Ghost Adventures Aftershocks (2014) s01e23 Episode Script

Hales Bar and Ashmore Estates

MAN: Glenn, help me! It won't let me! ZAK: The last several years, we have explored many locations.
We have met hundreds of people MAN: What you do is so valuable.
many who have been deeply affected by our investigations.
It was like I was always being taunted, and one day, I just -- I'd had enough, so I snapped.
Are these dark spirits still plaguing these places and harming these people? Look what happened to you.
You got marked, Buddy.
You got marked.
It's time to find out.
This is "Ghost Adventures: Aftershocks.
" Hales Bar Dam, located in Guild, Tennessee, is one of the most dangerous locations we've ever investigated and a place that is still traumatizing people today.
AARON: Do you stand here and watch people as they work and do what they got to do, bitter and pissed o-- Oh, my God, dude! Dude, something just tugged on my [bleep] so hard, bro! ZAK: The Hales Bar Dam was built on what was formally Cherokee Indian territory.
During the treaty of Sycamore Shoals, Cherokee leader Chief Dragging Canoe fought against surrendering more land.
Before the council, he vowed to turn this area dark and bloody should anyone settle upon it.
Completed in 1913, the Hales Bar Dam was meant to tame the rough currents of the mighty Tennessee River, but the dam leaked from day one and was eventually demolished.
Many speculate it was the curse at play.
This location was immersed in death, war, and violence that lasted decades.
Former employee at the marina, Buddy West, has felt explosive anger while working at the dam and is here to disclose some intensely personal information about his relationship with these spirits.
So, man, it's been a while since I've seen you last.
It's been a while.
You know, we talk about the Hales Bar Dam, a very supernatural place.
And when we deal with locations that are affiliated with Native American Indians and that are said to be cursed, it brings on a whole different layer of the paranormal.
And this was one of those locations.
This curse -- Once we started infiltrating this legend, this folklore of this curse, we started getting a little bit more cautious about our investigation once we started hearing about this curse.
Let's check this out.
PORTER: The Cherokee cursed this part of the river.
This was the most dangerous part of the Tennessee River.
This place actually built to stop the whirlpool that used to be out here.
And the Indians used to claim they would see faces of their dead relatives spinning in the whirlpool, and they would come to grab them.
And the souls would hold the -- you know, pull you under and hold you in.
They built the dam to tame it, flood it, and calm it down.
ZAK: And ever since this structure was built here and interrupted the natural flow of Mother Nature on the Cherokee land, there's been a lot of weird tragedies associated with this.
There's been speculation of a lot of death from the people who have built this, right? Exactly.
And that's what set the stage for our investigation.
Our investigation didn't begin in Hales Bar Dam.
Our investigation began with your story, so I want to watch this interview again, okay? When you returned from Iraq, what made you come here to Hales Bar? WEST: I don't know.
It was like I was drawn here, maybe spiritually.
Before you went over to fight for our country in Iraq, did you believe in ghosts? No.
But it opened you up.
It changed you, you know.
Now you're having experiences that you never had before.
Never had before.
I actually was in an area in the tunnel.
I had a shadow come around me, consume me, and then I passed out.
Some of the spirits that are communicating with me, like, they want me to be here.
And then some of them, definitely, they hate me.
I mean, I can just tell.
Does this bother you? Yeah, yeah.
I mean, it does.
Why is it bothering you? I don't understand it.
You said that you feel that, when you got home, this Hales Bar kind of called you there.
Do you think those spirits at Hales Bar Dam have really wreaked hell in your life? Oh, yeah, yeah, ever since.
So how you been? Can you tell me about what's happened? Whew.
[ Laughs ] A lot.
I know there's a lot.
A lot.
There's a lot.
After you guys left, we started, you know -- I guess there was more attention brought to the place.
Because of our episode.
Because of the episode.
So we started -- They started doing some tours and things like that of the place, and I kind of got involved in those, and I started spending more time in the tunnels.
And then at some point in time, it was like everything was up here, and then the bottom fell out.
I just remember one day -- I don't even remember why.
I was drawn to the tunnel, and I went in the tunnel.
Usually at the end of the day, we kind of do a walk-through just to make sure nobody's in there, and I started hearing these footsteps that was getting closer and closer, like somebody was following me.
So, you know, I kind of stopped, turned around -- nothing.
