Ghost in the Shell SAC_2045 (2020) s01e03 Episode Script

Maverick (MIA)

What the hell? You really made a mess of things.
Drop your weapons and come along quietly.
MAVERICK MIA There seems to be a mistake.
These are the guys who launched the missile.
You'll have plenty of time to explain later.
Are these guys a Delta Force cyborg squad? Most likely, based on their gear and barriers.
And if we say no? I'm not here to negotiate.
We've no choice but to play along for now.
I don't like this.
Their timing was impeccable.
They may've been planning our capture from the start.
Someone set us up? - He might very well be that someone.
- But why? We'll never know unless we ask.
All right.
We'll come peacefully.
A wise decision.
Tachikoma, go invisible and lie low in the buffer zone.
You'll be dismantled if they catch you.
Roger that.
I thought you were on vacation.
Something came up.
Now then How should I contact the Major and company? What would you like to look up today? A South American-based mercenary group by the name of GHOST.
All right, entering the dark web once more.
REVENGE/GHOS Those badasses who took out the drug lord That really was GHOST? Yeah.
That full-prosthetic leader of theirs outmaneuvered us again.
And that hulk with the prosthetic eyes used his pet AI tank and kaboom! That pissed off the Raiders in Mexico, which is why they're operating out of North America now.
This is the chance of a lifetime.
I wouldn't be so sure.
What's so funny? Don't you wanna make GHOST pay? Of course we do.
That's what this chat room's all about.
So what's the problem? It seems GHOST is as reckless as ever.
It's because they've contracted with a PMC.
PMC So, you guys are gonna pass? That's right.
All right.
I'm done here.
Got a minute? Huh? Sorry about that.
You again? What do you want? I forgot to ask something.
Why lay low after they signed a deal with a private military company? Because they contracted with Obsidian.
Obsidian? What syndicate were you with? Around here, Obsidian has a reputation for tight security.
Everyone knows they'll retaliate if you lay a hand on one of theirs.
Yeah, that's right.
I think you should run now, Togusa.
What the? What's going on? How'd this? Togusa? The Major and her team, a.
GHOST, have been fighting battles, primarily in South America.
They're now working for Obsidian, a private military company in North America.
That's all I know at the moment.
I'm impressed you learned so much so quickly.
Actually, I've been trying to find the Major and her team for some time.
I see.
Obsidian is based in Los Angeles.
I reached out to them but got no response.
So I'd like to fly out there and see for myself.
Very well.
I'll be able to expense this, right? I'll consider it based on your results.
Keep all your receipts.
Thank you.
The informant we had in their hideout may've been a double agent.
That's certainly possible.
I'd like to apologize for bringing you in like this.
It was most unfortunate.
I don't follow.
I'd prefer an explanation over an apology.
I had no choice under the circumstances.
We were being watched, you see.
Allow me to introduce myself.
I'm John Smith.
And I'm here to offer you people a job.
What the hell? This is bullshit.
You already have a subcontractor.
I saw how you executed your mission, and I must say, I was quite impressed.
This seems pretty one sided.
As you might've surmised, I work for the government.
In other words, you really don't have a choice.
You'll be part of a mission to rescue a certain individual.
Naturally, I'll see that you're compensated appropriately, so please focus on training for the mission.
Looks like we've been caught in some serious shit, Major.
There he is! Are you all right? Sorry, but I'm afraid not.
Someone's coming! Oh, no! We need to hide him quickly.
Wow, it must have been blown to pieces.
It's still a think tank, and that's worth something.
We'll just report that the Raiders stole it.
We're lucky they were greedy grownups.
I know.
But what are we supposed to do now? Good question.
It's Togusa.
I sent a message to Obsidian, but as expected, no response.
I did some digging myself.
Their company is highly regarded among mercenaries.
So I hear.
I'll do some recon.
Is this it? I asked for a semi-autonomous car, but this is manual.
We only offer fully-autonomous or manual.
The latter must be manually driven.
- Seriously? - Yes, sir.
It's not like I hate driving.
But this is a bit extreme.
I don't have an appointment, but I'd like to ask your president about GHOST Team.
One moment, please.
This way, please.
Thank you.
Please wait in here.
If you don't bullshit me, you might walk out of here alive.
Who're you working for? There's been a misunderstanding.
I'm a former GHOST member from Japan.
Your hand or your leg? It's the truth, I swear.
A former GHOST member? With a scrawny body like that? Yeah.
There's more to GHOST than brute force.
Sticking to your story, eh? Got some proof to back it up? Let's have it.
Proof? They have a full-prosthetic female team leader they call Major.
And her team members call her Queen Kong behind her back.
How's that? Damn.
You're still alive after calling her that? Never said it to her face.
You seem on edge.
Something happen to GHOST? Unfortunately they've vanished.
Vanished? Hey, we're here to rescue y What the? Enough! You knew about him and sent me anyway? We didn't know.
That's why we sent you.
Why's the scenario different every time? It was an anti-tank drill last time.
And before that was nothing but cyberbrain warfare.
I had to fight a monster charging me at 100 kph from 2 km away.
And the next time, I had to download CQB skills and fight multiple enemies hand to hand.
What the hell are they gonna make us fight? No way this is a rescue mission.
The target must have a formidable security detail or is almost superhuman.
Or maybe it's both.
We should get the hell out of here.
I got a bad feeling about this.
Same here.
Saito, who does that guy in the suit work for? The usual suspect would be the CIA.
But they stopped using regular army soldiers long ago.
The use of Delta and an Air Force base doesn't add up.
He might be with the NSA or other such agency.
Figures, the way he throws his weight around and works us to death.
He already has enough pawns.
So why would he go to the trouble of hiring us? That's the million-dollar question.
Been awhile since we had such a thrilling mission, don't you think? I don't know about that.
The pay sounds good, so what's the problem? You're assuming we survive.
- Speaking of which, your barriers suck.
- What? You're gonna get us all killed.
Swap 'em out along with those leaky headphones of yours! Ouch! It's as our informant reported.
GHOST is an incredibly formidable group.
Any information yet on their activities prior to South America? No, sir.
Those records have been utterly expunged.
We can't rule out that they're working for a foreign intelligence agency.
That is certainly a concern.
But they will be eliminated once the operation is over.
- See that it can't be traced back to us.
- Yes, sir.
They've gone missing? Yes, the Major and her team vanished during their mission.
Obsidian's president senta team to investigate, but they came up empty.
Which means someone cleaned things up.
If so, I fear for the worst.
I'll try to track down whoever abducted them.
Don't dig too deep.
We should assume a major organization is behind this.
I'll do my best.
A hundred dollars an hour for a place like this? There's a guard and a fence, so This place is the real deal.
Hi there.
Seen any particularly heavy fighting around here? How 'bout I buy one of those? - Fifteen hundred bucks.
- What? Seriously? Does she take me for a fool? Live cameras What the heck? This video feed Is this what she sees? Her cyberbrain is fully exposed.
"All parts sold"? Her organs are securitized and trading at a B-rating.
They're collateral for her cyberbrain? And 80% of its internal storage is a lifelog? She might have seen GHOST Team.
Search for matches.
Bingo! When did they disappear? That's the building.
Where'd she buy a cyberbrain like that? Ma'am! On second thought, I'll take one of those.
That'll be $1,800.
Keep the change.
You take care.
A missile attack? But this is overkill.
A grudge against GHOS wouldn't lead to this.
Togusa! Now, I'm hearing their voices.
I must really be losing it.
Togusa! It really is you! Tachikoma? What are you doing here? I could ask you the same!
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