Ghost Adventures (2008) s12e12 Episode Script

Stardust Ranch

-Are you living in fear? -[ Distorted voice ] Yes.
SCHRADER: UFOs, aliens, monsters, ghosts.
I was absolutely out of my mind with fear.
The eyes were removed.
The tongue was removed.
Oh, my God.
[ Distorted voice ] You just pray that it was gonna stop.
This place is just [bleep] weird.
AARON: Oh, something just ran up on me.
I swear to God.
-Show yourself.
-Whoa! They don't want us in here.
Ha ha ha ha! ZAK: There are things in this world that we will never fully understand.
[ Distorted ] Understand.
[ Echoing ] We want answers.
We have worked years to build our credibility, our reputation, working alongside the most renowned professionals in the field, capturing groundbreaking proof of the paranormal.
It's working! I can't give you an explanation.
[ Birds cawing ] This is our evidence our ghost adventures.
From the Phoenix Lights to the abduction of Travis Walton, the state of Arizona is a vortex of supernatural activity.
We're headed to the Stardust Ranch in tiny Rainbow Valley where our researcher, Dave Schrader, has uncovered activity on a whole different level.
We meet Dave down the road from the ranch, unsure exactly what we're dealing with.
What's up, man? What in the hell are we doing way out here in the middle of nowhere, Dave? Well, everybody's familiar with the Skinwalker Ranch out of Utah.
You have this perfect storm of activity -- UFOs, aliens, monsters, ghosts.
Well, I think we found the same thing here in Arizona.
This guy claims that he has encountered aliens, the Greys.
Ooh, no! -Right.
-The Greys -- the Greys are terrifying.
But these are a little different than the type of Greys we've normally heard.
These are aggressive.
As we make our way to the Stardust Ranch to meet the couple who have been terrorized by these Greys, we can't help but feel extremely uneasy.
[ Dogs barking ] We talk first to John's wife, the main target of the attacks, who wishes to remain anonymous.
Are you living in fear by being here? [ Distorted voice ] Yes.
You want to scream, but you can't, like frozen, feeling like you're going to die.
Your heart pounds.
You just pray that it's gonna stop.
Do you ever use the name Jesus Christ to rebuke them? Yeah, I have at times.
And has it worked? This is an important question.
Sometimes, it does.
I just can't grasp that an alien would be affected by the name Jesus Christ or by any prayer.
A demon? Yes.
Demons like to mimic.
So I'm just trying to see if there's maybe a mixture of things going on here, of alien and demonic entities.
There's so many different examples of weird stuff.
We don't know what to call it.
I don't think we can pinpoint that, oh, there's only Greys here, or there's only demons here.
I think there's a lot of different things.
The day we went to move in, the people that we bought the home from hadn't moved out.
They had just disappeared, and all their stuff was still in the house.
-Where did they go? We don't know.
Does anybody know where they're at? Do you know anybody that knows where they're at? No, they just disappeared.
So that was the very first day.
My wife and I had an arrangement because of all the things that were going on here that she would rather have been killed than abducted.
Has anything ever happened to her sexually? Yes.
And I'm sorry to ask that, but I have to.
Yeah, she was molested more or less.
[ Distorted voice ] There have been multiple times, uh, waking up and having my inner thighs be so raw that they were bleeding.
They levitated her out of the bed.
No way.
And I happened to walk in there as she was floating above the surface of the bed.
-I grabbed a sword, and I killed all three of them.
Um, I You -- you killed all three of them? All three of the Greys.
Edmonds says he has killed 18 Greys with a samurai sword.
Where are the bodies? If you don't take the head, they disappear.
In 2009, Edmonds collected a tissue sample and sent it to biophysicist Dr.
William Levengood.
He said, "John, you have the smoking gun of proof of alien life here on Earth.
" It was like a combination of an animal and a plant.
He said it has all the protein structures of an animal but the -- Inside the cells is actually chlorophyll.
They tried to identify it with any known cell structures -And they couldn't.
