Ghost Adventures Aftershocks (2014) s01e21 Episode Script

Gettysburg and Cripple Creek

MAN: Glenn, help me! It won't let me! ZAK: The last several years, we have explored many locations.
We have met hundreds of people MAN: What you do is so valuable.
many who have been deeply affected by our investigations.
I just started running.
Are these dark spirits still plaguing these places No! and harming these people? He apparently got into a really bad gasoline explosion.
It's time to find out.
This is "Ghost Adventures: Aftershocks.
" [ Drums playing ] [ Canon fires ] Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.
When the "Ghost Adventures" crew investigated here in 2010, we met Carol Starr, who is here to share some of the most startling evidence I have ever seen.
Carol, Gettysburg, one of my favorite places to go.
Well-known as the site of the bloodiest battle of the Civil War, there is still much more to this historic location than we could have possibly anticipated.
I had no idea about this orphanage.
I thought we were just going to be investigating everything having to do with soldiers, Civil War, the battle, and that's it.
And you started giving me these details of these disturbing bits of history affiliated with children.
The tone in our investigation completely shifted.
Let's -- let's set the emotional tone here by watching this clip.
STARR: And back in here a chain.
Oh, my God.
This is where kids were chained up to the wall.
Who did this to them? Rosa Carmichael, who was the headmistress of the orphanage.
She hated children, and she also used the older kids to help torture the little kids.
You are going to talk about something that happened after we left to a particular woman named Alexis.
Alexis had a life-changing experience in the orphanage basement.
Alexis is one of the tour guides there, and she asked me if I wanted to go downstairs to do a little investigation, just off the cuff.
Just to go down and sit and see what would happen.
So we walked downstairs to the orphanage basement.
I won't go down there by myself.
I mean, I will not.
I'm terrified of it.
They call me the scaredy cat guide because I will leave you.
If something happens, I will make a door, and I will leave you.
For some reason, she felt drawn, like physically drawn.
Talking to me and saying, "I think I want to go back here to the pit area.
" And she walked a couple of feet ahead of me in toward the pit, and I walked through the doorway.
And as I walked through the doorway, the door that leads from the first part of the basement into the pit area was standing wide open, and it suddenly shut.
Hard, and actually hit me in the back and startled me, startled her.
Enough that we both went upstairs to take a couple minutes' break and gather ourselves again.
When you experience a door slam by itself with force, and you're there to witness that, that is one hell of a feeling.
It is.
You feel the energy that manifested to slam that door with no physical hand.
We then headed back down into the basement where again she said she felt like she needed to go back to the pit area to investigate.
Where they kept the children chained up and tortured them.
Let's look at what the pit is.
ZAK: What's in there? You're going back toward the pit.
There's an opening to the left.
That's the pit.
You have got to be kidding me.
And they spent days in there.
This is medieval.
I wasn't expecting to hear about this in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.
Oh, gosh.
I can barely even fit back in here.
Right now, I'm in a little pit is what they call it in the orphanage where this sadistic woman, Rosa, used to torture these little kids.
So Alexis is near the pit, and she wants to go inside? Yeah, she's being pulled back to that area.
She keeps having a feeling saying something wants her to walk through that doorway.
In the three or four years working there, has she ever described this type of behavior to you? No, no, never.
I turned my head to look into the dungeon, and a voice -- a man's voice right beside my ear, as plain as day, said, "Get out, now.
" I did not think.
My mind was a blank.
I know what blind terror is because that's what I had.
After probably a couple of seconds that she was back into that pit area, we heard her yell.
And next thing you know, she came flying out of that pit area in through the doorway.
Was she emotional? She was -- I never saw anyone that terrified in my life.
She had the look of just pure terror.
And she ran past me up the steps and out -- out actually onto the street.
I just started running without thinking.
No destination, nothing.
I just started running, that primal part taking over, protecting me.
And I had a broken toe at the time.
Someone had to go after her and catch her.
