Ghost Adventures Aftershocks (2014) s01e22 Episode Script

Moon River Brewing Company and Alcatraz

MAN: You've got to help me! ZAK: Do you hear me? Someone help me! ZAK: The last several years, we have explored many locations.
We have met hundreds of people MAN: What you do is so valuable.
ZAK: many who have been deeply affected by our investigations.
Spirit's gonna fight you on its level.
It's just going to walk in on you and turn you into its [bleep] Are these dark spirits still plaguing these places WOMAN: No.
and harming these people? Have you had lots of moments where you've had attacks or attachments? This was my first time.
ZAK: It's time to find out.
This is "Ghost Adventures: Aftershocks.
" Savannah, Georgia, is undoubtedly one of the most haunted places in America, as we found out during our investigation at Moon River Brewing Company in 2009.
AARON: What's wrong? What's wrong with him, Aaron? Talk to him.
Talk, would you? I don't know what's wrong with him.
All right, I'm dealing with what the [bleep] is walking around in here.
You blacked out? I blacked out.
ZAK: While the city oozes Southern charm, its past was rocked with a dark and violent history.
We've had four great fires.
Add to that the fact that we've been a battlefield during every war ever fought on American soil, including the second-bloodiest battle of the American Revolution.
We have a cemetery in the center of town, and these are the right conditions for hauntings.
I want to talk with long-time resident of Savannah Murray Silver to see what has been transpiring spiritually in Savannah since we've last seen him.
It's been about, what, five years? SILVER: It has.
How you doing? Yeah.
Doesn't it? Good to see you.
Good to see you, too.
You know, when I met you, you had a lot of energy around you.
And, you know, you actually put me to a test, as well, when I didn't know it.
And what's interesting is, I mean, I've been filming "Ghost Adventures" now for, you know, seven years, and since I've met you, I've developed my sensibility a lot more.
And when I was at Moon River Brewing Company, we went downstairs.
As I was doing the interview with you, I personally started just feeling energy just shoot right through my body in the basement.
While, you know, your average people that aren't sensitive to spirits, or, you know, may not believe in spirits -- This may look silly or crazy to them, but it was a very real moment for me.
And I didn't know that you put me to a test off-camera.
Let's watch this.
I'm not gonna tell him, but there's a couple presences here.
If he's for real, he's gonna find it.
And if he ain't for real, I'm gonna know it because there's a spot in this place that's always charged.
We'll see if he picks up on it.
ZAK: Is there somebody here? Where are we? If there is -- I saw a solid figure walk by.
It was all white.
Is this typical of this place? That's the tunnel.
This was the old tunnel? There's a tunnel.
That's what they've led you to.
Was this it here that's filled? That's it.
So, they've led us to this.
A tunnel.
Listen, pal, I've never met you before.
And because I have to vet everybody -- I don't know, but I'm not playing with this stuff.
I told your cameraman, I said, "We're gonna find out if the guy has any sensibility or sensitivity to this at all.
" Uh-huh.
As far as I'm concerned, you've passed the test.
You have found something which most people didn't even know existed.
ZAK: Mm-hmm.
You've found the tunnel.
What happened after we met you? I'll tell you what happened.
I awoke to the the realization that something had walked in on me.
And this something reveals itself in stages.
And the first thing that I noticed is that I had a desire for things that were unnatural to me What does that -- what do -- meaning I cravings for things that I did not enjoy.
Some people hear voices, and it's beautiful songs.
The voices I'm hearing are prompting me to pursue things that were not natural to me.
And because this is a family program, we won't go there.
And I'm saying to Cristina, you know, this is bizarre.
Were you two married when I met you? We were.
You were.
I didn't know that.
We were married.
I didn't know that.
Well, she doesn't like to admit it.
Where is she now? She's back home in Brazil, and she's not doing very well.
But thanks for asking.
Just to let everybody know, Cristina is the one who had a very profound experience in the basement at Moon River Brewing Company.
And we actually interviewed her about this experience, and I want to share that with you all right now.
We had energy that was not of flesh and bones, I can tell you.
It was really weird.
As I was coming down that hallway, I was alone.
And I came to this back room.
It was right here.
