Ghost Hunters (2004) s11e05 Episode Script

Paranormal Pirates

1 Shh.
[ Thud ] You still think that was a raindrop? No.
On this episode of "Ghost Hunters" JASON: So, man, Fort Taber or Fort Rodman? In New Bedford, Mass.
BROMLEY: The fort was going under construction during the American Civil War to protect the fleet.
Robert seems to think the reenactments have stirred up activity here.
I came down to Fort Taber one night, and I saw three to four men coming toward me.
He wants to make sure that the visitors here are safe.
But there was a girl, also, who chased a shadow, fell and broke her leg, correct? Correct.
That sounded like footsteps behind us.
Will you please tell us your name? [ Bang ] Look right now.
See that moving by it? Did you hear that? [ Thud ] Oh, God! Oh, there it goes again.
That resonated through the stone.
So, man, Fort Taber or Fort Rodman? This is gonna be awesome.
Forts have always been good to us.
And it's in New Bedford, Mass.
, which is nice.
Yeah, I was born in New Bedford.
My whole family lives in New Bedford.
Well, the place does have some good parts to it, though.
[ Laughs ] But a lot of different claims.
And now I guess they do this whole living history thing, including a new re-creation celebrating the colonial pirates and privateers.
And it seems to be when the activity's at its greatest is when they're doing that.
But the neat thing is, we've got three different locations we're investigating -- the fort, the museum, and the milliken, the battery area.
And our client, Robert, really wants us to come in and try to figure out what's going on, just to try to ease some of these fears that everybody there is having.
[ Radio beeps ] A lot of claims in the fort.
They're seeing shadows.
They're seeing apparitions.
They're hearing voices.
In the milliken, they're claiming to see a sparkly apparition.
In the museum, they're claiming to have motion sensors tripped, so I think this is gonna be a lot of fun.
Looking forward to it.
DUSTIN: I kind of like that since they've been doing these live re-creation things, that's when they started getting a lot of paranormal activity here.
SAMANTHA: You have to wonder, was something seeing the shows, or they think that it's still an active fort? I'm excited about this.
There's gonna be a lot for us to do tonight.
Yeah, this should be good, man.
All right, let's get over there and find out what's going on.
JASON: TAPS case -- Fort Taber-Fort Rodman.
New Bedford, Massachusetts.
Hey, Robert.
I'm Jason.
-How you doing, Jason? -Nice to meet you.
-Hi, I'm Dave.
-Nice to meet you.
-Beautiful place.
Beautiful day to be inside here, too.
Well, for us, it really is.
What's some of the history? Beginning in 1840, when New Bedford was one of the richest seafaring capitals of the world, they began to petition the federal government to build a fortification to protect the fleet.
About 1850-ish, that's when the orders went through.
But the city of New Bedford's military history goes back much earlier.
MAN: Fire.
JASON: In the 1770s, New Bedford was home to many of the colony's pirates or privateers.
Colonial privateering was so successful that in 1778, the British Navy launched a raid on New Bedford, landing on the exact spot where Fort Taber-Fort Rodman sits today.
Three colonists were killed in the attack, and New Bedford was burned to the ground.
Construction of the fort intended to protect the harbor finally began in 1857 but soon hit snags.
So by 1861, when the war started, the mayor of the city realized the fort was nowhere near ready, and they built a small earthwork fort just outside that was named Fort Taber.
By 1863, the fort was filled in, and the cannons were moved into here.
And this was known as the Fort at Clark's Point, or the Stone Fort, until 1898.
And that's when it was given its official name, Fort Rodman, for Lieutenant Colonel William Logan Rodman, who died while leading his troops in battle in 1863 at the battle of Port Hudson, Louisiana.
Following the Spanish-American War, the fort went through many periods of inactivity and use with it being utilized during World War II for convalescing wounded veterans.
Through all the history, how many lives do you think were lost in the fort here? We know of one death during construction.
A mason who was working on the fort, and the derrick fell over and killed the individual.
In addition, during World War I, we had quite a few soldiers come down with what was the Spanish flu, and there were several that died in the field hospital here.
So, it's definitely seen its share of death.
-Wow, how sad.
So now, the paranormal activity you guys have been having has been going on for a long time now, right? Quite a bit.
BURKE: I came down to Fort Taber in the middle of high school.
We would all sit around in the playground and talk, and it was just a place to hang out.
