Ghost Adventures Aftershocks (2014) s01e24 Episode Script

Rolling Hills Asylum and Overland Saloon

-[ Moaning ] Help me! -Do you hear me? [ Shouts indistinctly ] ZAK: The last several years, we have explored many locations.
We have met hundreds of people MAN: The work you do is so valuable.
many who have been deeply affected by our investigations.
Did you ever see a face? What I saw coming out of the wall, it didn't look like a human face.
Are these dark spirits still plaguing these places -No.
-and harming these people? Three or four people got bludgeoned to death and murdered and they never figured out who did it.
It's time to find out.
This is "Ghost Adventures: Aftershocks.
" Rolling Hills Asylum is a location with a dark past and one where the history is taking over the hallways.
Located in East Bethany, New York, this structure had many purposes -- poor farm, almshouse, and asylum -- each leaving its individual spiritual mark on this building.
The homeless, drunkards, orphans, those who just couldn't take care of themselves, and the criminally insane all once took refuge here at the Genesee County Farm, or better-known today as the Rolling Hills Asylum.
I want to check in with owner Sharon Coyle to see the latest developments at this highly active location since we've last seen her during our investigation there in 2010.
So the purpose of "Ghost Adventures: Aftershocks" is to check in with people that had an effect on us.
I know that you have owned Rolling Hills for a long time.
How long has it been? It's five years this past October.
Okay, and what's different and unique about you is that you live there on-site, correct? Mm-hmm.
Yes, I do.
Why don't we show a clip just to refresh our memories and everybody else that's watching thi? The moment we met you.
Well, in 1938, they built this whole triangular building as the Genesee County infirmary, and it turned into, eventually, a nursing home.
Now, did it also become, like, a tuberculosis center? At some point it was a tuberculosis -- Again, with the whole hospital thing, it was all part of that whole situation.
They say that a lot of people died here.
About 1,700 people, they say, are buried around.
-1,700 people -Mm-hmm.
are buried in unmarked graves on this property -in these fields? -Yep.
Now, a lot of people at home are watching that and saying, "Well, that doesn't sound like my dream home.
" It must take a specific type of individual to want to call that place "home, sweet home.
" Why do you live there, Sharon? As I've always told people, I had a compelling drive, when I heard the place was closing down, that I had to have it.
Why did you have to have it? I wish I could put my finger on it.
I feel like they picked me, and that I was literally supposed to be there, maybe to save the property, maybe to give a voice or help them have their voice of the people that lived there -- the spirits.
I just know I had to have it, and as hard as it is day in and day out, there's no place I'd rather be.
-Really? -Really.
In the paranormal community, there's a lot of negativity, unfortunately.
There's a lot of drama.
It's called "paradrama.
" -Mm-hmm.
-I deal with it, having a successful show, working with my best friends, being happy.
There's going to be somebody that's unhappy for that.
And we've run into it all the time.
We block it out.
How do you deal with it? -Not well.
-'Cause I know you do.
I know you do.
I know you do.
I know you do, owning that building.
How do you deal with it, and have you had some unfortunate situations? I don't deal with it well.
I take it really to heart.
I'm very -- I'm gonna get emotional now.
I'm very sensitive.
People think I'm a real hard-ass, and honestly, it's because of my love of the property and the spirits and respect for them, I'm very protective like they're my children.
The property is everything to me.
It isn't all, you know, so violent and dark at Rolling Hills.
There are some people like Roy that loved living there.
-Right? -Mm-hmm.
This was a man who lived at Rolling Hills Asylum.
One tragic case involved an inmate, as they're referred to as, named Roy.
Roy suffered from giantism.
His dad was a prominent banker -- dropped him off here at age 12.
Today, people have photographed the apparition of Roy, a 7-foot-tall hulking shadow that has been scaring people ever since they've been visiting this location.
I remember when you showed us a photo, and that photo still sticks in my mind.
This is where I actually got a picture of Roy.
[ Camera shutter clicks ] There was a series of shots, actually, that happened.
ZAK: Wait a minute.
That is amazing.
'Cause I see a guy in a black suit.
-Okay? -Mm-hmm.
And he's looking over his right shoulder.
-It's a guy.
It's a big, tall guy doing this, -going like this, looking back.
ZAK: Once it clicked and I saw the image, it didn't leave my mind.
And then later in our investigation, we were taking pictures with a full-spectrum camera.