-and they couldn't.
Holy Ladies and gentlemen, I'm about to hold the samurai sword that John killed some little Grey aliens with.
Levengood, who examined this, he's now dead? Yeah.
Sort of mysteriously.
Supposedly, they found him dead.
He fell and hit his head in the lab.
And all the samples disappeared.
Why don't you hold that? You did an interview.
And there was something weird behind you.
What was that? Kerry Cassidy from Project Camelot, who did the interview, she said, "John, there are two Greys that were peering over your right shoulder.
" It's the first recorded interview in history that aliens actually appeared during the interview.
During one attack, the Greys came perilously close to abducting John's wife.
She was levitated from your bedroom through here -Through here -and outside? all the way outside, out the back door and up into a ship.
Do you have -- Up into the ship? There was a cone of light that came down.
And she started to rise in that cone of light.
I grabbed an AK-47 with a double banana clip in it.
And I went outside, and I opened up.
ZAK: As the stories of violence pile up, we begin to see why John is so heavily armed.
We had three horses that were classic cases of mutilation.
We found the horse in a pen.
And it had almost torn down the actual sides of the pen to try to get out.
The eyes were removed.
The tongue was removed.
-Oh, my God.
-It was gruesome.
Soon after buying the ranch, John had a run-in with a wild-eyed man.
He just came right up the driveway.
And he's got a machete.
So I asked him what he was up to.
And he goes, "I'm the guy that kills all the monsters.
I'm the guy that makes sure the monsters don't hurt anybody.
" The monsters, I bet, are the Greys.
Well, there's those monsters and then the brillo men.
You can't see any, like, distinguishing features.
You just see these creatures.
They would just walk around the property.
Dave calls in with a report.
The Palo Verde Nuclear Plant, the largest in the U.
, is within 40 miles of the ranch.
Some research suggests a link between nuclear facilities and extraterrestrial activity.
SCHRADER: It has happened around nuclear power plants, nuclear vessels out on the ocean and military installations.
ZAK: These beings, why are they drawn to nuclear power? You know, some believe that they're seen over these areas because they're leaching off some of the power in order to help themselves.
As a matter of fact, there's a famous story where UFOs flew over a nuclear installation and shut down all of the missile silos, took control.
ZAK: When Alyzabeth August spent the night in the living room hoping to debunk the reports, she ended up terrorized.
It was like a 3-D shadow thing that went past me.
And I opened my eyes.
And there was, like, other ones.
And I'm looking around.
And I'm like, "Okay.
" It felt like every hair on my body was standing up and like I was in between two magnets.
That's all I can say.
-Were they Greys? I don't -- I can't -- I can't say what they were.
But you can say that you saw figures moving around you? Reluctantly, yes, I can.
HOWE: Well, we're sitting where the portal is.
You're in their space, if you will.
This is where they come through.
In 2011, Dr.
Brandy Howe attempted to rid the house of its intruders.
When I got in the ranch, I felt a very heavy, dark energy.
I remember three beings coming in with They actually looked like Klingons.
So you're telling me a portal opened up here? -Yes, here.
-And you saw three little Well, they weren't little.
No, they were big.
So three aliens.
Big aliens.
There was multiple people that witnessed this? Yes.
ZAK: Aliens aren't the only thing afflicting this house.
I went into the back and encountered a young man, a spirit, who told me that he had committed suicide here.
Not the family that we bought the property from, the owners before them.
The oldest son put a shotgun in his mouth and blew his head off.
So there's the mother ship, Grey aliens forming here, and on top of that, there's ghosts.
You are trying to rebuke these Greys? Yes.
What are you doing to try to get rid of 'em? I use crystals.
I do use incense.
So crystals and incense are going to work against these beings? No, that's not what I'm saying.
That's when I bless it and clear it.
Have you gotten backlash for this? -No.
-Have you been attacked? No.
The only thing that happened with me was the lightning strike.
But that was a positive thing.
Being struck by lightning is positive? Yes.
It was positive.
