Ghost Hunters (2004) s11e06 Episode Script

Fighting Spirit

Was that you, Jay? I haven't moved anything.
Steve, it just got really cold around my neck.
On this episode of "Ghost Hunters" JASON: The Varnum Armory.
They're talking about apparitions, voices, objects moving.
And a lot of the artifacts there have a violent past.
One of my favorite items in the collection is a pair of white gloves that are soaked in blood.
Wow, I mean, that's somebody's blood.
SAM: What was that? SHARI: I think we heard you.
DONOVAN: We experienced very heavy, very deliberate footsteps across this floor.
You'll hear it down below.
It just sounded like somebody else was right behind us.
As soon as I had come in, I could just feel a male presence.
Hello? Anybody on this floor? I saw a man-sized dark shape walk from right to left.
DAVE: Is that you, Lieutenant Prescott? Is it threatening? Is it something we need to worry about? What's that? SHARI: Did somebody just do that? JASON: So, I'm excited about this, man.
Varnum Memorial Armory, right in East Greenwich.
I know, right? I mean, this is where we cut our teeth.
This is where we fell in love with the paranormal, and I'm excited to be here.
This place has such a history, and very few people know about it.
JASON: The Varnum Memorial Armory dates back to the early 1900s and is loaded with historical artifacts.
They literally have original letters from George Washington.
They have weapons from the wars.
And a lot of the artifacts there have a violent past.
So you got to wonder if the energy is trapped within them.
And every time we have that history on our side and the artifacts there for us to see and hold and work with, we get good results.
But they've had all different types of activity that have been going on there.
And Patrick and Andrew are really concerned that the upcoming renovations are gonna spike activity and make the armory unsafe for visitors.
I'm gonna fill in the team.
The activity is abundant.
I mean, we're talking apparitions, voices, shadows, a lot of different things.
And we're gonna have our work cut out for us tonight.
But I think we have a good chance of getting some really good activity considering everything we have there to work with.
All right, man, we'll do our best.
I'm excited.
Obviously, we're there to investigate, but I'm excited to see all these crazy things.
: Oh, yeah, big time.
In fact, I was in that armory a couple different times when I was a kid.
Once with my dad and a few times with my grandfather.
Throughout the years, I've always wondered if it was haunted.
This is gonna be great.
I'm excited.
JASON: TAPS case -- Varnum Memorial Armory, East Greenwich, Rhode Island.
STEVE: Thank you.
Hello, TAPS.
Thanks for having us out.
Thanks for coming.
I've passed by the place a thousand times, so I've just never been in it.
And I hear that all the time, and we want to change that.
We want to make this more of a public place.
That's awesome.
So what's some of the history here? It's a medieval-style armory.
It was built in 1913 by the Varnum Continentals, Inc.
, which I'm a trustee of.
They built this really just to kind of have a club house, to have a function hall.
And the purpose of the Varnum Continentals is to preserve Rhode Island military history.
So, now, what's your position here? I'm actually just one of the Varnum Continentals, an architect, and I've helped a bit with just advising on how to more or less take of the building.
So renovations and so forth.
Now, with all these artifacts, why aren't they on display? It's just the nature of our organization.
They've generally been a fairly closed group.
And we have new leadership now that's perhaps more progressive.
And we want to open ourselves up more to the public.
And the way to do that is with the museum that we have downstairs.
Now, in terms of the history, have there been documented deaths here that you know of? I haven't heard of any accidents or violent-death type things, but we definitely have reports that they did wakes for both World War I and World War II service people here.
I'm sure a lot of the stuff you actually have here has tragic history behind it, as well.
That's right.
Many of those artifacts have very violent pasts.
One example of that is a leather Revolutionary War artillery helmet that was worn by a Rhode Islander.
He was at the Battle of Long Island and was shot and killed.
Do you know his name, by any chance? Benajah Carpenter.
Is there anything else? There are also some nurses uniforms from the second world war.
And we don't really know the history behind them, but they're very unique.
So that would be something to look at.
And one of my favorite items in the collection is a pair of white gloves that are soaked in blood.
And the story of what happened is, one of the very first casualties in the Civil War was a Lieutenant Prescott at the Battle of Bull Run.
And they're marching toward the Confederate lines, Lieutenant Prescott was hit, and the guy standing behind him was wearing these white gloves, and Prescott falls into his arms.