-Two different photos.
It was interesting to me, because you think that this place, being a county poor farm changing into -- wasn't it a mental asylum? It was an infirmary.
They did have a cobblestone building on it for "lunatics.
" Then they built the poor house and the infirmary and so forth.
Right, and it's like a layer cake, and it just has all these different layers.
And so when you define and dissect each one of those single layers and the energy and the people that were there in that time representing a layer, you know, what happened to each individual life, and we just can't begin to know.
Let's hear an update.
Has there been any more evidence since we've left of a hard-to-miss spirit, Roy, that I saw in a photo of yours, I saw in a photo of mine? So have you had any more evidence turn up for Roy? People see him all the time.
Disembodied voices and EVPs -- constantly.
Another gentleman got a picture of Roy standing in the classroom, and it was another full-spectrum camera shot, and you can tell it's him.
He's standing in front of the desk.
He didn't fully manifest.
He was from, like, the waist-up, and I say that because when you look through, you can see the desk legs on both sides all the way through.
So he wasn't standing behind the desk, and if he was standing in front of the desk, he would have blocked out the bottom of the desk.
And he's towering over -- there's this projector screen in the room -- towering over that.
Towering over the doorways -- he's huge.
He'll come into what we call our Green Room and he'll talk out loud.
He'll say, "Sharon" in this really deep voice.
Or ladies will come, 'cause he's kind of a ladies' man, and say, "It's my birthday.
Will you dance with me?" And he'll either say, "Happy birthday," or he'll, you know, say, "Oh, I don't know" if they want to dance with him.
People see him all the time.
He's very well-known and a big presence there.
There's a photograph that was taken at Rolling Hills Asylum, and I'm gonna show you, first, a photograph of a window with nothing in the window.
This window right here.
Now, if you look at this -- This is up on the top floor, right, Sharon? -That's in Emma's room, actually.
-This is in Emma's room.
Now, if you look at these windows right here, there's one, two, three, four, five, six panes of glass right here.
Billy, go to the next photo.
Now, in the upper-left hand window right there, there is what appears to be an image, which looks like a scary face.
-Do you know this photo? -I do.
One of the attendees took a series, I believe, of six or seven photographs in a row, with a full-spectrum camera.
And it was back-to-back photos and in the first three, there was nothing.
In the fourth, there was this.
In the fifth, it was gone.
What do you think this is? I don't know who it is.
I'll tell you my opinion.
First of all, that's in Emma's room, and it's 45 feet off the ground.
There's nobody that can stand on the other side of that.
-That's three floors up.
I understand that tragedy has occurred at Rolling Hills Asylum.
ZAK: I'm talking with Sharon Coyle, the owner of the Rolling Hills Asylum, about a disturbing piece of recent evidence -- an image of an entity in a window.
ZAK: What do you think this is? I don't know who it is.
I'll tell you my opinion.
First of all, that's in Emma's room, and it's 45 feet off the ground, looking from the parking lot into the building.
There's nobody that can stand on the other side of that.
-That's three floors up.
And you know there's no street lights out there, -and the traffic's minimal.
My opinion -- I think it's somebody the spirits are trying to keep out, 'cause obviously it looks kind of negative.
-I mean, it looks like a creepy face.
-It does.
I mean, I see a lot of photos with faces, but the reason why I like this is because whoever took this, did take a series of photos to eliminate the possibility that it's matrixing, and some of the other photos, it just doesn't look like a glare to me, because the light source right here -- you can see the reflection here Right.
which, there's your reflection of light right there.
-Okay? And then there, it's gone, but you know, you see there's the light reflection there.
It's very clear white light shining off the window.
This does not have the color of your light source.
No, it doesn't, and you could actually see the eyes and the nose and the mouth.
And I think it's a female.
Some people think it's a male.
I think it's a female.
And I don't know if you're aware, back in the early 1900s, there was a series of murders over the course of several years apart where three or four people got bludgeoned to death and murdered and they never figured out who did it, and one of them was a woman who got beaten so severely, they couldn't recognize her.
I think it's her.
Somebody wrote a book and they speculate that the murderer came from Rolling Hills when it was the poorhouse years and so forth.
There's no documenting of that.
I've talked to the historian about it, but it's an interesting concept, and I think it's weird that she's outside looking in.