Hold on.
Why are you doing that? Because I'm doing the same thing.
-I sense something weird.
-So do I.
AARON: Like I'm hearing, like, a man going Yeah, so do I.
I could feel, like, something in the room.
And it just started getting really weird, bro.
No, that was -- that was really strange.
ZAK: Dr.
Howe was struck by lightning as multiple spacecraft hovered above the ranch.
I lifted my sword.
Three lightning bolts came down, went in through my feet, out through the top of my head.
We'll meet you inside then.
-Thank you very much.
We'll meet you right inside.
Oh, my God.
Is this for real? Is all this [bleep] for real right now? Seriously.
I want to talk to a guy who's been abducted by these Greys.
Did you see them with your own eyes? Yes, I did.
I was just absolutely out of my mind with fear.
Ladies and gentlemen, the most famous abduction story probably in the world.
Travis Walton was abducted by aliens.
This inspired the movie "Fire in the Sky.
" He says that these aliens that abducted him, did all these different experiments to him, were Greys.
We plan to face off against these malicious Greys in our lockdown.
So we want to get as much information as possible.
I want to talk to a guy who's been abducted by these Greys.
-I want you guys to stay back.
I got a geomagnetometer.
And I want you to measure the electromagnetic fields.
-That's a great plan, yeah.
-That's a good idea.
Let's see if there's any anomalous readings that are coming from this ground.
We make the long trip to Heber-Overgaard, Arizona, to meet Travis at the pay phone where he called for help after he was returned to Earth.
The sheer amount of unknowns we're facing on this investigation makes me fear for my own safety, but especially for the safety of my crew.
Travis, pleasure to meet you.
-How you doing? -Good to meet you.
So this is off the beaten path a little bit from what we typically investigate.
Well, one thing that, um, relates to this subject is that I've been hearing for years that perhaps aliens would impersonate ghosts or ghosts would impersonate aliens.
Demons, yeah.
When you get into things this strange, almost anything is possible.
Billy and Dave set up the geomagnetometer at the ranch.
If there's something that we can find that's way outside the range, that's a point of interest for us.
For this example would be, like, what? Would be 100, 150, 200.
So that night, you worked a late night.
We hadn't gone that far when we see this light coming through the trees.
You know, the position and the look of it, it just wasn't adding up to any conventional explanation.
So when we finally got to where we could see the source of the light, there it was, this metallic disk hovering, uh, less than 100 feet away.
This was an actual craft, a spaceship.
Yeah, definite structure, metallic disk, sharply outlined against the sky, unmistakable.
One of the guys in the back yelled out, "It's a spaceship.
" I mean, everybody knew what it was immediately.
Billy and Dave are detecting inexplicably high levels of magnetic field intensity.
SCHRADER: We jumped to 99.
Interesting that we're finding a high rating right by an entrance to the property, like a portal, right? BILLY: Yeah.
We just ask that you hear our call and that you uncloak any of the craft that might be above this property so that we can see them and document them.
[ Dogs barking ] Just as you said that, all of the dogs over there started barking.
That's really weird, huh? Is it true you got out and approached this UFO? Yeah.
You know, it was just kind of an impulse.
I just thought that, by the time I got very far, that it would take off.
The crew was screaming at me to get back in the truck.
And when it suddenly started to move and get louder, it was kind of like a spark jumping.
All this energy went through my body.
And they said it was so much more violent than the movie portrayed.
They were immediately certain it'd killed me.
And they started screaming that it -- that -- that I was dead.
When the light hit you, it just threw you around like a rag doll? Yeah.
I fell like a sack of meat, like there were no bones in my body.
ZAK: Just like in the attacks at the ranch, these Greys were able to take total control, leaving Travis completely defenseless.
You were aboard this alien spacecraft.
I'm certain of that, yeah.
Did they do experiments on you? Well, you know, I saw an array of instruments there.
And I was pretty horrified by the whole circumstance.
I had the feeling that I was mortally wounded.