And then it just kept getting closer and closer, and then when it was right behind me I kind of blacked out for a second, and then whenever I got home -- Why'd you -- What do you mean, you blacked out? I want to hear this.
I want to hear details.
Because this is very important.
Like, I was walking down the tunnel, and then I heard the footsteps, and, all of a sudden, it was just like I -- It was like I almost collapsed and passed out.
But I didn't.
I was still standing.
You know, I put my hand up against the wall, and I got really dizzy and faint.
And then from that moment on -- You feel that whatever you heard walking behind you came up on you? Yeah.
Do you think that this is the same spirit that you feel hates you? You told us in that interview that some of those spirits hate you, and I'll tell you right now.
When we went to Hales Bar Dam -- We're very skeptical of any location, of anybody we interview until we get in there, do our investigation.
And some of the evidence that we captured there, particularly this anomaly, this dark apparition on our thermal, that was quite impressive and quite compelling.
Our investigation yielded a lot of evidence, and some of that evidence were some very angry spirits telling us, "[Bleep] you.
" Profanities.
Oh, yeah.
We've got some of our best visual evidence ever there.
I want to watch this moment.
We send Aaron to be alone on the catwalk above the whirlpool, but is he alone? AARON: Do you stand here and watch people as they work and do what they got to do, bitter and pissed o-- Oh, my God, dude! Dude, something just tugged on my [bleep] so hard, bro.
Are you serious? I am not [bleep] kidding, man.
I'm just standing here, and I feel a tug on my vest.
And then I'm like, "Okay, I must be bumping something," and I back up and move to check it just while I was sitting there, and it kept going, man.
There's nothing there.
Aaron would have screamed a hell of a lot more if he would have known, within seconds of that, we also captured this.
I would have ran.
[ Laughs ] And upon review of our thermal imaging camera footage, you can clearly see this dark mass as it moves away from Aaron.
It bobs slightly up and down, just like a figure walking.
Is this the dark figure that's been seen on the catwalk by several witnesses? I can watch that over and over and over.
So, Buddy, I just wanted to ask you, what happened when you got home, and was this the start of this following you home and wreaking havoc with your family? Yes, it was like I was always being taunted, and -- and -- I don't know.
Eventually, it just became too much to where it was like it was a game with them or something.
And they were always just around me and there, and they would mess with me and different things like that.
So finally, I just -- One day, I just -- I'd had enough, so I snapped.
Buddy's wife, Jessica, has been an eyewitness to the effects that this malevolent energy has had on her husband and is here to reveal some deeply disturbing information.
So we were just talking to your husband, Buddy.
When you first got together, was he still working at Hales Bar Dam? Yeah, he was still there and still had a lot of activity, a lot of things that he just -- He kind of changed, I guess.
He changed? Yeah.
He changed from when you first met him? You could tell that he was just getting -- He couldn't do it anymore.
It was just too much.
He couldn't be there any more.
At the dam.
What kind of changes were you noticing at home? He was just more aggressive, you know, just kind of ill all the time.
And, of course, nothing to me, but I could just tell with his personality that he was not who he used to be.
ZAK: We are talking with Army veteran Buddy West about the disturbing effects that the spirits of Hales Bar Dam are having on him both physically and mentally.
How did you start acting, Buddy? Like, I don't know.
Like, angry, bitter, separated.
Like it wasn't me.
Like, I mean, I've always been a real happy-go-lucky, you know, kind of guy.
I mean, I'm not the most talkative guy, but I get along with everybody, and it was all of a sudden like I didn't -- It felt like everybody was my enemy and, you know, everybody was out to get me.
And you don't believe any of these experiences you're having, these entities are post-traumatic stress syndrome.
It's more of a nervous feeling, you know, with that.
It's not -- This is nothing like that.
So you think something dark from Hales Bar Dam was giving you what I call a state of oppression, where a piece of its energy is kind of injected inside of you and now you have that hate, that anger.
And that's how this entity feeds.
It wants you to go out and cause conflicts with everybody.
Do you believe that this started happening with you? Oh, yeah.
It happened so much that I finally just lost it.
One day, I just -- I'd had enough, so I snapped, and I, you know, stormed the tunnel.
I went in, and I was just, like, you know, "I don't know who you are or what you are, but you're not gonna bother me anymore," this or that.
You know, "I have power over you," screaming and hollering, a lot of profanity.
And then about that time, you know, I guess I called it out.
It let me know it was there.
