Ghost Hunters (2004) s11e04 Episode Script

Children in the Attic

speaking to a possible spirit by the name of Jacob.
NARRATOR: On this episode of "Ghost Hunters" Toledo Yacht Club.
A lot of activity.
Past commodores that have been deceased order drinks at the bar.
Out of the corner of my eye, I see about half of a face.
JASON: There's a boy, Hunter, who has made contact with some spirit that he calls Jacob.
Why did they pick Hunter? Did you move all those marbles? STEVE: I didn't do that.
Hunter's gonna investigate with us.
HUNTER: Is that you, Jacob? [ EMF detector beeping ] I just got something touch on my back.
JASON: Think this is gonna be a really interesting case.
Toledo Yacht Club.
There's a boy, Hunter, who's made contact with some spirit that he calls Jacob.
And also, Hunter's mom works at the club, and she grew up there because her father used to be a commodore there before he died.
And she's really concerned for Hunter's safety, and she's scared.
I know some of even the adults have claimed to see full-bodied apparitions, shadow figures, voices and footsteps and really just a lot of things that nobody has an explanation for.
I mean, these are the things we have to try to figure out.
JASON: TAPS case, Toledo Yacht Club, Toledo, Ohio.
JASON: Hi, how are you? HURST: Hi.
I'm Jason.
Nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you.
Beautiful place you got here.
Thank you.
Has it always been a yacht club? It has, yes.
The Toledo Yacht Club opened in 1865, and after a fire destroyed it in 1906, it was rebuilt in 1908.
Although popular among wealthy vacationers of the early 1900s, the club became more well-known during the Prohibition Era from bootleggers using the docks at the club to smuggle Canadian booze across Lake Erie.
While there are no documented deaths at the club itself, there are confirmed deaths in the water of bootleggers and gangsters and also from boating accidents over the past 150 years.
We hear that there's claims of activity that seem to be throughout this whole location.
It's a lot of activity.
We've had past commodores order drinks at the bar.
Is this a visual manifestation, like, the bartender sees somebody walk up, and then they turn around and nobody's there? Correct.
And this happens more than once? It's happened a couple times.
Does it always seem to be the same drink being ordered? Yes, a Manhattan.
Same bartender? No, no.
Different bartenders -- That makes it a little more interesting.
There's been a bartender that's seen a shadow figure underneath doorways down in our storage area.
It comes from under the door? Under the door, yes.
And then pops up like a person? The way she described it is, yes, it was a person.
There was another instance after a party.
I was carrying a lot of objects down our back staircase, and I would fall.
Somebody would physically touch me and push me back.
This has then happened to other bartenders and one of our maintenance people.
As I went up the stairs, I started rocking back, and I knew I was gonna take a tumble, so I was getting ready to grab the railing but I didn't fall.
I was just there, and I was balanced out, but I didn't feel any hands or anything, but I didn't fall.
And I knew I was falling.
How long has the experiences been happening for? Many years.
Before I even started here, there's been stories.
JASON: Susan's father was a member of the club for 30 years, and also a past commodore.
And she's curious if he could be behind some of the activity.
I saw something coming out of the commodore's office.
Best way for me to describe it is if you're driving down the road in the summer, and you look down the highway, you see the heat radiating up.
It appeared like that radiating mirage, just coming out of the office and going down the hallway.
JASON: While all these claims are intriguing, the main reason that Susan called TAPS in is because of the claims from her 11-year-old son.
Now, your son is Hunter, correct? Correct.
Now Hunter seems to have made some sort of contact? Yes, he has made contact with a little boy that's 10.
He says his name is Jacob, and he talks to him quite often.
How long as he been talking to him? About a year.
And does he say there's other people with Jacob? He said he's met his parents.
His parents? And we don't have any names of who they are.
A bartender has also seen the boy.
One day, I went up to the attic and out of the corner of my eye, I see about half of a face just kind of peek out and peek back.
It was pitch dark around him, but I could see a little boy's shape face.
