Ghost Hunters (2004) s11e07 Episode Script

Public Poltergeist Number 1

: This is a place that housed criminals.
There's no warden, there's no sheriff.
[ Banging ] Hang on.
Let's go check that out.
On this episode of "Ghost Hunters" I'm psyched about this, man.
The Old Lake County Jail.
Place housed some notorious criminals.
John Dillinger was actually here.
MAN: I think with all these cells that we've opened up, we're getting paranormal spirits.
So, might be feeding the energy.
DUSTIN: We'd like to address any of the inmates that may still be here.
You're free.
Even though I was a police officer, I actually want to know how I can help you.
[ Bang ] Wow.
That was loud, Jay.
That was really loud.
And later JASON: My Old Kentucky Home State Park.
One of the most memorable events was a bout of cholera.
Eight family members and eight slave servants passed away.
Wow, 16 people died in this house.
Hoping we'll be able to answer some questions of our neighbors and employees.
Is anybody from the Rowan family here? SAMANTHA: They have a whole family of people who passed away.
We were told that there was a female figure that's been seen looking out the window.
Is that a knock outside? DUSTIN: The window over here.
JASON: So, I'm psyched about this, man.
The Old Lake County Jail and the sheriff's house.
This place was built in 1882 when it housed some notorious gangsters and mobsters.
John Dillinger was actually here.
You're looking at public enemy number one there.
And also James Sammons, who was Al Capone's main hit man.
Yeah, that's pretty awesome.
And there's just a lot of different claims that seem to be going on there that a lot of people believe might be associated with those people.
This place seems pretty cool.
You know, lot of history and lot of different claims of shadow figures, voices, orbs, people being touched, women particularly feeling danger in this place.
They're pushed into cells, dragged into cells.
It's really neat also 'cause you're going to this jail, and you as an ex-officer.
Yeah, it's pretty cool.
I loved police work.
Just having that extra set of investigation skills, I feel like it's helped me tremendously in this field, and will probably help me tonight in this investigation.
I think this is gonna be wild.
Let's talk with Jim, find out what's going on.
JASON: TAPS case -- Old Lake County Jail.
Crown Point, Indiana.
Jim? Yes.
Welcome to Crown Point.
Hi, I'm Steve.
Jim Emerson.
Nice to meet you.
I'm Dave.
Nice to meet you.
Thanks for having us out.
Glad to have you.
This is cool.
Right from more of a living situation straight into a jail.
That thick wall is the only thing that separated the family from public enemy number one.
The Old Lake County Jail originally had 10 cells plus the attached sheriff's home.
There was a law in Indiana that required the sheriff to live in or next to the jail.
For over 70 years, various sheriff's families lived in the adjoining home until it closed in the 1970s.
The building was expanded in 1908, and by 1928, had 150 cells.
Some of the most famous gangsters and mobsters of the time made their way through these cells.
You know, it was a gangland-type area back in the '30s.
We're close to Chicago, and we had a lot of criminal element.
Dillinger, Sammons, and Youngblood.
Those are the worst of the worst.
But there were many others over time.
Probably too numerous to mention.
John Dillinger, public enemy number one, was captured and brought into the jail in January of 1934, which was well publicized in the newspapers.
He was housed on the first floor in a cell next to another infamous gangster, Herbert Youngblood, and in the same cell that James "Fur" Sammons, Capone's hit man, had occupied the year before.
On March 3, 1934, both Dillinger and Youngblood made headlines again when they escaped from the jail, which up until then was thought to be escape-proof.
Dillinger went back up to Chicago and they robbed a couple more banks, and then he was killed on July 22nd of '34.
The building operated until the 1970s, and then in 1987, restoration began.
My father-in-law and my late wife decided we were gonna volunteer to preserve it, and we decided that we were gonna work on the tunnel going back to Dillinger's cellblock and the cellblock itself.
Some of the doors were locked since 1974.
It was just this last year that we finally got those doors open.
Now, we hear there's also a lot of paranormal activity that goes on here.
I've heard it many times by people who've taken tours.
What are some of the things you've been hearing? We know that women tend to feel a little uneasy in certain areas, people being sort of -- I've heard that a policeman saw an image that he chased and it disappeared.
High energy in the Dillinger cellblock area.