And so the gloves are now covered with that blood.
JASON: I know there's been claims for a long time.
So what type of things are happening? I was in the commander's room.
And as I'm standing there, I hear talking.
But it was a much higher pitch.
Like, a young woman or a girl sort of giggling.
So [Giggles] But I couldn't distinctly make it out.
So I get to the corridor, and it sounds as if it's coming from the mess hall, the dining hall.
And I crossed the corridor, went to the door, turned the light on, and there's nothing there.
So it almost seemed like it kept on getting further and further as you'd move.
And it's on the side of the building that is very closed.
There's no public access.
No one came up between the building and was, like, making fun or doing -- I just couldn't place it.
DONOVAN: One of the most common things that we experience are very heavy, very deliberate footsteps across this floor.
You'll hear it down below.
There have been apparitions sighted here, as well.
I was standing in the hallway, looking in the doorway to the lounge.
And I saw a man-sized dark shape walk from right to left across the room.
I was surprised, and I quickly realized it wasn't one of the other people that was in the armory with us.
JASON: In the curator's office, people have heard voices, seen a dense black cloud, and felt an aggressive male presence.
SURPRENANT: Patrick had taken me to the curator's office.
As soon as I had come in, crossing the threshold, I could just feel a male presence, and I could feel a hand in my palm lifting up.
It was just intense.
JASON: In the drill hall, people report hearing sounds of slamming doors coming from the tower rooms and stairwell overhead.
FORSYTH: It was about 11:30, and I was just mopping, and I heard, like, heavy thumping, like thudding upstairs and in the stairwell.
So I waited for a moment, and I heard it again.
So I went up the stairwell.
And when I got there, I heard it down in the drill hall where I was mopping.
And that was it, but there was definitely some aggression behind it.
You know, it felt angry.
So, now, what are you mainly hoping that we're able to accomplish here, though? I've been here for almost a year, and I've been experiencing activity off and on.
However, in the last month, it's really, really picked up a lot.
So what we'd like to get from TAPS is have you guys actually verify that there is true activity here.
And then I also hope that you're able to document the nature of the activity.
Is it threatening? Is it something that we need to worry about at all? And I know you've expressed concerns, you know, with all the renovations.
The events that occur, I can't isolate what they are.
So I'd like to come to some understanding on them.
All right.
Well, I think from there, we're just gonna go talk to the crew, start figuring out how to set up.
All right, thank you very much for everything.
So, we just got done talking with Patrick and Andrew about the activity that's going on here at the Varnum Armory.
Activity has really spiked in the last couple months, so I'm happy that we're here now because it just opens up the potential of us catching evidence.
Just the amount of artifacts that are in this building can lend to having some activity, and we don't see that all the time.
There may be one artifact or two at a location, but there are hundreds here, and each one of them has seen some sort of trauma.
I think the potential for us to have an experience tonight and the potential for us to get some answers for Andrew and Patrick is quite high.
So, I'm placing this camera on the drill hall of the Varnum Armory.
This room has a lot of claims of footsteps and loud banging noises.
So we want to make sure that if we hear these things that nobody's actually in here.
So this camera will serve to verify that all night long.
, let's tilt down slightly.
Tilt down a little bit.
All right, I like it.
Lock it down.
10-4, locking it down.
Okay, TAPS team, that's all the cameras.
JASON: Hey, man.
So we good? Yeah, we are good.
Look at that.
Camera 1, this is the first-floor hallway.
They've seen a lot of shadows back here.
Camera 2, this is the curator's office, where that woman said something touched her hand.
Camera 3, this is the drill hall.
This is where a lot of audio claims happen.
Camera 4, this is the alley way that they were saying they were kind of hearing sounds possibly coming from.
On camera 5, this is the lounge.
This is where they've seen an apparition in front of the fireplace right here.
So, it seems like we're covering all the visuals.
Well, let's get the lights out and get set.
Yeah, nice job.
Nice work, man.
This is Steve and Tango in the shooting range.
What happens down here? I don't think there's any claims down here, but we should still check it out.
See the bullet holes in the rafters and stuff? It's cool.
Someone must have really missed on that one.
Hello?! Have you done something that you regret? Maybe in battle, something you feel sorry for? Seems quiet in here.
Why don't we check out some of the other rooms? What was that? The high pitched? You heard it? It was like an "Ooh.