It was kind of a shiny gray almost.
It was really frightening.
Now, are you guys fearful of the activity? 'Cause it sounds more like it's looking out for your well-being, especially if it's stopping from falling down the stairs.
There's one that is concerning.
The gentleman that orders the drink at the bar, I have heard that he's kind of rude, kind of mean, aggressive.
JASON: Okay.
But as far as Jacob, I'm more concerned of why did they pick Hunter? Why is he talking with him? So, mainly, what are you hoping that we're able to accomplish here, then, for you? Possibly find out who he is, what he's doing here.
Is somebody that used to be a commodore here also? All right, well, I think from here, we'll go talk to the rest of the crew and start figuring out how to set up and go from there.
Okay, thank you.
Thank you very much.
So we just got done talking with Susan about the activity that's been going on here at the Toledo Yacht Club, and a lot of it seems to revolve around the employees who've had experiences, but mainly, Susan's concerns are of her son, Hunter, and dealing with this entity that he calls Jacob and also Jacob's parents, too.
And she's worried about what this means and why they're contacting her son.
So, this is an interesting case for us.
It seems to definitely have a personal connection.
A lot of times, children are more prone to be able to make contact and see these entities, these spirits, than adults who are close-minded.
So, now what we need to do is actually go and talk to Hunter and his parents and see what he really has to say.
Hey, you must be Hunter.
All right, I'm Jason.
Hey, buddy.
How are you doing? Good.
JASON: So, we've been told that you've been speaking to a possible spirit by the name of Jacob.
Can you tell us anything about him? Well, he wears, like, a black tuxedo, and he has, like, a scar across his face Okay.
because he fell off the balcony from leaning too far.
Okay, he fell off this balcony? Yeah, right in the middle.
He told you that? Yes.
Did he tell you when that happened? I think it was, like, 1910, or something.
Oh, so he's from, uh, a little while back, then? Yeah.
Now, I also heard that you met Jacob's parents.
Yeah? Like three times, at least.
Now have you ever met anybody that is like Jacob before? No.
No, he's the first.
And you know that he's passed away, right? Right.
Does he know that he has passed away, or does he think he is still here? He thinks he's still here.
Okay, that's really interesting.
Okay, well, if you see Jacob while we're here, if you could just let him know that we'd like to talk to him tonight.
Greatly appreciate it, all right? Jacob, we're not here to scare you.
I just want to make sure that you are real here.
All right.
Well, thank you very much for your time, buddy.
Good job Hunter.
All right.
Yeah! All right, I'll see you soon.
Nice meeting you.
Thank you.
Thank you.
So, we are on the lower level of the Toledo Yacht Club and the claims down here, there was a bartender that was in the back of the bar, and she heard a gentleman in the back of her complaining about a drink.
And when she turned around, there was nobody there.
So, we're gonna set up this camera to face that way and see if we can catch something.
Right there.
STEVE: We have a few different things that are quite unique about this investigation.
One is it's completely surrounded by water.
And there is a theory that water can work as a catalyst for manifesting and that sort of thing.
We have Hunter with us, who's gonna investigate with us for a little bit.
And we've never had anybody that young investigate with us, so it'll be interesting to see, you know, how a child's mind works in terms of trying to communicate with another child's spirit.
Right now we're in the ballroom here at the Toledo Yacht Club.
This particular DVR camera is focused mainly on the balcony.
Hunter has said that he has seen this apparition of Jacob standing up at the top of the balcony, and he claims that this is where Jacob actually fell from and landed here and cracked his head open.
All right, guys, that's all cameras.
Looks great.
DAVE: Hey, guys.
STEVE: All right.
We have six DVR cameras, we have handhelds, we have thermal.
All right.
Good job, man.
Thank you.
JASON: Let's get the lights out.
HUNTER: We're almost here.
: Cool, man.
You lead the way.
DUSTIN: All right, this is Dustin and K.