So, since I interviewed you last, I understand that tragedy has occurred at Rolling Hills Asylum that's emotional to talk about.
Can you please tell us what happened? Back in 2012 or so, I was very blessed by a roofer out of Massachusetts deciding to come and help me and save the slate roofs.
I get a lot of inquiries all the time, people wanting to help volunteer, and so I put out this S.
and lo and behold, three or four people showed up, one of them being this gentleman, Jason Jewett -- just a real genuinely great guy.
And we started becoming friends, and he just really wanted to help out at Rolling Hills and he started showing up and helping with maintenance things or hunts and things like that.
And we became very, very friendly, and all of my volunteers are like family to each other.
And he was there for about a little over a year, and, unfortunately, he got into a car accident and passed away.
I have a feeling that the sudden death of Jason in a car accident affected this tight-knit community at the Rolling Hills Asylum.
I want to talk to Cody Offen now to see how this has affected him.
Nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you.
So, I was just talking to Sharon, and powerful story here -- emotional story -- I'd like to talk to you about.
Tell me how you ended up volunteering your time at Rolling Hills Asylum and why.
I grew up in the area.
I was always fascinated with the building, and I saw the episode and Sharon walked into my hotel.
I was working at the Radisson in Rochester.
They had a Psychic Fair.
And she came in.
And I immediately recognized her from the episode and I walked over to her.
I'm like, "Oh, Ms.
Coyle, Ms.
Coyle," you know.
And she invited me out, and I came out on a public hunt and I kind of just -- We just clicked, and, you know, I started volunteering there and volunteer there quite a bit in my current role there.
And we've become really good friends, as well, so Some sad news happened recently.
A man by the name of Jason recently passed away, and what I meant by powerful and emotional story is that you met him.
Can you tell me about that? If it's hard to talk about it, then you don't have to.
But if you could Um, yes, Jason became a volunteer shortly after I did at Rolling Hills, and we became close friends.
We hung out there quite a bit and outside of Rolling Hills.
I have never really drawn the conclusion of who he was or anything like that.
And then he passed, unfortunately, and I got a phone call from Sharon saying, you know, Jason passed.
And shortly after I got a phone call from my mother saying that my step-grandmother's nephew, Jason, had just passed, and that I should call Grandma and see how she's doing.
And it wasn't until that moment that I realized, "Well, this is obviously no longer a coincidence.
" And it turns out that I knew Jason when we were younger, but unfortunately with family problems that have happened throughout the years, I hadn't seen him in several, several years, where I didn't even recognize him.
-But after that, that was kind of, like you said, very powerful -and shocking to learn.
Cody did not realize that Jason was his cousin until after his death.
If Sharon and Cody said that Jason was here, I totally believe he is, because this was like his second home.
ZAK: Sharon Coyle, owner of the Rolling Hills Asylum, is telling me about the sudden death of one of volunteers, Jason Jewett.
It was very emotional for all of us.
One of my volunteers was very close to him.
It was just really difficult, but I think he's kind of watching out for me.
You now think that his spirit is watching over you at Rolling Hills? Yeah, I do.
The day that he passed away, he actually had called me -- wanted to really help me out, going forward into 2014, you know, trying to do other things to bring in more business and get the word out about the property.
Well, last -- after he passed away, a lot of positive things started coming my way quite frequently.
Last year, I was really lucky to get a lot of local press, a lot of film shoots came in, I met my boyfriend I had been single for five years after getting, you know, blindsidedly divorced.
So there was a lot of positive things that just happened.
I just feel like he's always around.
We'll hear him on Spirit Box or we'll hear him in the building or we'll see him or we'll feel him.
I just think he's watching out and bringing me good luck, and I think I'm not the only person that he's an angel for.
Right, right.
How do you feel about the claims being made by Sharon that the spirit of Jason is showing himself at Rolling Hills? I think it's absolutely accurate.
He had a love for Rolling Hills, the same as I or anyone who's there does, and it was a big part of his life.
And I firmly believe that everything -- that he's definitely a big part of there today.
How has Rolling Hills affected you, not just by meeting Jason again and realizing that he was your family, but on a spiritual sense? I think Jason and I were both brought to Rolling Hills, but I think, with that being said, everyone is brought to Rolling Hills for some sort of connection, in one way or another.
I think it kind of brings people together.
I know that sounds maybe kind of crazy, but Are you still going there? Are you still investigating there, giving tours? Oh, yes.