And then I got grabbed, and then -- You got grabbed? I got grabbed on my arm, and it put me to my knees, and I actually had a burn, and I still have the scar from it.
Can you see it still? Yeah, you can still see it.
I want to see it.
Maybe in the light.
Mm-hmm, right here.
Now, Buddy, tell me what you felt when you felt this grab on your arm.
What did it feel like? WEST: Like a burn.
And then after it let go of me, it scared me really bad.
I ran out, went back up to where I was at -- been working in it -- and I seen the burn on my arm.
I just decided at that point in time it was time for me to get out of there.
Shortly after, I started seeing my wife I'm with now.
She's a big church girl and stuff, and when she tried to get me into that, I really started getting attacked.
Started getting attacked? Yeah.
When she started getting you to go to church? Mm-hmm.
Where were you getting attacked at? Were you getting attacked at church? At home.
What was happening? At first, it was like I would be on the phone or something talking with her, and then I could see something run by.
I could hear it walking through the kitchen and things like that.
And sometimes I'll see the shadow out of the corner of my eye.
Eventually, it went to the point where I would get shoved down.
In your home? In my own home.
Now, did she start experiencing things? Yes.
She did? Yes.
And she's a churchgoer? Yes.
What kind of experience did she have? She -- She was laying in bed.
The main one that I remember is she said she was laying in bed, and it started telling her that we weren't meant to be together and that she's never gonna be happy and all kinds of things like that.
This entity was telling her that, "You're not gonna be happy with Buddy, you need to get away from Buddy"? Yeah, and she brought it up one day.
She referred to him as the shadow man, and she told me that she had this -- she had this experience with something, and she was terrified.
Buddy told me where you were sleeping in bed and a ghost, a spirit began telling you things.
I call him my shadow man.
Basically, I just kind of looked up, and he was standing over me, and he was putting me down, putting Buddy down.
"Y'all are never gonna be happy.
" How would you hear this, in your mind or through your ears? Through my ears.
So you could hear this entity speak.
And what did the entity look like? Justpure evil.
She told me about two or three days after.
She broke down in front of me and started talking about it.
Does all this disturb you? Oh, yeah, especially now because, you know, we're expecting a little girl, so it's -- it's hard.
Primarily, most of the things that I don't tell him are specific that I know it'll tear him up.
You know what I mean? He obviously -- He's told me he feels guilty because he knows that it's -- it came with him, so he just kind of freaks out a little bit, I guess, especially now that I'm pregnant when I tell him stuff.
So I try to just keep it on the D.
I haven't even told him a lot of the stuff that has happened.
[ Laughs ] Because he's already worried about -- He said that you're keeping a lot of secrets.
Why? Because there's really nothing that he can do about it.
And your bond with him is stronger Yeah.
than these attacks.
I got a lot of regrets about even -- not -- I mean, I'm glad that I've done everything I've done, but I should've been more cautious about the way I handled things, and, you know, especially with a family.
That definitely changes things.
It's different when it's just yourself, but with, you know, a wife who I love very much and a child on the way, it makes it really tough on me to realize that I brought all this on.
Do you believe this entity is from your husband? Pretty much.
I mean -- Why? It never really happened until I got with him.
I've seen exorcisms.
I've heard, you know, people have demons and all kind of stuff.
It's like I said, you can't believe in God and not believe in the devil, vice versa, angels and demons.
I mean, good and bad.
You get everything in a package.
So I knew stuff like this happened, and I had seen a couple of things here and there, but nothing has ever intentionally tried to hurt me or to kind of oppress me, I guess, or nothing bad.
It's never been anything bad until now.
These experiences, this entity that's coming into your home and telling you these things, has this entity ever physically attacked you? Mm-hmm.
Yeah, I've had scratches.
I've had bruises.
Jessica, are you afraid or concerned for what's on the way? Of course.
Being [sniffles] a first-time mom, you're always worried about everything.
[ Sniffles ] But the only thing that I can do for her is raise her in church, and, I mean, after living with this for over a year, I'm still alive, and I'm still madly in love with husband, and I would still do anything for him, and she's gonna be the same way.
You know, in the beginning, it was like, it just keeps drawing you in and drawing you in and drawing you in until it gets you.
And then it just And then I don't know.
I mean, like, I guess maybe anybody who has anything to do with anything like this, we all have our -- we all have -- There's a fee, and I guess I'm paying that.
I think the fee or toll is very much bigger when you get pissed off and you decide to go to that tunnel and decide to provoke it and challenge it.