I was sitting on the swing set one night, and I saw three to four men coming toward me in red and blue coats with rifles.
Nobody else seemed to see what I was seeing.
And they kept coming closer and closer, and that was my cue to run to my car and go home without explanation.
JASON: I know there have been a lot of people who are experiencing shadows, full-body apparitions.
But there was a girl, also, who chased a shadow, fell, and broke her leg, correct? Correct.
That happened right over here.
It was right in the corner where you can see the bricks right up there.
-That's awful.
Now, at the museum, you guys have different experiences? We do.
There's two areas inside the museum that people come to us and say, "I get a creepy feeling in there.
" Two people saying, "Well, yeah, there's somebody standing right there.
" We've had shadows that we've been seeing.
The one that I experienced several times -- the sound of a falling book.
[ Thud ] -Hmm.
-But yet when you get up, -and you look around -There's nothing.
And how many times have the motion sensors gone off? That's gone off several times.
Now, we also heard you guys have caught what appears to be apparitions on security cameras.
The shadows, yes.
DEAN: I was asked to do some security.
And we had come back in the museum, And Bob said, "Hey, we got new chairs.
Try them out.
" So, I sat down in them, and out of the corner of my eye, we had the monitor in there with all the cameras on it.
And I saw something go by.
It was like a white line with purple hue.
Just kind of went across the screen like that, perfectly.
JASON: And, now, what's going on at the milliken? The minute you walk in, it's creepy.
Noises in there.
There's all sorts of things I'm hearing.
We were kind of going in and out of different areas.
There was a little bit of debris around.
And then all of a sudden, I saw a soldier.
It was almost like he was kind of crouching, just observing what was going on.
JASON: Also in the battery milliken, there are reports of voices, the sound of large explosions, and a mysterious shimmering man.
And at the World War II tank memorial, the apparition of a soldier working on the tank has been witnessed multiple times.
Do you have people who dress up in period clothing at all? We do.
Two to three times a year, we have different living histories in here.
We have from the American Revolution all the way up through World War II.
And most recently, we even had a privateer and pirate invasion.
And we get a lot more reports every time we have a program here at the Stone Fort or at the museum.
It is the increase in activity during the living history events and the possible harm it could bring to the visitors that has Robert most concerned.
So, now, do you have any theories of who might be still residing here? No idea.
That's why we figured to call you guys in.
All right, great.
Well, then we're gonna go talk to our crew and start figuring how to set up.
It's such a lovely day outside to do so.
All right, man.
We'll talk to you soon.
Thank you, sir.
All right, let's rock.
So, we just finished talking with Robert about a lot of the activity going on here at Fort Taber-Fort Rodman.
Good job.
Everything from the sounds of books falling, objects moving, setting off motion sensors.
And right in this area, they had a girl chasing a shadow who fell and broke her leg.
We're up against the elements tonight.
And of course, we got three locations -- the battery milliken, the fort, and the museum.
And they're rather far apart from one another.
: Dustin and I heading over to the milliken.
Copy, thank you.
JASON: So we've got our work cut out for us.
But I love these old forts, because they just hold so much energy from the past that you're able to get a lot of great activity.
Dustin and I have set up this GoPro here in the milliken.
There's been reports of shadow figures moving down the corridor, so hopefully once everything goes dark, we'll be able to see any kind of movement down here whatsoever.
They have a myriad of things happening, and Robert wants to know who's here, why are they here.
Also, we have some great information to use for this investigation -- deaths that have occurred on the property, items that energy could be attached to, like a tank.
So, we're gonna do a thorough investigation, and hopefully we'll come out with some evidence or at least a lot of info for Robert.
DUSTIN: So, placing this camera up here on the second floor of the fort.
There was a claim of a woman that followed a shadow figure and actually fell off the edge over here and broke her leg.
This camera will cover all that area and hopefully catch that shadow figure tonight.
Now, I just want to make sure we clear that wall.
I've got quite a ways I can go, so just tell me when to stop.
A little bit right.
I like it right there.
Guys, that's all cameras.
-Hey, guys.
Five cameras? -Yeah, five DVR cameras.
-All in the fort.
So, camera one, this is the second-floor area.
They say they see a shadow everywhere up there.
Camera two, that's on the first level.
-This is getting the entrance.
-Smart for using a thermal.
Right, in case we see any animals.
Camera three, this is side by side, full spectrum.
-Okay, camera four.
This is second floor corridor, down the other end.