There was something seriously wrong at that point.
And then, when I saw them, I just freaked out.
As Billy attempts to get some aerial shots of the ranch, something seems to be interfering with the drone camera.
We've never seen anything like this before.
And it only occurs inside the gates of this ranch.
This case that we're investigating down in Buckeye, what these Greys are doing to the wife is terrifying.
She's really affected emotionally.
-I've seen that, yeah.
So, when you were aboard this -- this craft, did you see them with your own eyes? Yes, I did.
When they came around the table, they were all three staring at me in this way that was really excruciating.
Did you panic? Were you scared? I was just absolutely out of my mind with fear.
[ Screaming ] ZAK: Travis now takes us to the area where the Greys dumped him after five days of captivity.
When you were placed there, you were unconscious? Yeah.
And then, I woke up in time to see them leave.
-Oh, you did see the ship leave? -Yeah, I did.
ZAK: We move now to the exact spot where Travis was returned to Earth.
So in reference to this guardrail, where was your body when you woke up? Yeah.
There probably wasn't even a guardrail at that time.
I'm just able to locate the position because of that tree.
When it took off, it sort of moved that tree just a little bit.
So you could see the tree kind of swaying? Yeah.
I woke up here.
And I could see there was a light above me.
When I looked to see where it was coming from, I could see the smooth, reflective hull.
And then, it just shot up past that tree like a rifle shot.
It just Just boom.
Travis tells me that core samples of trees near the abduction site have shown abnormal patterns of growth since that day.
This growth effect was directional.
The thickened rings were on the side of the tree towards where the craft was, whether it was north, south, east, or west.
So the radiation coming from this craft was causing this accelerated growth in a lopsided way on these trees.
Holy cow.
Ben Hansen was supervising this, uh, research here at the site and found that the trees around the Chernobyl nuclear accident, they had been producing wood fiber at three times their normal rate.
Earlier, we discovered a possible link between extraterrestrials and nuclear power.
Although the Palo Verde Plant didn't begin construction until after Travis was taken, could there have been stored radiation from another source on the ship that abducted him? The crewman who was in the truck I left the door open when I got out, and on the side towards the craft, he has developed skin cancer on that arm.
Oh, my gosh.
-So he probably -What? got a dose of radiation.
I want you to go into this house all by yourself.
AARON: It looked like a ship zooming by.
Right there.
Aaron, look at this.
My entire team is prepping to start our investigation right now.
I've got Jay inside the house right now turning and recording on all these X cameras.
I got Dave Schrader, uh, who's gonna be joining us for the investigation tonight.
And Dave and Aaron saw something.
JAY: Hey, Zak, I'm in the bedroom.
Got the last camera up.
And Dave and Aaron were screaming.
And I go over there.
-It's true.
And they saw something absolutely incredible in this part of the sky.
I believe that's the south sky, where John always said these red balls of light appear.
Right now, we're just sitting here.
We're setting up everything.
Everything is calm and cool.
I look at Dave.
He's looking up at the sky.
And I'm like, "You see anything?" And we both look up.
What do you see? Light source just came out of nowhere, swung around.
It looked like a ship zooming by.
That's the only way I can explain it.
-Was it a shooting star? No.
It wasn't falling.
It wasn't coming down in a trajectory like this.
It actually came across and almost stopped for a second and then went off again.
-And it was like bam.
So cool.
That was unbelievable.
ZAK: As Jay returns to nerve center from the ranch house, Aaron, Billy, Ashley, our still photographer, Dave Schrader and myself are all shocked by something that is captured on the X camera rolling inside the main house.
Oh, there it is.
Right there.
Aaron, look at this.
-Dude [bleep] -Come here [bleep] -What? -Come over here.
Look, look, look, look, look.
Right here.
Look, see it? Look, right there, too.
I saw it, like, right here.
When I came in, I saw.
Yeah, it goes along across the top.
I saw it.
ZAK: Watch very closely as this very creepy, black, shadow-type figure appears to pass by with a very strange, off-kilter-type walk.