Rolling Hills has become a part of my life almost like a second full-time gig going, you know? I'm there probably close to 20-30 hours a week doing tours, helping with the building, helping Sharon with anything that she needs done.
Big part of my life, and the spirits there are also a big part of my life.
So as on "Aftershocks," as we do so often, I like to interview people.
And if he was still with us today, he'd be sitting in that chair.
I'd like to dedicate this episode to him and his family in his memory.
I'm beginning to understand the deep connection that Jason had to the Rolling Hills Asylum.
I want to explore this bond even further and speak to his mother, Joyce Jewett, about her son's link to the location.
Jason was a volunteer here at Rolling Hills, and he did roofing on the side, but he also did anything that Sharon or the crew wanted him to do.
Participated in, you know, all the group activities and things like that whenever he could.
I think Rolling Hills made a big impact on him, because when he was here, he had seen a lot of things that couldn't be explained.
I think it made him start to think about more than just here and now in this minute, beyond the scope of today and tomorrow, you know, into the future.
If Sharon and Cody said that Jason was here, I totally believe he is, because he wanted to be here all the time.
So I'm sure, now that he's gone, if he can come back, he's gonna be here.
This was like his second home.
It makes me feel good to know that they have seen him, and that's he letting them know that things are okay, and he's still, you know, watching over all of us.
And, you know, my husband was quite ill here the last couple years.
And one weekend about two months ago, he got really, really sick, and I didn't think he was gonna survive the weekend, and he got up and got dressed, and came out to have breakfast, and I'm like, "Wow.
" You know, "What's going on?" And he said, "I got a message from our son.
" He said, "Jason said, 'I'm not ready for you, yet, Dad.
'" So he sensed Jason's presence several times going difference places.
He would like, chill or something, and then I'd say, "What's the matter?" And he'd turn and look and he said, "Jason's here.
" And I'm like, "What?" And he says, "Jason's here.
" I said, "What do you mean?" He says, "I can feel him.
" He could sense his presence.
I've felt it, you know, but I'm not psychically intuitive like my husband was.
My husband says I have to sit still longer and be quiet to get messages.
[ Chuckling ] I'm working on that.
But I can't believe they're dedicating a whole episode to him.
That's awesome.
Joe would be tickled if he was here to hear that, too.
My husband.
ZAK: We now head to the Overland Hotel & Saloon, located in the Wild West town of Pioche, Nevada, which is arguably one of the most violent and mysterious mining towns in the history of the West.
We were originally drawn to the hotel in 2014 by an anonymous review proclaiming a disturbing spiritual attack at the hotel.
The post told the story of a Navy S.
who was attacked while sleeping at the Overland.
NICK: This apparition figure -- He said it was a dark, solid figure -- attacked him, suffocated him, and he couldn't get up.
ZAK: We quickly found out for ourselves that the violent energy was still very active at this location.
AARON: What?! I just felt something go right through me, man.
-Dude, are you okay? -Oh, my God.
Holy [bleep] What just happened? Something just shot [bleep] through me, Aaron.
Since our investigation, we have been trying to track down the anonymous person who is written about in the review.
We have finally found out that Ryan Restvedt is the man who experienced the violent assault at the Overland Saloon.
We sit down with him now.
-Nice to meet you, finally.
-Thank you.
Do you know how much effort we put in trying to look for you? [ Chuckles ] This was the whole reason we went there.
It was full-on dark, and it was big, Zak.
This wasn't like something small.
It was big.
It was like seven feet tall.
ZAK: Ryan Restvedt is the reason we investigated the Overland.
He is reliving the disturbing details of his attack now.
ZAK: So, how you doing, man? I'm doing great.
I'm doing really great.
This is quite an honor to be here.
We spoke with a woman, I believe her name was Stephanie, that worked at the hotel, and she said that she's the one who saw you or found you after this incident, okay? And again, I believe -- Well, go ahead and play it.
You know we're here investigating -for the ghost or spirit.
I know you're working right now ZAK: Overland employee Stephanie Haluzak tells me she spoke to the Navy S.
immediately after the attack.
-I'll take you down there.
Let's go, guys.
Let's go.
I was upstairs in the laundry room, getting ready to clean, and he comes flying around the corner.
He's like, "You'll never guess.
I felt like I was being held down in my bed and couldn't get up," and that there was something on top of him that he couldn't move.