When I got to here, as if, like, this was a physical presence on my neck, thrown back, back, pushing me back.
I was choking and coughing.
I could not breathe.
Kind of grab you by the neck, like, "Don't come in here?" I did not cross this threshold.
I don't believe in this stuff.
I mean, I did not believe in this stuff.
Do you believe now? Oh, my gosh, I mean, I get the goosebumps just talking about it it's so vivid.
This was an unforgettable investigation.
It was an unforgettable moment.
Sometimes, people are so just stricken on seeing things and capturing visual evidence.
But, you know, sometimes, it's that moment where you feel something, you feel that energy that is the most memorable.
And I'll never forget that moment.
It was a very strong, strong moment for me.
ZAK: Billie Labuzinski is a former employee we met at Moon River who had firsthand experiences with a dark energy that plagues Savannah.
Since encountering this entity, Billie's life has taken a dramatic turn.
Hi, Billie.
How you doing? How are you? I'm all right.
So, Billie, have you been good since I've seen you there last? I have not.
No? No.
[ Chuckles ] No, no.
Well, let's refresh everybody who weren't there to witness our meeting together.
Let's watch this.
LABUZINSKI: I was standing at the bar.
I was bartending.
And all of a sudden, I see something came out of the wall.
It was about this tall.
It creeped out and just knelt down and stared at me for a good five minutes.
It was just this black, foggy black, creepy black thing.
This wasn't a human? No, not by any means.
Really? Yeah, absolutely not.
Coincidentally, we just interviewed somebody, and she was actually very brutally attacked by what she thought was a demonic entity.
I'm gonna ask you, Aaron.
Where did that happen? Right here.
Right where we're standing.
Right here.
See, this is -- This spot.
See, I knew the thing was not human.
That thing is evil.
When did you quit from there after that time I met you? It scared me, and I was not okay with it.
I went upstairs and quit my job.
[ Chuckles ] "I'm done.
I'm sorry.
I cannot work here any longer.
" But that only lasted about a month.
And then, I did come back, and I worked there a few years after that, you know? But, I mean, just that first instance freaked me out a lot.
Did anything else ever happen to you in those two years with spirits or anything like that? A lot of people -- A lot of people have gone down for no reason.
"Have gone down"? A lot of people have passed.
I don't even know how to say that.
A lot of people have passed.
Anybody that I have direct contact with dies for no reason.
Are we -- A lot of people? In 6 months, 11 people died.
My dad, my dog -- everybody.
My best friend.
I'm sorry to hear that.
Yeah, me, too.
[ Chuckles ] Me, too.
I mean, my best friend died of a toothache.
Are you serious? [ Scoffs ] Who dies of a toothache? Mm-hmm.
My dad's heart ripped in half.
That doesn't happen.
That doesn't happen.
The doctors were like, "We don't know what happened.
" One morning, dropped me off at work, came -- He was supposed to pick me up, and he just never did.
Like, things like that don't happen.
I've been terribly concerned about it.
I came all the way out here from Savannah because of my concern for you.
ZAK: Billie Labuzinksi is revealing to me some deeply disturbing events that took place in her personal life since she left the Moon River Brewing Company.
I'm beginning to think it all relates back to the negative entities at the brewery.
In 6 months, 11 people died.
I'm sorry to hear that.
Yeah, me, too.
[ Chuckles ] Me, too.
In Atlanta, my buddy -- There were four people that had died in the same week.
And it was just day after day after day.
And he said he couldn't hang out with me anymore.
He was afraid.
[ Chuckles ] That sucks.
I don't understand.
It's not me.
I would hope it's not something about me.
But, I mean, I guess I can't take that possibility out.
How have you been since we saw you last? In a word, conflicted.
I have been fighting a war, an unconscious battle with mutually exclusive desires.
And, at times, it's been maddening.
Why are you saying that some conflicting things happened to you after this? Well, this is not so much about me as it is about you.
And, by that, I mean I've been terribly concerned about you.
I came all the way out here from Savannah because of my concern for you.
Concern? When I met you, I didn't understand how you could run around a place like Moon River Brewery in Savannah, Georgia, and pick a fight with an unseen opponent that you know nothing about.
That was the old Zak.
Who's up here?! AARON: Go in.
