Ghost Adventures Aftershocks (2014) s01e20 Episode Script

Myrtles Plantation and Old Licking County Jail

MAN: You've got to help me! ZAK: Do you hear me? Someone help me! ZAK: The last several years, we have explored many locations.
We have met hundreds of people MAN: The work you do is so valuable.
ZAK: many who have been deeply affected by our investigations.
Oh, I'd curse you so quick.
[ Exhales sharply ] Are these dark spirits still plaguing these places WOMAN: No.
and harming these people? In a two-week time, there were six people scratched.
It's time to find out.
This is "Ghost Adventures: Aftershocks.
" There are certain famous locations that fans have been asking us to investigate for years.
Myrtles Plantation in St.
Francisville, Louisiana, was one of those places.
We heard you, and we're here.
We finally had the chance to investigate this world-famous location in 2013 when we tried our best to discover the truth inside the many myths and legends.
And he killed her? Yes.
On the property? Yeah, she was hung.
She was hung.
Since our visit, tragedy struck and we almost lost this historical landmark forever.
Today, I want to talk to the plantation's owner, Teeta Moss, about the spirits that helped avert near disaster.
Your location, Myrtles Plantation Yes.
it carries the reputation as one of the most haunted places in America.
And I'll tell you what.
we were really impressed.
You guys weren't sensationalizing this stuff.
You know, you were saying, "Yeah, the haunted mirror, you know? Well, there's smudges all over it.
" And so, we really liked that about Myrtles Plantation.
Thank you.
I was really excited by a piece of evidence we got at Myrtles.
We took a ball and we put it on the -- What is it? The 17th -- 17th step.
The 17th step.
And we took that ball, we placed it in the middle of that step.
We had a camera shooting up the stairs at it, and then Nick and myself were upstairs.
And I remember, Nick was shooting the ball.
And the second that Nick took his camera off of it, like, the -- instantly.
Right after he took his camera off of it, we heard that thing just go down the stairs.
NICK: Someone hit that ball off the stairs.
Oh [bleep] Zak! We went up there, and we tried to debunk that over and over.
There was no air gusts.
It was just an awesome piece of evidence.
Like, something hit that ball off those stairs with force.
Well, and that, Zak, is the reason that we don't sensationalize, because we don't have to.
I know you don't like the topic of voodoo, but I want to ask you a couple questions.
Okay? The guy sitting behind me, Aaron.
You met him, right? Yes.
You know, when we travel to different places and do investigations, there's a difference between us and other people.
And the difference is -- is that we participate in rituals.
And I'm gonna tell you right now, every experience that I've had with a ritual has been negative.
There has been no positive outcomes from rituals that I've done.
Aaron, you did a voodoo ritual in New Orleans that, you say, plagued your life for months after? Like, about a year, year and a half.
Right after that happened, when you had that skull on your chest Right.
that's some of our best evidence to date.
That was -- Things were just flying around, Growling sounds.
Three books flew off the bookshelf.
NICK: Holy [bleep] [ Bleep ] Holy [bleep] Voices, hissing.
And that's when you know, when you do the ritual and all that stuff's happening, that's legit.
Bro, the lights just turned on and off! Everything is coming all over the place.
Something growled at me in there.
I'm not kidding, Aaron.
Get up.
Oh [bleep] I've known this guy for a long time.
I've known him almost 11 years now, and I've seen a transformation of his character, of his personality.
You know, before and after I brought him into this, "Ghost Adventures," you know? Right.
And this is where our investigation at Myrtles, you know, took kind of a different turn, when we started mentioning voodoo.
Miss Hester, do you know anything about voodoo? I know nothing about voodoo, and you know what? Do you know anybody that we could talk to that knows something about voodoo here locally? No, unfortunately, I don't know anyone you can talk to that know anything about voodoo locally.
And your general manager -- Theresa.
Oh, yeah.
As soon as we mentioned voodoo.
Would it be okay if we brought somebody on property to do a voodoo ritual before our lockdown? No, we can't have that.
The owners don't allow anything related to voodoo rituals.
It was like it went from happy stories to, like, "No, can't talk about it.
" Let's watch this.
Hi, Robi.
I'm Zak.
Nice to meet you, Zak.
Nice to meet you.