We're up in the attic space along with Hunter and his mom, and we're gonna do a little investigating up here.
All right so, Hunter, what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna place this audio recorder down here, and since Jacob is so friendly with you, if you can maybe tell him what we're trying to do to try to get him to speak with us.
: We're up in the attic of the yacht club, and this is an area where Hunter has communicated with Jacob fairly often.
So, we really wanted to see if bringing Hunter with us would allow Jacob to feel more comfortable with us and step forward and communicate.
If you put the EMF detector right over here -- Because maybe Jacob will come over here to try and interact with the teddy bear to let us know that he's here.
Then we have some kind of energy shift, and it might be Jacob that's coming in to interact with us, all right? Do you think if I touched the teddy bear, he might come closer? He might.
Jacob, Dustin and K.
are not here to hurt you.
They're just here to see if you're actually here.
And if you are, please come through that recorder and say something.
No harm.
No scares.
They're just here to record you, that's all.
Besides, I'm here.
We have some marbles for you to play with, even a teddy bear for you.
Jacob, we're here with your friend, Hunter.
We know that he can see you around here sometimes and that you're friendly with him.
And we would love you to join us and come and hang out with Hunter and Dustin and I, if you would like to.
Jacob, are you here with us? [ EMF detector beeping ] This is going off.
HUNTER: Jacob, are you here with us? [ EMF detector beeping ] This is going off.
DUSTIN: Jacob, is that you trying to communicate with us? Because if you are, make this spike up a bit higher.
Jacob, if you are here with us and you can hear what we're saying, do you think that you could appear to Hunter so he could tell us that you're at least here with us? He didn't just show himself to me, but I could only hear him right there, And he whispered in my ear, "I'm here.
" Really? Yeah, I heard him say, "I'm here," in my ear.
So, does that mean that he's right next to you off to the right-hand side? I think he might be.
All right, Jacob, if you're here with us, you definitely have our attention.
JASON: Jay and Steve entering the ballroom.
Hey, Jacob.
Jacob, do you like playing with Hunter? STEVE: Right now, we're investigating the ballroom, and this is where Hunter told us that Jacob fell from that balcony right there and he landed on the floor here and he busted his head all open, and he passed away.
Whether you're Jacob, or you're somebody else, Hunter likes you being here.
Jacob, Hunter's told us that this is where you died.
That's one of my biggest fears, is falling to my death.
Did that happen to you? You can talk to us.
Can you tell us -- Are you alive? Are you dead? Are you not sure what's happening? We've had cases before where things have made contact with kids, but more with malicious intent.
You find out that even though they look like a child, they're not a child.
But this thing, if truly he's been interacting with it for so long, definitely would think human spirit.
No malicious intent.
Nothing like that.
If you're not Jacob, are you a former member of the club or a commodore? DUSTIN: Howdy.
Sit down.
Here, I'll move my legs.
That's all right.
How was Hunter? He was good.
It was fun to watch him, actually.
He was, like, really into it, you know? Yeah, he just seems, like, so excited.
Yeah, he was really excited.
He talks more than K.
, which I didn't think was possible.
Like, he just would go at it.
I don't know.
He keeps saying that he can hear the spirit talk to him, which, obviously, we couldn't.
But you know, maybe if we get some type EVP, it'd be pretty cool.
Oh, I got you.
So, we'll have to wait and see if there's anything that got recorded.
And we're gonna go back out with him again in just a little bit.
Oh, okay.
[ Thud ] [bleep] [ Both laugh ] The van is haunted.
I don't know why everyone's wasting their time inside.
There's things going on here.
Oh, God.
SAMANTHA: This is Sam and Dave in the den-basement area.
DAVE: This is probably gonna be the only time I'm ever gonna be in a yacht club.
Yeah? Yeah.
[ Laughs ] Yeah.
We've been told there's quite a few people here.
There maybe a gentleman who ordered a drink and wasn't happy with it.
I'm going to do an EMF sweep just in case that's what people are feeling.
