Ghost in the Shell SAC_2045 (2020) s01e04 Episode Script

Sacrificial Pawn (Emissary from the Divide)

A missile attack? A grudge against GHOS wouldn't lead to this.
Togusa! Now I'm hearing their voices.
I must really be losing it.
Togusa! It really is you! SACRIFICIAL PAWN Emissary from the Divide Is this a Delta Force cyborg squad? Probably.
These are the people who took the Major and her team? And she ordered you to hide here? That's right.
Who's that guy? He probably works for the government.
But my searches haven't turned up anything.
- Try without the sunglasses.
- I already did.
See? Let's poke the hornet's nest.
What hornet's nest? Just like you said, the files are being deleted as fast as they're uploaded! Keep posting away.
And make sure it includes my address and location.
There's no turning back now.
We'll just have to see how they respond.
That was quick.
Nice gun.
Good work.
Whoa there.
No need for that.
You're the big boss, I take it? I am John Smith.
So that was one consequence of your sustainable war? An American civil war? It's no more than a public disturbance.
Sustainable war is one of the most elegant industries ever invented by humankind.
If left to the pros, the economy will keep humming along just fine.
The Cold War is a perfect example.
That's absurd, just like your name, Mr.
No thanks.
What is it you want, Mr.
Togusa? So, you already know about me.
For the most part.
Then you know why I'm here.
I want to see GHOST Team.
I see.
I'm afraid I can't help you.
Why's that? The Major and her team Are they all right? They are.
So what now? This is a government-backed operation.
Continue meddling, and we'll be forced to terminate you with extreme prejudice.
I almost forgot.
Your arrival provided a lead to help establish their identities.
Thank you.
Consider my letting you live a small token of our gratitude.
What the hell? The NSA? Yes, sir.
I was warned not to stick my nose in any further.
The Major and her team may be involved in an NSA operation.
- However - What? My careless actions may have exposed their identities.
At least we know they're not terrorists.
We might even be able to strike a bargain.
That's true.
Despite how you feel, you've done well.
I'll put out some feelers.
They're not even trying to conceal their snipers.
At this rate, I won't ever get a call from the Major.
Not again? They really want to keep this op under wraps, huh? I hate the way these things zap you.
They're using the cheap crap.
Enjoying yourself, Batou? What, this? Yes.
Too many moving parts.
What's fun about that? Then again we get a kick out of joining your flights of fancy.
Guess that's why we're here.
This the place? It's even more cramped than I remembered.
We were redesigned for cyborgs.
What the hell? A brothel? It used to be a Raider hideout.
But it looks like a refuge for these ladies now.
Why, it's Togusa! It's been ages! What do you think? There's some cute girls, right? What? What are you guys up to? I see.
You wanted to make money to buy parts for this one.
You've taken quite a beating.
Hey, Togusa.
What brings you here? It's a long story.
Looks like you have some of the parts you need.
- Sync with him to get up to speed.
- Will do! I'll go get the rest of your parts.
May I have a minute, Miss Byron? Long time no see, Daisuke.
About six years? Time is of the essence, so I'll get right to the point.
Among the operations your agency is overseeing, are there any involving a mercenary group by the name of GHOST? GHOST? I believe they are currently involved in one of our missions.
I'm in urgent need of them.
Could you immediately discharge them and hand them over to me? I can't do that.
Not even on orders from you.
And after the operation is completed? The thing is The entire mission will likely be scrubbed from existence, including them.
I see.
Is this personal? Are you saying she's indispensable? That's right.
Even so, there's nothing I can do.
This mission It's in our national interest.
It must be carried out.
And they were deemed the most fit for the job.
If there were anyone who could save them now, it would be the president.
I see.
Forgive my unreasonable request, Miss Byron.
After all this time you still won't call me Ada.
I envy this woman you need so badly.
I wish you luck.
This is Aramaki from the Interior Ministry.
About your old agency, Public Security Section 9 Seems like it's a completely different place now.
What are you yapping about? So you had nothing to do with them? If we were connected with Public Security Section 9, would that be a problem for you? Not particularly.
The prime minister has arrived.
I've been expecting you, Prime Minister Teito.
You are? Aramaki from the Interior Ministry.
So, you're Daisuke Aramaki.
It's a pleasure to meet you.
- Chris Teito - Sir, we've no time to waste.
Well then I'll leave you two alone.
If you will excuse me.
Prime Minster.
All right, let's hear it.
I'm working as fast as I can to rebuild Public Security Section 9 per your request, but I've run into a rather thorny issue.
I'm here to ask for your assistance.
Why don't you take a seat, Mr.
Aramaki? It's true, I did ask you to rebuild Section 9.
But make no mistake, it was only to meet the Americans' demands to form a unit.
There was no need to assign specific members.
We simply need to dispatch the bare minimum unit the Americans seek.
Even if some members are expendable, it will be more than worth it if it puts the Americans in our debt.
I see.
But Mr.
Prime Minister based on the president's request, I believe they are the only ones who can meet the American's demands.
I've read the old reports, and it's true, Public Security Section 9 has served Japan admirably.
However I believe your command is the source of their success.
I don't know about that.
I believe those very members made Public Security Section 9 what it was.
If you want the Americans in your debt, we must get our team back alive.
That said Can we expect the White House to owe us one after I bow down to them? Sir Bowing down only makes sense when done from a position of strength.
In other words, I believe you can speak with the president on equal terms.
That's why I've come to you.
But if that is beyond your ability, it may already be too late to place the Americans in your debt.
Very well.
I'm not sure if I can pull this off, but I'll do my best.
Thank you very much.
Aramaki, I don't meet people like you very often.
Prime Minister let's save the handshake for when we both get what we want.
Fair enough.
This is your drop point.
And this is where your rescue target is located.
Complete the mission as quickly as possible.
A little light on the details as usual.
What's to explain? You've already completed our training program.
All that's left is to wish you luck.
This means I'm a free man again! I forgot to mention one thing.
Be prepared to face commensurate penalties if you abandon the mission.
And if we just vanish into thin air? How will you punish us then? You're welcome to try, but your chances are slim to none.
I'm counting on you, Major Motoko Kusanagi.
Ishikawa, determine our current position.
Batou, how many are we facing? A platoon-size group if not more.
They took us back to a point not far from where they captured us.
What's going on? We're inside LA's Gated Town.
What? Don't tell me our rescue target is being held in a Beverly Hills mansion! I found out who owns the mansion the missile struck.
Patrick Huge, standard-bearer of the red-hot robotics industry, but derided as the poster boy of sustainable war.
What? The CEO of Blood Robotics? That's right.
Does that mean? You mean to tell me he's the Good One-percenter? The one who gave the Raiders those weapons? Yep, it's definitely him.
I don't get it.
So this isn't a rescue mission.
It's an abduction? So it seems.
What the hell? So this CEO guy is the Raider's boss? They should just go arrest him.
He's a law-abiding entrepreneur for all intents and purposes.
There must be other ulterior motives behind this op.
Saito, any movement behind us? Delta is being deployed, and they seem to be monitoring us.
Why would they do that? They're making us do the dirty work.
- Whoa, this ain't cool.
Screw this - Saito, stay here and cover us.
Let's move.
Batou, send Tachikoma our position on the q.
- I want Delta kept in the dark.
- Got it.
Great news, Togusa! We got the long-awaited signal from the Major! Can I talk to her? I don't think so.
- I only got her location for some reason.
- I see.
Let's head over there.
Roger! Up for this? Yeah, I think I'm good.
Yay! All right, let's rendezvous with the Major and company!
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