How long have you been practicing voodoo for? I started at a young age -- probably around like 8 or 9 years old.
Do you know Miss Hester? Yes, I do.
You very close with her? I call her "mother.
" She's like a mother to me.
She is? Yes.
I've been knowing her for many years.
I asked Miss Hester if she knew anybody that knows voodoo, and she said no to me.
I'm not very public with the practice.
It's not something that's really accepted.
Even my parents, they know of what I do.
I've told them numerous times, and they even block it out themselves, so, of course, naturally, Miss Hester and anybody else you probably ask around here is going to say no.
I love that Robi practices voodoo.
He's a wonderful soul.
He really is.
And I think that he probably can help a lot of people.
So, you wouldn't let him do a ritual on your property? No.
Would you ever do a ritual with Robi off of your property? Mm.
Honestly? I don't know.
I'd have to think about that.
It's dangerous.
I mean, you have to know what you're doing.
ZAK: Robi Gilmore has worked as a tour guide on the plantation for many years.
But he's been practicing voodoo for even longer than that, strengthening his connection to the spirits of his ancestors who died there.
Hi, Robi.
Hey, Zak.
Once we mentioned the word "voodoo" to everybody that worked there, that topic just seems to be either avoided or accepted and really not even allowed to be discussed on the property.
Why is it something that's not really accepted? There's a big stereotype behind voodoo that is very -- It's very misleading.
Actually, thanks to the media, a lot of movies that come out, there's this whole common misconception about us.
Stereotype about voodoo.
Oh, God.
The stereotypes are everywhere.
You know, when you mention the word -- Voodoo dolls and all that.
Don't get me started on voodoo dolls.
[ Chuckles ] There's this whole wrong stereotype about voodoo where we go around bone-shaking and Right.
hexing people and whatnot.
Now, mind you, just like with any other religion, there are bad people in it.
That can use the power of it? They can use that power of it to take revenge or do whatever.
I, myself, know how to do those things.
I just choose not to.
I don't have a heart to do that.
So, you have the power to use voodoo against people? Oh, obviously.
Just like like in other religions where, you know, there's people that actually do good stuff, there's some that do bad stuff in the name of -- So, if you wanted to, you could put a curse on me to do bad things to me? Well, in the actual plantation voodoo, that sect that I'm a part of, the way it works is you would have to do something negative to me And I'm not ever doing that.
You better not.
I'm not.
in order for the spells to actually work.
It's all a balance, you know? You throw something at me, I'm gonna throw it right back at you.
And that's just how it works.
Now, if I were to actually try and, let's say, hex you, you've never done anything to me and I'm not ever going to.
from when we first met, we made a pretty good impression on each other.
However -- A good impression? Yes, it was a good impression.
However, if I were to try to hex you, it wouldn't affect you whatsoever.
It would actually hit me times three.
Because you never did anything wrong to me in the first place.
But if I did something wrong to you -- Oh, I'd curse you so quick.
Well, I didn't -- Yeah, I'm -- You are super-cool and I respect you, and we're gonna keep it that way.
Yes, sir.
[ Exhales sharply, chuckles ] I don't know if they mentioned it to you, my ancestors were slaves on that plantation.
And you're looking at a descendant.
But if the spirits of your ancestors are still there and they practiced voodoo, what part of you really, really wants to go to Myrtles, a place that's so important to you, a place that's a part of your past -- What part of you would love to go there, just you, that building, those spirits, in a voodoo ritual? Let me hear those thoughts that you've had.
'Cause I know you've had them.
Aren't you -- Haven't you done some stuff with voodoo? You have.
Yeah, yeah.
So you know how it is, as far as what must be done in order to even contact these spirits and whatnot.
I have the power to do such a thing, but I have no desire whatsoever to do it, simply because what happened in the past with my ancestors there happened.
I have no control of it whatsoever.
I don't need a voodoo ritual in order to contact them.
When I'm doing tours inside of the house, whenever I'm on the grounds, that presence, that warm feeling that I get deep in my chest that can't go away -- it's always there -- that's enough for me.
And they don't need it? They don't need it whatsoever.
They're content and happy.
Rituals are done whenever you're in need of something.
And you know this for a fact.
That's how I feel about it.
After we left, we heard about something happened at Myrtles Plantation.
What happened? You work at Myrtles as a tour guide? Yes.