Go in.
Hold on.
Hold on! ZAK: I demand you to tell me who is up here now! ZAK: You don't like us being locked in here, do you? Well, guess what -- NICK: There's no one in the office.
We're not going anywhere! I'm happy to hear that you've progressed since then.
My point is this -- I know that, for a long time, you were all about confrontation I was.
You're absolutely right.
and that you were hoping that you could goad spirit into manifesting and taking you on mano a mano Mm-hmm.
when, in fact, it has no physical body to fight you with.
So, consequently, spirit is not gonna fight you on your level.
Spirit's gonna fight you on its level.
And it know more about its condition than you do, so it's not going to take shape and take you on man to man.
Instead, it's just going to walk in on you and turn you into its [bleep] Absolutely.
And this journey, for me, has been an experience to learn that.
Well, I'll remind you that it happened to Nick in the basement Right.
of Moon River Brewery.
And now my camera doesn't work.
AARON: I just caught some glowing thing hit your head.
And now my camera doesn't work.
What happened? Something just flew into your head.
Me? Yeah.
Are you serious? I swear to god.
What the [bleep] is wrong with him? I don't know, but I've got one minute of tape left.
Nick, what's wrong with you, dude? Snap out of it, dude.
He's right behind you, dude.
Turn around, bro.
They're right [bleep] behind you.
Now, is it true that, when that happened to Nick -- Did you happen to see those anomalies that were disappearing in and around him? I wasn't there when you were conducting that part of the lockdown.
I saw the footage.
And this may be the only time in history that someone has captured on film an entity walking into a person.
And if so, it's got to be some of the most valuable footage on the planet since the Zapruder film of the Kennedy assassination.
I mean, it's that compelling.
The footage that we caught? Yeah.
Because I don't know if that's ever been captured on film before Right, right, right.
to see spirit actually move into somebody.
ZAK: Look up.
Look at me.
Nick! Snap out of it, dude.
This is what begs the larger question.
I'll ask you the question.
Do you believe that man is possessed of spirit? Yes.
Restated -- Do you believe you have a soul? Yeah.
Well, this soul of yours, where did it come from? That's a good question.
What are its properties? Nobody can answer that.
When did it enter the body? Where did it enter the body? How did it enter the body? Where does it reside in the body? What is its agenda? And, assuming that it survives us in death, where does it go from here? Can you answer those questions? I can't.
Then, you've got no business picking a fight with an unseen opponent you know nothing about.
I've taken upon the risk to document evidence of this.
Many people do many crazy things in their lifetime, and what is the biggest risk they run into? Death.
I'm willing to risk death.
I'm willing to risk anything, and I have, to do this.
Well, Zak, if you don't know how to fight spirit I do.
I do.
perhaps you shouldn't be fighting it at all.
I do.
Am I still here? I am.
You are.
I'm still here, and I'm still doing what I love to do.
I'm lucky I'm still here, pal.
Did you ever hear about anything else happening to anybody else at Moon River once we left? Well, I saw things.
What did you see? There was a server that had probably been there about six months, but she did not believe.
She absolutely did not believe That the place was haunted.
Any of it -- She did not believe it.
So, I had a table that just happened to be looking around, snapping pictures like people do.
And they called me over.
They're like, "What is this?" There was a person.
She's at the computer putting in an order.
She was standing there, you know, putting her order in, and there was this, just, Civil War guy like, right over her shoulder.
Like, seeing what she's doing? I was, like, "Rachel, how can you not believe when -- Tell me you don't believe.
" [ Chuckles ] "The fella is right behind you.
How do you not see it?" Mm-hmm.
Did you ever see employees or anybody get, you know, like a channeling or possessed or anything like that from these spirits? I've only seen two people actually get hurt.
One was some college kid, a guy that just, "Er, I want to go spook some ghosts.
" And he got thrown down the stairs.
Well, fella, that's what happened.
He did get thrown down the stairs? Yes, he did.
But the other person was a lady.
She was an older lady.
I would guess her to be 60, 70 years old.
And we had just opened up.
We're sitting there, you know, don't have a lot to do.
So, there's one person in there Said, "I don't know where my wife is.
" And all of a sudden -- phew.
Down the stairs.