So, let's first check on the bartender.
I expect it's probably a little higher.
So you're right, we're getting, you know, some high spikes here and there that's definitely coming from the machinery.
I don't think that explains, you know, hearing a gentleman mad about his drink and disappearing.
It wouldn't make you hallucinate.
Well Jacob, if you are down here, or if anybody else is listening, we would love to talk to you.
Hear, like, a moaning sound? What impressed me was that it kept moving.
Like, I heard it, and I was able to keep hearing it, you know, while we were talking.
Yeah, like you wanted to look where it was going.
And I could tell what direction it was going.
So, that was interesting to me.
Was that you walking? I mean, I was hearing I mean -- [ Sighs ] They sound like they were on the tile? Yeah.
It sounded like it was, like, sticky.
You know, like [ Imitates sticking ] And it sounded like it was traveling this way.
I mean, it definitely caught my attention, you know? SAMANTHA: Is there somebody down here in the den? Were you listening to Dave and I? Do you hear footsteps? Mm-hmm.
It was, like [ Imitates quick footsteps ] It was quick.
That's crazy.
Maybe it was Jacob.
Were you listening to Dave and I? Do you hear footsteps? Mm-hmm.
It was, like [ Imitates quick footsteps ] It was quick.
That's crazy.
Maybe it was Jacob.
Jacob? Or somebody that used to be a commodore here? It sounded like it was, like, sticky.
You know, like [ Imitates sticking ] SAM: This is Sam and Shari in the attic of the Toledo Yacht Club.
The first time Jacob met Hunter, Susan's son, was up here, and Hunter was in that corner and Jacob walked up the back staircase and tapped him on the shoulder and said, "Hey, look, I'm here.
Let's be friends.
" So, they've been friends since, and Hunter and Jacob get along wonderfully.
They play games together every time they're both here.
And at one point, there was a woman who works here, and out of this room, Jacob poked his head out.
So, I thought we would start up here and see if we can meet him like Hunter met him.
Susan asked us to come out here, Susan and Hunter.
We know you know Hunter.
He's a really good friend of yours, right? Maybe you could use some more toys? I brought some marbles.
If you're listening, Hunter was telling us what you look like, that you wear a suit, like, a tuxedo, maybe? That it has a flower, like you were here for a party, and that your mom and dad are around.
That's pretty cool.
Shari has a son.
Shari, how old is your son? My son is 9 years old.
Oh, well, that's pretty close in age, Jacob.
He likes to play with marbles.
You don't have to be afraid of us.
You can come closer.
We're not here to hurt you.
There also have been reports of a lot of accidents happening in the lake.
A boat capsized.
A lot of other, you know, accidents, unfortunately, have happened and caused a lot of harm to people.
Were you on an accident on the lake? JASON: All right, so this is where they heard the person order the Manhattan.
Right, and that's been heard multiple times by different bartenders.
That's what I like.
If it was just one bartender, it could be a little peculiar, but multiple bartenders are experiencing that.
Interesting to see how sound travels down here, though.
So like, I've got this over here and sounds coming.
Said he had his back turned.
Hi, can I have a Manhattan, please? Yeah, but I can see you in the window, so I know you're there.
Okay, so, that makes sense, then.
It's at night, the bar's closing, and a guy that's not very happy wants a Manhattan.
Hey, can I have a Manhattan? But if it's at night, this is dark, gives me a reflective surface.
I can see you.
Even with the lights on -- You know what, let's see.
Now I can see even better.
Right there.
No matter what you order.
So, now, if you're not here, unless you're standing behind this thing when you say it, and I'm at a certain angle, it's like Hey, man, how about a Manhattan?! All right, now, of course, if I'm here, I can't see you until you come around that, but I don't know.
With the lights on, I can see you even better, so if you're gonna hear a voice I just mean, I would think typical, it would be normal to be here doing whatever, but you're looking at what's going on behind you, paying attention no matter what you're cleaning or what you're doing.