Look what happened to you.
You got marked, Buddy.
You got marked.
What do you think that mark means? You think that mark means an eternal attachment? When a dark spirit marks you, leaves a scar on your arm, grabs you, you feel the burn.
I think it was justtrying to show me that it was in charge.
Or at least it thinks it is.
ZAK: Michelle Hatfield is a paranormal investigator who used to run the ghost tours at the Hales Bar Dam.
She has experienced physical attacks and is here to tell us a strange story that is a crucial link in understanding the spirits that follow people home from Hales Bar.
Let's just jump right to it.
Do you believe that place is cursed? I think so.
I think that's what caused everything, because we were doing really, really good.
We got you guys to come, and then after you came, everything just started going downhill.
Did you ever have any attacks or anything like that happen there? Yeah, I got scratched quite a few times.
You did? On my arm, on my side.
It was always on my right side, for whatever reason.
And it never went deeper than that, to where it followed you home or anything like that? I have not really told a lot of people this.
We had a weird instance which only you guys, I think, could actually appreciate.
Everybody else would think we're crazy.
Not after hearing this story.
Not long after all of this stuff started happening -- We have a bunch of cats, and we had some outdoor cats.
We had them for a long time.
All of a sudden, within a month, we had six cats disappear.
What? And we had -- There was no sign of an attack.
There was no sign of anything that happened.
So we had somebody come over.
She has that empath or something, but she could see something in the woods behind our house that was watching everything and not letting the cats come back home.
Really? And then it was like something was out there that was really dark, as well, that was taking them.
And they just started disappearing.
And this psychic told you that something was in the woods that followed you? From the dam? That's what I believe.
What did it look like? She said it was like more of a shadow-type figure, but it had no eyes.
It's funny you say that.
You say "shadow figure.
" Right.
Buddy's new wife, Jessica, who has been attacked and experiencing this entity that is said to be Buddy's attachment from the dam, she has called a shadow man.
Really? And looks like a shadow person.
I've seen this before.
I've seen two different people sit in this chair that don't know each other and talk about the same exact spirit.
And this happened at Letchworth Village when a nurse that worked there years and years ago saw the same exact very, very tall dark shadow man.
As an urban explorer, a young kid has also seen, and their stories were very much the same.
That is interesting.
They connected.
In my house, I started seeing a tall, black, misty kind of image at the foot of my bed.
SKALA: Sometimes it seems like it's a mist, but other times, it's like almost like a solid.
Almost looked like it was sprayed out of an aerosol can.
I mean, that's kind of like the texture of what it was.
But it's weird, 'cause you can be in a dark room, and it's, like, darker than your dark room, you know, and you can still see it.
ZAK: Richard Ruland is a devoted investigator of the dam and knows the power that the spirits there possess.
So let me get this straight.
Are you the current head ghost investigator at Hales Bar Dam? I think we're the most seasoned.
We don't run tours there, but we've been there so often that we're kind of the resident team.
Okay, and you're doing investigations now? We do about 13 every 2 years.
What kind of experiences are you having, and what kind of evidence are you documenting to establish any type of curse or negative presence at Hales Bar Dam? The experiences that we've had there as a team -- I mean, I've been scratched there up in the second floor by the locker-room area where Aaron was grabbed.
I was sitting against the railing, and you could feel the energy, and it's negative.
You could tell.
The same spot where Aaron was grabbed.
AARON: Do you stand here and watch people as they work and do what they got to do, bitter and pissed o-- Oh, my God, dude! Dude, something just tugged on my [bleep] so hard, bro.
Let me ask you, how long have you been a paranormal investigator for? Total of nine years.
Nine years.
Are you a skeptical investigator? Do you do a lot of debunking? Are you critical of your evidence? Try to.
I mean, you have to be.
I mean, you cannot assume everything is paranormal.
You know, with what they're going through, when you have that much constant exposure -- Buddy, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, constantly at the property, he's exposing himself time and time and time again -- they begin to wreak havoc in your life.
Same thing with Michelle.
When she had the team and they were running the team together there for tours and overnights, they were there constantly.
Overexposure is a problem.
I agree, overexposure, absolutely.
Do you believe the place is cursed? Oh, yeah.
And do you think that by Buddy going back into that tunnel and trying to fight it and scream at it and call it out, do you think that this ultimately has led to his attachment that he's still dealing with right now? Absolutely.