We were just kind of sitting there talking, and all of us noticed a dark shadow moving across the wall, across the floor.
JASON: We've heard people have also been pulled into cells.
I've heard that also that they're pulled in, pushed in.
People will be walking down the tunnel and feel an elbow in their back.
One day, I thought I saw something in the back of a cell, so I moved closer to look to see what it was, and it was just as if somebody reached out and grabbed the side of my hip and just pinched.
So, some of the activity sounds a little more aggressive with things like pulling into the cells.
I would say so.
All right.
Other claims include hearing voices, uneasy feelings and anxiety, metal banging sounds, and several people have reported seeing orbs.
In the walkway around the cellblock, an orb appeared.
It was free floating.
It wasn't on the wall or on the ceiling.
And it came towards us and did a zigzag pattern and shot off to the left, and it did that twice.
JASON: It's believed that some of the activity could be caused from the inmates who were killed, committed suicide, or went insane.
Strangely, in the attached sheriff's home, there have also been the sounds of a baby crying, as well as a woman's high-heel footsteps.
What are you mainly hoping that we're able to accomplish here? Well, you know, we're thinking about a law-enforcement museum, probably on the second floor, and I think with all these cells that we've opened up, I think we're getting more spirits.
So it might be feeding the energy.
Yeah, I think so.
That's what seems to be happening.
So, we'd like you fellas to come in and see what you can find, and, you know, if we can find out what these spirits are, where they are, and maybe even who they are.
We're excited about this.
We're gonna go talk to our crew.
We're gonna do the best we can for you.
Thank you very much.
Thank you for your time, sir.
Thanks, Jim.
Appreciate it.
Thank you very much.
So, we just got done talking with Jim here at the Old Lake County Jail, and at one point, Jim was a total skeptic, but over the years, he's very much become a believer of the things going on here.
He's not sure if it's attached to some of the inmates that were here.
Think of the amount of energy that was left from their time here.
So, placing this camera here in the first floor, and the goal is to try to capture any activity in this hallway and the shadow figures that have been seen just above here on the various landings.
There are a few things that are unique about this location.
One is the personal connection here.
We have Jim's father-in-law Jack who actually worked for the prison for 30 years and is the oldest living retired sheriff's deputy.
And we also have a bunch of names of people that stayed in certain cells, and we could try to interact with them.
I was a police officer, and here, you know, we have a jail, so that could give me some common ground with former inmates that have stayed here.
So, we're setting up this camera here for the tunnel.
There's claims having shadows, so we're trying to debunk anything that we can from this camera.
All right, let's tilt down.
Keep going.
And right a little bit.
All right, I like it.
All right, Dave.
All right.
Look at this.
Yes, sir.
Six cameras.
Six cameras.
Those are great angles.
I think we're good.
All right, yeah.
We're covered.
Let's get the lights out, start investigating.
All right, let's do this.
Good job.
All right, this is Dustin and Shari.
We are in the cells in the back end of the first floor.
I would like to address any of the inmates that may still be here, any of the guards.
We're just trying to document your presence.
Just curious as to who you are, why you choose to come here.
I'm Dustin.
This here's Shari.
How was your treatment while you were here? We know there's a lot of reports.
Apparently a lot of you guys like to get a little handsy with some of the ladies that come through here.
Shari's in here with me tonight.
She's a pretty tough cookie for a girl of small stature.
[ Laughs ] You can respectfully pull my hair and touch me appropriately.
Let's hear your voice.
Let us feel your presence here.
STEVE: Let's do it now.
Hello? Anybody in here would like to talk with us? My friend Steve here is a police officer.
I know what you might be going through in here.
Or what you might be going through in here could be related to the profession that he's in.
Could be his fault.
Clanking noise people claim to hear.
Do you hear it? What's that? Boom, boom.
Sammons? [ Light tap ] [ Gasps ] I heard it.
I heard the clanking.
It's coming from over here.
It was like a click.
[ Tapping ] Yeah, exactly.
Is there anything you'd like to tell us? Sounded like movement.
[ Bang ] Wow, that was loud, Jay! That was really loud.
Sounded like movement.
[ Bang ] Wow.
That was loud, Jay! That was really loud.
Hello? Even though I was in -- [ Bang ] Did you just hear, like, a walking, like a -- I heard a walking -- I stopped back there because it sounded like somebody walking behind us.
