Ghost in the Shell SAC_2045 (2020) s01e08 Episode Script

Assemble (What Came About as a Result of Togusa's Death)

Didn't Batou arrive earlier than the others? Yes.
You knew about that? He seems to be enjoying himself, as always.
Good morning, Prime Minister Tate.
I heard the reports.
At least the American government will owe us a favor now.
I hope that's what this is.
You must be Togusa.
Yes, sir.
I heard you did a wonderful job on this mission.
Thank you.
ASSEMBLE / What Came About as a Result of Togusa's Death It seems the members that you handpicked have not arrived yet.
Well, you see they tend to lack manners.
Prime Minister Tate, we thank you for your generous support.
Hi! Hello! What a surprise.
I must reevaluate the security system of the residence.
- It was a cinch.
- Totally.
You must be Major Motoko Kusanagi.
How can I put it? You are more charming than I imagined.
As the leader of a special forces unit, such adjectives are not too welcome.
I apologize.
However, it is my honest impression.
He's smooth.
As you know, America requested that we search for and capture the post-humans.
I'm counting on you.
We have not yet officially agreed to work on this mission.
This is a classified mission.
Let's use the network here to discuss anything further.
As I included in the report, this is a difficult mission as it is.
Also, due to the nature of this team, I believe it is impossible for us to belong to a government organization while also following American orders.
If you still insist that we agree to this mission, we would like you to accept our terms regarding our budget.
This is ten times what I had in mind.
It is not a sum that I can move on my discretion.
As for the chain of command, we cannot avoid orders from America.
Then, we will leave this building in the same way we entered it.
What is with all this nonsense? Really? Not you again.
Did you get relegated to Japan for that screwup? I was sent here as an advisor.
I am still in charge of the Post-human Countermeasures Bureau.
John Smith, National Security Agency of America.
I see.
I have heard much about you.
What's this? This is a list of post-humans in Japan that we are aware of.
Memorize it.
Don't leave a copy on your cyberbrain.
When and where did post-humans come from? I can only describe post-humans as New Humans that appeared in a cyberbrain society.
We are not certain of anything but that.
We have surmised this from the Gary Harts case.
We searched cases three months prior to when Gary showed post-human symptoms, including high fever, abnormal appetite, and change in personality.
We ran our results against medical data to pin down possible post-humans.
There were a little over 100,000 cases around the Pacific Rim.
Eight hundred and twenty-seven out of the 100,000 displayed clear changes.
Eight hundred and thirteen of them have already died.
We narrowed it down to 14 who have awoken to their powers for sure.
And we have already killed two out of the 14? Yes.
These three are suspected to be post-humans here in Japan.
Is there a chance that the number will increase? By making certain that you capture these three suspects, we can devise measures for the future.
If we have this list, it shouldn't be so difficult.
What you are looking at is data before they became post-humans.
With the exception of Patrick Huge, none of them have been caught on surveillance cameras after they have shown post-human symptoms.
Do they hack the cameras and delete the data? - We'll know if we catch them.
- What a prick.
Stop wasting time claiming your rights and find these three suspects.
Make sure you deliver them to us alive this time.
Post-human countermeasures may be a global concern, but America's correspondence with others has been forceful and self-righteous.
What does your president think of that? Post-humans are the vehicle of the sustainable war.
America experienced the greatest damage from this.
Thus, he thinks it is only natural that we take advantage of the situation.
This is the first time humanity faces one common enemy.
One common enemy? Still, there is no reason for us to confront them.
The Prime Minister and I will work on the budget.
Though there must be no other mission that satisfies your curiosity more than this, I realize that you have different takes on this matter.
Therefore I will leave it to each of you to independently decide if you wish to become a member of the new Section 9.
We will proceed with those who return here two days from now.
This can't be! They should not be given a choice! They are aware that they will be met with hardships even if they do not return to join Section 9.
I will consider and see if I can repay you for your generosity.
Whoa! Incredible! Things have changed around here! Oh! It's Batou! How's it hanging, boys? I saw you on the news about the bank robbery.
We were worried about you! Hello, Major! How have you been? It's not fair! You guys went with Batou and had unimaginable experiences! Yeah! You're juiced up! Where did you get it done? We demand to parallelize the experience! - Sure! - Yay! Stop right there! Why do you keep trying to parallelize without permission? You must not parallelize contents that have not been authorized by me.
- Shoo! Shoo! - Huh? - How dare you! - We're not germs! You're always so hardheaded! You should learn to loosen up a little.
I don't need to.
This is work.
We met before.
I'm Purin Ezaki.
Purin? You're not an AI? - I'm sorry about the other day.
- That's OK.
These guys have told me a lot about you, so I got nervous meeting you in person.
What rumors are you spreading about Batou? We're not! She has been Batou's fan since before she joined here.
She knew as much as we do, even though she's a newbie.
She's a stalker! That's not true! This is my profile.
How impressive.
You studied at an American high school, skipped grades and got your PhD from MIT? You're being a bad machine, not doing as the owner says.
I won't let you play this game.
That game! We couldn't remove the copy protection no matter how hard we tried! - Let me play it! Let me play it! - Come and get it if you can! We want to play it! She's tamed them well.
Major? Am I allowed to join this team like this? Chief acknowledges you.
Why not? The last time you and the others left Section 9, you invited me to join you.
But for a moment, I hesitated.
I think that was my answer back then.
But I regretted it later.
So So you divorced? Uh Like Chief said, it is up to each of us to decide whether we are in or not.
If you want to come, be at the office at the agreed time.
How about you? I haven't decided yet.
This time, I want to do it with you.
If you're not coming, I Take it easy.
Whether it's self-righteous or not, we need to each decide for ourselves.
Then, we must find the most beneficial outcome for others.
If we're happy with ourselves at the end, that's good.
If not, that's fine, too.
It doesn't matter where we are.
If you insist that I decide for you, I have one test.
Smith was eavesdropping on our conversation.
There is a spy in the PM's residence.
Find out who he is.
How did you find the bug? I want to work with you.
Why? You know why.
Alimony for the beautiful wife that you divorced? With two kids, things must get pretty expensive.
Come with me.
Do you want to plant this bug in the official residence again? No one is eavesdropping on us.
What's going on? What are we doing out here? We don't trust men who volunteer to be a double agent.
Damn it! I can't die like this! Damn it.
- Where did he go? - There he is.
Wait What a miserable way to go.
He couldn't see his family, and they'll never find his body.
I know.
Let's go.
I see.
That's what you think happened to me? Major, is your channel open? The bug was placed by the Japan-America Security Treaty Department.
Chief wants you to use the power and status of Section 9 to accomplish big tasks.
Not just to work as a subcontractor for America.
Given the era, the organization's goals will override an individual's wishes.
But that's all the more reason why we should start a racket together.
What happened to the budget? You'll need to thank Prime Minister Tate for his generosity.
- You mean? - Yes.
I believe you will be satisfied with the terms.
Have we met somewhere? I was in South America under the Major's orders.
We couldn't have met.
I see.
You did good, Togusa.
I almost laughed out loud when I heard about it.
You were as smooth as the Major.
Speaking of which, will Major Kusanagi show up today? I'm already here.
Interesting case.
A generous budget.
Independent-minded members with competence.
There's no reason for me to turn it down.
Prime Minister.
I present to you, the new Public Security Section 9.
I'm counting on you.
Subtitle translation by Natsuka Koshimi
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