No one is inside the house at this time as all of us are right here watching the monitor.
Black shadow.
See the IR on top of the couch here? -Mm-hmm.
-It's very slow-moving.
AARON: Very slow, like real misty.
It's grey-black.
It was greyish-black.
It was weird.
ZAK: It's very interesting to us that this weird, dark shadow figure appears right after Aaron and Dave see an unidentified flying object of the south side of the ranch sky, which leaves us to ask, "What is happening here?" Activity has already began.
So this is -- this is our crew right now.
This is Ash, our still photographer.
And what we're gonna do right now is John told me off-camera, when we were filming interviews yesterday, that, "Hey, you need to use your still photographer as bait.
" ZAK: You noticed our still photographer.
She'll be good bait.
I want you to go into that bed.
I want you to lay there.
And I want you to go into this house all by yourself.
The only person that's going to be watching you is Jay.
I want Dave, myself, Aaron and Billy to get into this off-road vehicle, and we are going to go out into the property.
And we're gonna look for these entities that are mutilating his -- his animals.
You okay, Dave? Oh, I'm -- I'm just on edge.
That was really weird.
I'm usually not that edgy.
But just -- just This -- this place is just [bleep] weird.
As we make our way out to the scene of these animal mutilations to set up several motion-activated game cameras, Jay is back at nerve center watching Ashley enter the house all by herself.
Ashley will now enter the master bedroom, where John's wife refuses to sleep because of being attacked and levitated by unknown entities or extraterrestrial Greys.
So we're setting up game cameras, motion-activated game cameras.
Dave is running a thermal-imaging camera.
So we're trying to capture whatever this entity is that's mutilating these animals.
As we're heading back to the razor, Dave has a rather odd request.
You said you wanted to be abducted.
Yeah, I'd like to come into contact with something.
Coming into contact and being abducted is two different things.
You said that you want to be abducted.
Why would you say that? I want -- I want to believe.
I want to know that there's something beyond what we have here.
What would you want us to do right now for you to try to achieve being abducted? You know, I -- what I'd be interested in doing is kind of The mountains right over there.
Do you want to take the ultimate "Ghost Adventures" double-dog dare? Sure.
We can get -- drive up into those little mountains over there and drop your ass off by yourself with a camera.
I'd love to.
-You are insane.
-All right.
Come on.
Let's go.
ZAK: Jay has been watching Ashley as she sleeps in this bed.
But during the entire time, nothing happens.
After driving a few miles up into the mountains, where John claims to see mother ships, Dave gets ready to make the ultimate challenge even more extreme.
All right.
So, Dave, um, while you're here, we're going to go back to the ranch.
All right.
If anything happens, man, call us on that walkie and just know that it's gonna take a little time for us to get here 'cause you're way up here.
I kind of don't even want to have the walkie.
I want to feel the complete feeling of I'm [bleep] if something happens.
I just kind of want that feeling of being alone.
And I'll just know you guys are coming back for me eventually.
And I'll even turn in my cellphone to you.
I am seeing a light in the sky.
Show yourself.
AARON: Whoa.
What was that, dude? ZAK: Dave is putting his safety on the line in the desert outside the Stardust Ranch.
All right.
So you want to give up your cellphone and your walkie-talkie, and you want to feel 100% isolation with no lifelines.
Right, 'cause here's -- here's my thoughts.
I've got cameras.
You know, they seem to be wise enough to know that, if you have a way to reach, they're not gonna come.
I want to feel isolated.
-I understand.
But you're out in the middle of absolute nowhere.
-I know.
-If something happens to you, you have no way to contact us.
-And you want to do this.
ZAK: While Dave is out here all by himself with no cellphone or no walkie-talkie, we will have two night-vision cameras watching him.
This could be the last visual evidence of Dave Schrader if something does indeed happen to him, including being abducted.
All right.
Uh, they're heading back down the mountains.
So I'm here alone now.
Every one of these experiencers that I've researched that claim that they can call down the UFOs talk about an open heart and an open mind.