" Yeah.
I mean, that's a claim, right? To hear Yeah, Andrew heard a female voice.
Maybe that was something.
Yeah, we can look into it.
This is Dustin and K.
here at the Varnum Armory hallway.
I just heard what sounded like whimpering right over there.
Down here? Did it sound male or female? Female.
Because this is the room where they think they hear ladies' voices.
The photo of the World War II nurses is here with us.
thought he just I heard it that time.
Right? Yeah.
Is there anybody in here with us? Was that out there? Sounded like it was down there in that corner.
Is there a young lady here with us today? If there is a young woman here, we're trying to understand your significance to this armory.
JASON: This is Jay and Steve in the drill hall.
STEVE: Hello?! We have some friends, and they told us they hear you walking around! Is that you, Ben Carpenter? We saw your artillery helmet from the Revolutionary War.
Even if we don't hear the footsteps but we can hear the sound that is misinterpreted as footsteps, you know, it will help us disprove it, you know? Up here where the floors are solid, they're tight still.
You get down there, it's more creaky and everything.
Their hearing footsteps makes you think it might be a residual because footsteps on that thing now are just all like, rah-rah -- all over the place.
Be very muddy.
Like, watch, I'll walk on it while you stand up here.
My friend Jason is coming! He's gonna walk around down there.
Yeah, see, it's not like a footstep sound, though.
Yeah, it really just sounds like one long creak.
So, if they're hearing footsteps, it makes me just really wonder if it's more residual.
Well, let's head down to the collection.
We'll be able to hear if any footsteps happen.
We'll be investigating both spots.
Jay? JASON: Well, let's head down to the collection.
Yeah, that's a great idea.
Jay? Yeah? Where are you? In here.
Walk around for me.
What's up? Well, as soon as I came through this door, I thought I heard someone walking up these stairs here.
And I thought maybe you came in this door and was coming to meet me.
Nope, I never came through there.
And then when I had you walk around, it was nowhere near as loud.
Do it again.
Ready? I'll even walk towards you.
So, you would have known if it was me.
No, it sounded like it was coming from this area right here.
That was really weird.
This is Sam and Shari entering the curator's room.
So, we were told that there was women that were in here and they were touched.
Was there a reason why you touched them? Were you trying to tell them something? Were you trying to hurt them? We know that there's some nurses' clothing here.
Were you looking for a nurse? DUSTIN: Dustin and K.
, and Patrick is with us.
We are in the drill hall.
What have you noticed happen here before? Footsteps across the wood floor.
And you typically will hear those actually below.
And not just -- you know, I'm not fooled by creaking floor boards.
You literally can, you know, follow them across the ceiling all the way across when you're down below.
Like boot heels on the wood floor? Yeah, it's very heavy, it's very deliberate.
We've been in here when we've heard the door up in the tower actually open and close, open and close.
So, to any spirits that are here with us tonight, are you a World War I or II veteran? Was your wake held here in the drill hall? I strongly believe that Patrick's intentions are genuine and positive and he cares about this facility.
Can you please let me know if you're happy with what we're doing with the place? Do you agree with what we're doing with the collection? SAM: This is Sam and Shari entering the attic space at the armory.
The claim is that they were in the drill room, which is one floor below.
They heard doors slam.
Now, the only thing they could was, it's these lockers, it's the door that leads in to this floor, or it's the door that leads into the tower where the roof is.
The first thing I notice about them is that they're slanted.
I mean, they're all kind of But for that reason, you'd think they'd stay shut.
[ Door slams ] I mean, how much movement They won't stay open, right? No.
Go stomp on the stairs.
I mean, I know that we're not as heavy as the men stomping through here.
[ Chuckles ] Well, that did nothing.
[ Laughs ] Jump around.
All right, I'm gonna shut the door.
[ Door closes ] Nothing.
As far as the lockers go, nothing is making them even move.
We could go check out the other doors and see what they sound like.
Yeah, sure.
Jay and Steve in the lounge area.
Shh, shh, shh.
Did it sound like talking over here? Is there somebody on this floor with us? Hello? Are there any soldiers here whose personal items are in the armory? Did it sound like multiple voices? Honestly, no.
It just sounded like a deep, male voice.
Kitchen Locked.
Just walk this path again 'cause it just sounded like somebody else was right behind us.