Again, another one down the stairs.
She actually got taken out in an ambulance.
Really? [ Siren wails ] That lady upstairs, from what I've seen, is a very nice ghost.
See, I remember when I was there.
I tried to get pushed down by that spirit.
It was pretty stupid.
[ Sighs ] Murray gave me [bleep] for that.
ZAK: I'm gonna turn my back and all it takes is one push and you could probably very seriously and critically injure me.
I don't know if that was my balance.
Let's go.
Let's see it.
Do it again.
Do it.
I don't know who she is or what happened, but I know that woman is sweet.
ZAK: Do you think that -- I know that she -- Do you think that she's the one who caused those people to go down the stairs? Oh, absolutely.
[ Chuckles ] Not a question.
Not a question.
You know, you respect your elders Right.
or you get thrown down the stairs.
[ Both laugh ] That should be made on a T-shirt.
[ Laughs ] I don't go looking for the stuff anymore, pal.
I do.
I live in a house that I inherited from my great-grandmother.
And there's more dead people running around my house than living.
But they're my relatives.
And I don't mind those houseguests.
The ones I don't like are the ones that walk in on you that have their own agenda, and it may be in conflict with your own.
And that's what happened at Moon River.
What I took home from there was, like, some frat-party puker who is just there for the pizza and the beer.
You and I owe it to your viewers to tell them about the perils of ghost hunting.
Ghost hunting makes a lousy hobby.
It's fraught with peril.
Nothing good can come of it, and, at its worst, this stuff can go home with you, can go home in you.
Now, you and I have an obligation to the same people we've been enticing to go and pursue the ghosts -- We have an obligation to tell them what can happen to you if you do and, even better, the solution to what can happen if this stuff does go home with you.
That's the more important message 'cause that's something that you haven't talked about on your show.
You haven't seen this show yet, have you? I don't have a television, pal.
I got rid of mine five years ago.
That's the point of this show.
Is it? "Aftershocks" is to remind everybody the aftershocks of what we do.
And I decided to do this show, to share my experiences.
And it's a learning experience.
That's what life is.
You learn from experiences that you possibly regret.
And from those decisions that you make when you're younger, if they do backfire on you and if they are wrong decisions, you can learn from those decisions and speak about it.
What I did was what you said.
I went out there in the beginning of this show, and I went on like this, and I called out spirits for a fight.
ZAK: I want the name of the person who made that noise for us.
I want to see what it's all about.
Come and harm me.
When I did that, I learned that a spirit is not made of flesh and blood.
I'm not gonna have a referee and beat the [bleep] out of this spirit and then win and have bragging rights, and, boom, I'm stronger and tougher now.
I'm right here for you.
Spirits, they're made up of an energy that we just don't really know how they're able to possess you.
There's just so much unknown that you start finding out on a personal level when that energy goes home with you.
It's amazing what kind of havoc it can wreak in your life and in your own body.
And you start learning that real quick.
They can do a lot of bad things to you, the negative ones.
They can give you depression.
They can give you health problems.
They can make you suicidal.
They can possess you.
They can oppress you.
Negative spirits, just like when they were in their material form, if they were a human spirit -- And the ones that I was calling out, I don't believe were human.
We're not running from you! Been there.
Done that.
But I'm still standing.
And even better -- and I hope that you can say the same thing -- I'm clear now, and I'm clean, and I don't want to go back to it.
I don't go looking for this stuff anymore, pal.
I do.
Well I have ways now.
I don't go out there.
I don't provoke like I used to.
I don't call them out like I used to.
Now, I can talk about what's gonna happen if you do do that.
And so the purpose of this show is to share those stories, not just from people like you sitting in that chair but stories from myself, as well, about what has happened when I did that.
And it was very stupid, and it takes a big man to say that.
I was very stupid for doing that.
But, you know, what I've learned by doing that is very personal to me.
And there's a lot of dark chapters in my recent life from what's not only happened to me but what's happened to Aaron and other people that were a part of our group, as well.
Being a ghost hunter, it's not just a hobby.
It's not just a sport.
It's a sacrifice that you're willing to take and accept the consequences.
That's what this is.
Now, is it my understanding that you're gonna run for mayor of Savannah next year? Spirit has told me it's my time to serve.