Unless you just heard a voice.
It makes no sense.
Surely it must.
Can you tell me what's in a Manhattan? Is there anyone down here who'd like to talk with us? DUSTIN: Hunter, and his mom, K.
, and Dustin are in the ballroom.
We're trying to communicate with Jacob.
There's a very good possibility that Jacob may be feeling comfortable being up on the balcony where you've interact with him before.
He could possibly be keeping his distance a little bit from us because we're new.
HUNTER: Jacob, these guys thank you, I thank you, my mom thanks you for any interactions you've done for us tonight.
And also, we want to say 'cause we're gonna be here late, we want Jacob to know that we -- Right.
It's pretty much like what Jacob is, but he's just a bit shy right now.
Yeah? Well we want him to know that if, at any point while we're here, he can tug on us.
He can let us know that he's here.
He can talk to us if he feels comfortable while we're investigating for the rest of the night.
Oh, crap.
I just got something touch on my back.
Really? Yeah.
[ EMF detector beeping ] And now your EMF detector's going off.
See, those are two things right there that if those things are happening, you want to pay close attention to what's going on, okay? I'm just getting a shot of your back here, and seeing if we can capture an image of Jacob.
[ EMF detector beeping ] Jacob, we want to thank you for any interaction that you have attempted this evening with us.
And I can't believe you just touched me on the back.
[ EMF detector beeping ] Is that you, Jacob? Okay, I'm just seeing if we can capture an image of Jacob.
[ EMF detector beeping ] And I can't believe you just touched me on the back.
[ EMF detector beeping continues ] Is that you, Jacob? K.
and I had a chance to investigate with Hunter and his mom.
We went to the ballroom and the balcony area, and Hunter said that he felt like Jacob maybe touched the back of his neck.
It would really be great if we had an EVP to go with that to help to substantiate, you know, his experience there and hopefully give everybody some answers.
Nice work, man.
You did a great job, man.
This is the staircase that she claimed to be pushed back up on, isn't it? DAVE: Yeah.
So she felt like she was falling and something helped her so she didn't tumble and fall.
Let's do an experiment.
Let's go from the top and walk down, and let's see if, maybe, for some reason, the steps kind of, like, stop you.
You know what I mean? Maybe we'll get rubber legs or something.
Right or like, say you start building momentum but there's a step that, like, holds you back.
Does that make sense? No.
[ Both laughing ] Not really.
You know what I'm saying.
All right.
I'm gonna use the EMF gauge as well just to see.
Just be careful when you're walking down.
You need to hold on to the railing.
That's true.
Maybe I'll do that because she wouldn't have been holding -- or maybe she was holding something.
How about one of us holds the railing, one of us doesn't.
Okay, here we go.
My hands are full.
Be careful, though.
Thank you.
Do you think it's possible they're about to fall and this caught onto clothing for a second, maybe? And then pulled her back? Right, and then they look.
This happened to more than one person, I mean See what happens.
Walk down and walk close to that and see if it snags you.
'Cause this, sort of, coming down, this is kind of like a smooth edge.
Maybe if the hook end was towards The hook end is possible.
What is this? Curtain rod or something.
All right.
Well, my hands are still full.
I don't feel weird.
I don't know.
I didn't feel anything weird.
Yeah, we couldn't disprove that one.
Maybe that claim's legit.
and Shari in the den bar, which is the first level of the Toledo Yacht Club.
: This is the area right here, which I understand is where the angry gentleman came up to the bar.
What would be something that we could do that may entice this angry gentleman to step forward? I could go in the back of the bar.
That would make me angry.
I used to be a bartender.
I have my bartending license.
Can you make me a dirty martini, shaken not stirred, three olives? There you go, sir.
[ Imitates slurping ] Pbht! That's the crappiest drink I've ever had! Oh, I'm sorry sir.
Is there anything else I can get for you? All right.
Anybody else in here that's irritated with the bartender? Is there someone here that they call the commodore? Susan thinks that her dad may still be here.