Did this guy have a look of fear in his eyes? Oh, absolutely.
You had to believe him just by his reaction.
He was freaked out.
-And this was room First, I want to clear the air, because you are not a Navy S.
You are a Navy S.
Yes, sir.
So you went through the program, and you didn't make it through, right? No, I didn't.
I had lung damage.
Do you remember her? -I do.
-You do? Okay, the reason why I'm so excited to have you here right now is because when I was there, I felt a force go right through me, causing me to go back and trip on my feet and fall.
But I felt the force push me back, okay? But I can't say for sure that the spirit pushed me down.
The spirit went through me, causing me to back up and trip on my own feet to fall down.
AARON: What?! I just felt something go right through me, man.
-Dude, are you okay? -Oh, my God.
Holy [bleep] What just happened? Something just shot [bleep] through me, Aaron.
[Bleep] It sounded like you got thrown.
Give me the Get up, get up.
Get me up, get me up, get me up.
-Oh, my God.
-[ Grunts ] Oh, my God.
Oh, Aaron, listen.
I turned around right there, and something just shot right through me, dude, and just pushed me back.
I felt like I got thrown back by [bleep] ZAK: J.
Jacoby is Ryan's best friend and the person who wrote the review about their horrifying experience that night in Pioche.
-How you doing? -Hi, how's it going? Good.
You know the reason why we went to Pioche at Overland Hotel & Saloon was because of the article that you wrote.
And we had to correct it, because he's a Navy S.
-Not an actual Navy S.
So we just had to make that correction.
So can you just walk me through what happened? Absolutely.
We had never investigated the paranormal before, ever.
I mean, it was just a place that we had stopped to stay, and I'd been to the town before, and I really liked the hotel there.
The Overland was a great place.
People were friendly.
We went hiking at Cathedral Gorge, which is real close to there.
So when we got checked in, we were both pretty tired.
We had been on the road all day.
We drove from Ely.
We stayed at Pioche.
We're on our way to Phoenix.
Checked into the hotel, and went down and talked to Stephanie at the bar and got our room.
And they didn't have much left, and so she said, "Well, we have a room -- number 10.
It hasn't been renovated.
We don't really rent it out a lot, but if you guys want that room, we could give it to you for a discount.
" And we said, "That's fine," you know, "we'll take it.
" You know, when we checked in, the thing I remember about the room was it had a really musty smell.
It smelled really old, and it wasn't really welcoming.
And you got this feeling deep down in your gut that something just wasn't quite right.
I mean, I don't know how to quantify that other than it was just an uneasy feeling.
And Ryan snores a lot, so he said, "Well, I'll just take the room with the door," because when you get into the hotel, they basically just closed off the end of the hallway for room 10.
-There's actually two rooms.
And there's the hallway there, and so he took the room to the right, that has the door, and then I took the room to the left that doesn't have a door.
Yeah, those two rooms back there.
There's just an uncomforting feeling back there, isn't there? I agree completely.
I was a little uneasy, as I said, and I decided to sleep with the light on out in the hall to get a little ambient light in there, and Ryan was getting ready to go to bed and stuff.
He says, "Well, I think I'll leave my door cracked," you know, and so he left it cracked just a little bit.
I remember him saying he was gonna do that.
And so I guess I laid there for probably half an hour, couldn't get to sleep, and all the lights are off.
It's just the ambient light from the hallway coming into the room.
And I started hearing these -- I guess you could best describe it as maybe a creaking sound if someone was walking on a wooden floor -- you know? Just, you know how in an older building, the wood kind of creaks and pops? -Right.
-And I was laying on my side, and I remember looking over at the wall and I kind of did a double-take, 'cause it looked like something was coming out of the wall.
And, you know, it's one of those things where you just don't believe what you're seeing.
It kind of was like this almost-mirage outline of something that was sort of transparent, but it gained form as it -- and when it came out -- -I've seen that before.
-I'm sure you have.
I'm sure you've seen stuff like that a lot.
But when it came out, it's like it gained more substance, if I can say that.
And by the time it started coming over towards me, it was getting really darker, like I don't know how to explain it other than it was materializing.
And by the time it got probably, what, four feet away from my bed, it was full-on dark, like black shadow.
And it was big, Zak.
This wasn't like something small.
It was big.
It was like seven feet tall.