I heard, like, a "Boom, boom.
" Even though I was a police officer, I'm not here to judge you.
I actually want to know how I can help you.
What do you think, K.
? Pretty cool, huh? Yeah, this is a great place.
I'm really digging it.
This is the tunnel that leads to John Dillinger's jail cell.
Guess it's just a connection.
They've seen shadow figures darting back and forth.
And I'm just wondering if there's something naturally occurring that's creating these shadows.
We're looking for anyone that might've known John Dillinger.
I know the name Youngblood, too.
He was pretty famous back then, as well.
We were told that some of you like to interact with the ladies.
We were hoping that you'd be willing to interact with us, as well.
Maybe tell us why you're still here.
I think these doors all work still.
They do, yeah.
There's a lever down there.
Oh, yeah.
All right, we're gonna open this bad boy for you, okay? Here we go.
[ Door clanging ] Can you step forward for us? You're free.
We kept up our end of the bargain.
Now it's time for you to step forward and talk to us, please.
Definitely sounds like something over there.
[ Tap ] You hear that? Mm-hmm.
Like movement.
Movement, yeah.
[ Intermittent clicking ] Hear that? SAMANTHA: So, this is Sam and Shari heading upstairs in the sheriff's house of Old Lake County Jail.
This is really cool.
Haven't been up here yet.
So, we're actually inside of the building that is the sheriff's home.
And from up here, they hear a baby crying on this floor.
Obviously, there's no baby.
But they also from downstairs hear footsteps -- high-heel footsteps walking around.
They walk down the staircase and go out the front door.
SHARI: Is there anybody here? My name is Shari and this is Sam, and we're here to see if there's anybody that can help us.
Jim Emerson asked us to come out.
He thought maybe you would want to talk to us.
He said he saw a few people walking around here.
When he went to go and try to find you, he couldn't find you.
Can you tell us who you are, what your name is? Are you upset that they're trying to make this jail into a museum? All right, so this is John Dillinger's cell.
All right, so we know we have -- I mean, Dillinger, all these people.
All right here.
Do you know the name Dillinger? Have you heard of him? Or Youngblood? Or even Mr.
But if they're not here, anybody that's here, we'd like to talk to.
I don't know if you're innocent or guilty, but I'd still like to talk to you.
If you're strong enough to grab a woman, why can't you grab me and try to pull me into the cell? I'll make a deal with you.
This is true.
I'll do this.
If you touch me or grab me, I'll stay in that cell all night with you.
I won't leave until the sun comes up.
If you want somebody here with you to talk to or to let some of your aggression out, grab me, pull me into your cell.
I'll stay here all night.
That sounded like, "Boom, boom.
" I'll go down there.
And if you hear it, tell me, and I'll let you know.
Right here.
Can you make that noise again? Whoa, what's that? Whoa.
Can you make that noise again? [ Tap ] Whoa, what's that? Oh, it's this window.
DAVE: It is the window? [ Window rattles ] Yep.
Hear that? Yeah.
[ Rattling ] So, it's the window? Yep.
It's the window.
So, between the rope and the window, I mean, on this level, it's got to be what they're hearing.
SAMANTHA: This is Sam and K.
on the third floor of Old Lake County.
This is solitary confinement area.
Nothing more creepy than a hallway with a bunch of dark-ass rooms where anything can be hiding.
This is a place that housed criminals.
Some of them with violent crimes, and so, I mean, we got to be careful about what spirits are interacting with us and how.
If there's anybody here with us right now, you have the ability to try to communicate with us, whether it be verbally or through knocking sounds or moving objects, we would appreciate it if you would help us out this evening.
Maybe there's some gentlemen who would like to grope women.
I'd prefer not to be touched inappropriately, but if for some reason you feel like you need to touch me, then you can tug on my hair or my jacket.
But we need to have a line of respect.
There's no warden, there's no sheriff.
[ Banging ] Hang on, let's go check that out.
DUSTIN: Shari and Dustin to all the other teams.
Anybody just drop anything or make a loud banging sound? Hey, Dustin, you copy? Yeah, buddy, I got you.
Did you drop anything or make a loud banging sound or anything? No, we didn't, but your timing was perfect.
We just heard what sounded like a car on the outside of the building going over something in the road.