Is that who you are? Is there anything that I can do for you, sir? Please let me know by speaking loudly and clearly.
[ Quiet whooshing ] Is it wind or conversation? Is that vehicles? Sounded like voices.
Can you tell us what your name is? Do you work here? STEVE: Okay.
So, let's go all the way up.
All right.
So, according to Hunter, this is where Jacob was when he fell off.
That would definitely kill a small child.
Probably kill a full-grown adult.
Jacob? Jacob's parents? We're friends with Hunter.
Oh, so this is the attic where Hunter's seen Jacob.
Jacob, Hunter says you like playing with marbles.
We have some here.
Look at these.
These are beautiful! Geez, Steve, there's mud wasps everywhere.
Oh, yeah.
When I was really, really young, I sat on a hornet's nest, and I just remember running up to my parents' house screaming and putting my hand down my pants and pulling out handfuls of wasps.
And they were stinging my hand as I pull them out of my crotch.
My mom put me in the bathtub, called the hospital.
I was screaming and crying.
And they said, "As long as he's not allergic, just make sure the welts go down.
" What was that? What? You didn't just hear what sounded like metal dragging? No.
Did I talk over it? Yeah, I was rolling this, so Did you move all those marbles like that? I put them all in a line.
Yeah, that one out there? I didn't do that.
I wonder if that was the noise that I heard while you were talking.
I don't know.
I lined them all up.
Just hear how this sounds.
[ Marble clacking ] No, that's not the noise.
If somebody manifests something in their mind to a certain point, when does it actually become real? Think about it.
We've worked on cases like that before.
Well, poltergeist-type of cases, that sort of thing, of course, but Or they're manifesting the activity themselves.
This doesn't fit the model of a poltergeist case.
No, I'm not saying poltergeist- type.
I'm just saying All right, you heard that, right? Yeah.
This doesn't fit the model of a poltergeist case.
No, I'm not saying poltergeist- type.
I'm just saying All right, you heard that, right? It was like a "rnng, rnng, rnng.
" Yep.
Couldn't pinpoint a direction, though.
If you moved these marbles or that bear, can you move them again? If you don't want to do it for us, that's fine, but do it for Hunter.
JASON: Hey guys, it's late.
Let's get the lights on.
It's time to wrap.
So, we just wrapped the investigation here at the Toledo Yacht Club, and I think it's been an interesting night.
We were able to incorporate Hunter into our investigation, have him get involved, ask some questions, try to communicate.
Tonight's case is gonna come down to the evidence, you know? Do we have evidence of Jacob? If we don't we may try to come up with other answers in terms of explanations as to what is happening here.
DAVE: All right, guys, so the Toledo Yacht Club, very fun investigation, you know? We have, Susan, who is Hunter's mother.
We have Hunter, who's seeing this ghost boy by the name of Jacob.
He has, like, this relationship with him.
And it seems like Hunter's the only one that sees Jacob but there are other claims of people seeing a boy ghost, but they're not saying it's Jacob.
So that's kind of interesting to me.
And I know his mother, Susan, just really wants to know, why Hunter? Why is Jacob just focusing on Hunter? And she thinks that her father's there as well, you know.
The claim when they're walking down the staircase and someone holds them back.
She thinks that, you know, he's protecting people there.
He was the commodore at the time.
What do you guys think about this whole situation, about, you know, Hunter and this boy, Jacob? Do you think it's possible that he really is witnessing something paranormal? Do you think it could be his imagination? What's your thoughts? Like, what do you guys think about that whole situation with Hunter? I mean, theory goes that kids are more likely to see things, and we have to take that in consideration.
And that's one of the reasons we were there.
Hoping to get some type of evidence of Jacob and his parents and maybe figure something out.
I believe we did capture some things.
So, you know, whether it's Jacob or if it's something else, you know, I would like to get into the evidence and play some stuff for you.
So, let's see.
All right, so, it was me and Steve.