You thought something followed you home from Myrtles.
Yes, I did.
After we left, what happened? We had a fire that broke out on August 6th.
That's a scary thing Yes.
To own such a historical building, a structure made of all wood.
220 years old.
The historic Myrtles Plantation survived a very close call, and you'll see just how close when you see the video.
For the fire chief in St.
Francisville, this is the first major fire he can remember at the Myrtles Plantation.
ZAK: Anytime a tragedy happens, you can't help but wonder if it could've been prevented somehow.
And this time, that might have been the case.
Jules Haigler is here today to talk to me about his amazing premonition.
We were talking about this whole fire.
Do you want me to start from the beginning? Absolutely.
All right.
Well, it all started one day after a long day doing night tours.
I was eating dinner with my cat at my place, all by myself, and that's when my cat started kind of having an arch and then moving to the side Kitten tick? Yeah, kitten tick.
And, when I looked to where the cat was pointing, the bathroom door opened up on its own.
And then the smoke alarm in my place started going off.
[ Smoke alarm beeping ] And I cried out whoever was here needs to go home, because I thought something had followed me home.
You work at Myrtles as a tour guide? Yes.
You thought something followed you home from Myrtles? Yes, I did.
And that night, it was weird.
I started having this dream.
I was at the Myrtles all by myself, in the foyer underneath the stairs.
And when I looked up the stairs, I saw there was a lady in a white dress.
I couldn't see her face but I could see her dress very clearly.
And she said in a very soft voice, "You need to get out.
There's a fire.
" Wow.
And then her voice got louder and louder, saying, "There's a fire.
There's a fire.
" So not only are your dreams with spirits from Myrtles telling you that you need to get out, there's a fire, but at your own house, your smoke alarms are going off, unexplainably.
That's a sign.
How long were these dreams before the actual fire happened? It was maybe about three weeks before the fire.
I've been there, man.
I've had dreams like that, and then something happens.
And I'm, like, "Darn it.
You know, I knew this was gonna happen.
" The day after that dream, I went to my managers the next morning and told them, "I had a strange dream about a fire in the house.
" Oh, you did tell them? Yeah, I told them.
They told me, "Oh, Jules, don't jinx us.
Don't jinx us.
We don't want to hear that.
" But then, every night after that, the dream was the same.
The dream was recurring? Yeah.
It seemed to become more and more intense.
That's incredible.
I remember a couple of nights before the fire, I had the dream once more.
But, this time, it was the lady in white and it felt like there was two little kids near her.
And they were both calling out to me, saying, "You need to get out now.
There's going to be a fire.
" And it seemed more sincere.
Really? Like they were worried.
And I remember telling my family and my friends I couldn't sleep at night for weeks before the fire because I kept having these dreams.
And how did the fire start? Was there ever -- The fire started -- It's so odd.
There was a strip -- electrical strip.
And somehow, someway, that cord shorted [ Electricity buzzes ] and a fire started right there.
And it went through the floor, and when it got air under the house -- 'cause the house is on piers -- when it got air to the fire, it raced right up through the wall of the laundry room and the wall of the gift shop, went into the attic, and just burned everything and then everything fell down.
So, it was explainable? Oh, yes.
WOMAN: An employee at the restaurant saw the fire and heavy smoke and called 9-1-1.
The attic in the back of the building, which was an add-on, took on the worst of the damage.
But, at the time, flames were within a foot of the main building.
And when the fire occurred, I broke down.
I was extremely upset, because I felt like they were trying to communicate with me, and I couldn't do anything about it.
But other weird things went on during the fire that was also strange.
Like what? And they'll tell me after the tour that there was a lady in a white dress who's been following me around the house.
ZAK: Jules Haigler, an employee at the Myrtles Plantation, was there to witness the horrific night that a fire broke out.
Other weird things went on during the fire that was also strange.
Like what? When we looked into the window of the gift shop, there was a lamp burning.
And they had cut off all power to the house.
Was the lamp on? The lamp was on.
It was turned on? It was turned on and it was glowing, but there was no power flowing into the house.
And it wasn't until the firefighters went in there, unplugged it from the wall -- and it continued to burn even after that -- Until they pulled it out of the house is when it finally went off.
It was the eeriest sight you could possibly imagine.