I took a left here.
Didn't do it again.
No, it sounded like footsteps walking with us.
EMF is a bit high in this hallway.
Only 5.
Steve, is it high near my left elbow right now? Feel the air around there.
It's cold.
Cold air.
Yeah, it's colder right around my elbow.
Is the EMF high there? Oh, yeah.
It jumps a little.
Look at the hair on my arms.
It's all standing up.
Look at the hair on my arms.
It's all standing up.
They're charged.
They're statically charged.
They're all standing up.
Oh! I got a 1.
9 for a second.
Why would it just come and go like that? I don't know.
That's weird.
JASON: Steve and I are walking down the hallway.
And while we were standing there talking about it, all of a sudden, all of the hair on my left arm started standing up, and it was definitely colder.
I mean, these objects, you'd think, would hold some sort of energy.
Can you show us where your weapon is? See, that's one of the guys whose funeral was actually held here at the armory.
Oh, really? Yeah.
Hear a voice? Yeah.
Where's that? It was weird.
That was definitely a voice.
I heard it, yeah.
Can you tell us why you're in here?! I wonder what it was reacting to.
Could be something completely removed from that.
This is Dustin and K.
on the first floor of the Varnum Armory.
Now, this is the area where they've seen the dark mass move in front of the fireplace? DUSTIN: Right.
They also have claims in here of hearing footsteps and loud noises just above us.
So, people say they've seen a figure walking across this area here.
Would you do that for me, please? We're just looking for a name so we can put a face to a name.
We do have a great respect for those men and women who have defended our country.
So if there are anybody here that's a former military member, we would love to be able to hear your name and document that, pass that along to other people.
Not that I want to appear lazy, K.
, but I feel like if we're in the sitting room Right.
we might as well sit.
I can do that.
[ Sighs ] If there's anybody here with us tonight, which battle were you involved in? Which war? Sam to K.
and Dustin.
[ Slowly ] Yes? Just for reference, we're in the drill room, so let us know if we get too loud.
Okay, are you practicing your footwork? [ Chuckles ] Want to do some tap dancing? [ Feet tapping ] DUSTIN: And no answer.
And that's what you get.
: To clarify, will you be practicing your footwork? Oh, he didn't even hear us.
So that's good.
[ Chuckles ] We were tap dancing for a second.
We thought you would hear it.
No, actually, it's been pretty quiet down here.
So I think we have enough of a buffer zone so there's no contamination.
All right, we're going to actually slam the front door.
SAM: Okay, I'm gonna shut this.
[ Pounding ] [ Door hinges creak, door closes ] Did you hear that one? SHARI: Yeah, but I still wouldn't think it'd be upstairs.
Unless they just were startled and couldn't correctly remember where it sounded like it was coming from.
Tango for TAPS team.
I want to do a quick little sound test outside in that little alleyway.
Just let me know if you hear anything, what you hear, what it sounds like, okay? DUSTIN: 10-4, Jersey.
Thanks for letting us know, brother.
You got it.
So, right now Shari and I are gonna spend some time in the drill room.
We've been looking into the claim of the door shaking.
They thought it was coming from upstairs -- either those lockers that are in the tower or the doors leading up to the roof.
But we can't find any doors that really make it as loud as the claim is.
But Dave right now is also gonna head over to the alleyway, and he's gonna make some noise and see if it comes in here.
All right, guys, I'm gonna do a quick little shout.
Let me know.
Wha! Hup! Yo yo! Did you guys hear anything? Shari and I are in the drill room.
We didn't hear anything at all.
Okay, I'm gonna go a little bit further into the alleyway.
Let me know.
Yo! Can you hear me? He must look like a crazy man out there, just yelling.
Yo! Hello! Testing! [ Chuckles ] Testing, testing! Can you hear me? Yeah, we can hear you.
Now, does it sound like I'm outside? Or does it sound like I'm inside? If you're not thinking about it, it actually sounds like you're upstairs.
That's interesting.
How about you guys, Dustin and K.
? Can you hear anything? We didn't hear you tell, bro, not at all.
Very nice.
All right, great.
Good job, guys.
It's pretty interesting how sound travels from outside.
A lot of the sounds that they're hearing could be some trickery here.
So I'm glad that we did this test.
So, what about if, like, a car door slams? Exactly.