We were in the ballroom area, and we're walking around.
You can hear the creaks of the floor.
But I want to bring this to you to get your opinion on this.
I hear something -- It's very, very low, and it sounds like a whisper saying something.
It's, like, either one word or two words.
It happens quick.
Do you hear it? I do.
You hear it? Yeah, I really do.
It like, "Duh-duh-duh.
" It's tough to decipher because there is a lot of creaking.
A lot of sounds going on.
A lot of things going on right there, but I definitely hear it, yeah.
So, this is when you and Dustin were downstairs at the first level near the den bar.
you were near the fireplace area, and you guys were, you know, just having a conversation.
And all of a sudden, you guys actually heard it.
There was a thump coming from the bar that was on the other side of the room.
Yeah? So, I caught it.
Here we go.
Nice and cool.
Comfy couch.
Nice and cool.
[ Garbled noise ] Right there.
That's interesting enough, that we heard it at the time.
You know why I like it? I like it because Dave and I had a personal experience in the same general -- on that floor, in the den and bar area.
We didn't catch it.
I mean, I went over the audio.
I know you went over the tape, and we didn't catch it, but when we stopped, it stopped.
And we didn't catch it.
It was interesting because it wasn't us.
I know exactly where I heard it and it wasn't the way we walk, either.
It was very, like [ Pattering ] And I hear it traveling.
It was quick, little footsteps, like, but it was the sticky, like [ Imitates sticking ] But I know I heard it, and it was traveling when there was no one there.
It wasn't us.
Like, we stopped, and it was continuing to go for a second, and then it stopped.
So, I mean, it was an experience.
Which is really interesting 'cause, as you guys were telling me about your experience, I was thinking, "Okay, you know, that sounds like a little kid," which then is a perfect lead-in to an experience that Dustin and I had up outside of the old commodore's office.
So, I think we found something up there that might be worthwhile, and I wanted you guys to take a look at it.
[ Clattering ] Oh.
Right there.
I heard something down there.
Did you catch that? DUSTIN: Yeah.
That was loud.
It was pretty loud.
And it's so weird.
It doesn't sound like a bang on the wall.
It doesn't sound like a normal, like, a thump or anything.
It's like something moving or something falling.
It seemed like a more deliberate type of noise, whatever it was.
It was interesting because we're asking for something to happen, and there it is, you know? Right.
That's actually really cool.
All right, so I have one piece for you guys.
This is Dad and Steve, and they were in the attic where Hunter says his first-ever experience with Jacob was, and then they were having a bit of just a discussion themselves, but in the midst of their discussion, something was said, but I want to get your interpretation of it.
and putting my hand down my pants and pulling out handfuls of wasps.
And they were stinging my hand as I pull them out of my crotch.
My mom put me in the bathtub, called the hospital.
I was screaming and crying.
And they said, "As long as he's not allergic, just make sure the welts go down.
" I heard it.
And they were stinging my hand as I pulled them out of my crotch.
My mom put me in the bathtub, called the hospital.
Right there.
Yeah, I hear that for sure.
I was listening to the crotch story.
It's tough to hear because it's like you can tell there's a third voice there, but it's, like, right in-between, like, you know, your dad and Steve were, like, having this conversation, and then all of a sudden, there's a third person interjecting something when they're talking about bees in Steve's pants.
[ Laughter ] It's an odd spot to hear it.
That's the way it goes, though, you know? Any time, that's what happens.
Let me play it one more time.
Timing! Timing! You know, right! I pull them out of my crotch.
My mom put me in the bathtub, called the hospital.
I was screaming and crying.
"I'm not Jacob.
" Oh! Yeah.
It does.
Yeah, I think it's saying, "I'm not Jacob.
" It is fantastic.
JASON: TAPS was called into the Toledo Yacht Club by our client, Susan, to investigate the claims made by her son Hunter and employees about the ghost of a small child named Jacob as well as past commodores who have been seen in the club.