She ran outside? She ran outside.
Onto the street? Yes.
Do you think this was an over-reaction to something that wasn't there? After we brought her in from the street, physically, her -- she was totally shaking and hysterical, crying.
They caught up with me down the road, and when I came back in, I felt like I was far away and watching everything.
I've been there.
And they said that my face was terror, and I couldn't stop shaking and crying, and I just -- I -- I don't even remember any of this, hardly.
Like I said, far away and watching it from a distance.
The story Alexis shares with us absolutely terrifying, but even more compelling than her testimony is the visual evidence captured on that evening.
So she started to walk back toward the pit area, and at the same time asking me to follow her.
And I'm taking pictures of her.
Did you -- what, Bill? Yeah, go ahead.
BILL: All right.
Is this Alexis? That's Alexis' hair, and that's Alexis' jacket, but that's not her face.
That's not her.
That's not her face.
This nose, mouth, are you telling me that that is not Alexis? That's correct.
That is not Alexis' face.
This looks like a man.
It does.
ZAK: Carol has been telling us about an experience in the Gettysburg basement with Alexis and the incredible evidence they got that night.
This nose, mouth, are you telling me that that is not Alexis? That's correct.
That is not Alexis' face.
This looks like a man, Carol.
It does.
Where is Alexis' face? It was pointing toward -- that's the area going back toward the pit.
So she was looking over there? Yeah.
So, you wouldn't be able to really see her face? No.
And you can see my hair through that face.
Right, right.
Obviously, you had shorter hair then? I did, I did.
Can you turn your head that way? This is not my face.
Yeah, that's -- this is not your face.
Okay, this may be one of the creepiest things I've seen.
[ Laughs ] That's very masculine-looking.
Very masculine.
And that photo was taken within probably a five-minute period between the voice in her ear.
I just got legitimate chills.
Umm Wow.
You see that, Aaron? Aaron: Mm-hmm.
When I saw that picture -- that picture terrified me.
When I first heard the voice, I thought the voice was the bad thing -- the bad thing I had to be afraid of, but in retrospect, I think that voice was someone trying to protect me, trying to warn me, "Get out, now.
" Because whatever that thing is, I don't think it was wishing me well.
I think it was unwholesome, something horrible.
I changed.
You what? I changed.
How did you change, Alexis? All of a sudden, I had no fear, and I was drawn to that cellar.
I came to work the very next night, and before tours started, I had to go down to that cellar.
I had to go.
I went down there by myself.
I turned the lights off, and I sat in that pitch black cellar.
By yourself? By myself.
Okay, would you ever do that before this? Never in a million years.
You can ask anyone that knows me, never.
And all you wanted to do was go down there and sit by yourself in that darkness? I had to go down there.
I had to.
Why? I felt comforted.
I felt something wanted me there.
It needed me there.
You know, my job, too, is connecting stories from other people to things that I've experienced that I've heard other people experience.
I've been so terrified of locations, but once I go through a moment of where I believe whatever is terrifying me penetrates through me or possesses inside of me, your fear completely changes, doesn't it? You're right, it's gone.
You now feel comfortable Yes.
in the place that you feared.
Why do you think that? Because a part of that entity, a part of that person's energy that was making you fearful is inside of you.
I believe that, 100%.
And that is them that wants to go back to that place.
Yes, I believe that 100%.
Since that experience with Alexis, did she change? Yes, yes.
I think there's still something that maybe is untold.
Maybe she hasn't come out with everything.
Is she still working there? Yes, mm-hmm.
She's still working there.
She still works there.
Who do you think that man is? I have a theory.
Who do you think that man's face is? That might be a man named David, a soldier.
David, from the information we got from our EMF meters, was a union soldier born in the south.
He fought for the north.
He moved up here.
and he seems to come on tours with me, and he seems to hang around me a lot because, according to one psychic, he likes my southern accent.
I think David was trying to protect me and trying to warn me.