This is not a -- You know, some buildings -- You've been in them.
I've been in them.
They're okay.
You're just dealing with the typical dead that are in a building.
But then there are some buildings like this one which already has a dark history that you don't go in and try to do that kind of spiritual warfare, 'cause that's really what it is.
It is.
Spiritual warfare.
You try to commence that yourself, you're gonna lose.
And unfortunately, he's on the losing end of that.
ZAK: After speaking with Michelle and Richard, we are reaching a closer understanding about the dark spirit pursuing Buddy and his wife, Jessica.
Do you have any idea who or what this entity is? No.
Do you know if it's human, demonic? It's definitely not human.
I have a very strong feeling that it's possibly demonic.
I don't believe that people can believe in God and not believe in the devil.
You can't believe in demons and not believe in angels.
There's something very negative there, and I believe that your husband, when he went there to provoke it, to call it out, 'cause he was so pissed off and he was grabbed on his arm and fell to the ground, I believe that that only intensified.
I'm sure it did.
A message to everybody that's watching this right now.
If you can relate through what Jessica is saying, if you can relate to what she is going through, then I ask you, do not try to fight this entity by yelling at it, screaming at it, or trying to confront it like Buddy, because I've done the same thing.
It's not a fistfight.
It's not a fistfight.
It's deeper than that.
It's spiritual.
And I'm not saying that you do what this entity says, because that's like, you know, doing what a bully tells you.
You stand tall, and you be brave, and you find a way to beat this.
But I don't have the written directions and the proper way of how to do this.
Nobody does outside of an exorcism.
That's what everybody turns to.
Use the power of God, do an exorcism.
Have you ever done a full-blown exorcism with an exorcist? No, I have -- Would you like help? If I were to set this up with a very good exorcist that I know, that I've seen work -- I've had it happen to me -- would you be open for me having this exorcist come to your house and try to help you with this? Of course.
I have open bibles everywhere to Psalm 23.
It's one of my favorites.
I have put oil across every threshold and across of every single door in my house.
And every day before I even put my feet on the ground, "All right, I'm getting up, and I'm a child of God, and you're not gonna touch me.
You're not gonna do anything to me today.
" What you've told me today, you've kept a lot of this from Buddy.
He's gonna end up seeing it when this show airs.
I have a feeling we're gonna have a couple things to talk about [chuckles] probably.
Yeah, but a couple things for the better.
Next, we check in with the past and present owners of Ashmore Estates in Ashmore, Illinois.
This location has a dark history that has transformed through time.
In 1870, these grounds were home to the Coles County almshouse, a poor farm that housed and put to work the outcasts of the surrounding communities.
So a lot of people would have died in this building because they spent the end part of their life here.
The grounds remained a poor farm until 1959, when the county sold the land to a group of investors who turned the building into a private psychiatric hospital.
Over the course of the history of this building, at least 100 people died here between when it was a poor farm, when it was a psychiatric facility.
During our investigation, I assumed that Scott was a believer in the paranormal.
However, today, he is here to reveal an interesting twist in his story.
It's been a little while.
Yeah, it has.
I don't recognize you without your top hat on.
[ Laughs ] I thought about bringing it.
Yeah? Yeah.
Yeah, I remember when we first met you, it felt like we were in a "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" movie.
Let's watch the time that we met you.
This is Ashmore Estates? This is it.
This is weird.
Yes, it's a cow.
You're not from around these parts, huh? No.
Does the cow always just get tied up to the tree there? Well, it's free food.
You have horses, too.
We have horses.
Do you have ghosts? I think you guys are gonna have fun.
[ Laughing ] That guy is kind of creeping me out.
All right, let's take a chance.
If we get hacked up, we get hacked up.
Scott? Yeah? What's that supposed to mean? Okay.
Scott, you no longer own the place, do you? No.
No, I sold it about a year ago.
Is it true your life was hell owning that place? The year after, it was pretty bad.
Do you believe your life being bad for that year was connected to Ashmore Estates? I'll say that there's a possibility that that's the case.
My wife thinks it was.
Are you a skeptic? Absolutely.
About as skeptic as you can be.
Really? Mm-hmm.
I never knew that.
Do you believe in ghosts, Scott? I have a totally different understanding of what happens in this life we're in, and there's not a lot of room for that in my belief system.
Are you a skeptic? Absolutely.
About as skeptic as you can be.
Really? I never knew that.