I guess this is what happens when a fire breaks out at one of the most haunted buildings in the United States.
The spirits are gonna do something about it to protect it, and they did.
Was it just an utter emotional shock? It was.
It was the first time I've ever dreamed about something and have it come true.
How special is that place to you now? I feel even more connected than I did before.
And I've had times where I've had psychics on tours.
And I won't even mention the lady in the white dress, and they'll tell me after the tour that there was a lady in a white dress who's been following me around the house Geez.
that she enjoys my tours and that she feels a certain connection towards me.
That's it.
And I've had -- She likes what you're doing to tell her story.
I really don't know who she is exactly.
I think perhaps she's one of the poor owners of the house who died long ago.
Well, I can attest for how amazing that place is and the evidence, and I think that there's a lot of answers.
You know, if people are looking for answers about the afterlife, they can find them there.
I think that you had this experience because you play a very important role at Myrtles Plantation.
You tell the stories there with positive energy, and those spirits appreciate that.
What are you gonna do now if this lady in this white dress appears in your dream again and she starts saying, "You need to get married," or, "You need to move to Florida"? Are you gonna listen to everything that this lady tells you if she shows up in your dreams in the future now? I'm sure I would question her.
I go to the place and ask her Right.
and see if she responds.
In your dream? Well, in my dream and in real life.
I go try to make sure that what she's saying was really what she wanted me to hear.
Amazing story.
And I think a lot of people are gonna, you know, get a lot from this about the power of dreams and the meaning, and listen to them -- that they could be influenced by a spirit that has a connection with you.
[ Siren wailing ] Were the firemen a little upset 'cause they didn't get the appropriate attention? When the story broke, they were kind of cut out of the media for what they did.
I don't think that the firemen -- They're so good, such good people.
They did not complain, and we did thank the firemen profusely.
It's just that media is media, and the thank-yous to them were cut out.
Well, because I love what our firemen do for us They're fabulous.
our country, and how they save structures like this and lives.
So I, personally, on behalf of myself, all of our viewers, all of our GAC fans, we personally want to say thank you to all the volunteers, the fire department that helped save this very important structure.
Thank you, Zak, for your comments.
We really appreciate, especially in recognizing the volunteers.
About 70% of America's firefighters are volunteers, and they definitely don't get said "thank you" enough to.
And it's really great for someone to acknowledge the hard work and dedication that they have just given to their communities.
It's the first time I've been back since the fire.
And the Myrtles, obviously, is very well known.
And so, for us, kind of a local icon.
What's going through my mind, as I was coming in, was that I knew that this building was 200 years old.
An all-wood structure with over 200 years of dry wood in it, you have the potential for a very hot fire.
And you have a connected breezeway, obviously, that also lends to let fire flow through into the house there.
And if you can see from the breezeway here, you're not talking about a whole lot of distance.
Obviously, the media is media.
And they really didn't give all the attention to the firemen, the volunteers who actually really saved your building.
Yes, they did.
Instead, they turned to thanking a very, very famous spirit by the name of Chloe.
I want to bring up a photo right now of what is believed to be Chloe.
Now, what's interesting and what you're gonna tell us today is there's something very ironic with the location where alleged Chloe is standing right now.
What is ironic about this photo and where Chloe is standing right now? Stopped the tour, lifted up his shirt, and it looked like two welts that ran from his shoulder blade, all the way down.
ZAK: Teeta Moss, owner of Myrtles Plantation, is telling us more about an intriguing photo that's believed to depict one of the plantation's most famous spirits, a woman named Chloe.
What is ironic about this photo and where Chloe is standing right now? Well, Zak, the building that was on fire is on the left side of the screen.
So, obviously, here's -- That's a breezeway that's 7-feet, 11-inches.
This is said to be Chloe here, standing here.
The building on the left is This building.
the general store.
It's the building that burned.
And the building on the right Is the main house.
Is the north end of the main house.
Now, exactly where she's standing, behind her on that wall, is an 80-gallon gas water heater.
So not only did the firemen and volunteer firemen keep the fire that was literally licking out of the general store toward the main house, they kept that fire from catching on to the main building.
If the building had collapsed, or if one of those boards had gone under the house and stayed afire long enough to catch that tank -- that water heater on fire, the whole home would have blown up.
I'm the one who took that photograph.