I really believe that.
And I don't know -- is that David's face, or is that the thing he was warning me against? I don't know.
Is there somebody by the name of David you'd like to tell me about? We were down there.
Alexis and I went down to the basement one evening by ourselves.
We started asking questions, yes and no questions, and we got an answer to, yes, there was someone down there.
Yes, this was a male, a young male.
Throughout the investigation that night that we did, we determined that he was about 17 years old.
He was a union soldier from the south.
He seemed to be very attracted to both Alexis and I.
He didn't want to leave us.
We had the feeling through our conversations and through our questions that he wanted to go with us, and we would tell him, "No, you can't leave here.
You must stay here.
" Did you give any words of compassion to David? Yes, we always do.
What did you tell him? We told him he was a hero, and we thanked him for his service, and we thought that he did a good job, and he continues to.
He's looking after the kids there.
Well, in a place where so much pain and suffering happened to innocent children, you know, I think that was an amazing experience you had, but more powerful in the message that you gave him.
Just have that feeling of love and comfort again is sometimes, I feel, enough to help that spirit move on to a better place and release that attachment of guilt or pain.
So, I commend you for that.
That's good.
ZAK: In the midst of our investigation in Cripple Creek, Colorado, in 2012, we received an unexpected phone call that completely changed our plans for that evening's lockdown.
There's a guy that owns a house.
His name's Dan.
I guess in 2005, Nick, Aaron, he bought this house.
He's rented it out to multiple people.
They have all become very mean, aggressive.
We invited homeowner Dan to join us on our lockdown.
We are gonna go in here and try and draw it out.
Okay? And in doing so, I definitely ask that them two leave.
He's here again today to speak about horrific new details and the home's hidden history that help us come closer to answering the questions we raised in our original investigation.
I remember you seemed distressed with the whole situation that was going on with that house.
Yeah, man.
And the first thing that I picked up on was a very, very key thing that you told me, that all the families that have lived in that home have been affected by something.
[ Knocking ] Hi.
How's it going? How you doing? I'm Zak.
You Dan? Dan.
How you doing, man? Heather.
I'm Heather.
What's your name? Heather.
Heather, how you doing? ZAK: Now, you've had this house since 2005? Okay.
Now, have you been renting this place out since then? Yep.
About how many different people? At least 10 families in the last six years.
Everybody seems to be cool when they first move in here.
Within six months -- What about when they move out? Angry.
That's what you told us right off the bat.
So, like, I mean, what the hell's happened, man, since we left? You seem to be sane, so I don't think that you're possessed.
Oh, yeah, no.
I'm good.
I'm good myself.
Well, since shooting, we no longer own the house, fortunately.
I'm kind of happy about that.
Out of the half-dozen rental properties that we had, this is the only one we've lost.
You know, out of all of our houses, that one was just a drain.
On you physically, mentally? Mentally, yeah, one problem after another after another.
Tenants keep moving out.
Constantly doing repairs and stuff.
I'd say energetically, it was a drain, you know.
Myself I believe, like, everything that we own or are connected to in this world, there's like an energetic tie to it.
Absolutely, absolutely.
I remember when we were doing our investigation, you were telling us about how your water bill or something, there would be just, like, hundreds, thousands of gallons that just, like, went unaccounted for.
Dude, 148,000 gallons of water I lost in 20 days.
But we started talking about this water, this missing, mysterious water, and the spirits, I believe, started possibly telling us something about this.
Drain the well.
Every single response was relevant to what we were asking.
Can you tell me who you are? It even said your daughter's name.
Dude, this is freaking me out.
You went there to just do odd jobs, fix up the house for your tenants.
But even you had this -- this vision of digging up the ground in the basement because of a cord you pulled out of the tin can.
Let's watch that.
See this coffee can? Yeah.
So we cut the lid off, I stuck my hand in there, and I grabbed this crusty leather cordage.
It broke 18 to 20 inches off.