And camera five, this is where that girl broke her leg when she was following a shadow.
-Right, and she fell down.
-We have a closer shot of that.
One GoPro is down by the battery milliken.
It's where they see the sparkly apparition.
The other GoPro is in the museum where they see shadows and also the sounds of a book falling.
Good job, man.
Let's get whatever lights are still on, off -and start investigating.
-We can start soon.
Let's do it.
So, right now, Sam and I, we're in Fort Taber-Fort Rodman.
And in this general area, there's just a lot of visuals, a lot of shadow people kind of, like, peeking out.
So we're just gonna cover as much as possible in this area and hope for the best.
As far as actual deaths go, I know there's only a couple accidents.
'Cause this fort never actually saw any battle.
And then there were soldiers who died when this was used as a convalescent area during World War I.
-Is that a bed? -Oh, yeah.
Hello? Anybody here? People say they see you, and they hear you.
Were you a worker here? Were you a pirate or a privateer? We came here because we want to know who you are.
People keep seeing things, but they don't understand why.
That's a big puddle, so stay to the left here if you can.
All right, this is Dustin and K.
We are just now entering the battery milliken.
Dude, this is awesome.
Talk about creepy.
One of the claims here is explosions, right? Yeah, the sounds of bombing.
DUSTIN: Hello? Are any of the soldiers from the fort here? Is the fort under attack? If you're in one of those doorways, could you step out? Nice and quiet.
You can get lost in here, huh? -Are you okay with continuing? -Yeah, I like it.
It's like being in a crazy funhouse.
More of the same.
Just a long, creepy corridor.
Hello? Anybody down here? I don't know if I'm gonna be able to fit down here.
I'm just glad I only had 6 doughnuts today, not 12.
JASON: Jay and Steve in the fort.
STEVE: Hello? If you can let us know where you are, we might be able to show you the way out of here.
You don't have to leave.
Maybe you can help us.
We're trying to find our way out.
STEVE: I like that.
Do you know where the exit is? Sounded like footsteps behind us.
JASON: Maybe you can help us.
Do you know where the exit is? Kind of sounded like footsteps behind us.
Yeah, I heard that.
Down that way now.
It's not the sound like an animal moving.
-It sounded like a -- -Shh.
That resonated through the stone.
Water dripping would not sound like something squishing through water.
There it goes again.
Right now, we're hearing voices, footsteps, all different kinds of movement.
Downstairs, we heard what sounded like somebody walking above us, only to find that above us is an actual staircase leading upstairs.
You know, it's funny, how when we stop moving, the sounds stop.
It seems to happen more when people are engaging.
Kind of like it's feeling it.
Where? I didn't see it.
[ Door opens, bells jingle ] DAVE: So, Sam and I, we're in the museum, and there's a lot of claims of weird, strange feelings, so we're gonna check it out right now.
Yeah, so they've seen a shadow in here, as well, and the sound of a book dropping.
There are lots of windows, though.
-And lots of people-like shapes.
Yeah, it's gonna get light sources from outside, cast the shadow of a silhouette.
-But the book sound's odd.
So they heard it.
They came in.
Nothing was on the ground.
Right, it was like this.
It was just [ Bang ] -which is loud.
-That's pretty loud.
What does the door sound like? [ Thunk ] Hmm.
I feel like it reverberates.
-They would know.
-You would know.
Can you please tell us your name, who you are? I'm just gonna see what this sounds like.
[ Bang ] That's pretty loud.
That's pretty loud.
So, open it enough to where maybe it'll, like, stay? Okay.
Yeah, good.
And just walk away.
SAM: Did you see this bike? Wow, that's crazy.
[ Bang ] Whoa! That's scary.
[ Bang ] -Yeah.
-[ Laughs ] Look at that.
Yeah, wouldn't even know if it was open.
Not necessarily.
All right, well, let's look around and see if there's anything else that sounds similar before we go.
Is there anybody here that can hear our voice? People say sometimes it sounds like a bomb is going off in this place.
Right now, Dustin and I are deep inside the milliken battery.
We're listening for noises, voices, anything that sounds related to military operations.
Are we expecting a visit from the British? -What was that? -I don't know.
I heard something.
I think we touched on a nerve there.
This was built when? Was it built for World War II? -This particular building? -Yeah.
Shh, shh.
We're able to hear you.
Could you do that again? Dude, it sounds like something's moving around out there.
I know.
It's weird.
[ Distant bang ] Again.