Since I've been a little boy, all I've ever wanted was proof that we're not alone.
ZAK: Billy, Aaron and myself return to the ranch.
Then, Aaron and I head inside to check on Ashley.
AARON: Whoa, whoa.
What was that, dude? Something just ran up on me.
I swear to God.
I thought it was the dog.
And then, I felt a human.
-Where? -That was so [bleep] nuts.
Oh, it came up behind me.
I could feel the shadow coming.
I never Oh.
ZAK: They don't like us in here.
It feels like there's just this presence in here that's, like, really pissed off.
It could be the boy.
No, it's because Ashley's back in that bed, and they don't want us in here with her.
I don't know what you are.
I don't even know if you're real, if you're an alien, a ghost, a demon.
If you are as what these people say and you're making them levitate, you're attacking them, I want you to show yourself right now.
Come through this portal over here.
The guy, I'm sorry that you shot yourself right here on the couch.
The oldest son put a shotgun in his mouth and blew his head off.
Did something else here that's not human make you do that? Show yourself.
What is inside that room with the girl sleeping in the bed? What do you want to do to her? What are you? Can you tell me what you are? Are you from another planet? Why are you trying to take this woman? Speak into this.
What are you? Was there something at the end there? There's something at the end of that.
We heard it.
That was not you guys.
After further analysis, it sounds like the first voice is saying, "Look at the stars.
" And then, a second voice interrupts it in a foreign-type language.
What do you want to do to her? Speak into this.
What are you? What are you? What are you? SCHRADER: Please give me a sign.
Show me your presence.
Come on, my friends.
Come on.
All right.
I am seeing a light in the sky, very bright, coming towards me.
I have picked something up in the sky after beckoning and -- and hailing it, if you will.
You can see its movement.
It's silent.
Where'd you go? I have picked something up in the sky after beckoning and -- and hailing it, if you will.
You can see its movement.
It's silent.
ZAK: Aaron and I just captured strange, unexplained voices on our digital recorder.
Fearing this activity may turn negative, we wake up Ashley and remove her from the house so that we can begin deeper communication.
You all right? I had just this weird moment with my eyes closed.
ZAK: The next morning, Ashley discovers these dark, mysterious bruises in the exact spot where she felt her arm go numb while lying in this bed, where spirits or extraterrestrials are known to attack this woman.
You okay? -Whoa.
That -I can hear you over there.
What did you laugh at? Whoa, whoa, whoa.
ZAK: Aaron and I now start using the Spirit Box to contact whatever is lurking here at the Stardust Ranch.
Can we hear your voice? What are you? It's your chance.
[ Voice speaks indistinctly ] Whoa.
Did it say, "I'm Zak"? ZAK: What Aaron first hears come through the Spirit Box as, "I'm Zak," to us now, after analysis, sounds more like, "Come back.
" What door do you want us to go in? The right or the left? [ Voice laughs ] -Whoa, whoa, whoa.
-Did you hear that? It's a laugh.
Just after a voice tells us to come back, which we take as an invitation to go into the back rooms, I begin opening a door and a very creepy, dark laugh comes through the device.
What door do you want us to go in? The right or the left? -Whoa, whoa, whoa.
-Did you hear that? Dude, that was creepy.
It's a laugh.
Ha ha ha ha ha.
What are you laughing at? What did you laugh at? What's gonna happen if I open this door? Ready? -Yeah.
SCHRADER: I can hear you over there.
Where are you? There is definitely something moving over in the direction of the flood, the, uh, IR flood that you have.
From time to time, I can hear what sounds like very heavy feet, like mine, walking if you can hear this.
[ Footsteps ] That was it again.
ZAK: While Billy makes the long journey back into the mountains to pick up Dave, Aaron and I invite Jay inside the ranch to conduct an infrasound experiment right next to where we were told earlier that the portal is located.
And at this point, we don't know if this is an extraterrestrial, demonic or spiritual portal.