You can only get your arm about that far in there, so I've never been able to find the other end of this leather cord to see what is -- It's attached to.
I just hope there's not a body under there, man.
NICK: That's what I was thinking.
I was thinking it's possibly bones or something-- native artifacts.
Have you ever thought about ripping this up? Dude, for 6 1/2 years, it's been, no pun intended, haunting me.
What is buried in there? What if we ripped it up? Let's do it.
You want to? I want to do it.
I want to know.
Did you ever keep going? Did you ever find more objects? Did you ever find out what those objects meant? I mean, you found some ribbons, some buttons.
Did you ever find anything more or find out what those objects meant? You know what? We kept digging for a little bit and just kept turning up weird pieces of toys, Easter grass, buttons.
Just little small objects that were buried in there.
Were you ever able to finally document some correct details about the house? If I remember correctly, didn't they have a son that passed away? The original owners who built this house had a son who was born, I believe, the same year that this house was built, '77, and he passed away.
, yeah.
And we found out what happened to him.
ZAK: I'm talking to Dan Piotrowski about the dark history of the home he once owned.
While we were there in 2012, we only got a piece of the story.
We sit down now to learn about the disturbing details.
Any weird, you know, unfortunate synchronicities that had to do with the house? Well, we found out a little bit about the history of the family that built that house.
Jim was it? James? Jim, I believe his name was, yeah.
We found out about him, basically, from members of the community, and also Eric there.
He was good friends with him.
That's how I found out the exact details as to what happened to him.
Eric Murray is a paranormal investigator who has agreed to speak with me about his friendship with the man who built this house and the dark events that tormented his life.
I knew him pretty well.
We worked together.
You worked together? Yes, I'm a paramedic, and he was a paramedic, also, so he worked for the same company that I did.
Really? Can you tell me a little bit about him? Can you tell me a little bit about what happened with him? It started with his son, J.
, and I believe it was back in 1994.
It was Christmas Eve.
There was like a Christmas party at one of the local watering holes, pretty much the only place here in town, and kids were outside playing.
The parents were inside.
And one of the neighbor's kids threw their son's shoe out in the middle of the highway.
The kid ran out into the highway to grab his shoe and got hit by a car.
[ Glass breaking ] That's horrible -- and on Christmas Eve.
Yeah, yeah.
That was, like, the first tragedy that happened in that family.
Did anything else continue to happen in the family? Years later, he apparently got into a really bad gasoline explosion.
Had some gas in the back of his van and lit up a cigarette.
How many gas cans? I think it was six, and it was in a van, and he was a smoker.
And he lit a cigarette, and there was a quick flash fire.
He got burned severely.
And after that, he actually did go into a depression, and that was, like, the last six months of his life.
Six months later, obviously, the pain of something like that and everything, he ended up committing suicide.
[ Gunshot ] How did you feel after you found out that Jim killed himself? Oh, I felt horrible.
I couldn't believe it.
He was such a happy-go-lucky guy.
Very nice person.
Everybody loved to work with him.
Just always upbeat, always positive, did a lot of pranks, you know, kind of a prankster.
Nice guy to be around.
Did he hide the depression from you? Well, he did.
So, to find this out, after having suspected all this stuff for years, Right.
prior to that, we just knew something weird was in the house.
Something was going down with that, you know.
Something was going on there.
Did you let Eric inside your house to start doing investigations? Yeah, yeah.
We had another paranormal research group, Eric, that he's part of, came in.
Was this after we left? This was after.
In your investigations at that house trying to communicate with your friend, Jim, in the home, and what kind of answers were you trying to get from him? Well, really, the emotions I felt were happy ones.
And you know, going through at first, we were able to communicate with flashlights, having a couple of flashlights set up and, "Can you turn the flashlight on? Can you turn the flashlight off?" And the very first time, I mean, we were getting flashlight communication, I mean, within the first few minutes in the basement, mostly.