Do you believe in ghosts, Scott? I have a totally different understanding of what happens in this life we're in, and there's not a lot of room for that in my believe system.
Wow, I never knew that.
When we showed up to Ashmore Estates, everything was a little eerie, calm, to say the least.
You know, here you are in your top hat with a cow tied to the tree in the middle of nowhere.
We're getting ready to do our interview just like we do on any other filming of "Ghost Adventures.
" But then something shocked us when we talked to a meteorologist that was a total skeptic and that went to Ashmore Estates and participated in some kind of a little Halloween event where there was two groups of people -- skeptics and believers.
Let's watch this moment again.
ORPURT: October the 30th, a rainy, damp, chilly night.
This was about 4:30 in the morning.
It was right up here at this nurse's station.
I was here.
The next thing I know, I was up and lying down like this, with my shoulder here.
People crowded around me, "Kevin, wake up.
Kevin, are you okay?" Right here on this floor with my shoulder broken.
If you were sitting in the chair, and you were to just faint from something, okay, let's say it's not related to paranormal, you would fall this way or fall over here.
You were way in this direction.
That's correct.
Maybe some really demonic force picked your ass up and slammed you on the ground.
It's possible because the impact was here on my shoulder.
I didn't hit my head.
It was right here, as if I had been picked up and pushed down.
Have you heard from Kevin at all? Kevin and I have spoken a couple of times.
ZAK: You have? Yeah.
Is there any update on him? Just that he believes that he had an experience there.
I have a lot of respect for Kevin.
Well, maybe a second man will change your thought process.
Let's watch this guy who we interviewed.
ZAK: For the second time today, we're bringing a victim back inside the estate to the scene of his attack.
SMOCK: They were having a haunted house here one night, and I was about right here, and, you know, I had to stop.
Something had hit me and went right through, and I didn't know what it was.
My job was to carry a shovel around with me and bang on some siding that they had hanging down from the ceiling.
I actually felt like I was living the part.
I wanted to actually take that shovel and smash somebody in the head with it.
ZAK: Smash whose heads? People walking through the line.
ZAK: That was when you owned that building.
As a very high-level skeptic, about as high level as you can be, as you tell me, explain to me what happened to these two men.
Were they making this stuff up? No, I believe that they believe what happened to them.
Then how do you explain it, as a skeptic? We all have our own way that we interpret things that happen to us in this world.
Can I hear your interpretation of what happened to them? I've heard that a lot of times, that people have -- that things have followed them, people home from Ashmore Estates.
What I'm getting at is trying to better understand whether or not whatever followed Kevin home possibly followed you to cause this hell in your life for a year afterwards.
I can't answer that.
I'm just trying to make theoretical connections.
My wife has a belief that there's possibly -- that we were cursed in some way.
Now, how long after we investigated there did a tornado come through and rip the roof off? You were there in May of 2011, and this happened in January 2013.
We had a paranormal investigation right before the tornado, and remember I asked you to sign the building? Yeah, we signed a white brick or something, right? Right, and it was above a doorway.
And we had a paranormal investigative group that does a show -- I know who you're talking about.
They've talked about us a lot.
What I'll tell you is that there's a room behind that, and this group actually used that room.
This group that is on another paranormal TV show that's been on the longest.
And right after that, my wife found a pentagram on the back side of the one you signed.
Was the pentagram upside down? Yeah.
Upside down pentagrams are satanic.
We knew the building really well, and that showed up right after they were there, and they were in that room.
And, I mean, if you add things up simply, it just seems like it would be someone in their crew that might have done that.
Because of what I've heard and you sitting here and just telling this to me makes me angry, makes me upset, because this is not how we should define this field.
It was a lot different experience from when you guys came.
Explain that.
You guys were a lot more personable and friendly.
I asked you to do a couple things, and you made sure that they got done.
Everyone that we meet, everyone that we interview, they are part of this experience, and we're no better than them.
We're there to either help them, to hear their story, and be very appreciative that they've even invited us to the location.
And if this is the kind of discussion that we're getting into right now, I think it's important because we've never really talked about this.
I'm just trying to see, is there a connection? They were there in December of 2013.
What started happening in your life that went to hell? ZAK: We're talking to former owner of Ashmore Estates Scott Kelley about a string of unfortunate events since our investigation.
Although Scott is a skeptic, it's hard to rule out the potential paranormal connection that tie these things together.
What started happening in your life that went to hell? There was a 110-mile-an-hour straight-line winds that hit our area.