You're the one who took the photo? My husband gave me the Myrtles Plantation for Christmas in 1992, and we were insured by Lloyd's of London.
And they wanted photographs of the proximity of the buildings to one another, to rate us for fire code.
How odd is that? Right.
So, if Building "A" caught on fire, how long before Building "B" would catch on fire? Ah, that's the panorama view down at the bottom.
Right, and see, that's the two where, when the waitress who noticed the apparition in the corner.
And I said, "Oh, no, darling.
" I said, "That's a shadow.
" She said, "No, it's not, Miss Teeta.
Because, look, you changed the angle from where you took the photograph.
" So if that were a shadow, when you moved, it would have changed formation at least.
And I said, "You're absolutely right.
" Was there really some type of protection from the house, by Chloe, do you believe? Here's the thing.
The firemen did a wonderful job.
And I give credit to them first.
Always give credit to them, 'cause if it wasn't for them, we'd have lost everything.
The damage that was done to the gift shop could have been a whole lot worse.
And they were protected by Chloe and those spirits that were there, in order for them to do a good job.
Now, there's no possible way that that gift shop, being seven to eight feet away from that main house and that gas tank -- And made of wood.
Made of wood.
Like, that would have just -- And cypress, at that.
Cypress wood catches on fire very quickly.
And even the plants around the gift shop.
I don't know if you saw what had happened.
Those plants weren't even affected.
And the fact that that gift shop even survived to the point that where it is now and nothing else caught on fire.
There's no possible way that that's not a miracle and there was nothing there protecting it.
She's standing right between the breezeway where that fire would have just jumped and actually hit that gas tank and caught that house on fire.
Is there more meaning to this picture? Oh, of course, there's more meaning.
I mean, that's her favorite place.
So, naturally, of course, I mean, if it's her favorite place, of course she had a hand in saving that gift shop.
So that's Chloe definitely -- She definitely had a hand in saving the gift shop and the house.
And, mind you, that gift shop is the oldest structure there on that plantation grounds.
The gift shop is? The gift shop is.
1794 was whenever it was built.
So, yes, even though she was there years later, after that gift shop was built, she still had a hand as part of the plantation.
It's part of her history, too.
So, naturally, she was gonna try and save it, and I think she did.
She protected those firemen while they were putting that fire out in that gift shop.
ZAK: Another location where the spirits have reached beyond the walls of the building is the Old Licking County Jail in Newark, Ohio.
Eric Glosser, a local paranormal investigator and former police officer, originally alerted us to a spirit named David, who was stalking Misty Medley, a fellow investigator.
We check in with Eric to follow up on this aggressive spirit and how the energy in the jail maybe have begun to change for the worst.
Good to see you.
How you been? Real good.
Staying busy at the jail.
Are you? Oh, yeah.
How would you gauge the activity now since we've been there? As far as the activity inside of the jail, you know, it's still like it was.
As time has passed since you guys left, things have got progressively more consistent.
Really? I mean, when a group goes in or we investigate the place, it's just consistent, what we get.
We've also had a pickup in people getting scratched.
Really? In a two-week time, there were six people scratched.
On different floors.
And were you there to witness it? I was there.
I was giving a tour to one gentleman that was right by my side.
And he told me that his back was burning.
We stopped the tour, lifted up his shirt, and it looked like two welts that ran from his shoulder blade, all the way down.
You know, a lot of people are getting scratched.
It's probably one of the most common things.
I've been scratched.
Aaron's been scratched.
Jay's been scratched.
I don't know if Billy's been scratched.
No, he hasn't.
it's one of the most common attacks by a spirit now, scratches.
And you wonder, does the scratch mean something more? What is causing that scratch, you know? How is it able to make that scratch on the skin? Is there more meaning to it, that this energy of this spirit is literally needing blood, like a tick? Do you believe, when you heard that, "Hey, Misty," do you believe that is what started this attachment? ZAK: Eric Glosser and I are discussing our own experiences with violent physical encounters with spirits MAN: I don't want to [bleep] do this.
resulting in marks on the body.
Did someone just scratch me?! Is there more meaning to it, that this energy of this spirit is literally needing blood, like a tick? You know, like it's something -- Does it do something with our blood? You know, does it inject its energy into our blood stream? Does it become a part of us now? Is that anger that we get two weeks from that moment, is that anger really us? Or is it that energy that is now stored in us somewhere? That's the biggest mystery.
