Ghost in the Shell SAC_2045 (2020) s01e07 Episode Script

Pie in the Sky (First Bank Robbery)

When was the last time that you visited Fukuoka? I haven't been back to Japan for quite some time.
It hasn't changed much.
Actually, a lot has been happening.
There has been an increase in tourists from Asia who find Japan nostalgic.
We've also welcomed in wealthy immigrants.
It's sparking an unexpected economic revival.
By using robots and my kind like slaves? I guess But in general, robots don't complain.
True that.
Where's the Major and gang? A terrorist attack and a strike have delayed their arrival by about a week.
I see.
Where are you going, Batou? Tell the Old Man I'll see him when the Major gets here.
See ya.
PIE IN THE SKY First Bank Robbery My ID and password? Was it this one? May I help you? I wish I could get some prosthetic eyes.
It won't make a difference unless you have a cyberbrain.
A cyberbrain, huh? It seems you have the wrong password.
- What was it again? - Heading out, sir? ENTER PIN NUMBER Your incompetence is holding up the line.
Sorry, sir.
Carry on.
Since when did the bank become a nursing home? Customer number 25.
Please proceed to teller number one.
Converting from former yen to yen-dollar.
Do you prefer electronic money or cash? Cash, please.
Thank you.
Your savings account balance is 37,638,997 yen.
- She's been saving up.
- That converts to 2,245,200 yen-dollars.
I don't understand.
This is all I get? It's not enough! - Thank you for choosing our bank.
- You have to do something! It's the redenomination.
The money changed.
But without that money What am I to do? The yen-dollar rate stinks right now.
Seven percent is better than usual.
But this is all I have.
Without that money What the? - Hands in the air! - Do as he says! Any funny business and we'll shoot! Leave now and no one gets hurt.
What are you waiting for? Hurry! Get moving! A bank robbery? Is everyone gone? We have ten minutes until emergency power kicks in.
What shall we do? You hide here for now.
Time to get back what's ours.
Who're you? Stay back, or I'll shoot! You can't shoot for shit.
Goddamn amateurs.
Shit! Give me your gun.
What the hell? Another old geezer? You're amazing! About time you start doing your job.
They're all yours.
Put down the gun, or I'll shoot! Sorry about this, lady.
Put down the gun! Hurry! You got this down.
You know the place inside out.
Been working here over 30 years.
You must've been one hell of a security guard.
It's thanks to this leg.
The government subsidizes the bank when they hire men like me.
Are you the only human working here? No, the branch manager is also human.
Where the hell is he while his branch is being robbed? He has a meeting on Thursdays.
A very private kind of meeting.
Damn it! I thought this would work.
Come on! We're running out of time! What's so funny? It's just, I was thinking how good you are at this.
Wait a sec! You're a cyborg, right? You open that safe.
If you say so.
Step aside.
I don't believe it! Happy now? Incredible.
He opened it with one kick.
There's ten million yen-dollars here! Just hurry up and take it! How do you intend to use that money? What do you mean? You've gotta know you can't use it.
What? Why not? We can exchange it for gold.
It's tagged with serial numbers.
Spend it in Japan, and you'll be behind bars in no time.
Nashida, is that true? And here I was thinking you geezers were badass for robbing a bank.
What a bummer ending.
Are you happy now? Still time to run.
As long as that old lady and I keep quiet, no one will know you were involved.
I knew we wouldn't be able to use that money.
But I won't be happy until I get back at that asshole! What the? No one move! What are you doing? Take one step, and he's dead.
Can't you do something about this? You must know how we can use that money without being caught.
What are you talking about? You're going to get yourself hurt.
Shut up, you two! You are aware that threatening people like this is a criminal offense? Of course, so you better do as I say this instant.
Oh, no! It's the cops! We're done for.
Then we better be quick.
Hurry up and do something! We got a call about a bank robbery, but the security system didn't activate.
The shutters are down.
You think it's a false alarm? Not a chance.
Then it's the first bank robbery in 25 years.
Is that him? It wasn't me.
I'm a hostage.
More hostages are inside.