At the same time, there was a tornado, and it took off the top floor of Ashmore Estates.
And that happened on January 29th.
I mean, that's real freakish to have a tornado in the middle of January, even out in the middle of tornado country.
That is weird.
But, I mean, it took the whole roof off.
Our spirits were pretty low for quite a while after.
It wasn't a real good time.
Was it just a bad time in your life, or do you think that it had anything to do with owning a location that was drenched in dark history and dark spirits? Well, I don't know whether it's from that, but we definitely had some bad -- some bad experiences.
We've seen a lot of, like, natural disasters and things like this happen when we're at locations or trying to dissect the story or the spirit or the curse even further.
It's almost as if Mother Nature gives a warning, "Get out of here.
I'm giving you a warning.
" And you think about spirits, you think about all this, and you have to start thinking, you know, theoretically about these other, you know, weird similarities, connections, synchronicities.
It's important for people to understand the history and possible dangers of locations that contain such dark forces.
Robbin Terry is the new owner of Ashmore Estates.
We sit down with him now.
So you're the current owner of Ashmore Estates.
Yes, sir.
Yeah? Yeah, I bought it at the beginning of May.
Really? Why'd you buy it? It was one of those weird things, 'cause I went through that building, and since another building that I had was basically in the same condition that I fixed up, I just felt like there was something reaching out and saying, "Buy us" or "Take care of us.
" You say that when you went there and you walked through there that it felt like the spirits were asking you for your help? Right, yep.
I really think that there were.
I've got some friends of mine that said there's always spirits following me around since I own this -- I own an old movie theater, and it's haunted.
And there's tons of spirits in there, and they're all pretty happy with things 'cause we redid that movie theater.
It was falling apart.
So I went through Ashmore.
My psychic friends tell me that they think that the spirits were with me, telling the other spirits, "You should see what he's done to our place.
" And so they were maybe asking for the same type of help there.
It just -- As soon as I walked through the doors, it was like, "I got to have this.
" Did you know that Scott was a full-blown skeptic? Yep.
Yeah, he'd actually -- When I was out there investigating a few years ago, he had actually told me he doesn't believe it's haunted.
I think he thinks and knows that there's certain things going on there, but he doesn't necessarily believe it's haunted.
As a full-blown skeptic, Scott said that, after he owned the place for a full year, his life was hell.
And his wife believes that he was cursed from owning the property.
Are you concerned? No, I think what I'm doing out there is reversing some of maybe what was going on.
Because before, when it was a poor farm, it wasn't used as a haunted attraction.
And I don't think Scott did anything wrong out there, but I think that -- Are you going to be using it as a haunted -- No, we're just gonna open it up to paranormal investigations only.
We've cleaned the building out.
It's 95% cleaned out.
By this next weekend, it'll be completely cleaned out.
There's nothing.
There's no debris.
It looks pretty much just like it would the days that it was a poor farm or the hospital.
Did you ever hear what happened to a skeptical meteorologist? I think I saw that on your show.
I didn't hit my head.
It was right here, as if I had been picked up and pushed down.
I think it's important showing you this just so that you can keep your guard up.
Yeah, I appreciate that.
I'll go there next weekend looking at that location and wondering about it.
ZAK: Right.
It didn't just happen to Kevin, a skeptical meteorologist.
We learned about another man that this happened to, as well.
I actually felt like I was living the part.
I wanted to actually take that shovel and smash somebody in the head with it.
ZAK: Smash whose heads? People walking through the line.
I'm hearing two different men telling me similar experiences.
ZAK: So it's our job as investigators to connect stories together, okay? And so I guess I'm just telling you this and showing you this to keep your guard up Oh, sure.
and to be very careful because I do believe something affected these two men.
I knew about the first one, but I didn't know about the second one, so Does watching this give you any regrets about the building, or does it change your perception of the spirits there calling you for your help, as you tell me? It doesn't give me any regrets.
It just -- Like you said, it kind of put me on my guard a little bit more and watching things.
But, yeah, I think it's something I'm gonna have to kind of watch a little bit closer.
We've seen that some people have a long history with locations and the spirits connected to them.
I got grabbed on my arm, and it put me to my knees, and I actually had a burn, and I still have the scar from it.
And some are just starting.
I just felt like there was something reaching out and saying, "Buy us" or "Take care of us.
" But whatever the relationship to these entities may be, we can only hope that they are careful on how they approach them.