There's lots of buildings with lots of parking garages.
I don't know.
JASON: Jason and Steve heading to the lounge.
I wonder if we should find a spot to kind of be quiet for a little bit.
'Cause the floor is so loud.
Oh, it's as if you knew these chairs were here.
I paid attention when we walked by them.
We think we heard somebody talking in here.
So we decided to sit down and try to have a conversation with you.
Could have sworn there was just a light over here.
A light? Yeah.
You hear that? Yep.
That's like somebody's walking up and down that hallway.
Are you coming in here to talk to us? Was that you, Jay? I heard movement.
I haven't moved anything.
I'm still in the same position.
It sounded like somebody moving.
Steve, it just got really cold around my neck.
Steve, it just got really cold around my neck.
Your neck? Yeah.
It's not coming from the window behind you? No.
Right now it's on the right-hand side of my neck.
It just went from the left to the right.
Yeah, it's still cold.
It's getting colder.
Is there any EMF? Yeah.
What is it? Jay, we got a 1.
6 there.
I'm telling you.
And it started on the left side of my neck.
When I go behind you, it dissipates with a 0.
7 back there, 0.
Almost like a freakin' hand or an arm.
JASON: Steve and I decided we were going to sit down in the lounge area.
Steve heard what sounded like me moving, even though I hadn't moved.
But right after that, there was this cold spot that started on the back of my neck on my left side.
It was just really strange.
Is that voices? Sam and Shari entering the commander's office.
We've gone in so many rooms lately that have mannequins, and they scare me every time.
Oh, what's that? I thought I heard it over here.
Is there somebody in here with us? We think we heard you.
Sounded like a little girl laugh.
Is there a little girl in here? If so, can you make a noise? Maybe like a knocking sound? We don't want to scare you or intimidate you in any way.
We just want to know why you're here.
Is there anything in this room that's yours? I'm just not seeing the connection between a child and an armory.
That was the last thing I was expecting to hear tonight, was a little girl laughing.
So, a couple people have heard a young girl's voice here in the curator's room.
Is there a young lady in here with us? My name's Dustin.
This is my buddy K.
Let's just stay in the doorway here.
Keep your eye in that room, and just tell me if you see any, like, shadow movement or anything like that.
Are you hear with us now? I'm sure a lot of people would like to know what your name is and know who you are.
Were you a nurse of some kind in one of these battles? Are you hiding somewhere behind some of the boxes? So, right now, Steve and I are in the lounge, and the claim in here is that they've seen an apparition right in front of this fireplace.
STEVE: This is where Jay felt that cold around him.
And the bloody gloves, were they in here? They're in the next room over.
Right there.
I mean, that's somebody's blood.
Lieutenant Prescott.
I'm gonna try asking for Prescott in the lounge, see if we can get something.
Are you still here with us? Are you still here? Are you Lieutenant Prescott? We just want to know who you are.
Is one of these weapons yours? If you're proud, make a noise.
[ Light tap ] That was pretty on command.
Is that you, Lieutenant Prescott? Can you please do that again? SAM: This is Sam and Shari entering the shooting range along with Patrick.
DONOVAN: So, this place was active until about 2010 back when we had the epic floods, and this whole area got flooded out, and it's been closed down ever since.
SHARI: Does it just come to an end down there? Basically, a slope, and then it goes into a solid concrete wall.
So the bullets could be fired right into it.
Is there anybody here with us? They're gonna be renovating the building.
Is there anything that you would like Pat to do? Can you please tell us your name? Is there anything that you want to say to Pat? Please let me know what you think of what I'm doing.
Are you the one slamming doors upstairs? [ Tap ] What's that? Did somebody just do that? SHARI: Are you the one slamming doors upstairs? [ Tap ] What's that? Did somebody just do that? DONOVAN: Yeah, I heard a laugh I heard that, too.
We think we just heard your voice.
Can you do that again for us, please? SAM: To me, it didn't sound like a chuckle.
It sounded like a deep breath, like an exhale.
SAM: Something that Shari, Patrick, and I witnessed in the range was this exhale.
Whatever it was, it definitely had three different tones to it.
You know, maybe three syllables, three words.
I'm not sure.
Maybe somebody was answering one of Pat's questions.
I felt like it was back where these coats are and stuff.
Go stand where we were.
See what you hear.