And I don't argue with Spirit.
Do you feel that you revealing this to us about you hearing these voices can affect that at all? Political poison -- Nobody in their right mind running for office is gonna admit to you that they hear voices.
And I will remind you that, long before the English settled that town, Savannah was used as the burial ground for the indigenous peoples that lived there, the Indians.
So, there's this long, unbroken history of Savannah being used as a burial ground.
And so, I think that that's at the bottom of the things that you experienced, that I experienced.
And anybody who's lived in Savannah more than five minutes has run into a ghost.
If you don't believe me, ask any cop in Savannah, Georgia.
The building that they work in is haunted on a daily basis.
Why? Our main police station was built in 1860, and it's next door to the Colonial Cemetery.
The detectives once called me in and asked me to do an investigation.
Maybe you should come back and do that, too.
Well, if you win mayor, then will you invite us? This is what I will do.
Murray, good to see you.
You too, pal.
I'm glad you're still standing.
ZAK: After Murray mentioned police involvement in the paranormal, it made me wonder how deep this goes, so I sent a crew down to Savannah to get a firsthand account.
McMILLAN: My name is Lieutenant Tim McMillan.
I am a police lieutenant here working in the Savannah area.
Arguably, Savannah is the most haunted city in America.
And being in law enforcement and being in police work, often times, we are who people call when they don't know who else to call.
The apartment complex we're in right now was originally built for soldiers returning from World War II.
This is also the scene of probably one of the most bizarre things that I've had occur in my police career.
I was dispatched to a call here for a woman who was complaining that she was hearing voices.
When I did get to the apartment, her television set was on.
Every now and then, you could hear something coming through the TV, which I assumed was just a TV broadcast.
Again, I'm thinking, "Well, you know, this lady's elderly.
Maybe she's suffering from some type of mental health issue, and I'm just gonna help her out and make her feel good.
" So, I said, "Well, no problem, ma'am.
I'll just cut the TV off, and that will solve the problem.
" I then unplugged the TV set.
That's when it got weird, and the TV did not cut off.
It was probably one of the strangest things to experience.
I think I stood there for a minute staring at it with the plug in my hand, thinking, "There's absolutely no way this TV is still on," and then realized that, frankly, I was out of my area of expertise.
And there was no way I was gonna be able to solve this problem at that time.
So, I told the lady, "I'm sorry.
Best of luck to you," and got out of there.
There is definitely some things out here that I cannot explain.
I still, to this day, want to know why did that TV not cut of? What was going on? In 25 years of doing paranormal investigations, this is the one and only time that I was aware of bringing something home to my house that was evil or mean.
ZAK: While it looks like Savannah and the Moon River Brewery will never receive any spiritual relief, we can only hope that the people who have encounters treat the spirits with respect as I have learned to.
Next, we catch up with a location that is overloaded with profound spiritual energy, Alcatraz.
We visited this prison in 2013 with well-respected investigator Jeff Dwyer.
I want to see if our intense investigation had any impact on him after he left the island.
ZAK: Hey.
How are you, man? It's good to see you, buddy.
[ Chuckles ] How you doing? I'm fine.
Well, now, when I see you, I laugh a lot ZAK: because you've been on a few episodes -- Brookdale Lodge, Winchester Mystery House, Alcatraz.
You are just a part of some awkward moments when we were trying to film.
Ready? AARON: Rolling.
Jeff, what are -- What was that? DWYER: [ Laughs ] Trying to get out of the shot.
No, we need you in the shot.
All right.
We're going on the switchback staircase.
[ Grunts ] Okay, there you are.
Actually, let's stand.
Why don't we switch? Yeah, that was -- [ Groans ] So, now we're laughing.
Now we're gonna talk some serious stuff now.
We'd been waiting to investigate this island forever.
To me, this still just gets me to this day, how I interview you at Alcatraz because you've been there before, you've investigated.
And then, I interview these other two women, Sharon and Anne.
And you don't know each other, and I interviewed you two separately.
You took me to a particular cell.
I think it was cell 13 on Alcatraz.
That's correct.
And let's watch this.