All right, 10-4.
Thanks, brother.
Yeah, go ahead, Jay.
I'm sitting out here in the Yukon, and there's no car that went by going over anything.
Really? Yep.
Sitting in the Yukon right in front of the building, so, just a heads up.
You know, Sam and I are up here on the third floor, and to us, it sounded like it was in this room with us, but we were figuring maybe it was just a car outside.
I'm looking at the alley that runs along the side of the building and the front of it.
There's nothing here.
Well, that makes it way more interesting then.
Thanks a lot.
That was really cool.
That actually makes it way more interesting.
Hey, Steve.
Meet me back up on the third floor.
Sam and K.
heard some noises up there, too.
STEVE: Okay.
Something just -- I'll look in a minute.
Five minutes in.
Looks like something on the thermal just out of the side of it.
Some more cells over here, too.
Aah! [Bleep] [ Laughs ] Saw you in there, too.
[ Laughs ] I was just over there coming through.
It's like something, but it was quick.
It was, like, right out of the left side, sohang on.
Oh, that was a little blip.
It was just -- boom.
Almost like it's there, but you moved by it or it moves by you.
You know what makes it even a little more interesting to me is that they're claiming to see orbs up here, and then you got this thermal blast.
What could be, like, a spherical blast of energy like that? Oh, I hear you.
We're gonna have to take a closer look at that during analysis.
All right, gang.
It's been a long night.
Sun's gonna be up soon.
Let's wrap up.
Nice job, everybody.
JASON: We just wrapped the investigation here at the Old Lake County Jail.
It's been a really interesting night.
Whether it's the sounds of somebody shuffling their feet, dragging their feet, things falling, and I'm hoping that we're able to find out some of these answers that Jim was looking for and just help him out.
This place means a lot to him.
His deceased wife, it was a very important place for her, as well, so we're gonna try to figure out what's going on and just give him as many answers as we can.
DAVE: All right, guys, the Old Lake County Jail.
Honestly one of the coolest locations I've been to in a while.
But as far as the case, I know Jay and Steve got a thermal hit, and we have it right here.
That was it.
Back up.
SAMANTHA: It's very quick.
Very fast, yeah.
Yeah, and it's throwing a pretty hot signature.
And it doesn't seem natural.
It's not like your father's, like, finger hitting -- you would see it come on and off.
This thing's just like [pops lips] like that.
This was K.
and Shari, and you guys are on the second floor.
And K.
, you were talking about how small the rooms were.
And I think we got a response to what you said.
Really? Whoever had those cells must've been like royalty.
They are really small cells in here.
What? Yeah.
[ Chuckling ] Dude.
Right? Wow, yeah.
Chills, man.
Oh, that's creepy.
JASON: Our client, Jim, called TAPS to the Old Lake County Jail in Crown Point, Indiana, to find out whether or not the recent renovations have stirred up the paranormal activity from the prisoners who died at one of the country's most famous jails.
I've sent Steve and Sam to show him what we uncovered.
Hey, Jim.
Hey, how you doing? How you doing? Welcome back.
Thank you very much.
Good to see you.
Good to see you.
We're glad to have you back.
We're anxious to see what you found.
This place, I don't have to tell you, is amazing.
Just a really interesting case for us.
This first clip here, Jason and I, we're on the third floor, and Jason heard a voice.
I heard something there.
I can't tell what it was.
When we listened to it, it sounds like it says "Get out.
" Interesting.
This piece, we're on the third floor, and all of a sudden, we got a blip on the thermal, and it's just for a second.
What -- what was that? That was kind of different.
What it is, is hard to tell.
We're not ready to say this is something ghostly, but it is unexplained.
This is actually the last clip we have to play for you, but it's pretty awesome.
So, this piece is K.
and Shari, and they are on the second floor where the day room is.
And K.
's making a comment about the cells and their size and what they look like, and there seems to be something that's said.
Whoever had those cells must've been like royalty.
They are really small cells in here.
Did you hear that? Yes, I did.
It sounds like "Tell me about it.
" Yeah.
"Tell me about it.
" small cells.
What was interesting to us is you see the other investigator in the hallway and you see that her mouth is not moving.
They are really small cells.
So, it's not her saying it, and it's obviously not K.
because it's not his voice.