That came completely from the other side of the battery.
This is Sam and Shari inside the museum.
Well, this area, people have an uneasy feeling? Yeah, they feel like they're being watched.
But you know what's different about this area? Look at how many pictures of faces surround us right now.
And how many people-like shapes, you know, like the jackets, and then there's this one that's up above.
I just find it quite the coincidence that that's the feeling in this spot.
-Well, and right there, too.
This is Steve and Dave.
We're heading into the battery milliken.
All right.
What do they say happens down here? They see a guy who sparkles.
I wonder if we -- [ Gasps ] What? [ Clatter ] -You heard that? -Yep.
There's something heavy down there.
Yeah, something big.
-Now, my only thought -- -Yeah? There's so many different objects on the ground, so is it possible that, every now and then, a heavy drop hits some hollow like -- Something there.
But that really sounded like something was moving away.
-Sounded footstep-ish.
-It did, yeah.
-Should we press forward? -Yes.
If you're in here, tell us now.
Shh, shh.
[ Bang ] You still think that was a raindrop? No.
DAVE: If you're in here, tell us now.
Shh, shh.
[ Bang ] You still think that was a raindrop? No.
That was no raindrop.
Let's go.
[ Clang ] Do you think we're dealing with something ghostly? Let's see if it's intelligent.
We were hearing sounds in here before.
We can't tell where it's coming from.
Are you making those sounds? [ Clank ] [ Gasps ] -Whoa, that was loud.
[ Clatter ] Did you hear that? Tango and I, while investigating in this ammunition battery, we heard some interesting sounds, things that sounded just like footsteps.
something that sounded like movement.
But the problem is, it's really hard to tell what it is making these sounds.
If you can hear us, make a loud sound right now.
: To the rooftop, baby.
DUSTIN: All the way up.
All right, this is Dustin and K.
We are about to enter the lighthouse.
There's no claims in here, right, Kaje? No, I just thought we should check it out.
Let's see.
-Low ceilings.
Not much up here, huh? There's a car battery.
There's a new box over here.
-[ Sighs ] -Anyway, this is it.
-It's nice.
So, there any spirits of the fort here with us tonight? We would love to be able to see you with our own eyes.
We're really interested in who you are, why you choose to visit here, to linger here.
: You know, it's gonna be time for Dustin and I to move on to another area.
If you're down below us, you could maybe make a noise for us.
Just once.
[ Thud ] Okay, that was right here in this room with us.
Steve and Jay in the museum.
Motion sensors that trip without -- Hang on.
You got fans on.
You got planes on string.
You got flags hanging.
Where are the motion sensors? Let's see.
I got one over here in the corner.
All right.
So they got them in all four corners? There's one there.
Okay, and you got planes hanging right there.
Is that plane moving on its own right now? That plane's already moving right now, yeah.
They're both moving.
All right.
So, watch.
Hang on.
So, motion sensor not picking up anything right now.
No, wait.
It's on.
It is on.
STEVE: Okay.
That one's on.
Actually, I think that's what it is, Steve.
I mean, there's a lot of things that could be blowing around and moving and JASON: Yeah.
See? It's sensing all the way out here.
But, I mean, if both of these things are swinging at the same time 'Cause to that, it's gonna look like one.
See? Yeah, that one actually just tripped it.
Oh, yeah, yeah.
Tripped it again.
Yep, that's what's doing it.
And this fan is off.
This vent right here, it's not pushing anything out.
Yeah, when they all kick on Absolutely.
I mean, we got to put two and two together.
DAVE: All right.
This is where the shadow was seen.
It was walking this way, and this person was following it.
Coming through here.
Coming through, coming through, came this way, and then it kind of -- I guess the shadow person kind of, like, went back? Yeah, so, she -- I mean, this is -- Yeah, she fell and went down this way and then broke her leg.
She claims it didn't push her.
She just fell.
But just a bad spot, 'cause as I went to step down -- I mean, you see how it gets, like -- Yeah, it slants down.
May have disoriented her a little bit, the height, panicking.
Is there anyone here? Do you remember someone chasing after you? Do you remember her falling and breaking her leg? We don't think you meant for her to get hurt.
Are you comfortable with walking down this area? -We don't have to.
-Oh, no.
It's fine.
'Cause there's no railing.
No, it's fine.
[ Clatter ] Oh, God! DAVE: Are you comfortable with walking down this area? SAM: No, it's fine.
