Ghost in the Shell SAC_2045 (2020) s01e02 Episode Script

At Your Own Risk (Dividied By a Wall)

Thanks for the intel.
The Global Simultaneous Default erased their debt, yet here they are.
Should've found something else to pour their energy into.
The default didn't reset their lives, so they want to take it out on those beyond the gilded gates.
Can't say that I blame them.
So, how'd they get all the weapons? About that Word is they have a patron called the Good One-percenter.
A delivery service suddenly showed up with the weapons two days ago.
The Good One-percenter? He gave 'em an armored vehicle too? What kind of nutjob does that? Never found out how they communicated, let alone his true identity.
Wish I'd peeked inside their leader's cyberbrain.
I think I'm done here.
A think-tank is standing by up top.
- Hey.
- Wait.
Hey, that's a damn guard dog robot! Why didn't you warn us? You blew it! Our optical camouflage doesn't seem to fool it.
It's got olfactory sensors.
AT YOUR OWN RISK Divided by a Wall Looks like stealth entry is a no-go.
- Clown.
- On it! Wait.
What the? Batou! Get moving! - Clown, we'll take out those fools below.
- Roger! Wait, who's Clown? We got company.
Damn it.
Freakin' amateurs are scary! Never know what they'll do.
Quit screwing around and take out the rest! Easier said than done.
Here goes nothing.
I really hate this thing.
This is bad.
Get us out of here! We lost most of our men! This can't be a consumer model.
- Military grade? - No doubt.
Major, we've got three inside.
Tachikoma! Roger! We have you surrounded.
Surrender peacefully! We're totally surrounded.
The shit's really hit the fan.
We can't let the Good One-percenter's gift go to waste! What's going on? They don't know how to drive? Just a bit more! Buy us some time! Back in business! Major, we've got a problem.
No go.
It's in my blind spot.
They've got a stealth drone? Major! It's got a lock on us! Die! Major, it tapped into my satellite feed.
Saito! Crap, I can't get through to Saito! This is bad.
- Tachikoma! - Roger! Damn it! It has Hellfires? That moneybags gave 'em those, too? What the hell's that one-percenter thinking? They could've easily turned around and attacked him! At any rate, the armored car isn't going anywhere.
Sorry to disappoint, but - Kickoff time again.
- All right.
Ishikawa, can't you hack into that thing? No can do.
I'm getting intermittent signals, but it's basically autonomous.
After it! Batou, get the Stinger! On it! That thing's AI is pretty good! Not bad for one-percenter lackeys.
Eat this! We'll deal with them first.
Take that! And that! - You only score hits in video games? - This thing doesn't have AI! Damn it.
Major, I'm out of ammo! Damn it.
This isn't looking good! Major, the drone's back.
Looks like optical camouflage fools this one.
Didn't see this coming.
You think Saito's dead? You would've been if it were you.
What? Enter.
Excuse me, sir.
Seems time has toughed you up.
Is that supposed to be a compliment? It is if you want it to be.
Then thanks for the kind words.
"I made the right decision by choosing this line of work over my marriage.
" That's what you're saying? Perhaps.
Now about what I told you yesterday.
This is It was delivered directly to me from Chris Teito, our new Prime Minister as of last month.
"A Proposal on Reforming Public Security Section 9.
" They're bringing back Section 9? Yes.
What's the PM's objective? For one, those who take positions of power want to give themselves the weapons they'll need to flex their muscles.
Makes sense.
Did the new PM learn of Section 9's existence from documents pertaining to the Interior Ministry? He served as an elected official in America until age 30.
Such matters must be second nature to him.
But my takeaway from the proposal is this: The PM's reason for the urgent reforming of Section 9 takes priority over his personal motives.
I believe his true objective is meeting the Americans' demands for the dispatch of special resources.
So it's as the Liberals feared? An American-born prime minister would be no more than an American puppet? I've yet to meet him in person, so I can't really say.
But this is an opportunity to have the Major and the rest of you undertake a major operation for me once more.
What sort of op? Over the past few years, I've searched for an answer on how to deal with a society in turmoil.
I'd like you people to lay the groundwork that will help the next generation find that answer.
I don't know what a man in my position can contribute, but I'll humbly offer whatever assistance I can.
You will? Then get me the Major and the six original members of Section 9 asap.
Yes, sir.
Are you all right? Mr.
Saito? Where are you? Four missiles left.
We caught up.
Take it out! Shit, they're targeting the drone! Watch this.
Damn it.
Batou, optical camouflage works against the drone.
Roger that! Did they all croak? If not, I'll do the honors.
Let me at 'em, Major! - Fine.
- Hey, Major.
That thing won't stop even if we take 'em out.
If a rocket is fired over that gate, we lose.
So, we're all out of options? Major, it's me.
Saito? I almost forgotthese things are our protective outfits.
Saito, is your Stinger good to go? - Yeah, locked and loaded.
- Good.
Saito gets to have all the fun.
Guess we get to nab the jokers in there.
- Okay.
- Let's do this.
Open up or it ain't gonna be pretty! You almost blew me to kingdom come! Pay attention if you don't want your ass blown off.
Saito! Can you catch up to it? Already in firing range.
Good, do it! It's even got flares? Saito, force it lower.
I'll see what I can do.
- Another! - You got it! Hey, dropouts.
Order the drone to stand down.
I don't think so.
I'm willing die just to see those one-percenters get blown to God damn it.
How're we gonna smack some sense into these fools, Batou? Not gonna happen, 'cause you people are part of the problem! Hey, asswipes.
Ever considered that you might live on the other side of the wall someday? That way of thinking's pointless.
All that's behind the wall will soon disappear! What's this bullshit? It's a brave new world, and we're taking it by the horns! It's 'cause of crap like this you can't even get a job as a parking valet.
It's heading your way.
Goddamn stubborn AI! Tachikoma.
Keep an eye on that thing.
Let's head back.
Missed my chance to kill you.
You don't even get paid that much.
Why put your lives on the line? It's not always about the money.
We're just using our skills to do what we enjoy.
Then you're no different from us! What? You may be right.
Are you the leader, quarterback? Yeah, but I'm actually a running back.
How'd you get that drone and those Hellfires? Not going to talk? Major, we've got a problem! We really screwed the pooch.
We did it! We really did it! I'm so sorry, Major! This drone really seems to hate one-percenters! What the hell? You really made a mess of things.
Drop your weapons and come along quietly.
You gotta be kidding me.
We've been doing your dirty work for you.

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