And I'm scared [bleep]less to go back in there.
Can we see you, Sarah? Whoa! What was that? ZAK: As Jay and I set up our new Mel Meter here at the Winchester Mystery House Shh.
we experience something terrifying.
[ Tapping ] It's behind me, Jay! JAY: Right? I just heard it, too.
Who's there? If you're coming in this room, state your name.
We hear you walking around here.
Who are you? Shh.
It's behind me, Jay! Right? I just heard it, too.
Who's there? X camera, Zak and Jay, crossroads hallways.
Right now, we're experiencing activity.
We're hearing footsteps.
And I saw a little kid with my own [bleep] eyes.
You're messing around with us.
Who are you? [ Indistinct voice ] [ Gasps ] What the [bleep] was that? After hearing footsteps all around us, Jay and I finally hear the voice of what sounds like a small child.
And I have to admit, we are both terrified.
Who are you? Walk towards my voice.
Jay and I decide to set up this laser grid in the area where I saw a small child to see if it appears and blocks these laser dots.
We now head off into the unknown.
No idea where Zak and Jay are.
So, do you wanna go upstairs and see if we can't get some answers from, like, the séance room? BILLY: Yeah.
We know it's active.
[ Thud ] - Whoa! What was that, dude? What just happened? What was that? - Are you okay? Well, did you just slam -- did you just slam on something? No! I thought you fell.
Something just went, "Bam.
" I thought you fell just now.
Right when I went to grab the extension right here Yeah? - it was like, "Bam.
Don't come up.
" Whoa! Whoa! What was that, dude? Right before I go to unhook it Yeah? - I hear this, "Boom!" And it was like, "Don't do it.
" Come on.
Let's go.
Come on.
Come on.
All right.
I feel like we were just led.
And we just found Sarah Winchester's bedroom.
This is where she died.
Sarah, can you give us a sign that you see us and that you hear me? Can we see you, Sarah? JAY: Is her picture there? Yeah.
I can't see it on the camera.
Yeah, I know.
This is creepy.
Sarah, I know that you died in this bed.
I conduct multiple EVP sessions in Sarah Winchester's bedroom.
But upon review, I capture no evidence of her presence.
So we try to regroup with Aaron and Billy.
But I can't get through on their walkie-talkie.
Apparently, we have completely lost each other.
And Aaron is seeking closure for the very emotional experience he had during our first investigation here.
Before my eyes, - I saw you standing there.
And I saw a man - standing right next to you.
And I just looked up.
And then something hit me, dude, and I just AARON: Right now, I'm just walking to the room where it all happened.
And I just got rushed.
I have a record -- I have a camera shooting down the hallway.
I feel like this is a moment I have to do.
And I'm scared [bleep]less to go back in there.
All right.
I'm coming in your room.
Aaron, come in.
Aaron? Dude, I just need a moment alone.
Give me, like, 10, 15 minutes.
I'll meet back up with you on that.
I'm -- I just need a minute alone.
What the [bleep] is going on with him? I'm turning them off.
I feel like something's gonna get interrupted.
Did we leave a -- a residual imprint here back in the day? If there's any demonic entities or any spirits, I want you to come through.
Something happened to me.
Can you tell me what it was? I broke down.
Why? Are you upset that we were -- did this in here and -- and brought a portal of some sort? I didn't mean to bring it in here.
That make you happy? ZAK: At this exact moment, Aaron captures a spirit response on his digital recorder.
We cannot make out what it says.
But maybe you can.
Here's the replay.
I didn't mean to bring it in here.
That make you happy? Deep down, I just felt like -- I felt like I had to do that, like, I brought something because of that moment in here.
And if there is any residual energy to that whatsoever, I'm taking it back with me so it's not in here anymore.
I believe that there is a crossroads of energy.
And I think I found a portal.
[Bleep] Whoa! Oh, my God! Dude, I can't move! ZAK: With everyone being affected by the spirits of the Winchester Mystery House, we all meet back up and share our experiences before I tell the guys that I have to go back to where I first saw something that left a mark on me.
I wanna take you guys over there to the crossroads.
We left a laser grid there.
I'm gonna give you - a general direction to walk in.
And I wanna see, if you hit this spot, what happens to you AARON: Okay.
'Cause I believe that there is a crossroads of energy.
And I think I found a portal at the Winchester Mystery House.
Whoa! Whoa! [Bleep] What? - Oh, my God, dude! What just happened? I just [bleep] felt something push me back on these stairs.
I swear to God, I felt something push me back on my chest.
It just grabbed me.
And just, all of a sudden, I thought I was walking forward.
And I was just walking backwards.
I thought you were gonna come through this wall.
Yeah, me too.
- I heard you smack into the wall.
I swear to God, like, I did not trip.
No, you went flying backwards.
There's -- there's so much ambient light right here.
I can see the steps.
As we were all walking up these narrow switchback stairs, just as I'm about to step foot in the room where my terrifying experience ended our first investigation about 4 years ago, I feel a force push my chest, and the next thing I know, my back is slamming into the wooden wall.
Whoa! Whoa! [Bleep] What? - Oh, my God, dude! What just happened? I just [bleep] felt something push me back on these stairs.
KEVIN: He looked like, in all those superhero movies, when they just get - blown backwards through a door.
If you wouldn't have caught yourself, you would have gone through that wall.
For approximately 2 weeks following this investigation, my lower back is in such pain that it's hard for me to even walk.
And I know for a fact that I didn't trip and fall due to my footing.
I know what I felt on my chest.
And I know what happened in this room the first time I was here.
This is creepy.
Oh, God, my back hurts.
[Bleep] There's this kind of spirit in this area.
And I'm gonna contact it.
With the other guys as eyewitnesses, I want to try to communicate with the little kid I saw earlier through the Spirit Box.
What's your name, little kid? [ Indistinct voice ] That was the little kid I told you about! What's your name, little kid? That was the little kid I told you about! Did you push him? [ Indistinct voice ] No.
Did you hear the little kid? Just as Aaron asks if this little child is the one that pushed me down the stairs, the creepy child comes through again.
Did you push him? No.
Did you hear the little kid? Is this really a child? What's your name, little kid? Did you push me on the stairs? [ Indistinct voice ] Whoa! [Bleep] - What? Aaron, there's some light -- Stay there.
Stay there.
Dude, I can't move! Stay there.
It's the same [bleep] thing I saw before, the same thing I said.
This is the crossroads.
Just as I ask this spirit again if it pushed me on the stairs, a voice comes through and says, "F you.
" Did you push me on the stairs? Then, amazingly, I see this small child again behind Aaron and down the hall.
And as Aaron turns his camera around, he captures this strange ball of light right where I just saw the figure.
Whoa! [Bleep] - What? Aaron, there's some light -- What? - Stay there.
Stay there.
Dude, I can't move! Stay there.
What did I tell you? We brought this up here.
What did I say we were gonna hear? That little kid's voice proves I know what I see, man.
I know what I see.
ZAK: On our first investigation here at the Winchester Mystery House, we opened a dangerous portal.
What came through was so powerful, we were forced to shut down our production.
We have enough evidence to support that something's going on.
And at this point, I'm not continuing this.
On our return, we faced many challenges.
But I believe we have made peace with the spirits here.
Did we leave a residual imprint here? ZAK: We've discovered much, yet the Winchester House still remains a mystery.