Very definite.
Were there ever women prisoners here? 1882, they had 10 cells -- 6 for men and 4 for women.
Wow, I didn't know that.
That's awesome.
That makes this piece quite a bit more substantial.
I've always been somewhat skeptical of the paranormal.
But this is very interesting what you found.
We didn't come across anything malicious, anything that we thought would be a danger to anybody.
I would look at it more like living history.
Something you could be here and experience.
Okay, excellent.
This was quite a treat.
The building is gorgeous.
The history, it really is awesome.
Love to have you back anytime.
Well, let's get out of here.
TAPS came in and told us that there was nothing really malicious, and that's very satisfying to us, and I think my late wife would be extremely happy with what's happened with the jail over the last few years, and I think she'd be extremely pleased that the activity that we've experienced in the jail won't really alter what we do going forward.
STEVE: That went really good.
Jim was excited.
He was.
I mean, we brought him some really good evidence.
I was really excited to.
Yeah, I thought that was a great case.
I'm happy with it.
Low five.
On to the next, right? Yes.
JASON: So, My Old Kentucky Home State Park.
Yeah, Matthew, he called us out.
He's a little apprehensive.
And he's rather new in his position, but, you know, he's heard all the claims, so he's a little concerned about it.
The place has had a pretty tragic history.
JASON: In 1833, Senator John Rowan and his wife Anne suffered the loss of eight family members and eight servants to cholera.
All of these deaths could be the reason there have been reports of phenomena here.
They're having a lot of different experiences.
They're claiming to see a shadowy figure come down the stairs.
They're claiming to see some children playing.
I'm excited to get over there.
I am too.
Let's do it! JASON: TAPS case -- My Old Kentucky Home.
Bardstown, Kentucky.
Hey, how are you? I'm Jason.
Good to meet you.
Sir, how are you doing? Very well.
How's it going? Dave.
Thanks for having us out.
So, what's some of the history? The oldest part of the house was built in 1795.
John Rowan and his wife Anne Lytle constructed the rear portion of the house a few years later in 1818.
They added this portion of the mansion that we're standing in now.
Mostly, My Old Kentucky Home is just known for the writing of the Stephen Foster song, which has become fairly well world renowned.
Now, in terms of the family that built the home, we understand there have been some deaths that have happened.
One of the most memorable events as far as the house's history is concerned was a bout of cholera.
Eight family members passed away, and also eight slave servants.
So, 16 people total, and that was in the house? Yes.
JASON: The eight infected family members and eight infected slaves were all quarantined together in the dining room of the home.
They all died within 24 hours.
But tragedy remained in the Rowan home, and in 1855, John Rowan's son, John Rowan Jr.
, died when he fell out of the upstairs window while looking after his daughter Madge.
John Jr.
's wife Rebecca died in the home in 1897.
So, now we hear that there seems to be a lot of paranormal claims.
During the early morning hours around 4:00 a.
, the alarms in the house have been going off.
They're mostly motion-sensor alarms.
Also we have neighbors who have various sightings, apparitions they claim they've seen.
GINTER: I take a walk every evening over here, and I just happened to look up at the stair well window, and there was a lady standing there, and she looked at me and smiled, and I looked at her and smiled and waved and just went on.
But I can tell you it was a woman in period dress and had a white tight cap on her head.
Another sighting of the apparition in the upstairs bedroom that belonged to John Rowan Sr.
JASON: All right.
And on the second floor, there's a children's bedroom.
A lot of our employees have said from time to time they hear the laughter of children coming from those areas.
In the children's room on the second floor, one doll frequently moves around, possibly by the spirit of one of the deceased Rowan children.
Across the hall on the second floor is Rebecca's old room.
The sheets on her bed move as if somebody is sitting there.
And in the dining room where the 16 cholera victims were quarantined, another apparition has been seen.
I came through the dining room and I opened the door.
I seen a figure go up the stairs.
You know, and it kind of spooked me, so I kind of went back out.
So, what are you hoping that we're able to accomplish here? It has been escalating.
I'm hoping we'll be able to better understand exactly what's happening here and also answer some questions of our neighbors and employees.
All right, yeah.
We'll go talk to the team from here and start figuring out how to set up and everything, but thank you very much.
I appreciate your help.
We'll talk to you soon.