I mean, I'm looking up at this thing, and all I can do is just -- I've even gotten goose bumps -- look at that -- telling you about this.
And it was so tall, dude, and, you know, it's almost touching the ceiling.
And I'm laying there, just speechless, you know.
And I started to want to just scream, but I couldn't, so I just start praying.
I'm just into this more because I was there and I felt this.
I'm sure you experienced that, because there's something tangible there.
When it came out of the wall, it started walking to my bed.
I started praying out loud, and it sort of seemed like it started to go away, and it went back into the hallway there, into that area between the two rooms.
And it's funny, Zak, 'cause it started to lose -- It's like it started to fade out when it got closer to that area.
Then it went right towards his door and it was out of my sight at that point.
I couldn't see it after it went back in the hall.
And then I heard this sort of -- I wouldn't call it a slam, but I did hear the door, like somebody was kind of futzing with the door -Right.
And then I'm still lying there, completely just petrified.
I'm like, "What did I just see?" You know, it's this moment where it's so surreal, that you ask yourself, "Did I really just see that [bleep]" I was scared [bleep] myself, but, I mean, he was really just petrified.
Jacoby is retelling a disturbing event with an entity that occurred during his stay at the Overland Hotel in Pioche, Nevada.
It's this moment where it's so surreal, that you ask yourself, "Did I really just see that [bleep] Mm-hmm.
It shocks you, man, doesn't it? It just blew my mind.
I mean, after you saw this thing, did you ever see a face or no? What I saw coming out of the wall, when it first happened, it did look like a face Mm-hmm.
and it didn't look like a human face.
When J.
saw the large figure leave his room and enter Ryan's room, he then began having terrifying experiences with the same dark entity.
The force I felt that night was insane, you know.
Can you take me through the whole thing? Like, act like I'm a detective with law enforcement, and I'm investigating a crime.
I want you to talk to me and tell what you were doing, why you were there.
Start from there and just walk through the whole -- 'Cause I'm really fascinated by this.
I'm even more fascinated now because I was there and I felt this force go through me, causing me to fall.
We decided to take a road trip.
It's cold up in Montana, and I thought, "You know, let's go to Vegas.
Let's go warm up.
" You know, so we're taking a road trip down there just for something, you know We stopped in at this hotel there.
We got a rate that was ridiculously low.
We couldn't figure out why.
We weren't thinking very much about it.
We get up to the room and everything and unload the bags, and we're pretty tired and stuff.
Well, he's always playing pranks on me, and I'm doing it back, you know.
And I hop into bed and I'm laying there.
And I feel this weight on the bed, and I feel the bed kind of tilt a little like it's heavy, and it felt like two people.
I'm like, "We don't have anybody else in here.
" I thought, "Oh, no.
This isn't good.
" I was kind of leery to look, 'cause I'm thinking, if it is him, what's he got in store? Then all of a sudden, I see, 'cause there's a little bit of ambient light coming through the window.
And what happened was it comes around, and it -- What comes around? This shadow.
It was almost like the Predator, kind of see-through -Right, right, right.
-Like the movies? But it was dark.
It carried a consistent darkness of shadow.
Not like smoke, but something -- you -- It was confusing to even me what was going on.
But you could see it walking around the bed now? Absolutely.
I was laying on my side.
And all of a sudden, I feel my shoulder get pushed, you know, and it's pushing.
And I was like -- "No, I'm going to fight this.
" So I tried -- nothing.
Nothing, you know.
Even at my weight, and I'm fighting everything I can, and all of a sudden, it starts laying me back.
You know, I ride bulls.
I can handle power and pushing.
That thing laid me right back down, and then all of a sudden -- Are you a professional bull rider or -I am.
-You are? Okay.
And I feel this weight on my right shoulder.
I'm laying there, and now all of a sudden it's like the blanket became heavy lead.
And I was laying there, and I was like, "Oh, no.
This is definitely not normal.
This is something very bad.
" You know, I'm a Christian, and I sit and I tried to say, you know, "In the name of Jesus Christ, leave.
" But every time I say "In the name of J--" it would stop me.
It would start sucking the breath out of me, and it's like the air was gone.
I can't explain.
Like, it just sucked the air out, and I'd try again.
"In the name of J--" And then I finally got it out.
It stopped a sec, and then I finally said it one more time, and then it left -- or so I thought.
You couldn't even use God's power against this.