I was standing in here with no lights, and in this upper corner here, two red dots, like eyes, came out of the corner, started moving towards me, and got brighter and brighter, and as they got very close to me, the lights went out, but I felt this -- like a heavy net come over me, like a massive spider web just pulling me down, very, very heavy like a net pulling me down into the floor.
It was a pretty scary -- Hold on, dude.
Something weird just happened to me.
I'm sorry.
Just hold on a second.
It's okay.
It felt like this whole thing just went back, and I just like I don't know.
I mean, I don't know if that's 'cause we were just on a boat.
AARON: Like you're rocking? Yeah.
I think it's the energy in here.
This is all steel around us, and there are a lot of imprints in here from the people who were kept here.
Just having that just be contained in here for such a long period of time, it's like those emotions have never left.
There was something about that cell.
There's something about that area in Alcatraz that we could feel.
And, immediately, as an investigator, we tried to debunk that as maybe high EMF levels, electromagnetic fields Right.
beyond those walls in some kind of electrical panel or whatever.
And we actually took the security guy, and we made them show us behind those walls, and it was all disconnected.
There was no active electrical panels or anything like that.
What happened to you after this because usually -- I mean, we've worked with you before.
We've interviewed you before.
Everything's been all fine and dandy.
You know there's a reason you're here today.
Our other investigations that we've done, I've gone home with nothing.
In fact, most of my investigations, I'm very careful, when I leave a venue, to do a cleansing so I don't take something home.
But Alcatraz -- I got back to my car, close to dawn.
We were out there almost all night.
I didn't take my St.
Benedict's medal with me to the island.
So, I'm driving home, and I hear this hum in the backseat of my car, but I was tired, didn't think much of it.
A hum sound? A hum, just a low-grade, guttural hum.
So, I got into my house, and later that afternoon when I was more rested, I was hearing it again.
And later that night in my bedroom, it was louder.
Again, I was still tired, so I just passed it off.
I just thought it's the adventure of being on Alcatraz.
But the next day, I was hearing it more.
And, later that night, I heard a growl in my room, and it said my name.
That really freaked me out.
Then, I knew I had a spirit attached.
Didn't do my usual cleansing, and I think that's why this guy followed me home.
And I captured an EVP up in my room.
I put the K-II meter out, and he lit up all the lights and wouldn't turn them off.
So I figured this guy really liked to play with the lights.
I thought I would tease him a bit and talk about pretty lights.
I thought that kind of language would irritate him.
And sure enough, it did.
And I got a strong growl in response to that followed by a second growl.
Really? You have the growls? Right here.
DWYER: The lights are pretty, aren't they? Wow.
In order to communicate, though, you have to let go of it so that we can ask you to turn them on and turn them off.
Those are the two.
He got really irritated when I teased him about playing with pretty lights.
He's a rough character.
In 25 years of doing paranormal investigations, this is the one and only time that I was aware of bringing something home to my house that was evil or mean.
I was still feeling kind of sick, but then I started vomiting.
ZAK: Paranormal investigator Jeff Dwyer is disclosing to me alarming details behind the negative spiritual attachment that he acquired during the taping of "Ghost Adventures" in 2013.
In 25 years of doing paranormal investigations, this is the one and only time that I was aware of bringing something home to my house that was evil or mean.
And so, did you successfully banish it? Yes.
So, I started doing lots of cleansing procedures or banishing procedures, having my holy water out, crossing my forehead with it, and carrying my St.
Benedict's medal around and other things.
And just wore it down over a few days, reminding it it's not allowed in my house, can't stay there.
It's not wanted here.
It needs to go back to Alcatraz.
And, as you well know, it's a war of attrition.
You wear these things down over time.
And by about eight days or so, my house was clear, and I was clear of it.
ZAK: Jeff's experience since Alcatraz deeply disturbs me.
Knowing that the spirits at the prison have a long reach, I want to check in with Anne Leong now to see if she experienced anything since the taping, as well.
So you were pretty terrified from this feeling.
I was.
Would you mind walking back there with us again? I'll walk back there with you, but I won't go inside the cell.
Okay? Okay.
When I investigated Alcatraz and started interviewing you guys, you know, the one thing that I look out for all the time as an investigator are just coincidences, synchronicities.
And in this case, with you and Jeff -- You two don't know each other.