Let's watch this clip here, when you told us that David could possibly be the strange figure that you captured on a photo.
Through the SB7, he said, "I'm Davey.
" Captured a picture of him in a corner.
It's scary as hell.
He's called out her name, "Hey, Misty," and they've asked him before, "Why do you talk about Misty so much?" He said that he loves her.
And do you believe he's attached to her? He must be.
She's had some crazy things happen at home.
Shadow person walking through her living room.
Now, Eric, that photo is very cool but what was really cool and still sticks with me to this day is that piece of video evidence that you showed us of the -- appears to be an apparition figure, almost like the shell of the figure was reflecting the infrared light.
And it was very impressive.
And I believe that you have visually photographed and documented on video this entity, David.
ZAK: Misty Medley is a paranormal investigator at the jail who was deeply affected by the attachment of the spirit called David.
You were dealing with this spirit attachment that was affecting you and your sister mostly.
Your dad was a huge skeptic Right.
but he also experienced it.
You don't really believe in ghosts? Okay.
Not really.
Let me ask you this next question.
Have you seen this ghost in this house? I've seen just a couple black images, and that was it.
It didn't seem like it had much shape to it as a body or anything.
It was my decision that I personally wanted to go out and try to help you.
And I know it was, personally, me that went in there and started getting very aggressive with this entity and saying, "You need to leave.
Leave Misty alone.
" ZAK: You are not to be in this house any longer Do you understand what we're saying? Leave.
Go back to the Licking County Jail.
And a lot of people think that you go in to places and you just say, "Go to the light.
Go to the light.
Go to the light.
" But I don't believe in that.
I don't believe that that's all that it takes to tell a spirit to leave or free them, or whatever.
So what happened after we left? Actually, it's like something was lifted up, you know? Like, it's not so heavy.
Everybody's acting normal and -- Great.
And yeah.
I mean, it was -- That's great to hear.
I wanted to thank you guys a lot for that.
Oh, you're welcome.
It helped me tremendously.
You're welcome.
And I know that these things, these attachments, especially when they're in your own home, like, they can really mess with you.
You know, you're supposed to be cautious of what's outside, trying to get in, that's made of flesh and blood, not scared of something that's dark and touching you and your sister in your own house that you can't see all the time.
Yeah, that's the worst part.
So, I want to bring up and I want to reiterate the power of using the Spirit Box, the SB7 Spirit Box.
I believe that spirits are made up of electromagnetic energy.
So if spirits are made up of electromagnetic energy, then, when they talk, their voices should be within the electromagnetic spectrum.
And these voices, we must listen to them.
And you, from anybody else in our investigations and the history of our show, have a very strong story and a connection to the SB7 Spirit Box.
Why? Because I want to play a voice that I believe started this attachment to you.
The, "Hey, Misty.
" Mm-hmm.
Play this.
Why was Eric telling me that he thinks that a spirit is in love with you? Another investigator caught an EVP and said, "Do you like when Misty's here?" And it said, "We love her.
" After that, did you have an experience here that prompted the attachment? Absolutely.
ZAK: Misty takes us to the matron's quarters, where this malevolent spirit first marked her for attachment.
We were doing an investigation.
We had the SB7 going, and I was sitting there.
I got touched right here, and the next thing I know, I got called out over the SB7.
It said, "Hey, Misty.
" Do you believe when you heard that, "Hey, Misty," do you believe that is what started this attachment? I think it was a combination of everything in general, but yeah.
Do you think this was the spirit that was attached to you? This is the beginning.
I don't know what spirit, or if there were multiple spirits.
But it's just, you know, that's pretty much when everything started -- when I got called out.
When these spirits talk to you through this device and they see that you have a reaction, they will attach themselves to you because they could be there for 100 years, trying to get somebody to get noticed.
The most shocking part is when we went to your house.
We go to your house, we try to help you.
We try to get rid of this attachment.
We turn on the Spirit Box.
How long were we using the Spirit Box for, Misty? Hour -- over an hour.
And how many voices did you hear come through the Spirit Box? One.
What did the voice say? "Hey, Misty.
" Whoa, listen.
It said, "Hey, Misty.
" I heard, "Misty.