It wouldn't even let you say "Jesus," right? Exactly.
You know, you saying that was like, "Oh, wow.
Is this demonic?" So what happened? Well, it's funny that you said that, 'cause there's two things that you said that really tied it completely together.
'Cause after -- It didn't just immediately leave.
I was laying on my side, and it pushed me from behind and completely cold.
Like, it felt like -- But all of it was cold, and it's not like I felt a cold breeze.
It's like an icicle like this just shot all the way up through me.
-It was like, really cold.
And at that point, what scared me the most was I've heard that's how you get possession, and I immediately freaked out.
Yeah, that is feeling a spirit come through, channel through you, possess you.
I had always kind of believed in a spiritual realm to a degree, but I never interacted with it to that level, you know.
I've heard things, very minimal, until an experience that I actually felt physically pushed, that that's what really got me to believe that "Hey, wait, these aren't just simple apparitions that can be of your mind or some other scientific explanation.
" When did you start realizing that your friend was in trouble? It just wasn't just but moments later.
I hear something coming from his room and what I can describe that as it sounded like someone was rustling around with baggage, like if you had heavy luggage and you were rustling around.
Just these thuds.
-Right, right.
And it wasn't like a soft sound.
It was loud.
It was really loud like luggage was kind of being pushed up against the walls on the floor, and it rumbled that whole area.
Like, it was tangible.
He didn't know what I was doing in there.
He thought, you know, I met some girl or something, he joked about.
But the thing was, I'm in there thrashing.
He had no clue.
He's thinking, you know, what if I'm having a heart attack? You know, I don't know if Ryan told you, but it was like a split moment in my mind.
I thought, "Does he have someone in the room with him?" -Right.
-'Cause it sounded like something was going on in there, and I was beginning to wonder, you know, did I just make all this up in mind, or is this really going on?" -Right.
And then it was moments later that he bust into my room and he said, "Dude, were you messing around with me? Did you come into my room?" And I was like, "Absolutely not.
I've been laying here.
" I said, "Something just came out of the wall" -Right.
-and I saw it walk around in here and it went into your room.
" He says, "Dude, something came into my room, it sat kind of on the edge of my bed, and then it attacked me.
" He said, "It got on top of me and I couldn't breathe.
It was holding me down.
" And, you know, I could tell he was scared, and that's, you know The one thing about Ryan -- Ryan's a bull rider.
He's a professional rodeo guy, does a lot of hard-core stuff, had the Navy S.
He's not the kind of guy that really cowers at anything.
-I was scared [BLEEP] myself, but, I mean, he was really just petrified.
I told him, I said, "You're not going to believe what happened.
" I told him.
Well, we're leaving, you know, he's pretty freaked out.
He slept in his room with the light on.
I turned on all the lights in my room.
I said, "I'm not gonna sleep in the dark in here at all.
" So I turned every light on.
I think Ryan left his door open and we didn't really sleep, as far as I know.
I mean, I know I sure didn't.
I laid there, but the whole time it's going through my mind, you know, "What was this?" The next morning when we woke up, we were still talking about it.
He's like, "Dude, I can't believe what just happened last night.
" He said, "That's just the scariest thing I've ever gone through.
" And so we got out of there kind of early.
We didn't want to be there anymore.
And as we were packing up and leaving, we were out in the hall and we saw the housekeeper/bartender we saw the night before, which I guess is Stephanie.
And we saw her walking up the hall, and I told Ryan, I said, "Well, we should ask her," you know.
"Let's not tell her what happened.
Let's not tell her anything.
Let's just ask her if anything's ever happened.
" And so I went up to her and I said, "Just out of curiosity," I said, "have any other guests who ever stayed here had anything ever happen to them?" And she kind of says, "Well, really, why? Has something happened?" I said, "Well, I just want to know if -- We stayed in room 10.
Has anything else ever happened to guests there?" And she goes, "Well, other people claim that they've had, you know, things move around the room, a couple people said that there's been something in the room that held them down in their bed.
" And she flat told us that, and Ryan's like, "That happened to me!" -Right.
A kid was laying in that bed and had his medicine bottle thrown at him.
Oh, my God.
Jacoby is telling me about a horrific spiritual encounter that he and his friend Ryan had at the Overland Hotel, which an employee, Stephanie, confirmed.
"A couple people said that there's been something in the room that held them down in their bed.