And from t he entire island of Alcatraz, you and Jeff take me to this same exact spot on the entire island.
And I know both of you.
I know both of your credibility as investigators.
You're very solid.
And it was very interesting to me, a very strange coincidence that both of you took me to the same exact spot, and both of you had terrifying experiences there.
It was so terrifying for you.
I felt as though I ran into an invisible barrier of some sort, some kind of energy force that really didn't want me to go inside.
It played with my fear of not being able to breathe.
I was getting shortness of breath, and my chest was tightening.
and that's why I really didn't want to go in.
You wouldn't even step foot inside cell 14.
Let's watch.
ZAK: This is amazing.
Anne and Jeff don't even know each other, and yet they both had extremely similar experiences just one cell apart.
That one.
This one.
I started feeling a negative, weird vertigo feeling in here.
It was fine in there, but we never went in this one.
ZAK: It's obvious that Anne was genuinely terrified by her experience here.
Would you go in there with me? No, I won't.
Perhaps Sharon can.
I'll -- I'll go in.
But you will refuse to go in there? Yes.
I won't.
Let's see if these synchronicities continue.
After that interview, how have you been? Well, it was late when we finally got off the island, and I was really tired.
And I wasn't really feeling well, but I attribute that to my being tired.
A couple days afterwards, I was still feeling kind of sick.
Perhaps I was picking up a low-grade fever, but then I started vomiting.
[ Retches ] And I have an iron stomach.
I don't vomit.
I mean, that's rare for me to do.
It went on for a few days, and I was feeling kind of weak, and I was feeling kind of scared.
So, I didn't know what was wrong, so I went and talked to a friend of mine, and she suggested that perhaps something came home with me [ Sighs ] from the island.
And I need to sage my place out.
So she helped me do that.
And the vomiting stopped.
After she saged your house and cleansed it? Yes.
ZAK: Sharon Leong is Anne's sister and was also there during the taping of "Ghost Adventures.
" She saw spiritual repercussions that her sister felt after the shoot firsthand.
Did Anne tell you how she got sick after she left Alcatraz? Oh, yeah.
How was she? Anne is like a psychic sponge.
You know, she tries protecting herself, but, you know, there are times when you can't always hold that barrier up.
And I'm afraid for her sometimes.
And that she should, you know, be careful when we go to some of these places.
Do you think she brought something back with her from that night on Alcatraz? She could.
She could.
I don't want to say this on television.
No, please do.
There have been times when she said that she felt that there was someone else is in her.
And, like, "Is there really?" [ Chuckles ] I said, "Who?" And she said she doesn't know, But it's a male figure.
But, you know, she can't communicate with it, but she feels that, at times, there is someone else trying to take her over.
Did you feel anything that night? When we were inside the solitary cell and she -- 'Cause you were really anxious to get in that cell.
She was, like, "No, I won't go.
I won't go.
" "I'll go in.
" I'll -- I'll go in.
I'm the opposite of Anne.
I wanted to confront whatever it was that, you know, she is so afraid of in there or did not like.
Yeah, what's going on here? This is Malcolm.
He's my ghost mascot.
I take him everywhere I go, so I had him there on Alcatraz with us.
He was in my purse.
I thought that having such an innocent stuffed animal Right.
would help bring in good spirits.
Good energy.
And protect, right.
Mm, not so much in this case.
I usually have him on my nightstand every night.
This is after we did our interview together on Alcatraz? About two days -- Two days -- within, okay.
Maybe one or two days afterwards.
Malcolm, he goes, "Hey, you.
" I looked.
I said, "Malcolm.
" He said [ Gravelly voice ] "Whatcha doing?" [ Normal voice ] Like, in that real gruffy, low, growly voice.
So, do you think something possessed Malcolm, or do you think it came back with you? I think it may have possessed him because he's more vulnerable.
Would it be okay if I held Malcolm? Oh, yeah.
He's okay now.
All righty.
Oh, hello, Malcolm.
He's a cute little guy.
Yeah, he is.
But he did not look cute when that happened that morning.
And I was really angry and half angry, half frightened at the same time.
So I ran into the kitchen, grabbed the sea salt, sort of shook it all over him.