So, we just got done talking with Matthew about a lot of the claims that are going on over here at My Old Kentucky Home.
He's talking about people seeing what appears to be male and female spirits looking out windows and just randomly disappearing, children playing on different floors throughout the house.
Just multiple things that people have experienced throughout the years, and he's wondering what's going on, if we're able to come up with some answers, try to figure some things out.
All right, so this is the children's room, and the main claim here is that the little doll apparently moves around the place, so we're gonna have the camera here all night.
If the doll moves, it'll be creepy, but at least we'll capture it.
Right there.
One thing that's really unique about this property is that 16 people died inside of cholera, and out of those 16 people, 8 of them were actual family members, and we're really gonna be able to use that to our advantage in tonight's investigation.
So, we're setting this camera up.
There's a claim that they see people looking through windows.
So we're gonna set up the camera to see if we can actually see this apparition and kind of get a view of the whole house.
Lift slow.
Okay, lock it down.
All right, guys, that's all cameras.
Hey, Tango.
Hey, guys.
All right.
All right.
Got some cameras here.
Yes, we do.
We have six cameras total, including a GoPro.
I think it's good.
I say get the lights out.
It's gonna be dark soon.
Let's do it.
Good job.
All right, thank you.
: So, this is K.
and Shari.
We are on the third floor at My Old Kentucky Home.
And this is the attic.
Is there a member of the Rowan family still residing here? We mean you no harm.
We come here in peace.
We're trying to figure out why you're still here.
We're very sorry to hear about the deaths of your family members.
We want you to know that no one suffers from cholera anymore.
We were told that there was a female figure that's been seen standing on one of the landings of the staircase looking out the window.
Is that perhaps Rebecca? [ Creaking ] Is that a door? Yeah.
We were told that there was a female figure that's been seen standing on one of the landings of the staircase looking out the window.
Is that perhaps Rebecca? We're hoping that we're showing you as much respect as we possibly can.
[ Creaking ] Is that a door? Yeah.
Are you the woman that they see walking the stairs looking out the window? What are you looking for? So, Rebecca was married to Junior.
Junior fell out the window.
So, this is the floor with all the bedrooms.
We have a whole family of people who passed away.
So, we're not really sure who you are.
Are you a part of the Rowan family? SAMANTHA: Dave and I are in Rebecca's room, and the claim in the room specifically has to do with that imprint that shows up as if somebody was just sitting on the bed.
So, we're gonna see if we can talk to Rebecca or anybody else who wants to listen.
But I put the EMF on the bed, and if you see, it's just at point zero right now and there's no EMF reading in this room.
So, maybe somebody will sit there, maybe somebody will touch it and we can have some communication.
It's a fluffy bed, huh? Yeah.
An imprint's gonna stay.
Little bit.
That's the thing.
It's already wavy, already looks like it has imprints in it.
And just like anything, you fix the bed, and you see it one way and you leave, it takes time for it to settle.
I mean, if you straighten the blanket, I mean, it's kind of poofy, but then, like, this indent goes back in.
Right, exactly.
And think about a tour filing through, and if someone just wanted to sit down for a second and sit down, and they catch up with the group.
Especially old people.
There's no place you can really sit down in this whole area.
All right, Rebecca.
We'll see you later.
[ Door creaks ] STEVE: Right now, we're on the first floor, and this room right here that we're about to go into is the dining room where all the Rowan family members were quarantined and possibly died.
We have the names of these people, so this is a really good room for us to try to establish some kind of communication.
Hello? Is anybody from the Rowan family here? I have here all their names right here.
Three Williams and two Marys.
William? Mary? Are any of you here? Would you like to talk to us? What's that knocking sound? Wood board? Right there.
See it? Maybe.
Mary Jane? Elizabeth? We're looking for anybody in the Rowan family.
We know when you passed away, you were very uncomfortable, all of you.
Can you imagine, he lost eight people? It's terrible.
Your whole world just All of your closest family dying of the same disease, all eight of them at the same time.
Do you have anything you'd like to share? Are there any slaves of the Rowan family here? We know that eight of you died, as well.
Okay, so right now, Dustin and I, we're in the children's bedroom.
There's a doll that's in here that supposedly moves on its own.