What was it again? "Any funny moves and we start killing hostages.
" Those were the robbers' words.
- What else did they - Stay back! This is a bomb.
BANK ROBBERY AND HOSTAGE STANDOFF Batou is on the news! Really? What's he doing? They say it's the first bank robbery in 25 years.
He's been dragged into it.
A bank robbery? It's a criminal act people used to do before we were born.
Purin said Batou was coming back today after being away for six years.
Then how did he get mixed up in a robbery? Purin! I thought you went to pick up Batou! Batou is in trouble! Batou? Don't do anything to provoke them.
I'll be back with more demands.
How many are there? Three.
What about hostages? Five, including me.
What did your husband do? He taught Russian literature at a university.
He spent all his time in his study even on his days off.
He was always reading.
He wouldn't quit his job even after he got sick.
It was too late by the time we knew how bad it was.
He said I always spent too much.
So he gave me the money he'd been secretly saving up.
Three days later, he passed away.
You can stop pretending you're tied up.
That's the money you withdrew? I was going to spend it all before I go.
Before you go? I don't have much time left.
I didn't want to trouble those close to me, so I was heading off to Switzerland.
Is it a special place for you and your husband? No.
I was going there to die.
You see, euthanasia is legal in Switzerland.
But this isn't enough.
How much does it cost to die? Three million yen-dollars.
That much? The Global Simultaneous Default destroyed any hope of a decent retirement.
Global Simultaneous Default? You don't know about that, either? My husband took care of all our finances.
Financial systems around the world suddenly ground to a halt.
It destroyed the world economy in mere seconds.
Now I can't even buy my grandchild a backpack for school.
I just hoped for enough to bury my wife.
That's all I wanted.
This is yours.
Who on earth are you? Why are you helping us? I'm with the police.
If that's supposed to be a joke, it's not funny.
I don't understand.
The branch manager left right before the robbery.
- That's right.
- What happened? He said he'd make us rich and used our pension fund to buy cryptocurrency.
Then he lost it all! Why am I not surprised? Let's get that money of yours back! Well now, your branch manager really is quite the villain.
You're not his only victims.
Besides cryptocurrency, what else does he do with other people's money? He spends it on his mistress.
Then it'll be easy to get back at him.
But I'll need some seed money if you want me to get your pensions back.
How much can you spare? Why do we need to give you money to get ours back? I have 2,245,200 yen-dollars.
But that's all the money you've got! It's not even enough as it is.
Look at me, taking a gamble at this age.
My husband would be furious.
Easy come, easy go.
Why are you? Risked my ass earning this, but it was a shitload of fun.
Everyone have mobile devices? Use them to access this account.
There's 12,335,200 yen-dollars in there.
Use it to borrow cryptocurrency.
Let's buy QWE from America.
Q-W-E Okay, done.
We borrowed three million yen-dollars' worth each.
That's 22,502 QWE.
Now start selling it.
Sell it? - Sell what we borrowed? - Hurry.
We don't have time.
Where do I press to do that? There.
Yes! I've sold it all! Me, too! Now for the icing on the cake.
Didn't expect 'em that quick.
Where are they? I don't know.
They just disappeared.
What took so long? You almost got us killed.
Where's the bomb? The robbers took off with it.
Hostages secured! Call the medics! The perps escaped! Your account balance is 11,350,000 yen-dollars.
It really was deposited! Keep it down, you idiot.
Now I can buy my grandchild that backpack.
More news on the first bank robbery in 25 years.
It was determined that a terminal at the bank was used to transmit a virus to a cryptocurrency exchange.
This allowed QWE to be plundered, causing the currency's value to crash.
- The branch manager was arrested for - He got what he deserved.
He was with his mistress, but I bet he won't use that as his alibi.
It's all thanks to that giant with the prosthetic eyes.
I hope Kaede is happy now.
All passengers boarding JASNA Flight 352 departing at 10:20 a.
bound for Zurich, Switzerland, please hurry to gate 23.
I'm sorry, dear.
I've always preferred warm weather.
I'm going to enjoy myself a little more before I join you.
Subtitle translation by Natsuka Koshimi
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