I'm almost ashamed to tell you what I did next.
Oh, no.
What did you do to Malcolm next? I took him by the ears Sharon.
[ Laughs ] And I swung him like this.
Well, you want to get it out.
I started slamming him against the back of chairs.
You know, I'm a -- But it worked.
I'm a Board member of the NSPCA.
[ Chuckles ] But this is -- And we would really No, this is a stuffed animal.
take this very seriously.
But he's fine now.
You can see.
Nothing broken, right? Right.
Like I said, he's -- Well, he's made of beans.
[ Laughs ] No, I'm a huge believer that dolls can be possessed, okay? Aaron, you and I have seen that firsthand at Island of the Dolls.
AARON: Come here! ZAK: Oh, my God.
[ Laughing continues ] One of them's laughing.
Oh, my god.
Oh, my god, bro.
[ Laughing continues ] You know, I haven't heard of a stuffed animal being possessed, but I would think it's very similar.
Right? Do you believe that something attached itself to you after that interview? I mean, having no other rational explanation, yes.
ZAK: I'm talking about Alcatraz, the infamous prison, and starting to connect the similar experiences between Jeff and Anne since the taping there.
Was it the negative entity that we came across in the prison that was affecting them after the shoot? I want to go deeper into Anne's story to find out.
Something was aware that you were there.
Something was aware that Jeff was there.
and I felt that thing manifest.
It felt like this whole thing just went back.
Do you believe that something attached itself to you, as well, after that interview? I mean, having no other rational explanation, yes.
How many investigations have you done with Sharon? Oh, we've done quite a few.
And have you had lots of moments where you've had attacks or attachments? No, actually, this was my first time.
So I think that this is something that we will never fully be able to come up with a conclusion about exactly what this entity was, you know? But I have to document that these two coincidences are too hard to argue with, not only just there in the moment when I interviewed you and Jeff taking me to that one particular spot on the entire island, you know? We have to now match up these two situations, again, with you and Jeff both telling me that things happened to you after you left that night.
Very interesting.
Do you believe that spirits can cross flowing water? There's a theory that says they can't, and you and I have done research together.
We've talked about the flowing water at Brookdale Lodge.
One girl drowned in 1972 in the swimming pool.
ZAK: This is fact where a little girl did drown? Yeah, 1972.
It's documented.
In 1972.
Yeah, she was 13 years old.
[ Splash ] None of us will ever probably feel that type of energy that she felt.
That moment that was created here by the very substance that possibly helps manifest the spirits at this location.
Look at the San Francisco Bay.
Look at the waters in there.
Look at the currents and how strong it is in that particular area.
You've got Evil Island, and then you've got Angel Island and then the Golden Gate Bridge where all these, you know, thousands of people, unfortunately, take their lives, commit suicide.
It's like you've got Heaven, Hell, and Purgatory.
It's like a Bermuda Triangle in San Francisco Bay That's what I call it.
that's paranormal.
And I think each one of them feeds off the other.
But I think these spirits are kept on Alcatraz because the saltwater moving around the island moves at a very fast pace.
It's high currents.
And it produces an electromagnetic field that probably contains them there unless they leave with somebody like me or maybe somebody like you.
When we film "Ghost Adventures," we go inside the locations to the spots where people like yourself had a very terrifying encounter with a spirit.
And when you're back there acknowledging this entity, and you're sharing that story, and your emotions are getting back to that level of when you experienced it, you know, we could be opening yourself back up yet again to invite that force back in.
And then, what you're telling us now is it's pretty obvious that that happened.
Yeah, it sure did.
And the thing that's bad about it is it followed me home.
I didn't like that.
But you're okay now.
I'm great now.
Well, it's good to see you again.
Thanks for having me here.
We'll invite you out on another location.
I hope so.
But we won't bring you back to Alcatraz.
No, maybe Angel Island or Jack London's Ranch.
Yeah, yeah.
We'll keep it angels and stuff.
That's good.
Okay, Jeff.
Take care.
Take care, Zak.
ZAK: As we've seen, negative entities have the ability to infect the lives of people that they come into contact with.
I would hope it's not something about me.
Finding the connections in these stories help in providing answers and bringing peace of mind to the individuals who have been affected.