[ Clatter ] Oh, God! [ Laughs ] That's why she fell.
[Bleep] pigeon.
SAM: Dave and I wanted to make sure we made our way up to the ledge where the shadow was seen when the woman fell and broke her leg.
We learned that they were most definitely pigeons.
They didn't want us in their space.
The room's kind of nice, though.
We got all these little lights.
You can see if something walks in front of them.
You know, we put a lot of glow sticks out here.
They're to keep us from falling off the ledge.
But if you want to throw one to let us know where you are, we can come to you.
We'd love it if you did that.
They're really light.
You can just toss them right off.
How cool would that be? See that yellow one right there? Yeah.
Just see it rolling a little bit.
Oh, that would be so cool.
All right, Dustin.
The museum at Fort Taber-Fort Rodman.
So, this is the area down here where they saw some kind of misty apparition.
They didn't actually see it with their eyes, right? They just saw it on their -- Saw it on their DVR camera, yeah.
Okay, so I believe that it was seen from one of these chairs in Camera 1.
Look right now.
See it? Something's moving by it right now.
See that moving by it? Let me know if it keeps happening.
All right, I'm watching it go back and forth.
-Still doing it? -Still doing it.
You're right on top of it.
Okay, right here? Yeah.
Your hand's right on where it is, and that looks like it's something that's on the camera.
That is gonna be on the camera lens.
It must be.
I bet it's a spider web.
I bet that's exactly what it is, I mean, 'cause you had your hand right where it is, and now it's going back up.
So I bet if -- We could clean off the lens on their camera for them.
[ Grunts ] Yeah, yeah, this is all dusty.
It's just cobwebs.
I don't see it anymore at all.
-It's clear? -Yeah, it's completely gone.
Coming back to you.
I mean, I think that's a reasonable explanation as to what they were seeing there.
You know, It's just something that's actually hanging from the camera.
Yeah, well, I think we figured it out.
All right.
Let's continue on.
We found your ghost, and we excised it.
Steve and Dave heading for the tank.
So, is this where the girl saw the three soldiers walking towards her? No, that was across the field at the playground.
Here, they've seen an apparition of a soldier working on this tank.
If there really is someone here, let us know somehow right now.
You should be recognized for your service.
Hey, look at this.
Oh, wow.
Is that a 7 or something? -Yeah.
-Go around the whole tank and see if this is the only spot.
-Tango? -Yeah.
Same spot on this side, so it's got to be something -- In here, but why? Oh, wait, look.
There could be something in there, 'cause that goes all the way down to the ground.
The EMF, it's got to be just something thermal or something with the metal, like you said.
The fact that you found it in the same exact spot on the other side, there's something mechanical.
People come here.
There's reenactments all the time.
People dressed in camouflage are always in that store, in the museum.
How do they know somebody wasn't just over here looking at the tracks, checking out things? I don't think we're gonna find anything paranormal over here.
All right.
Let's head back to center command.
All right, sounds good.
Dustin, K.
, why don't you guys take the old fort? K.
: Copy.
All right, this is Dustin and K.
We have just entered the second floor of Fort Taber-Fort Rodman.
Just careful.
It is very slippery.
I love our glow sticks.
It's like a little weird, paranormal rave.
Oh, what's in here? Hey, I'm Dustin.
This is my buddy, K.
We're just trying to see if there's anybody here that can speak with us tonight.
We've heard reports of shadow movement.
Did you die here? Were you one of the privateers? Were you one of the pirates? Robert seems to think that since they've had the recent reenactments, it stirred up activity here.
Is it that familiarity that brings you forward? He wants to make sure that the visitors here to the fort are safe.
Is everyone safe? Careful what you step on.
So right now, Shari and I are entering the battery milliken, and I think there's quite a few claims down here.
They see a man crouched down and walking around, so we'll see if there's something paranormal that wants to talk to us.
Hello? Is there anybody here with us? Somebody saw you hiding in the corner.
Can you tell us why? Let's go back out to the hallway.
All right, so, other claims.
We have an apparition seen walking down the hall.
We have that sparkly apparition.
[ Distant clank ] Did you hear that? Is there somebody down there? We have that sparkly apparition.
[ Distant clank ] Did you hear that? Is there somebody down there? Is there somebody down here? You just made that noise.
Can you make it again for us, please? Can you make some more noises where you are? Does it just end? That's closed.
