Ghost in the Shell SAC_2045 (2020) s01e05 Episode Script

Patrick Huge (Gift From God)

I'm Aramaki, Public Security Bureau, Interior Ministry.
Prime Minister Teito briefed me.
This is his letter of authorization.
So there's no time to stop by the White House? Correct.
You'll be transported directly to the location.
Have a safe trip.
PATRICK HUGE Gift from God He's got some nasty toys.
More guard dog robots? Hey, what the hell's that? She's been dead at least two months.
The deceased is Patrick Huge's wife.
The mystery deepens.
Why the hell's he in the house while his wife's body is by the pool? You sure he's still in there? Patrick Huge is in there.
Why else would the NSA want us to storm in and abduct him? This is seriously messed up.
I may be a mercenary, but I'm first and foremost a law-abiding American Ishikawa, any signs of life? Can't tell till we get a drone inside.
Anti-drone sensors.
If it gets any closer, the whole mission will be compromised.
What now? We gonna bail? No.
Capturing Huge will help us break through Delta's cordon.
Thought you might say that.
Batou, where's Tachikoma? He'll find us soon enough if he's not screwing around.
We'll execute a stealth entry at dawn.
I want him taken alive.
If Patrick Huge lives, so do we.
Roger that.
There are 16 of those robo mutts as far as I can see.
If we wake one, they'll all come after us.
We should take 'em all out at once.
But they're too spread out.
Nearly got my ass chewed off.
An unlocked door and no alarm, just like in training.
Batou, downstairs with me.
Clown and Ishikawa, second floor.
Looks like they're unarmed.
Major, check this out.
He's selling off his company's assets? Yeah, he must be holed up here, waiting for the sale to complete.
Blood Robotics' assets easily exceed 200 trillion yen.
A sale that big can't be easy.
Yeah, looks like he set up a program to transfer the assets all at once after his "death" in the missile attack.
- Anything? - No sign of him.
Clown, what's wrong? Can't fight it.
Idiot! Be more careful.
What the hell, Clown? Forget to update your barrier? What'll I do if those dogs show up? Play dead or something.
- Switch your cyberbrains to autistic mode.
- Roger.
Patrick Huge? Don't move.
What the hell are they? I'll restrain him.
Aim for the legs.
Has the FCS gone to shit? No, he's dodging before we even fire.
Is he a cyborg? No, he should only have a cyberbrain.
How's he able to do that? I doubt a cyberbrain alone could make anyone move like that.
Hey! What's going on? Major, the guard dog robots activated.
We there yet? The rendezvous point is just over this ridge.
Hang in there, Togusa! Major! Here they come.
Damn it! Stop right there! What is he, some kind of freak? Get this cyberlock off me! A clothes closet? Is he done free-balling it? Use a tear gas round.
Batou, away from the door! He had an armored suit in there? Must be nice to be that rich.
Damn that Smith.
Bet he knew we'd have to deal with this.
Hey! Don't leave me here! What the? Shit, does his company make those too? I bet Smith's sitting back, enjoying all this.
So that's it.
Only one thing to do.
Okay! Nice shot! What the hell? Reactive armor? What? That training was for this? Batou, I can get one more shot in, but that's it.
Is that Mr.
Saito's? Oh, no! Mr.
Saito is in danger! Tachikoma, go back up Saito.
Roger! Do us proud! Now I know why they made me download CQB skills.
I'm not letting a bunch of metal mutts take me down.
- Tachikoma? - That's me! Batou, I'll try a cyberbrain attack on him.
You sure? Judging from that training program, he's got mad cyberbrain skills.
I was made for this! Major! Major, are you all right? Togusa? You saved me again.
Just doing our job.
Do you have that malware you've been collecting? Yeah, why? Disengage autistic mode and hit him with all of it.
Really? Even I don't remember what's in that stuff.
We just need to slow down his processing speed.
Disengage autistic mode.
Now! Eat this! Goddamn freak.
Tachikoma! - Ishikawa, open the hatch.
- I'm on it.
The cybelock's not working.
But this should do the trick! - What a pain in the ass.
- Yeah.
Major, are you okay? Major? Major! Saito! Fire! What're we gonna do with this asshole? Major? What happened? Major? Saito! Major? He He's not human.
We envisioned many scenarios.
But this is the worst possible outcome.
You must be disappointed.
I know you wanted to take that thing alive.
How deep did you dive into its brain? You really want to know? What's this about? I don't know what you saw, but your fates were sealed from the start.
Director Byron? Abort the operation.
Maintain your current stance and stand by.
You don't have the authority to call this off.
How about him, then? Its call sign is Marine One, sir.
- Chief? - The Old Man?
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