" It might have been "Misty.
" [ Oscillating static stops ] What did you hear? I heard her say, "Hey, Misty," just like from the jail.
What are these odds? Anybody watching this right now, we challenge you.
Any skeptic, we challenge you.
Okay? We challenge you to give us a rational explanation for the odds of this.
I've learned now that you believe that the attachment has went to somebody else.
Talk to me about that.
Actually, after I stopped having any experience at all, Marka, one of my good friends who has been to my house, and she also investigates with us, started having similar occurrences happening at her home.
ZAK: It sounds like David's spiritual attachment may have moved on to Misty's friend and fellow investigator Marka Rine.
I want to touch base with her now to delve further into that possibility.
David has since left Misty.
And do you think that he is now affecting you? Oh, yeah.
Really? Yes.
Has he touched you Yes.
While you're sleeping? Yeah.
ZAK: Marka Rine is being pursued by a spirit from the Old Licking County Jail, David, who has attached itself to her.
David has since left Misty.
And do you think that he is now affecting you? Oh, yeah.
Really? Yes.
You've got a prison Mm-hmm.
right? A jail.
You go there all the time.
You investigate there all the time.
Are these spirits basically attaching themselves to you guys? And that's kind of like their free shuttle to get out of that confine, and it's jumping.
I've seen it before.
It jumps from person to person.
So when we went to her house, I yelled for the spirit to leave.
And it looks like it worked.
And now you're experiencing similar things that Misty used to.
So we are trying to figure this out by the process of connecting events together like yours.
So what's going on with you? It all started when we left an investigation at the jail.
And before we leave the jail, before we even step foot outside the door, we always say, "I came here alone.
I leave here alone.
" Well, I forgot.
Do you really think that that's powerful enough? It's worked.
It's worked for me.
I've not had anything follow me since then.
But the one time I forgot to say it, that's when stuff started happening.
[ Electricity buzzes ] And what's been happening at your home? It was usually -- It always happened at night.
There was times where I'd wake up in the middle of the night to something falling, look over, and nothing had fallen.
It was just a loud noise.
Have you seen him or no? No.
Have you heard him? Yeah.
You have? He yelled in my ear, woke me up in the middle of the night.
He did? Yeah.
And you heard a man's voice? Yes, saying "hey" really loud in my ear.
While you were sleeping? Mm-hmm.
Has he touched you? Yes.
Right down my face, right here, three times in a row in the middle of the night.
While you're sleeping? Yeah.
I laid down, went to sleep, fell asleep, felt this.
I thought it was a bug so I tried to, you know, brush it off.
Like, my hair in my face or something.
Lay back down, went to sleep again.
Same thing happened again.
It's just right down the side of my face.
So it looks like this spirit is now with you.
Is it still happening? Almost every night, something would happen.
And then, we had another investigation of the jail.
And I think it went back with me.
To the jail? Mm-hmm.
So this is my theory of how these spirits kind of take rides in us, with us.
They cling to our energy, and this is how, I believe, a lot of them can travel to places that are bad.
Now, Eric, you were a police officer for how many years? About 23 years.
23 years.
So to have Misty and now Marka being followed home, you know, the spirit entering their house, trespassing, it's almost like these spirits now are committing crimes.
How would somebody like you, who used to be a police officer but is now a paranormal investigator who is still witnessing these spiritual crimes, how do you monitor that? Do you try to, you know, control or enforce these spirits? To me, it's a real scary thought, that something can cause you physical harm that you can't see.
It doesn't matter if you've got a gun, you've got a club, if you're big, you're strong.
None of that's gonna defend yourself.
And that's what I tell my people.
I said, you know, "If you have something, go home.
Or you can say whatever you want to say.
But it means -- the words mean nothing.
" I said, "You got to feel it through your heart and through your faith And your soul to make that happen.
" Words are just words.
We've seen that a spirit's connection can be positive or negative.
They might be drawn to help you, to protect your life "You need to get out.
There's a fire.
" or it could become a dangerous obsession.
He yelled in my ear, woke me up in the middle of the night.
Some might be so subtle that you have to pay careful attention.
Power of dreams and the meaning, and listen to them.
But some manifestations are obvious and threatening.
It's our job to identify the differences, to do the best we can for the living and the dead.
Look at Chloe.