So, while Shari and I were walking down the hallway, we did hear a few bangs that sounded a little different, a little louder, a little more direct, maybe, in a sense, So we asked, "Who's here? Why are you here? What is your connection?" But none of them really led to any immediate responses.
All right.
[ Chuckles ] Let's go warm up and find everybody else.
Man, it's quiet as quiet can be.
-What are you gonna do? Well, the only other thing I can think of is Robert said that everything got stirred up when they started doing the pirate re-creation stuff, right? Right.
I came ready.
[ Laughs ] Thank you.
I be Captain D.
Pari, the paranormal pirate, and with me, me first mate, Mr.
McCormick, the scurvy dog named as such because, well, he's got scurvy.
That'll work.
Now we're pirates.
-Who else is here? You need to speak louder.
Speak into this device in my first mate's hands.
First 10 men that step forward and give us their names get their own ship.
And a bottle of rum.
They like rum.
Throw that in.
And a bottle of rum.
[ Laughs ] My only concern about this is that dead men tell no tales.
So our chances of getting EVPs, if they're really pirates, are slim.
I thought maybe if I had the eye patch, I could fool them.
-You would have fooled me.
-Oh, thank you, sir.
You look good.
-[ Chuckling ] Thanks.
JASON: Hey, guys, it's late.
[ Radio beeps ] Let's get the lights on.
It's time to wrap.
Well, we just wrapped the investigation here at Fort Taber-Fort Rodman, and I have to say, it's been a great investigation.
We've had some incredible experiences in the fort.
I think we're able to come up with some explanations for some of the activity going on in the museum.
And all in all, it's definitely been a productive night.
STEVE: We had some awesome experiences.
At one point, Tango and I were hearing different things in the battery milliken -- large thumping sounds, movement, footsteps as if somebody's moving or running, and that was interesting.
We didn't expect to hear all that, and I can't wait to see what we find in the evidence.
And I'm pretty sure we'll have some answers for Robert.
All right, guys.
Fort Taber-Fort Rodman.
Our client, Bob, wants to make sure everyone's safe.
So, he brought us in to check everything out.
And I didn't really feel threatened by anything except for when I was in the milliken.
-Every now and then, you go to a place that just generally creeps you out, and the battery milliken was definitely one of those places for me.
As far as the investigation went, how'd everything go? I mean, there was debunks.
Dustin and I went into the museum.
We kept seeing some kind of white figure moving in front of one of the cameras.
We went up, and we started checking out that area.
It was just a whole bunch of dust and cobwebs that were occasionally moving in front of that camera real close to the lens that sort of creates that illusion of an apparition, -you know? -That's crazy.
So we cleaned that off for them and everything and got it all back to normal and didn't see it happen the rest of the evening.
So, as far as evidence goes, K.
, you and Dustin, you guys were in the milliken area.
You guys hear what sounds like a "No.
" Oh, yeah.
So, I'm gonna play that for you right now.
DUSTIN: Are we expecting a visit from the British? Hmm.
You definitely hear it.
It sounded more like a gasp at the moment.
-That's cool.
-All right, guys.
So here's a piece from Dustin and I's handheld GoPro.
We were in the battery milliken.
We had gone into the back into these really narrow tunnels.
We heard something at the moment.
I wanted you guys to take a listen.
This was built when? Was it built for World War II? -This particular building? -Yeah.
-Right? Yeah, big time.
It's weird.
It's got that really eerie kind of "Whoo.
" Yeah, it keeps going for a while.
It's definitely a good catch, and it's cool that you guys heard it and then, like you said, it translated on the audio.
That doesn't always happen, so that's great.
I'm glad.
Definitely showing that to Jay and Steve.
All right, and this is Steve and I in the battery milliken.
There were all kind of close together.
It was like a cluster of sounds that we were hearing.
Definitely sounded deliberate a few times.
-So I'll play it.
[ Bang ] Yeah.
And that was loud.
Like, it echoed.
It sounded like a door almost creaking open.
-It was really weird and a sound that didn't make sense in there.
-Water's not doing that.
-No, no.
Sam and I were actually down there, too, and we heard a lot of those sounds, the same thing that everybody else has been hearing, so -That's the same exact sound.
-Right? JASON: TAPS was called to Fort Taber-Fort Rodman, in New Bedford, Massachusetts, to see if anything paranormal was occurring on the property.
Recent living history events seemed to have stirred up activity, causing concern for those who work and visit there.