DONOVAN: She's gonna try to recreate? SHARI: Yeah.
All right, are you ready? Yep.
I'm gonna wiggle the jackets.
Let me know if you hear it.
Not for me.
Let me see.
What's that? The loudness of that sound sounds about right in terms of distance.
Let me shift one of these hats a little bit.
Anything? No? No.
Everything else in there is heavy.
I mean, it's metal.
It's Yeah, it was very odd.
Wow, it's you two.
How you doing? Good.
Did you have nice misadventures? We did.
We heard a few things.
I heard it as, like, a male laugh or a chuckle.
We all heard it.
DUSTIN: Where were you? In the range.
DONOVAN: It was behind us.
The mechanic worm's off, too.
The furnace is off.
Dehumidifier's off, so it's not that.
It was there.
I mean, it was there.
We'll get the production tape for that one.
Yeah, can't wait to hear it.
: It's so cool to get to investigate this place after living in Rhode Island for so many years.
It's really cool.
STEVE: You know, war back then was so weird and barbaric.
'Cause you just shoot.
Ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-boom! Then the whole first row falls.
Now whoever gets their thing stuffed and done first is who wins.
Let's do it.
Let's see who would re-load fast.
[ Laughs ] I'm gonna use this one.
Oh! They're heavy, right? Holy crap.
I'm behind you.
So, I'm doing this.
Boom! Okay, now you kneel.
And I go over you.
[ Imitates gunfire ] DAVE: So, while Steve and I were in the lounge, we did a little reenactment.
We were allowed.
We asked.
It was fine.
We were very careful.
It wasn't just us having fun.
There's a good chance that by doing that, something would be sparked up.
Dave: Damn you! Damn you! You bastard! Pow! Pow! Pow! Now what you gonna do? [ Sighs ] [ Walkie-Talkie beeps ] JASON: Hey, guys, it's late.
Let's get these lights on.
It's time to wrap.
So, we just wrapped up the investigation here at Varnum Armory.
And had some great activity, whether it be the sound of movement, voices, cold spots, high EMFs going off.
Each team was able to experience some sort of activity that has been claimed here.
So it helps back up a lot of the claims that Patrick and Andrew had.
There's a lot to go through.
We have tons of audio, tons of video, all these different things that we now have to analyze.
I just hope that Andrew and Patrick really like what we've done here, and I hope we get some really good answers for them.
DAVE: All right, guys, so, Varnum Armory.
I know Patrick being one of the trustees and Andrew being the architect, they're concerned with a few things.
Patrick wants to really make the place more public.
He wants to make sure everything is kind of safe.
And Andrew, since he's renovating the place, he's concerned that by changing things, is it gonna upset whatever's there or whoever was there? Right.
As far as experiences go, Steve and I had one thing in the basement area, the shooting range, when we were kind of walking out.
It was very low.
We heard kind of like a almost like a female voice.
But it was definitely there, and it caught us both off guard.
But as far as the case, K.
, this is one of yours.
This is Jay and Steve down in the lounge, and they hear a male voice.
JASON: Shh, shh, shh.
Sound like talking over there? Yeah.
That's definitely a voice.
You hear a tone.
It's a male voice.
All right, so I have a few clips.
My first one, I'm sure you guys remember.
Patrick went out with Shari and I for a little bit, and he wanted to try to communicate with whatever was there.
We went to the gun range with him, which is in the basement.
At the very beginning of this clip, and I mean the first second or two, it sounded kind of like a laugh when we heard it, but it comes through as more of like a deep exhale, and we all heard it.
It's right at the very beginning.
What's that? So, I mean, it's there.
It's definitely there.
It's nothing -- nobody -- They didn't give Patrick any further information.
Somebody was listening to him, and he was a little shaken up.
It was a good moment.
That was fun, at least.
Shari and I, we came to the captain's quarters.
And as we walked into the room, there's this weird laugh or a whimper.
When it happened, it didn't come through as loud as it seemed to us there.
But it's on here.
We've gone in so many rooms lately that have mannequins, and they scare me every time.
Huh? Oh, my God.
JASON: TAPS was called to the Varnum Memorial Armory in East Greenwich, Rhode Island, to investigate a spike in paranormal activity stirred by recent renovations.
We've got some intriguing evidence to share with our clients Andrew and Patrick.
It's good to see you again.
How are you? How's it going? Well, we're very excited to see what you might have caught.