We will also be using the Ovilus V device in an attempt to make further contact.
What we're gonna do right now is we are going to use an amplified speaker, and we are going to play infrasound.
Basically, uh, we're trying to use, like, a frequency key to unlock these gateways or portals.
It's kind of like an opera singer's voice that can break a glass.
You want to try it? -Let's try it.
-What was that? -Hold on.
ZAK: It just said, "Question.
" JAY: What do you want to know? What's your question? Tell us what you are.
Human or nonhuman? What type of creature are you? Brown.
-Brown mist.
Brown mist.
We said, "What type of creature are you?" And it says, "Brown mist.
" It could be -- I saw -- It looked like dark mist.
Is this entity or creature referring to what we captured earlier? Tell us where the portal is located in this house where these brown mist comes out of.
-Used, blind, plants.
Wait, used, bind, plants.
Didn't they say aliens were half plants? Then bind? Yeah, it says, "used, bind, plants.
" Yeah.
They're together.
That's what they were talking about.
Humans and plants binded together.
That's what he was talking about, the Greys.
Wait a minute.
-The Greys were called that.
-Aaron? -Yeah? I feel tingly all over my body right now, dude.
I have the chills.
I think we captured a white mist right in front.
Are you serious? 'Cause I feel chills right now.
It's freezing around you.
-I have goosebumps all over me.
-I feel it.
ZAK: Earlier, John told us about a scientist who found plant DNA on the tissues taken from his sword.
Inside the cells, where hemoglobin would be,, is actually chlorophyll.
As Aaron receives compelling messages from the Ovilus relating to plant DNA, this strange, mist-like anomaly manifests in front of him and then quickly disappears.
After being sidetracked by evidence, it is now time to turn on the infrasound.
All right.
Play that.
I'm gonna go back down here where the guy laughed at me.
JAY: Okay.
Aaron, go in the master bedroom.
Listen, when this infrasound starts playing, [bleep] scream your [bleep] ass off if you hear something or see something or feel something or you start getting attacked because they ain't gonna like this.
-Zak, what are you doing? -Holy [bleep] -What? -Did you see that? AARON: What the hell is that? ZAK: We are hoping to entice an entity through the portal in the ranch house living room.
I'm gonna try a few different frequencies to get it going, too.
All right.
You ready? Let's do it.
Come out! Let us see you.
If this is a portal, show yourself or bring us through.
What are you doing? Zak, you all right? [ Infrasound turns off ] Zak.
-Yeah? Sorry, dude.
Holy [bleep] Yeah, I felt that.
[ Hiss! ] I just heard a hiss.
I just heard a hiss in the corner of the room.
I just heard a hiss.
-Yeah? You should come out here.
JAY: Keep an eye on Zak, Aaron.
Aaron, just keep your eye on Zak.
I can feel your energy.
Did the sound wake you up? Are you here? Is it this? The portal is open.
Go home.
I almost fell over.
You dizzy? Yeah.
I'm gonna try and slowly go through different frequencies and see if we get any different feelings, okay? Show yourself now! [Bleep] [Bleep] Holy [bleep] -What? -Holy [bleep] Dude, there's something right here.
Oh, my God.
Did you see that? -What the hell was that? -It's right there.
Turn your [bleep] cameras over there.
Did you see it? -I saw it.
It showed up right there.
Holy [bleep] ZAK: As I'm sitting on the couch, I look over to my right and see what appears to be a bright white light anomaly hovering just behind the couch in midair.
What's absolutely amazing is that, at the same exact moment, the X camera does indeed capture what I'm seeing with my own eyes.
[Bleep] As we have used the infrasound on previous investigations, we know that using these low frequencies can stimulate activity.
We leave here knowing that something intelligent is here.
And it also caused our drone to malfunction.
It showed itself to Dave and Aaron in the sky.
It actually came across and almost stopped for a second and then went off again.
-And it was like bam.
ZAK: It identified itself as a brown mist.
It spoke to us.
And it even appeared to control us.