That's where we were getting all of our communication that appeared to be Jim was down in the basement.
You know, I would say, "Do you recognize me?" And the light goes on.
And "Do you -- you know, do you remember Uncle Mel?" Somebody else that we worked with.
And the flashlight would go on.
Do you want me to say hi to Uncle Mel tomorrow? The flashlight goes straight on.
So, a lot of -- a lot of answers that sure seemed like it was him.
ZAK: Eric has been telling me about his experiences investigating the house Dan once owned in Cripple Creek, Colorado.
And while the stories so far have been surprising, what happens next is absolutely shocking.
Have you listened to his EVPs? PIOTROWSKI: I listened to his EVPs, and I was, like, freaked out, totally.
I want to play a few of them.
Billy, can you play one? WOMAN: Do you miss your wife? [ INDISTINCT NOISE ] There's some kind of a response there.
Play the next one.
Do you know what, that does not surprise me that there's something wrong.
Did you hear what happened No.
just, like, 15 minutes ago before we started shooting? No.
That dude, Eric, that you're talking about? Yeah.
I'm sitting outside having a cigarette, and Heather comes out.
She's, like, "Are you calling Eric right now?" I got my cellphone in my pocket.
They thought I was butt-dialing him, andso I come back in.
I was, like, "Did I call you?" He was, like, "Yeah.
" He showed me his phone.
He had gotten two calls from me this morning.
What's even weirder is the phone number or my calls that came into his phone are from a cell phone that I owned, like, a year ago.
I mean, that phone is dead.
It's sitting in a closet right now with no battery power in it.
This morning? Just an hour ago, within the last hour.
Is the spirit of Jim, who is extremely active at the home he built here with Dan and his old friend causing this unexplained cell phone phenomena in an effort to make more communication? We now also find it very strange that the only audio malfunction we've ever had playing EVPs through Billy's sound system just happens to be one of Jim's EVPs.
All right, right now, we're kind of interrupting our regular sit-down interview format because there's some strange things going on.
This is your audio, right? The sessions that you did in the house with the EVPs that you supplied us with, right? Yes.
Okay, last night, Billy and I met up, and we went through all the EVPs.
A lot of them are pretty impressive, some of them Class A.
Were all of those EVPs captured in the house? Yes.
Okay, when we were playing them last night at my house, they all were fine, perfect.
Billy then played them out in the trailer back there.
They were all fine.
But now we were sitting here, and we were trying to play them for Dan, and all of a sudden, they just -- They won't work.
Why won't the EVPs play? I have no idea.
This particular file, I'll play it, and I'll turn the volume all the way up.
WOMAN: [ Softly ] There are a couple of big different things down here besides -- Is that all the way up? That's all the way.
ZAK: No matter how hard we looked for a logical scientific explanation, we have no idea what could be causing this audio anomaly.
Well, if you're carrying this curse with you, I think we should conclude this.
You guys can take off.
I have no clue We'll just wrap it up at this point.
[ Laughs ] We're all good.
Are you all good? I'm all good, man.
Like I said, I'm just weirded out with the phone call thing.
You guys are having issues with your sound here.
We've been -- this is our -- this is our seventh episode? BILL: Yeah.
We've never had a problem playing any audio files whatsoever.
The audio program's working fine.
It's just these EVPs that you captured in the house pertaining to Jim, right? Yeah.
We're gonna need you to leave.
[ Laughter ] We're not making any assumptions, but when there are weird, unexplained things going on, and you had this phone thing happen.
This is going on, we just like to document it, at least.
That's weird.
So why don't you go back there? Hey, man, it's beyond me.
See, whatever we see -- whenever we're with Dan, he's always freaked out 'cause there's always freaky stuff going on.
[ Laughter ] BILL: Something else happens, we'll see what does.
ZAK: These technical difficulties are unlike anything we've ever seen before.