Honestly, I think you're gonna enjoy some of the stuff we've got to show you.
This first piece, Steve and I, we were walking through the hallway directly behind you.
All of a sudden, it got very cold in one area.
Just watch the video.
It'll show you.
Really interesting.
Look at the hair on my arms.
It's all standing up.
STEVE: They're charged.
Did you feel it just on the arm? I did because I walked into just this random cold spot, and it was weird because it just happened there.
STEVE: This next clip is actually really interesting.
We don't get phenomenon like this very often.
Watch this video.
It just got really cold around my neck.
Yeah, it's still cold.
It's getting colder.
You see how I turned the camera on myself? You want to come over with the EMF? STEVE: Jay, we got a 1.
6 there.
Oh, look at that.
From there, it starts getting weaker, as if it's moving.
That's very odd to have such a localized cold spot.
That window, it's closed, and then there's a storm window on the outside.
There's zero air movement.
So, this next piece, Steve's getting ready to come downstairs to meet me so we can head down to this floor.
Well, you can hear what sounds like somebody moving on the stairs right in front of him.
STEVE: Jay? Four footsteps you hear.
That's awesome.
I'm so glad you guys caught that.
I love that.
That's exactly like we hear.
Yeah, it is.
And it's several steps, which I think is awesome 'cause I think a lot of people assume that it's the floor boards creaking, it's building settling noises.
- I'm stopped.
- That is not, you know, - Dead stopped - Floor board creaking.
And Tango and I, when we're investigating here in the lounge, we heard a sound, and it happened on command.
Okay, here we go.
DAVE: If you're proud, make a noise.
It's right there in the room.
Something shifting.
That almost sounds like a rifle shifting.
It happens on command, and that makes it interesting enough to show you.
That's good stuff.
So, now this piece, we're in the back office over there, we're actually reading that gentleman's name that you see in the picture right there.
Take a listen to that.
Able to make out anything? Like, "I was there.
" To me, it sounded like, "I've been gone.
" Certainly a phrase that makes sense.
Fits exactly with the type of claims that we hear down here.
And every time I hear the voices down here, I've never been able to tell you, like, what it said.
Does that voice sound familiar to what you've heard, though? Yeah, absolutely.
So, now this next piece is, I got to be honest with you, one of the most interesting pieces.
As my cameraman turns away and he's aiming in a different direction, just focus on the doorway.
Look in the doorway.
Something's moving.
I see a And then, boom, he turns back, and it's gone.
And it comes up the hallway and walks out.
In the doorway.
Here it comes.
It's coming right now.
There, it starts walking in.
And there it is.
And then when he turns back, watch.
The light's so bright, it blows it out.
It comes in to the frame.
Like it's walking into the room.
Watch, he turns away.
So now the absence of his light -- Look, now, boom, there it comes.
Right there.
There it is.
But when he turns back, boom, it's gone.
Now, we looked to see if it could be I.
Problem is, there's nobody behind me.
And if it was my cameraman, it would be picking up his arms moving, not what this appears is to have his arms down near its side.
You can see it kind of start to peek out, and then it comes in.
That's just an incredible piece.
Sadly, we weren't able to pinpoint an exact person.
It does seem that it is somebody connected to the building here.
Or at least something that's in the building.
But honestly, I'd love in the future, to be able to come back, spend some more time here, longer, and see what else we're able to capture.
This has been fantastic.
It's great validation for what people have been saying here.
You guys need anything, give us a shout.
Thank you very much.
Come on.
We'll get out of here, guys.
Given all the evidence that TAPS has presented us, I have no doubt that the Varnum Memorial Armory is in fact haunted.
The public, when they come in to visit our place, they may have experiences.
But I'm confident that they have nothing to worry about and nothing to fear.
The construction might stir something up, but I don't see anything that has anger.
It's just more of a trying to communicate.
That went great.
Are you kidding me? They loved it.
Especially that shadow entity at the end.
Their eyes just brightened up when they saw that.
That helps back it up a lot.
They've had that experience before.
We were able to document that shadow entity.
They see it in front of the fireplace.
It's almost like it looked in on us and was like, "Oh, what are these guys doing here?" But you know what? The door's open to us, we can come back any time we want.
So I'm excited.
I'd love to.
Good job, brother.
Thanks, man.
On to the next.