So, we have the full-spectrum camera in here getting the whole area, and Dustin and I right now are gonna investigate the claim.
So, it's this doll, pretty sure.
Yeah, that's the one.
Of course it is.
Of course.
It's the creepy doll.
The other two in the crib aren't much less creepy.
I know some people who are, like, deathly afraid of them.
She got a face of, like, an old lady.
Yeah, I was just [laughs] She doesn't look like a baby.
She looks like a grandma.
She does.
Very small grandma.
She looks stern, like she's not gonna let you have cookies.
So, children used to be in here.
You know, I guess that's the theory of why the doll keeps moving.
Why the doll moves around.
So, if John Rowan or John Jr.
's here, maybe his daughter Madge.
People told us that maybe this doll has been able to move.
Maybe you're the one that's moving the doll.
Maybe you're not even a member of the Rowan family.
Maybe this doll belonged to you.
Are you a child? We know that communication can be very difficult where you are, where we are right now.
Were you one of the victims that became ill from cholera and passed away here? If you hear your name, try your best to let us know that it's you.
Mary Jane Rowan Steele.
Are you here? William Steele? Are you here? Was that a knock outside? Mary Jane Rowan Steele.
Are you here? William Steele? Are you here? Was that a knock outside? It sounded like it was in the hallway.
Which name were you saying? William.
William Steele.
William, if you're out here, if you can make that knocking sound again.
Hey, team, it's late.
Let's get these lights on.
It's time to wrap.
So, we just wrapped the investigation here at My Old Kentucky Home, and it's been a rather quiet night.
Hopefully something turns up in the evidence, but no matter what, we're gonna try to come up with some answers for Matthew and the rest of the people here who've had these experiences and are looking for answers.
We're here to help, and bottom line, that's what we're gonna do.
My Old Kentucky Home State Park called in TAPS because they wanted to know if anything paranormal could be behind the strange occurrences that are taking place there.
We've gone through our evidence and are back to tell our client, Matthew, what we found.
Good seeing you again.
Good to see you.
All right, so you gave us full access to the property, and we were looking for everything from apparitions of a female looking out the window, sound of children playing, things of that nature.
That's right.
We set up equipment everywhere, and to be completely honest with you, we didn't get many firsthand experiences.
But we do have some things to show you.
At one point, Steve and I, we were investigating, we were upstairs in the attic walking around, and when I came around the corner, there was a weird deep just breath that sounded like somebody breathed in and exhaled.
Hear that breath? It's very interesting.
This is two of our investigators -- my daughter Samantha and Dave Tango, another investigator.
Initially when Steve and I watched this, we thought that it was the bed making the sound, but there's a voice that happens, again, while they're in there.
It's already wavy, it already looks like it has imprints in it.
You hear that voice? And just like anything, you fix the bed, and Yeah.
Now, she pushes hard on the bed and then, you know, lifts her hand up, she moves it, and then goes back and barely touches the bed, and that's when the voice happens.
That's why initially we thought that the bed was creaking.
But it doesn't seem to be anything to do with the bed.
We've been most interested in what's happening at 3:00 to 4:00 a.
in the morning, which is when our alarm goes off in the home.
One thing we did notice, there definitely seems to be a lot of bat activity.
And during analysis, we found that one of our cameras did back this up.
So, that could possibly be explaining the motion sensors going off.
The activity that you guys are claiming to have, I don't think it sounds threatening by any means because most of it seems that it's not interacting.
It's just doing its own thing.
That would be a residual type haunt.
But nothing is gonna make us sit here and say, "Yeah, definitely," you know, "we caught something, place is haunted.
" That's great information.
I appreciate it.
If the activity picks up, we'd love to come back and check it out again, see what we're able to catch, and go from there.
But we really appreciate you opening the doors for us.
Been awesome.
Glad to have you at My Old Kentucky Home.
Thank you, sir, very much.
All right.
Thank you.
TAPS told us today that My Old Kentucky Home was probably not haunted.
However, I think it's great that if there are spirits here, we're happy that they're at least not aggressive.
JASON: Well, you know what? I think that went well.
We didn't really have any proof to support the claims.
No, nope.
I mean, the little experiences we did have, there's not 100% definitive proof of the paranormal.
But we disproved some things.
Absolutely we did.
You know what, good job, brother.
Good job.
On to the next one.