I can't help but wonder if this has something to do with Eric's close connection to his friend, Jim, who killed himself after living in the very haunted home that Dan once owned, and where Eric obtained his EVPs.
If this is the spirit of Jim communicating with him, do you think that that connection between Eric and Jim is so strong that he's still with Eric? Still communicating with him, possibly affecting him? You know, that's so tough to say.
I don't know.
Like I said, obviously those guys knowing each other, there's got to be some sort of connection there.
After everyone left, we attempted to review the audio again, and this time, the EVP in question played perfectly fine.
Although we don't know who Carol is, there clearly is a voice here, and definitely something significant about this EVP and perhaps a connection to the house and its history.
Did our investigation that you participated in, did it do anything for you? You know, I'll tell you, honestly, it was cool just to be able to, like, kind of validate feelings that I'd had for years.
After the first airing of it -- Of our episode? Yeah.
One of the neighbors e-mailed us, and she said, "You know what happened to your neighbor right next door?" 'Cause I had -- I was wondering.
It had been sitting vacant for about six months, and it turns out, he had a neighbor that had committed suicide.
Do you think this is all coincidence? I don't really believe in coincidence, so synchronicities.
So do you think that land is just cursed? Cursed or whatever you want to call it.
My personal belief's, you know, people probably just shouldn't even be there.
If we hadn't taken someone else's advice in the middle of an investigation that had already begun, we never would have met Dan or explored this house and its strange history.
The truth is that any good paranormal investigator always has to be willing to listen and make changes.
Another person we interviewed during our visit to Colorado was Mark, someone who I instantly knew had a special connection to the spirits.
He is eager to speak with us again today with some questions and criticism from our investigation in 2012.
Well, the last time I -- I met you was when we were investigating the Colorado Grande Hotel That is correct.
in Cripple Creek, Colorado.
The Colorado Grande is known for having many spirits, but its most famous resident is Maggie.
You know, I interview a lot of people.
That's part of my job.
I'm not just a paranormal investigator.
Part of being an investigator is interviewing people and using their stories, sensing their energy, you know, getting evidence from them that they experienced with the spirits.
And this all goes into a complete investigation of the paranormal that we do on "Ghost Adventures.
" And I knew right off the bat that there was something more to you than you just relaying some things that have happened or just some random, unexplained things.
I could sense that there was a deeper connection with you and the Colorado Grande and the spirits or possibly just the spirit of Maggie there.
And so I just want to refresh everyone's memory about when I sensed this from you.
You work here, Yes.
As your daytime job, as we all have to do in life to make money.
But I'm gonna ask you a question.
What is the real reason you're in this building? The reason this building is, 'cause it's -- it strikes -- it speaks to my heart, and something drew me here and wants to talk to me and wants me to help them find an answer.
It's the best way I can explain it to you, Zak.
It's going through your skin.
It's going through your bone and your muscle, your blood, everything.
It's connecting to your energy.
When we're attracted to areas by energy wanting to get with other energy, to communicate, for a purpose.
Who is planning all this? Who is picking you? Why are you they picking you? What do they want to say? That's the part that leaves you in this type of display.
Yes, and I don't know who, and I'm trying to find who.
Mark, did you ever find out who? No, I did not find out who.
Are you still at the Colorado Grande, Mark? No, I'm not.
I'm no longer at the Colorado Grande.
Why are you not at the Colorado Grande anymore, and are you upset about that? Do you miss the -- the connections you had to the spirits and Maggie? I miss Maggie.
I miss the building.
The reason is that there was a personal issue.
It had nothing to do with the paranormal.
It was just something else that was going on at the time, but I'm not hateful for not knowing who is behind all this and who brought me there and that type of thing.
I just know that they -- they talk to me.
They come around.
They find me and try to speak to me.
Is there something about your family or you that makes you more prone and more sensitive? Because I know that you are sensitive to these spirits.
I think it's more of the fact of, you know, I guess for most of my life, you know, I spent most of my life traveling from here to there.