We've gone through our evidence Hey, Bob.
and have found some intriguing findings to share with our client, Robert Bromley.
You know what we did.
We came in.
You told us about a lot of the claims, and you opened up the doors to give us full access to all these locations.
STEVE: We put equipment everywhere, and luckily, I think it paid off for us.
We've caught a few things that are quite interesting.
Anything inside the museum? I think we're able to debunk some of the things.
Where the motion sensors are, and you've got some of the planes hanging, when the A/C unit kicks on, it moves the planes, and it sets off the motion sensors.
So, we were able to re-create that.
Now, I'm not saying that that's 100% what's causing it, but we're able to make the motion sensors actually pick on them moving.
While Steve and I were investigating this area, we were walking through, and you could hear what sounded like conversations happening.
We were standing up there on the second floor, just talking, and over here in the area where that girl fell, it illuminated.
Now, the camera really didn't pick it up, 'cause it was too far away, but it illuminated and then dimmed right back down.
There was no explanation for it.
But it was another great experience we were able to have in the fort that night.
This piece here, Dustin and K.
, they're investigating in the milliken.
You can hear in the audio, quite clear, a deep breath or a gasp.
I'll give you some headphones for this one.
DUSTIN: Are we expecting a visit from the British? You able to make it out? A little bit, yeah, a breathing sound.
-That's exactly what it is, yep.
The interesting thing about that is it wasn't either of them, and so they're not quite sure what could have created that sound.
Well, this next piece we'll play for you, two of our investigators, Dustin and K.
, were in the milliken, and while they were in there, there's a voice that you can hear.
It's right under Dustin here.
We'll play it.
Take a listen to it.
: This was built when? Was it built for World War II? -This particular building? -Yeah.
Almost like a hello.
Just faintly, you can hear it.
Just underneath, yeah.
Goes very similar to what people have told us.
They walk in, and they can hear that undercurrent voice, but they can't discern where it's coming from.
This next piece here, Dustin and K.
were investigating in the lighthouse area.
All of a sudden, you hear a voice.
We're gonna play it for you and see if it's anything maybe that you recognize.
There's a really loud bang a few seconds before it, as well.
[ Bang ] K.
: Okay, that was right here in this room with us.
-Were you able to hear that? -Yeah.
-It sounds very digital.
But the time of the night that that occurred, there is nothing open down here.
Just sounds more like a broadcast or something coming across.
Everything was closed and tight and buttoned up around here.
We've heard people say in here they hear the conversations.
Many times when we've had events inside here, you'll hear someone say hello.
I think we heard that a few different times.
It sounded very similar to the word hello.
Well, this next piece we want to let you listen to, Steve and Dave were both investigating the milliken.
And while they're in there, you hear what sounds -- Well, it sounds like a girl's voice.
Take a listen.
Yeah, like a "come here" type of thing.
That's exactly it.
That's exactly it.
And we thought it was saying "come here," as well, and it's a voice that was out of the norm.
There's no reason for it to be there.
Well, that continues to add to the mysteries -that we keep having here -Exactly.
with all these occurrences.
In terms of figuring out who's here and why they're here, we didn't recognize any patterns in the evidence that lent itself one way or the other.
We did notice that when we brought up something to do with the British, we did get that one possible interaction with the gasp or the breath.
-We did catch some neat things.
-But nothing to fear.
I didn't get any sort of evidence leaning towards it being malicious or having any intent other than, you know, "Hey, I'm still here with you.
Don't forget about me.
" Anytime you guys are willing to swing on down again, give us a call, and we'll set it up, because the mystery continues.
Well, thank you very much for your time, man.
Yeah, thank you.
-Thank you, sir.
-Come on.
We'll get out of here.
BROMLEY: What TAPS has told us is that there's still a mystery out there.
Hearing the evidence from TAPS, I think the living historians that come in and do the programs will be a little bit more attentive to the sounds that they hear and give us further evidence down the line.
JASON: So, I think that went great.
STEVE: Oh, man.
I thought it was a great investigation.
We disproved some things.
He really loved those voices.
He heard them.
And just the fact that he was able to hear the whole, "Come here.
" Like, that's exactly what we heard.
And that's perfect.
That's what you want.
It's nice that we don't go and tell them what we hear, but they say exactly what we've heard.
We didn't get all the answers he was looking for, but we're able to let him know there's nothing malicious here.
You know what? Good job, brother.
Thank you.
On to the next.