We've analyzed our evidence and have returned to tell Susan what we found.
Good to see you, Susan.
How is everything? So, you know what we did.
You gave us a tour, told us about a lot of the claims that were going on here.
Also, you introduced us to your son Hunter, and we were able to talk with him and discuss some of the experiences he's had here throughout the property.
And we were able to have some experiences.
This clip here we're gonna show you, Tango and I, we were investigating in the ballroom.
Right there.
Did you hear that? Footsteps? It's right after the footsteps.
To us, it kind of sounds like, "Sorry.
" Now, this next piece was Steve and I.
We were up on the third floor, and Steve was in the ballroom, and I started heading to the back of the building.
During that time, there was a weird moan sound that sounded like it came from down the hallway.
We went down, we looked, couldn't find any explanation for it.
In the background, you can hear me talking.
It's aside from that.
You hear that? Mm-hmm.
You hear that moan sound? Yeah.
Does the tone of it or the voice of it sound the least bit familiar to you? No, that one doesn't.
Is Hunter or anybody claimed to of hear like a groaning or a moaning sound? One of the bartenders, yes.
One of the bartenders? Yes.
All right, this next piece we want you to listen to, there's definitely a voice.
We were in the attic, and at one point, while we were standing there talking, I heard what sounded like a metal-dragging sound.
Upon listening to it later on, there is no metal-dragging sound.
There is a weird voice that comes in as Steve is actually talking about some stuff.
STEVE: handfuls of wasps.
And they were stinging my hand as I pull them out of my crotch.
My mom put me in the bathtub, called the hospital.
My mom put me in the bathtub, called the hospital.
"I'm not Jacob.
" My mom put me in the bathtub, called the hospital.
We do hear what sounds like, "I'm not Jacob," four syllables.
I'm not Jacob, yeah.
put me in the bathtub, called the hospital.
We didn't find any evidence of Jacob.
Now, not saying he doesn't exist, but truly, your thoughts as a parent, do you believe that he's seeing Jacob? I don't know, I'm just trying to get your thoughts.
You know your son a lot better than either of us.
I think he did see Jacob.
To us, it seems to be those words coming through.
So, to me, that holds a little validity in terms of he's actually experiencing something, but what is it? Not sure.
Could it be your dad? Sure.
Could it be a past commodore? Sure.
I wish we had a definitive answer but what we do know is whatever we encountered that night was not Jacob.
And it wasn't malicious.
I know one of your main concerns was is he safe, and there's no sign of it being malicious.
It hasn't been up to this point.
I think there's nothing here to be afraid of, and if anything, you have some living history here in the building, which is pretty exciting.
Yes, it is.
If activity kicks up, if things really start happening more and more, give us a shout.
We'll gladly come back.
Hopefully, we can catch more evidence that might help lead us in the direction, one way or another, for you.
Thank you.
Oh, no, thank you.
Thank you for your time.
It was a pleasure getting out here.
TAPS showed me that they did recover some evidence and that the spirits are friendly, so that made me feel much better.
When I heard the male voice up in the attic saying that he is not Jacob, very curious of who he is.
Is he a past commodore? Is he my father? What message is he trying to send? Even though TAPS didn't find evidence of this family that Hunter talks about, I still feel that they do live here.
JASON: Well, I think that went well.
STEVE: I do, too.
Once she realized what that voice was saying, you could tell it kind of clicked.
She was like, "Oh, Jacob.
Oh, I see what you're showing me, here.
" And that was a real golden piece of evidence that we had 'cause that shows some sort of an intelligence.
It knows that we're there looking, trying to make contact with Jacob.
Sure does.
It can hear what we're saying, it can process it, and it can react to it.
Yeah, it's wild when you think about it like that.
I think it was a good case.
I think Hunter is gonna have a lot of fun with what we had to tell them.
And I don't know.
I think we did a good job here.
I think we did, too, man.
We were able to help some people.
You know what? Good job, brother.
Thank you.
Same to you.
On to the next.