I didn't have a lot of friends and stuff, so I -- for lack of a better word, you know, people have imaginary friends and stuff, except for me, they weren't imaginary.
I could see people.
I could talk to them, interact with them.
Spirits? I would call them that now, but when I was younger -- You didn't know.
People, "Oh, those are just your imaginary friends.
" Right, but they were spirits? But they were spirits because now looking back, some of them looked like from specific times, for specific places.
I've had grandparents and uncles I barely knew, but they've come to see me just to see how I'm doing, how things are going.
And this is after they pass.
I've met my grandfather, and all I've ever seen of him is ever was a picture, but I've met with him, and I have talked with him.
When my father died, I ended up seeing him and talking to him for a little while.
You father? Yes.
I feel like, for some reason, I'm either a beacon for some of these ghosts -- ghosts, spirits, or whatever you want to call -- to come and talk to 'cause I'm willing to listen.
Were you a little bit upset on how Billy and Bill Chappell handled the investigation? Yes, I was, a little.
Were you a little bit upset on how Billy and Bill Chappell handled the investigation? ZAK: Bill Chappell is a friend of the "Ghost Adventures" crew.
His adapted Kinect camera system visibly tracks the energy signature of spirits.
Yes, I was, a little, because where the equipment was set up was right in what I would call one of the more active sections of the building.
So they set the equipment in just stationary -- set there.
They did not interact with the people there.
The thing about the ghosts of the Grande that, from my interaction with them, is they want to talk to you like I'm talking to you right now, Zak.
They want to be interacted with.
They want to be treated like they're still there, that they still matter.
So do you think that they were more concerned getting scientific data, scientific evidence of them? And while this figure manifested within some of the camera equipment that they were using, do you think that they didn't get personal enough to try and communicate with Maggie? Was this a big concern for you? Or is this why you were frustrated? BILL: Holy crap.
Hey, Billy.
[ Radio beeps ] BILLY: Here we go.
Go ahead, Bill.
I need you to get up here.
Do you hear something? Yes, and I need you to come up here.
They were more worried about the scientific stuff, relying on the equipment itself to do the work Will you wave? Wave to Billy? Are you serious right now? Will you wave? Oh, my gosh, Bill.
instead of they themselves being a part of it.
They just stepped back, and for lack of a better word, they used it like a lab.
They kept themselves sterile from interaction with the ghosts.
Do the spirits tell you this, or is this just your own opinion? They tell me this.
They all took a step back.
They were there, but they didn't do what they were doing before to anybody and everybody.
They just now stepped back.
Are you protective of those spirits? Yes.
Because to me, it's like family.
I know that they did make attempts to do communication, further communication to get more information from this spirit.
We go through hours and hours and hours of communication sessions where there's just nothing, and just like this figure that mapped into the Kinect camera system, it seems like it'll just pop in, and then as fast as it pops in, it's gone.
And it's just a game of patience because ultimately, this whole field of research and investigations of the paranormal is to get more information about what lies after death for all of us to try and understand that so that we don't have to cope with the thought of death and never being with our families again.
This is ultimately scientific and emotional, and we, with the "Ghost Adventures," we like to blend those two together because one goes hand-in-hand with the other.
But you know, I appreciate your dedication and commitment to the spirits and telling their story.
And that's an important thing in this field is to have more people like that.
So, you know, we wish you the best.
And you know, if you ever go back to the Colorado Grande, let us know, you know.
The paranormal field rests on the shoulders of the individuals who are deeply in tune with the spirits.
I feel like I'm a beacon 'cause I'm willing to listen.
Whether it's through a personal connection I knew him pretty well.
We worked together.
or a willingness to show compassion.
We told him he was a hero.
Allowing yourself to experience the intense emotional impact of a haunting is life-altering.
I changed.
These unbelievable moments are what propel the paranormal field forward.
That is one hell of a feeling.
Progressing toward a deeper understanding of the unknown.