" And Ryan's like, "That happened to me!" Right.
And the thing I remember about that, Zak, that really was sort of unsettling -- She didn't seem the least bit shocked by our story.
It seemed like an everyday thing.
-Yeah, when we -- -It seemed very common.
When I interviewed her, she seemed that way, too.
I mean, I imagine working there as long as she has that, yeah, she's seen some pretty crazy stuff.
I'm hearing a lot of things about these rooms upstairs -Yeah.
-are insanely haunted.
-Yeah, they are.
They are.
At the very end of our investigation, we got an EVP, and it said something to the point of, "I need my medicine.
" -Oh.
Did he say that? -Yeah, something to that effect.
Is this the aggressive spirit here at the Overland Hotel that is responsible for all of the vicious activity we have had, along with all the other people in the past, and is medicine the reason the spirit is not at rest? We now recall something we learned earlier.
Just a stone's throw from the Overland Saloon sits a padlocked-shut abandoned hospital that everyone in town says is insanely haunted.
It's also where a man who lived in there died last year.
Is it possible that a spirit who died at that hospital has come to this hotel, where there are living people every day, in order to seek help and look for the medicine that was never given to him to save his life? It's funny you said the "medicine" thing, 'cause when we talked to the maid, we said, "Hey, is there something weird about that room that we should know about?" And she goes, "Oh, yeah, it's extremely haunted.
" I said, "You think?" And I was like, "Well, what do you -- Tell me the wildest experience you've heard.
" And she said a kid was laying in that bed and had his medicine bottles out -What? -and were thrown at him.
And that's the thing that caught my attention when you said that.
-Oh, my God.
I'm not even joking.
She said that medicine bottles were thrown at him off the dresser.
That is why we do "Aftershocks.
" -That is crazy, dude.
-Yeah, so the two tied right together.
-That's crazy.
That is nuts, because when I -- And the guy said, "I need my medicine.
" So what if that spirit there was mad -because it wasn't his medicine? -Wasn't his medicine.
Right, he was like, "Oh, this isn't it," and throws it across the room.
And then it's just like, "I need my medicine," when you experienced that.
-That's weird.
-Wow, that's crazy.
But do you remember that moment when I got that EVP, I was sitting in a chair at the top of the stairs that led outside to the hospital? -To the back of the hospital! -To the hospital! It would be the exit to the right directly to the hospital.
That's right.
Directly -- Aaron and I said that at the same time.
I'm just piecing this together right now.
Uh, we got to go back to that hospital, man.
I wish.
ZAK: That staircase -- I was sitting right at the staircase that led to the front door of that hospital, and that's when I heard noises coming up the stairs.
I heard, like, footsteps walking up the stairs to me.
I felt this energy, and that's when I got the EVP.
And Wow.
That's crazy how that EVP connected to the story you heard from the maid.
I'd bring medicine bottles.
Apparently, it must not like anyone in that room with medicine bottles.
Or I heard that hospital had a little thing with malpractice.
I'm wondering if this spirit is not at rest because they misdiagnosed him, they gave him the wrong medication, you know.
He maybe died from wrong medication at the hospital or something like that.
You know, I wonder if that's the message here.
So, did this event scar you? Did it -- I mean, you went through Navy S.
training, you're a professional bull rider.
You're a tough guy.
Was this tough? Pretty much, it was a shock.
Even when you're taking a bull out the chutes, your heart's racing pretty good.
And right before your nod, you're gonna ride a roller coaster to hell and all of a sudden that was something that -- Your heart's racing the whole time.
You know, you're only racing there in the chutes with the bull for a little while, but once you come out and it's all over, you know, you're still adrenalized, but that kept it going the whole way through, 'cause this is something you have no clue about.
This is something that's like, "What is this?" Right, right.
I wouldn't say -- I could go back there.
It wouldn't freak me out too bad, but it definitely was enough to shock me.
[ Chuckles ] Well, thank you for coming out here.
It's finally good to meet you.
Thank you for having me.
Yeah, you're welcome.
Thank you, brother.
-Nice to meet you.
-Okay, man.
As we know too well, spirits can have positive I've heard that's how you get possession.
and negative effects on us.
I just think he's watching out and bringing me good luck.
While it's hard to predict the future of Sharon and Ryan's spiritual journey, I hope they find comfort in knowing they are not alone and that others can learn from these experiences, as well.